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Special New Year's Eve Coverage. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired December 31, 2016 - 21:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And welcome back to New Year's Eve Live with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.

KATHY GRIFFIN, CNN HOST: That's right. And by the way, I like the way you say and Anderson Cooper. Like you kind of know your place finally.

COOPER: Well, you're the star.

GRIFFIN: Oh, stop it. I'm just a legend. Now look, we're three hours from midnight here in New York, and all around us, people are very excited. We just talked to someone from Brooklyn, America. I mean, that is a trek. Have you ever gone that far?

COOPER: Many times, yes.

GRIFFIN: Now, where have you been the last few days?

COOPER: I was on vacation in Myanmar for -- actually for two weeks. I have not taken a two-week vacation in like 20 years, 15 years.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, since last year when you avoided me until this very day?

COOPER: That's not true.

GRIFFIN: OK. We actually have some photos of where Anderson really was in the last few days, acting like he was in -- what is it, Monmar (ph)?

COOPER: Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, of course.

GRIFFIN: Hello, I know. All right, so here's a picture of you and you were clearly just walking around New York as the naked cowboy. I'll let the crew put them up there.

COOPER: It's like a dream, to be the naked cowboy.

GRIFFIN: And then they'll put up the next one.

COOPER: Any day.

GRIFFIN: Any day. Or I can. There you are canoeing at Yale. I think you went back to Yale.

COOPER: Yes. I think that's a kayak. GRIFFIN: Were you on the Yale kayak team?

COOPER: Oh, look at that.

GRIFFIN: You were actually boxing with Sean Hannity, your best friend. Now when you and Sean Hannity hang out together, besides boxing, what do you guys do?

COOPER: We just like to shoot the you know what.

GRIFFIN: OK, aren't you a professional person who can say things on the air unprompted?

COOPER: I'm thrown by the beefcake, I'm sorry. I get all tongue tied.

GRIFFIN: Wait, are you leaving me a window to assume that you think that Sean Hannity could be defined as beefcake?

COOPER: Well, those bodies are, you know, clearly stand-ins.

GRIFFIN: (inaudible) complementing Sean Hannity on the show. That is something I am shutting down right now. But, I do want to know why you were boxing Sean Hannity in your Rachel Maddow glasses.


COOPER: That's my Rachel --

GRIFFIN: Did Rachel come in and really kick his butt?

COOPER: You know, everybody at CNN has to wear those glasses. It's in our contract now.

GRIFFIN: You just want to be Rachel Maddow. I mean who doesn't. She's wonderful.

COOPER: She's a mixologist too, you know.

GRIFFIN: Oh, she's like the white Oprah. She's like drinky drinky every Friday.

COOPER: Oprah drinks?

GRIFFIN: Oh my -- OK, are you going to act like you don't hang with Oprah? All right, hi, America and Sweden and globe. This guy was probably -- when he says Myanmar, he means Oprah's house (inaudible). They were there drinking more than Rachel Maddow, fighting with Sean Hannity, maybe Dennis Miller came over. He lives down the street.

COOPER: Where do you think Gayle and Oprah are right now?

GRIFFIN: Spooning.

COOPER: No, I'm betting St. Barts (ph).

GRIFFIN: But they're spooning there.

COOPER: They're probably at a big fancy party at St. Barts (ph).

GRIFFIN: Oh, they're calling (ph) big something.

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: All right. I'm leaving it up for interpretation.

COOPER: But Times Square is the place to be, isn't it?

GRIFFIN: Oh, nice come back.

COOPER: Thank you.

GRIFFIN: That is very nice. Now tell me about Myanmar-mar, because I don't even think you went there.

COOPER: You realize that you and I have done this show now for, this is our tenth year, and probably every other New Year's show who is out here at some point has talked about, like, the size of the crystal ball that gets lowered, the size of the crowd --

GRIFFIN: Right. Or they talk about the science of how they build it and stuff.

COOPER: Right, yes. Or the history. We've never talked about any of that.

GRIFFIN: No, I like to talk about your personal history, what I imagine your history to be, and then what I tell you your future is going to be.

COOPER: I was in Myanmar and I put my pictures on Instagram @andersoncooper to prove it.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, I didn't know you were going to go there, but if we can show the photo that Anderson had the nerve to put on his IG -- the kids call it IG --

COOPER: I knew you were going to bring this up. By the way -- you know, for a moment, I didn't post it because I thought, Kathy's going to --

GRIFFIN: Yes. But you did.

COOPER: That's -- I'm guessing that's not the photo you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: Oh, let's start there. We're going to work up to it. So first of all, explain yourself.

COOPER: I was at an elephant sanctuary, elephants used in the timber trade, so they rescued these old elephants, like 68-year-old elephants to give them a good life, and you get to feed the elephants as a tourist there. It's a nice thing. GRIFFIN: OK. Walk me through this. So Anderson Vanderbilt goes to

Myanmar, you go see Aung San Suu Kyi, and then you say, god, I miss Burma, and then what, she gets you into the elephant preserve and you do the hungry man? Because you have a horrible diet. I fear what you would feed an endangered elephant.

[21:05:03] COOPER: I ate chicken and cashew nuts every single day.

GRIFFIN: What about Boston Market?

COOPER: They didn't have it there yet.

GRIFFIN: Are you in fact an unpaid spokesperson for Boston Market?

COOPER: I'm not a spokesperson, no.

GRIFFIN: But you are unpaid by them.

COOPER: I'm not paid by them, certainly, but I used to love the Boston Market.

GRIFFIN: But how did you -- used to?

COOPER: Well, like I haven't even there in a while. I go through phases where I eat the same food for six months at a time --

GRIFFIN: Oh god. That is such a psychological -- it's not even Freud -- Freud's like this. I don't have time. This one's too obvious. All right. What is your little phase that you are supposedly eating now every day, three times a day?

COOPER: I get a -- there's this company called Fresh & Co. in New York, they make salads, like you can order your own in front of you. I get a salad --

GRIFFIN: Give me my book. Give me my book. If he's going to plug his endorsements with fresh salads or whatever it is, I have a book for sale. Please order it now. It's a best seller.

COOPER: Very funny.

GRIFFIN: All right, go ahead with plugging your food company.

COOPER: But this is our tenth anniversary so throughout the night tonight, we're going to show some of our -- I don't know if they're our best moments or --

GRIFFIN: They're my proudest moments.

COOPER: And I'm, you know, it's an -- obviously a joy and an honor to be here with you.

GRIFFIN: Were you going to say a double-edged sword?


GRIFFIN: I felt like you were going to say a double-edged sword.


GRIFFIN: Because while I did put you on the map, there are times I've teased you.

COOPER: But the deal is -- and this is the truth, and Kathy, we've talked about this on the air before. Every year, Kathy works her butt off to make the show happen and I show up at the last minute and just -- I ride your coattails.

GRIFFIN: Excuse me. This is what I heard and you better confirm this. Two hours ago, I said, where's Anderson? Quote, he's taking a nap. Taking -- I start working on the show January 1.

COOPER: I'm jet lagged.

GRIFFIN: I start -- jet -- I'm not comedy lagging --

COOPER: Myanmar's 12 hours ahead.

GRIFFIN: I thought it was Myonmar (sic)? All right. And then I asked if it was a jack nap, and then someone said, what's that?

COOPER: A what?

GRIFFIN: And I'm going to -- a jack nap?

COOPER: What's that?

GRIFFIN: Do you really want me to answer --

COOPER: I really don't.

GRIFFIN: Keep asking. I'm happy to answer that. I could answer that all day in many ways. Because I love you have the nerve to ask me the meaning of that. Maybe in Myonmar (sic) they call it a jaw nap. I don't know. Why don't you ask them?

COOPER: I figured it out.

GRIFFIN: And are you trying to leave? Just so you know, he has nowhere to go and yet he's still kind of like thinking he can leave.

COOPER: Anyway, let's take a look at one of our -- throughout the night tonight we're going to show some of our best moments.

GRIFFIN: Just get it together.

COOPER: Let's take a look.


COOPER: I'm here with, of course, Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: I'm here with not Ryan Seacrest. COOPER: Someone own Twitter was saying there's going to be a drinking

game every time I giggle nervously.

GRIFFIN: That is going to be -- out of (ph) that one. You better watch your back, because I'm coming at you full tongue, grabbing your butt. You're going to have to call security. Take it or leave it, Andy.

COOPER: Every year, we usually put a sign under the camera to just remind Kathy, no nudity.

GRIFFIN: Yes, and I just thought --

COOPER: Are you kidding me? Look at the snow. Look at the sign.

What, do you want to hit me?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I do.

COOPER: Go. Ow. It kind of hurt.

GRIFFIN: And you know what I do when you do that?

COOPER: What? Ow. She really has been punching me all night long.

GRIFFIN: Have you been working out?



GRIFFIN: How many times have I punched you?

COOPER: This is like the sixth time.


COOPER: You know what's sad about that? I don't know how many years ago -- that was 2010. I'm wearing the same exact sweater.

GRIFFIN: What's going on? Financial hard times?

COOPER: I'm cheap. Literally, that's the exact same sweater.

GRIFFIN: You're admitting you're cheap?


GRIFFIN: I didn't know you knew that.

COOPER: Of course I know I'm cheap.

GRIFFIN: Ever since I've known you, I've been telling everybody, like, tens of thousands of people how cheap you are.

COOPER: I'm cheap. I'm cheap. GRIFFIN: All over the world. And now you're just saying it.

COOPER: I admit, yes.

GRIFFIN: But you do have a lot of money. Like you're not hurting.

COOPER: I'm doing fine. I'm doing better than I ever thought I would.

GRIFFIN: You don't have Hannity money.

COOPER: Well, who has Hannity money? He's got radio money. He's got the TV money and the radio money. That's like mad money.

GRIFFIN: Wait a minute. What's going to be our hook?

COOPER: What do you mean?

GRIFFIN: Well, we should think of something, like there should be -- we should call that Joy Mangano from the movie "Joy". Maybe she could be on with a onesie, like a Kathy Anderson onesie, and then --

COOPER: I liked our seats before which were --

GRIFFIN: They swivel. They keep us in shape.

COOPER: They're good for the core.

GRIFFIN: All right. So before your jack nap, were you working out this morning?

COOPER: I did work out. Not this morning. When I got home --

GRIFFIN: OK, hold on. It is so embarrassingly easy to catch him in a lie. First of all, you were not in Myanmar because you just admitted you were at the gym this morning, so obviously --

COOPER: I just flew back.

GRIFFIN: In a gym? I don't think there's a gym airplane.

COOPER: No, I flew back. I got back today --

GRIFFIN: Clearly -- here's what he does. He goes to the gym, he goes for a donut. He feels terrible and fat. He goes home for a cry, then -- ahh -- and then a healthy lunch.

COOPER: OK, you know what's funny about this is I actually -- in the airport in Yangon, there was a donut store and bought six donuts and I ate them on the flight and I felt bad the whole flight.

GRIFFIN: You never ate six donuts in your life.

COOPER: I did.

GRIFFIN: What if your poor mother hears this is? COOPER: She is watching, by the way. She already sent me an email --

[21:09:57] GRIFFIN: Hi, Glow. Oh my gosh, I love you. I miss you so much. And sorry that this one ate six donuts. That's not how you raised him. Your mom (inaudible) --

COOPER: My mom does not eat a lot.

GRIFFIN: She doesn't need to. She's perfect.

COOPER: Well, because -- oh, and when we were growing up, I, like, my mom would always say, oh, you need to -- you should gain weight. I'm like, we have no food in this house, so how can I gain weight?

GRIFFIN: Your mother doesn't need food. She can live on fabulousness. She's a legend. And by the way, I have to my yearly -- it's kind of our tenth anniversary of me telling you, no matter what you do --

COOPER: I know.

GRIFFIN: -- you will never --

COOPER: I know.

GRIFFIN: -- be as wonderful as your mother.

COOPER: I know.

GRIFFIN: OK, good. And I love you've never fought me once on that.

COOPER: I admit it.

GRIFFIN: I just need you to know it.

COOPER: So we have correspondents all throughout the world. Gary Tuchman and his daughter down in Miami. Randi Kaye is onboard a cruise ship heading toward -- off the coast of Cuba --

GRIFFIN: Is she defecting?

COOPER: I'm not sure Cuba's ready for us yet. I'm not sure that's the first thing --

GRIFFIN: The Kardashians have been there, but they're not ready for us yet.

COOPER: Oh, Randi, how's it going?

GRIFFIN: Hi, Randi.

COOPER: You're with the captain --

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's going pretty well. Yes. That's very funny. We're enjoying a bit of champagne here on the bridge with Captain Johnny. Captain, great to see you. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you. Glad to have you here.

KAYE: Great to be here. There's been a little bit of a -- we'll call it a CNN coup up here. We have taken over. I am now in the captain's seat driving the ship, even though I've had a fair amount of champagne. You're OK but -- oh boy, you're taking it away?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No champagne if you're the driver.

KAYE: You should have told me that about an hour ago.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You should have come earlier.

KAYE: Let's explain to our viewers though why it's so dark out here. So you can see outside, see where --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, when your drive your car, you usually turn on the light inside a car in order to see out even though you have headlights. On a ship, you don't have headlights. So it's pitch dark up here normally so we can actually see out.

KAYE: So this is where the party isn't happening on this ship tonight. But we are here and I'm going to take a drive. You're going to show me -- you know how all this works, really?


KAYE: It's on auto-pilot, come on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Give me a break, no, no, no. We're driving this. And if you're going to learn how to drive it --

KAYE: OK. Let's make it official.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You've got to have a uniform.

KAYE: Put it around me. I'm going to take one shot at driving this ship tonight. I'm looking out. We're in the clear, right? So this is the -- this is it? That's it? That's all I need to do? I just go that way?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's all you're steering. Just a tiny little bit.

KAYE: OK. Let's go a little bit to the right.


KAYE: Oh, sorry. OK, too much?


KAYE: All right, you want to get us back on track?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, we are good. KAYE: All right. Well it's good to know it's not really an auto-

pilot. We are in great hands. The captain is not going to be taking part in the partying until after midnight tonight, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'll be around. I'll be around to see that my 6,000-plus guests and the crew are having a great time and yourself. So yes, I'll definitely --

KAYE: I'm going to keep this jacket and we're going to head back downstairs to the rest of the party scene and we'll be back with you guys in just a little bit. Back to you.

COOPER: All right, Randi. Thanks so much.

GRIFFIN: Thank you, Randi. I love seeing Randi when she's sober. Now look, Randi, I remember last year, and I know you don't, but as the evening goes on, Randi frankly is in danger. Like if you remember last year, we weren't sure if Randi was like even going to make it back to the city or America or anywhere.

COOPER: And she said there's like 50 bars or something onboard their ship. I looked away for a second, looking, and meanwhile she was talking, I turn back, she's undressing the captain in front of our eyes.

GRIFFIN: She's on a date. I mean, I don't know who's hitting on who but either he's a gentleman or she is a thief. She stole his official jacket. Randi!

COOPER: So we, we're going to check in with Randi throughout the night. I know she's going to be checking out at some of the bars. Richard Quest is also here. He's down in the crowd. Richard, where are you? I'm looking for you.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: If you look over to your left you'll see me just over here. Fully dressed in all the regalia of New York various (ph) sports clubs. We decided it's a tribute to New York. So changing outfits once again, we have the Islanders, we have the Jets, we have the Giants, arguably the Jets and the Giants, should they be included in New York regalia? But we'll leave that for another day.

We have the Mets. We have the Knicks. The Rangers, and right down here we have the Brooklyn Nets. Just don't ask me, Anderson, what they all play. Because I get my baseball mixed up with my basketballs and my basketballs mixed up with my footballs and my ice hockey. But it is a tribute -- oh, I forgot the Yankees. Oh god, I'll never get home in one piece. Here we have the crowd.


QUEST: Right. We got to find out what time people got here. What time did you get here?


QUEWST: 1:00 in the afternoon.



COOPER: That's not so bad.

QUEST: They have been here since 1:00 in the afternoon. And you know, Kathy, my question, how have they gone to the facilities?

GRIFFIN: Richard, you know me too well. I assume it's colostomy bags and a lot of goodwill.

[21:15:02] QUEST: Look, I can tell you, there are some very strange looking liquids in some very strange bottles here in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Did he say strange nitwits?

COOPER: Liquids.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I thought you were calling people nitwits, which is fine with me. I'm very judgmental. But Richard, I know you're not like that.

COOPER: Richard, I like that you are trying to sell sports teams because you probably know as little about sports as I do.

QUEST: All right, Anderson, quick question. Quick question. What do the Brooklyn Nets play?

COOPER: Basketball. I know that.

QUEST: Basketball. All right. What about the Rangers?

COOPER: Hockey. I know that. I mean, look, I'm a New Yorker. I know all these teams.


COOPER: That's right. That's right.

QUEST: Now it's being big and butch.


GRIFFIN: I could not love you more, Richard Quest. I couldn't. I'm not capable of loving you more. That's how much I love you.

QUEST: We go from sports to sparkling when we see you in the next hour. Where are you from?


QUEST: From Japan!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. QUEST: Why are you here?



QUEST: Do that again.


QUEST: You love what? You like New York?



QUEST: All right. There you are. Big cheer. Come on!


COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: All right. So look. You're a very bright guy. You went to Choate. So who's the President of Japan?

COOPER: Oh man.

GRIFFIN: You don't know Shinzo Abe? Wow, that's bad.

COOPER: I should have known Shinzo Abe, all right.

GRIFFIN: All right, who's the star player on the Nets?

COOPER: The star player on the Nets?


COOPER: Oh, come on. I have no idea.

GRIFFIN: Carmelo Anthony.

COOPER: Oh, OK. I know who he is.

GRIFFIN: Wow. Randy (ph), come here. This is my boyfriend Randy (ph). He didn't want to do this. Start asking him sports questions. Anything about New York sports.

COOPER: Oh no. I appreciate you wearing an Anderson hat though.

GRIFFIN: Oh, fantastic. OK. Here we go, Mr. I'm a New Yorker. What is the fare -- oh, these aren't sports but I love this for you. What is the fare for subway or local bus line to New York City?


COOPER: I have a metro card so I don't know the fare. I think it's what, like $1.75, $1.50?

GRIFFIN: I'm a New Yorker. I'm Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: I buy a $50 metro card and that's what I have.

GRIFFIN: What's the fare --

COOPER: Let me find my wallet. I have $1.50, $1.75.

GRIFFIN: Please on Twitter, at home, please get this man an answer which is obviously $2.75. And now, I'd like you to apologize to New York.

COOPER: I use a metro card. You know, when I was a kid, it was --

GRIFFIN: When you were a kid? You mean when you went everywhere in horse and buggies? Randy, what is a sports question? Ask him --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who won the Super Bowl this year?

COOPER: That would be the --

GRIFFIN: Buckaroos? The lampshades?

COOPER: Denver, the Broncos.


COOPER: I don't know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that your final answer?

COOPER: That is my answer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's correct.


GRIFFIN: All right, wait, ask him who is the MVP or whatever it is. Do they get an MVP?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you know who won the World Series this year?

COOPER: Oh, oh. Wait a minute. No. Giants! Giants?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I'm sorry, Chicago.

UNIDENTIFID MALE: Ended their drought.

COOPER: Of course. The big breaking of the --

GRIFFIN: And by the way, Chicagoans won't be bothered by that at all. Oh, Cubbies. I mean that was flying in the face --

COOPER: I'm not pretending to know sports.

GRIFFIN: Of Harry Caray of every Cubs fan --

COOPER: I know Harry Caray. Harry Caray I know.

GRIFFIN: More sports questions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who won the Olympic soccer?

COOPER: OH, Brazil. It was an incredible game. And the final score was incredible. It was like one of those penalty kicks. It was amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Correct. He's correct.

COOPER: And the Maracana stadium. I wish I was there.

GRIFFIN: OK. Think of harder ones. This is -- you trying to like mix with Randy -- and here's the thing. News flash. He lives in Brazil. So that's only reason --

COOPER: That is the only reason I know.

GRIFFIN: -- he knows. And please at some point please can we put up the picture of him on the cover of "Architectural Digest"? I call the picture a lot of nerve. Like when I saw that picture, I literally just said --

COOPER: Oh no, there's the other picture.

GRIFFIN: Oh, OK, I'm sorry.

COOPER: That's fine. Put that --

GRIFFIN: Go back to the one you were, and then I'm going to give you some crap about your --

COOPER: That's the elephant sanctuary where you get to not only feed the elephants, you also get to wash the elephants.

GRIFFIN: OK. So let me just take a minute. Everybody put your drink down for a second. This -- I'm going to use the word charlatan -- has been so shy since I've known him -- and by the way, I've known him since he had brown hair. All right, I've known him since he had brown hair. And it was, oh, I won't ever take my shirt off no matter what. What possessed you --

[21:19:55] COOPER: Well, you have to take your shirt off when you're washing the elephant. You're in a river.

GRIFFIN: But every time I take my shirt off on New Year's, you don't understand that you have to take your shirt off on New Year's. So now why don't you take your shirt off and pretend I'm an elephant?

COOPER: No, because -- I would have to maintain that pose to look halfway decent and that's too difficult.

GRIFFIN: Please give me the back story because I can only imagine -- I bet you guys, you staged that photo for hours. He was like Barbara Walters with the lightening rod (ph).

COOPER: I did have two other people I cut out.

GRIFFIN: He probably had a cinematographer. How big was your crew? There's no way that was like a quickey. I bet it was a crew --

COOPER: There were about 100 shots and I had to edit out -- I edited out my partner and our friend Pablo (ph). I edited them both out.

GRIFFIN: You cropped out? That is so you. By the way, don't ever take a picture with him, because he's going to crop your ass out, I'll tell you right now, and you can say A-S-S.

Now look -- so how much did you starve yourself for this photo? One month. Admit it.

COOPER: I've been working out a little. My trainer is coming tonight. He's going to visit with his girlfriend.

GRIFFIN: That is so real and relatable that your best friend is your trainer. Is your publicist going to come as well? Oh, what's happened to you?

Let's go back to the elephant. Now, did the elephant cry?

COOPER: No. The elephant seemed very happy. It was like a 60- something-year-old elephant. Very sweet.

GRIFFIN: Did you have the elephant's permission?

COOPER: Yes. They love it. As all elephants do all day is they eat, they poop, and they like to bathe.

GRIFFIN: Not unlike you. That's why you felt a special relationship with that elephant. Now, did you ever like, did you do tan spray or -- did you draw muscles? Because I hear a lot of famous people they like draw muscles.


GRIFFIN: Like what's love got to do wit hit, when Angela Bassett had her muscles?

COOPER: She doesn't need to draw any -- I mean, please, Angela Bassett, I mean come on, Kathy.

GRIFFIN: My name is Tina Turner and if I could just stay in this hotel for one night -- oh, don't make me cry. Don't make me cry.

COOPER: You know what I love about Tina Turner? I love that she's sort of like -- I think she got married recently and she's sort of out of the public eye. I just think it's cool that she's like living her life.

GRIFFIN: Yes. I believe she lives it -- I know you spend a lot of times thinking about this. COOPER: It's so funny, I actually had a conversation in Myanmar

because our friend Pablo is obsessed with Tina -- anyway, I don't need to -- I digress. We are on TV. Never mind.

GRIFFIN: I just want you to know, you are going to be more relatable by the moment. You know, everybody, when you're in Myonmar (sic) with Pablo, and you're talking about Tina Turner, that's when you know it's time to go to Nashville.

COOPER: No, because -- oh, never mind. We're going to take a quick break. When we come back, we're going to go to Miami Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, we're even going to hear from the dalai Lama?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I called him.

COOPER: And of course, the -- the dropping of the ball, imagine, all of it. Two hours 37 minutes away from 2017.



[21:26:16] WEIRD AL YANKOVIC, MUSICIAN: Aloha, Kathy. Aloha, Anderson. Weird Al Yankovic here. Just wanted to wish you all a happy new year from beautiful Boise, Idaho.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kathy, Anderson, it's so warm in here. I'm trying to find the new year. Do you know where it is? Happy New Year, everyone. 2017. Oy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey yo what's up? It's DJ Cali (ph). Kathy and Anderson Cooper, happy New Year. God bless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Anderson, hey Kathy, it's your old pals Pen and Teller. Sorry we cannot be in Times Square with you. We are in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there is a lot of celebrating going on. Happy New Year. Have a great 2017. Penn and Teller, Vegas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Finally, 2016 is over. I'm so happy. You got any predictions for 2017?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, it's funny you should ask. I do have a prediction.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well don't keep me in suspense.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As a matter of fact, it's actually the same prediction I had for 2016.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what would that be, Jeffrey?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I know. I know.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's one thing I'm sure we can agree on, buddy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year, Kathy and Anderson.




COOPER: Penn and Teller, I've never seen their show. I'm dying -- like I've always wanted to see it.

GRIFFIN: It's a great show. Yes. And by the way, you've got to love Van Jones.

COOPER: Oh my gosh. And Jeffrey Lord has been so sweet.

GRIFFIN: Well, mostly Van. I know, I'm biased.

COOPER: Van is amazing, and so just like -- I don't know, just generous and smart and -- just a really great, great guy.

GRIFFIN: Van Jones is the guy that I want to bring to family arguments. Like I want him to go, Van, like Van, take over.

COOPER: It's like in that Woody Allen movie, (inaudible) where he's like, if only Marshall -- he's talking about Marshall McLuhan, well I happen to have Marshall McLuhan right here.

GRIFFIN: How many times have you had dinner with Marshall McLuhan? That's such a name you would whip out like nothing. That is so typical.

OK, first of all, can we go back to the elephant picture for one second?

All right. First of all, did you even learn the name of the elephant?

COOPER: They're not anthropomorphizing animals.

GRIFFIN: You mean -- first of all, isn't that a word for talking an object and making it human like?

COOPER: Maybe so.

GRIFFIN: Oh boy. If I could -- wow. Can somebody call Yale and make sure there wasn't a typo?

COOPER: Yes, they did not give it --

GRIFFIN: Did your poor mother have to pay for Yale and now you don't even know --

COOPER: Yes. I majored in like --

GRIFFIN: How much money do you owe your mom? Like for all that she's put into her dreams, how much do you feel bad about? Quite a bit?

COOPER: Quite a bit.

GRIFFIN: I know. I know.

COOPER: Let's check in with Gary Tuchman.

GRIFFIN: I have a hair in my mouth.

COOPER: Do you really?

GRIFFIN: Yes, see it? It's like right there.


GRIFFIN: I like how you trust me so little you think it's a bit. He's like, what are you going to do?

COOPER: I don't have my glasses so I'm looking --

GRIFFIN: Wait, are you not wearing your glasses because you're as vain as America thinks you are?

COOPER: I'm not wearing my glasses because I didn't bring the right ones and the ones I brought are like my nerdy science glasses.

GRIFFIN: Go to CVS and get cheaters. Go to --

COOPER: I have a -- I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Oh, you think they're not there yet?

COOPER: No, it's like they don't have the glasses.

GRIFFIN: How's your manapause going?


GRIFFIN: Because Suzanne Somers told me all about that manapause and she said it is going to creeps up on -- it gets you. Are you hot flashing?

COOPER: I don't know. Let's check in with Gary and Lindsay (ph). How's everything going down there at the Fontaine Bleau Hotel.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (inaudible) would you say it's loud here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you say that again?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can't even hear each other talking, but I assume that you hear us because we have very good microphones. We talked in the last hour, the world's largest poolside New Year's Eve party was about to start and now it started, an estimated 2,700 people here at the Fontaine Bleau (ph) Hotel because on stage just before midnight, Justin Bieber is going to be performing. Who else will be performing here tonight, Lindsay (ph)?

[21:30:02] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It wouldn't be Miami Beach if there wasn't an after party after the midnight party. We're going to be hearing from DJ Skrillex as well as (inaudible) later tonight in the late (ph) club downstairs, so we're going to be picking up the caffeine, I think.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can't hear what you're saying but I know it's going to be (inaudible) -- a minimum of $500 to be here. All the alcohol you want to drink so it'll probably be a pretty wild night, and up to $50,000. Some people have paid $50,000 to have a table of 10 next to the stage, stay in a hotel for a few days, and treated like a king or a queen and have as much fine champagne as they want. Lots of people come from all over the country to be here. Ladies, your name?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're from where?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And why did you come to this party tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because (inaudible) and it's something to look forward to.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to see Justin Bieber?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you seen Justin Bieber before?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. I saw him open for Taylor Swift a long time ago.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope you guys have a lot of fun. Don't drink any of the alcohol. You won't be able to drive after that. A tip of the day.

Lindsay (ph), you have someone to talk to too, right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I made a friend over here, this is Ben who I believe is a Belieber. Ben, tell me, why are you here tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm here with my family to see Justin Bieber perform. It's going to be a great night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And tell me, what is your New Year's resolution?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do well in school and get better, get my grades up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right, thank you so much. Enjoy it. Happy New Year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, you too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can't help but want to dance with al the music playing. I'll tell you, Anderson and Kathy, one thing I'm slightly worried about having coved news for so many years, there are lots of swimming pools here, and people are going to be drinking a lot, and I talked to security and I said, what do you do if somebody falls in the pool? It's not a pool party, it's a poolside party. They say, we are here to rescue them. I'm telling you, I used to be a lifeguard, and happy to participate in a rescue --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can't hear a word you're saying but agree with it all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anderson and Kathy, back to you.

COOPER: All right. Well, we'll check back with you guys once --

GRIFFIN: We will. I have to own something that just happened which is embarrassing which is that I had lipstick on my teeth, and then I think someone caught me just by doing that. It's stupid -- it wasn't vulgar -- I apologize. And you know I never -- how do I look?

COOPER: You look great.

GRIFFIN: You can tell me. I have no problems about it. I don't have an ego like you. I'm a person that can understand that we have frailties, and I'm sorry, I think you wanted to know some of my --

COOPER: Where are you on tour? You're on tour, aren't you?

GRIFFIN: You mean on my upcoming celebrity run-ins 80-city tour? Why don't we run the --

COOPER: Wait a minute, an 80-city tour?

GRIFFIN: Babe, I did 80 last year.


GRIFFIN: Eighty. Eighty cities is in the year.


There's only some of them. Check my website. My social. There'll be more.


GRIFFIN: I love it. Guess what? There's a lot of material that I have. I have --

COOPER: An 80-city tour. That's amazing.

GRIFFIN: I know. It's almost like I have a book to support with stories that are inspired by my real life.

COOPER: It's a very funny book. We talked about Bryan Cranston. You wrote a lovely thing about me.

GRIFFIN: But what about -- I did write a lovely thing about you.

COOPER: It could not have been nicer.

GRIFFIN: And do you want to know what happens in the commercial break here? So in the book, I told what happened in the commercial break last year when I sprayed his face with more spray tan than J. Lo wears, whether or not she's with Drake. Hey, what about that? What about that?

COOPER: So I didn't know she had broken up with the younger guy.

GRIFFIN: Casper.

COOPER: Cas -- I --

GRIFFIN: Do you know anything -- how did you get this job?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: By the way, is Lindsay (ph) taking over for you?

COOPER: She very well may be, yes.

GRIFFIN: I feel like that was a subtle way of -- when they're like, she's coming to New York --

COOPER: Oh, yes, no. That's how it happens in TV.

GRIFFIN: And then you're out.

COOPER: You're out, yes.

GRIFFIN: Now what job would you go back to? The Mole or ABC World News?

COOPER: I don't know what I would do. As you know, I have no actual skills.

GRIFFIN: Skills, right. So would you go back to the Sears catalog? People always need boxers or briefs.

COOPER: I do remember my pose. That was -- GRIFFIN: You mean the one that we happen to have racked up and ready

to go so the whole world can see it? Yes. We're going to own your modeling career, all 20 minutes of it, because I feel like you had it. Now when you were modeling, did you feel like someone like Tyra Banks should have said, congratulations, you're America's next top model?

COOPER: No, because when you're a child model, all I could do is like stupid poses like running or that --

GRIFFIN: Sorry, I thought we had pictures of modeling, but we don't.

COOPER: That's fine.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I love it. Off camera, they're like, Kathy, they're on TV right now. They're not. But at some point, maybe they'll just throw them up.

COOPER: We are live in Times Square. As many as a million people they say could be here tonight. It's actually pretty warm. Oh, look. There's the modeling shot.

GRIFFIN: OK, hold on. Let's just take a minute. So, first of all, was that (inaudible) or like what?

COOPER: That was probably Macy's newspaper ad.

GRIFFIN: Let's be honest. How much did your poor mother have to beg to get you that gig?

COOPER: No, actually --

GRIFFIN: How many times did she call and say, please, he doesn't really have skills. He's a little slow, as we say, which is a technical term.

COOPER: No, I told you I was cheap and I was, as a young kid, I was concerned about saving up money for my future so I got a job as a model. I know.

GRIFFIN: OK. Someone has got to step in here. So your name is Anderson Vanderbilt.

COOPER: It's not Vanderbilt. It's Cooper.

GRIFFIN: And somehow you're worried about money?

COOPER: I was.

GRIFFIN: How old were you?

COOPER: I was like 11 I think when I started.

GRIFFIN: But wasn't your stock portfolio already up to like $3 billion at that point?

[21:35:10] COOPER: I believed in being independent and -- GRIFFIN: OK, you know what? Here's how I'm calling BS. Do you

remember when I was playing a wonderful theater in Staten Island? I sent him a selfie of me on the ferry because I thought it would be cool if I went to my own show for thousands of people on the ferry. I sent him a picture and I said, see how #humble I am? And then I believe your text back was, yes, because my family owned that island.

COOPER: No, that's not true. I never said --

GRIFFIN: The Vanderbilt's totally owned Staten Island.

COOPER: The did not own it, they had a farm. That's how the started in the like late 1600s.

GRIFFIN: They had a farm, you're going with they had a farm?

COOPER: That's how they started. The first guy was an indentured servant, went to Staten Island, generations later, they --

GRIFFIN: What about the railroads?

COOPER: Yes, well they finally started running a boat between, a small boat, and then they built up.

GRIFFIN: So you're saying there's not very much money in boating and railroads?

COOPER: No, they made tons of money, but I don't have it. It's -- you know, it doesn't exist anymore.

GRIFFIN: So you thought doing one page --

COOPER: Do you think I'd be working three jobs if -- I would be, actually.

GRIFFIN: You totally would. But I just love --

COOPER: So would you.

GRIFFIN: Yes. But that's my achilles heel. How much did you get for the modeling?

COOPER: $75 an hour.

GRIFFIN: You remember that?

COOPER: Of course I do, I'm cheap. I remember every dollar I've ever made.

GRIFFIN: You remember your salary when you were 12 years old?

COOPER: Yes. And every day after school, I would call up the agent and I'd go for a go see and I would go for auditions and then, yes, if you booked it, it was $75 an hour.

GRIFFIN: Now, would you refuse to take your shirt off at a go see? COOPER: No. No.

GRIFFIN: Because in Myonmar (sic), you were all about it.

COOPER: All right. We have got to take a break.


COOPER: We got a lot more -- we got about two hours, 23 minutes, and a few seconds before 2017. We're going to be taking --

GRIFFIN: Ushers in.

COOPER: Ushers in.

GRIFFIN: That's what they say.

COOPER: Oh, I thought you meant Usher is here.

GRIFFIN: Usher is here live in 20 minutes and he's going to sing "Yeah".



COOPER: And we also want to give a big thank you to the folks at the Marriott Marquise Hotel for their great shot from their -- well, I guess it's from their roof top?

GRIFFIN: Roof top or, you know, a window.

COOPER: Well, it's from the Marriott Marquise. It's an amazing view to spend --

GRIFFIN: I love when the prompter stops and then this one has to think. Because honestly, the prompter stops, and he's like -- uh --

COOPER: The word is all mangled. I don't know what it says. So I'm not sure what part of the hotel it's in.

GRIFFIN: You can't associate them with being mangled.

COOPER: Anyway, thanks to the Marriott Marquise. We'll take a break, we'll be right back.



[21:41:10] COOPER: Welcome back to New Year's Eve in Times Square. You're live with Kathy Griffin and me --

GRIFFIN: And confetti going all over.

COOPER: Wow. Look at that. It's not New Year's yet, but -- GRIFFIN: It's your personal New Year's because you were looking at --

COOPER: Joe Jonas was performing in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Joe, I'm on to you. I don't even think you were singing. It's a cute jacket but honestly.

All right. Here's the deal with Joe. I know Nick is your jam.

COOPER: Yes, I'm a fan.

GRIFFIN: But I feel like Joe's got to hit the gym more, you know what I mean. But I told him, I said you need to be in better shape to get a hotter girlfriend.

COOPER: You said that?

GRIFFIN: Do you doubt I would say that to his face? I said it to him like a week ago. Please. You should hear the things I say to everybody. I guess mostly it's you.

COOPER: Yes, well --

GRIFFIN: All right. There is confetti in front of the prompter which is kind of amusing because I love to watch you improvise.

COOPER: I can -- I can go for hours without a prompter.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I'll go until 3:00 in the morning. Don't you start. Don't you two snaps me.

COOPER: Welcome to Times Square New Year's Eve. We want to check in with Lynn Smith who's down in Dallas for us. Lynn, what's going on there?

LYNN SMITH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Anderson, Kathy, happy New Year. It's so great to see you. Dallas, Texas. They do

everything big here. Last we checked in with you, we were right over there, St. Rocca's (ph), fantastic Italian restaurant here with a beautiful view of Reunion Tower which comes -- hey, everyone -- come 12:00 Central time, they're going to be great fireworks. But, my producers have done some research and they found out just across the street there's a wedding underway. And I figured, let's be folk singers from Salt Lake City and crash a wedding. Come on. Come on in.

Woohoo! Happy New Year! Hey, you guys. Wait. First question. Is this open bar?


SMITH: Yes, I came to the right wedding.

OK. Let's meet the bride and groom, who being a seasoned journalist as I am, I did a little research myself about them. Mr. and Mrs. Erica Hall. Come on over, Erica, Connor, come on up. A beautiful bride and groom. Let me tell you. They have beauty on

their side. Look at these two. Come on over. Aww. Hello. Congratulations. You guys are so adorable. I looked at your not profile. Erica, you snagged a good one. So, Connor wrote their entire story, their love story. You guys are college sweethearts. You met freshman orientation. What was the first thing you thought of when you saw her?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whenever I got out of the car, Erica was the first girl that I saw and I just thought, college was going to be great, and I don't know why I was thinking about her after that, the month later, because I didn't even talk to her, but it was history.

SMITH: What was the first thing that went through your mind when you said I do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shock. Starting this, so excited. So excited.

SMITH: Brand new, beautiful life. Can I play a little newlywed game with you guys? I'm testing the newlyweds here. OK, ready? What is his favorite type of ice cream?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Cookies and cream?


SMITH: Yes. Oh, we have a good start. Coffee or tea?



SMITH: Perfect. See? They're a perfect match. They don't need us.

But you know, you guys, this is a wedding. Can we all get everybody on the dance floor and start breaking down? Are we ready? Everyone?

Can we get everybody on the dance floor?


Let's get some music going on. Come on.

COOPER: Oh. Oh. Oh.

GRIFFIN: They're going to the dance floor.

COOPER: They're doing it.

GRIFFIN: All right. Now let me just say this. The vest, the Connor, the husband, and beautiful wife, bride, gorgeous dress.


[21:45:09] GRIFFIN: Do they not seem like a little bit like one of those couples that's going to be on "Discovery I.D." (ph) where she's --

COOPER: Oh, no, come on that's -- that's not true. They look like a great couple.

GRIFFIN: I'm just saying, you don't watch lifetime?

COOPER: Well, I like, "Snapped".

GRIFFIN: I love Snapped", and she looks like she might snap. That's all I'm saying.

COOPER: No, no. They're --

GRIFFIN: Connor, watch your back.


GRIFFIN: And there's even "Snapped" marathon now.

COOPER: They're dancing. Everyone's dancing.

GRIFFIN: Is she PK? Is he OK? I'm going to be honest. I'm more suspicious of her than him. Because if you watched "Snapped", and you and I do, she has got a plan where maybe she's making his coffee but then accidentally -- just be careful.

COOPER: OK, we would expect the best in Dallas. Looks like they're having a lot of fun. Thanks, Lynn. We'll talk to you later.

GRIFFIN: Bye, Lynn.

COOPER: There you go. We're going to take a quick break --

GRIFFIN: You don't even know who Lynn is, do you?

COOPER: I do know who Lynn is. She's (inaudible).

GRIFFIN: Who is she? Where is she from? What'd she do before that?

COOPER: I don't know what she did before that.

GRIFFIN: OK. Where does she live?

COOPER: I don't know --

GRIFFIN: Have you ever talked to her?

COOPER: I never met her, no.

GRIFFIN: And that's how you think you know someone.

COOPER: I know that she works at HLN.

GRIFFIN: Because I just told you. All right, go to break.

COOPER: All right. GRIFFIN: Just do it.

COOPER: We're going to take a short break, just a moment. We'll also check in in with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin who are in New Orleans at the Spotted (inaudible) down on Frenchman's Street. Certainly that's a city that knows how to party, as do the folks here in New York. They're passing out balloons --

GRIFFIN: Oh, as do Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon.

COOPER: That is certainly true.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Kathy, hey Anderson. It's Chris Culper (ph), the extremely poor man's Channing Tatum. I want to wish you both a happy and safe New Year. And I would be with you right now if Kathy didn't insist on carding me in public places.

[21:40:04] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Happy holidays and happy New Year Anderson and Kathy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, Anderson and Kathy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year, happy 2017.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (inaudible) and my good friend, (inaudible). We love you very much.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go see our new movie "Patriots Day", open everywhere January 13.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and everybody, from Cookie Monster! Nom, nom. Happy New Year.

GILBERT GOTTFRIED, ENTERTAINER: Hi, this is Gilbert Gottfried, and you know, New Year's is upon us and New Year's has become very commercialized. So let's not forget this year what New Year's is really all about. Heavy drinking and making a damn fool out of yourself. So happy New Year.


GRIFFIN: Thank you, Gilbert.

COOPER: That's so cool.

GRIFFIN: That was a great collection by the way.

COOPER: And you -- these are all people that you called up --

GRIFFIN: I produced the show this year. I'm not going to lie. COOPER: You produce the show every year.

GRIFFIN: Every year, OK. So first of all, let's go back one by one. So we have a special guest. Gavin --



GRIFFIN: Gavin DeGraw, ladies and gentlemen. I love this guy.

COOPER: How's it going? Good to see you.

GRIFFIN: Gavin DeGraw, superstar, international superstar.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're the superstar.

GAVIN DEGRAW, MUSICIAN: I'm just here. It's good to be near you.

COOPER: The chemistry here. Something --

GRIFFIN: We go back.

DEGRAW: We're like comfortable.

COOPER: I hear. I hear that, yes.

DEGRAW: I mean, we haven't hung out a lot.

GRIFFIN: I know, but why don't you come over?

DEGRAW: I'll come over.

GRIFFIN: Call me next week, come over.

DEGRAW: Let's go.

COOPER: What neighborhood you living in? Do you live in L.A.?

DEGRAW: I live here-ish. I live in Nashville-ish, I live in North Miami-ish. But I odn't live in L.A. but I'm in L.A. most of the time.

GRIFFIN: You can stay at my house if you're in L.A.

COOPER: You know who she lives next to?

DEGRAW: What's your thread count?

GRIFFIN: Thousand.

DEGRAW: Oh, I am so at your house.

COOPER: She's beyond thread counts.

DEGRAW: Are we on the air right now?

COOPER: Yes, yes.

DEGRAW: She lives next to Kanye and Kim.

GRIFFIN: Yes, I do. I live next door to Kim Kardashian and Kanye.

DEGRAW: Oh man, that's awesome. I'll bring my camera.

GRIFFIN: Here's the ironic thing. They couldn't be nicer neighbors. Like all my friends thing I have these crazy stories --

DEGRAW: Do they come over a lot and apologize just for having so much press outside all the time?

GRIFFIN: Kim did one time.

DEGRAW: Really? She's like I'm really sorry.

COOPER: Everybody says she is incredibly nice, by the way.

You've had a great year, though, by the way. Congratulations on everything.

DEGRAW: I think we've all had a great year. Look where we are right now. We're in Times Square.

COOPER: We're very lucky, yes.

GRIFFIN: Tell me what you love about the (inaudible) because you're like a real deal performer. No lip syncing. I love that about you.

DEGRAW: I live on the road, that's true. Thank you for that.

GRIFFIN: What venue --

DEGRAW: I mess up sometimes. That's the nature of the beast. That's why I like it.

GRIFFIN: That's what makes it special.

DEGRAW: Well I'd say venues, MSG is the best.

GRIFFIN: The best, right.

COOPER: Madison Square Garden.

DEGRAW: The best. Fenway Park is the best. Sorry guys. I know you hate each other but that's --

GRIFFIN: I saw you at the Hollywood Bowl (ph).

COOPER: How much time are you on the road?

GRIFFIN: Yes, how many gigs you do a year?

DEGRAW: I do hundreds.


DEGRAW: Hundreds of dates a year.

COOPER: Do you love being on the road?

DEGRAW: I love the road. I really love the road. I don't know what my house looks like as much as I know what the inside of my luggage looks like. I know my luggage very well. I know where the socks go, I know where --

GRIFFIN: Your luggage is your house. Do you have your system?

DEGRAW: I know where the exercise t-shirts go, separate from the show t-shirts, a totally different fabric.


GRIFFIN: There are smells involved.

DEGRAW: Different things altogether. Yes. And so you get to know those little compartments because you're dealing with limited space.

GRIFFIN: Are you an expert packer? Are you one of those?

DEGRAW: I'm a terrible packer. But I know the regions. I'm a bundler. I'm a roller and a bundler. Some people are folders, I'm not a folder.

COOPER: Have you ever been to Times Square on New Year's Eve?

DEGRAW: I have. I've been here -- I came here as a tourist. I had not two nickels in my pocket. I was freezing to death. I couldn't get into any of the bars because I had no money, and now I'm here playing Times Square. It's amazing.

GRIFFIN: Anderson has the same story.

DEGRAW: Are you picking on him right now?

COOPER: Yes, my god.

GRIFFIN: Always.

DEGRAW: That's not nice to do.

GRIFFIN: I made a career on it.

DEGRAW: He has feelings too.

GRIFFIN: I haven't seen one.

DEGRAW: Do you have feelings?

GRIFFIN: I haven't seen one.

COOPER: I push them deep down inside. I have like one or two every --

GRIFFIN: But they are hidden under his Prada suits.

COOPER: Oh, you're bad.

GRIFFIN: I know. I get worse as the night goes on.

COOPER: What's it like playing in Times Square?

DEGRAW: Magnificent. First of all, there's nowhere quite like New York City. But to exponentially add to that, there's nowhere in the world like playing Times Square in New York City on New Year's Eve, period. It's the absolute --

GRIFFIN: What is the craziest tour experience you've had? Have you ever had a microphone go out, or what's the craziest thing --

DEGRAW: I've had a lot of things go wrong.

GRIFFIN: During a show?

DEGRAW: Just in life. But on top of that, in publicly too, and one of which is I -- for a second I thought I was James Brown. I had a phase, and we all go through phases.

COOPER: Of course.

GRIFFIN: Sound familiar?

DEGRAW: Yes, I've gone through many a musical phase, many of which --

COOPER: Did you jump off and --

DEGRAW: I did the split.

COOPER: Oh. How did that go for you?

DEGRAW: Well, the James Brown phase came after my Aerosmith phase. The Aerosmith phase, I had a mistake where I tried to go over a barrier, and of course my shoe got caught in between those little tiny bars, the little jail bars --

[21:55:10] GRIFFIN: Did you hurt your taint (ph)?

DEGRAW: My foot got caught, but the rest of my body went over. I became like three different people. I was all folded up like a cube, like a Rubick's cube.

GRIFFIN: This was during a show?

DEGRAW: Oh yes, it was great. And then I did sort of like a -- I don't know, it was like a scene from I don't know like "Les Mis." I was just on the floor crying, the microphone --

GRIFFIN: In "Les Mis", are you (inaudible), who are you?

DEGRAW: No, I was like Cosette.

GRIFFIN: Oh, dropping the knowledge.

COOPER: My college roommate used to sing that all the time.


GRIFFIN: By the way, that's so him to be --


COOPER: We got to take a break. I want to wish you a happy New Year though. Thanks so much for talking to us.

DEGRAW: Happy New Year to you as well. Hey, thanks for the time. I'm such a fan, man. Such a fan. And you know I'm a fan.

Give me a real kiss.

COOPER: All right, we'll take a break. We're live from Times Square. A lot more, the view courtesy of the Marriott Marquise. We'll be right back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year, I wish I was there with you but I'm on the other side of the world in (inaudible), India. I had to get away. We got a special guest, though. Your holiness, will you wish our viewers a happy New Year?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would like to express happy New Year. I think happy New Year, not just a party and some cake, some wine, not only that, I think happy New Year should include peace of mind, really happy mind, then combine physical comfortable and enjoy some drink or some sort of cookies and meantime mentally peace, happy, that's the real meaningful happy New Year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year, your holiness, thank you.