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Report: Shooting Suspect in Court as New Video Surfaces; Obamacare Becomes Hot Potato for Republicans; Update on Manhunt for Orlando Cop Killer; Rand Paul Has Replacement Idea for Obamacare; Trump Replaces Longtime Inauguration Announcer

Aired January 9, 2017 - 15:30   ET


[15:30:00] BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: What did the suspect say?

BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He didn't say much. He walked into court wearing a red jumpsuit. Looked around and then mostly after he sat down at the defense table kept his head bowed. He really did not say much during the whole proceeding this morning. The federal judge asked him if he understood his rights, if he could remain silent throughout the proceedings. He said he understood.

Then she read the charges against him. Three charges, two of which you mentioned carrying a potential maximum penalty of capital punishment, She asked if he understands that. Then he said yes. Then they moved into the process of appointing him an attorney. He asked for a court appointed attorney. She asked him a series of questions about his finances. Most importantly we learned he was last employed in November working as a security officer. Before that he mentioned that he was enlisted in the military, serving in the army for almost ten years.

One interesting note that she asked him was how much money do you have in your possession? Do you have any assets? He said no and said he only had 5 to $10 with him. So, one of the last things that he purchased the last remaining money of him being employed was that airline ticket to come here to Fort Lauderdale, Brooke. Aside from that he was appointed an attorney. And then questions began about whether or not he should receive bail. Ultimately, it was decided he would have a hearing next Tuesday to determine whether or not he will get bail. It is highly unlikely in this case.

BALDWIN: Quickly, we still don't know why Fort Lauderdale, correct?

SANCHEZ: We don't. In an affidavit first down released by the FBI on Saturday it was revealed he specifically came here to carry out the attack, booked a one-way ticket from Alaska to come here to do that. We don't know why he picked this area.

BALDWIN: Awful. Boris Sanchez, thank you so much in Florida for us.

Coming up next, attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions sits down tomorrow for what is set to be a fiery confirmation hearing. We have new details on how he is preparing for that.

Also, ahead, how the tables are turning on Obamacare. The Democratic liability now turning into a political hot potato for Republicans, and what they plan to do about it.


BALDWIN: Let's go to Orlando. A news conference on the manhunt looking for this person to killed a police officer.

BUDDY DYER, MAYOR, ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Residents and businesses in this area to be patient as we work to secure this area. Additionally, we would ask all of our residents that have police officers in their neighborhoods to please listen to the directions of any police officers or other law enforcement agents that in our community. Residents living outside the immediate area can continue with their day but if you see something say something. Also, want to thank the media today for working with us to provide the community with critical information that they need so they can know that they are safe and secure in their neighborhoods.

I have spoken with chief Mina and sheriff Demings and I am very confident that the actions being taken today are appropriate to keep you safe and to find this criminal. Chief Mina will give you some more details.

JOHN MINA, POLICE CHIEF, ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Thank you, Mayor, and good afternoon, we wanted to provide you some additional information and some updates about the homicide of master sergeant Debra Clayton this morning. So, while on duty master sergeant Clayton was approached by someone who advised her that was a murder suspect close by the Walmart. She attempted to make contact and was shot and killed by Markeith Lloyd.

We know that Debra returned fire but we do not believe the suspect was hit or injured by her gunfire. Back up officers arrived at the scene within 28 seconds. Again, we do have probable cause for the arrest of Lloyd for first degree murder of a law enforcement officer and additionally attempted murder of a sheriff's deputy captain Joe Carter. The Orlando police department, the Orange County sheriff's office SWAT teams and hundreds of officers and deputies have been vigilantly pursuing all leads in searching for Markeith Lloyd.

We have searched dozens of apartments and residences in an effort to the suspect and bring him in. we have deployed officers and detectives who specialize in looking for suspects who try to avoid capture. And we are using every resource possible to find him and arrest him. We want the community to know if you are assisting Markeith Lloyd evade capture you will be criminally charged. I can assure that we will not rest until Markeith Lloyd is behind bars.

If you don't need to be in the area of the Brookside apartments, that is 5575 Centerlane Parkway, please ty to avoid that area. There is a large police presence there and we actively continuing to search that area. I do want to say although Markeith Lloyd is very dangerous our community is protected by one of the best agencies in the nation. And together with the Orange County sheriff's office our officers are going to continue to risk their lives for this community.

And this loss only strengthens our resolve to fight for justice in this community. Master sergeant Deborah Clayton grew up here and she deeply cared about this community. She was involved in many community engagement efforts and was always the first to step up and volunteer to help kids. She was married and had one son who is in college.

[15:40:00] We have teams in place to assist sergeant Clayton and her family and in all the ways possible during this difficult time and we have family liaisons that are going to be at their side continuously as they make plans for laying her to rest. There will be a fund set up soon and we will provide those details to the public. Our officers who responded this morning and our whole OPD family is grieving. We will ensure that everyone gets counseling and any other assistance they need.

The officers who worked day in and day out on the squad they will be off until next week. And many officers have stepped up to fill their roles so they can take time to grieve for their friend. Again, if anyone has information they are urged to call 911 or crimeline as you can see the reward is now $60,000. We want Markeith Lloyd arrested and behind bars. I want this community to know the safety and security of our residents and visitors is our top priority.

Our officers in the face of this very personal tragedy today remain committed to doing their jobs. And they remain on the street despite risk to their own lives. And I can't be more proud of the Orlando Police Department. So right now, we will take some questions.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: If the suspect is watching right now, access to TV what do you want to say to him? What do you want to let him know?

MINA: Markeith Lloyd needs to turn himself in. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. He needs to call and turn himself in now so we can bring this to a peaceful resolution.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Chief Mina, do you believe there are people out there hiding him right now?

MINA: I believe there have been people out there helping him all along. He has been wanted for several weeks now for a murder. So, certainly people continue to help him. And if we find out about those people, we will criminally charge them.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: The mayor mentioned that a citizen had approached the sergeant to notify her about this suspect. Do you have more details about the encounter? Was she on duty? In uniform, in a car?

MINA: Sergeant Clayton was on duty. She was in full police uniform. She was at the Walmart and she was approached by a citizen who knew Markeith Lloyd and knew that he was wanted for murder. She saw Sergeant Clayton and approached her and said hey that guy is wanted for murder. Sergeant Clayton immediately called that out over the radio and attempted to locate him. There was a short foot pursuit. And as soon as she said "stop" he basically opened fire on her. She returned fire. Officers were there within 28 seconds. And from there you know that he fled to the area of Pine Hills and North Lane to an apartment complex up there. Carjacked a victim, took that car to the Brookside apartments. And that's where he was last seen. That's why there is a large police presence. We are focusing our attention on that. We want to make sure he is not there before we do leave that area. I'll just say that we need the community's help. If someone knows something. We are hoping that someone calls and lets us know where he is.

BALDWIN: Incredibly tragic day in the Orlando area. Of course, in our country. This is the first law enforcement officer who has been shot and killed on duty so far in the year 2017. Her name, master sergeant Debra Clayton, 17-year veteran, mother of two. She was killed, as you just heard the police chief explain how she was trying to help this woman who had notified her she had seen this man who has been wanted for murder. The man -- let me reiterate what the police officer said just then. Markeith Lloyd needs to turn himself in. If you know anything about his whereabouts of course call police.

Now two deaths. Another officer who was killed in a crash responding to the search, this massive manhunt underway for this individual, and finally this mother of two. You can see the approximate of the coffin draped with the American flag as it was pulled out of the hospital today. -- the picture of the coffin draped with the American plastic bag as it was pulled out of the hospital today.


BALDWIN: Senator Rand Paul is firing back at critics who say Republicans don't have a plan to replace Obamacare. Any delay in getting a new program would leave millions of people wondering what to do about his or her health care. But the Senator from Kentucky says there should be a vote or replacement the same day there is a vote for repeal. Today he told Wolf Blitzer he is close to an answer.


RAND PAUL, SENATOR, KENTUCKY: I do think we should vote on replacement the same day. I'm putting together a bill. It's virtually completed. It will be full of consensus opinions on replacement. The most amount of people for the least amount of cost. It allows three main areas for replace member. One that we legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance so everybody can buy. We help people save so you can buy insurance through health savings accounts and they allow individuals to join groups so they can spread their risk and get a better product. If you put those three things together as well as tax changes I think you can get a product that virtually everybody agrees to.


BALDWIN: Let's begin with our CNN national political report MJ Lee who is live, also with us Dana Bash our CNN chief political correspondent. Ladies, good to see both of you. MJ, I read your reporting first thing this morning on Obamacare. You know how Democrats were so criticized by not asking for help or advice from the GOP when they were passing it. Now the roles are reversed.

[15:50:00] MJ LEE, CNN, NATIONAL POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: That's right. This is a major role reversal on Obamacare. Just to take you back to seven years ago, remember, when President Obama signed the affordable care act into law not a single Republican in Congress voted for that bill. Not in the house. Not in the Senate. And this is why Obamacare for so many years has been such a contention -- contentious issue because the Democrats created it without by bipartisan support.

Now the Republicans are in a similar position. They are now in position to repeal Obamacare and they have already gotten the ball rolling on that as you know, but we do not expect any Democrats to help Republicans in going through with these repeal efforts. And this is why Republicans are being so careful about how they move forward, because they do not want to essentially take the entire blame if there are disruptions in millions of peoples' health insurance coverages. They don't want to get politically hamstringed and accused of playing this partisan role that Democrats have been accusing Republicans of this whole time. I should also note that replacing Obamacare is going to be much more difficult than repealing whatever comes after the repeal, senators will need 60 votes in the Senate. That will be a difficult task. We heard President Obama saying last week to Democrats, do not help the Republicans.

BALDWIN: Despite all that, they say it's the top priority, right? The Obamacare, as Obama said. Let's call it Trump care. You have that. Dana, to you, looking ahead to the confirmation battles. You have attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. It was click bait and I totally clicked on it. You and Abigail, you got it. Doesn't necessarily stay in the Senate. What do you mean by that?

DAN BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Senator Sessions, we found this in talking to high-ranking Democrats. Like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, number two. They know and like Jeff Sessions and seem to have gotten to know and like him in the Senate gym. If only we could have a camera in the Senate gym.

BALDWIN: Or not.

BASH: Or not. Fair point. Dick Durbin talked about he worked on legislation to reduce sentencing for crack cocaine, mandatory sentencing, because of a conversation they had in the locker room of all places. Having said that that doesn't mean the Democrats or most others will vote for him, but it means that they've gotten to know him beyond the things said about Jeff Sessions, particularly from some of his experiences 30 years ago. The other interesting thing, because he is a member of the Senate club, is he has formed alliances with even Republicans who agree with them on almost nothing. Susan Collins, Republican from Maine, a moderate will introduce Jeff Sessions at his hearing tomorrow. I had a chance to talk to her about it. Let's listen.


SUSAN COLLINS, SENATOR, MAINE: I don't know what happened more than 30 years ago. But I do know that Jeff Sessions, that I have worked with in the past 20 years. I want a person of integrity and experience. And Jeff Sessions has all of those characteristics and qualities.


BASH: And he is not taking anything for granted, Brooke. I am told he has been prepping incredibly hard, even this weekend he was in his office in -- on the capitol complex with staff, with transition officials, continuing to do what they call murder boards, which is just question, question, question, answer, answer, answer without taking a break and has been doing some version of that since before Christmas to prepare for tomorrow.

BALDWIN: That's what they call these. Murder boards. Getting ready. He starts tomorrow. Dana Bash. Thank you so much as always.

Coming up next here on CNN. President-elect Donald Trump replaces the man who has served as the announcer for every Presidential inauguration since Eisenhower. That man joins me live with his reaction and his advice for his replacement.


BALDWIN: For the last 60 years one man and one man only has been a fixture at every Presidential inauguration. He is Charlie Brotman. You may not know him, but his unique voice has ushered in the last 11 American Presidents.



The President of the United States, Barack Obama.


BALDWIN: Charlie Brotman has been the voice of the inaugural parade since 1957, but not this year. The Trump administration says they have hired another man for the job. Charlie Brotman is good enough to join me now. Mr. Bratman, thank you so much! How are you, sir?

BROTMAN: Nothing is forever, right?

BALDWIN: I suppose not. I suppose not. How -- when you found out, how did you feel?

BROTMAN: I believe the word is probably traumatized. I was in shock. And I really felt terrible. The thing I understand fixes everything is time. So, under those circumstances, I have been fortunate to have received several comments from other television stations, radio stations. This is something that I have, looking forward to, really, but just never happened. But they got another professional, and he is good, and I am sure it will be fine.

BALDWIN: Hang on, Charlie. Before we get to this other professional. This is the Charlie show as far as I'm concerned for the next four minutes here. And let me just stay on you.


BALDWIN: Did they tell you why you weren't picked?

BROTMAN: I have to be creative here. I asked the officials, and not one of them told me a reason. But when I -- what I find out later is that the new announcer was -- he was -- with Trump, and Trump kind of likes this young man, and basically is saying, look, you have done some really good work for me as a volunteer. Is there anything I can do for you? And it's kind of like, maybe this young man is saying, yeah, I would like to be -- I am a professional announcer, and I would like to announce yours.

BALDWIN: I understand it. So, he got the gig and, you know, we all have to move on in some form or fashion. Can I just ask you? My goodness, your first President was Eisenhower. What about being the inaugural parade announcer. What does it do for you? Why is it so magical?

BROTMAN: It's great for my ego. What happens, it started so many years ago, I have since announced 15 consecutive parades. Ten different Presidents. I mean, it's one of those things that I see very talented people on television, and I say, Charlie, you can't do any of that stuff. So, it makes me feel better when I say, well, maybe I can do something that they can't do. I have no idea what it is, but maybe.

BALDWIN: I think there's something to it for you to do 15 in a row. Do you have any particular memory, any which one was a favorite for you?

BROTMAN: Yes. President Reagan was a very good one because he had half of Hollywood here, and it made me feel good just to be rubbing shoulders with famous people. The other would be Kennedy. Kennedy was spectacular. And he -- it was Eisenhower that I started with, and he was a military man and really didn't care much about parades. I found out later that the parade itself is an example or an extension of the President's personality. If he is a military man, it will be not a real exciting parade. But if it's -- one of the other fellows that has a personality, is gregarious, and really wants to make this a terrific event, then it will happen.

BALDWIN: Charlie Bratman, listen, it's been an honor to have you on. 15 Presidents, or 15 inaugurations, that's not nothing as some say. So, congratulations for all those amazing years.

BROTMAN: Thank you very much. The one thing I did find out, Presidents are just like you and me. Nice guys.

BALDWIN: There you go.