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Cosby Juror On Panel's Deadlocked Deliberations; Trump Admits He Doesn't Have Tapes Of Comey Talks; Facebook To Focus On Building Community. Aired 6:30-7a ET

Aired June 23, 2017 - 06:30   ET


[06:32:43] ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: So what is left of tropical depression Cindy is still producing heavy rain along the gulf coast, the storm system spawned a tornado that tore through one town in Alabama. You can see the aftermath.

The CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers has our forecast. How it looking Chad?

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Doesn't look as bad today as yesterday. The storm is dying off only 20 miles per hour not dragging as much humidity up from the Gulf of Mexico. This weather is brought you by Xyzal the allergy medicine for continuous 24 hours allergy relief.

What you will notice is that the rain spreads itself around today. Unlike yesterday where just rained in one spot or tornadoed in one spot. Today the rain continues to move along. So one to two inches maybe three inches anyone spot not truly enough to cause significant flash flooding and even by 4:00 or 5:00 this after. There's heavy rain in Tennessee and West Virginia, not just down in Louisiana. Yes, there'll still be rain there but rain spreading out in other places.

A few scattered storms could be strong along the Appalachian, would be about normal for today over the entire east coast. And a pleasant weekend, 82 today. We'll go 86 tomorrow afternoon in New York City.

DAVID MICHAEL GREGORY. CNN ANCHOR: We will take it. Thanks so much. Just days after his indecent assault case ended in a mistrial we are now hearing very different accounts from two jurors about the dead locked deliberations.

CNN's Jean Casarez joins us now here in studio with more. Good morning.

JEAN CASAREZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You know when Judge O'Neil said and told jurors that they could speak out he said you cannot talk about final vote counts that secret. First thing they did was talk about final vote counts.

But they're very, very different. Now one juror spoke with our affiliate WPXI and said he did not understand why Andrea Constand waited a year to come forward that whatever Bill Cosby did that he paid the price for it. Although jurors are not suppose to even think about punishment. He did say Cosby definitely gave her a pill but also said that it was so emotional at the end. There were so many tears and the final vote count he said was either seven to five or five to seven. Let's listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was hopeless. It was from the first time on. The statute of limitations were running out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did that really bother you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it does. I think they created this whole thing, a case that was settled in '05 and we had to bring it up again in '17.


[06:35:06] CASAREZ: Now another juror spoke anonymously to ABC very different on the face. Final vote counts what they were talking about. Look at this, count one they said it was 10 to 2 for conviction. So that would be Cosby assaulted her without her consent. Count two 11 to 1 for acquittal that he assaulted her when she was unconscious. Count three 10 to 2 for conviction that Cosby assaulter her using an intoxicant or drug without her knowledge.

Now, while this is all happening Bill Cosby makes an announcement he is about to start an educational tour, town hall meetings around the United States to talk about sexual assault, false accusations of sexual assault and how to prevent someone from getting where he is. And at the same time Alisyn he's currently facing three felony counts of aggravated indeed an assault.

The retrial set to be in about four months. And anything he says that's video taped in those town halls. I've seen it before they have been consistent against his interest. It can get in the courtroom.

CAMEROTA: Those town halls may not go as he is expecting, you know, I mean just like when he tweets out things it doesn't always go as expected or put something on Facebook. Jean, thank you very much for that whole story.

So, the presidential bluff on the James Comey tape, did that pay off? Or did it hurt the President case. We debate it next.


[06:40:44] CAMEROTA: OK. President Trump finally putting to rest weeks of speculation about whether he taped his private conversations with then FBI Director James Comey. The President revealed on Twitter yesterday with all of the recently recorded electronic surveillance intercepts unmapping and illegal leak information.

I have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with James Comey but I did not make and do not have any such recordings. Does this hurt the President's credibility? Let's discuss it with CNN Political commentator Ben Ferguson and Symone Sanders. Ben, let me start with you. I mean, why this charade for 40 plus days did the President put everyone through?

BEN FERGUSON, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, one. I don't think he looked at this as charade. I think there's many people that were obsessed with the idea that he tweeted out directly talking about how he believed what James Comey had said was not what they said in private.

And that's the reason why he said he better hope there are not tapes. I also don't think many people honestly believe.

Well, let me say this. I don't think most people truly believe that there were tapes. I think they saw the President responding to James Comey, responding to leaks, responding to many in the intelligence community that are loyalists to James Comey who are leaking classified information they should have never been leaking every single day it's been a trickle.

CAMEROTA: But, so in other words, whenever he is annoyed -- so another words if the President agrees with something somebody is doing it is OK for him to start a fictitious narrative or a threat that there might be tapes?

FERGUSON: Here's what I'll say. If you're the President of the United States of America you would be annoyed if you are doing your job and every single time that you're working on your job somebody in the government who does want like the fact that you are the president and who's loyal to James Comey decides to leak information which is classified if you are caught you go to jail for.

So, the idea that people are obsessed with his tweet saying you better hope there's not tapes and saying it's a charade for 40 days. What's a bigger deal the average American? Is it a tweet that he sent out talking about how he is being undermine or that the fact that there are people in the intelligence community that are loyal to the former FBI director who are actually putting out classified information every time they don't get their way or don't like what Donald Trump is doing.

So I don't have a problem with him talking about this for 40 days while people are freaking out when really the majority of people look at this and said there's not a tape. And guess what? He wasn't taping conversations in the White House in most people don't think actually believe he was.

CAMEROTA: Right. So, it's hard to know when the President puts out a tweet what to believe. Go ahead Symone.

SYMONE SANDERS, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: You know what Alisyn. One, I don't think the President have any credibility. Two, I have known for a very long time that Donald Trump is nothing but a liar that will say whatever he wants to serve his own narrative, which is why I don't think he should have been President in the first place, that among many other reasons. This is dangerous. The President's words matter. I can't believe we have to still continue to say this. But the President's words matter. And so, what he tweets is more than just his own personal opinion that folks should let stay out there in the wind. This has national security implications or he tweets when he international implicate --


SANDERS: How so Ben? I want you to just continue the point that we look crazy to the rest of the world when we have a president who is continuously making up fictitious narrative who was continuously lying because he wants to preserve his own personal saving face for his own self. He's not concerned about the rest of the world. He's not concerned about our standing in the world.

CAMEROTA: Go ahead Ben.

FERGUSON: OK, on your respond. You just said that the President lied when he said he better hope there's not tapes. That's not lying. Now you said he is a liar. Nothing this President ever going to do. Let's be clear, there's nothing this President whatever tweet even if you wrote the tweet that you would agree with because Donald Trump that saying it.

The second thing as you say that somehow this is something that the President of the United States of America we lost standing in the world. Do you honestly believe that other countries are looking at this tweet and analyzing it the way that you're trying to imply?


CAMEROTA: Hold on, guys.

[06:45:01] SANDERS: I honestly believe that other countries are looking at the totality of what Donald Trump has done since he has been in office and they think we look crazy. We have advocated our responsibility.

CAMEROTA: Hold on, hold on. I have question.


CAMEROTA: Hold on guys.


CAMEROTA: I have a question. Do the President's words matter?

FERGUSON: Of course, the President's words matter.

CAMEROTA: So which ones matter?

FERGUSON: It also matters. Well, I didn't.

CAMEROTA: How do we know which ones matter? FERGUSON: Look, he said you better hope there's not a tape. He was questioning the former FBI director's truthfulness and honesty. And let's not forget this is an FBI director who when he did not get his way chose because he wanted a special prosecutor to actually leak information which was involved in a case that he knew was going to be an investigation.

CAMEROTA: Because of the tweet.


CAMEROTA: Ben, hold on a second.

FERGUSON: Let me finish.

CAMEROTA: You can draw almost a straight line between that tweet and the special prosecutor. Because James Comey testified that it was that tweet where he thought, oh-uh the President is going to come up with a different narrative than what happened in that matter.

FERGUSON: You have an FBI director who does not get to react to things he doesn't like, like he is a child. Well, so and so he did this so therefore I get to leak information which involve investigation. I get because I got fired from a job where Democrat top seven Democrats were saying I should resign or be fired from the last four months before he was actually fired, when you don't get your way the FBI director.

CAMEROTA: Right. I can see.

FERGUSON: You don't get to leak information involved in something and act like a child because you don't like what the President is doing.


CAMEROTA: But of course, the question is whether or not the President's words can be counted on. Symone, last word.

SANDERS: Exactly. I think the onus is on the President here. Look, I would love nothing more to be talking about this horrible health care bill that's going to take away health care from 23 million people. That's disastrous --

FERGUSON: Now, you just did.

SANDERS: -- and ugly. But we are now talking about the fact that yes again we know Donald Trump is a liar. He lied about tapes. What else has he lied about? The President words matter.

FERGUSON: Let me just say this. Do actually think that James Comey is honest?

SANDERS: The President's words matter. The President needs to act like he is the freaking President of the United States of America and raise the damn bar.

CAMEROTA: There you go. Guys, thank you very much for the debate. Ben and Symone. David.

GREGORY: And in sports news -- freshman ruled last night big in our household last night with the NBA draft. Details in the Bleacher Report coming up next.


[06:51:00] GREGORY: Big NBA draft last night in the books. Record 16 freshman selected in the first round. Andy Scholes has more this morning in the Bleacher Report. Fun watching last night.

ANDY SCHOLES, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: It certainly was David. It definitely an eventful night. Huge trades going down. The Bulls sending superstar Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves where he's going to reunite with his old coach Tom Thibodeau.

Now Philadelphia 76ers they own the very first pick in the draft. They selected Markelle Fultz out of Washington. He had on a pretty cool custom suit that had a dozen pictures of family and friends on the inside and both also rocking some shoes that were made out of basketballs. You see him right there pretty cool.

Now with the second pick, the Lakers selecting hometown kid Lonzo Ball out of UCLA and all eyes for Lonzo dad LaVar when he got picked. LaVar predicted a long time ago that his son would one day play for the lakers. And well, LaVar a new prediction for all of us last night.


LAVAR BALL, LONZO BALL"S FATHER: I'm going to tell you what. Lonzo Ball is going to take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year. Come see me when he does. I will have another hat on to say I told you so.


SCHOLES: Now with LaVar left the building he was showered with booze but still through out his big baller brand Lakers hat to the fans. He's just a nice guy.

All right, probably some baseball for you. Dodgers and Mets a foul ball heading for the seats right here and you got to check out this dad leaping up to make the one-handed grab while holding his baby. But watch mom. She was not very pleased with this. She immediately takes the child back. And I'll tell you what I feel bad for the guy. He makes a heroic onehanded grab. But I'm now I'm sure he's in trouble at home.

CAMEROTA: I think that mom decided their dad cannot be trusted to hold the baby during a baseball game.

SCHOLES: During a game.

GREGORY: Can we just give a shout out to Josh Hart from Sidwell Friends in D.C. great young man. He's going to the Lakers, that's more important than Lonzo Ball. CAMEROTA: There you go. I love the movies he's been in. All right, Josh Hart.

Anyway, up next, Mark Zuckerberg talking exclusively with CNN in a rare interview. What the Facebook founder revealed? That's next.


[06:56:12] CAMEROTA: Facebook's CEO says he wants to ensure that the social network is a force for good. So Mark Zuckerberg says he is modifying his company's mission. CNN Laurie Segall spoke exclusively with Zuckerberg and she joins us live from Chicago. Tell us about this new mission.

LAURIE SEGALL, CNN SENIOR TECHNOLOGY CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Alisyn a pretty big deal. If we look at Facebook it had so many challenging questions they had to answer over the year. A lot of us are questioning some of the impact of the platform so much so that Mark Zuckerberg has been doing soul searching.

He sat down with me here in Chicago and told me about why he is changing the mission. Take a listen.


SEGALL (on-camerta): It's been a year of tough questions for Facebook. Fake news distributed across the platform. Terrorists spreading propaganda and Mark Zuckerberg has been doing some soul searching.

MARK ZUCKERBERG, COFOUNDER, CHAIRMAN AND CEO: I used to think that if we just work to give people a voice and help people connect that that was going to make the world all better by itself. But now, I feel like we have a responsibility to do even more, all right. Because I mean today a lot of society is divided. So it's pretty clear that just giving people a voice and connecting people isn't enough.

SEGALL (voice-over): It's an admission by one of the most influential tech leaders that the world's most popular social media network needs to change.

ZUCKERBERG: Today we're going to set a new mission to set our course as a company for the next decade. And the full formal mission statement will be to give people the power to build community to bring the world closer together.

SEGALL (voice-over): It's the first time Facebook has overhauled its core mission shifting focus from connecting individuals to building communities. Zuckerberg made the announcement at Facebook first community summit, a gathering of leaders and influential Facebookers.

Lola is the creator of a group called Female IN, A place for over a million women to connect.

LOLA OMOLOLA, FOUNDER OF FIN: When need tool to make sure our people feel safe. And that was Facebook is providing now. These tools help us better manage our community.

ZUCKERBERG: And we're also going to help you remove bad actors an older content from your Facebook.

SEGALL (on-camera): What does that mean to you display (ph)?

OMOLOLA: Oh wow. I mean (inaudible).

SEGALL (on-camera): The question, are we more connected or has technology driven us apart.

Technology to a degree has always promised to help us discover and help us learn. There's also the question of does it make us more insular and is, you know, information being hijacked and spread? So as you make the future of Facebook these communities, how do you make sure they remain a place for authenticity and for real discourse?

ZUCKERBERG: Where you want to help people stay connected with the people they know and care about but you want to make it so people get access to new people and new perspectives, too. So bringing people together and in creating these communities is I think a lot of what we can do to help create more civil and productive debate on some of the bigger issues, as well.


GREGORY: Really interesting conversation. It's striking to me that rather than leaving the Facebook community to its own devices now Zuckerberg thinks it has to be a moderated conversation to some degree.

SEGALL: Yes, I don't actually think he really has a choice. I think this is actually a culmination of events. If you look, Mark Zuckerberg has been spending time outside Silicon Valley bubble sitting at dinner tables across the country. He wrote a whole long manifesto about like 6,000 words on future of technology and democracy.

You get the idea that he realizes that a year later when we see fake news spread. We've seen as -- we're wondering are we more insular or less connected. It is why he's taking the step and he makes this big announcement to really try to give communities tools to organize.

[07:00:02] Now, think about the women's march David.


SEGALL: And how impactful that was. That was a movement that started on Facebook. I think this is Mark's way of saying I understand my power and with that comes a lot of responsibility. We've seen the good and the bad and trying to get --