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Unsportsmanlike Conduct; President Trump Versus Senator Corker; White House on Dreamers; Harvey Weinstein Fired; Las Vegas Dimmed Its Famous Lights; SNL Takes On Gun Control; U.S. And Turkey Suspends Visitor Visa. Aired 04:30-5a ET

Aired October 9, 2017 - 04:30   ET


[04:30:00] CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR: And I am Christine Romans, it is exactly 30 minutes past the hour. Nice to see you all this morning or late at night, if you are on the West coast.

BRIGGS: We love our west coast insomniacs.

ROMANS: I love that. All right catching up on an extraordinary volley of personal insults. Influential Republican Senator Bob Corker now the first law maker to go public to many of the GOP has been saying, privately for months. In an interview Sunday with New York Times the chairman of the foreign relations committee accused President Trump of treating the office like a realities show with reckless threat that is could set America on the path to World War III. Corker said he is alarmed by a President who acts quote like he is do the apprentice or something. He told the "New York Times" he concerned me. He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.

BRIGGS: The verbal combat escalating Sunday when the President launch a twitter tirade against Corker tweeting the retired Republican Senator doesn't have the guts to run again after Trump supposedly denied Corker's request for an endorsement, a claim flat-out denied by Corker's chief of staff. Corker was quick to punch back tweeting it's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning. That has been retweeted 124,000 times. The trouble has been brewing for weeks underscored by this remark from Corker just last week.


SEN BOB CORKER, (R) TENNESSEE: I think Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis and Chief of Staff Kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos.


ROMANS: That was Wednesday. Now, three weeks ago, Corker questioned the President's stability and competence after he assigned blame for the violence in Charlottesville to quote both sides. Senator Corker's vote will be critical for many of the president's legislative goals including tax reform and foreign policy challenges like the Iran nuclear deal.

BRIGGS: Joining us now CNN Political Analyst Julian Zelizer, a historian and professor at Princeton University, good to see you sir.

ROMANS: Good morning.


BRIGGS: So what does this mean? Context first on Bob Corker, a guy on the short list for Vice President before Corker himself pulled himself out on the running conversation with the candidate about foreign policy were not comfortable. And then, he was on the short list for Secretary of State before Rex Tillerson got the nod. How consequential are these remarks from a very measured, highly respected influential Republican Senator?

ZELIZER: It could potentially be a turning point. Here you have a conservative Republican who supported President Trump not only criticizing the President's policies and not only raising some concerns, he is directly addressed the competence of the President and warned there's potential for chaos, potential for war. These are strong, strong words. This isn't from a left-wing Democrat. This is from an ally of the administration. So do Republicans do something? That is the question.

ROMANS: Will there be more to follow suit. Right now, he is one in 100. I'm sure there are Democrats that said things like this. What matter is he is the powerful chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. This is someone the President will have to work with. You call it a fall off your chair moment. What's remarkable to me, it was a 25-minute interview in which Senator Corker was very careful with his words. This was a cutting criticism meant to go to an audience of one or maybe an audience of maybe 51 others as well. You know?

ZELIZER: This was a very deliberate message. He is now said it several times over the course of several days, and each time, Senator Corker has used very tough words and so this is an effort I don't think to sway the President. I think this is about trying to sway members of the Republican Party at a minimum to issue a warning so at this moment in history this Senator is saying we have a problem.

BRIGGS: You know, it's interesting too when you look at the people the President has gone to war with an office. Corker, Flake, McConnell; Heller, McCain; Graham, Sessions, all Republican Senators.

ROMANS: Murkowski.

BRIGGS: That list isn't nearly that long when it comes to Democrats. Even Democrats after re-election in stage Trump won. You wonder about the consequences of this down the road. Let's talk about the Vice President as well. Bit of a scandal going on, some say. He was at the Colts-49ers game on Sunday. He left after some players of the 49ers took a knee. Everyone there knew some members would take a knee.

[04:25:00] ROMANS: They issued a statement saying they would.

BRIGGS: Right. They were very clear that this is going to happen. He left, now some lawmakers are saying, one, what about the cost of this trip to an NFL game cross-country, $240,000 at least, without detail. And some say this was perhaps manufactured. Do you see it that way?

ZELIZER: Yeah. I mean the first part of it is always a concern with what Presidents and Vice Presidents do when they do political activity like this. This is a manufactured event from the moment that this protest started. This protest about racial injustice and policing which is why the knee was originally taken. This administration has used this as an issue to play to the base. They've turned it against the players, made it about patriotism, made it about the anthem. That is what Vice President Pence did. When in trouble, this administration often throws red meat to the base and my suspicion is that is what we saw this weekend.

BRIGGS: Every time it seem the like it's dying down and go away, throw some gasoline back on the fire.

ROMANS: Let's talk about North Korea. The President tweeted this weekend only one thing will work with North Korea. He said Presidents have been talking about North Korea for 25 years. May going fools of U.S. negotiators, sorry, but only one thing will work. Of course that got the interest of reporters who want to know what is the one thing that will work. Mr. President. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What's the one thing that will work with North Korea?

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Well you'll figure that out pretty soon.


ROMANS: Teasing the next-episode? Trying to keep the story alive? What do you make of that?

ZELIZER: It feel the like he is almost teasing and throwing out lines to leave you at the edge of our seat. Look, no one thinks we have a good situation with North Korea. Everyone agreed we have a problem. One thing we do know, we have avoided a war thus far. So have the South Koreans. He shouldn't think there are no consequences to military action. We need to have this thought threw if that is the path we're going to take. That is what concerning many observers. That is what seems to concerning Senator Corker.

BRIGGS: Is this the Nixonian madman thing going on? Good cop, bad cop? Or is there actual a madman?

ZELIZER: Right. Well the Nixonian madman theory didn't work. We had a very protracted war during the administration. This is not clear. This could also be a President flying on the seat of his pants just making proclamations, being provocative when he reads something. That is not a way to conduct war and peace. The tweets could end with bombs dropping, American soldiers in combat, and then it would be a lot less humorous.

ROMANS: I don't think it's humorous at all. It's a little nerve wracking.

Let's talk about the White House issuing demands about the dreamers, what they want in return. We knew they would want border security. Stopping unaccompanied minors, funding for the border wall, targeting visa overstay, and then the deportations potentially. And removing the pathway of citizenship for the family members of people who are already here. Is this the beginning of the President's negotiation when where he put everything tough on the table? Because Democrats are not going to stand for all this.

ZELIZER: That is the only way this would work. The he has put down a laundry list of provisions that very few Democrats support. This is not an exchange for a path to citizenship. Now it's just a get back a program, that was in place. Just a year ago. So it's going to be very hard for Democrats to say yes to almost any of this and go back to the constituents. The President will have to give if there's going to be a bipartisan deal.

ROMANS: DACA is basically legalized limbo. A clear strategy to restrict immigration.

ZELIZER: That is how he is changed the terms of the conversation. The President has moved this to the right and now a bipartisan deal is simply about preserving that program rather than something much broader, which many Democrat and Republican want the just a little while back.

BRIGGS: 700,000 dreamers in limbo as Christine suggested, Julian thanks. Appreciate it.

ROMANS: Thank you.

ZELIZER: Thank you.

BRIGGS: Ahead, media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been fired by the company he cofounded in the wake of sexual harassment accusations, more on his rapid downfall, next.


[04:44:03] ROMANS: In a rapid fall from grace, media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the company he cofounded. Days after a "New York Times" investigation revealed incidents of alleged sexuality harassment spanning decades. The board of Directors, the Weinstein company released a statement saying the decision was made in light of new information about misconduct by Weinstein. Clients have said they may stop working with the company if Weinstein is still associated with it. The so far no immediate comment from Weinstein.

BRIGGS: The bright lights that are the trademark of Las Vegas dimmed last night for 11 minutes to honor the victims and heroes of last week tragic mass murder. Many of the strip's flashing lights were dark from 10:05 to 10:16 local time, exactly one week to the minute after the shots rang out.

ROMANS: As for the investigation police now believe they know the significance of that note with hand written numbers on it found in the shooter's room. Officials say those numbers are calculations for the distance and trajectory from the gunman's 32nd floor window to the audience of the Country Music concert that he was targeting below.


[04:45:11] DAVID NEWTON, LAS VEAGS POLICE OFFICER: He must have done the calculations or gone on line or something to figure it out of what his altitude was going to be, on how high up he was, how far out the crowd was going to be, and what at that distance, what the drop of his bullet was going to be. He hadn't written out the calculations. All he had was written out the final numbers.


BRIGGS: Fascinating interview last night on 60 minutes. Police trying to work out the gunman's motive, searching his home. Officials released some of the personal effects left behind. And the chaos of the attack and began returning them to the rightful owners.

ROMANS: Demands on both sides the gun regulation debate becoming clearer over the weekend. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise says there's no need for new laws, just better enforcement of current ones.


REP STEVE SCALISE, (R) HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: There are already limits on the gun ownership. Frankly let's enforce those laws. Don't try to put new laws on place that don't fix this problems. They only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own a gun.


ROMANS: Even Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein acknowledges no legislative fix could have stopped the Vegas massacre. She told CBS regulations aren't going to do it. We need a law.

BRIGGS: At the center of the debate, the so-called bump stocks. That is the device that allowed the Vegas shooter to turn the semiautomatic weapon to one that fired like a fully automatic. Democrats are pushing for congress to pass a law banning the bump stocks. The Republicans not to mention the NRA want the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabaco, firearms and explosives to consider tweaking a quote regulation that would ban the devices.

ROMANS: The issue of gun violence taken up by Saturday Night Live.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The investigation into the tragedy in Las Vegas this week has sparked a larger debate in America between people who want common sense gun control and people who are wrong. This shouldn't be a partisan issue. The guy had 47 guns. No one should own 47 of anything. If you own 47 cats you are not a responsible pet owner. You're a crazy cat lady. This guy bout 33 of his guns in the past year and that didn't set off any kind of alert. If I buy $100 worth of chick-fillet, I get a text message from the bank. Did you just purchase a $100 worth of chick-fillet? Why is it so hard to get gun control in this country? Who are these delicate snowflakes we can't tell no, you're not allowed to have 40 guns anymore, Earl. From now on you could have one gun, max, and six bullets. If you can't hit what you are shooting with six bullets, then you don't need to be shooting at it. Learn karate or use your words.



ROMANS: Use your words.

BRIGGS: All that on the heels of the President wanting equal time for late night comedians as well. That should be interesting.

Also on Saturday Night Live country music star Jason Aldean who was performing in Las Vegas as the attacks start.



In a world that keeps on pushing me around going to stand my ground and I won't back down hey, baby


BRIGGS: Aldean opened his SNL appearance with a strong rendition of Tom Petty's hit song I won't back down. Petty's death last week largely overshadowed by the Las Vegas massacre. He also gave an emotional tribute to the victims.


JASON ALDEAN, COUNTRY MUSIC STAR: We hurt for you and with you. You can be sure that we're going to walk through these tough times together every step of the way. Because when America is at its best, our bond and our spirit, it's unbreakable.


BRIGGS: Aldean flew back to Nevada Sunday visiting the University Medical Center to see the victims of the shooting.

ROMANS: I'm a new-found Jason Aldean fan.

BRIGGS: He is incredible. What a performance but also spot on with Tom Petty.

ROMANS: Big banks with bigger profits, five American banks should report record numbers this week. Details on CNN money stream next.


[04:53:52] ROMANS: There are still signs of desperation and frustration in Puerto Rico two weeks after hurricane Maria hit, this as President Trump again touts his own response on Sunday night the President tweeted quote, nobody could have done what I've done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation. So much work. All that work and there is still plenty to be done. CNN's Leyla Santiago has more from San Juan.


LEYLA SANTIAGO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Christine and Dave, there is still very much a sense of desperation on the island. Hospitals telling us that they were operating on a day by day basis. Two and a half weeks after the storm, they are having problems finding what they need. We're talking about water, diesel for the generator. As a matter of fact, when we visited one hospital, we noticed FEMA stopped by but only to assess their needs. The only delivery we saw was diesel. It was a delivery the hospital scheduled and paid for. Workers told me it was going to last them just a day and a half. As a matter of fact, earlier this week, patients had to be evacuated to the U.S. Navy ship comfort because of a generator failure and a doctor of one of those patients told me a person was connected to a ventilator, that is why it was so important to get more help.


[04:55:13] SANTIAGO: Do you think you'll get that help?


SANTIAGO: Do you need the help?



SANTIAGO: And because hospitals are struggling, many who are already sick, already vulnerable are trying to get off the island. I met an 8-year-old boy named Diego. He was a rare disorder. His mother has been struggling to find the medications that he needs to stay alive. And thankfully through the help of some private donors the family was able to take a charter flight to Florida. There are so many others in similar situations not so lucky. Christine, Dave.


BRIGGS: Leyla, thanks. The southeast in recovery mode as well after Nate went into a tropical depression late Sunday morning. Storm making landfall as a category 1 hurricane over the weekend causing destruction and flooding. It made a second landfall near Biloxi, Mississippi hours later.

ROMANS: Nate knocked out power to at least 67,000 homes across the Gulf. Most in h Alabama. Fortunately no deaths or injuries reported in their United States, dozens were killed in Central America mudslide there. The National Hurricane Center has now discontinued all warnings and advisories as Nate losses steam.

BRIGGS: The U.S. Embassy in Turkey issued a statement suspending all visa just days after the Turkish President Erdogan had a U.S. employee arrested. Then hours later the Turkey embassy in Washington released an almost identical statement. It exposed the widening rift between the NATO partners over series of disagreements. They also undermine President Trump's vows to repair U.S. ties to Turkey, afraid under the Obama administration.

ROMANS: It is just the top of the hour this Monday morning. Let's get a check on CNN Money Stream. Global stock markets are mostly higher right now. Wall street breaking its record run on a weak jobs reports on Friday. Dow closed lower snapping in a longest winning record since 1997. The U.S. lost 33,000 jobs in September. That is the first decline in seven years, it's because of those big hurricanes, Irma and Harvey. Overall I would call it a mixed report. The unemployment rate fell and wage growth was the highest in eight years that 2.9 percent.

This week, get ready for big earnings. Five bank, expected to report $21 billion in profits. J.P. Morgan chase, Bank of America. Wells Fargo, all report combined their profits make up nearly half of the banging industry. It could only grow under the Trump administration, helped by corporate tax reform and deregulation. Some say the huge profits undercut the administration argument that regulations have hurt the industry.

Dove apologizing for a racially insensitive ad saying it missed the mark in representing black women. The ad was a three second gift or gift?

BRIGGS: There's no debate about this ad.

ROMANS: Talking Dove body wash, the looping image shows a black woman removes a dark brown t-shirt to reveal a white woman. It caused immediate outcry on social media. The Dove removed the ad saying it doesn't represent the diversity of real beauty which is something dove is passionate about. It says we missed the mark. Many asking what exactly was the mark you were trying to hit? Because in the annals of advertising, that really --

BRIGGS: Given current news, you must have seen that on Facebook and thought this was fake news.

ROMANS: It came down quickly. I think it came down quickly because the outrage was immediate.

BRIGGS: Wow. Tone deaf. "Early Start" continues right now with the latest from Bob Corker versus President Trump in a Twitter feud.

Treating his office like a quote reality show. Reckless threats that could lead to World War III. Highly respected Senator of his own Party.

ROMANS: The White House released its hard line requirements for an immigration deal. Demands threaten to derail the President's deal with Democrats to help dreamers.

BRIGGS: And the Vice President takes a hike after NFL players take a knee. This has some lawmakers throwing a flag asking who's paying for the costly trip. Some wondering if this was a pre-planned stunt.

ROMANS: And Nancy today says that Pence walkout makes the mockery of the (inaudible) stage like political theater. Actually undermines what they had been trying to...