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New Year's Eve. Aired 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2016 - 22:00   ET



[22:00:56] COOPER: Wow.



GRIFFIN: Stoney (ph) delivered.

COOPER: I mean she -- she's got it.

GRIFFIN: Sharon Stone's got it.

COOPER: She's got it all.

GRIFFIN: She's still got it, she'll always have it.

COOPER: Always. She's cool.

GRIFFIN: She's the coolest.

COOPER: She's -- and she raises a ton of money for HIV/AIDS.

GRIFFIN: Yes she's been doing amFAR forever and...


GRIFFIN: And she came over on Christmas day and I put a video on my Instagram, not of me naked watching Elf (ph) but of my mom meeting Sharon Stone. So Sharon is so sweet, by the way, you're not commenting on Sharon Stone being at my house for Christmas.

COOPER: Well, I'm stunned -- I didn't realize that was in your bathtub (ph).

GRIFFIN: And that you weren't invited.

COOPER: Well, that doesn't surprise me (ph).

GRIFFIN: No she didn't take a -- all right, so Stoney (ph) comes over and she's greeting my 96-year-old alcoholic mother, Maggie. Hi, mom. And she got...


GRIFFIN: ...and she's like oh, Maggie, it's nice to meet you and then my mom gets star struck and she says hello. And my mom's been calling me everyday going darn it Kathleen, I should have said you're a beautiful ingenue (ph), Ms. Stone. And like one -- I'm like mom, I'll tell her you said that.

COOPER: Aw, that is sweet (ph).

GRIFFIN: So then, I called Stoney (ph) and I go, will you do a shout out? And she goes, I'm just about to get in the bath and I went, perfect. Thank you.


COOPER: Thank you, Sharon Stone, that's awesome. It is 10 o'clock, less than two hours to go before the stroke of midnight, 2017. And who else -- should we welcome the 10 o'clock hour (inaudible) Richard Quest.

GRIFFIN: Richard Quest, Richard?

COOPER: Richard?

GRIFFIN: Please (ph).

COOPER: I mean.


COOPER: Quest means business.


RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: ...and your 10th anniversary.

COOPER: Oh, look at this, oh my gosh.


GRIFFIN:...commandership cake (ph).


QUEST: Wonderful little...


COOPER: Look at that (ph).

QUEST: For your mantelpiece at home (ph).


GRIFFIN: I'm definitely going to put mine on my mantelpiece, only if you'll sit on it. I mean the mantelpiece. QUEST: I'll sit on it any time.

GRIFFIN: Thank you, Richard.

QUEST: Anderson can take pictures, right, now look. It's time for you two to have your...


COOPER:'re bedazzled.

QUEST: Yes...


GRIFFIN: I love it, it's perfect.

QUEST: OK so here's the (inaudible).

GRIFFIN: All right.

QUEST: Word association.



QUEST: For New Year's Eve.

COOPER: All right.

QUEST: Times Square, the first thing that comes into your mind.



QUEST: When I say ball drop.

GRIFFIN: Ball -- oh, I mean all I heard was ball.

QUEST: Ball drop.

GRIFFIN: Oh, ball.

COOPER: Time Square.

QUEST: Noisemaker.

GRIFFIN: Merriment (ph).

QUEST: What?

GRIFFIN: Merriment? I -- what, I'm trying to do (ph) a cleaned-up version.


QUEST: Hopper (ph).

GRIFFIN: Momma (ph).

QUEST: Hopper (ph).

GRIFFIN: Momma (ph).


QUEST: Hopper (ph).

GRIFFIN: Momma (ph).

QUEST: Momma (ph).


QUEST: Uncorked.

COOPER: I didn't know what he said, I thought he said something about (ph)...

GRIFFIN: Baboon (ph).

COOPER: Uncorked?

QUEST: Finally (ph) -- this is one for you.


QUEST: Word association, what do you think of when I say stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: I think of Richard Quest.


I hope I earned.

COOPER: I mean, with the mistletoe (ph).

GRIFFIN: Give me a minute.

QUEST: Pucker up.


GRIFFIN: And that is going to be in the Starts Not Normal section of one of my favorite periodicals.


COOPER: The guys at Fox are going to borrow that for the -- for their 11 o'clock, hour (inaudible) start off the hour. QUEST: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

QUEST: This is, by the way, in celebration of Broadway.

QUEST: OK well, are you celebrating...




GRIFFIN: show in particular?

QUEST: Every show.

GRIFFIN: Every show.

QUEST: The Great White Way (ph).


COOPER: So each hour, you're celebrating a different aspect of New York or Times Square, if you open up...


GRIFFIN: ...freshly (ph) The Great White Way (ph).

COOPER: As a construction worker.

QUEST: Construction worker.

COOPER: Yes, last hour...


QUEST: To New York sports.

COOPER: All the New York sports.

QUEST: To Great White -- to The Great White Way.

GRIFFIN: Might I ask where one would procure a coat like this?

COOPER: Don't Tell Mama's.

QUEST: I'm sorry.

GRIFFIN: Don't Tell Mama's?


COOPER: It's a piano bar. (CROSSTALK)

GRIFFIN: ...I've seen people who want to show...


COOPER: I actually haven't been either but I have two fiends who love to go there. I really haven't been there.


GRIFFIN:'ve never been there?

COOPER: So I have two friends...


COOPER: ...who love to go there.

GRIFFIN: He's like co-owner, trust me.


QUEST: Right, this is a local hostelry that managed to produce this.

GRIFFIN: You got it from a hostile (ph), from a poor -- a poor tourist visiting?

[22:05:02] QUEST: Hostelry.

GRIFFIN: Oh, all right I didn't know your big British words.

QUEST: I think I prefer ball drop.

GRIFFIN: I always do.


QUEST: So next hour we go the big, grand finale.

GRIFFIN: What's going to happen?

QUEST: You're going to have to just wait. It's going to be -- it's going to be.

COOPER: Now, do they have anything like this in London? I mean -- because I remember you -- you celebrated New Year's Eve with us in London, one time.

QUEST: Yes, nothing like this.

COOPER: Nothing.



GRIFFIN: What do you think about Harry dating that slutty actress?


QUEST: You seriously expect me to answer?


GRIFFIN: Is it -- is it a scandal at all of the U.K. or what's the?


COOPER: ...she seems like a lovely lady.

QUEST: This is a moment of great tender love in the royal family.

GRIFFIN: I know but I feel bad for that Chelsy Davy, I always just thought she had him.

COOPER: I don't know who that is (ph).

QUEST: Well, I'm more concerned about her majesty who has a heavy cold.

GRIFFIN: I don't like that, I want her to be safe (ph).


QUEST: ...and when you're 90, a heavy cold.

GRIFFIN: Tell me about it.

COOPER: Have you watched The Crown?

QUEST: Sorry?

COOPER: Have you watched The Crown?


COOPER: Oh my god, it's really good.

QUEST: I'm the only person that doesn't have a Netflix contract.


GRIFFIN: A contract?


QUEST: Subscription.

GRIFFIN: I -- I didn't know they were signing people up but like the old studio systems Judy Darling (ph), but OK. (LAUGHTER)

QUEST: Well, there we are (ph). Where's the cake (ph)?

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, I can't take my eyes off you. I could watch (inaudible).


QUEST: ...I know, when...


GRIFFIN: You could be like the Ulong (ph) channel, where I could just watch you all night.


QUEST: ...stroke of midnight?

GRIFFIN: Yes, you know I do, why are you asking?

COOPER: You feel like a snake, a little bit.

GRIFFIN: How dare you.

COOPER: I mean that in a good way, it's a collection (ph).

QUEST: I'm not sure a hundred percent that I feel like -- it feels like a snake inevitably in a good way.


COOPER: I like snakes.

QUEST: Yes but there we are.

COOPER: All right, well we got -- we're going to toss to -- to -- can we see what Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are up to, Richard?

QUEST: Sorry?

COOPER: Can we see what Brooke and Don are up to?

QUEST: I shudder to think. I shall look through closed eyes.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: Myself, as well.

COOPER: Brooke, Don, are you guys -- are you guys in the Spotted Cat (ph)?

DON LEMON, REPORTER, CNN: We are at the Spotted Cat, Anderson, but don't go anywhere for all of you guys. We have word -- word association for you guys, as well. So what's the first thing you think about when you hear the words voodoo stick (ph)?

GRIFFIN: Budapest? I think of Hungary.

COOPER: A voodoo stick (ph)?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I thought he said Budapest.


QUEST: ...I'm enjoying it.

GRIFFIN: Voodoo stick (ph)?


LEMON: Right here.

GRIFFIN: Oh, it's a voodoo stick (ph).

COOPER: Oh, a voodoo stick (ph)...


BROOKE BALDWIN, ANCHOR, CNN: It's a voodoo stick (ph), what is this?

LEMON: It's a big guy (ph) built out of a cigar box and a piper stick from the swamp (ph). And you play it with -- it comes through an electric speaker and you plug it in and it's played...


BALDWIN: So we're here in New Orleans, we're at the Spotted Cat and we asked for some characters and you guys showed up and we had (ph) to talk to you on TV. You've lived in New Orleans for 50 years. Why do you love it so much?

LEMON: The music, the food, the voodoo sticks (ph), you know?


BALDWIN: Should we walk?

LEMON: Yes, we'll walk. It's good to see you, this is Dave, this is Ansley (ph) we're going to walk through this crowd.

BALDWIN: Guys, thank you so much.

LEMON: And we want to show you...


BALDWIN: Let's walk.

LEMON: People are from everywhere, where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michigan, we're from Michigan. LEMON: Why are you here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Having a good time in Big Easy.


BALDWIN: Where are you from?


BALDWIN: Michigan.

LEMON: And where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From here, New Orleans.

BALDWIN: New Orleans.


BALDWIN: How was the right way to say it?






UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Atlanta, Georgia, my old town. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm from California, San Francisco.

LEMON: He's really handsome, that guy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ...where are you guys from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: San Francisco, and you?



BALDWIN: Why did you want to come to -- why did you want to come to New Orleans?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The soul, the spirit, the music, the love, it's amazing. BALDWIN: Isn't that the best? Have you been in the Spotted Cat before...



BALDWIN: It's amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My sister got married a few blocks away and we stayed (ph) at their bachelor party like on Frenchmen Street, it was amazing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a beautiful place.


LEMON: ...everybody drinks here, Brooke and I are going to go serve some drinks behind the bar, you want to help us?


BALDWIN: Will you help me pour shots?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes I can do -- I, OK...


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shots are in my repertoire.


BALDWIN: Follow me, OK?


LEMON: This is a long way to the bar...


BALDWIN: ...where's your girlfriend, where's your girlfriend?

LEMON: Where are you from?


LEMON: All right, here we go.

BALDWIN: Keep walking.


LEMON: ...lost in the crowd, I'm going to jump over the bar right here, Brooke, you guys go around. I'm going this way. Can I get over here?

BALDWIN: Oh my gosh, I love your dress.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We were about to do a shot.


LEMON: Here I am, all right, help me down, help me down. Here we go.



LEMON: So here we are, what can we get for everybody?

BALDWIN: I'm -- I'm pouring, I'm -- oh, oh, you want some...


BALDWIN: You want some Cuervo?


LEMON: ...line them up, here we go.

LEMON: Tequila for everybody, we'll do one for Anderson and Kathy back.

BALDWIN: OK, here (ph).

LEMON: What are you guys doing here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're from New Orleans, yeah!

COOPER: Are you guys going to have a shot for us?


GRIFFIN: Brooke...


[22:10:03] GRIFFIN: They can't hear us, they're in danger. I feel they're trying to send a signal, like they're in danger. It's for you.


COOPER: ...about to be in danger, with those shots, good lord.

GRIFFIN: It's for you.

LEMON: This is for you guys.

GRIFFIN: I hope you guys...


BALDWIN: ...counting how many times he's doing this.


GRIFFIN: I'm up to 13. I'm up to 13. Brooke, how was Vegas?

LEMON: Oh my god.

BALDWIN: It was s great, it was so great.

LEMON: Our colleagues...


GRIFFIN: Was I not supposed to say that?


GRIFFIN: ...last night and she...


BALDWIN: ...yes, I was...


GRIFFIN: Sorry, I'll tell you later.


BALDWIN: I was a great -- wait, you were in Vegas? Kathy went to Vegas last night, too?

GRIFFIN: No, you were in Vegas with Dana and Brianna, right?

BALDWIN: I was in -- I was!

GRIFFIN: I know!


BALDWIN: ...this tequila, this tequila is like a fitting (ph) from your board (ph). Yes, I was in Vegas last night. I don't know how I landed coming from Vegas to New Orleans. Brianna Keiler got there and Brianna.


GRIFFIN: Brianna Keiler got married last night.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, congratulations to Brianna.

GRIFFIN: Tip it (ph). UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tip it (ph).

GRIFFIN: Tip it (ph), everybody. Brooke, how many has Don have?

BALDWIN: Should we -- should we discuss what's happening next hour? Oh, good lord.


COOPER: What's happening the next hour, there?

BALDWIN: Kathy, you know what you're going to get when you ask that question.

GRIFFIN: I'm looking forward to it.

BALDWIN: I don't know if you should look forward to it. You're doing my face (inaudible).

COOPER: I don't hear Don.

LEMON: There's a tattoo and a piercing parlor across the street and we have decided which one I'm going to get. And our next big time...


COOPER: You're going to get a tattoo?


LEMON: We're going to do it live.


COOPER: That -- we'll definitely look forward to that.

GRIFFIN: No one turn the channel, this is going to be real-deal stuff.


COOPER: All right, I can't wait to see what happens...


COOPER: ...I would suggest a few more shots, maybe.


GRIFFIN: Definitely two more shots.

COOPER: All right, Don and Brooke -- oh my lord. Don and Brooke, we'll talk to you soon. We'll be right back to you guys...


GRIFFIN: We'll talk to you when you can't talk anymore.

COOPER: The Spotted Cat, one of my favorite bars on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans.

GRIFFIN: When -- do you drink, I always forget.

COOPER: I don't -- I don't always drink, I mean I'll have -- I'll have...


GRIFFIN: When do you go to a bar...


COOPER: I mean I'll have like a beer or something.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I forgot the time that we went out to dinner and after one -- one glass of wine...


COOPER: I get drunk, I know.

GRIFFIN: You were like a skinny (ph) model, you were -- well, in another way. But you were like spilling all the secrets, it -- I mean you would be a horrible...


COOPER: I get -- I get -- I'm a total...

GRIFFIN: You're not a spy (ph).

COOPER: I'm a lightweight, I'm a...


GRIFFIN: Anyone who's watching, I promise, this guy, not a spy. OK so first of all get this, so Brooke Baldwin was in Vegas last night with Dana Bash.

COOPER: How do you know this?

GRIFFIN: Because I know everything.


GRIFFIN: And so Brianna Keiler got married and then Dana, who I adore.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: And believe has been drunk texting me, and this is -- no, here's what I love about her, Dana starting texting me, asking me if I know Drake. And I go, the singer? And she's like, you know what I'm talking about, the singer, do you know him? And I go, I haven't met him, why? And she goes, I thought you'd know him and I go, are you drunk texting me? And she didn't answer, so I think we should hit up Dana Bash later on Twitter and go, are you or have you stolen Drake from JLo?

COOPER: Maybe we can get her on the phone?

GRIFFIN: I would love that if she's you know, conscious. No, I'm teasing and no I don't know Drake. I will though, someday.

COOPER: No doubt.

GRIFFIN: But since we were dealing with CNN people, I wanted to quiz you because I have a theory -- oh yes. I'm going to see which CNN anchors that you don't even -- you can't even identify.

COOPER: All right, let's see.


GRIFFIN: So I'm going to show you a picture, all right, who's this?

COOPER: George Al (ph).

GRIFFIN: Oh, you know who that it?

COOPER: I know George (ph), George (ph) and I are friends.

GRIFFIN: All right. Who is this?

COOPER: Clarissa Ward. She's amazing.


COOPER: See, you had to check.

GRIFFIN: I had to check Clarissa Ward.


COOPER: She's a -- she's a -- yes, based in London.


GRIFFIN: All right, who's this?

COOPER: Sports -- don't say, sports morning, Andy! Andy Scholes.


COOPER: Scholes, S-H-O-L-E-S (sic).

GRIFFIN: OK just because you can spell -- what? No, no there's no victory lap, there's no victory lap, you barely knew him.

COOPER: Oh, S-C-H? Oh, someone (inaudible). Oh come on, this -- I mean come on...


GRIFFIN: Oh, what a shame, what a shame...


COOPER:, no, come here...


GRIFFIN: He doesn't even care about the people...


COOPER: I'm sorry, I'm thinking about Sholes. This is Deborah Feyerick, she's on my show.


GRIFFIN: That's what makes it more inexcusable.


COOPER: ...based in New York, she's amazing, she was in my house, actually, just recently. Brianna Keiler.

GRIFFIN: OK, good. And?

COOPER: Oh, Michael Holmes.


COOPER: See? I...


GRIFFIN: Hold on, hold on.

COOPER: Most of these are CNN International, so you're trying to get me with Michael Holmes...


GRIFFIN: I know, I'm -- I know.

COOPER: OK nobody say anything, don't -- I'm taking my idea...


GRIFFIN: Oh, that is a shame...


COOPER:, no -- Allen, Natalie Allen. Right?

GRIFFIN: OK I don't know why you're yelling in hostile, but she has been keeping this network together in ways that you never could.


GRIFFIN: I apologize, Natalie, I very much enjoy your work. Ladies and gentlemen...


COOPER: I said Natalie Allen -- oh, Ben Wedeman.

GRIFFIN: OK so let's just take a minute.


COOPER: ... Ben Wedeman Middle East correspondent, was based in Rome, I'm not sure where he's based right now.

GRIFFIN: Cairo, OK...


COOPER: He and I spent a lot of time in Egypt together, fluent in Arabic, I'll have you know.

GRIFFIN: OK but what's going on with you and Ben?

COOPER: Ben is an amazing correspondent.

GRIFFIN: You guys get along?

[22:15:01] COOPER: Yes. I like Ben Wedeman very much?

GRIFFIN: Do you feel like Ben Wedeman likes you?

COOPER: I don't know about that, I wouldn't go (inaudible).

GRIFFIN: Because I get along with him great.

COOPER: Really?



GRIFFIN: And how many languages do you speak?


GRIFFIN: How many does Ben speak?

COOPER: I can tell you how many I've studied.

GRIFFIN: You can't even give him credit for seven languages?

COOPER: Does he speak seven? I know...


GRIFFIN: least!

COOPER: Well, I know he's fluent in Arabic and he's -- I mean he's really fluent in Arabic, he's incredible at it.

GRIFFIN: That is guilt. I'm sorry, Ben you do -- you do real work.


COOPER: Stop, Christine Romans...


GRIFFIN: Oh, you are -- you are just on the edge, I mean...


COOPER: ...I'm sorry. I was -- I wanted a second, I was thinking about Ben Wedeman I don't process as fast -- Jonathan Mann.

GRIFFIN: Oh, yes.

COOPER: See? CNN International -- OK, Rick Sanchez, no longer...


GRIFFIN: Ladies and gentlemen...


COOPER: No long -- not with CNN.

GRIFFIN: Ladies and gentlemen, what -- by the way, what did you -- what did you do to him?

COOPER: What do you mean, what did I -- I did nothing...


GRIFFIN: ...when you would like put him in a car and then see if the car would sink...


COOPER: -- yes, the car sank, yes.

GRIFFIN: But I heard that you personally said, put Rick in a car.

COOPER: No, I did not.

GRIFFIN: Put it in a pool and see if he makes it.

COOPER: I don't have that power. No and then -- and then -- and then he also, he tasered and then he also...

GRIFFIN: Well, no he was -- he was -- he was like don't tase me, bro and he was the bro.


COOPER: ...right, he was like, it hurt, its painful but nobody died.

GRIFFIN: That's right.

COOPER: And then, at one point, he ran through the forest being chased by bloodhounds.

GRIFFIN: OK what is going on here, where you people are trying to kill Rick Sanchez?


COOPER: was I don't know, it was a couple years ago.

GRIFFIN: Have you called him today?

COOPER: I have not called him today, no.

GRIFFIN: I did, I talked to him.

COOPER: Did you really? How is he?

GRIFFIN: Yes. He's good.


COOPER: I hear he was a lovely guy.

GRIFFIN: I mean he was a little shaky from the tasing.

COOPER: He was always very nice to me.

GRIFFIN: Of course, he is. Now, would you say that oh, all right. Hold on.


What's going on?

COOPER: It's an Instagram picture.

GRIFFIN: But why, but why, but why?


COOPER: Those are my glasses that I'm wearing tonight that I'm not wearing because they're so...

GRIFFIN: OK what -- what message are you supposed to be sending with this?

COOPER: It's Instagram, you're supposed to tag pictures, no? GRIFFIN: You're a grown man, OK? This is like something Gigi Hadid would do. All right and by the way, I love how you know who Gigi Hadid is.

COOPER: I barely know...


GRIFFIN: You totally know who she is.

COOPER: She's some sort of -- I think because I was -- I think I was...

GRIFFIN: Oh boy, she's a model, Mohamed Hadid's daughter.

COOPER: Oh really, I didn't know that.

GRIFFIN: What do you do all day? I mean, honestly. All right, first of all I -- when we were showing the shout outs, I was very excited about Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg. Now, Pete I know...

COOPER: I know Peter Berg, he's the lovely, amazing director, really good.

GRIFFIN: And also, a great vets advocate, works at IAVA which is a fantastic organization, Paul Rykoff (ph).

COOPER: And I'm really looking forward to Patriots Day and Mark Wahlberg (inaudible), I'm a huge fan, I'm -- I like all the Wahlbergs, they're really nice. He's got a brother, Jimmy Wahlberg, lovely guy who runs his foundation. See? Aren't you impressed?

GRIFFIN: But what were you saying about Mark in the commercial?

COOPER: I wasn't saying anything about Mark in the commercial.

GRIFFIN: I think you were.


GRIFFIN: Just about how...

COOPER: Well, he's very attractive, obviously. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Yes that was the start of it. OK so I actually saw Mark last week because I went to the Patriots Day party.


GRIFFIN: And I did something I thought was amusing and by the way, I don't even know him. But I went up to him and I said hi, Mark, which is what I do and then he goes hi, Kathy. And then I grabbed my lovely boyfriend and go this is my boyfriend and he's going to kick your butt and I walked away.

And then, David O. Russell, who was holding the party goes like this, why did you do that? Why did you do that? And then of course, my boyfriend went why did you do that? And then Mark Wahlberg went why did you do that?

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: So no one knows why I do it, I just think it's adorably charming.

COOPER: Oh, he's very talented though, he's...

GRIFFIN: No, he's real-deal talented.

COOPER: Yes, he's real-deal.

GRIFFIN: Yes, oh I also was making fun of his lack of muscles because he kept flexing and I was like, I get it. And then I just flicked him off. What, that's how I get along with people?


GRIFFIN: All right, so let's talk about hall passes.

COOPER: If I could -- yes, he would be my -- yes.

GRIFFIN: He's your hall pass?

COOPER: If I -- yes, but he's not interested, he's not...


GRIFFIN: Do you want me to ask him because he's a huge fan of mine (ph).


COOPER:, no, he's not interested.

GRIFFIN: Would you like to know -- would you like to read aloud? I'd like you to -- because you're pretty good...


GRIFFIN: OK but after that we do some what they call cold reading?



COOPER: Fine. All right, much more ahead, some cold reading I'm not exactly sure what that means. The ball's going to drop in one hour, 41 minutes. We'll bring it to you live, all the celebrations, as we...


GRIFFIN: As the countdown to 2017, what, what's going on? COOPER: I was thinking about Mark Wahlberg.

GRIFFIN: Oh, again?



[22:20:46] COOPER: And welcome back, we are live in New York Times Square with Kathy Griffin here for New Year's Eve, celebrating the...

GRIFFIN: 2017.

COOPER: Onset, of 2017.

GRIFFIN: I feel like you keep forgetting what year it's going to be.

COOPER: I do keep a little...


COOPER: ...I do. because I always say -- I usually say 2017 but then two thousand, I don't know, never mind.

GRIFFIN: We'll find (ph) what works for you.

COOPER: OK it's only been 10 years, you think I would've figured it out by now.

GRIFFIN: You'll get it, eventually, this is a great rehearsal.

COOPER: So you were talking about?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I had an amazing experience on Christmas day I wanted to tell you.


GRIFFIN: So what celebrities did you have at your house on Christmas day?

COOPER: I was in Myanmar (ph) Christmas day.

GRIFFIN: But like what celebrities came anyway?

COOPER: There were no celebrities.

GRIFFIN: Exactly. So at my house, I had Sharon Stone, Pee Wee Herman, Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Margaret Cho, Andy Dick, David Steinberg. And at one point, what? And at one point, my dog Larry was choking on a bone and David Steinberg said I swear to god, if you put your finger in Larry's but he'll let go of the bone. And without thinking, it just went boom, the bone came out, everyone clapped. I'm fearless.

COOPER: I'm trying to unpack that on many levels. GRIFFIN: Wait, if you could've heard the conversation just between Andy Dick and Pee Wee Herman and then Margaret Cho and then Rinna, who my mom kept going, it's Rinna! I'm like mother, and Lisa Rinna was so sweet to my mom, she goes hello, I was on a soap opera and now I'm on the housewives. And it was very sweet.

COOPER: I -- Pee Wee Herman, who I met years ago and did a (inaudible) live with, sends me holidays cards, it's the funniest gifts.


GRIFFIN: Christmas cards ever.

COOPER: He'll get -- if Pee Wee Herman sends you a card, it's like Elvis eating a giant Turkey leg, or...


GRIFFIN: No its very ornate.


GRIFFIN: But I just want to say, I can say that Pee Wee Herman watched me put my finger up Larry, my dog's butt. A bone came out and everybody was happy.

COOPER: And I'm surprised there's not a photo of that...


GRIFFIN: There is, but they wouldn't let me show it.


COOPER: OK. Hey you mentioned Dana Bash a short time ago saying that she drunk texts you?

GRIFFIN: I think she -- she was in Vegas asking me about Drake.

COOPER: I believe Dana Bash has called in, Dana, are you with us?


DANA BASH, ANCHOR, CNN (via telephone): Hey, guys. Happy New Year!

GRIFFIN: Hi Dana! Oh she's so drunk.


COOPER: Dana, where are you?

BASH: I'm in Las Vegas. I'm looking out -- first of all...


BASH: But looking out my window.

GRIFFIN: It's late there.

BASH: At the Heart Attack Grill. And apparently, if you weigh 300 pounds you get (ph) free food.

COOPER: Wow, well.

GRIFFIN: But what's going on with Drake, I'm curious?

[22:25:07] BASH: So part of -- part of Brianna Keiler's wedding festivities this weekend is an evening with Drake. The Drake concert is tonight and my big question is yes, the Drake concert it tonight, here in Las Vegas and we're all going. Do you think JLo will be there?


GRIFFIN: I think JLo will definitely be there but the question is, will Rihanna be there with a switchblade? I mean that's what I'd be looking for, but did you call me because you know I could get a backstage pass?

BASH: Kind of.

GRIFFIN: Let me call Larry Rudolph, I'll get you a pass, don't worry.

COOPER: Who's Larry Rudolph?

GRIFFIN: Who's Larry Rudolph? I'll take care of it.

COOPER: All right. Well, Dana, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year, thanks for calling in, Dana.

BASH: Happy New Year, guys, love you both.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: All right, say hi to Drake.

COOPER: Happy New Year. Hey, I know -- I know it is our 10th anniversary.

GRIFFIN: Is it a box of money?

COOPER: No, its not a box of money. But it's our 10th anniversary so two things.

GRIFFIN: OK. Should I?

COOPER: Yes, please.

GRIFFIN: OK. Oh my gosh.

COOPER: It's a photo album with some of our best...


GRIFFIN: It's a photo album. It's not just even a photo. Is this a -- first of all, there's you making a (inaudible) pass at me.

COOPER: It's pretty much a pass at you, yes.

GRIFFIN: And then.

COOPER: Yes, it's some of our moments throughout the last 10 years.

GRIFFIN: What are you thinking in this photo? Sorry, I'm trying to.

COOPER: I don't remember that year. That was the night you were...


GRIFFIN: Do you remember any of the years?

COOPER: I really don't.

GRIFFIN: You don't, you kind of put them away when your head hits the pillow after you're jacked out (ph).

COOPER: And this, the 10th anniversary is 10.




COOPER: So this is...


GRIFFIN: What did you go and do? You got me...

COOPER: A lunchbox.

GRIFFIN: Something from your -- something from your product line.


GRIFFIN: This is very Kardashian of you, to be giving me your lip kit.

COOPER: I mean.

GRIFFIN: This is fantastic, and now if you were going to have your lunch, what would be in here?

COOPER: An apple.

GRIFFIN: Yeah. But I mean what's your fairly thing, you were telling me you have everyday, now?

COOPER: Oh, a Fresh & Co salad with apples in it.

GRIFFIN: A what co?

COOPER: It's a company in New York, they make...

GRIFFIN: Oh right, you're getting a payback, you get like a kickback? How much kickback do you get from the lunch pail?

COOPER: (Inaudible) people. Do they still have the -- I didn't open it, do they still have the -- oh no, most lunch pails used to have the separator.

GRIFFIN: The separation, like a Hungry-Man dinner?

COOPER: Exactly.

GRIFFIN: Look, I'm just going to put whatever that company is you're hocking (ph), I'll put their food in there.

COOPER: Let's check in with Randi Kaye who's on the cruise ship. Hey, Randi, how...

GRIFFIN: Hi Randi!

COOPER: How's it going?

RANDI KAYE, REPORTER, CNN: Hey -- hey guy, how you doing? Yes, I'm still here on the ship, I've left the bridge, I've given the captain control back again of the ship. But I have found myself another bar and this is called the Rising Tide. This bar actually moves on the ship, it does from deck five to deck eight.

If you take a look, you can see we're already on deck five, we're going to make our move to deck eight. But this is actually the bar for all of the VIPs on the ship tonight. But there is a very special bartender here, who's going to make a drink for us. He says its one of the most popular drinks on the ship so of course, I couldn't turn down that opportunity, right?

So this is Pablo, from Ukraine, Pablo, great to see you. So tell me, what is the most popular drink going tonight on this New Year's Eve?

PABLO, BARTENDER, UKRAINE: It's our Cranky Anchor, tonight.

KAYE: Oh, it's called the Cranky Anchor, how...

PABLO: I'm sure you've heard about the recipe.

KAYE: I have heard this and I happen to have the recipe with me so let's make the Cranky Anchor. OK so it's two ounces Grey Goose Vodka, Pablo, you got that? OK let's go with that, then, following the two ounces of Grey Goose Vodka it's two ounces of Social Anxiety, do you have two ounces Social Anxiety?

PABLO: I think so. KAYE: OK great. Following that its half a cup of soda water which I know we're going to add at the end, right? And then we have 17 Eyerolls, can you add that in? 17 Eyerolls to the recipe, you work -- oh perfect sounds great. Oh and you're going to do 17 Eyerolls, oh there we go, yes OK give us one more Eyeroll, one more Eyeroll, perfect. OK and you have a little silver fox syrup somewhere back there? oh silver fox oh look at that, that is beautiful.

OK now we're going to shake it up and this is going to be served once we shake it up it's going to be served over four ice cubes that look alarmingly like Jeffrey Lord, they're in the shape of a man named Jeffery Lord. We're going to pour that into a nice glass for me to taste. You ready, oh look at that, that's very Tom Cruise from cocktail. So just pour that over some ice cubes, I know you have some back there shaped like Jeffrey Lord. Yes you got -- yes or whatever, how ever many ice cubes you want, all to go around. So this once again is the Cranky Anchor, it's the most popular drink on the ship. Let me get a taste of this, here. Oh look at that, nice technique, nice.

That looks good, all right let me see if I can taste the Social Anxiety.

[22:25:08] Oh yes a little bit of soda water just the very end OK yes perfect. All right here we go, now I'm told that this is best consumed wearing a very tight black t-shirt, somebody told me. So this is the Cranky Anchor. I'm going to take this with me as we go along because I think we're getting close. Anderson and Kathy oh here we are. We've arrived on deck eight which is Central Park. So for my -- they call it Central Park on the ship.

So from my Central Park, to your Central Park, there where it is so cold and here it is so nice and warm in the middle of the sea, somewhere probably 80 degrees or so. I'm going to enjoy the Cranky Anchor, cheers to you Anderson.

GRIFFIN: What an unusual name for a drink with your picture on it.

COOPER: I like the Jeffrey Lord, all right Randi thanks very much.

GRIFFIN: Thank you, Randi.

COOPER: We'll check back in with you we're going to take a quick break. A lot more anticipation grown here from the stroke of midnight, we have that all for you ahead a lot of...

GRIFFIN: And might I say you don't still really know what's going to happen yet.

COOPER: Anything can happen.

GRIFFIN: But you don't know do you?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Something. COOPER: We're going to go natural, Keith Urban.

GRIFFIN: Are you saying the natural because you're nervous?

COOPER: Yes I am, nervous, Keith Urban's there we're going to talk to him. A reminder, Twitter your New Year's wishes, resolutions and photos of your celebration using the #cnnnye, we'll be right back with Keith Urban.


[22:35:31] COOPER: Kathy's trying to get Ryan Seacrest.

GRIFFIN: I see you Seacrest, I see you. Let me at him, let me go. This is the year I finally get him.

COOPER: All right we're back, we're on air, we're on air.

GRIFFIN: Don't you give me a fake hug. Oh hello everyone, welcome to the most positive New Year's you've ever seen. When's the last (inaudible) you got to do like a...

COOPER: ...what happened, here. While we were on commercial break, Ryan Seacrest appeared, I guess to get ready to do his little program.

GRIFFIN: You mean the Dog and Pony Show?

COOPER: Kathy starts giving him a one finger salute which while he's searching for the teleprompter, oh look there's Ryan right between us.

GRIFFIN: Let me at him, let me at him, let me at him, I don't care anymore (inaudible) once and for all. Seacrest, the matter with you, no I'm not wearing underwear, Seacrest this is it. We're not on, right? Sorry, I guess I didn't make my etiquette class that day.

COOPER: So anyway, that's been going on all...


GRIFFIN: As you're breathing.

COOPER: All during the commercial break. Michelle Turner is in Nashville with -- from Entertainment Tonight, Michelle Turner joins us with Keith Urban, hey Michelle, hey Keith, Happy New Year.



TURNER: They're having a pretty Happy New Year, huh?

KEITH URBAN, SINGER: Yes we should be in New York apparently.

TURNER: Apparently, you know Anderson's laugh just makes me laugh.

URBAN: And Kathy's too. TURNER: I know, right? Well yes I am here with Keith Urban but I think I have to introduce you as three-time Grammy nominee Keith Urban.

URBAN: Thank you I'll take it.

TURNER: That's pretty darn cool congratulations.

URBAN: Awesome, thank you very much.

TURNER: I didn't even start off with Happy New Year to you but in Australia it's already New Year, right?

URBAN: Yes, yes. I'll tell you the lottery results later.

TURNER: Oh see I like that, I like that very much. OK so we're here in Nashville for music city midnight, this is really cool, it's my first time ever spending New Year's Eve in Nashville.

URBAN: Not your last, I hope.

TURNER: It better not be, if you're giving me a good show I'm coming back.

URBAN: You bet, I'll do it.


URBAN: ...will do it too.

TURNER: Listen, you've already been spotted here, there were the screams for you already so what are you going to give these people here tonight because all of these people, it's raining, it's cold but you know they came out to see you.

URBAN: Its true, its fantastic already.

TURNER: I know right they all see you over there, they spotted you.

URBAN: Its great its hometown so its going to be amazing tonight, I'm so looking forward to playing.

TURNER: And I love that you say this is my hometown, I heard your wife on CBS Sunday morning say when we were dating, I was hoping he would ask me to marry him because I wanted to live here. What is it about Nashville that's so great?

URBAN: Yes she's sitting with our girls backstage, too.

TURNER: I love that.

URBAN: It's a real town, real people, real life, real living, its -- I've been here for 25 years.

TURNER: And they call it music city and I think tonight it really is, I was saying earlier that every single music venue in the downtown area has live music booked tonight I mean crazy.

URBAN: All kinds too I mean really it is music city USA. I mean tonight is diverse, as well.

TURNER: So you're going to play some music from your new album, Ripcord and this is the big album that's nominated like I said for three Grammys, best country album, best country solo and best country song. I mean come on, Keith Urban what else can you do?

URBAN: Well, hopefully deliver the right show tonight, that's crucial.

TURNER: Now, you just came off tour as well for this.

URBAN: Yes we just finished on the 17th we went down to New Zealand and Australia, went to New Zealand for the first time, never been, never played there. We wrapped it up but tonight I'm going to actually do something a little different. I put together a short medley of a handful of the artists that we lost this year and I'm going to play that tonight right before midnight.

TURNER: Yes I heard that you were going to do a little George Michael, you were going to do a little Prince.

URBAN: Yes...


URBAN: ...David Bowie's in there, Glenn Frey's in there, yes Lennon Cohen's in there.

TURNER: I was going to say, I heard you might sing Hallelujah and I'm here for that because I know it'll be a goose bump.

URBAN: Right on yes beautiful song.

TURNER: Absolutely OK so we're going to send it back to Anderson and Kathy but before we do that, what's your favorite New Years Eve memory? What's your best New Year's Eve?

URBAN: I have too many because I'm almost always playing so I mean just -- I love that countdown moment and then when that year moves to the next one its just a fantastic feeling. Everybody is in their most incredible mood and you just think if you could just be that way throughout the year what a great place it'd be.

TURNER: Well you got your lady here with you tonight so make this...


TURNER: Your ladies here with you tonight so make this one a good one at midnight all right?

URBAN: Absolutely.

TURNER: All right, thanks very much hey guys we're going to send it back to you in New York. Happy New Year!

COOPER: Hey Happy New Year to you (ph).

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year!


COOPER: ...thanks so much appreciate it, hope you guys have a great New Year's there in Nashville.

GRIFFIN: Of course.

COOPER: I'm still winded from your...


GRIFFIN: ...clearly winded by my effort to save America from Ryan Seacrest. I risked my life and I would've died for it.

COOPER: What is your thing with Ryan Seacrest?

[22:40:10] GRIFFIN: Because I do believe that you, Ryan Seacrest and Oprah are in a covet (ph) to try to kill me.

COOPER: Oh well I joined the covet (ph)?

GRIFFIN: Yes obviously I think you've been doing the like meeting, the secret meetings.

COOPER: I'm the puppet master?

GRIFFIN: Yes in fact. And then I feel like you and Seacrest had like a communication like tonight's the night. And you know who can save me? Richard Quest, he's my only hope.

COOPER: I was just surprised to see Ryan Seacrest out of his bubble, like he's normally...


GRIFFIN: Nice and warm and safe.

COOPER: Exactly and he's had like a week of rehearsals.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Its just weird because we've been rehearsing for two weeks and so I texted him and I was like hey girl, if you can do this in a week good for you but we work, you know what I mean. Now, would you mind reading some of my resolutions and I'll tell you why. People get asked all the time what's your resolution and mine can be kind of boring so I came up with my real one. Now, you can do what's called cold reading, correct?

COOPER: I think so, yes.

GRIFFIN: You trained in it?

COOPER: I don't have my glasses but I'll give it a try.

GRIFFIN: Oh no. OK so this is my resolution.

COOPER: I actually do need -- my glasses are in that jacket, the blazer I had, sorry.


COOPER: Sorry.

GRIFFIN: You just have to go (inaudible) and read. And I'm sure you have a side deal with them like the food company and everything else but just here we go. And the sexy left, go ahead. It just left, the sexy left the room, it left the platform...


GRIFFIN: All right go ahead.

COOPER: These are New Year's resolutions of yours?

GRIFFIN: Of mine, yes.

COOPER: Stop having children.

GRIFFIN: Yes I just -- those days are over. If I have one egg left I'll have it tomorrow with a scone. But since I have none its just too much OK I can't do it anymore.

COOPER: Finally get my well-deserved 51 gold (ph).

GRIFFIN: What, I think those 51/50 gold (ph) sound fantastic. Kanye had one, Brittney had one, it sounds like a nice vacation. If you want to put me on one tonight I'm not even going to fight, I'll just go. I need some rest.

COOPER: It is amazing how celebrities like get hospitalized for -- because they're exhausted.

GRIFFIN: Instead of jail? Yes.


GRIFFIN: No all these -- regular people go to jail. Celebrities go and get help.

COOPER: OK another of your -- Kathy's resolutions, push my 96-year- old mother down the stairs just to save the money.

GRIFFIN: Look Maggie I love you but you're not cheap. So one little nudge down the stairs, nobody's going to know. Oh can I tell you what my mom said? This is so horrible that it might not be funny but I think it is. So my mom said and there was a little boxed wine in her, she goes you know what Kathleen? Next time I fall, I hope I stay down there. Isn't that horrible? Everyone wants you Maggie, forever. Oh she also told me that she thinks that Caitlyn turned back into Bruce over the weekend.

COOPER: Why would she think that?

GRIFFIN: Because she was watching a rerun of the Kardashians. Sorry.

COOPER: Another resolution for you, I'm going to finally take off that last 150 pounds. (ph).

GRIFFIN: Yes I got to work on that because I'm in television you know what I mean? My figure's everything right?

COOPER: This is another one, I...

GRIFFIN: By the way, that's so Ryan Seacrest and these are razorblades, Ryan Seacrest is showering us with razor blades.


GRIFFIN: ...not his face it's his fortune, Ryan how could you? Oh he's so bitter, he's so bitter.

COOPER: OK another Kathy's resolutions, I tried (inaudible) and whippets Anderson can you score me (inaudible)?

GRIFFIN: What? I've never -- I want to try being like a drug person for one nice...

COOPER: You're never -- have never done -- you don't drink alcohol or anything...


GRIFFIN: Never had a drink in my life.

COOPER: That's amazing.

GRIFFIN: But I want to try those quaaludes (ph) and I want to try some of those poppers.

COOPER: I don't believe quaaludes (ph) are manufactured anymore.

GRIFFIN: Can't you call someone?

COOPER: Kathy wants to spend less time on social media and back to trolling people face to face like I'm doing with you right now.

GRIFFIN: That's right so I'm going to just troll people face to face I'm an expert. But doing that online is almost a waste.

COOPER: Was there something below this fold (ph) that I'm supposed to...

GRIFFIN: That's for later. All right so now, what are your resolutions?

COOPER: I... GRIFFIN: Wait, is it to take your glasses off to try to make the sexy come back, Justin?

COOPER: I don't have -- I don't make resolutions...


GRIFFIN: That's how far it went when you put the glasses on. You woke up in Queens and said see you.

COOPER: I stopped making resolutions when you kept telling me how boring all my resolutions were.

GRIFFIN: Your resolutions are so boring its unbelievable.

COOPER: They are, I know.

GRIFFIN: Can you make some up?

COOPER: I mean no because they're all just boring.

GRIFFIN: But wait, what is it really because I know its hit the gym more, right?


GRIFFIN: Are you serious? Are you really serious?

COOPER: I know just I want to get in better shape and like healthier.

GRIFFIN: Hey, I'm right here. So what he does, when he knows he's getting busted is he talks like this, no I want to get in shape...


COOPER: ...I got distracted, I thought...


COOPER: ...was over there. There's a guy in a red hat and...


GRIFFIN: Are you bringing up like '80s references?

COOPER: Yes I am.

GRIFFIN: Curtis Leeway (ph) from the Guardian -- are they back? I'm afraid to take the subway now with (inaudible). That's a good gig for you, you could be one of those vigilantes. All right what's another resolution?

COOPER: On that I really don't...

GRIFFIN: Its -- OK. Ladies and gentlemen, put down whatever you're doing and make note if one thing if nothing else. COOPER: Try to be a better person...


[22:45:10] GRIFFIN: Anderson Cooper's entire resolution list is go to the gym more and be in better shape. Because by the way when you're a journalist that's what counts, that's -- ask Ben Wederman, he's going to hit the gym more with his seven languages. I mean you got to just come to the platform with something, you got to help -- you're going to help the children, people in need, people in need.

COOPER: Yes I'm actually working on something but I don't want to talk about it in public because it seems...


GRIFFIN: ...what charities -- do you ever help another person?

COOPER: Yes I do.

GRIFFIN: In any way?

COOPER: Yes I do.


COOPER: What do you -- I don't like to brag about giving money to charities, but.


GRIFFIN: ...with me, I've gone to Iraq and Afghanistan with the USO (ph), IAVA of course, H -- oh, in fact wait a minute, I have awards, I think I have more gay awards than you.

COOPER: That's very -- very possible.

GRIFFIN: I have the -- do you have any GLADD (ph) awards?

COOPER: I do have a GLADD (ph) award. Actually, I've got a GLADD Glad (ph) awards, yes.

GRIFFIN: But you don't have the Vanguard.

COOPER: I've got the Vito Russo GLADD (ph) award.


GRIFFIN: All right what about HRC?


GRIFFIN: Really because I'm the ally for equality. What about Trevor?

COOPER: Trevor Project, no I have not -- I -- no I have not. GRIFFIN: OK that's interesting because I have the Trevor Life (ph) award from Trevor Project for lifetime achievement. Lambda Legal?


GRIFFIN: Do you even know what that is?

COOPER: I do know Lambda Legal.

GRIFFIN: What is it?

COOPER: It's an organization that works for gay -- they did a lot of stuff on gay but they have lawyers they work with like housing rights they work with -- I mean they work with a whole huge a bunch of issues.

GRIFFIN: It's a legal organization that helps people in the community that don't have the money to pay for themselves (ph).

COOPER: Right obviously but its specifically like anti-discrimination stuff, people get fired because they're gay, there's a lot of different ones (ph).

GRIFFIN: Yes OK I got it, you got one. And what about do you have a Do Something award?


GRIFFIN: You're done nothing?


GRIFFIN: It's a Do Something award, have you not done anything?

COOPER: I have not done anything. Who are we listening to?


COOPER: Someone just said to me let's...

GRIFFIN: Are you hearing voices like Joan of Arc?

COOPER: Let's listen into -- oh let's listening to what they're hearing in Times Square (inaudible).

GRIFFIN: We never get to do this.



[22:50:28] COOPER: And welcome back, we're looking at Times Square from our friends with the Marriott Marquis hotel we are right in the heart of Times Square. Just a little bit more than an hour to go before the stroke of midnight, very excited to be here -- oh, you got your book out. GRIFFIN: What? It's my new book, Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-ins, available wherever books are sold.

COOPER: There you go.

GRIFFIN: All right so first of all, I know we're going to go to Gary Tuckman (ph) my new boyfriend in a minute. But I just wanted to tell you that tonight is really nothing but an advertisement for the event of CNN's history which is tomorrow, they're doing a special on the band Chicago called Now More Than Ever, I'm trying not to cry. I'm a Chicago the band fanatic.

COOPER: You are?

GRIFFIN: Yes I just saw Peter Cetera in concert six months ago. So this is going to be about the band and I just wanted to know how many members of Chicago can you name?

COOPER: Oh no.

GRIFFIN: Walter Parazaider, obviously.

COOPER: Peter Cetera.

GRIFFIN: Yes, Robert Lamm.


GRIFFIN: All right fine, so we're going to do a sing-along.


GRIFFIN: Take me as I am, put your heart in mine, stay -- what song is it? But You Still Love Me.


GRIFFIN: All right, Peter Cetera has a solo career, as you know the '80s, he burst out, he had Restless Heart, he had a little song with a lady named Cher. And when I went to see Peter Cetera in concert backstage, he and I made a little video singing that very duet and I kind of out sang him, may we run that?




GRIFFIN: I got skills, I have skills.

COOPER: So that's tomorrow on CNN, very excited.

GRIFFIN: Everyone's talking about it.

COOPER: I know. GRIFFIN: I mean you guys have to stop doing anything resembling news because I think it could be the full Chicago the bank station 24/7, pitch it. Pitch it, yes. You know why? Because you're A Hard Habit To Break.

COOPER: Oh I got it...


GRIFFIN: Hi David Foster, who co-wrote that with Peter Cetera, you knew that.

COOPER: I knew A Hard Habit To Break.

GRIFFIN: You know what's hard? It's hard to say I'm sorry.

COOPER: What was your favorite bank in the '80s?

GRIFFIN: In the '80s? Oh that's a hard one. I like I don't know I guess Duran Duran or like...


GRIFFIN: ...or something.


COOPER: That was one of the first concerts I've ever saw, it was Costello Armed Forces. Did you do the one where you had the wheel like Wheel of Fortune you could pick a song?


GRIFFIN: That's a catalog.

COOPER: Oh yes?

GRIFFIN: How's your catalog? Do you have a catalog?

COOPER: I don't I wish I did have a catalog.

GRIFFIN: I have a catalog.

COOPER: Do you?

GRIFFIN: Yes I own all my stuff now.


COOPER: Oh that's so cool.

GRIFFIN: Because I feel that when I'm dead they'll be worth something. Oh I was doing a book signing and I got a really nice compliment, a very nice gentleman said thank you so much Ms. Griffin, you're -- you've made me laugh through hard times. And then he said, I think you should know I really think that you're going to be a legend when you're dead.

COOPER: Wow, wow.


COOPER: What do you say to that?

GRIFFIN: I signed the book and said thank you. Oh I also signed two books, one of them I'm not kidding these are like big book signings at Barnes & Noble or whatever and one of them I signed because the guy thought I was Reba and I just was happy that he bought the book. And then another one came up and he goes...

COOPER: Why would he think that you're Reba signing Kathy's book though?

GRIFFIN: He's such a Reba fan he saw the hair and just it so I just wrote bye y'all, Reba. And another one said I've been watching you since I was four and I thought OK. And he said that chemistry you had with Regis. And I wrote blessings, love Kathy Lee, #blessings.

COOPER: You wrote about Kathy Lee in your book.

GRIFFIN: I did write about Kathy Lee, I don't know if she'll find it amusing but I hope she does, I really, truly hope she does.

COOPER: Blessings.

GRIFFIN: Yes, #blessings.


GRIFFIN: How often do you sign off your texts with that?

COOPER: Very often.

[22:55:10] GRIFFIN: Yes I've gotten a lot of just running (ph) of blessings for you, you're the inspiration.

COOPER: Yes -- do you ever follow people on Instagram who you think you're -- like you like it in real life and then you start to follow them and you start to hate them on Instagram?

GRIFFIN: Are you talking about me because I'm right here. I didn't know if that was like your way of saying.

COOPER: No like someone you think is cool or interesting and then like you start to follow them and then they use all these horrible hash tags or they take a photo of themselves like in business class on a plane drinking a glass of champagne.

GRIFFIN: Or when you were following Tila Tequila and then she did the (inaudible) thing and you were like god, why do I follow her?

COOPER: I didn't even know that she was still around.

GRIFFIN: You don't know Tila Tequila is going to like Nazi parties?

COOPER: I knew that once I saw that thing.

GRIFFIN: You should watch the news, it's very interesting . I watch it all the time and thank god for Christine Romans. She loves the money section.

COOPER: And Natalie Allen...


GRIFFIN: And John Berman.


GRIFFIN: And the entire line-up that I could recite.

COOPER: It is amazing how much CNN you watch.

GRIFFIN: I by the way, now more than ever.

COOPER: Almost as much as Donald Trump.

GRIFFIN: Oh boy I -- don't say his name. I'm all Baron (ph) all the time, I'm all -- I'm focusing 100 percent on Baron (ph).

COOPER: All right so we're going to take a quick break, we got a lot more -- oh we got just a little bit more than an hour, an hour and three minutes before the ball drop, fireworks, all the rest here in Times Square, got a view of the crowd courtesy of the Marriott Marquis. Then the party continues in New Orleans, as our CNN New Year's celebration just keeps rolling on.

GRIFFIN: But say New Orleans the way you say it.