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Impromptu Protest Near St. Louis Today; Shocking New Look Inside The Florida Nursing Home; Police Escorted One Woman From The Event That Organizers Are The Mother Of All Rallies; Armed Police Raid A Home At Northwest Of London; Glimpse Into What Life Is Like For Kids In A Secretive North Korea; Rank And File Republicans Are Fuming After News Emerged That President Trump Had Dinner With Democrats; Facebook Discovered The Ads Were Linked to a Russia; Aired 4-5p ET

Aired September 16, 2017 - 16:00   ET


[16:00:00] BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN HOST: -- of a black motorist.


SANCHEZ: This was the scene of an impromptu protest near St. Louis today. Protesting chanting "black lives matter" and "no justice no profits" as they gather at the entrance at the mall. Security of mall estimates there was somewhere between 200 or 300 protesters there. They are protesting the acquittal of Jason Stockley, 2000 shooting - 2011 I should say, shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

CNN's Ryan Young is nearby and he joins us now live.

Ryan, protesters are now on their way to on an event called "taste of St. Louis." It doesn't sound like this was a pre-planned. Set the scene for us.

RYAN YOUNG, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, the reason why we are kind of trying to figuring out whether they are planned or not planned, it looks like social media is helping to spread all this together. So people are showing up, hundreds of them, at different locations. So obviously, there is some sort of coordination going on.

This is the (INAUDIBLE) mall. So this is the second mall that we have been to today. The first mall that we were at was the west county mall. There was several -- hundreds of people walking into that mall, changing just like you guys show the video. This is all been going on since Saturday. We marched with them about for 11:00 yesterday afternoon through about 1:00 a.m. last night. And we could show you that this is remain peaceful.

That has been the good news here because yesterday there was attempt of violence. Officers did have rocks thrown at them. There were several arrests made. We know four officers were injured. We know there were 13 arrests made. We marched with them throughout the afternoon, definitely a wide group of people and wide variety of people, different races and nationalities all talking about changing the justice system. Then as it got darker later in the evening, we ended up at someone's home. We ended up with the mayor's home of St. Louis. And someone decided to talk to him. We are at the front window. We actually have video of this.

We were shooting the video. They were protesting. They were asking for action. And all of a sudden, we heard those windows starting to break. Today seems a little bit different. These groups are tapping up with small pockets. They are showing up in different events throughout the city. We also know the You Tube concert that was scheduled to have in this evening has been cancelled because of all the officers that have in (INAUDIBLE) to kind of circle around these events.

SANCHEZ: And Ryan, we know this is a part of the country that have seen kind of unrest before. We mentioned earlier that just about a month ago or is the third anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. I am interested in hearing what the former police officer Jason Stockley - former police officer had to say following his acquittal. He had a response, right?

YOUNG: He actually did. Boris, you bring up a good point here when you talk about the fact that we are close to Ferguson. You have Michael Brown, the idea that so many people in this area are sort of upset about what has happened over the last three years, feeling there hasn't been enough change in the justice system. And they want the police officer should be held accountable. Then this case was brought up and of course, this happens in 2011. So now you have almost six years later. Why it is going back to the court system. He didn't have a jury trial. People wanted to hear from him. He did talk to a local paper. And hear what he had to say in sort of talking about this case that happens so many years ago.


JASON STOCKLEY, FORMER ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICER: I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no plan to murder Anthony Smith during high speed vehicle for pursuit. It is not the case. And I wish that I can tell you exactly what that was and what it meant or whether it was just here at the moment or whether it was part of a larger conversation. I really don't -- I just don't remember.


YOUNG: Boris, tough conversations in this community. People pointed the fact that the officer was carrying his own AK 47 in his car during that time. And they want to know whether or now a gun was planted. Of course, a lot of people feel like how did his DNA ended up on the gun and the suspect did not have any of his DNA on that gun. A big conversation here at the community. But at the end of the day, people wants to see justice reforms. We are told that protesters will continue throughout the night. And it seems like every half hour, one is popping out somewhere else -- Boris.

SANCHEZ: Our Ryan Young reporting from St. Louis. We know you are keeping an eye on that for us and being us any updates. Thank you.

We turn our attention to Florida now. Thousands of people who wisely evacuated to keys ahead of last week's killer hurricane Irma, are this weekend now being allowed to return to their homes for the first time. But all is not well in the Florida Keys. Electricity and running water and gasoline all very hard to find. And officials here that mass return to the islands can make a challenging situation even worse.

We go now to Martin Savidge. He is in Key West.

Martin, we understand you just spoke to the mayor of Key West. What is he telling folks who are heading back home?

MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the mayor is of those who actually been saying, Boris, that we need to get people back here. We need to get them back as soon as possible. Because Key West is sort of the economic. It is the part of the keys that almost everybody knows best. And it did not suffer that severely. So they say they are ready to open up for business again.

The problem is to get to Key West, you got to literally go through hell. You got to go through those sections that were just blasted by Irma. And that was the concern for law enforcement and other municipalities is that you are going to have tens of thousands potentially people returning going through the devastation before they get here to Key West.

And there are still problems here at Key West. I mean, as this line shows, this is for those people who remained behind and there were several thousand, they are still distributing food, water and ice which is an indication of short supplies of all of those. Power has been a problem. Although the mayor says it is getting better.

But here is what the mayor says you should expect if you are coming back.


[16:05:39] SAVIDGE: What do you tell residents coming back?

MAYOR CRAG CATES, KEY WEST: I tell them that be prepare to be shocked when you get here. Don't expect that all the services you need, that you could just call somebody and they are going to come over and fix it. Be patience. If you do come back, don't be upset when things don't go exactly how you plan. And if you are going to come back, be part of the solution not problem.


SAVIDGE: Now again, people coming back here are going to have it relatively well up. People who are up in the big key or just south of the seven-mile bridge are going to be devastated of what they find. And if you live there, there was a very good chance that your home suffered extensive damage and is not livable. And that sets a whole another round of problem. So what will people do? Many folks are being told (INAUDIBLE), pack your food, and water your water and be ready to be heartbroken of what you see -- Boris.

SANCHEZ: Be ready to be heartbroken soon. Devastating words for folks from Florida Keys. Martin Savidge, thank you very for your reporting.

We are also getting a shocking new look inside the Florida nursing home. It is now at the center of a criminal investigation following hurricane Irma. Remember? This eight people died, more than 100 had to be evacuated after the storm knocked out the building's air- conditioning and left the residents in swelter conditions.

CNN's Miguel Marquez takes us inside this tragedy.


MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The video speaks only 34 seconds long with speaks volume about what was happening inside at rehabilitations center at Hollywood hills.

In the hallway, a woman sit in a gurney entirely naked. The person who shot the video says the same woman was clothed in a gown when she saw her on Monday but had grown so uncomfortably hot by Tuesday, she stripped off all of her clothing and seeking relief from the heat.

The woman who shot the video did not want to appear on camera but wanted other to see the condition at the facility after hurricane Irma knocked out its air-conditioning.

In the video, her 89-year-old parents, Gabrielle and Lydia Gerardo. Both were hospitalized after being evacuated from the facility Wednesday. Libya has since been discharged and Gabrielle remains in the hospital with a urinary tract infection. His daughter says he got because he was dehydrated.

The person who shot the video says she was at the facility Monday and the air-conditioner was already off. The video was shot Tuesday night, just hours before the center was evacuated. It shows her father who suffers from Alzheimer with a fan next to his bed. Her mother in a second bed. Their second floor window open and the curtains lifted up to allow as much airing as possible. In the hallway, a large fan is seen in effort to keeping air moving in the facility.

A spokesperson for the rehabilitation center says they contacted Florida power and light and state emergency officials immediately after losing air-conditioning. The spokesperson says the facility had adequate staffing and followed protocol throughout the crisis. This spokesperson also said water and ice were provided for residents and that this roving resident is not protocol for staying cool.

Florida's agency for healthcare administration that regulates the facility told CNN at no time the facility reports that conditions have become dangerous or that the health and safety of their patients was at risk.

Miguel Marquez, CNN, Hollywood, Florida.


SANCHEZ: Now, still many questions to be answer there.

Miguel Marquez, thank you.

The nation's capital is a hub of demonstrations today. Two are right now on the national mall forcing many street closures and a major police presence.


SANCHEZ: Police escorted one woman from the event that organizers are calling quote "the mother of all rallies." It is meant to support President Trump, but it website also says the rally is not partisan. It is neither for Democrats nor for Republicans.

CNN's Ryan Nobles is at "the mother of all rallies" right by the Washington monument.

So Ryan, what is it that these demonstrators want to accomplish exactly?

RYAN NOBLES, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Boris, essentially, there is a message here today that they want to bring the country together, looking for unity. And that video that you showed a few seconds ago was really a more of the exception, not the rule here. We have seen a few moments where there have been protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement. But they basically just had discussions with some of the folks that are here and gone their separate ways. We have seen no acts of violence. This has been a very peaceful protest. And they are trying to say that want to make it positive. They are trying to stay away from what we saw in Charlottesville a few weeks ago. They rejected the KKK and any Nazi symbols. We haven't seen anything like that today at all.

And you can see this crowd behind me. This just started around 11:00 this morning. This isn't quite an overwhelming number of people, but they have been very passionate in their support of this effort. And in particular, they have been a passionate in their support for President Trump.

And I talk to one gentleman who came all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio. And he said the goal of this rally is to reach out to people who might not necessarily be supporters of President Trump and show them that the country can unite behind this leader. Take a listen of what he had to say.


[16:10:58] DONALD WHISMAN, PARTICIPANT, MOTHER OF ALL RALLIES: This is hope that what everybody that we are seem like, it will unite us, not only Republicans but Democrats. Like we need to unite folks in this country because we got problems outside of the country besides fighting each other in our own country. We need to unite each other. We don't need to worry about Republicans or Democrats. We need us as Americans, we need to unite because we got threats like Korea, Iran, all these Middle Eastern countries that does not like our country. We need to come together. We need to be the United States of America, not the divided states of America.


NOBLES: And Boris, it is not just "the mother of all rallies" taking place here today on the mall. As you mentioned just down the way from us in front of the Lincoln memorial is a rally that has been put on by the rock metal band in (INAUDIBLE) and their followers known as the (INAUDIBLE) are here demonstrating the fact that the FBI has designated their group as a gang. They do not want to be defined as such so they came here to Washington to show that they are about peace and love as well. At some point later this afternoon, they are scheduled to march this way toward where we are and close to the U.S. capitol and closer to the Washington monument.

Now, there is a chance these two groups can intermingle, they don't necessarily have a posing views but because there are a variety of different groups meeting here in Washington today, there is a very heavy police presence, not only metropolitan police but we have also see park police. There are National Guards set off to block off roads and make sure nothing happens that would be out of the ordinary.

So far they have done their jobs. As I have said, everything here today has been relatively peaceful and the organizers are hoping it stays that way -- Boris.

SANCHEZ: Colorful and busy day in our nation's capital.

Ryan Nobles, thank you so much for the report.

Ahead this hour, terror in London. Last minute day after an attack on a city train, police have made an arrest. We have details on that.

Plus, a secret world in a CNN's exclusive. Our Will Ripley goes inside North Korea. You will not want to miss this.

And later, watching Jose yet another hurricane threatening the United States. We are going to tell you where it is going and when.

You are live in the CNN NEWSROOM.


[16:17:20] SANCHEZ: We got a couple of rapidly moving developments to tell you about that London train attack. Armed police raid a home at northwest of London just a few hours ago. It follows that blast of one of crowded commuted train on Friday that injured 30 people. And this raid came just hours after an 18-year-old man was taken in custody in Dover and what police are calling a significant arrest. That suspect is now been transferred to London for questioning.

British officials have declared the train blast a terrorist incident. And police say they still considered there maybe more than one person involved but say it is too much early to know if any attackers were previously known to authorities.

On Tuesday, President Trump is making his debut speech before the Unite Nation's general assembly. He is expected to sweet talk American allies and talk tough to adversaries like North Korea and Iran. His speech will come just days after North Korea's successfully fired another ballistic missile, this one flying over Japan. These new pictures were taken Friday in a show of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un guiding, monitoring, applauding that missile launch.

Hours ago, Kim gave this statement to North Korea's state media quote "our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the U.S. and make the U.S. dare not talk about the military option for the DPRQ."

I want to bring one again CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott.

Elise, that statement from Kim Jong-un, how realistic is that final goal of having an equilibrium with the United States and getting U.S. rulers to drop conversations about military options for North Korea?

ELISE LABOTT, CNN GLOBAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Well, Boris, I mean, that's just not possible. I mean, a country like North Korea is never going to have the kind of military, nuclear conventional weapons parody with super power such as the United States. So I think what Kim Jong-un is talking about is having all the elements of a nuclear weapon and able to pair them together and he thinks that would be a kind of nuclear deterrent. And in a way, it is. I mean, the U.S. really wants to stop North Korea from having all of those components married together to have a nuclear weapon he could launch in the United States. I don't think you will ever have a country like the United States taking the military option off the table. Certainly if North Korea is launching any conventional or nuclear weapon of the United States, you know, I think that would be suicide for Kim Jong- un's regime and really kind of for North Korea. And so I think equilibrium is just a pipe train.

[16:20:06] SANCHEZ: The timing of this latest missile launch is interesting. Because it came after U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, said something along the line that we strangle their economic situation as the U.N. impose stronger sanctions on North Korea.

But if the U.N. has strangled their economy, what else is there that can be done at this point to stop Kim Jong-un?

LABOTT: Well, I mean, let's be clear. The U.S. and its allies and the U.N. Security Council have not strangled the North Korea's economy. They passed sanctions that if fully implemented could have the potential to strangle the North Korean economy.

And so, I don't think North Korea has really felt the full effect of the sanctions just yet. That's why the U.S. is putting so much pressure on China, holding 98% of North Korea trade, holding most of its oil exports to North Korea to fully implement those sanctions.

If you got the United States to crack down to get China to crack down fully on North Korea, there really would not be able to survive. And so I think, you know, that has not happen yet. It has the potential but short of, you know, that kind of economic, diplomatic, political strangling, you know, really, you know, bringing North Korea to the table really is the only option. Because until you get North Korea to stop, it is nuclear ambition, it is continuing to advance his program and ultimately, President Trump is going to have that devil's choice of having to take military action.

SANCHEZ: Elise, still much more to discuss. But fortunately, we will be seeing you again in just a few minutes. So thank you so much for your time again.

Americans are obviously ban from visiting North Korea where few outsiders are allowed into the (INAUDIBLE) kingdom. One exception, CNN's international correspondent Will Ripley. Here is clip from his special report as he started to glimpse into what life is like for kids in a secretive nation.


WILL RIPLEY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): I have reported for North Korea more than a dozen times over the last few years. Each time we open the door a little more and see this country in and its people in unexpected way.

Just like this, yes, even in North Korea, kids love video games. For these 14 and 15 years olds, these are not just games. This is practice for real life. Most of these boys and a lot of the girls will spend their first years of adulthood serving in the Korean people's army, just like their parents and grandparents before them.

What do you like about this game?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Killing the enemy.

RIPLEY: Hitting the enemy. Who is the enemy?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Americans.

RIPLEY: This hatred of Americans stem from the Korean War. North Korea contradicts western historians saying that America started the war that killed millions of civilians and divided the Korean peninsula.

Who do you want to fight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): To fight sworn against Americans.

RIPLEY: What do they teach you about Americans in school?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): They forcefully invaded us, slaughtered our people, buried them, buried them alive. Buried them alive and killed them.

RIPLEY: So they teach you that the Americans are the enemy and you need to shoot them and to fight them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Yes. RIPLEY: Here is where things get awkward. What if I told you that

you are an American, you want to shoot me, too?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Yes.


SANCHEZ: It is truly a Special Report to see this exclusive "Secret State inside North Korea," tune in to CNN tonight at 8:00 eastern, not to be missed.

Coming up, it is the latest instance of Trump versus his own party? Why the President's basis fuming over his leaning with Democrats. And how this could put the brakes on the President's agenda. We will discuss.

You are live in the CNN NEWSROOM.


[16:28:47] SANCHEZ: Rank and file Republicans are fuming after news emerged that President Trump had dinner with Democrats and made an apparent breakthrough on DACA, the program allowing young undocumented immigrants to stay in United States. Some conservatives felt they have been stabbed in the back for the second time in two weeks after the President made a deal with Democratic leaders over the debt ceiling. And as you can see sites like Breitbart reacted accordingly, "Amnesty Don."

Now the President says he is working on a plan for the so called dreamers but nothing has been agreed to yet. Ad get this, he says Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are on board.

Joining me now, Ron Brownstein is a CNN senior political analyst. Matt Viser is a CNN political analyst and deputy bureau chief at "Boston Globe." We also have Rebecca Berg with us. She is a CNN political analyst and a national political reporter at "Real Clear Politics."

Ron, let's start with you. Republicans have been fighting for this moment for more than eight years. They control both houses of Congress. They control the White House. But it seems like power and influences drifting away from the establishment party policy.

RON BROWNSTEIN, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. I mean, I think, you know, when the first deal was cut, there were a lot of people who thought on the budget and extending the debt ceiling through December, a lot of people thought the president was just of sending a personal message to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan that he was frustrated with them. He hasn't a good chemistry with them.

But clearly in the DACA conversation, about the young undocumented immigrants, more is at work here. And I think there is reason for Republicans to be concerned and there is also a reason to understand why this can only go so far.

The reason Republicans to be concerned is I think the White House is clearly recognize that trying to govern solely on a party line basis at a moment when the Congress and the country is this closely divided. It leaves with very little margin for error. It gives too much influence to every faction of the Republican Party. That's what they saw during healthcare.

On the other hand bars, I think there is a limit here in that the vast majority of things that the President wants to do are not things that's going to have very much if any democratic buy in. For example, on the young undocumented immigrants and probably the least defensible ground to the restriction is to fight on. It is the thing that's most support in the public providing some kind of legal status. So he can make a deal there. When you turn to the next step of his agenda from the wall to cutting illegal immigration, a lot fewer Democrats are going to be interested in trying to find a deal there.

[16:31:15] SANCHEZ: Yes. Rebecca, let's move forward on that. How does this potentially help the President who seems very anxious to wave any accomplishment in the air regardless of who is helping to accomplish it whether Republicans and Democrats, how does this help him with say tax reform?

REBECCA BERG, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, that's exactly it. I mean, he wants to build momentum. He want to show that he is opened to negotiating That he is open and flexible and that he wants to get things done as oppose to some sort of ideological and (INAUDIBLE), he wants to negotiate. And so, dazzling to set the tone I think for tax reform. Now, the fact remains that there is a very busy legislative schedule ahead. They push the debt limit and spending to the end of the year in addition to this immigration discussion now on top of that. And so that's all piled up in addition to what they want to do on tax reform. They are having to balance all of this demand at once.

But certainly, Republicans want to get tax reform done. The President wants to get tax reform done. What this is doing is it is sending a message that on some of the hot button issues like for example, corporate tax reform, maybe Republicans or at least the President is going to be more flexible than maybe Democrats originally anticipated.

SANCHEZ: Matt, to you, I am curious of how you see this playing out in 2018 especially if the President, now working with the Democrats, was quick to signal that there might be some opposition to Republicans that were let's say competitive ground. Dean Heller in Nevada comes to mind. Jeff Flake in Arizona, places where they could potentially see Republicans running from the right, does this help them that the president is working with Democrats?

MATT VISER, DEPUTY WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, THE BOSTON GLOBE: It helps, I mean, like Jeff Flake and Dean Heller for that matter. I mean, people who have been more pragmatic, you know, within the Republican Party. And I think that's where you have a little bit of angst within the party is that the President and his latest maneuvers could give cover, you know, to -- not only those Republicans but modern Democrats. Highly high camp, you know. He was with her recently and had sort of nice things to say about her so. The amount of raw partisanship potentially goes away a little bit on among some more moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats which could very well play into the midterm election.

SANCHEZ: Ron, back to you. I'm not sure if we have it but we had it earlier. I want to show you this image coming from Breitbart. Apparently, they are reporting that some Trump's supporters are burning their make America great again hats over the disappearance agreement to later have an agreement on DACA between the President and Democrats. How does this play with his base? Do you anticipate this being the broader response among Trump's voters?

BROWNSTEIN: I don't on this ground, Boris. I think that, as I said, I think for the restriction is, the question of how to deal with the young undocumented immigrants brought here by their parents has always been the most difficult ground to defend. I mean, you have over three-fifth of the country consistently saying they should legal status. I saw a polling this week where you had 40 percent non- college whites, 50 percent of people over 60 percent. The group of the corner stone of the Republican coalition saying that they should have legal status and so I don't think this is the breaking point.

I mean, the question is, as you go forward, how far can you push it where Trump has lost ground interestingly and people talk about the base being solid? That's true in the sense of the kind of a corner stone of the people, who voted for him in a kind of ambivalent way in the general election particularly college educated white voters have doubts about his qualification but didn't want Hillary Clinton. That is where he suffered the most erosion. And it may be that as you go forward, you can restore some support in a deal making mode among those motors even if he loses some on the other end among people who feel that he has been kind of ideologically just squeezing.

[16:35:25] SANCHEZ: And Rebecca, getting back to the establishment wing of Republican Party, the President is saying that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are on board with this parent DACA solution that he came up with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, how real is that? Are they encouraged by this or they perhaps taken aback by the President, embracing Chuck Schumer the way he did in that picture?

BERG: I mean, certainly it is a shock to the Republicans that the President is more eager it seem at least for the moment to negotiate with Democratic leaders than with his own party and let them sort of take the lead on this. But by the same toke n, I think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would be happy with the deal if there is some measure of increase for their security and that's something that the President and the Democratic leaders have discussed and have raised publicly this past week. That is the sort of thing that they would want to be able to give cover to their more conservative members in the Republican conference in the Senate and the House so that they can go back to their district and then say well, there is this deal with the dreamers, this deal on DACA but at the same time we are increasing border security and still focus on that issue. And that is something that will resonate with the base.

So I think that's what they are going to be looking for here. But certainly, I mean, the President is removing what is a very sticky issue for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have to deal with. As Ron was saying, this is something that even among Republicans, you see a lot of sympathy for these dreamers. And so this is one less issue of controversy that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have to address because the President is taking lead on it.

SAVIDGE: Matt, at the risk of getting yelled at by my producer because we are just out of time, I did want to sneak in one last question. We have heard two different versions about how the President might attach the border wall any DACA solution. Do you see the border wall being a key bargaining chip when it comes of some kind of legal status for these dreamers?

VISER: I don't know that it will be a part of the dreamer's debate, you know. I think that President Trump is already kind of signaled that he is willing to look at the DACA program along with some type of border security that does not necessarily include the wall because I don't think Democrats will go along at all with something like that.

But, you have seen here, I mean, think about the first seven months in healthcare debate and how sort of utterly disengaged President Trump seem on that. There has been a shift and that he is the one leading in this instance in terms of negotiating and that's different than pointing to Congress. So I think you will see Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell get engaged a little bit later. But it is a lot different from the President Trump that we saw during the early part of the administration.

SANCHEZ: All right. We have to leave it there.

Ron Brownstein, Matt Viser, Rebecca Berg, thank you so much for spending some time with us this weekend. We appreciate your insights. Thanks.

BERG: Thank you.

SANCHEZ: 11-year-old Frank Gaccio makes money mowing his neighbor's lawns. But he had his sight set on something bigger, so wrote to the President to asked if he can mow the White House' lawn. He told CNN's Alisyn Camerota why. Watch.


FRANK GACCIO, MOWED WHITE HOUSE LAWN: Wow, I only wanted to do something big. And so I was like why not we just start here and this seems like to be the perfect example.


SANCHEZ: The entrepreneur spirit of America alive and well. Frank got his wish Friday morning as he took on the lawn of the Rose Garden. With all his torch (ph), Virginia youth normally charges eight dollars but he says he waived his usual fee at his dad's suggestion. It was not long before President Trump came out to check on his progress. He congratulated Frank on a job well done, giving him a high five as he dad looked on.

Frank and his dad also met vice President Mike Pence and were treated to an oval office visits. Great day for Frank and his dad. We will be right back in just a moment.


[16:43:37] SANCHEZ: Facebook has turned over copies of Russian linked ads for which ran on its side to special counsel Robert Mueller and his team. Mueller's team has obtained a search warrant for that information. At one point, Facebook discovered the ads were linked to a Russian (INAUDIBLE). A source with knowledge of the matter tells CNN that Facebook also turned over detailed information about the accounts that bought the ads and the way those ads were targeted at American Facebook users. Now Facebook are taking heat for other types of ads as well.

CNN's senior tech correspondent Laurie Segall has more - Laurie.

LAURIE SEGALL, CNN SENIOR THE CORRESPONDENT: Hey there. Well, it is been a barrage of negative headline for Facebook recently with a lot of folks questioning whether the company has control over its own platform. The latest, the pro public report found that advertisers were actually able to target users who identified themselves as Jew hairs. This follows Facebook's admission that it sold $100,000 worth of political ads to a Russian troll farms.

I sat down with Ed Williams. Now he founded both Twitter a medium. And he talked to me about what he thought was the heart of the issue. He tells me it is all about money and how publishers and tech companies are benefiting from the spread of false information. Take a listen.


ED WILLIAMS, CO-FOUNDER, TWITTER: The difference between a difference of opinion or political belief and differences like wrong facts is really hard to sets out. I don't think anyone has figure out how to set it out automatically. And then, and that that's when some people are calling for their need to be editorial guidelines and you get into an area where most tech companies feel like not scenarios where most tech companies will be like, that's not something that fits in our model or that we would even be good at.

[16:45:19] SEGALL: I mean, increasingly you guys, whether you guys like it, you have to make decisions that are kind of editorial, would you say?

WILLIAMS: I think the fact that tech companies have to accept is there are judgments being made all the way down the line. There is judgments about how the algorithm works and what the system values, what the feedback are. And in my opinion, the most nefarious the various feedback would the drives believes and misinformation on the internet and medium general is that it is driven by advertising and it is all free and attention is valued. And if you can generate attention then you can get paid. And you know, you don't get paid more, it is attention based on someone consciously chose to pay attention or you scream fire in a theater, you still get paid. And so, most of fake news somehow was driven by ideological beliefs. A ton of it was driven by people just making a buck on ads. And who will send the money? It was the major ad (INAUDIBLE) so these tech companies. And so that's a fundamental problem with our information ecosystem. Its attention gets reward not quality of information.

SEGALL: Even the fact that this report is not on Facebook, right? That they sold ads to --?

WILLIAMS: Yes, of course. Facebook is filled with crap ads - I mean, I posted (INAUDIBLE) Mark Zuckerberg exposed. There were ads that were paid for that's sold by Facebook that were ripped off from CNN and ESPN selling supplements that I'm sure were (bleep).

SEGALL: But if you can take it to another level, though, because it is selling an election so therefore -- I mean if people are now calling for Facebook to put out these ads to show what they look like for transparency, do you think they should do that?

WILLIAMS: I think - I haven't thought about that in particular. But I think - I mean, the thing that we should acknowledge is that anyone's selling these ad, these ad room and platforms are benefiting a lot of the fake information and the miss information and these campaigns and they are benefiting from people who are just generating attention at pretty much any costs, that's the thing that that -- I think is the most broken thing about the information of the economy that we live in and is driving tons of behaviors.


SEGALL: And Boris, as he actually went to call this current climate a junk of information epidemic. He said that a solution can be moved away from add base revenue stream that rewards attention rather than quality of information. Now, that is easier said than done. When he actually decided to make a shift at his own company at Medium, I met (INAUDIBLE), a third of his staff -Boris.

SANCHEZ: A junk information epidemic. A fascinating conversation.

Laurie Segall, thank you for that.

Straight ahead, watching Jose, no, not my dad, another hurricane threatening the United States. We will tell you where it is going and when.

Stay with us.


[16:52:40] SANCHEZ: We turn our attention to California now. Democrats there have approved the sanctuary state bill. That essentially limit how state local law enforcement communicates with federal immigration authorities and it prevents officers from questioning and holding people on immigration violations. The bill is intended to bolster immigration protection in this state and it fights back against expanded deportation orders under the Trump's administration. She is the most dangerous U.S. spy you probably never heard of. In

tonight's brand new episode of "Declassified," investigators bring down a Pentagon worker who spent 16 years, handing over American secrets to Cuba.


ETHAN ANDREAS, SPECIAL AGENT: The Cubans have a long history of successfully penetrating different aspects of the United States government. Hanna Montez is probably one of the more well-known case.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hanna Montez did it for ideological reason. She did not do it for money.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Miss Montez now faces 25 years in imprisonment to be followed by five years of supervised released. This plea should send a loud and clear message to anyone committing acts of espionage in this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For years, the intelligence community had been monitoring transmissions being sent by the Cubans at the east coast of the United States.

ANDREAS: Most of their broadcasts to their agents are in voices transmission, number that is are read out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These transmissions led to the arrest of Hanna Montez in 2001. And the intelligence community was quite proud of Hanna Montez's arrest. But unfortunately, following her arrest, they were horrified to learn that the transmission is not seized.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They said the intelligence community conclude but the Cubans had another high value asset working in the United States, and therefore a new investigation commenced to it.


SANCHEZ: A brand new episode of "Declassified" airs tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on CNN.

We do have a bit of sad show business news to pass along. A legendary actor, Harry Dean Stanton is dead.


[16:55:04] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. (INAUDIBLE) and I want to (bleep) your hat.


SANCHEZ: This is a legendary clip from "the Green Mile." He is also credited for some 200 movies and TV shows starting in the 1950s. And Stanton was a ragged character actor. His career spanned from black and white westerns all the way to this year's revival of twin peaks. He passed away yesterday at a hospital in Los Angeles. Harry Dean Stanton was 91 years old.


[16:59:00] SANCHEZ: It is the top of the hour. 5:00 p.m. on the east coast. I am Boris Sanchez in New York. In this weekend for Ana Cabrera. Thank you so much for joining us.