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Live Coverage of New Year's Eve. Aired 12-1a ET

Aired January 1, 2016 - 00:00   ET





COOPER: It is an incredible, incredible scene here.

GRIFFIN: You know, we did this, growing up, I would watch New York, watch the ball drop and dream someday of being here.

COOPER: And I grew up in New York and like a lot of New Yorkers, never had I actually come down until I started working here.

GRIFFIN: What did you do?

COOPER: You know, I would, you know, stay at home, I mean watch it on TV.

GRIFFIN: Why you would not stand up in club and -- but this is really the way to do it.

COOPER: There's nothing like it, I mean...

GRIFFIN: It's fantastic.

COOPER: And it is why, you know, people willing to stay out for 12, 13, 14 hours all day long.

GRIFFIN: Yeah. And this is why we do our show. I mean, I really feel like obviously, we're for the folks that stay home, couples want to stay in bed, we've answer (ph), we say inappropriate things, mostly he does. But we want to just entertain you.

COOPER: Well, also I mean I got to be say -- you know, I got to be honest, you know, it's lucky for stand on and I like New Year's Eve. I used to stand a lot and to think my dad passed away on January 5th soon after New Year, so we'd always have that as it cross my mind.

GRIFFIN: It's Christmas blues.


GRIFFIN: So, we just want to give you a laugh and a chuckle. COOPER: So...

GRIFFIN: Keep that in mind when you're, hey tweeting me later. Just really just wanted to give you chuckle of a handsome model.

Now, when are you going back to modeling, get rid of the news man thing.

COOPER: And you know, let's listen in (inaudible) down in Time Square shall we what?

GRIFFIN: Can we call Ralph Lauren on your cell phone right now?

COOPER: I don't have her mind.

GRIFFIN: I know. You think at that campaign back, I mean...

Who is it? I know him.

COOPER: And we are back with Kathy Griffin here in Time Square.


COOPER: You can see a lot of people already starting clear out very quickly, but let's check in with Poppy Harlow is down on the crowd.

GRIFFIN: I was just going to say Ryan Seacrest is already on his jet.

COOPER: No doubt.

GRIFFIN: He's already asleep on his jet. Poppy, how are the babies?

POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: How many am I having now Kathy?

GRIFFIN: Congratulations on six identical twins.

HARLOW: Thank you. I was saying, if this is what six looks like, that's OK with me. I totally won in there but guys, Happy New Year.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

HARLOW: OK, he's filming us. Tell us where you came from.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (Inaudible) French, Caribbean.

HARLOW: But this is not very cold.


HARLOW: No, I got to it. Guys, I got show you the cutest kid. Where did the kid Ron (ph) go, right here.

[00:10:00] Look at this, cutest kid of 2016. Tell him your name.

RON (PH): Ron (ph).

HARLOW: You're on with Anderson Cooper and Kathy. Do you want to say hello?

RON (PH): Hello.

HARLOW: And what is your wish? He watches AC360 every night. What is -- What is your wish for 2016?

RON (PH): That everyone will have a wonderful year.

HARLOW: That everyone will have a wonderful year. I got one more adorable. Did that kid said the F word?

GRIFFIN: I know.

HARLOW: One more adorable -- Happy New Year my friend, what's your wish?


HARLOW: You don't know?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Leave her, please. Please leave him please?

HARLOW: Yeah? Happy New Year guys. What about you, what's your 2016 wish?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To tell my dad and mom to get me a phone.

GRIFFIN: Oh, come on. How old are you?


HARLOW: What's with kids these days, guys happy New Year. Let me hear it.


GRIFFIN: Happy New Year guys. Happy New Year buddy.


GRIFFIN: Happy New Year. Poppy, don't take the baby.

HARLOW: I'm not taking that baby. I'm not taking it.

GRIFFIN: I'm not taking the baby.

COOPER: All right, Poppy have a great New Year. Thank you so much for all your hard work, amazing work out on the ground.

GRIFFIN: Security to Poppy Harlow. She's abducting adorable babies. No adorable baby is safe around Poppy Harlow.

Can we just break down that family? Serously. COOPER: What breakdown with them?

GRIFFIN: These naughty 11-year-old who's like, "I want a phone." The dad say, "I want to tie a rift." And then the kid who want it, I don't know with them.

COOPER: No, there's -- who wanted a boat.

GRIFFIN: I thought he wanted to -- I don't know but the 11-year-old kid have the phone.

COOPER: Not a phone, a boat I thought.

GRIFFIN: I think she wanted a phone. But 11-year-old wants a boat because of you. That's not you like, "Mommy I want a yacht."


GRIFFIN: "I want it to be long and have it scrub (ph) it."

COOPER: I was working at 11th (inaudible) earning my own running, but anyway.

GRIFFIN: Long live to Ralph Lauren. You know, you go both over these issues I'm going to slap you right in the face.

COOPER: There are midnight celebrations still to come in New Orleans of course.

GRIFFIN: Your favorite.

COOPER: And CNN of course is going to bring that to you live with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.


COOPER: Also in Memphis we'll see how they are celebrating and we'll look at Hershey, Pennsylvania and other celebration...

GRIFFIN: And we're going to go live to Rick Sanchez. Live with Rick Sanchez after this we did a car that's being submerged. Will he live? Stay tuned, Rick Sanchez.

COOPER: We're going to take a short break. We'll be right back.


GRIFFIN: My fa-la-la-la-la. La-la-la-la-la-la.

COOPER: Welcome back. Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. Let's check in...

GRIFFIN: Are you guys telling about that?

COOPER: Let's check in with Gary Tuchman and Lindsay Tuchman, his daughter, in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

GRIFFIN: Or Lindsay Graham at this point. Lindsay Graham it would be there.

COOPER: It's no.

GRIFFIN: All right.

COOPER: So, what's happen now is that -- as they race the Hershey kids there?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, this is not Lindsay Graham. You're right this is Lindsay Tuchman my daughter. Reporter of WBOC could be a great affiliate of CNN Salt Lake, Maryland.

And yes, a very significant race here not a drop. Explain it Lindsay what they did.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN, WBOC REPORTER: Yeah, basically they took this giant Hershey kiss which is dangling above us right now, 300 pounds and it grows. It took a minute to get out to the top and it signified the New Year when the kids got to the top of the building. And it was pretty cool. We're all really excited about it.

G. TUCHMAN: The kiss weighs 300 pounds. So let's listen to it and let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Four, three, two, one. Happy New Year!


G. TUCHMAN: So after this Hershey kiss went on top 2016 began, base on time zone including here in Hershey Pennsylvania and they call it Chocolate Town U.S.A, also the Sweetest Place on Earth.

L. TUCHMAN: It is sweet.

G. TUCHMAN: Hundred and twenty year old company where it's not just candy, it's also amusement park, it's also museums and also a lot of people who enjoy having fun and these are the people right here who are here for the celebrations. How was it everybody?

One thing I'm going to point out to you, everyone here at Hershey Pennsylvania, everyone imagines you'd be the last candidate (ph). Is that true?


G. TUCHMAN: Do you like it? What's the favorite candy? Let me hear?

What about Milk Duds? Milk Duds is a Hershey product. Twinklers, and it's plenty.

L. TUCHMAN: What about Reese's, that's my favorite.

G. TUCHMAN: Reese's, Reese's are tops.


G. TUCHMAN: We're not trying to do a commercial, but it's going to be a fascinating place. I mentioned this before the movie Willy Wonka, the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It really feel like that's part of life here that this is the place that you see in the movie, because it's a really unusual time. Small time and nearly 14,000 people live here.

But there Anderson and Kathy, probably 10,000 people here tonight and one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen anywhere. It was incomparable in what you see in New York City, Washington D.C.

GRIFFIN: Yes, it was amazing. It's loud. It's alarming.

G. TUCHMAN: It was loud and a little frightening but it was a lot of fun and I had a great time here with my daughter setting that thing.


COOPER: Well, Gary and Lindsay, guys. Thank you so much for doing that part.

GRIFFIN: Gary, how was this different from when you're like knocking on the door of a convicted sex offender or something, because Gary does that real new.

COOPER: Gary does all...

GRIFFIN: They don't do it like mess licking port (inaudible).


COOPER: What's amazing about, Gary as a reporter, he get people to talk.

GRIFFIN: He's amazing.

COOPER: He got...

GRIFFIN: He faces them down with a microphone.

COOPER: Gary, do you remember you went to an Amish community and you guys -- I know and -- but -- it's one of the amazing things about Gary. Gary went to -- he could go to any community, get people to talk and -- because he has such a nice natural -- he's such an honest and decent person...

GRIFFIN: That's right.

COOPER: ... people respondent to him, so.

GRIFFIN: And now he's got a big Hershey kiss on his -- falling on a tent (ph).

COOPER: Well, there you go. Let's hope he doesn't but.

GRIFFIN: Gary is the easiest night of the year. It really is.

COOPER: This is. Yes, Gary is it usually -- Gary, Lindsay, do you guys have any New Year's resolutions?

L. TUCHMAN: Eat more chocolate.

G. TUCHMAN: My New Year's resolution Anderson, is to be a much meaner person in 2016.

[00:20:01] GRIFFIN: I hope not. Or I say.

COOPER: No. I don't believe that for a second. Well, guys. Thanks for all your hard work and I -- I know. And we appreciate -- we love spending the New Year with you...

GRIFFIN: I love New York, Gary.

COOPER: Gary and Lindsay, you guys have a great night and thank you again. And Lindsay we wish you all the best, we'll continue to follow your career and...

GRIFFIN: I actually love things like this like doing the Hershey Kiss Drop, I think its fun and it's a novelty.

COOPER: Well I love seeing like all the...

GRIFFIN: But I also love Gary, like you said, he's like a very serious reporter.


GRIFFIN: Now having like a mob of possibly inebriated people who love chocolate mobbed him in his honor.

COOPER: Well speaking in inebriation...

GRIFFIN: Randi Kaye?

COOPER: Randi Kaye is on Beale Street in Memphis. They have not rung in the New Year obviously yet.


COOPER: I'm not even sure if she cares even about the New Years anymore at this point.

GRIFFIN: No, I'm not sure if she's mic (ph) anymore. I'm not sure if she...

COOPER: She said she was kicked out of various bars.

GRIFFIN: Yes, she's been kicked out a bar. That's going to take a lot because she's a very well presented blond woman...

COOPER: Right, yes. GRIFFIN: ... who looks serious. Also does very serious stories, a lot of political stories and yet she's been kicked out of -- pretty much every bar in Memphis.

COOPER: We're going to check in with her shortly. Let's also quickly go to Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon in New Orleans...

GRIFFIN: And I believe they're a float and a Jacuzzi somewhere, so.

COOPER: They're pretending to, they're going to welcome in 2016 in less than 40 minutes.


COOPER: Brooke, Don the excitement building?

DON LEMON, "CNN TONIGHT" HOST: Yes, its building and the hot tub is behind us and no one is in it.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Aren't we always the Don, Don Lemon.

LEMON: We're going to go in. It's too soon at midnight, we...

BALDWIN: We are ringing in the New Year...

LEMON: ... in the hot tub.

BALDWIN: ... listening to music next to next star (ph) Tipitina's, Don hanging in the hot tub later?

LEMON: Yeah.

BALDWIN: I'm leaving. I'm partying all night in New Orleans.

LEMON: Wait a minute, are you bathing?


BALDWIN: Oh Lord have mercy. So Walter Wolfman Washington is legendary a blues man, hanging out here in the courtyard.

LEMON: Yeah.

BALDWIN: How's that at Tipitina's. I love this sound for the Music.

LEMON: What's really great is Tipitina's, is just right door, that's big hall, a big music hall next door and...

BALDWIN: Full of people.

LEMON: And CNN has rented the house next door called Champa House, the entire house with the hotdog and crawfish and shrimp and crab and booze.

BALDWIN: Everything and booze.

LEMON: And we're hanging out. It's really fun, so...

BALDWIN: We're...


BALDWIN: ... the New Year so far in the...

GRIFFIN: Now, Brooke and Don have you guys been kicked out of bars?

LEMON: It has been...

BALDWIN: ... to finally have a moment with you.

LEMON: I know. Not yet, New Years. But let me tell you something. Everybody thinks I'm hammered. I'm not hammered, it's like the "The Martin", I just kind of carry the cup around and takes little babies, so...

BALDWIN: Exactly, it's a bit -- it's a bit...

COOPER: Well you guys sort of emphasize that Randi...

BALDWIN: Save me.

COOPER: You're in a better position than Randi Kaye who has been -- who said she has been kicked out of the bar in -- on Beale Street in Memphis.

GRIFFIN: First of all you would have to tell a broad to stop filming her.

COOPER: Is that right?

GRIFFIN: Oh she should have done -- she's like go and save me. She came to see me in Carnegie Hall by the way. But anyway, seriously a dude filming her and Brooke's like, "Zip it." Like she really...

COOPER: I like that.

GRIFFIN: I have not seen that side of Brooke but I enjoyed it.

COOPER: I love it. All right, Randi Kaye is in Memphis, Tennessee. Randi, how's it going?