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Trump Apologizing for Sexual Assault Remarks. Aired 5-6a ET

Aired October 8, 2016 - 05:00   ET


HOWELL From CNN World headquarters in Atlanta, I'm George Howell. This is CNN News Now.

The U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is apologizing. For the first time in his political career, he says that he is sorry for vulgar comments that he made about women. Those remarks caught on tape in 2005 and published Friday by "The Washington Post, Trump says the comments don't reflect who he is today.

TRUMP I've never said I'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that I'm not. I've said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more-than-a-decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.

HOWELL That he is talking about the leak to "The Washington Post" was an unaired clip from the show, "Access Hollywood" featuring Donald Trump in 2005. And in it, he can be heard saying that he had tried to sleep with a married woman and bragged about being able to grope without complaint because of his celebrity.

Hurricane Matthew churns its way up the U.S. East Coast and it now poses a threat to the State of Georgia and to the Carolinas. It's already killed four people in Florida and hundreds of people killed,warn of storm surge and flooding could be a problem in the coastal regions of the Southeast U.S.

That is your CNN News Now. I'm George Howell. Living Golf is next. Thank you for watching CNN, the world's news leader.

O'DONOGHUE These months, we're in the Alps to show that skiing isn't the only sport that makes the most of the mountains. We started off at the Evian Championship in France at the base of the Alps to meet one of the upcoming stars in the game, Brooke Henderson, and her caddie and sister Brittany.

BROOKE HENDERSON Family is very important and it values to us, and so to be able to share this journey alongside my sister and my best friend, my caddie, it's critical.

O'DONOGHUE We travelled 1,400 meters of the mountains to Golf Club Gstaad in Switzerland, amongst the most stunning courses in the Alps.

ZIMMERMANN We start playing, if the world (ph) is good at the end of May. The season ends like end of November. On November till April, there's a lot of snow in the golf course, so like a half meter of snow in the greens.

O'DONOGHUE And we returned to Evian to rev up the rivalry between the two captains of next year's Solheim Cup, Juli Inkster and Annika Sorenstam.

SORENSTAM It is a special event in my heart. You know, yes, I am extremely competitive. I love -- you know, to represent Europe.

INKSTER It's a lot of stress and, you know, you work two years to get there and then you're on the first team, you can barely breath and you're like, "Why, do I want to be here?" Yes.

O'DONOGHUE The best players in the women's game recently arrived on the shores of Lake Geneva in France for the fifth and final major of the season, the Evian Championship.

Sharing the limelight with the likes of Lydia Ko, Lexi Thompson and Gee Chun was 19-year-old Brooke Henderson, the latest teenage sensation on the LPGA Tour.

BROOKE HENDERSON The last 18 months have kind of been a dream come true. You know, I think I can expect more things in the future but I'm definitely having big goals and big dreams and trying to chase after them.

O'DONOGHUE Her meteoric rise has certainly impressed legends in the game.

RANKIN I've met her first when she was 14, I found her charming then and nothing has changed, and I think that's one of the great things about her as she's achieved some success in this professional world. She's still exactly the same.

Her golf game is not exactly by the book. It's a little bit unique to Brooke, but she has a great sense of what the club's doing and what she can do with the golf ball. And a lot of people with possibly more textbook swings don't have that.

O'DONOGHUE Don't be fooled by Brooke's youthful looks. The Canadian has proved that in this game, if you're good enough, you're old enough. At 14, she became the youngest known winner of a professional tournament. At 16, she tied for 10th of the U.S. Women's Open. At 17, she won the Cambia Portland Classic and defended her title again this year. At 18, she beat Lydia Ko in a playoff to claim her first major, the KPMG PGA Championship. The wind moved her to second in the Rolex World Rankings.

BROOKE HENDERSON When I look at the girls around me and the girls in the top 10, you know, they're very good and, you know, world ranking is very cool but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter when you teed up on Thursday and there's a lot of girls that have the possibility to win. And, you know, I'm very confident in my abilities and how far it come over the last, you know, 18 months, but, you know, looking around, I can still learn from the others and they can probably still learn from me.

O'DONOGHUE Much of Brooke's success is down to the close bonds she has with her family. Her dad has coached her since the age of three. Mom is her so-called coach number two. But it's a relationship with her older sister Brittany who is also Brooke's caddie that is the most revealing.

BRITTANY HENDERSON I think the lines kept blurry a lot. You know, we're sisters and we're best friends. We spend so much time together. But at the same time, when we're on the course, our number one goal is to, you know, get the job done and focus and do what you have to do, but we always have fun while doing it.

BROOKE HENDERSON She'll always be my sister first and foremost, but, you know, when we have to make tough decisions and stuff like that, it is maybe kind of more caddie player, but she knows me really well and I think we both kind of know when to say something or when to just kind of be quiet and let the person decide.

BRITTANY HENDERSON At the end of the day on the golf course, it's always the player's decision, and that's sort of where we go with. You know, if -- I'll just try to give her facts and, you know, really just solid information and then she ask my opinion, that's when I give it, but at the end of the day, if she pulls a 7-iron, that's -- you know, it's on her.

O'DONOGHUE Twenty-five year-old Brittany is a great golfer in her own right. She liked Brooke to play for Canada at 14, turned pro and played on the LPGA feeder tour in 2015. Early on, Brooke would follow her sister around from course to course as Brittany pursued her dreams. Call it sibling rivalry, which is the role model to look up to, but Brooke was learning fast.

BROOKE HENDERSON I was always trying to, you know, be like her. I was trying to follow in her footsteps and chase after her and she was an amazing golfer. You know, she went tournaments every single weekend and I'd watched her win, and I kind of just was always trying to be like her.

BRITTANY HENDERSON She was always tagging along and I didn't mind. I started playing golf when I was nine years old, so she was like three, and she would always be walking along the sidelines with my dad, swinging a stick or the umbrella or something. So, I think that definitely helps her to I guess gain quickly.

You know, you don't see a ton of people as young as she is, to be where she is today. I'd like to think I was really dedicated and I put in a lot of time and I gave it my all and I think that, you know, when you see someone do that then you're more likely to try and emulate that behavior.

RANKIN I don't know how hard it's been for Brittany to give up her own quest to play well because she was a good player in her own right. I think always, as Brooke matured, she was the better player of the two, but she has given up a lot to support Brooke's career, and I don't know if she ever intends to go back to playing, but if she does, it could be that what she's doing here with Brooke will really help her.

O'DONOGHUE All the course where the level in the women's game has never been higher where every decision between player and caddie counts, there is no closer relationship on tour.

BRITTANY HENDERSON I'm definitely I think able to tell when she's feeling a little down or, getting a little too excited. I think I probably know what to say more than someone else who might caddie for her, and saying that I think she also trust my opinion a lot, which, you know, puts a lot of pressure on me to say or do the right thing, but it's really good I think, we work really well together and make a pretty good team.

O'DONOGHUE A few years back, it was Brooke who looked up to her older sister. Today, the appreciation is mutual.

BRITTANY HENDERSON It's her drive to be better and to never settle. She also is fearless and I think that's something a lot of people and all the golfers really struggle with. She really can zone in and really focus on what she wants and execute without fear.

RANKIN A lot of things about the way she plays the game are unique to her and maybe unique to the fact that she's started playing golf so very young, but she's exciting to watch. She has a great competitive spirit and I don't think we could have, you know, a better addition to the LPGA Tour.

O'DONOGHUE Brooke finishes tied for ninth, another strong performance by a young woman representing the future of women's golf and making the most of a life as a professional golfer.

BROOKE HENDERSON You know, my life pretty good. I, yes, am being able to travel the world, meet new people, experience new cultures, share alongside my sister and most of the time, my mom and my dad and we get to play the game that I love every single day, make a career out of it, have a chance to hoist trophies, make some money, it's like the perfect play.

O'DONOGHUE For a digital exclusive for a Brittany Henderson gives her top tips on caddying for Brooke, go to

O'DONOGHUE Away from the Evian Championship and across the border in nearby Switzerland, we're on the lookout for some of the best courses in the region.

The first golf club in Switzerland was founded in 1893. Over the next half century, the game took hold mainly amongst the middle classes in the summer months. The mountainous topography is obviously a factor, and with less than 100 clubs in Switzerland, it's a case of quality not quantity.