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Third Terror Attack in U.K. in Less than 3 Months; London Terror Attack; Police Fired 'Unprecedented' Number Of Rounds. Aired 11-Midnight

Aired June 03, 2017 - 23:00   ET


[23:00:00] ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: And now going on almost six hours for plaque (ph) and standby.

Breaking news here at CNN. We want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world. I'm Ana Cabrera.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: And I'm John Berman. If you're just joining us, we want to update you on the breaking news. New developments just in, London police just confirmed six people are dead, three attackers also killed following what was one terrorist incident, one long terrorist incident that began on a bridge and end it in a restaurant. This is what we know.

First, police say a van, we just got our first pictures of it, a van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge. One eyewitness describes the vehicle speeding, swerving, hitting several people, tossing one person some 20 feet in the air. The witness says it appears as though the van was purposefully aiming for pedestrians. And then afterwards, people were laying on the ground not moving. That was followed by the stabbing attack at Borough Market, that's a restaurant just south of the bridge.

CABRERA: Yes, and images from the scene of what could be two of the assailants on the ground, one clearly wearing some sort of vest. British Prime Minister Theresa May is convening her crisis response team in the morning. And important to note of that vest, we're now learning, again, from the update, police just had moments ago that the assailants were wearing what looks like explosive vest which upon further investigation appeared to be fake.

And President Trump is also speaking out tonight. He has been briefed by his own national security team. He tweeted this, "Not long after this incident began to unfold, whatever the United States can do to help out in London and the U.K., we will be there. We are with you. God bless."

BERMAN: This is the third terrorist attack to strike the United Kingdom in the last three months. A man drove a car in the pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in March and then, of course, there was a bombing attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester less than two weeks ago. A memorial concert for the Manchester victims that was planned for

tomorrow, for Sunday, no word yet on if that concert will still take place.

CABRERA: And we have also learned now from the hospital reporting that at least 20 people were transported to the hospital, it's like different hospitals in that area. CNN International Diplomatic Editor, Nic Robertson, is joining us now.

Nic, you have been there now for several hours on the scene. Set the scene, what you're seeing now and who you've been talking to, what you've heard about the terror of the event in the last few hours.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Well, we can still hear a helicopter hovering above us. This situation on the perimeter here that the police caught on does seem to be settling down. People in this neighborhood is still trying to get back to their homes for some limits, still not possible. People we've talked to that witnessed the parts of the attack, hearing the shots, being told to run and leave the area by police as we came into the area here, an absolutely chaotic. And I think situation, police -- sort of a athelings of police moving down the center of the road and riot gear towards the Borough Market from where we were. Then they turned, they arrested a man, they run at high speed, chase everyone including us out of the area, and police moved in.

But that situation, as I say, that was chaotic before has very much come down at the moment. 20 people, as we know, are being treated for injuries in hospital, numbers of others treated by the medical services on the bridge. And I perceive as well, not -- they didn't need to be taken to hospital.

The emergency services declared that a major operation, that's a terminology they use here for a large-scale event and as we've heard that, the casualties dispersed to six different hospitals that is normal in London to maximize and speed the trauma treatment that the people -- the injured casualties can receive.

And it's very likely going to be a significant amount of time before the police can begin to at least open up the center of the coding (ph) area. But the British Prime Minister Theresa May at her Cobra meeting her security meeting where she'll have her intelligence chiefs, defense chiefs, police chiefs, transport minister is often a person who attends that meeting as well.

She will, perhaps, be breathing something of a sigh, a relief to know that all the attackers were dead. This will certainly allow the police now to begin the very important calculations of who was behind them, who are they connected to, is there a potential follow-on threat immediately from this. This will be part of her consideration as she figures out whether it's necessary to raise the terror threat level. But at the moment, the security level at the moment, of course, severe, meaning an attack highly probable (ph) to taking up to critical as we saw just last week would mean that a threat was potentially imminent. [23:05:00] But now we know as well that it wasn't real explosives in

those -- in the vest of the men were wearing. That, again, will mitigate against potentially the threat level going up, because it would mean or imply at least that there wasn't the possibility of a bomb factory and other explosives being produced. Meaning, therefore, that there could be another catastrophic type of attack.

So all of these factors are going to play into the meeting this morning. But of course, this -- as we've all been saying through these hours, this really is only the very beginning of the investigation. But by now, the police should have the identities, know the identities and at least some of the background of the men who they shot dead tonight, committing this heinous attack.

BERMAN: That is a crucial piece of information. Nic Robertson, standby, we're going to talk about that in just a moment.

I do want to bring you one new bit of news we just gotten there now. 30 people are being treated in local hospitals in London, that's in addition to six people killed between the bridge and the restaurant. We don't know how the breakdown is there. But 30 people right now are being treated inside hospitals.

Want to bring in Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst. Again, we just got a great deal of information from Scotland Yard.


BERMAN: Six innocent people dead, three assailants dead. They drove the van across London Bridge, straight to Borough Market, started stabbing people. A number of people were stabbed there, but after the stab is within eight minutes, the British police were on the scene. There are London police on the scene shooting the assailants dead.

And as Nic Robertson pointed out and Juliette, you pointed out, they now know who these people are presumably.


BERMAN: They are now hunting down on any leads that may come from these people. We've been hearing explosions over several hours that we were hearing explosions, or loud bangs at least when that -- within the neighborhood. You know, I don't know if the assailants lived in that neighborhood. But it's not impossible that that was law enforcement going to their -- you know, tracing their -- to their homes maybe and inspecting them.

KAYYEM: That's exactly right. And remember, after almost all of these terrorist attacks, there is just a broad sweep as there should be to neighborhoods, family, friends, roommates, colleagues. And there'll be more arrests as we saw after Manchester, then maybe there are guilty. Even after Manchester, there were series of arrests and some of those people were let go. That's to be expected in the first 24 to 36 hours after a terror attack.

So, this is what's interesting and somewhat unique, which appears to be a three-person suicide mission. I mean, there's no way that the three of them could have planned that and thought that they could have gotten away with anything but death. They were certainly well aware of the British response capabilities as Nic was just reporting on how quickly the police were there, and that they were shot dead.

That is very different than a lone-wolf suicide attackers, say, Orlando as we've seen or even possibly Manchester, although he clearly had ties or support. Three men at the same time, simultaneously, is what we're familiar with or what we know from sort of some of the bigger attacks, say, 9/11 and others.

But just to make it clear that that -- this -- I wouldn't use the term lone wolf right now, the three men willing to be killed in a suicide mission. So whether they had help, we don't know yet. But, the terminology, we have to just be really careful about because this is different.

The other issue I just want to say is that this is ongoing in another respect. We were talking about this before the break. Scotland Yard is trying to get out lots of information. They clearly have more dead than originally thought and more in the hospital than originally reported. That is also common in these kinds of incidents because things are happening so fast.

Their biggest problem is they need to, unfortunately, match those who are dead or hurt with family members. And so what you saw, that Scotland Yard and certainly what you're seeing on social media is a real strong attempt at what we call in my world as, you know, family unification. You've got to get people got connected with their kids, connected with their family members, their roommates, because then, you'll have a sense of who, in fact, needs to be matched with whom. It is just sort of the tragedy of cases like this. So you saw Scotland Yard saying you just need to call home, get home, let your parents know that you're fine because they're just being inundated out with phone calls right now.

CABRERA: And Juliette, in this incident, we were seeing all these emergency responders really react extremely, quickly. We're learning now over 80 of the medics in the hospitals responded to the incident, including ambulance crews, paramedics, specialist response --


CABRERA: -- and advanced trauma teams, London's Air Ambulance. Now the latest numbers are 30 patients are being treated at five hospitals.

[00:10:00] We're also learning one of the people who were injured in this was an officer who is responding to the incident at London Bridge. Statement coming from that police saying he received serious but not life-threatening injuries. But his injury came from being stabbed by one of these people as they left the vehicle once they hit the Borough Market area.

James Gagliano, one interesting detail we also learned is that those vest that so many people have described as a -- what they believed to be were suicide vest were in their word the police words hopes is.

JAMES GAGLIANO, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Sure and I think part of that is they wanted to appear to be more heavily laden with -- with death and destruction than they were.

Let's understand the rules of engagement for law enforcement. In the United States, let's say there's a similar incident were somebody is wearing what appears to be suicide vest, noncompliance allows an officer to use deadly. So if you have somebody that's wearing what appears to be a vest and they're not complying with you, they could have a detonator in their hand that with law enforcement has to be hyper focused on the situations.

That there's two types of detonators. One is a plunger that you would use your thumb and just press down and would set it all, the other type is a pressure type which means the attacker could have them in his hands, and if you shoot the attacker and he expires his hands come off of the plunger igniting the vest.

So this is all the kind of calculus that the law enforcement, the first responders have to deal with this, it means that --

CABRERA: Because they don't know if the vests are fake at the time they're responding.

GAGLIANO: -- they don't know and again we go back thug-of-war, this is a volatile uncertain complex ambiguous situation in those first responders are trying to do this mental calculus all at once with all these different things happening during the thug-of-war.

Very difficult to do. If this ends up being the total count, six dead is horrific as that is. Think about what one guy in Nice, France did with the truck, killed 86. So right now these numbers stay in this area (ph). It's a tragedy and it's horrific. But gosh to David's point he could have been so much worse.

BERMAN: Again, the latest news, six dead, three assailants also killed. Six dead, 30 people being treated right now in hospitals of the van or some kind of a rental that plowed through people on London Bridge. And then three assailants drove that bandits of Borough Market stabbing several people were told there in a local restaurant inside and outside that local restaurant. We don't know the breakdown of the deaths on the bridge, and restaurant.

David Rohde, and Juliette Kayyem but really interesting points sort of opposing themes here, you see what attackers can do with just a van and some knives, the upheaval confusion they can caused in one night.

On the one hand, a somewhat simplistic attack. On the other hand the fact that there were three of them, the fact that there were three of them does tell you something.

DAVID ROHDE, CNN GLOBAL AFFAIRS ANALYST: Yes, and it's how difficult is to trace these -- these groups, these people want to try this out, with they just had this massive attack in Manchester, they had a nationwide manhunt, they made all these arrests. You know, they were looking for people who might be inspired to do this and yet these three were somehow missed.

And it's -- I think the police did a tremendous job responding to this, but there will be questions responding, you know, the incident itself, but there will be questions about how are these three missed, who are they. In its and this is where it's virtually impossible --


BERMAN: So often were say there were miss.

ROHDE: -- cruel (ph) lessons.

BERMAN: So often it turns out they were on the radar so to speak.


BERMAN: More often than not at this point, what we seen in the last year and not just in Great Britain but in France and in Belgium everywhere else, is that these people were known --


BERMAN: -- towards often, were known to authorities of whatever reason they work in custody.

ROHDE: The key question would be did they travel abroad, again are keep talking about the Manchester attackers is warning signs there sophisticated, bomb, travel abroad, contact with ISIS. You know that those are -- that's really alarming.

CABRERA: And we heard from Paul Cruickshank earlier who is on the ground their in London and according to his sources that they are trying to track from 3,000 people currently that are on their radar who they're trying to keep tags on, trying to have a better understanding of exactly what their intentions are. And then had back to a total of 20,000 that they've been tracking in recent years.

That gives you a sense, James of just how difficult this could be for law enforcement in today's day and age with the threat that is out there.

GAGLIANO: It is literally trying to distill the needle in a haystack. And in the west, you know, we have a rule of law that basically states, we're not allowed to arrest people on potential to commit a crime.

So to John's point, yes these folks run no-fly list, yes they're on our radar, yes they're folks that are under surveillance. But we don't have enough resources to put, you know, person on every person we have under suspicion. And in the United States as well as in the UK you can arrest people just because you think they might have a propensity to commit a crime.

[23:14:59] BERMAN: And again another good news from the state of Scotland Yard is that officials do believe that they have killed all the assailants that directly involved in this attack. So, you know, the hunt for more, the hunt for people on the run that appears to be over.

CABRERA: But the investigation is just beginning and we're -- again learning the latest information that six people were killed by the attackers. At this time it's unclear if those were people who were run over by the van or these are people who are stabbed. We know these attackers had a two-pronged approach in that regard where they did plow into people who were on the -- on London Bridge this evening and then they drove the van into the Borough Market and they got out with their knives, and heard from witnesses on the scene that they witness people being stab with those knives.

We just heard a few minutes ago from senior police officials who spoke to reporters at Scotland Yard, we want to play that for you and in its entirety. Take a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good morning. Since later yesterday evening on Saturday the 3rd of June, the Metropolitan Police has been responding to incidents in London Bridge and Borough Market areas of London. We are treating this as a terrorist incident and a full investigation is already underway, led by London's Counter Terrorism Command.

You will understand that our knowledge of the incident is still growing, but at the moment what we understand is this follows. As eight minutes past 10 last night, we began to receive reports that a vehicle had struck pedestrians on London Bridge. The vehicle continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market. The suspects left the vehicle, attempting to stab a number of people including an on-duty British Transport Police officer who was responding to the incident and he received serious injuries, of course but not life- threatening. His family has been informed.

Armed respond officers, they responded very quickly and bravely and confronted the three male suspects who were shot and killed in Borough Market. The suspects had been confronted and shot by police within eight minutes of the first call. The suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests, but these were later established to be hoaxes. The ongoing operation is led by the Met, working closely with British Transport Police, City of London Police, the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Services.

At this stage, we believe that sadly six people have died in addition to the three attackers shot dead by police. And there at least 20 casualties taken to six hospitals across London, but numbers are still rising.

I'd like to repeat our request for Londoners to avoid the following areas of London Bridge and Borough Market, to enable the emergency services to continue this operation.

The investigation as I've said is led by the Counter Terrorism Command and we'd ask for help from the public in the following way, anybody who's got the images or film from the incident tonight pass people in the area, they can help by uploading it to You find that (inaudible) on various news feeds.

And of course our thoughts with those who are involved and those who are concerned about loved ones in the area. They should be contact the Casualty Bureau which is open 0800 0961 233. So again if your worried about something in the area, 0800-0961-233.

Looking forward, we are of course reviewing our plans, policing stance across London and over the forthcoming days people can expect to see more police resources across the Capital.

Finally, I'd ask the public to vigilant and contact the police if they got any concerns.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Commissioner, can you please tell us as this instance -- this instance completely over now?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Our current belief is that there were three attackers, but this is early on, so we still got some inquires to work through to be completely competence about that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There were three attackers in the vehicle, so the attackers from the vehicle have already been killed?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So this is a protracted incident, that starts on the bridge and finishes in Borough Market and we believe three people were involved that we still got some more inquires to do to be 100 sync competence in that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you tell us anything more about the attacks where the people were killed?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is still, your asking for -- I can't tell that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're still getting to the bottom exactly what's going on, the number of casualties and it still quite a complex scene as you look from this from a little upset, we're still dealing with the fact that we suspected at one state to the explosives will be last night (inaudible).

Last question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you tell us a little bit more about the people who were involved in the operation to bring down these terrorist?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So the public were aware that we have strengthen the police presence across London in recent years. So we got or more response vehicles to hence and it's also are response vehicle are out driving in London, day in and day out to protect the public, they responded quickly, brave they confronted these three individuals shot them and they're all dead.

(END VIDEOTAPE) [23:20:09] BERMAN: So six people dead in this protracted attack that began on London Bridge and ended with a series of stabbings in Borough Market. Six innocent people dead and three assailants killed shot dead by police some eight minutes after the stabbing.

They were on the scene very, very quickly 30 people now in the hospital being treated, the sun about to rise in London. New developments coming in. We'll take a quick break, we'll be right back.


BERMAN: All right, the breaking news we have new pictures in this is what appears to be the van, this was the van that three assailants used to drive in the pedestrians walking across London Bridge several hours ago now they were out on Saturday night. People were enjoying the night out to dinner, out for drinks and then this van driven by three assailants plowed through them on London Bridge, the van kept on driving into Borough Market.

The assailants got out, began stabbing people in the restaurant area there, and then within eight minutes British police were on the scene and shot the three assailants dead.

CABRERA: Though the eight minutes sound like an eternity to people who were in that area who we've talked to -- talk to several eyewitnesses tonight first on London Bridge and then some folks who were in the Borough Market actually witness these assailants during the height of the chaos and confusion in terror in this part of London.

We spoke with Amanda and Jack Applebee who was there as it unfolded and he described what he saw, and what he heard. Let's listen.

JACK APPLEBEE, WITNESS: Let's say, we were just saw of that, so I have a few friends and it was sort of crazy in that. So people just kept running down the street and this one goes.

[23:25:00] So I say and they're stopping everyone, they're stopping people and honestly just turned around. Our customers, don't -- but a customers and I set everyone to the back -- to a back by, so it's trying to keep it just as quick as we can.

And literally run just got off the CR (ph), rush mode at back and then it just so -- yes you let think of the time and just so went to go and grab the keys to the shelter and just so try to shutdown.

And I literally turn that ground and there was these three men standing they (inaudible) and they have this sort of belt on. We didn't really -- they just look to us and I just didn't know what to do. Everyone who saw at the back of the restaurant and they just saw Harry (ph) going back down to the street and men a colleague run to the front and we saw (inaudible) and I just saw if manage to get the shot down, we just saw a look at the shot down on my store as far as we could and it was like might panic and let this out was just about and slows usual and the we just saw everyone got lock inside and we left to shutdown but when we look (inaudible) pretty about five minutes, were everyone was in the back and which everyone is worried like we don't know there's no way to get in the shelter.

But about five minutes later, there were just gun shots everywhere and everyone is upstairs, lots are trying to keep down and we just try to keep everyone calm and all stuff. Everyone is so -- everyone did really good job honestly. It was like -- it was a moment of absolute panic.

And then for about an hour and a half, we hurry upstairs and there's just gun shots going everywhere with what was seeing to believe might be a suicide vest, so everyone saw it with everyone in the store and (inaudible) and everyone's all kept down and just saw if handed that water to everyone and just saw and try to keep everyone OK.

It was just crazy and then next an hour a half later, police (inaudible), they called for me to come give the keys after the shot and everyone gets so escorted out that immediately hands on the headline running to shot.

It was just yes so crazy.

CABRERA: So Jack, did you hear two separate times what sound it to be gun shots?

APPLEBEE: It was more than twice I say, only about six and seven times we heard gunshots going off down the street. It's time we left three or four may be more gun shots at the time that first one, but we heard about 10, 15 gunshots.

CABRERA: And where exactly did you see these men in the back that you describe? Where they were right outside your restaurant or away the way and what were they doing?

APPLEBEE: There were two men one of which we saw in the resto, which luckily one of my colleague, he was so good he is right, is a lot (inaudible), he's actually a good guy like he was just -- he was going to see when he was there or he just saw, he just tell everyone he said he saw the vest and told everyone to get back, get that one card. And he told me what it was and we just put everyone to safety.

BERMAN: Jack --

APPLEBEE: He's in the floor with this look like vest and we just worried about explosion.

BERMAN: Yes, Jack didn't look like a suicide vest? Didn't it look like what you see pictures of suicide vest where there wires, where there explosives --


APPLEBEE: No they saw like lot of pockets its all around them like, just saw around the stomach really, but nothing, nothing went also -- there were police -- there were police lights all on the body that making sure that move out of the police seem to do a really good job very quickly.

And I didn't see -- I didn't see you see any actual casualties or injuries that all of our customers were OK, I'm just so glad they never came in and --


APPLEBEE: We got to shot down because if we can't get them shot down, when they were shooting them they died outside of the restaurant, if they run in and something I don't know.

BERMAN: A little bit of a closer look now at photo of what we believed to be one of the assailants on the ground there, we can see perhaps I think the vest that you're describing there Jack, the picture of this man's face a little blurry. Can you give us a sense of how old these individuals look? Did you get -- look at both of them or just one?

APPLEBEE: Yes, I mean we just saw -- it was clear them outside probably about 30 or 30 years old or something. But are just so surprising never actually came in, they just I mean I take took of section of door. And that point everyone just saw, we didn't (inaudible), we don't know what was going on.

So it just did what we can and just so I keep everyone aside of the --


APPLEBEE: Just -- if I come in, they could have cause so much destruction and just -- yes a moment of something -- something so I guess.

CABRERA: Jack did you see police officers actually engage these suspects?

APPLEBEE: We don't get to see it, because we have a showdown and --


APPLEBEE: -- and we heard it, I mean everyone -- I mean everyone was pretty fright that we just struck it at once as we could.

BERMAN: And that was Jack Applebee, a restaurant owner in the area there who kept people safe within his restaurant for some 90 minutes until police told it was safe to come out.

[00:30:00] You heard Jack there speaking about the vest that he saw and when you can see on the assailants down on the ground here, a vest that (inaudible) was a suicide vest. At first we were not quite sure what it was as we're looking at these pictures for some time.

Mark Rowley from Scotland Yard and a statement just a short time ago, said these assailants were wearing what looked like explosive vest which upon further investigation appeared to be fake. So if there were meant to look like explosive vest, they were not in fact that. So that clears up that, a bit of information. I want to go back down to the ground in London, the sun is actually about to come up it is getting brighter and brighter after a very difficult night there. We're joined by CNN senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen who's been up all night in London.

Fred, look I imagine it was a sleepless night for many if not most in London if they did manage to sleep they're waking up to the news now not just that six people are dead, six innocent people are dead. But if they're worried about assailants on the run, all three assailants believed to be killed from this incident.

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, you know, John I think one of the things that they'll also be waking up to adhering about, and I think could be quite happy about it in all of this, this big tragedy that's happened is a fact that the London police dealt with this threat very, very quickly.

What are the things that you guys were talking about is that apparently they were engaged by armed police officers, within about eight minutes sort of all of this happening and that's certainly something that probably led to the fact that there's a lot less corners in there potentially could have been had they not reacted as quickly. But I can tell you from having been here the entire night that there was a long period of time what was really unclear whether or not there might still be further assailants somewhere at large.

It was a big police presence here, it still is a quite day. But also a lot of chaos here. We saw a lot of people were being evacuated from that immediate cordon off area, some of them with their hands over their heads as they were coming out because they want to make clear to the police they were not any sort of assailants or people going to do something with this.

[23:30:00] And then also there are people who were being questioned by police officers, that's not might spell (ph), spoke to an eyewitness who said he was on had as people were stopped and searched and frisked by police officers to see whether or not they had anything to do with this.

So very difficult for the police to ascertain in the early minutes after this happen and we got here on the scene that whether or not there might be more than these three assailants even thought they built very quickly without threat. And also the fact that this took place in two separate locations, it was really unclear at the beginning whether these were two very separate attacks or whether this were the same people who use that van to plow across London Bridge which again is only about 8,200 yards from where were standing right -- right now.

And then went on to that different location in the Borough Market which is very, very close by. And continued that attacks. With the beginning stages a lot of chaos and that makes all the more remarkable that these police officers were able to take these people out eliminate that threat as fast as they did, John.

CABRERA: Yes, eight minutes is all it took from Wednesday. First got the report of an incident unfolding first on London Bridge, that 11 then to Borough Market where that van apparently crash and the suspects got out with their knife and started stabbing people.

We're now learning one of those people who were stab but survived was on-duty British transport police officer who is responding to the incident at London Bridge. He received serious but not life- threatening injury according to the met police statement that was release. And now the hospital say they are treating 30 people who suffered injuries at five different hospital. And so the night still young (ph) and early morning people waking up with a lot of fear and lot of healing that needs to be done.

I want to bring back panel our Juliette Kayyem and James Gagliano and David Rohde. Juliette, now that we know there were at least three believed to be three people who were involved all three of them were shot and killed by law enforcement within eight minutes of the response here, what does that signify to you that there are more than one person and the obviously were coordinating this acting together first in the van and then on foot with knives.

KAYYEM: That is exactly right, so this would not be your traditional sort of lone wolf attacking like Orlando, is how we often -- the Orlando attacker how we often think about it three man coordinated, you know, at least two sites to kill people. They appear to have -- you know, they not only rented a van and got it, they did so in a malicious fashion. In other words once they got stopped by the van they then go into the -- into the restaurant or bar and kill people.

So this is not -- I would not use the term lone wolf, although I don't think we know now whether there are ties to any outside group. That's not surprising to me, ISIS no ones declared that they are taking, you know, credit for this. ISIS generally wait -- waits 12 to 14 hours.

[23:34:58] So I would expect something by Sunday afternoon. But remember we're in the second week of Ramadan, this was anticipated to be a violent Ramadan because ISIS was promoting these kinds of attacks. It's not surprising unfortunately. So we will just have to wait and see.

I will say just one thing on the reaction by the first responders, this is what they train for - you know, the number of hospitals that, you know, people often wonder what did they all day? Well a lot of what they do is training and exercises. This is the world I lived in. So the fact that many hospitals are open is because you essentially don't want a critical patient all at the same even if it's closer hospital, you want them disburse because your doctors tend to be dispersed that the notifications through social media and Facebook which I just -- I have to say again was so great and sophisticated to tell public what to do to get families back together.

This is what Britain and enemy in U.S. and in Paris, first responders do train for and they really did minimize that the risk to more people with their quick response.

BERMAN: I want to bring in James Gagliano, CNN law enforcement analyst for FBI Special Agent. And James what we know was there were assailants dead presumably right now. Authorities are going through everything they can about these three people.

Walk us through the next step. Because I imagine these are critical hours.

GAGLIANO: Absolutely. First of all they've got to get all of the forensic, they've got to harvest the forensic evidence and that's going to be surveillance camera footage --

BERMAN: Which is everywhere in London by the way.

GAGLIANO: Everywhere.

BERMAN: Everywhere.

GAGLIANO: Everywhere in London you gotta make sure you collected before it gets take over. Many the shop owners have a 24 hour real that gets take over. So they're doing their due diligence there.

Then they're going door-to-door, and then they're reaching out to all the folks that were basically herded into an area that were determined to be witnesses and separated so that you don't get two or three people stating there together then confirming each other's views and perspective.

What absolutely blows me away as a former FBI-SWAT team leader, as a former member of the FBI's hostage rescue team, the brutal efficiency, eight minutes from start to finish during the thug-of-war when you're trying to weigh in and take a calculus on whose good guy, who's a bad guy, are those really bombs? What weapons do they had. For this to be taken down in eight minutes, I'm telling you this -- this is a textbook example of how first responders because the they didn't bring in the British SES to do this, there was no time. These were first responders and they did an unbelievable job.

CABRERA: And they were quickly, they were quietly and they -- they were doing so much, but at the same time we -- they were alerting the public to about what was going on, that they could to make sure that public new where to go, how to stay safe. We knew they were also transporting witnesses from the scene to do interviews with them very, very quickly after the scene was unfolding.

David Rohde, what's really concerning here though is -- again three attacks in three months, and now they're saying this is terror, we don't know if there's any specific terror group behind this or these were just individual, you know, three people who knew each other and plotted this out. We'll learn those -- those questions and answers in the coming days.

But again, the consistency that we're seeing this happened, do you get the sense that terrorists are in bold and right now?

ROHDE: There could be, I mean and that's the problem. So over three months, you know, British law forces is going their toes, I mean very aggressively looking for this kind of thing and it keeps happening.

So it could -- it could embolden people, it's tragic and I guess a positive thing I want to point out is how the public responded, people listened to police instructions, they acted calmly. The British have sort of social media campaign, it's been out before but was used tonight about flee first, if there's some kind of incident going on, try to hide. If you can't flee and then once you're in a barricade yourself in and then communicate with police to tell them where you are. And, you know, last resort fight back.

BERMAN: You're talking about the social media campaign --


BERMAN: -- I just got a tweet from the Metropolitan Police in London, and it says, any images or videos of London Bridge or Borough Market incidents can be shared with police and they put up a link, they're on social media asking for help asking for community cooperation in (inaudible) the other what happened --

CABRERA: And they're giving them an avenue for people to share those digital images.


ROHDE: Well seem the police acting calmly, you know, can say save lives and I think it did in a sense of that.

CABRERA: David Rohde, and James Gagliano also Juliette Kayyem, stand by we got a squeeze a quick break, but we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of London. Three terrorist are dead, six other people innocent lives taken in the last six hours in London as police are now well into a terrorism investigation, that is now for 4:30 -- 4:38 in London, it's little before midnight here in east coast.

[00:40:01] We'll continue to follow this breaking news. Stay with us.


CABRERA: We are following breaking news tonight in London where a deadly terror attack has taken place that began on London Bridge and ended in the Borough Market area. This pictures from the Borough Market, where we know there were three attackers with knives who got out of the van that initially are driven on London Bridge into pedestrians rimming through that area.

People flying into the air as described by eyewitnesses and then stabbing some folks inside a restaurant in Borough Market, an eyewitness describing witnessing a woman stabbed in the neck and another individual stabbed in the back. These pictures are extremely disturbing, but you can see just how devastating and how quickly these three attackers operated.

In fact, we now have learned from police in the last hour or so when they came out with their statement that these three attackers are dead. They were killed, shot by law enforcement within eight minutes of the initial call.

BERMAN: It as for the night themselves, witnesses described the knives use in these attacks as machetes. Law enforcement has not confirmed that at this point, but large knives in this savage attack.

[23:45:00] The White House says the president offered his condolences to the British Prime Minister Theresa May. We're told he praise the heroic response of police and other first responders and offer the full support of the United States government in investigating and bringing those responsible for this heinous acts.

The justice -- it does appear that the three people most directly involve with these attacks are dead as of now. Unclear if anyone else was link to the attack at this time. That is what investigators are on as we speak as the sun comes up in London.

We're joined now by CNN Global Affairs Analyst David Rohde who's here with us. And, David, it is interesting obviously there's been a great deal of tension between the United States and the United Kingdom since the attacks in Manchester, England more than a week ago.

The British felt the United States was leaking information to the press that does not appear to have happen tonight. You have to believe that U.S. official went into that once this attack happen very, very carefully.

ROHDE: Yes. And it's good, again, that they've, you know, leaks endanger lives are bad things, period, as the general site. I completely agree with that.

I think there will be more cooperation and we talk about this earlier. It seems like there's new intelligence that Salman Abedi, the young man carry out the attack in Libya, you know, was in Libya and did meet with the ISIS chapter there. That was a "New York Times" story that cited European -- a European retired law enforcement official and a U.S. official.

So, they are sharing this information they have to, because this is such a disperse, you know, such a threat and in so many different countries and they need to work together. But, again, keep it confidential.

CABRERA: We are now learning a little bit more about some of the victims. We don't know anything about the six people who were killed, but we also know there are 30 people, according to the officials, who are being treated right now at the local hospitals there in London and more than 80 people who are from the emergency responder department, they all rushed to the scene, embolden this incident in trying to make sure that they could save as many of the victims were possible.

One of the victims is an officer who was on duty, one of the first on the scene after he responded to call a help from the public. We're now learning that he receive injuries to his head, his face and his leg, which according to the police officials at this time are believe to be serious, but not life-threatening. He was stabbed by those individuals who got out of the van after they careen through the people on London Bridge.

James Gagliano, when it comes to tracking down more information about these men. We know they're all men. We've seen two people on the floor, on the ground with law enforcement over them wearing what appeared to be some kind of suicide vest and even law enforcement describe them as appearing to be explosive vest, but they weren't explosive, they were fakes. Why would they put those on, do you think?

GAGLIANO: I draw a correlation here between the 9/11 attackers. Now, the 9/11 attackers were Al-Qaeda and these folks we don't know for certain who they are. This looks like an ISIS inspired attack. We don't know for certain.

But if you recall the 9/11 attacks on the planes, the terrorist had built what look, you know, appeared to be bombs and they used that to keep many of the passenger seated and from storming the cockpit until obviously the plane that went down in Shanksville. That could be part of it, because maybe they wanted to make a stand. Maybe they wanted to do something for publicity wise.

What we're learning in the hostage rescue business in the age of ISIS, there aren't long drawn out negotiations. Either the terrorist kill themselves after creating as much carnage it may have as they can, or they make a statement or so. They talk to police. They put something out say, well, this was inspired by al-Baghdadi or this was inspired by this particular religious zealot. And then they killed themselves or they die by suicide by cop or they engage law enforcement and they're just looking to be killed in the end, murdered.

BERMAN: Juliette Kayyem with us as well. Juliette three people now, three assailants dead. I don't know whether the terminology matters here, but is it fair to call this a terror cell and what were the implications there be?

KAYYEM: Yes. I mean, anything more than one you're going to be worried, obviously, about not just the three, but anymore because this was in a highly sophisticated attack, it appears to have taken was a track rental and the purchase of knives.

You know, we just simply don't know at this stage how deep or wide or, you know, across, you know, across the globe the tentacles reach. These could very easily be three men radicalized online or planning something from something they hear or see online. But this is different, so I just want viewers to know that that this is not the sort of lone wolf that we sort of use that terminology rather casually.

Like what David was saying earlier, we're going to find out things in the next couple of days. There might be a claim by some organization that may have proof, the terrorist organization that may have proof that they knew these guys. And, obviously, on the law enforcement side, there are going to be, you know, tracking down friends, family, room mates, and employers, employees, whoever to find out more about them.

[23:50:04] But, three men planning an attack together, not just the initial attack, but also a follow up with the fake bombs to scare off anyone from approaching, that is not sophisticated but it's highly orchestrated. So it is -- it's not your guy waking up one day with a gun and walking into a bar.

And so, we -- you know, so this will be different and each of these cases unfortunately, there's always some variation.

CABRERA: We don't know who these people are. We don't know their background. We don't know if they are religious at all but it's interesting because the Muslim Council of Britain put out a statement --


CABRERA: -- responding to this attack. The Secretary General Harun Khan released the statement today. He says, "These acts of violence were truly shocking and I condemn them in the strongest terms. Muslims everywhere are outraged and disgusted at these cowards who once again have destroyed the lives of our fellow Britons. The fact that they attack a place, the polster in the month of Ramadan goes to show that these people respect neither life nor faith," according to the statement.

"And with my prayers are with the victims and all those affected. I commend the work of out emergency services working hard to keep us safe and cope with the ensuing carnage. As ever we urge everyone to assist the authorities so that these criminals can be apprehended and brought to justice."

Again, that's statement coming out not long after this attack happened before we knew that these individuals were dead.

Again, we don't know if these individuals were inspired, if they were Islamic, Islamist. If, you know, they had any kind of background when it comes to the Muslim religion. But David Rohde the fact that this Muslim Council of Britain has responded so quickly, what's that say?

ROHDE: I think it's the fear of a backlash. And I want to state categorically that, you know, if this were, you know, Islamic extremist who care of this attack, they want all Muslims to be blamed. They want policies that -- they want to turn this into religious war. That's what they're trying to provoke. And I just, you know, it's very clearly they done this over many cases, that is their goal is to divide us.

And it's very important to fall into that trap. So I applaud that statement, the vast majority of British Councils have work. I abide this -- if it was carried out by Muslims, American-Muslims, Muslims across the Middle East. Again ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other group.

BERMAN: One of the things that people been wondering, tomorrow scheduled in Manchester a benefit concert, Ariana Grande holding a concert for the benefit of the families of those victims, who were killed in the attack there more than a week ago. We got word just a short time ago that as of now, that concert still does appear to be happening tomorrow, James. And I suppose that's kind of a surprise in England, which is live through. It's fair share of terror incidents over the years with the IRA or what not and in the IRA and bring London to its knees and bring England to its knees.

I don't think that, you know, these attacks will do the same. But obviously if you're holding a concert in Manchester, England tomorrow, you're going to be aware of the events that have been going on around the world and around the country in the last days and weeks.

GAGLIANO: Absolutely, but again I think what ISIS is looking to do with these inspired attacks, if this is what this turns out to be, is they're looking to reach disenfranchised, disaffected folks that have not been able to assimilate into society. And those folks are best suited to go after soft targets. That's why I would imagine that the concert itself will have a robust security system put in place and it's not a place where they're going to go to.

They're going to look for someplace that is a soft target where somebody with limited skills, limited intelligence, has the ability to do this. And I like in back to Ana's point, I like in these folks, this disaffected, disenfranchised folks to a violent street gang in the United States, like the Bloods and the Crips, because it's the same type of idea. They feel disenfranchised and they turn to something like this perverted ideology. And they turn to because every single person's were once to feel like a part of this and bigger than themselves.

And that's what these folks are driven to. Unfortunately, that being part of something bigger than themselves is just the perverted, unorthodox ideology that that looks to kill name and still fear the rest of us.

CABRERA: Juliette how to you cut through that ideology? How do you try to change the narrative and the draw for these individuals?

KAYYEM: Well, sort of, assuming -- that's what we're, you know, looking at and obviously we are all are being very careful, you know, we will wait for Scotland Yard. But this issue of terrorism, right, especially in an urban environment, is one that has persisted for a very long time.

And so there's a whole bunch of approaches that need to be taken simultaneously. I don't think, you know, as relates to sort of a radicalization of Muslims or Islam, I don't think the West is probably the best sort of spokesperson for that. But as you're seeing with the statement by the major Muslim organization in London, there, you know, the idea that the Muslim community is not condemning this is ridiculous.

[23:55:06] It's something you here in right wing media. You know you hear people say, well, why aren't they speaking -- they are speaking out we're just not paying attention to it. They know that most of the casualties are Muslim throughout the world. There's a law enforcement approach to it and I just have to say publicly here, you know, this is why getting an FBI director does matter because those ties between the head of intelligence and domestic security in Britain and in France and in the United States are strong ties.

So we need to really focus on what weather where, you know, we're building a counter terrorism apparatus that is consistent with the threat that's going on.

BERMAN: Right Juliette Kayyem, David Rohde, James Gagliano. Thanks so much for being with us. 4:55 a.m. in London, you could see the skies growing right there the sun is rising within the next few hours, will be a cobra meeting this is a meeting of their special terror task force. Theresa May will meet with her comrades there and decide how to go forward. Analyze the events of the last few hours and try to push ahead.

CABRERA: And the administration here in the U.S has reached out to their counterparts in the UK offering assistance in any way that they can. As this investigation really is just beginning into the attack that unfolded. And now about seven hours ago in London, six people dead, three people who were killed by police believed to be the attackers in this incident.

Our continuing coverage right now on That's it for me. I'm Ana Cabrera. Along side John Berman in CNN Newsroom in New York. Thanks for being with us.