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Pence Protests NFL Protests By Leaving Game Early; Corker Spokesman: Trump Asked Senator To Run; Police Still Have Found No Motive For Mass Killing; FEMA Aid Pouring Into A Hurricane-Ravaged Town; Body Cam Captures Moment Officer Shoots and Kills Fleeing Man; Thousands Remain Without Power In Storm's Wake. Aired 5-6p ET

Aired October 8, 2017 - 17:00   ET


[17:00:00] ANA CABRERA, CNN HOST: Also on Twitter today, an extraordinary exchange of insults between the president and a top Republican senator.

After being slammed by President Trump, Bob Corker, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said quote, it's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.

Corker was responding to tweets President Trump fired off earlier this morning where he wrote, Senator Bob Corker begged me to endorse him for re-election in Tennessee. I said no and he dropped out. Said he could not win without my endorsement. He also wanted to be secretary of state. I said no thanks.

He is also largely responsible for the horrendous Iran deal. Hence I would fully expect Corker to be a negative voice and stand in the way of our great agenda, didn't have the guts to run.


CABRERA: I want to go live now to CNN's Ryan Nobles outside the White House. And, Ryan, what do we know first about Pence's decision to leave that NFL game?

RYAN NOBLES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, it appears that there was some sort of planning ahead of time by the White House and by Vice President Pence just based on what the vice president and the president put out on their social media feeds today.

And I want to show you a tweet from the president that went out shortly after the vice president left that game and then stated on Twitter himself that he was leaving because the NFL players were kneeling during the National Anthem.

And this is what the president had to say, quote, I asked VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled, disrespecting our country. I am proud of him and Second Lady Karen. And, Ana, it's important to

point out the logistics of this whole thing. Players in the NFL have been kneeling during the National Anthem going back into last season.

And there was really an explosion of players kneeling during the National Anthem after the president was critical of Colin Kaepernick who was the original player to use this form of protest to protest racial injustice.

So, it would not have been a surprise that someone would have been kneeling at this game, in particular because the San Francisco 49ers were two of the teams that were participating in this game.

Of course the team that Colin Kaepernick used to play for. So shouldn't have come as too big a surprise as the players kneel and the vice president had those tweets ready to go quickly as soon as he left the stadium.

CABRERA: It does sound like there was at least some previous discussion or planning about how this was going to go down. I want to also ask you about the fight now between President Trump and Senator Corker. Break this down for us. How exactly did we get here? And apparently the president just fired off another tweet about Corker?

NOBLES: Yes, he did. Let's show you that tweet first and then we'll get into the back and forth. This is another tweet. I think the fourth tweet today about Bob Corker by Donald Trump and it says, quote, Bob Corker gave us the Iran deal, that's about it.

We need health care, we need tax cuts, reform, we need people that can get the job done. And Trump is very upset with Bob Corker in particular he's upset with the public criticism that the senator from Tennessee has given in Donald Trump's direction. One of them came from during the summer over August and then there was one just this week. Let's listen to them both.


SEN. BOB CORKER (R), TENNESSEE: I think Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly are those people that helped separate our country from chaos. The president has not yet -- has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.


NOBLES: And if it's anything we know about Donald Trump, when he feels that he is under attacked, he responds and he responds in a big way. And when Bob Corker announced that he was deciding not to run for re-election this week, that's what set the president off claiming that he was begging Donald Trump for his endorsement.

And when the president said he wouldn't give it, that's why he decided to step down. Now, Ana, we know from Senator Corker's office that they flatly reject that claim. This is a statement given to me by the chief of staff and Senator Corker's office, Todd Womack that says quote, the president called Senator Corker on Monday afternoon.

And asked him to reconsider his decision not to seek re-election and reaffirm that he would have endorsed him as he said many times, so Corker's office saying the president is lying about their interactions.

And just to wrap this up, Ana, this is not a flat the president needs. They need every single vote in the Senate from Republicans.

And even though Bob Corker is not seeking re-election, he is still in office until the end of 2018 and have another enemy on Capitol Hill, especially a Republican one is not going to make things easy for this White House.

CABRERA: Fighting words on both sides. Ryan Nobles, thank you. Let's talk more about all of this, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California is joining us now. Congressman, before we dive into everything else.

[17:05:00] I want to quickly ask you about the vice president leaving the Colts game after players kneeled during the anthem. You are a Democrat.

I know you've been outspoken in your criticism of the president and his administration but you're also a veteran. Do you feel as though the vice president defended the flag and your service today?

CONG. ED LIEU (D), CALIFORNIA: Thank you, Ana, for that question. I stand for the National Anthem because I love a country that gives people the freedom to kneel during the National Anthem.

And I don't know if he remembers took one oath and that was the constitution of the United States. I took that oath before I could go on active duty and it protects freedom of speech, that is how we respect this country.

Certainly Mike Pence is free to leave and miss a good football game. But I think the best way to honor the country is to honor the constitution.

CABRERA: I want to also ask you about the fight between the president and Senator Bob Corker. Corker calling the White House now an adult day care. Are you surprised Corker went there? That's a stunning attack to make against one's own party's leader.

LIEU: OK. Senator Corker's response to Donald Trump today highlights why the Republicans have been unable to pass any significant legislation this year, Donald Trump is a weak president with low approval ratings who does not command respect on Capitol Hill.

As a result, Trump can't deliver the votes when he needs it. And to make matters worse, Donald Trump is not trying to build relationships, he lashes out and insults members of Congress and keep in mind, Trump's deficit exploding tax plan can only lose three Republican Senate votes before it dies.

CABRERA: So you're saying he needs Corker. He should be bettering him up, not offending him?

LIEU: That is correct. I'm sure Senator John McCain did not forget the insults that Trump leveled at him. I'm sure Corker is not going to forget the insults that Trump leveled at him today. And he needs all of his votes, the president does if he wants to pass any partisan legislation.

CABRERA: One could argue Corker has nothing to lose. He is not going to run for ere-election, so he doesn't have to necessarily play that political game. But do you think Corker is saying what other Republican lawmakers are thinking?

LIEU: Oh, absolutely. You know, I wish I could replay what people tell me on the floor from my colleagues across the aisle.

CABRERA: What are you hearing?

LIEU: I can't do that, but they are similar to Senator Corker. I can just say this, the president is not respected by many members of Congress. You're seeing that play out in terms of failed legislation.

And you see that played out when the president goes after and singles out individual members of Congress and attacks them. That's not how you build relationships.

CABRERA: And today is the one week anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. We just had another hurricane hit the U.S. over night. We know Puerto Rico is still devastated and dealing with the humanitarian crisis. Why do you think that the president chose this morning to start tweeting about Senator Corker?

LIEU: You're asking me to explain how the president thinks. I have no idea. I can't do that. But I know this is indicative of a lack of priorities. Keep in mind, when Puerto Rico was struck by the massive hurricane, Donald Trump was tweeting about the NFL.

And his response to Puerto Rico was late and it was inadequate and now they're playing catch up. You see that happening right now. We've got North Korea, a major threat, and you've got the president talking about Senator Corker and publicly undercutting Rex Tillerson on Twitter.

We should not be making foreign policy on Twitter and the president needs to stop tweeting about issues as important as North Korea and 140 characters or less.

CABRERA: Let me bring that up because he did tweet this weekend on North Korea as you're referring to but for our viewers who are just joining us and maybe don't know that back story, he said yesterday there's only one answer when it comes to North Korea.

You, I know, are a member of the Foreign Relations or Foreign Affairs Committee. Is he right when he says diplomacy a lost cause considering it has done little, it seems to stop the north's nuclear program? LIEU: The president needs to exhaust all options before even talking

about war. I served on active duty at Andersen Air Force base in Guam. I was under U.S. Pacific Air Forces.

There's always a series of different military exercises, much of it directed against North Korea. And the U.S. has zero good military options.

Every scenario could go to escalation and estimates are that as many as 2.1 million people could die, 7.7 million injured, including hundreds of thousands of Americans. That's why we need to focus on diplomacy and economic sanctions before looking at the dark and bloody path of war.

CABRERA: Is there anything Congress can do to prevent war with North Korea?

LIEU: I've introduced legislation with Senator Ed Markey that restricts the president's ability to launch a nuclear first strike without first getting Congressional approval. I think Congress also needs to have a debate about an authorization for the use of military force.

[17:10:00] Because under the constitution, the president cannot go to war with North Korea without first getting Congressional approval.

CABRERA: Congressman Ted Lieu, thank you so much for your time.

LIEU: Thank you.

CABRERA: We appreciate it. I'm going to talk more about the vice president's decision to leave an NFL game in his hometown after some players from the opposing team kneeled during the National Anthem.

Joining us is Kurt Bardella. He is the former spokesman for Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and CNN Political Commentator Ben Ferguson.

Kurt, after the vice president left that game, we learned a short time later that President Trump told Vice President Pence to leave if players protested. So this is clearly fight for White House wants and one the president thinks he's winning.

KURT BARDELLA, PRESIDENT, ENDEAVOR STRATEGIES: Well, I mean we saw this play book before when things are going bad in the White House, he kind of turns this cultural war to change the conversation to play to his base. This was a premeditated act.

Mike Pence who was going to do this, he knew what was going to happen. He knew that he was going to leave the game early. It's also an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars to spend the money to travel up there, do all the security precautions and then leave early.

But after spending the whole week defending why the president isn't a moron or why the secretary of state called him that or didn't call him that, he's immediately looking to change the conversation and in some degree it's working because here we are talking about it instead of whether or not Donald Trump is a moron.

CABRERA: Ben, White House reporters said they were told to in fact stay in the van because there may be an early departure from the game. So was this all just a political stunt?

BEN FERGUSON, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: I think it's very clear that he went there because he wanted to honor Peyton Manning and he said if the players are going to disrespect this country, I'm not going to support a league that allows their employees to disrespect this country in the way that these players are allowed to do.

And so they decided to leave. I don't think that's a political stunt standing up for the United States of America, standing up for the men and women who fought and protected, and defended this country. And I think the vice president understands that as well.

And I think it should always be the decision of the vice president or the president regardless of who they are and what party they are, what color their skin is that when you have people in front of you, at an event that are disrespecting this country, you have a duty as commander in chief of our military and of those that protect and serve it to stand up for this country. So if that's called a stunt, I'm fine with every president doing it from here on out.

CABRERA: But he clearly was making a point because this has been going on for over a year.

FERGUSON: Absolutely.

CABRERA: It's not like he wasn't expecting this to happen. There was a plan that we're going to leave. We're going to make -- we're going to make a point.

FERGUSON: Yes. And I think it's a smart point. And I think the majority of the American people based on poll numbers that we've seen over the past few weeks say that they also think it's a mistake for NFL players to come out and protest in the way that they are.

They have the right to protest, to do it, though, with the American flag and a point where you honor and respect others, the majority of Americans say that these NFL players have gotten it wrong.

And so I don't think that the vice president or the president are out of step on this issue. In fact, I think they're supposed to and obligated to lead as president and vice president on an issue that's this -- it's a simple issue.

You don't stand in support any organization or any business that allows their employees in front of you to disrespect this country.

CABRERA: I'm curious to get your point, Kurt, because obviously this is an issue that resonates with the base. Ben is right that the majority of Americans when polled have sided on the side of the president in the sense they don't agree necessarily with kneeling during the National Anthem. But those same polls have also said that the majority of Americans

don't agree with the president telling those players they can't or shouldn't kneel.

BARDELLA: Right. At the end of the day, people have a right to express themselves. And the best appreciation you can show for this country and for the people who have sacrificed everything for it is to exercise your right to be heard and exercise your right of freedom of expression.

Just because the president and vice president don't like the way that NFL players are expressing themselves doesn't mean they're wrong. It doesn't mean that they're enemies of America. Doesn't mean they need to be made an example of and they should be dictating to the NFL what their policy should be.

I mean I think a Lot of the problems the American people have with President Trump's reaction to this, doesn't he have better things to worry about right now, whether it's North Korea, whether it's the shooting, whether it's the hurricanes that have destroyed Puerto Rico and other parts of this country?

Why is it that he spends his time sitting around and dictating by tweet when the reality is his entire administration is completely out of control. His cabinet is fighting with him. He's fighting with his cabinet. He's fighting with members of Congress. You know, why is it that he chooses these times to fight with the NFL?

CABRERA: Ben, Republican Senator Bob Corker replied that the president was a child today. Does the president asking the vice president to leave an NFL game make him seem less childish?

FERGUSON: Again, it's the duty of the president of the United States of America and the majority of American people agrees with the president and agrees with me on this, you do not support and sit there and allow as the commander in chief or the second in command of this country to watch people disrespect the United States of America.

[17:15:00] They have the right to do it. The vice president has the right to leave that game and to say, I'm not going to support a league that is literally allowing their players to openly disrespect the United States of America and the men and women who fought for it. That's not being childish. That's being American.

CABRERA: But did the president make this same kind of effort to make that kind of a statement against white supremacists given the whole Charlottesville violence that took place?

FERGUSON: I have said this before. When the president came out and made his initial comments about Charlottesville, you just had a state of emergency declared and just got off the phone with the governor who was a Democrat of the state and said that they were terrified of what was going to come that night.

And the president's job was to try to ratchet down both sides and make sure that no one else died that night in these fights and battles that we saw play out and cost someone their life. No one did die that night and there were not big breakouts that night.

CABRERA: In Charlottesville?

FERGUSON: The night after the initial person died and the president came out and made his comment, that the governor declared a state of emergency.

He was terrified that when it turned dark that evening in that city that there were going to be bigger fights and bigger protests, and bigger riots that could break out.

So the president came out. He did condemn those white supremacists by name and the KKK and the neo-Nazis after that and his job that day was to actually...

CABRERA: Some were nice people, some were fine people. Remember, he did say those are the president's words. And he doubled down on these many sides comment that initially when Dave later then -- I'm not buying the argument you're making but let me...

FERGUSON: You don't have to buy it.

CABRERA: ... come back to what happens today.

FERGUSON: That night was much more of a calm night because the president was calm in his response and calling out both sides making sure that there was an escalation that evening.

CABRERA: Kurt, Senator Corker's chief of staff gave this statement to our Ryan Nobles, again, after this back and forth in which the president had said that Corker basically was not going to get his endorsement and that's why he has been working against the president.

The president in the statement we got from Corker's chief of staff, he said the president called Senator Corker on Monday afternoon and asked him to reconsider his decision to seek reelection, reaffirm that he would have endorsed him as he has said many times. So who are we to believe, Kurt?

BARDELLA: Well, there's no reason why Corker would lie about something like this. Trump has every reason to lie about it because he hates being made to look like he wasn't impactful, hates to look like he didn't get done what he didn't get done.

And, Corker, of course, since he announced his retirement, he's been kind of liberated, he has been going around saying exactly what just everybody in Congress and everywhere else thinks about Donald Trump and Trump is hating that.

So after a few days of that, Trump, of course, decides to act out and have a little Twitter tantrum for everyone to see attacking Bob Corker.

It's ironic because at the end of the day, if Trump is to succeed legislative he still going to need people's votes like Senator Corker. So I don't really see what the virtue is on going on an attack against Corker when he still wants to support him.

FERGUSON: Just out of curiosity, do you know what state Bob Corker is from?

BARDELLA: Yes, Tennessee. I spent a lot of time there. I go there once a month.

FERGUSON: I do a radio show there. And that's literally where I like have a house. So what you're saying about Bob Corker is just completely lost in reality. Bob Corker has been in serious trouble for a couple years now.

BARDELLA: I didn't say anything about that. What I said was...

FERGUSON: Now, you're acting like he was a shoe-in here.

BARDELLA: No, no, what I said, was that Corker -- you interrupted me, so let me finish, Ben.


CABRERA: One at a time. One at a time.

BARDELLA: What I said was that Donald Trump said he would endorse him and Trump is saying he didn't. That's all I'm talking about.

CABRERA: Hold on, Ben.

BARDELLA: I'm not saying whether Bob Corker was in political jeopardy. He probably was in political jeopardy.

FERGUSON: He was in massive political jeopardy.

BARDELLA: Ben, you're arguing a point that no one else is making here, for the sake of just alleviating because you love do that and that's fine.

Well, that's your shtick and I get that. But that's not what I'm saying, so don't interrupt me that you're trying to make a point that no one else is talking about.

FERGUSON: Again, let me go back to Bob Corker here in Tennessee, OK, because you act as if somehow the president desperately needed him to run for re-election. Let me tell me you why that's absolutely wrong.

BARDELLA: I said he needed his vote in Congress which he does because he's a senator.

CABRERA: I'll give, Ben -- I'll give, Ben, the last word here. Go ahead, Ben.

FERGUSON: When Bob Corker's office comes out and says on Monday the president called and basically begged him to run for re-election. That's just not true.

Marsha Blackburn, who is a Congresswoman from Tennessee, is running for that seat now who has been a very staunch ally from day one with Donald Trump when he was running for president.

The president would much rather have Marsha Blackburn in the Senate than Bob Corker who has done nothing to help him from day one. So the idea that Bob Corker you say must be telling the truth...

BARDELLA: For Obamacare repeal and replace?

FERGUSON: And Donald Trump -- let me finish what I'm saying. Donald Trump somehow desperately need him, they've never been friends. Bob Corker never liked him. He would have lost re-election in Tennessee. That's why he's not running for re-election.

And the president literally has Marsha Blackburn, who was one of the top advisers on the campaign in Congress who is going to run for the seat which I'm sure he's thrilled about. The idea that the president called him on Monday and said please run for re-election is absolute insanity from the Corker office.

CABRERA: All right, guys. We've got to leave it there.

[17:20:00] Kurt Bardella, Ben Ferguson, thank you for that passionate debate, I appreciate it.

Still to come, new details in the Las Vegas investigation, authorities have now figured out what the numbers meant left on a note inside the shooter's hotel room. We'll hear what a criminologist makes of this new evidence next.


CABRERA: Investigators in Las Vegas this weekend are no closer to knowing what drove a man to take an arsenal of weapons into the Mandalay Bay Hotel and open fire on a festival crowd murdering 58 people. It is simply put a mystery.


CABRERA: Police are now talking about this handwritten note filled with numbers found in the room near the shooter's body. They were hoping this note and the numbers would help them find a motive. Unfortunately it doesn't.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What were the numbers? I'm just trying to -- he had done calculations or he...

[17:25:00] OFFICER DAVID NEWTON, LAS VEGAS POLICE: Yes. He had written -- he must have done the calculations or gone online, or something to figure it out of what his altitude was going to be on how high up he was, how far out the crowd was going to be and what at that distance what his drop of his bullet was going to be.


CABRERA: Here at CNN, Sara Sidner of what police have been able to put together so far.


SARA SIDNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Authorities say killer Stephen Paddock was doing what he normally did in Vegas before his massacre began.


SIDNER: A retiree, he was living off real estate investments and had long been betting big money at casinos.

ERIK PADDOCK, STEPHEN PADDOCK'S BROTHER: He was a big fish at the Atlantis in Reno.

SIDNER: Erik Paddock, Stephen's brother witnessed just how big of a gambler Stephen was when they visited the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa in Reno.

PADDOCK: I mean we took over the whole top floor in the hotel. My family, he brought us to Vegas -- in Reno, and we took over the whole top floor at the Atlantis Hotel. This is how he was -- this is the kind of gambling.

SIDNER: But he had also been spotted at high roller events in Las Vegas, according to Vegas Insider Anthony Curtis. What does it mean to be a high roller? How much do you actually have to spend to be in that category?

ANTHONY CURTIS, VEGAS INSIDER: It's kind of interesting. The high roller strata is different for different places, but when your talking about the sort of places that Paddock played, you have got to be a really, really big better.

He was playing 25 denomination video poker times five, so he was betting 125 a hand, playing at a rate of about close to 1,000 hands an hour, 800 to 1,000 hands an hour. So he was running $100,000 through the machine every hour.

SIDNER: Paddock's game of choice, video poker. What kind of a player do you have to be if you're using video poker as your way to win big?

CURTIS: Well, video poker is a subset of the slots but it's like a thinking man's game because instead of just pulling handles, you're pushing buttons, you have to make decisions. So video poker is for people who wanted to think and try to change as you put in their direction using their head.

SIDNER: So meticulous, well-informed, intelligent mathematical?


SIDNER: Curtis says video poker is a game that would be attractive to loners and Paddock was not known to socialize with other high rollers, though they recognized his picture. But Paddock certainly managed close relationships with at least one person, his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who worked at Atlantis as a high limit hostess. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He loved her.

SIDNER: He bought her a ticket home to the Philippines and even wired her $100,000 some time before the shooting. According to her statement, read by her attorney.

MATT LOMBARD, MARILOU DANLEY'S LAWYER: While there, he wired me money. Which he said was for me to buy a house for me and my family. I was grateful but honestly I was worried that first, the unexpected trip home and then money was a way of breaking up with me.

SIDNER: He was clearly planning something much more sinister. A shooting, she says, she knew nothing about. In the end, he killed more than 50 people and himself. But authorities now say it appears he initially planned to survive and escape.

Still, with all that authorities now know about Paddock, the details do not answer one important question -- why did he do it? That remains a mystery.


CABRERA: Thanks to Sara Sidner for that report. I want to bring in criminologist attorney Casey Jordan. So, Casey, this new clue about the numbers on the note, apparently they were some kind of calculations investigators say about bullet trajectory. What does that tell you about the way this killer's mind works?

CASEY JORDAN, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: It just confirms what we have been projecting all week. Don't forget, the man was an accountant. Everyone agreed, had a very linear, meticulous controlled way of thinking. He was kind of a control freak.

And that made him have difficult social relationships, which is why most people say he can't even sit at a video -- at a poker table. He had to play video poker because he could not sit at a poker table. He was afraid he might read his face.

CABRERA: Yet he had this close relationship with his girlfriend apparently.

JORDAN: He had a girlfriend and he cared about her but understand that, you know, people who served them their coffee is reported, said that he was very oppressive of her, mocked her, berated her. Said, well you couldn't gamble, I pay for everything that you own.

CABRERA: Back to control.

JORDAN: Control. Consider that his haircutter said he always reeked of alcohol and just consider this, he made a fortune in real estate. That's not disputed. It makes no sense that he would then go start playing $100,000 an hour on a slot machine.

Because we all know slot machines, video poker or not, are designed to take your money over time. He had to be addicted to the thrill, thrill-seeking looking for the next high. And at 64-years-old, the thrill was gone.

Sadly, I think being a pseudo commando, doing that ultimate act of madness and control was his ticket out. I don't agree he thought he was going to escape.

[17:30:00] CABRERA: You don't?

JORDAN: I don't at all.

CABRERA: What about those explosives though, that were in his vehicle and all the ammunition that was apparently left inside the car at the hotel, that doesn't sound like a person who thought he could get away after this attack?

JORDAN: And you're going to get into a car full of explosives? If he had a get away driver, he had a ticket to a foreign country, I might buy into it. But you had to know, he's not an idiot, that they would be looking for him, that they would know exactly who he is, what he looks like as he's departing the hotel.

There's no way he could have gotten out of there in slip-on shoes unless he had a master disguise. He didn't plan to get out. I think he thought he was going to do a lot more mayhem before the police got him -- before they got there.

Hence the cameras in the hallway, and I think that the ten minutes that it took them to get there really minimized the number of casualties, I think it could have been much worse.

CABRERA: The fact that we don't have a motive still a whole week later, this is not a person who left a suicide note apparently. No manifesto, no social media trail. No criminal record. How unusual is this with a mass murder?

JORDAN: It's unusual but to the extent that it's simple. I think we're trying too hard to make it complex. I think that the answer is very simple. He wanted to commit mayhem. And he succeeded. It was an act of control before he died...

CABRERA: Could that be the motive in itself?

JORDAN: It's that simple and he succeeded to a huge extent. I think he planned to make it much worse, with the explosives going off in the car, with the bullets fired at the gas tanks making them explode.

And, Ana, I think he believed he was going to get thousands. It's not a silver ling that it's 58 people, but considering that it could have been worse, I think that we learn a lot about him and it will help us with future cases like this.

CABRERA: Which is what is so important here, right?

JORDAN: Prevention.

CABRERA: There was no red flag, now given what we have been able to piece together, according to the investigators and what information they have shared, is there anything that you can see here and point to as a potential signal that this guy was going down the wrong path?

JORDAN: The threat assessment, the only red flag we had was the purchase and stockpiling of guns, which we weren't aware of. If we had a system where we could be much more aware of it, I'm not going to get into the whole debunk stock debate, which is really a mandate.

There's no logical reason to have them, but anyone who is buying bunk stock, 12 of them. I think 12 guns had them, that should be the biggest red flag of all that says anyone who needs 12 of these is not planning anything good with them.

And even the NRA agrees. So, I hate to take it back to gun control, but in the case of somebody who wants to commit mayhem and who looks perfectly normal on the surface, the gun acquisition is probably the only way we will identify them.

CABRERA: Casey Jordan, thank you so much.

JORDAN: Good to be here.

CABRERA: We really appreciate your expertise in this. Now in the aftermath of the shooting, the family and friends of the 58 victims are left to remember and to mourn the loved ones they lost.

Hundreds of Jordan Rivera's friends and family members gathered for this candle light vigil this week, and friends from her church and for her college, college state university, Jordan's father and friend wanted to honor her life.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She was there for me when ever I needed her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're going to see her again. She's with my dad, all our family members that have gone before her.


CABRERA: Jordan's father says the family is comforted by their faith in god. Jordan Rivera was also known for her love of softball and her beautiful smile. She was just 21 years old.


[17:35:00] CABRERA: President Trump's ten day waiver of the Jones Act expires today. So the question is, how would that affect aid getting to Puerto Rico with an on going humanitarian crisis. The Jones Act generally limits shipping between U.S. coast to U.S. ships and it can drive up the cost of goods.

Now, several member of Congress have asked that waiver to be extended to allow more ships including foreign ships to respond to this need, but the Department of Homeland Security says an extension is not needed to support relief efforts.

Meanwhile, as the efforts continue to rebuild the U.S. territory, less than 12 percent of Puerto Rico residents have power right now. More than half have running water. And as CNN Leyla Santiago reports, FEMA is delivering much of the aid to residents by air.


LEYLA SANTIAGO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: These winds, they are nothing compared to Maria's wrath for the people of Llaves. This time there is a sign that help has arrived.

Half an hour earlier, Customs and Border Protection Agents deployed from San Juan, two and a half weeks after the storm, to deliver FEMA's aid to hurricane survivors in need. Why is it so important to go by air versus by land for that place in particular?

RICH ROUVIERE, U.S. CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION AIR INTERDICTION AGENT: It's pretty far up the mountains. It's a pretty good community and there's also a hospital there.

SANTIAGO: This team has been flying over hurricane devastation for weeks.

ROUVIERE: You know, we did Harvey and Irma, and I think the thing that is striking is how much on a larger scale this is compared to those. They seem to be a little more isolated and this seems like the entire island was really devastated.

SANTIAGO: Wheels touch down, engines do not stop. Unloading begins ten minutes on the ground. As soon as we arrive, police officers arrive, firefighters arrive, people from the municipality, social services, they tell me that some of this will be delivered straight to the municipality people.

[17:40:00] And areas that haven't been able to get out and some of it will be delivered to the hospital. This river flooded the hospital the day after Maria struck.


SANTIAGO: Dr. Adrian Gonzalez says half of the supplies coming in are from FEMA. Do you feel that the federal government is doing enough to help you?

GONZALEZ: I do. I do.

SANTIAGO: In this remote mountain side community, rooted in Puerto Rican pride, the recovery mission has only just begun. The winds of hope have arrived in magnet. FEMA is bringing help, now with a sense of urgency. Leyla Santiago, CNN, Llaves, Puerto Rico.


CABRERA: Coming up, new video showing a Salt Lake City police officer shooting a man who appears to be running away. We'll have reaction from the city and explain why the prosecutor says he won't be pressing any charges against the officer. But first in this week's episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain

shows how lack of skiing skills as he and his good friend take to the slope and they eat lots of food and even milk a cow in the French Alps.


ANTHONY BOURDAIN, HOST, PARTS UNKNOWN: The French Alps, these mountains are majestic and beautiful. My friend Eric grew up in mountains like this. He's an expert skier. This is like home to him. So have you ever milked a cow before?


BOURDAIN: I am not a graceful skier. I am an enthusiastic one. Holy Christ.


BOURDAIN: And that's what you come here for in winter and early spring, some of the best slopes on earth. Where I learned to ski, we're lucky enough to get lukewarm chicken fingers and a bud light at the lodge. Here we start with pan seared Foie Gras. Also cheese apparently, lots of cheese. Let's do the fondue. Oh, man.


CABRERA: Anthony Bourdain in Parts Unknown. He explores the French Alps. You can, too, in the next episode of Parts Unknown tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on CNN. We're back after this.


CABRERA: Newly released body cam from a police shooting death is sparking protests in Utah today. The video shows a Salt Lake City police officer shooting a man after he was detained. It happened back in August, but we're just getting a look at this video. And we want to warn you that the video you are about to see is graphic. You may find it disturbing.


CABRERA: Now, the video is from three different police body cameras. You see 50-year-old Patrick Harmon after he was stopped while riding his bicycle. But Harmon takes off running and that's when Officer Clinton Fox appears to fire his side arm.


CABRERA: Polo Sandoval is joining us now. Polo, in that body cam video, things happen very quickly.


CABRERA: It appears the suspect is running away. SANDOVAL: And that is what's going to be fueling some of these

demonstrations that you mentioned a little a while ago that we're expecting to see in Salt Lake City tonight.

Because not only this gentleman's family but also even the NAACP has spoken out and say that -- they have been saying that believe that this gentleman was actually running away from the police, afraid that he would go back to jail, as he did have several active warrants, including a felony, aggravated assault.

Let me take you, Ana, back to August 13th. Salt Lake City, when police officers encountered this gentleman. They said that Patrick Harmon had been stopped for riding his bike across six road lanes and not having a required red taillight. They begin to talk to him.

They run his name and that's when they find out that he had several arrest warrants, including that felony. As they're placing him in handcuffs, that's where this disturbing video that we showed you a little while ago picks up.

Mr. Harmon appears to turn around and seconds later, police officers open fire, one in particular Officer Clinton Fox shoots and eventually kill this 50-year-old man.

Police saying that he -- that Mr. Harmon actually stopped running at one point, turned around, faced the officers and then the officer that pulled the trigger on him later told investigators that he saw a knife in Mr. Harmon's hand with the blade open.

And that's when he was afraid that either he or one of his two officers that were also at the scene would have -- would be potentially be injured and that's why he fired his gun.

His fellow officer went for his Taser and fired his Taser simultaneously. Now we have this decision from the district attorney that the actions of Officer Fox were justified.

CABRERA: All right, Polo Sandoval, keep us posted on any new developments as people that you say as people are still very passionate and emotional about this situation.

Still to come here in the Newsroom, many residents along the gulf coast are without power after that battering from hurricane Nate overnight. But now there are new some concerns of flash floods across the southeast. We'll have the latest forecast next.


CABRERA: A strong hurricane that roared ashore overnight didn't last long as a hurricane, but it still knocked out power to thousands of homes.

And right now that storm that was called Nate is dumping rain and spawning tornadoes even still today as a tropical depression with plenty of potential to cause more serious damage and flooding. Meteorologist Tom Sater is in the CNN Weather Center. Tom, where is this storm centered right now?

TOM SATER, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Well, believe it or not, it's just about in Tennessee. Kind of hard to believe, Ana, but thank goodness this thing had a fast horse moving at 25 to 26 miles per hour because if it was moving at 5 or 10 yesterday, this would have been a different story.

But we can breathe a sigh of relief. However, there are still some severe elements to this, higher to rain, the spine of the appellations getting more water squeezed up and then we've got threat that's pretty much on the eastern flank of this.

But this is the last advisor rain, we're not going to be talking about Nate for much longer, but the pictures really do tell a story.

I don't know what this guy was thinking, but six-foot storm surge in Pascagoula, 10 foot surge in Biloxi, now the system racing northward with a pretty large precipitation shield out and ahead of it.

Notice the bright colors of yellow on the edge of the screen all the way from Jacksonville toward Columbia. A number of tornadoes have been popping up today.

[17:55:00] And we have got two tornado warnings now. These are 500 miles away from where this made landfall. And we're seeing damage with this, not just down trees and power lines but some structural damage and roof damage.

Well, in flashflood watch effective, even a warning. Again, it's the higher terrain from the Smokies up to the Blue Ridge, that will squeeze out a little bit more rain.

And then this is going to be a nuisance storm for anyone that's going to be flying into the mid-Atlantic area in or out of the northeast throughout the day, even tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon.

So again, say good-bye to Nate but my goodness, this is the ninth consecutive named storm to become a hurricane. This is just unbelievable, and kind of crazy year we've had.

CABRERA: Yes, it feels like deja vu here on the weekend. Tom Sater, thank you. I'm so glad that it moved quickly and caused less damage than Maria.

Coming up, more reaction to Vice President Pence walking out of an NFL game today after players protested during the National Anthem. Stay with us.


CABRERA: Hello. You are in the CNN Newsroom. I'm Ana Cabrera in New York. So glad you could join me. We begin with a truly stunning...