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North Korea Nuclear Threat; Harvey Hits U.S. Economy; iPhone 8 Hits Store This Week; Emmy Awards Get Political; North Korea Crisis; Russia Investigations Heats Up; London Subway Bombing; Three Storms Raging In Atlantic. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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[04:30:00] DAVE BRIGGS, CNN HOST: he heads to the U.N. on the eve of his first address to the general assembly. A lot on the line for this President. Who's been a frequent critic of the United Nations? Last December President elect tweeted this, United Nations has such great potential but right now is a club for people to get together, talking and have a good time.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN HOST: Even complained about the marble tiles. The said he'd love to replace them with beautiful Marable slabs. Not gold. Today the president has meetings scheduled with the French President Macron and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu before hosting a working dinner with Latin-American Leaders. Everything going on now the President is still finding time to tweet, and often. On Sunday morning -- basically on the eve of this important international debut for him, he is retweeting a video that appeared to show him knocking over Hillary Clinton with a golf ball. Another tweet he took a swipe at Kim Jong-un calling him rocket man. We will get more from CNN Athena Jones.

ATHENA JONES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Christine and Dave. This is a huge week for President Trump. He is taking his first turn on the most high profile stage in the world. We are talking about 193 member nations taking part in the U.N. general assembly this week. Those world leaders are eager to take the measure of President Trump and eager to hear what kind of message he delivers when he speaks before the general assembly on Tuesday. Especially given the fact that Trump has been such a critic of the United Nations. As a candidate we heard him talk about what he called the utter weakness and incompetency of the United Nations. He said the U.N. was not a friend to democracy, freedom or to the United States. Now, it's not clear how much he is going to be tempering that criticism when he speaks on Tuesday. We did get a little bit of a preview of what he is going to say from his national security adviser H.R. McMaster speaking on "Fox News" Sunday. Watch.


H.R. MCMASTER, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: He thinks the speech is a tremendous opportunity to reach so many world leader at the same time and emphasize three themes. First, protect the American people. The second is to promote American prosperity, and the third is really to help promote accountability and sovereignty.


JONES: So there you heard General McMasters say this speech is a tremendous opportunity for the President to address so many gathered world leaders. It's also a chance for world leaders to hear from the President about how he is going to promote this America first agenda that we've heard him talk so much about. How he is going to promote that at a meeting of a global organization that is aimed at solving global challenges together. One key meeting he is having late in the week is a lunch on Thursday with the leaders of South Korea and Japan. The key topic there will of course will North Korea and its nuclear provocations. Christine? Dave?

BRIGGS: Athena Jones, thank you. Key part of the President's address to world leaders tomorrow night will be the North Korean nuclear threat, especially in light of last week's ballistic missile launch over northern Japan from Pyongyang. For more, we return to CNN Global Affairs Correspondent Elsie Labott.

ELISE LABOTT, CNN GLOBAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Well Dave and Christine, we do expect the nuclear threat from North Korea to feature prominently in President Trump's address to the U.N. General assembly on Tuesday. Now this annual U.N. gathering comes on the heels as you know of North Korea's latest missile launch last week over Japan and that was in defiance of new U.N. Security council sanctions which were imposed because of the North Korea's nuclear test earlier this month. You do see the Trump administration ratcheting up the pressure and rhetoric on North Korea, on Sunday the President alluding to the fresh U.N. Sanctions taking a swipe at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a tweet. Saying quote, I spoke with President Moon of South Korea a last night, asked him how rocket man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad. And his top national security officials fanned out across the Sunday morning talk shows, ambassador of the U.N. Niki Haley told CNN Dana Bash on state of the union that the U.N Security council is close to running out of options in containing North Korea nuclear program and the United States may have to turn the matter over to the Pentagon, take a listen.


NIKKI HALEY, U.S. AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: I think we all know that basically if North Korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the United States has to defend itself or it allies in any way, North Korea will be destroyed. We all know that and none of us want that none of us want war.


LABOTT: Despite the hard line, I think this week you will see officials continuing to press up world leaders to turn up the pressure on North Korea to find a diplomatic solution. Dave, Christine.

ROMANS: All right Elise thank you for that. President Trump keeping the lines of communication open this weekend with the South Korean President Moo Jae-in. The two leaders agreed to intensify sanctions against North Korea after the latest ballistic missile tests, we're going live to Seoul and bring in CNN Ian Lee. Ian diplomats in North and South Korea will be the audience for the president tomorrow night. What is the latest from Seoul this morning?

IAN LEE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Christine. Diplomats are going to be watching to see what he has to say but a lot of the tension is on the Korean peninsula. We heard from the South Korean Defense minister today saying that North Korea is in the final stages of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile and also pointed out that where the nuclear bomb took test, they say that site is ready for other additional tests, so some concern there. It is also more military drills involving the South Koreans and United States. There were four South Korean f-15's as well as four American f-35 and two b- 1 bomber taking part in this military exercise. Still continuing to show this strong show of force that we've been seeing over the past few weeks, especially ahead of this U.N. GA meeting.

ROMANS: Certainly a heightened focus. This one a very dangerous moment indeed. Thank you so much Ian Lee.

BRIGGS: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov meeting Sunday in New York to discuss the conflict in Syria. The state department says they talked about de-conflicting military operations there. On Saturday a Russian military strike get U.S. back forces in Syria, according to an international anti-ISIS coalition the strike targeted them wounding several of the soldiers. Russian military spokesman's denies the allegations and claims only ISIS targets were attacked.

ROMANS: The Russian investigation appears to be ramping up. President Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen tells CNN he expects to appear before the senate intelligence commit on Tuesday. Cohen under scrutiny for reaching out to the Russian government about a possible Trump tower in Moscow during the presidential campaign.

BRIGGS: And the "New York times" reporting the President's legal team is wrestling with how much cooperation to give Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The debate leading to an angry confrontation between two White House attorneys and all of these as CNN confirms the Special Counsel now in possession of Russian linked ads to run on Facebook during the election. Mueller's team obtained a search warrant to get those ads.

ROMANS: Republicans are taking another stab at repealing and replacing Obamacare. Last week Senator Lindsey Graham introduces their blueprint for overhauling the healthcare system. Majority leader Mitch McConnell say as he is willing to schedule a floor vote this month if the Senator can secure enough support for their bill.

BRIGGS: Politics taking center stage at last night's Emmy awards. Host Stephen Colbert getting some lashed that the expense of the president by poking fun of his obsession with winning.


STEPHEN COLBERT, LATE NIGHT HOST: Even during the campaign, Trump would not let it go. This actually happened. This exchange actually happened in the debate.

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: There was even a time when he didn't get an Emmy for his TV program three years in a row and he started tweeting the Emmys were rigged.


COLBERT: But he didn't. Because unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote.


ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: I suppose I should say at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy.


ROMANS: Alec Baldwin of course, famously portrays him his portrayal of the President was pretty epic. The cameo from Sean Spicer that stunned the star studded audience.


COLBERT: Unfortunately, at this point, we have no way of knowing how big our audience is. Is there anyone who can say how big the audience is? Shaun, do you know?



BALDWIN: This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmy, period. Both in person and around the world.

COLBERT: Wow. That really suite my fragile ego. I can understand why you'd want one of these guys around. Melissa McCarthy, everybody, give it up.


ROMANS: Other big winners include the hand maid's tale. Nicole Kidman best actress in Big Little Lies and comedian Julia Louis- Dreyfus making history with the sixth Emmy for "v." also Lena Waithe made history as first African -American woman to win for comedy writing she won for co-writing the thanksgiving episode of master of none. A really great show.

[04:40:25] BRIGGS: I'm asleep at the time every show airs, as are you. Nicole Kidman also spoke about domestic violence and her acceptance speech which got a lot of attention.

ROMANS: It was really emotional. Facebook handed over Russian linked ads to Special counsel Robert Mueller. How expensive was Russia ads during the presidential election even Facebook doesn't know? Facebook admits to selling $100,000 in ads to a pro-kremlin group in 2016. But Facebook isn't sure if that is the total amount? Why? Many ads are sold through a self-service tool that Facebook doesn't monitor. And unidentified ads may still exist on Facebook today. Many wants greater transparency from Facebook including Senator Mark Warner on the Senate Intelligence Committee he calls review just the tip of the iceberg.


MARK WARNER, SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE VICE CHAIRMAN: We need to bring in Facebook, twitter and others in some level of public hearing. I think this opens a whole new arena, not just looking back in terms of what happened in 2016 but looking forward on how we make sure the public has appropriate ability to see the content that is going to be influencing future campaigns.


ROMANS: Facebook said it is working with investigators. The company has been sharply criticized for being the outlet for fake news during the entire 2016 election.

BRIGGS: The important part is looking forward. So many think there were just re-litigating the election but it's about protecting 2018 and 2020.

ROMANS: All right a second arrest has been made in connection with the bombing in London. The attack left 30 injured. We are going live in London next.


[04:46:19] ROMANS: Two arrests over the weekend in connection with Parsons Green Subway attack in London, police still searching for other possible suspects. Friday's terrorist attack leaving 30 people injured. On Sunday, the British lowered the national threat level from critical to severe. Let's go live to London and bring in CNN Nina Dos Santos for the latest. Nina getting up and running in London where it was 9:46 in morning, people presumably nervous though after Friday scenes that happen in the London underground. How much pressure on the authorities under here?

NINA DOS SANTOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There is a lot of pressure and have been over the weekend to try to make sure they can reassure the public that they have this situation under control. And the fact that they have lowered the security threat level means that they do seem to indicate that they have enough of the individuals who do present imminent danger to the public in their sights or indeed under arrest.

As you point out before two arrests made over the weekend, an 18-year- old man apprehended in the port of Dover, a major gateway out of the United Kingdom towards the European continent and a 21-year-old man also apprehended also on Saturday this time in the evening. Just south of Heathrow airport. It's believed these two individuals know each other through a foster home. They seemed to have spent time in the care of an elderly couple known to have fostered hundreds of children including refugees from war torn arts of the world including Syria and also Iraq. For the moment, investigators no the releasing the identities of these

two men, but they are continuing to keep guard over that property where it's believed that these individuals, according to British media, have met. It is a property about 12 miles to west of Parsons Green the site of the attack. It's currently being searched for a third day and there has also been a raid on another property just yards away from Heathrow airport. This is in a village of Stanwell also in that part of west London. Authorities would like to know not just the role of these individuals, but the explosives, where they were stored, how they were made, were they made at either of these two properties. At the moment, they're not saying but this will be a focal point of the investigation. Christine.

ROMANS: All right. Nina Dos Santos in London for us. Thank you, Nina.

BRIGGS: The Trump administration considering drawing up a new stricter travel ban to replace the one being challenged in the Supreme Court next month. National security adviser H.R. McMaster confirming the idea is on the table.


H.R. MCMASTER, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: So what the travel ban is a first step, a first step in better screening, better sharing of information to encourage governments to meet the requirements that we have so that it allows us to protect our people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will we see a new one?

MCMASTER: This is something we're looking at is how to protect the American people better.


BRIGGS: The renewed discussion of the travel ban comes after Friday morning's terrorist attack in London. In a tweet Friday, President Trump called for a larger, tougher and more specific travel ban and also called for shutting down terrorist's group's use of the internet for indoctrination and recruitment.

ROMANS: Four female Boston college students treated and release from the hospital after being sprayed in the face with acid. It happened outside a train station early Sunday morning. The four Americans, all in their 20's were attacked by a 41-year-old woman with a history of mental problems. The suspect is in police custody. One of the victims suffered a possible eye injury, authorities say that the attack is not related to terrorism.

[04:50:05] BRIGGS: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the White House is evaluating whether to close the U.S. Embassy in Havana, following a series of mysterious acoustic attacks that have injured 21 Americans, the attacks began in November of 2016 and continued through August of this year. Some of the victims suffering mild traumatic brain injuries, permanent hearing loss, loss of balance and brain swelling. The Canadian diplomat among the victims, the U.S. is not blaming the Cuban government which has been cooperating with the FBI.

RICHMOND: Three, three storms now brewing in the Atlantic. U.S. already seeing signs of the recent hurricanes have hurt the economy. CNN Money is next.


[04:55:10] BRIGGS: Florida Governor Rick Scott and health and human services secretary Tom Price meets with local officials in Monroe County to discuss relief efforts in the wake of the hurricane Irma. Residents of the lower keys finally allowed to return to their home on Sunday, more than a week after fleeing, but the threat not yet over. Three storms currently raging in the Atlantic and hurricane Maria taking dead aim at the Caribbean. Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has a look at the forecast.

PEDRAM JAVAHERI, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Good morning dace and Christine, you know it's the middle of September when you have a trio of tropical systems here and of course all eyes on Maria right now. The storm pushing towards an area where we had direct impact on the islands a week ago with Irma. Maria sitting there as Category 1 expected to produce far more rainfall here over this region inside the next couple days. Notice that track takes it towards Puerto Rico as well, where we think this will become a major hurricane inside the next two days. Very rapid intensification. As it pushes to Puerto Rico we take a right turn possible just about every single model suggesting it will turn right around the Dominican Republic and head to the north. We're talking five or six days out. Here's hurricane Jose, still sitting there as a category 1. We expect this to become uncomfortably close towards eastern Massachusetts. But notice no direct impact expected, but tremendous storm surge and rip current threat and a lot of rainfall with the storm that will come that close here as early as Thursday and Friday. Notice some areas could see as much as 4 to 6 inches of rainfall into this weekend, guys?

ROMANS: All right. Thanks Pedram for that. In St. Louis, a third consecutive night of unrest over the acquittal of a St. Louis police officer for killing a 24 year old black man. Police saying they arrested more than 80 people after demonstrators began breaking windows and refusing to leave the downtown area. It started Friday after a Judge found a former police officer Jason Stockley not guilty of shooting Anthony Lamar Smith after a drug-related car chase. The mayor saying last night destruction of property not acceptable. CNN's Ryan Young has more.

RYAN YOUNG, CNN CORRESPONDENT: David and Christine the cleanup has started here in St. Louis after another night of unrest. Someone tried to break the window here. As you walk down you can see another glass that was shattered here. We saw someone picking up large objects and trying to throw them into the window. Now if you look back this direction you see the flower pots they turned over and what they did was they tried to pick up these pieces and throw them into the windows as well. We watched police officers all night trying to chase down some of the suspects. We know they made a few arrests but right now everyone's on edge about what is going on. What they see in the streets. This is after a day of peaceful protests where we saw people marching for miles and miles with no issue, but all of a sudden, late at night, once again, this is exactly what happened, a small group started running to the city and creating issues. Right now after the aftermath of this last unrest you can see someone's already starting to work on putting some boards up against a window. That is the back of the hotel. People were inside that bar area when something was thrown through the window. We've seen a lot stronger force from the police hitting the streets tonight than we have before. Dave and Christine?

ROMANS: All right Ryan Young. Keep us posted. Let's get a check on CNN money stream this morning. Now global sat tired today after, you know it was a strong week on Wall Street. Dow rose more than 2 percent last week. Record highs there. It is the strongest week in nine months. S & P 500 also record high closing above 2500 for the first time in history. The Federal Reserve meets this week. Some possible topics for them will new economic projections and how the central banks plans to wind down its balance sheet and the future of interest rates. The fed held rates steady during the last meeting and economist don't expect to raise them this time either. U.S. Industrial production fell almost 1 percent in August. Biggest drop in eight years. Desperate production measures factory output. And the Federal Reserve blame the storm Harvey. Especially to refineries, plastic and chemical companies. The gulf coast houses many of the nation's patrolling refineries, patrolling the Keys to manufacturing plastics and chemicals.

Two of apple's iPhone are on sale this week, but neither is the flashy iPhone X, the new iPhone 8 and 8 plus hit stores Friday. The latest versions will include features like wireless charging. And new cameras. Customers will have to wait until November for the iPhone X. Apple's $1000 anniversary phone. Some analyst they will delay a spike in Apple's sale till 2018. Last year apple's annual sales fell for the first time in 60 years.

BRIGGS: I just want to hear more about the wireless charging. What about the car? That is what everyone charges their iPhone.

ROMANS: David in drake.

BRIGGS: You plug it in --

ROMANS: You are in drake.

BRIGGS: Answer my question Tim Cook, OK.


Early start continues right now.