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CNN Quiz Show: Eighties Edition. Aired 7-8p ET

Aired May 7, 2016 - 19:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: What was the only man-made object ever to be named "TIME" Magazine's newsmaker of the year? You think you know the answer? Find out tonight on the "CNN Quiz Show: '80s edition".

COOPER: Hey there. Welcome to "The CNN Quiz Show: '80s edition". I'm Anderson Cooper. Tonight, we'll be testing our CNN host knowledge on the 1980s. Three teams face off against each other, answering trivia questions about the decade of big blockbuster movies, big news headlines, and of course big hair. At stake, a total cash prize of $40,000 will be divided between the charities of their choice. You can play along at home, on twitter using #cnnquiz. Now let's meet the teams. All right, team number one, host of "CNN Tonight," Don Lemon, and host of "New Day," Alisyn Camerota. Welcome.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST, "CNN TONIGHT": Good to see you, sir.

COOPER: Do you all have any memories of the '80s?

LEMON: No. We lived through the 80s.

ALLISON CAMEROTA, CNN HOST, "NEW DAY": A couple, did it once.

COOPER: I'm sure, you got.

LEMON: Here the same way.

COOPER: What charity?

LEMON: We're playing for the Foot Child Health and Development fund which is very topical right now.

CAMEROTA: Yes, as you know, so many kids have had lead poisoning in Flint. So this will help with their medical care, with their education, with their food.

COOPER: Great cause, all right. Team number two, host of HLN's "Morning Express" Robin Meade, and host of the upcoming scene and original series, "United Shades of America," W. Kamau Bell. Welcome.

ROBIN MEADE, HLN HOST, "MORNING EXPRESS": I love this era. This is when my hair was bigger than my butt.


MEADE: Now it's the other way around. COOPER: that's, that's a visual I'm not going to be able to get rid

of anytime soon. What is -- what's the charity you're playing for?

MEADE: Habitat for Humanity. I love this group and I know Kamau does as well because they help families get affordable mortgages while also requiring a little elbow grease and volunteers come together and help build communities for families.

W. KAMAU BELL,CNN HOST, "UNITED SHADES OF AMERICA": That's right, I love habitats and I love humanity.

LEMON: There you go.

COOPER: All right, team number three. Host of "CNN Newsroom," Brooke Baldwin, and CNN's senior political correspondent, Brianna Keilar, this is very much like covering the White House. Which charity did you all pick?

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN HOST, "NEWSROOM": So we just really wanted to play for veterans. We're honoring specifically the families, the children of fallen men and women in uniform. There's this awesome organization called TAPS, which stands for tragedy assistance program for survivors.

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: And it provides grief counseling, it provides camps for kids. We've seen it in action and it's a really amazing charity.

COOPER: Cool, we got some all good causes. So the winning team tonight gets $20,000 for their charity. The other two teams get $10,000 each. So every charity's going to get something. Let's get started. First game is the buzz. All right, questions in this round are worth 10 points each. The first player to buzz in gets to answer. Now, players can buzz in before the question is completed, but if you answer incorrectly, your team is locked out from guessing again. You cannot consult with your teammate. So if you're the person who buzzes in, you have to answer. Everyone got the rules?


COOPER: All right. I'm watching you, Don Lemon. You guys ready to go?


COOPER: All right, here we go. Which leader was named "Time" magazine's man of the decade in 1989 for being the force behind the most momentous events of the '80s, including overseeing economic reforms and political openings? Brooke?

BALDWIN: Ronald Reagan?

COOPER: That it is incorrect. Is it A, Ronald Reagan, b, Mikhail Gorbachev?

COOPER: Alisyn, CAMEROTA: Gorbachev.

COOPER: That is correct. Which politician challenged President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination 1980, almost forcing a brokered democratic -- Brianna.

KEILAR: Ted Kennedy.

COOPER: That is correct.

BALDWIN: Good girl.


COOPER: Quarter one of the first ballot.

KEILAR: It is like covering the White House.

COOPER: Yes, exactly. All that political information came in handy.


COOPER: After George H.W. Bush announced his presidential candidacy in 1987, "Newsweek" magazine released an issue with Bush on the cover with what headline? A, no joke, B, read my lips, no new taxes. C, what's wrong with a boring kind of guy, D, fighting the wimp factor. Don?

Leah Hendrick: D.

COOPER: That is correct, fighting the wimp factor. Originally conceived to accelerate information sharing between scientists around the world, in 1989 the worldwide web was invented by who? A, Al Gore, B, Mark Buscemi, C, Charles Tirey, D, Tim Berners-Lee? Don.


COOPER: That is incorrect. Kamau?


COOPER: D, that is correct!

MEADE: We're on the board.

COOPER: All right, sold for just under $4,000 in 1985, what communist produced car became the fastest selling New York made -- Kamau?

BELL: Hugo?

COOPER: That is correct! Nicely done, very nicely done.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, no, that's a streak. COOPER: The idea for which '80s video game was targeted towards and

inspired by women because its creator says, women like food? A, Donkey Kong -- Kamau?

[00:05:08] BELL: Pac-man?

COOPER: That is correct! Wow. Nice.

MEADE: I love my partner!

BELL: Just sit down. Once it's about politics, I'm good.

COOPER: Which 1980s leader uttered the famous line, the lady's not for turning. A, Sandra Day O'Connor, B, Margaret Thatcher, C, Geraldine Ferraro, D, Susanna M. Salter. Alisyn.

COOPER: Margaret Thatcher.

COOPER: That is correct. What was the subject of the first broadcast of "The Oprah Winfrey show" back in 1986? A, racial tension in Georgia, B, overspending, C, how to marry the man or woman of your choice? Don?


COOPER: That is correct. Yes, they were trying to get Don Johnson to star on the episode, they were turned down. After the subway vigilante, Bernhard Goetz shot four African-American teenagers in Ney York city in 1984. Who purportedly sent him a supportive telegram and offered to pay his bail? A, John Gotti, B, Joan Rivers, C, Arnold Schwarzenegger or d, D, Rudy Giuliani. Robin?


COOPER: That is incorrect. Brianna?


COOPER: That is incorrect. A, John Gotti. B, Joan Rivers, C, Arnold Schwarzenegger, D, Rudy Giuliani. Don.

LEMON: Schwarzenegger?

COOPER: That is incorrect. Joan Rivers was the answer.


COOPER: That's right. Whose 1987 Supreme Court nomination was the last to be rejected by a vote -- Brianna?

KEILAR: Robert Bork.

KEILAR: That is correct.

COOPER: In 1984, who became the first female athlete to be pictured on the front of a Wheaties box? A, Chris Evert, B, Dorothy Hamill, C, Mary Lou Retton? Kamau?

BELL: Mary Lou Retton.

COOPER: That is correct. In 1983, in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a woman had her leg broken and four others were injured when a thousand people rushed into a department store to buy what?

BALDWIN: Wedding dresses?

COOPER: No, that is incorrect. Not even on the list.

BELL: Cabbage patch dolls?

COOPER: That is correct, cabbage patch dolls. Were you a big cabbage patch --

BELL: I used to buy my nieces cabbage patch dolls.


COOPER: Anyway, in 1987, after network standards relaxed, the first TV ad aired using live models -- Robin?

MEADE: Brazier.

COOPER: That is correct.



COOPER: Using live models to sell what? And the answer was bras. And according to the New York Times, NBC said they would only air the advertisements during daytime programming. Anyway, a landmark 1989 Supreme Court ruling, Texas V. Johnson said that states could not prohibit nor punish citizens for doing what? A, assembling to protest, B, organizing a boycott, C, burning the American flag --

LEMON: Burning the American flag. 0:02:35.3

COOPER: That is correct. In 1983, New York resident, Carmela Vitali filed a patent for what invention used millions of times every day? A, the little plastic table that keeps pizza boxes from sagging, B, computer mouse, C, safety pin, D, retractable mechanism used to hold work IDs? Don?

LEMON: The last one, work IDs.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Brianna.

KEILAR: The mouse.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Kamau.


COOPER: That is incorrect also! It was the pizza boxes.

BELL: I love that little table thing.

COOPER: Yes, little plastic table for keeping pizzas --

BELL: I said "C".

COOPER: Yes, right. September 1982, Princess Grace, formerly known as the actress Grace Kelly died after a car plunged off a cliff in what country? A, Italy -- Don?

LEMON: Monaco.

COOPER: That is correct. Last question, on August 19th, 1981, Ronald Reagan fulfilled a campaign promised by doing what? A, shuttering the department of economic warfare, B, nominating the first woman to the Supreme Court -- Don.

LEMON: That one.

COOPER: That is correct. Sandra Day O'Connor was confirmed, 99-0. Let's take a look at the scores, a very competitive round, Brooke and Brianna in third place with 20, Robin and Kamau with 50, Don and Alisyn in the lead with 80 points. When we come back, the players face to off in a head-to-head battles and the point values doubled. Stay tuned.



COOPER: Welcome back to the CNN Quiz Show, '80s edition. Let's take a look at the player scores. Brianna in third place with 20 points, Robin and Kamau with 50, Don and Alisyn feeling their own, all right, with 80 points in the lead.

LEMON: Guys, don't celebrate because you never know.

COOPER: Our next game is face-off. Two players from opposing teams face off against each other and they're going to be asked just three questions. The first player to hit the bell gets the first shot at answering. Correct answers are worth 20 points each. We drew names out of a hat. First up, Don and Robin, time to face off.

COOPER: You got this!

LEMON: Where's that hat? I want to see the hat.

COOPER: You got this.

LEMON: Go ahead, doll.

MEADE: Thank you. OK. I hate this part.

LEMON: Look over there. Oh, sorry.

COOPER: So your category is firsts.


COOPER: Ready, let's go. CNN, the first 24-hour cable news network launched on June 1st, 1980, with what lead story, A, Lassie Star busted on cocaine charges, B, deadly tornadoes at Grand Island Nebraska, C, a Canadian bus crash, D, the attempted assassination of Vernon Jordan.

MEADE: give us the answers again.

COOPER: A, Lassie Star busted on cocaine charges, B, deadly tornadoes --

MEADE: Let's say the craziest, A.

COOPER: That is incorrect.

COOPER: C, Canadian bus crash, D, the attempted assassination of Vernon Jordan.

LEMON: I would say Vernon Jordan.

COOPER: that is correct.

LEMON: All right.

MEADE: Damn it.

COOPER: Nicely done. All right.

LEMON: All right I'm going now.

COOPER: OK. In 1983, astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman in space aboard what shuttle? A, Apollo, B, Challenger, C, Endeavor, D, Atlantis.

LEMON: Challenger.

COOPER: That is correct. Nicely done. The first video played on MTV when it launched on August 1st, 1981 was Video Killed the Radio Star by what one-hit wonder band? A, Dexys Midnight Runners, B, Aha, C, Kaja Goo-Goo --

LEMON: Kaja Goo-Goo.

COOPER: That is incorrect.



MEADE: Go ahead.

COOPER: D, the Buggels.



MEADE: In your face! I got one!

COOPER: I like how you just committed to D even though haven't even heard it. Nicely done, all right, Don got two, Robin got one. 20 points for each correct answer. Head back to your podiums. Next up, Alisyn versus Brianna.

[00:15:10] BALDWIN: You go, girl. You got this.

LEMON: Got a lot going on.

COOPER: All right. The theme is politics. No, lm just kidding, sorry, it's not. It's TV news. All right.

KEILAR: All right.

COOPER: So there's three questions. Number one, who was the only news anchor to broadcast live from the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989? A, Peter Jennings, B, Bernard Shaw, C. Dan Rather, or D, Tom Brokaw?

KEILAR: Tom Brokaw.

COOPER: That is correct. That is right. Which of the following was not an original CNN program when the network launched in 1980? A, Money Line, B, Sports Tonight, C, CNN Newsroom, or D, Style?

CAMEROTA: CNN newsroom.

COOPER: That is correct!

CAMEROTA: That's the show that Brooke Baldwin anchors. You should know that.

LEMON: Ouch.

COOPER: I just want to read out the last one because I love her name, style with Elsa Clinch.


COOPER: Yes. When Dan Rather took over Walter Cronkite's anchor chair for CBS evening news in 1981, he first tried courage as his tag line but finally settled on saying what at the end of each show? A, expect the world, B, and so it goes, C, that's part of our world tonight or D, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


COOPER: That is incorrect. Expect the world, and so it goes, that's part of our world tonight or good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

KEILAR: That's part of our world tonight. COOPER: That is correct. Nicely done, all right, that's it.

CAMEROTA: I totally knew that.

COOPER: Yes. All right, so Alisyn got one, Brianna got two. 20 points for each. Head back.



COOPER: Finally, Kamau and Brooke. Come on down.

BELL: Grown-up-sized people.

COOPER: That's right. All right, your theme is innovations, inventions, and discoveries. There's three questions, in 1982, what was the first and only man-made object to be named "Time" magazine's newsmaker of the year? Was it, A, the walkman. B, the computer, C, Nintendo, D, the TV?

BALDWIN: Walkman?

COOPER: That is incorrect. A, walkman, B, the computer, C, Nintendo, D, the TV.

BELL: B, the computer.

COOPER: That is correct.

MEADE: Yeah!

BALDWIN: Nice job. Nice job.

COOPER: Number two, April 12th, 1981, NASA launched the first ever successful reusable space shuttle named what, A, Challenger, B, Atlantis, C, Columbia, D, enterprise.

BALDWIN: Columbia?

COOPER: That is correct. In 1983, Apple released what they thought would be a revolutionary home computer named after Jobs' daughter and called what? A, Lucy, B, Penny, C, Lisa, D, Mona.

BELL: Lisa.

COOPER: That is correct.


BELL: Not on my watch.

COOPER: All right, Kamau got two, Brooke got one. 20 points for each, you can head back. Let's take a look at where the scores are. It's getting a lot closer. Brooke and Brianna are still in third place. So they have 80 points. Robin and Kamau not far, just ahead with 110 points and Don and Alisyn in the lead right now with 140 but it's still anybody's game. Coming up next, we'll take a look at how well these teams work together when pressure is amped up in a guessing game after the break.

COOPER: Hey, welcome back to the CNN quiz show. Three teams competing to win money for their favorite charities. Remember, you can play along at home on Twitter using #cnnquiz. Let's see where the teams stand so far. We got Brooke and Brianna in third place with 80 points, very respectful, Robin and Kamau with 110 points and Don and Alisyn still in the lead.

BELL: We're coming for you. Enjoy it now.

COOPER: It is time to play "picture this." Now teammates have to work together, one person giving the clues, the other person guessing. An '80s personality is going to pop up on the screen. The clue giver that has to get their teammate to correctly guess who that person is, they can't use any part of the name, they can't use initials. They can't say rhymes with. They'll have one minute to guess as many as possible and correct answers are worth 30 points each. First place team plays first. Don and Alisyn, come on down.

COOPER: All right. We got this. We got it. We got it!

LEMON: Can I turn around?


COOPER: All right. I love this category. Your category is participants in 1985's "We are the World" song.

CAMEROTA: We got it! Don't worry! Don't worry!

COOPER: This may be my favorite category of all the games we've played.

LEMON: All right. All right, all right. "We are the World," right?

COOPER: 1985's "We are the World."


COOPER: All right. 60 seconds on the clock. Ready? Go.

CAMEROTA: Friends with Michael Jackson.

LEMON: Diana Ross.

CAMEROTA: Yes! OK. Another singer from that time, black --

LEMON: Tina Turner.

CAMEROTA: No, oh gosh, she sang, maybe --

LEMON: Dionne Warwick. CAMEROTA: Yes! OK, dancing on the ceiling --

LEMON: Lionel Ritchie.

CAMEROTA: Oh, OK. The boss, New Jersey.

LEMON: Bruce Springsteen.

COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: A blind musician.

LEMON: Ray Charles.


LEMON: Stevie Wonder.

CAMEROTA: Yes, yes. Oh, OK. She has great legs. She's a singer.

LEMON: Tina turner.

CAMEROTA: Yes. Yes. Oh, pass. Oh, he had a band called the news.

LEMON: Huey Lewis.


COOPER: Correct.

CAMEROTA: OK, now a blind singer, musician.

LEMON: Ray Charles.

CAMEROTA: Yes. Oh, with Art Garfunkel, partner.

LEMON: Simon and Garfunkel.

CAMEROTA: The first name is?

LEMON: Paul Simon.

COOPER: That is correct.

CAMEROTA: He sings "Islands in the Stream."

LEMON: Oh, Rogers. Kenny Rogers.

CAMEROTA: You got it.


COOPER: All right, you got nine correct and very well, each is worth 30 points. All right so, Robin and Kamau you were in second place. So, it's your turn.

[00:25:03] MEADE: All right, all right. Our category better be as easy as that one.

BELL: Can we get the same category, please?

COOPER: Your category is fictional '80s characters watched television.

MEADE: I never watched television.

COOPER: Really? All right.

MEADE: Not that much. Is it television or movies?

COOPER: Well, it's both.

MEADE: Damn it!

BELL: Can I stand half this way just to get a little bit of a peripheral?

COOPER: No. OK. These are fictional '80s characters, could be television, movies. 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

MEADE: All right, so, pass. Little character, Steven Spielberg and --



COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: His first name is Johnny, he was a Vietnam vet and he is Sylvester Stallone.

BELL: Rambo.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: And I'll be back.

BELL: Terminator.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: And this character, he's an alien life form.

BELL: Alf.


COOPER: Correct.

MEADE: He had a playhouse and then he had a big adventure --

BELL: Pee-wee Herman?

COOPER: Correct.


MEADE: And then he took a day off school.

BELL: Ferris Bueller.

MEADE: Yes. And this do not feed them after midnight!

BELL: Gremlins.


COOPER: Correct. Nice.

MEADE: And he's like, midnight. He's like, I'll kill you. Look at me. Pass!

BELL: The police!

MEADE: He's Luke's brother and daisy's cousin.

BELL: Bo Duke.

MEADE: Yes! OK. Pass. He is the Bartender of former on "cheers"?

BELL: Ted --

COOPER: Nicely done, nicely done.

BELL: Sam, Sam.

COOPER: Nicely done.

MEADE: Sam, Sam, Sam!

COOPER: Now, for somebody who didn't watch TV. Apparently you are --

MEADE: TV, I watch. I really wasn't allowed to see very many movies growing up.

COOPER: I liked your, arr.

BELL: Midnight kill you?

MEADE: Freddy Krueger.

COOPER: Freddy Krueger . You got eight correct. Each is with 30 points, nicely done.

MEADE: Who gave me the movie?!

COOPER: All right. Brooke and Brianna, come on down. That was really good.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: you were great.

MEADE: Whatever, whatever. Good job.

BALDWIN: All right sister, we got it.

COOPER: All right. Your category is actors and actresses who have appeared in films that John Hughes wrote, produced, or directed. Yes. All right, so these are actors or actresses who have appeared in victims that John Hughes wrote, produced or directed. 60 seconds on the clock. Ready, go.

BALDWIN: Oh, redhead.

KEILAR: Molly Ringwald.

COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: Three names, nerdy guy.

KEILAR: Andrew Michael Hall.

BELL: No. Michael -- pass. Oh, uncle buck, passed away. Last name is a sweet.

KEILAR: John Candy.

COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: Dirty dancing woman.

KEILAR: Jennifer Gray.

COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: Oh, it's a suburb outside of Washington, D.C..

KEILAR: Alexandria.

BALDWIN: Two words, national -- national lampoon's --

KEILAR: Chevy Chase.


COOPER: Correct.

KEILAR: Sorry.

BALDWIN: Oh, she had dandruff in "The Breakfast Club."

KEILAR: Ally Sheedy.

COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: He was ducky and then he was on Two and a half men.

KEILAR: Jon Cryer.


COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: Ferris Bueller.

KEILAR: Matthew Broderick.


COOPER: Correct.

BALDWIN: Boom box.

KEILAR: John Cusack.

COOPER: Correct.

BELL: Wow.

KEILAR: Yes. In your eyes

BALDWIN: Blaine in "Pretty in Pink."


BALDWIN: Was a jerk.


BALDWIN: James Spader.

COOPER: Wow! It's amazing what one remembers from the '80s. Like, had dandruff, oh, Ally Sheedy, without a doubt. You got eight correct each worth 30 points. You skipped Anthony Michael Hall and James Spader.

BALDWIN: You were so close.


BALDWIN: Andrew McCarthy.

COOPER: All right, you guys can head back to the podium. We'll take a look to see -- wow.

LEMON: That was hard.

COOPER: Scores are still very close. Right now in third place, Brooke and Brianna, 320 points, Robin and Kamau still in second in place with 350 and Don and Alisyn still in the lead, 410 points. Ahead, a rapid fire round with big points. Anyone can take the lead. Stay right there.



COOPER: Welcome back to the "CNN Quiz Show, The Eighties Edition." Three teams of CNN hosts are competing to win a total of $40,000 for their favourite charities. Checking in on the scores, we got Brooke and Brianna in third place with 320, Robin and KamAU with 350 and Don and Alisyn in the lead and dancing away with 410 points.

The next game we call all for one. Each team is going to be presented with a set of four iconic '80s movies, TV shows or people. When I say a fact, the players take turns saying which of the four that fact applies to. Each team will have one minute to get as many correct as possible and each answer will be worth 40 points.

Let's see how our players do with this challenge. Let's take a look.

All right. The last place team plays first, so Brooke and Brianna.

BRIANNA KEILAR: I prefer third place.

COOPER: Third place, you're right. I'm sorry. That is more -

W. KAMAU BELL: The bronze team.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Children of the 80s so we need appreciation for effort.

COOPER: Exactly. So you have 320. All right. Let's take a look. So your category, these are four '80s TV shows. Let's put some pictures on the screen here.

You've got "Cheers," "Married with Children," "Golden Girls, "Family Ties." All right. Sixty seconds on the clock. Brooke, the cast of this show gave a command performance for Queen Elizabeth?

BALDWIN: "Cheers."

COOPER: Incorrect. "Golden Girls."

Brianna, the metal band Anthrax guest starred and performed in the main character's living room on this sitcom.

KEILAR: "Family Ties." That is incorrect "Married with Children."

Brooke, actors that guest starred in this show include Leslie Nielsen, Cesar Romero, Tony Bono -

COOPER: That is incorrect. "The Golden Girls."

Brianna, although it never transpired, President Reagan reportedly offered to make a cameo appearance in this show.

KEILAR: "Family Ties." BALDWIN: Good job.

COOPER: That is correct. Some topics of discussion in this show include meditation or sex and the sweaty-ish movie ever -


BALDWIN: "Married with Children."

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Cheers."

Brianna, before her acting career, a cast member from the show was a typist and a truck driver in the U.S. Marine Corps.

KEILAR: "Married with Children."

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Golden Girls."

Brooke, in one episode of this show, a character rented a car and then listed it for sale just to meet men."

BALDWIN: "Married with children."

COOPER: That's is incorrect. "Golden Girls."

Brianna --

In season four, character of the show says his fiance left him in the alter and entered a convent.

KEILAR: "Family Ties."

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Cheers."

KEILAR: When were you born?

BALDWIN: 1979.

When were you born?

KEILAR: I was born in 1980.

COOPER: I'm going to try to say in this the most optimistic way. You got one right! You got 40 points with that.

Robin and Kamau, believe me, it's easy for me to ask the questions, it's not easy to answer them. So here's your category. Four 1980s movies.

ROBIN MEADE: God, why can't -

COOPER: "The Terminator," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Batman," and "Ghostbusters."

I can't believe "Batman" 1980s.

BELL: 1989.

MEADE: Staying power.

COOPER: You did great with movies before.

BELL: (INAUDIBLE) the guy with the fedora.

COOPER: Let's put 60 seconds on the clock. OK, Robin, Tom Selleck was the original choice for the lead in this film but he couldn't get out of his "Magnum P.I." contract.

MEADE: "Batman."

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

OJ Simpson was nearly cast as a lead in this film but the director, at that team, he's too likeable.

BELL: "Terminator."

COOPER: That is correct.

Robin, the main character in this film only had 17 lines including - you're close.

MEADE: "Terminator."

COOPER: That is correct. Kamau, until his unexpected death, John Belucshi was supposed to play the role of Venkman in this film.

BELL: "Ghostbusters."

COOPER: That's correct. Robin, somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 snakes were used in a scene -

MEADE: "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

COOPER: Kamau, the sequel to this film was released seven years after the original came out in 1984 -

BELL: The "Terminator."

COOPER: That is correct. Robin, a letter-writing campaign was launched after a comedic actor was cast in the lead of this film?

MEADE: "Batman."

COOPER: That is correct.

Kamau, the grandfather of this film's star was a spiritualist and regularly held seances in their home? BELL: "Ghostbusters."

COOPER: That is correct. Robin, the main character in this film was named after a dog that also insipired Chewbaca in "Star Wars."

MEADE: "Ghostbusters."

COOPER: That is incorrect. "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Kamau.

Nicely done.

BALDWIN: Hey, we'll take your questions and you can have our time. How about that?

COOPER: You got seven correct, each worth 40 points. Very well done.

All right, Don and Alisyn, your set is four 1980s performers.


COOPER: Your four performers are, let's take a look, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and -

Come on! How is this fair?

COOPER: And Prince. And you're allowed to call him Prince, because in the '80s, he was Prince, he wasn't the artist formerly known as.

DON LEMON: I think that was the '90s.

COOPER: Let's put 60 seconds on the clock. Don, he's had several nicknames, including his Royal Badness and Skipper.

LEMON: Oh, Prince.

COOPER: That is correct.

Alisyn, although he won 20 Grammys awards, this artist has never recorded a number one hit.

CAMEROTA: Billy Joel?

COOPER: Incorrect. Springsteen. Don, he admitted to Howard Stern that he tried heroin in the late '70s?

LEMON: Bruce Springsteen.

COOPER: Icorrect. Billy Joel. Alisyn, when he was 21, he tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish after a breakup with a girlfriend.

CAMEROTA: My gosh. Billy Joel?

COOPER: That is correct. Don, he said he went to Woodstock to see Jimi Hendrix perform but left because of the poor bathroom facilities.

LEMON: Billy Joel.

COOPER: That is correct. Alisyn, after his second divorce, he received full custody of his children and paid his ex-wife $8.5 million.

CAMEROTA: Billy Joel.

COOPER: That is incorrect. Michael Jackson. Don, he scaled the walls of Graceland and was stopped by security just before ringing Elvis' doorbell.

LEMON: That's Bruce Springsteen.

COOPER: That is correct. Alisyn, after missing one credit in English class, he wasn't allowed to graduate with his high school class.

CAMEROTA: Bruce Springsteen?

COOPER: Incorrect. Billy Joel.

Don, he sued 22 fans after the posted a footage -

LEMON: Prince.

COOPER: That is correct. Five of those correct, each worth 40 points. So let'sake a look. Score right now, Brooke and Brianna in third place with 360. Don and Alsion with 610. And taking the lead, Robin and Kamau with 630 points.

MEADE: Taking the lead!

COOPER: Hey, next, to the magic wall for a match game worth huge points. Stay right there.



COOPER: All right. Welcome back to the "CNN Quiz Show Eighties Edition." The players are competing for a total of $40,000, it's going to be divided among the charities that they've chosen. Only two more rounds left. Our big points we have, the tables could turn fast.

Here is where we stand, Brooke and Brianna are in third place with 360 points. Don and Alisyn in second place with 610 points. And taking the lead, Robin and Kamau with 630 points.

Our next game is match make. Each team is going to have one minute to try to complete a match game. The team who makes the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins 300 points. A lot of points. Second place earns 200. Third place gets 100. Let's bring down our first teams to the magic wall and get started. Robin and Kamau, they're in the lead so they go first.

All right.

BELL: Got this.

COOPER: All right. These are the categories. Once upon a time. Where the streets have no name. When bad things happen to good people.

BELL: That one.

COOPER: Only I am supposed to touch the board, but that's OK. That's OK.

BELL: I'm gunning for your job, man.

COOPER: These are talk show moments. You match the talk show host to a moment from their 1980s show. These are the hosts, Richard Belzer, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Morton Downey, Jr., Geraldo Rivera.

BELL: Yes.

COOPER: Let's start.

MEADE: You know who that is.


Kristen Glover interviews, David Letterman.

MEADE: Where, where?

BELL: The bottom.


MEADE: Oh, nose broken?

BELL: (INAUDIBLE). OK. Al Sharpton shoved off stage is Geraldo Rivera.

MEADE: And Hulk Hogan - (INAUDIBLE).

Are you sure?

BELL: I think so. Sure. See what happens.

COOPER: All right. Robin, step back over there.

How confident do you guys feel?

MEADE: I feel confident about three.

BELL: I feel fully confident. That's how I roll.

MEADE: I like that about you.

COOPER: All right. I'm not sure how much you watch talk shows. Take a look.


COOPER: So it took you 19 seconds, you got three of them correct. This was actually reversed. It was Geraldo Rivero's nose got broken -

BELL: That's the same thing, though. COOPER: Nicely done. Head back to the podium.

MEADE: OK. OK. OK. Good job, good job.

COOPER: Don and Alisyn, you're next.

Come on down.

KEILAR: Good job, guys.

COOPER: All right, you have two categories left, where the streets have no name and once upon a time in America.

LEMON: Once upon a time in America.

COOPER: Once upon a time in America. These are our movie timelines. You have to match the movie to the year of its release. These are the movies. "Tootsie," "Driving Miss Daisy," "Platoon," "Blues Brothers," "The Color Purple." I'm going to put up some year, you have to match the year to the -

LEMON: Oh, my gosh!

CAMEROTA: Oh, my gosh.

LEMON: Really?


Here are the years. Let's go.

LEMON: Oh, my gosh.

1989, just put "Color Purple." I have no idea.

I don't know.

CAMEROTA: I don't either.

LEMON: 1980, put "Platoon." '85, put "Tootsie." That's fine. 1982, "Blues Brothers."


LEMON: All right.


LEMON: Just go -

CAMEROTA: No, 1980s was not "Driving Miss Daisy."

LEMON: Yes, hurry, switch that one. '86, "Driving Miss Daisy." 1980, "Platoon." I think that's wrong. Put 1980 "Blues Brothers." Switch those.


LEMON: Hurry, you've got to get all the - all the way out. There you go.

CAMEROTA: Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhh!

LEMON: That was hard.

COOPER: That's a tough one.

LEMON: Yes. I am not confident about any of this.

COOPER: Yes, I'm not either. Let's take a look.


COOPER: You have one --

CAMEROTA: That is the one we have to switch.

COOPER: That was a really, really tough.

LEMON: That was really hard.

COOPER: I'm sorry about that.

CAMEROTA: I am so sorry. About that.

LEMON: That was really hard.

COOPER: Brooke and Brianna, come on down.

KEILAR: Very hard!

CAMEROTA: I really --

UNIDENTIFED MALE: Oh, that's so --

COOPER: Yes, I liked how Alisyn just started screaming at the end. Just groaning from a very deep, guttural -

It was visceral.

KEILAR: Which one should we choose?

COOPER: Where the streets have no name.


COOPER: This is 1980s locations. You have to match the 1980s news event to the location where it took place. Here are the news events. Mt. St. Helens erupts, Sinai murders, U.S. lands a plane, Greg Louganis on diving board.

BALDWIN: Oh, stop!

COOPER: Let's go.

KEILAR: Washington, Mt. St. Helene's. Go go, go.

BADLWIN: Might be Tylenol. Positive. OK. Go.

COOPER: Let's head back over here. Let's see how many you got. You got correct. You got all right! And you did it in 14 seconds. Nicely done. Head back and let's take a look at the scores.

Brooke and Brianna, they got five right in 14 seconds, so they won this round. They got 300 points. That brings your total score to 660. Robin and Kamau, you got three right in 19 seconds, putting you in second place. You got 200 points, putting your new score at 830. And Don and Alisyn, that means you end up in third place, you get 100 points, making your new score 710.

Robin and Kamau, you are in the lead. When we come back, our final round during the break will decide how much to wager on one last question. It all comes down to this. Stay tuned.


COOPER: Welcome back to the "CNN Quiz Show Eighties Edition." This is the final round. $40,000 on the line for three charities. The Flintchild Health and Development Fund, Habitat for Humanity and TAPS.

First place gets $20,000, second and third place will get $10,000 for each of the charities. Let's recap the scores, in third place right now, Brooke and Brianna with 660, in second place, Don and Alisyn with 710 and in the leade, Robin and Kamau with 830 points.

Our last game is called the big bet. Each team will get to choose from a group of four 80s icons. I'm going to ask a question that relates to that person.

During the break the teams decided how much they're going to wager. If they answer their question correctly they earn the points they bet. If they get it wrong, they lose those points. We'll have 15 seconds to come up with their answer.

This time they can consult with each other. It is anyone's game. Let's get started.

All right, Brooke and Brianna, you're in third place so you get first pick. Your options are Ronald Reagan, Madonna, George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump. Which one do you choose?

KEILAR: I see Reagan and George H.W., what do you think?

BALDWIN: I was going to go with the exact opposite.

KEILAR: Reagan or Madonna.

BALDWIN: Should we do Reagan, then?

KEILAR: OK. Ronald Reagan. COOPER: Ronald Reagan. All right. Let's take a look.


RONALD REAGAN, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: I've spoken to the shining city al my political life. But I don't know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind, it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, god-blessed and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace. A city with free porch that hung with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors, and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That's how I saw it and see it still.



COOPER: That was Ronald Reagan's farewell address to the nation in 1989. Just a few years before, in January 1986, President Reagan, postponed his state of the union address, a first in American history after what happened?

BALDWIN: There was Challenger, but there was also -

KEILAR: Tear down the wall was '86.

BALDWIN: there was the challenger and there was also - remember, he invited someone after a plane crash in Washington. Or was it the space shuttle?

COOPER: Time's up. You need to give an answer.

KEILAR: When the Challenger exploded.

COOPER: That is correct. That is the right answer. Let's take a look at how much you wagered. 570 points. That brings to you a total of 1,230. All right. Nicely done.

Don and Alisyn, the remaining choices available for you. Madonna, George H.W. Bush or Donald Trump.

LEMON: What do you think? George H.W. Bush.

CAMEROTA: Well, I don't know. Pop culture or politics.

LEMON: George H. W. Bush.

COOPER: OK. Let's take a look.


GEORGE H.W. BUSH, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: My opponent won't rule out raising taxes, but I will, and the Congress will push me to raise taxes and I'll say no, and they'll push and I'll say no, and they'll push again and I'll say to them, ready lips. No new taxes. (END VIDEO CLIP)

COOPER: That was President Bush in 1988. Now, December 19, 1989, President Bush oversaw the surprise movement of troops as part of operations Just Cause, the American organization to restore a democratically elected government in what country?

We need an answer. What country?

LEMON: Nicaragua?

COOPER: That is incorrect. Panama was the answer. Yes. How much did you wager? 580 points. That brings you down to 130. Robin and Kamau, it's your turn, you need 400 points to win. The remaining options are Madonna and Donald Trump.

BELL: Madonna, you've been waiting for Madonna all day.

CAMEROTA: Yes, but I don't want you to blame it on me.

BELL: I hold grujdges, I can't help it. I don't know nothing about Donald Trump.

CAMEROTA: Let's take a look at Madonna.


MADONNA: There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world today, and there are a lot of people that need our help, and there are a lot of environmental issues that need to be dealt with. In terms of AIDS, I just known so many people that have died of AIDS and it's such a serious problem. So much of the art community in New York, you know what I mean? I feel like in five years from now, all my friends will be dead, in a way, and it really hits home with me. It's a very serious matter.


COOPER: That was Madonna circa 1989. In 1984, Madonna scored her first number one a hit for what song, a video in which she rode around in Venice, in a gondola and donned a white, lacy dress.

CAMEROTA: It's got to be -

BELL: Madonna songs.

It could be "Like a Prayer." It could be -

BELL: It could be that cherish song on the beach.

CAMEROTA: Gonna dress you up do we agree? Wait, come here.

COOPER: All right, we need an answer.

CAMEROTA: "Like a Virgin." COOPER: You picked the correct "like a" song. "Like a Virgin." How much did you wager? 600 points. That brings you to 1,430. You win. Congratulations.

You won $20,000 for Habitat for Humanity. There are no losers here. Don and Alisyn, they get $10,000 for the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. And Brooke and Brianna, they won, $10,000 for TAPS. I want to thank all our players, thank our studio audience and thank you for watching at home. Have a good night.