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Multiple People Dead at Ft. Lauderdale Airport; Suspect in Airport Shooting in Custody; Multiple Injuries Reported in Shooting. Aired 2-2:30p ET

Aired January 6, 2017 - 14:00   ET


[14:00:00] CEDRIC ALEXANDER, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST (via telephone): But where we can continue to move people through the transportation industry, we have to do that. That's the strength of America. We're going to be courageous and we're going to continue to do the things we need to do as we look into, as they look into and investigate there what's going on in Fort Lauderdale -


ALEXANDER: And report to the rest of the country and the world as to what we know - what they will determine to be the reason for this attack.

BLITZER: We're following the breaking news, a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in south Florida. Multiple dead, multiple injured.

"Newsroom" with Brooke Baldwin picks up our breaking news coverage.

ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: All right, here we go. I'm Brooke Baldwin. Thank you so much for being with me. You're watching CNN. Welcoming viewers here in the United States and around the world.

Breaking news here of the shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport down there in Florida. This has happened near the baggage claim area. We can tell you that multiple people - multiple - have been killed. That's coming directly to us from the sheriff's office. We are also being told that there was one shooter and that one shooter is now in custody.

We've been looking at a lot of pictures, trying to make sense of this here. Here you're seeing what looks maybe to be a piece of the airport. We've seen passengers out on the tarmac lining up. You see an ambulance there. We know that they have been evacuated from the terminal. Specifically terminal two. They are now being placed on buses to move away from what has been dubbed a crime scene. One passenger who was getting off a plane said he saw people running and screaming.

All services at the airport have now been suspended. The airport is shut down for the unforeseeable future. So as we all walk through this this afternoon, as this is an ongoing situation, let's begin the hour with Rene Marsh. She is our CNN aviation correspondence.

Rene, what do you know?

RENE MARSH, CNN AVIATION CORRESPONDENT: All right, well, Brooke, you know, we are, as you reported, multiple people are dead here at this airport, Fort Lauderdale International Airport. And we do know as a result of all that's being going on, obviously operations are shut down there. The FAA has just put out information that there are significant delays. Services are suspended as multiple law enforcement agencies descend on this airport for this investigation, which is now, obviously, a criminal investigation.

We know the FBI is in contact with local authorities there. We also know ATF is on its way to this sight as well. But the lead here is going to be the local authorities, Broward County authorities, and they are releasing information again that multiple people are dead. There are also several injuries.

We know this happened in the baggage claim area of the airport. So in a non-secure area. Not near the TSA checkpoint. It happened in the baggage claim area. Terminal two. And usually this is where Delta Airlines operates out of.

What we still don't know at this hour, Brooke, is why. Why did this individual open fire inside of this airport? Was this individual targeting anyone in particular? Who are the victims here? All of those things, we just simply don't know at this hour. But with this large police presence, that is the top priority for them, Brooke.

BALDWIN: OK. Rene, stand by.

Juliette Kayyem, let me bring you in, former homeland security official.

You know, when you see all these different people, whether it's - I couldn't quite even tell if they were coming off a plane or being taken around a terminal outside of the airport, but priority obviously safety of these passengers and airport personnel.


BALDWIN: Beyond that, what are they doing right now?

KAYYEM: OK, so there's going to be essentially a well-orchestrated plan for an active shooter case at any major airport, as you reporter was saying. The baggage claim area is the most vulnerable.

I would suspect that those people that are out on the tarmac came from the main terminal and essentially they were just told to evacuate and sort of break all protocols. All air traffic will be stopped now, obviously, at Fort Lauderdale. And right now they are, obviously, assisting the victims and ensuring that the first responders can help those in immediate need and, of course, the investigation is ongoing.

I hate to say this, but, you know, these things are anticipated by airport personnel, airport law enforcement, state and local, and so this is - you're seeing the plan unfold. This is actually how it should be working. You just want to get the passengers out of the active shooting situation.

[14:05:05] BALDWIN: Yes. And, by the way, as I was listening to you, I just got some information from the Department of Homeland Security that we can now report. At least three people have been killed. Three have been killed.


BALDWIN: To reiterate, this was in baggage claim. The motive is still unknown. And I want to loop back with you because, obviously, you know, you think about everything we go through to get on a plane these days -

KAYYEM: Right.

BALDWIN: But you can walk into baggage claim with just about anything.

Stand by, Juliette, on that point, because we have Boris Sanchez, who is now on the scene at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Boris, you tell me what you're seeing.

Boris, it's Brooke. You're live on CNN. Can you hear me?

BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Hey, Brooke. Sorry about that.

Yes, we actually are just crossing a line of Broward County sheriff's officers. They have a very large armored vehicle in front of us. There's a heavy, heavy police presence here, as you can imagine. There's also several dozen - it appears that there's about a dozen buses off to our left. I've seen several of them piling in. It appears that there's going to be an evacuation here of folks that were inside the airport. The traffic outside is - it's essentially jammed. There's almost no way in the airport. Our photographers are on the other side trying to get in.

As you said, Brooke, it is a mess here. Multiple casualties. Officials believe there - there was one shooter. That person is believed to be in custody. Obviously this investigation is going to be a massive one. I'm seeing people that are loading cars and they're being allowed to leave, it appears like. But I've got to imagine that inside that baggage claim area, there's going to be a serious screening of everyone that was inside.

The ATF, as we heard, is on the way to the scene right now. I am seeing a very large presence of Broward County sheriff's officers. The entire airport has been shut down. I will note that I just saw a flight leaving. So it appears they're probably trying to clear the tarmac. But other than that, no real movement is coming into the airport other than media and a few cars that are being let out of the loop here at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

We first got word of this about 1:00 today that there was shots - there were shots fired at the Delta terminal, terminal two here, at the airport. And just outside we're literally parking right now just outside of terminal two and I see a couple dozen people standing outside. I'm trying to figure out exactly what's happening here, but there are several people - several dozen people outside of the terminal. I think they're speaking with law enforcement right now. We're actually being asked to move out of the way.

Again, a very large police presence. A very, very disorganized scene at least from what we've seen so far in terms of people moving bags around everywhere. But it does appear that officials are locking down terminal two and trying to get people out with those buses that I mentioned before, Brooke. I'm going to keep an eye on what's going on and alert you as soon as I get some new information.

BALDWIN: I'll let you - I'll let you go, Boris, but do me a favor and let's figure out 100 percent where this shooting happened. We had in baggage claim. You just said in terminal two. Let's figure that out and well get you back on the phone as soon as we know that definitively.

I still have Juliette Kayyem.

And, Juliette, I mean we noticed -


BALDWIN: To Boris' point, a plane just took off. So maybe in a sense of trying to clear some of those planes out of there. I'm also looking at live pictures of the highway around this airport and it looks like, you know, it's jammed.

KAYYEM: Right.

BALDWIN: Maybe police are stopping some folks from coming or going in some of those lanes.

What more - what are some of the questions you have?

KAYYEM: OK. So - and this is - the fact that the planes are going or are trying to get out of the way would be normal. Look, I know this sounds really weird, but you can't close a major metropolitan airport for too long. It - the way that the protocols work is, you know, you try to minimize the risk as much as possible, but you've got to make sure that the planes are still flying. So people shouldn't be surprised if they see planes coming and going.

The changes in where this happened and even I would say the casualty report might change over time. That's the nature of breaking news. Brooke, you and I know that.

BALDWIN: Well, by the way, I - let me just jump in and interject. Speaking of, sadly, we now have the number up to five.


BALDWIN: This is according to a number of law enforcement to Evan Perez. Five dead. Go ahead, Juliette.

KAYYEM: Yes, that's unfortunate. I mean this is - we always get - the number's always lower in the first hour. It's going to - it may get higher. This is a mass casualty event, obviously. And so now the investigation begins.

The - earlier on there was a question about who was in charge. Unless they actually know who it is, one is going to assume that they're going to begin this also as a federal or an FBI investigation unless there's a suspect and they know that it was something related to a domestic matter. I wouldn't make that - any judgment right now until we have (INAUDIBLE) -

BALDWIN: Yes, I don't think we know that yet. I think this is Broward - Broward County jurisdiction. And here we go. I think I'm looking at another plane about to take off here.

[14:10:04] KAYYEM: Yes.

BALDWIN: Broward County jurisdiction, Fort Lauderdale assisting. We know AFT, FBI helping out as well.

KAYYEM: Right.

BALDWIN: And depending on the motivation, to your point, it could be - it could be a federal situation.

Beyond that, you know, I heard the mayor on with Wolf a bit ago saying the airport was shut down. To your point, yes, they're trying - this is a major airport. They're trying to clear some planes out. You see on the tarmac, five planes there waiting in line. What's happening within the airport? Because I understand some people are still stuck in there.

KAYYEM: Yes, so they're going to just essentially do a very slow role evacuation. And the reason why is, they want to make sure that there's no one culpable or anyone who may be guilty amongst those who look like, you know, sort of terrified passengers or terrified airport visitors today. So they may take their time on the evacuation so people in the airport who are watching, you know, just - this is a time we ask people to be patient regarding this.

This will be an investigation that will have a number of tentacles and right now those are beginning. That's going to include surveillance of what or who was approaching the airport. Surveillance from days back about whether any - there was any evidence of stakeouts or views or whatever else may have occurred. And then - and then just a determination of the who, what, when and why.

The most important thing is to obviously protect those who are so obviously scared and traumatized right now. But that could take a while. Airports are like my cities, and there's a lot of things going on that now have to be paced appropriately to insure that you don't lose evidence, that you don't lose a potential criminal, and so, you know, that is - that's what this looks like to me, having been very involved with planning and security for airports throughout my career. And that's what this looks like to me. And we'll just wait for the specific facts about what's going on.


KAYYEM: I'll say one other quick thing.


KAYYEM: We had talked about this before, Brooke, and this just - the nature of transitions that threats do not take transition hiatus and so one of the major challenges, you know, is just to simply that the homeland is under ongoing threat and you see why the threat increase - you know, why we've been talking about this threat increase depending on what this is for the last couple of weeks. I know you and I talked about it around the holidays was because, you know, the threat does not - does not take a political break.

BALDWIN: Right. No, it doesn't. And, you know, hate to look at these pictures of these innocent individuals being wheeled in on stretchers to this hospital.


BALDWIN: Juliette, stay with me.

KAYYEM: I will.

BALDWIN: Do we have Art or do we have Rene, guys?

All right, let me bring in Art Roderick, our CNN law enforcement analyst, who's a new voice on all of this.

And, Art, I was just handed a diagram of where this shooting apparently happened, somewhere around the arrival section of terminal two. This is downstairs baggage claim which - and by no means, am I connecting the two - but I was in Istanbul a day after that attack and it is precisely in the same sort of area.


BALDWIN: I mean I remember seeing the shattered glass, right near baggage claim, where people can come and go.


BALDWIN: And that looks to me where - right around where this happened.

RODERICK: Yes, Brooke, that's an excellent comparison because what you've got here is a soft target. I mean you can only - you can only push out security so far. There's always going to be a soft under- belly somewhere. And in this particular case, as we all know, anybody that travels anywhere in the U.S., I mean that is an area that is completely unsecure and it is a soft target.

Now, when I first heard about this, the first thing that came to mind is possibly a domestic. But then when you've got nine people - initially the reports were nine people shot, I think I've seen reports upwards of five people have been killed, you know, we've got to get to the motive -

BALDWIN: It's five dead, by the way, Art. We just get an update.


BALDWIN: Five dead and eight injured being taken to the hospital. Please continue.

RODERICK: Yes. They've got to get to the motive really quick on this because it's - if this is just - if this is anywhere related to terrorism, then we've got to - obviously alerts have to go out to all the airports around the country. And then, of course, we're back in the - the same loop. Is he inspired? Is he directed? Or is this just a psychopath with a handgun or a rifle?

BALDWIN: Right. And we don't know.

RODERICK: So that motive - the motive is the key at this point in time to get to that as quick as we can.

BALDWIN: We don't know yet.

Art, stay with me.

Evan Perez is our justice correspondent to help us begin to connect some of the dots.

Evan, what are you learning?

EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Brooke, at this point the question of whether or not it's terrorism or not, that's at the top of everybody's minds right now. We're told that the officials there have not found any indications of terrorism. I think some of the witness accounts so far have not indicated the shooter said anything, made any kinds of statements. That's usually one of the first things you hear. In this case, we haven't heard any of that yet and that's something that law enforcement is looking at right now. The fact that they - the shooter is in custody, the alleged shooter is in custody is a big plus here because obviously now they can try to - at least once he's treated for his wounds, he can be interviewed and they can try to figure out what was the motivation here. But what we're told -

[14:15:34] BALDWIN: Do we know if he was wounded, Evan?

PEREZ: Pardon me? Yes, he was - he was -

BALDWIN: He was.

PEREZ: Yes, he was. Well, he was shot and then taken into custody. I'm not sure what the extent of his injuries were and - but as soon as they can try to treat that and make sure that he's OK, then they can start interviewing him and try to determine what the motivation of this was. And again, at this point, no motive known yet. Nothing that he said from witnesses that have talked to law enforcement. Nothing yet has stuck out as terrorism. But that's usually one of the first places you want to go.

The ATF is there investigating, as well as the FBI, helping the Broward County sheriff's and the other local authorities who are responsible for the scene right there. And obviously this is something that was so scary for the passengers there and for the people who were working to try to secure that area. They moved those passengers onto the tarmac to get them out of harm's way, especially as - at this point you - you know, when you're in the middle of one of these things, you don't know where the shooter will end up, how far they'll go, whether there might be additional people. At this point, we know that there's only one shooter. That shooter is in custody. And now they - the work of investigating what the motivation was. Unfortunately right now we're told as many as five people were killed in this shooting, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Help us understand, Evan, I mean you made the perfect point of, of course, once the shooter is in a position physically where he can talk and hopefully start helping out law enforcement understanding why, beyond that, what are some of the other pieces of evidence where law enforcement can connect the dots and understand what happened today.

PEREZ: Well, you know, one of the more interesting things that happens in situations like this is that people flee, right, and people leave behind their belongings. They might leave behind their purse or their identification and so on. And so that's one of the first pieces of evidence that they're looking at. And so, you know, they're looking at identification.

We know that the authorities are looking at the - at the possible I.D. of the suspect, but we don't know yet whether or not it is the true I.D. of that person. So it's the simple things like that, that law enforcement has to go through methodically to try to process this scene, to try to determine who they have here. Who does he say he is? Where is he - where did he come from? How long has he been here? And how long he's been thinking about doing - carrying out this shooting.

Again, all of those things take a little amount of time. And, again, it makes it more complicated when you have a scene like this that is by nature chaotic. People just leave their belongings behind as they try to flee for their lives. And so things - simple things like that can make the work a little bit more difficult to try to process. We've seen many of these cases, many of these shootings where the initial ID of a suspect is incorrect simply because of the chaotic nature of the crime scene, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Yes, Evan, thank you so much.

Art, just from a law enforcement perspective, you know, even though the shooter is in custody and, you know, planes are beginning to take off, you know, that terminal two area where the shooting happened is considered an active crime scene. What is happening in there right now?

RODERICK: Well, I mean, when we initially saw it, we saw everybody out on the tarmac and basically what they have to do is completely clear that whole terminal, get everybody outside and then recheck them through security. So we've seen this happen at a couple other airports that we've - where we've seen this type of incident occur where, I mean, you're going to go to the safest place. And in this particular location, although the shooting happened in the baggage area, everybody was scrambling on the other side of security waiting to get either on planes or coming off aircraft and scrambled onto the tarmac, which appeared to be the safest place. So they've got to bring all those people back in. I think we saw the buses lined up, bringing them back around and then determining whether they're going to go back in.

At this point I can't - I don't think this particular terminal will be open any time soon. I mean it is an active crime scene, as you said, and they've got a lot more investigation that they've got to do. They're going to look for the vehicle that he arrived in. Did he arrive in a cab? They've got video CCTV that they've got to check. They've got - and then, obviously, once they get his - once his identification is found, you know, they're going to start going through his personal information to try and see if there's any connection at all to this particular crime.

[14:20:05] BALDWIN: Evan, do we still have you? I have one quick follow-up?

PEREZ: That's right. I'm still here, Brooke.

BALDWIN: I'm - you know, I'm hearing these different - whether it happened - do you know where - did the shooting happen in baggage claim? Did happen at the arrivals area above? Was it inside? Was it outside? I don't think we're clear on that yet.

PEREZ: Yes, and we're not exactly clear. We've heard - again, because of the nature of these scenes, it's very chaotic. These - we've heard that it was in the unsecured area, in other words, the area outside of security, that it might have been in the baggage claim area. And I've been to this airport. The lower level is where you get your luggage. And then the upper floor is the area where the departures -

BALDWIN: The arrivals -

PEREZ: Right, the departures, where you would get your ticket and then go through security. The lower level is where you have the - yes, the - you've got your luggage and then you also get to taxis and buses and so on that are picking passengers up. It's a very busy airport, obviously. That terminal there is - serves Delta, Air Canada. So you've got a lot of tourists that are coming in. It's obviously high season for Fort Lauderdale. This is a big day for travel. You have cruise ships that are coming in and out of that port. So it's, you know, one of the - one of the difficulties of something like this is trying to figuring out what you're dealing with and we're not sure whether or not it was in the lower level or the upper level. We were told initially that it was in the baggage claim area, but, again, that's something that we have to check out.

BALDWIN: In the unsecured area, bottom line, is what I'm hearing from you.

PEREZ: It is in the unsecured area, correct.

BALDWIN: Rene Marsh is also on this for us.

Rene, do you have a sense as far as whether or not people are being allowed out of the airport. We've seen planes take off. What do you know?

MARSH: Well, Brooke, I do know, and I just heard from TSA, that at this hour they are in the process of allowing people back into the airport and they're re-screening passengers. That again is coming from TSA. I mean essentially what they have to do is identify who were the passengers that they need to keep aside because they have critical information to the investigation. But the passengers who did not see any of this go down, those individuals I'm told at this hour are being re-screened at this point, Brooke.

BALDWIN: So did they take everyone who was inside the airport at the time of shooting and have them leave, go back around the front and be rescreened?

MARSH: What we - our understanding is, is that terminal two was evacuated. So if you were in another terminal and perhaps you were not impacted by this shooting, you may not have been evacuated from your terminal. However, I would imagine that traffic was not allowed to come in and out of the airport at a certain point as well.


MARSH: I mean you have roadways leading into the airport. So I would imagine that that was blocked off. But the real focus here is specifically on terminal two where this shooting occurred.

BALDWIN: Got it.

If you are just joining us, let me just bring you up to speed here. There has been a shooting somewhere around the - either it's the arrivals area upstairs or the baggage claim area downstairs. This is terminal two. We're trying to figure that out. The bottom line is, in an unsecured area, right, so not anywhere before you have to go through those metal detectors.

We know that at least five people have been pronounced dead. This is according to law enforcement talking to our correspondent Evan Perez. Eight people - eight injured. We've seen a number of stretchers headed to the hospital here. You heard Rene say a lot of these passengers are having to be rescreened. We have seen some planes that have been taking off. Listen, this is a pretty major airport there in southern Florida, so that's what we're getting a sense of.

I've got a couple of voices with me, including Harry Houck, who just popped down on set with me. So I just want to go ahead and bring you in.

From your years in law enforcement, what's your assessment with this?

HARRY HOUCK, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, let's look and see what we've got first here. We've got five people that are shot.

BALDWIN: Five killed.

HOUCK: Five killed. All right. That's (INAUDIBLE) first.

BALDWIN: And I should mention, the shooter is in custody.

HOUCK: Right, the shooter is in custody.

BALDWIN: Alive, and in custody.

HOUCK: And apparently the - the shooter is - has been shot, correct?

BALDWIN: Yes, wounded.

HOUCK: That's what I'm hearing. Right. So, you know, you take a look at his - you know, this is - they said that this might be the baggage area. So we know it's nobody coming off -

BALDWIN: See these people running on that screen. Was that - how long ago was that from, control room?

This is live. This is live what's happening on the big screen here as you're seeing folks running out of what could be a terminal there in the airport. I have no idea what's going on.

HOUCK: And you - it's really hard to see what's going on.

BALDWIN: It's frightening.

HOUCK: We don't have any video -

BALDWIN: Live pictures.

HOUCK: Live pictures of the area where this occurred.

BALDWIN: Live pictures.

HOUCK: But like I was saying before, you know, if this is in the baggage area, which is pretty easy to get to. There's probably not that much security there.

BALDWIN: It's an unsecured area. We know that.

HOUCK: Right. It's a very unsecured area. So the fact that - how did the shooter arrive? We know the shooter didn't come off a plane. So that we know.

[14:25:02] BALDWIN: Do we know that?

HOUCK: Well, let's play the odds here and say that, you know, the shooter probably didn't have a gun on the plane.

BALDWIN: Right. I mean let's -

HOUCK: All right, but there's a possibly but - BALDWIN: Sure.

HOUCK: You know, let's play the odds here.


HOUCK: That's what I like to do when I'm doing analysis. I like to play the odds. What do we really have here that we're looking at, all right? And the fact that, you know, if he did arrive, did he park in an area or did he pull up with his car as if he was going to pick somebody up and -

BALDWIN: Harry, hand on. Let me just interrupt you. We've got Judah Fernandez on the phone, who's a witness, who is one of the individuals running right now.

Judah, it's Brooke, you're on CNN. Can you hear me?


BALDWIN: Can you tell me what's going on?

FERNANDEZ: It's kind of a mess right now. Honestly, we got back inside like half an hour ago. And something happened while I was on the phone waiting to chat with you. Everybody just sprinted outside again. And so we just ran out again. And we're back out on to the tarmac. I don't - I honestly don't know what's happening. But this is round two.

BALDWIN: Catch your breath for me and let me just ask, you know, if you all were let back inside the airport, what was that something that happened? Did you hear some sort of explosion? What led you to run?

FERNANDEZ: On the second time or the first?

BALDWIN: This - I know what happened the first time. There was a shooting. The second time what happened?

FERNANDEZ: The second time we just saw people running and security running again and telling us to run outside and I think people are just freaked out right now. So I don't even know if anything actually - I don't know, but people are scared. And they just started running, so everyone is running now.

BALDWIN: Where are you right now?

FERNANDEZ: We're out on the tarmac. Uh, we're just outside now again.

BALDWIN: How many people are around you, Judah?

FERNANDEZ: Sorry, I've got - (INAUDIBLE) my thoughts here.

Uh, right now a couple hundred people are out an more people are filing out, rushing out again. People are still running out on to the tarmac.

HOUCK: The fact that we saw them going back in the terminal and we're all thinking, hey, this is safe.

BALDWIN: Well, they said it was an active crime scene.

HOUCK: Right. But if it's an active crime scene and they're going back, how do they know if they cleared that area?

BALDWIN: I don't - I don't think we know.

HOUCK: How do we know if there's another shooter or -

BALDWIN: Judah - Judah, what was the sense - where were you being kept inside the airport?

FERNANDEZ: We were at our gate. There were guards, military guards, with guns and everything. They were doing a sweep. Everything looked like it was calming down. And then - and then this happened again. So I - I'm too close to it. I can't tell what's going on.

BALDWIN: I understand. And, listen, I would be - I would be freaked out too. I can't imagine being - witnessing a shooting and then being kept at an airport. I feel for you. What - where were you when the shooting happened, Judah? Were you inside?

FERNANDEZ: Yes, we were inside. We were - we were in the gate as well, but the gate is quite close where the airport is, a smaller one, so the baggage claim is really not that far from where our gate was.

BALDWIN: Did you -

FERNANDEZ: So the woman who was next to me actually running out, she saw the shooter an she actually saw him pull the gun. She ran outside with us. So she was freaking out. And completely understand. But I just - I'm just glad my wife and daughter are OK. So I'm sure everybody is just worried about their families. So -

BALDWIN: I'm glad you're OK an your wife and daughter, but hang on a second. So if where you were sitting was close to the baggage claim area, did you hear the pop pop pop of the gun?

FERNANDEZ: Sorry, you're - you're breaking up a lot. I can't -

BALDWIN: I know you're outside. I know it's windy. Let me speak up. Did you hear the shots from where you were sitting with your - with your wife and child?

FERNANDEZ: We heard something and at first - I'm thinking they were shots now in hindsight, in retrospect. We heard something and then immediately after we saw people running and screaming. But from the distance we were, we thought it could have been anything. But now I'm pretty certain what we heard were - were shots.

BALDWIN: And you said the woman sitting next to you, she was - she says she saw the shooter pull the gun?


BALDWIN: Did she -

FERNANDEZ: She wasn't - she was in baggage claim.

BALDWIN: We're - by the way, Judah, as I'm talking to you, I just want to tell our viewers, these are live pictures. Being totally transparent. I don't know what's going on. This is some kind of commotion on the tarmac. You have officials and other just individuals, it looks like, potentially passengers all rushing around to address whatever is happening. This is all part of probably this group, including Judah, who's on the phone with me, who heard something happen within inside of the airport for them to rush out again.

[14:30:14] Judah, I've got one more