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New Year's Eve Celebration; Aired 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2017 - 22:00   ET



COHEN: Did you see those?

COOPER: What is that?

COHEN: These are bathing suits that have -- oh, now they're counting down. Is this the fake countdown?

COOPER: Yes, this is...

COHEN: Everyone does get very excited. They're counting down to 10 o'clock?

COOPER: It's 10 o'clock.

COHEN: It's 10 o'clock. We'll see you tomorrow, everybody. Good night. I'm out. Oh my God--

COOPER: Yes, and everybody shakes the blues.

COHEN: We're not going to make fun of it. And now let's see, the crowd is actually -- they look less huddled together.

COOPER: They do.

COHEN: In about two minutes, it's all going to deflate.

COOPER: Of course, yes.

COHEN: Let's go to Amy Sedaris with a look on our weather.

AMY SEDARIS: Anderson and Andy, it's me, Amy Sedaris reporting on the weather. It is relentlessly, relentlessly freezing out here. It's still freezing out here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are orbiting the Earth and celebrating New Year's around the world, ringing in 2018 in 16 different time zones. Anderson and Andy, you guys look like you're having way too much fun down and we're watching you from 250 miles above the planet.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And everyone back on Earth, Happy New Year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): From the heart of Times Square, it's CNN's New Year's Eve Live tonight from all over America, a star- studded and unpredictable party. With special appearances by Celine Dion, Keith Urban, Dave Chappelle, John Mayer, and more surprises. And now, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

COOPER: And welcome back for a balmy -- excuse me, balmy Times Square.

COHEN: Are you okay? Oh, that sounded great.

COOPER: Yes, I know.

COHEN: Wow, hacking up a lung.

COOPER: Oh, it's all right.

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: It's going around. Something going around. Excuse me.

COHEN: Yes, it's going to go around to me tomorrow I have a feeling. Wow. Okay. We treading into dicey territory, everybody. It is time for Housewives Playbook Twitter Edition. Here's the thing. All year long or for the last couple of years I've been saying that Donald Trump's tweets -- sweetie, you're like hacking up a lung. Okay, we're going to go to Richard Quest...


COHEN: ...while Anderson recovers.

COOPER: Richard's in the Olive Garden.

RICHARD QUEST: Absolutely. Look, they said you're going to the Olive Garden. They said you're going to the Olive Garden and to dress appropriately, so I decided the Olive Garden required a certain sartorial elegance, which is hopefully what I'm bringing to the proceedings. Can you hear me, guys?

COHEN: Now I do, yes.

QUEST: There we go.

COHEN: Not really.

COOPER: No, I don't really.

COHEN: Okay. We can't -- we can't really hear Richard.

COOPER: If only we had a control room and somebody could throw--

COHEN: The cold might be shorting everything out.

COOPER: It's possible.


COOPER: Well, why don't we talk because I don't think Richard's... COHEN: Okay, so -- well, should I get into this little Housewives Playbook?

COOPER: I've recovered.

COHEN: Okay.


COHEN: So basically I've been saying that Donald Trump's tweets are very much like tweets from some Real Housewives and that, you know, I've been kind of tweeting...

COOPER: Andy believes -- I've said earlier that our worlds have combined, that the world of like reality TV and news have basically combined.


COOPER: And so when..

COHEN: Well, our president is -- he was a reality star.

COOPER: And you believe that the president is actually using techniques that the Housewives use.

COHEN: Yes, I do. And so we had some Real Housewives read some real tweets from Donald Trump and I'm going to tell you how they're similar. So here's Nene Leakes with the first one.


NENE LEAKES: I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad.


COHEN: Okay. So that is directly out of the Housewives. You give your enemies a nickname.


COHEN: Wig, Jesus Jugs, (Lyann).

COOPER: So you think the President has taken that from the Housewives.

COHEN: Well, no, I just think it is -- he's...

COOPER: It's part of that.

COHEN: Yes. I don't think he's taken it. Here's Kim Zolciak- Biermann with another one.

KIM ZOLCIAK-BIERMANN: Despite the negative press covfefe... COHEN: Okay. So that's classic, when in doubt, just make up words. Ragay, housinmoushin, ingrediences. Happens over many Housewives.


COHEN: Franchises. Here's Kandi Burruss with another one.


KANDI BURRUSS: Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me old when I would never call him short and fat? Oh, well, I'll try hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen.


COHEN: Okay. So I mean when you've run out of...

COOPER: What's the technique there?

COHEN: ...intelligent arguments...

COOPER: Uh-huh.

COHEN: just go to the playground and just play rough.


COHEN: I mean. Here's Kenya Moore.


KENYA MOORE: I heard poorly rated Morning Joe speaks badly of me, don't watch anymore. Then how come low IQ Crazy Mika along with Psycho Joe came to Mar-a-Lago three nights in a row around New Year's Eve, huh? And insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face lift. I said no.


COOPER: I got to say, when a Housewife reads it...


COOPER: does...

COHEN: I'm telling you. Okay, this is a classic, accuse your co-star of face lift. It happened over...

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: I mean, you know, and usually they all admit it so it's not like -- here's Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) SHANNON BEADOR: The Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook.

What about the totally biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary?


COHEN: Okay. So Crooked Hillary, he brings up all the time. And that's bringing up someone from last season. She's not on the show anymore, you know, or bringing up arguments from last season like Brooks and the whole cancer thing.


COHEN: Okay. Here's...

COOPER: No, wait. I got to ask you about the Brooks cancer thing.

COHEN: Are you --?

COOPER: Because -- yes. Because this -- I didn't really understand the whole -- I don't know if you follow the Housewives, if you do. But some guy I guess named Brooks pretended or related that he had cancer. When Andy told me about this, he said, go on Google and type in the word does. So I do. I go on to the search engine, type in does, the first thing that pops up was "Does Brooks have cancer." And this -- I did this for like a week or two I feel like, that was the number one search request under the word does.

COHEN: Does, "does God exist."

COOPER: "Does God exist" was second.

COHEN: It's crazy.

COOPER: Like "does he love me, does she love me" were third and fourth.

COHEN: It's so surreal that we're talking about this on CNN, I just have to say. Here's Melissa Gorga with another one.


MELISSA GORGA: Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer. It's actually much worse than anyone ever thought. And it begins with the fake news.


COHEN: That was a good live reading. You know, keep repeating the same lines over and over until someone listens. You know, Strippergate, BookGate, you just keep repeating...

COOPER: That's a Housewives technique.

COHEN: And then -- yes, absolutely.


COHEN: Absolutely. Okay. Here's Porsha Williams with another one.


PORSHA WILLIAMS: While not at all presidential, I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a total bomb and was forced to close. Sad.


COHEN: You know, bring up stats about other Housewives' businesses to take the heat off, you know, you've got -- this happens a lot on the New York Housewives, people accusing their businesses of not, you know...

COOPER: How many Housewives currently have like wine deals?

COHEN: A lot.

COOPER: I feel like there's a lot...

COHEN: Bethenny Frankel has, you know, the (inaudible)

COOPER: (inaudible)

COHEN: Yes, yes, yes. But there are -- there are...

COOPER: There are a lot.

COHEN: There are a lot.

COOPER: Okay. So let's go back. Richard Quest has wisely gone indoors.

COHEN: I know, he's somehow in a top hat and tails now?

COOPER: Yes. He sought sanctuary in the Olive Garden, which by the way, I love -- I used to love their artichoke dip. I don't know if they still have that. In fact, back in the day...

COHEN: I'm sure they do.

COHEN: I mean it's -- Richard, how's it going in the Olive Garden?

QUEST: Well, they said to me -- they said to me you're going to the Olive Garden, so dress appropriately, so that's (inaudible)

COOPER: (inaudible). Okay.

QUEST: Unfortunately, I seem to be a little overdressed for the Olive Garden. Are you having a good night?


QUEST: Oh, quiet, quiet, quiet. Quiet. Now, as you can see, there's some delightful food available here. Out the way, out the way. How about some of this to help your New Year's Eve go along? We'll happily provide some of it. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm from (inaudible) Australia.

QUEST: You're from Australia.



QUEST: And where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tennessee, Nashville.

QUEST: Nashville, Tennessee? Why are you here and not outside in the cold?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But why are you here?

QUEST: We have a load of fair weather. Unfortunately, I do seem to be the best-dressed person here at the moment.


QUEST: Sorry? No. Oh.


QUEST: You're trying -- you're trying to get familiar with me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, yes, you look dashing tonight.

QUEST: Would you be my date?


QUEST: There we go. This is all going to be happening. So, Andy and Anderson, there is plenty of food here. Andy, there are toilets here. Yes, toilets. So I know that cold weather, what it can do to a man of a certain age.

COOPER: All right. Thank you, Richard.

COHEN: A man of a certain age?

COOPER: You should say that in a British accent.

COHEN: A man of a certain age.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do you like the breadsticks?

QUEST: Oh, they're on to the breadsticks now.

COOPER: Oh, the breadsticks. The famous breadsticks. Richard, is this your first time in an Olive Garden?

QUEST: Well, I -- no, I have been to an Olive Garden before. It was in Tuscany.


COOPER: Oh, yes.

COHEN: Richard, what makes you think that I'm older than you?

QUEST: I think I shall take a diplomatic license at that particular -- no, I think I'm well older than you, well older than you. I was just saying, you know, because I know you were concerned, four hours in the bitterly cold.

COHEN: Yes, yes.

COOPER: Yes. Yes. So, Richard, thank you. You are looking very dashing. We'll check in with you. I do want to go to Randi Kaye. She's joining us again along with a -- well, she's in Colorado where I guess recreational marijuana use...

COHEN: She's surrounded by weed. Did you get me the (inaudible), Randi?

COOPER: Yes. She's on a pot bus basically. How's it going, Randi?

RANDI KAYE, CNN JOURNALIST: It's going great. I'm definitely earning the nickname Kush Kaye, that's for sure. All right. Oh, yes. Oh, come on, everybody knows what Kush is. So listen now, I came prepared, you know, this year. I thought maybe I would bring a gas mask with me so I wouldn't, you know, get that contact high. But look what's on the other end of the gas mask. Yes, a bong. And, of course, they couldn't stand to see a bong that didn't have any cannabis in it, so you actually put it in the bong, you filled it up.


KAYE: And you don't want it -- you don't want it...


KAYE: You packed it. Okay. Okay. So you're going to -- now what? Now, you're going to celebrate a little New Year's early or what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to be honest with you, I've never hit one of these before...

KAYE: Oh, right. Okay.


KAYE: This -- I don't think this is really what a gas mask is used for but -- wow, okay. This is New Year's Eve Denver style, everybody.

COOPER: This is legal in Colorado. COHEN: I know. I'm moving to Colorado.

KAYE: It's legal. It is -- it is very legal. Wow. But we are -- we are making our way...

COOPER: So, Randi...

KAYE: a puff, pass and paint party. Yes, Anderson, go.

COOPER: Okay. Yes, so just explain what -- you're on a bus, right? So it's a bus with moving lights...

KAYE: Yes.

COOPER:'s like the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test bus.

COHEN: Is there a stripper pole in the bus?

KAYE: Exactly. There is no stripper pole.

COOPER: And you're...

KAYE: But there are lots of really high people.

COOPER: Well, that's good news. That's the first good news.

KAYE: You just take a look. Everybody here is just like smoking and partying and doing their thing. I mean this is what's going on. So this is cannabis tours and people have come from all over the country, from Alabama, from Los Angeles. They all just came here to party on this bus. It takes them around to dispensaries, they get to pick up weed and cannabis and party all night long. And then we're going to do a puff--

COOPER: So they can choose all different -- they can choose -- sorry, Randi. They can choose all different kinds of pot, Sativa, Kush, whatever.

KAYE: Oh, yes. Yes, they can choose all different kinds of pot.

COOPER: Those words, you know--

KAYE: And speaking of -- yes, I know -- well, I know Indica, which is Indicouch, makes you very tired. Sativa is -- gives you a lot of energy.


KAYE: Coloradans like that, Kush is very popular. I'm sure Andy knows all about that. But I do have -- I do have a little trivia...

COHEN: I do but...

KAYE: ...question for you, Andy. I want you to play along with me here.

COHEN: Okay.

KAYE: Here's my question for you. Which one of these famous stoners did Anderson lose to on Celebrity Jeopardy? Here's your choices. Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times Ridgemont High. Slater, Dazed and Confused. Floyd, Brad Pitt, remember True Romance. Cheech Marin, Cheech & Chong, of course. And The Dude from The Big Lebowski. Which one did Anderson lose to on Jeopardy?

COHEN: I think he lost to -- I think he lost to Cheech Marin.

COOPER: I did. I lost famously to Cheech Marin...

KAYE: Yes.

COOPER: ...who is so smart and so quick on the buzzer.

COHEN: Yes, stoners are smart people. Stoners are people, too.

KAYE: How could he be after all that pot?

COHEN: I really hope that -- I really hope that Jeff Sessions is not watching the broadcast tonight because he already does not like me.

COOPER: So, Randi, you're heading now -- where are you heading next to? Some sort of a paint party?

KAYE: We are heading -- I hope you could see me through the smoke here. Yes, it's a puff, pass, and paint party. So you puff and then you pass and then you paint. So everybody has their own canvass. Puff, pass, paint. And the best thing is...

COOPER: Wow, okay.

KAYE: ...we're going to make these cannabis-infused cocktails, so things are going to get really crazy. Oh, what? Oh, and look at this, cannabis-infused wine right here, imagine that. Oh, all kinds of fun stuff --

COHEN: Watch your dose. Randi, watch your dose.

KAYE: Oh, yeah.

COOPER: And a reminder to everybody, do not imbibe and drive or drink and drive.

COHEN: Do not drink and drive. Do not imbibe and drive.

KAYE: Oh, wait, that's right. And again...

COOPER: All right.

KAYE: The CNN handbook says do not imbibe on live TV.

COOPER: Yes. I...

COHEN: Yes. KAYE: So let's go to commercial or go back to you guys.

COOPER: I'm all behind that.

COHEN: But what about Don Lemon, have you seen--

COOPER: I don't know. All right, Randi. We'll check in with you a little bit later.

KAYE: Cheers.

COHEN: She's having fun. Coming up, Dave Chappelle, John Mayer, Celine Dion, and a whole lot more.

COOPER: Stay with us.

COHEN: We are counting down until midnight. See, I'm having a second wind.

COOPER: I know, I know. Yes, yes. All right. Let's go with that.


COOPER: And welcome to a quite toasty warm Times Square.

COHEN: It's 10 degrees, everybody.

COOPER: It's about...

COHEN: You just added another coat.

COOPER: I just added another coat.

COHEN: How many coats do you have?

COOPER: I have -- I have three coats on. Yes, it's my third coat as well as a vest and two pairs of long underwear.




COOPER: Too much. Bill Weir is in Key West where it's certainly a lot warmer with a special musical guest. Bill, welcome.

BILL WEIR, CNN ANCHOR: Thank you. Good to be with you. It's 80 -- 80, 90 degrees warmer here on Duval Street. Happy New Year's, people. We were worried. We were worried about the Keys, of course. We were worried when I stood on this street as Irma was baring down. We were worried after Plantation, Big Pine, and Cudjoe Key got hammered, but this feels pretty good. Ninety-five percent of the hotel rooms open in Key West, 70 percent on the Keys. Still some islands that are struggling, but hey, look who's here. It's Rock & Roll legend, Eddie "Two Tickets to Paradise" Money, everybody. EDDIE MONEY, MUSICIAN: Billy, how you doing? CNN, love to have you.

We're having a great time, fantastic time. Key West, Florida, the place to be. We did a show tonight at the Key West Amphitheater. I got Two Tickets to Paradise but I'm taking everybody for the New Year. Right, Lori?

LORI: That's right.

WEIR: See, I was going to ask you if you indeed bought two tickets to paradise, obviously you beat me to your own punch line.

MONEY: Right, Bill. We've got a lot of great things happening down here. I'm actually putting on my play in Rochester, New York on Valentine's Day weekend. And we got a reality show coming out with AXS TV Mark Cuban. A lot of great things happening this year.

WEIR: Of course, you do. And in just moments, you're going to help Sushi, the Drag Queen...

MONEY: Right, yes.

WEIR: ...get into a giant stiletto like the size of a small car and then they lower it at midnight.

MONEY: I've been trying to do this for years, it's going to be a lot of fun though.

WEIR: Your career dreams come true. Eddie Money, everybody. So let's turn around...

MONEY: Happy New Year.

WEIR: Happy New Year to you. Let's wade our way through and see...hey, what's happening, man? How are you? Coming through. Coming through. Hey, what's up Philadelphia? Good to see you guys. How are you? Happy New Year.


WEIR: Let's get as close as we can to Sushi. Let's see if she's warming up. The drag show is in full regalia as you can see. A fitting anthem for the Florida Keys, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. What's that, ma'am?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I've been looking for you all weekend.

WEIR: Well, you found us. Here we are. We're back. We're here for the Sushi drop, there's also a pirate wench drop, a giant lime wedge. They like to drop stuff in the weirdest city...

COOPER: I know.

WEIR: the end of this highway. So, Anderson and Andy...

COOPER: Bill, that drag queen drop, we've actually covered it live on this show pretty much every year for a long, long time. Hey, Bill, just a quick question if you can hear me. When you were covering the storms, did you expect that Key West would recover as quickly as it has? As you said, 95 percent of the hotel rooms are full or open.

WEIR: No. No. It was -- we thought right after -- I mean this is the worst storm that the old salts and longtime residents have seen. And we thought it took -- it could take years to recover fully. But the Keys are a great representation of when you are connected to the mainland and you have a vibrant economy, how fast you can come back. Not the story sadly obviously for Puerto Rico, even some of the Texas coast, the tourist towns there. So our hearts are going out to those folks not quite able to celebrate at this level. Hopefully 2018 will bring more joy and they'll recover.

COOPER: Yes. Amen to that. Bill, thank you so much. We'll check in with you a little bit later for that big drag queen drop. Ever seen that?

COHEN: No, I've never seen it, but I think the temperature just --

COOPER: (inaudible)

COHEN: I feel like maybe the temperature even dropped a little bit during...

COOPER: You feel it got a little colder.


COOPER: Really? Yes, yes. You feel -- you seem a little renewed in energy though.

COHEN: No, I'm not. I went down really--

COOPER: Oh, really? Oh, really?

COHEN: Yes. Oh, no, I crashed.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Yes, yes.

COOPER: Oh, boy. Oh.

COHEN: I'm coming back now.

COOPER: Yes, you're coming back. All right. Times Square is coming back. Andy is coming back.

COHEN: I need another fake countdown.

COOPER: Oh, you got 37 minutes to do another fake countdown.

COHEN: Really? And then we get another fake countdown?

COOPER: Another fake countdown. COHEN: Oh my God, I'm so excited. I was watching Bill Weir and I was

like, I forgot what it feels like to just wear one shirt. Like I don't know that feeling.

COOPER: Really it's been so long.

COHEN: It's been so long.

COOPER: Celine Dion is coming up, which we're very excited about. Dave Chappelle, John Mayer. You're like friends with John Mayer.

COHEN: We're buddies.

COOPER: You hang out together all the time.

COHEN: Yes, yes, he's the best.


COHEN: He's the greatest.

COOPER: And you follow him around with (inaudible).




COOPER: So Dave Chappelle, John Mayer coming up, Celine Dion as well. Stick around, we'll be right back.


COOPER: What a meshugas.

COHEN: What a meshugas. Look at the crowd, they're coming alive.

COOPER: Just like the Andy, the crowd is coming alive.

COHEN: Yes. And my hat's still on. I don't even care. It's like -- it is...

COOPER: This has been our big dilemma, hats off...

COHEN: Wear the hat, do not wear the hat.

COOPER: You wear the hat or do not wear the hat.

COHEN: It doesn't look amazing.

COOPER: I don't wear the hat because I feel like, you know...

COHEN: You keep the moneymaker.

COOPER: Yes, keep the gas heat -- COHEN: This is the Katniss Everdeen right here. Girl on Fire.

COOPER: Whenever we go to like a bar, Andy's always like, going to a bar with you is like going to a bar with Katniss Everdeen. It's like, you know, the hair, it's very recognizable.

COHEN: Yes. Hair, like on fire. Wow.

COOPER: I want to give a shout out to Jennifer Lawrence, who I'm a huge fan of.


COOPER: I got to meet her this year.

COHEN: Yes, you do love her.

COOPER: Yes, I do love her.

COHEN: And why were your pants just down?

COOPER: Because -- so...

COHEN: Right before we came back, I'm like seeing his undies.

COOPER: All right. So we've been concerned about the cold for a long time. So I found this place, The Warming Store which is a small business in Philadelphia that sells heated clothing. I didn't heated clothing existed.

COHEN: I didn't either.

COOPER: I've been doing this for 15 freaking years.

COHEN: Well, with all due, this is the coldest it's been since --

COOPER: Well, I know but -- but you know what, there's been plenty of cold nights.

COHEN: Okay. Guess what, if it was 42, I'd be dancing in the streets.

COOPER: Well, anyway. So I got all this heated clothing and -- so yes, I had to take my pants off.

COHEN: (inaudible).

COOPER: I don't. I've got a cough.

COHEN: (inaudible)

COOPER: Well, what am I going to do? We've got a huge night. Celine Dion. We've already had Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman. Amy Sedaris is giving us weather updates throughout the night. Dave Chappelle, John Mayer, Celine Dion are coming up. Another big star though, one of our biggest musical guests, Wolf Blitzer is here as well. Wolf? WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Anderson and Andy, good to see you again.

I'm Wolf Blitzer and as we prepare to ring in the New Year, I invite you to join me for another edition of Wolf Blitzer Sings the Hits. Breaking News, here's a tune from Demi Lovato that I like to sing when I'm in the mood to apologize. Baby, I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. Baby, I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. Being so bad got me feeling so good. Showing you up like I knew that I would. Baby I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. Baby I'm sorry. I'm not sorry. Feeling inspired because the tables have turned. Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns.

That was Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato, one of my favorites.

COOPER: Thank you, Wolf.

BLITZER: And I'm Wolf Blitzer and this has been Wolf Blitzer Sings the Hits.

COOPER: Yes. Thank you, Wolf. And Wolf Blitzer Sings the Hits.

COHEN: Will Blitzer has got some rhythm.

COOPER: Yes. Did you know that Wolf was in a band when he was a youngster?

COHEN: Really?

COOPER: And I think they were called the Monkeys. It was the Monkeys before the other Monkeys.

COHEN: Right. They had nothing to do...

COOPER: Yes. They were not the Monkeys but I think...

COHEN: Wolf's wife is a big Housewives fan.

COOPER: Is she really? I didn't know that. He's been on your show, hasn't he?

COHEN: He has. He was with Scheana Marie from "Vanderpump Rules."

COOPER: How did the pairing go?

COHEN: It was good.

COOPER: How do you come up with these pairings?

COHEN: It's just fun. We just try to pair unlikely people.

COOPER: Because I was on with Kim Zolciak recently.

COHEN: Yes, you were.

COOPER: Yes. And that was fun.


COOPER: Trying to think...

COHEN: With a lot of people.

COOPER: Yes. Anyway, let's go back to New Orleans, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin. Last we checked in with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin, they were out on the street on Frenchman drinking beer, having crawfish.

COHEN: Yes, what's happening now?

COOPER: Are you guys --

COHEN: I like your jacket.

COOPER: Hey guys.

LEMON: Oh, we're on. Hey, man it's so loud in here. I got to go. We're going to turn this mother out right now.

BALDWIN: What do you have?

LEMON: There's been a year of this and we need to let loose.

BALDWIN: We need more fun.

LEMON: We need more fun.

BALDWIN: Let the hair down.

LEMON: So, hello, everyone. My first...

BALDWIN: Where did that come from?

LEMON: You want one?

BALDWIN: No, not yet.


LEMON: Cheers, everybody. Happy New Year. It's been a crazy year. If you can't enjoy yourself on New Year's, this is one night Brooke and I can do it.

BALDWIN: Yes, you can. We're going to enjoy ourselves tonight. Oh, boy.

LEMON: Thank you very much. So, we've got -- who is this guy over here playing?

BALDWIN: This is (inaudible). They have rocked the Spotted Cat tonight. Thank you to the Spotted Cat for having us the last couple of years. By the way -- right here -- my balls are bigger than your balls.

LEMON: Probably.

BALDWIN: You want to dance or should we talk to the people?

LEMON: Yes. So, this is what New Year's is about. This is what everyone (inaudible) for to see people dancing and having a good time.

BALDWIN: Can you believe we get sent to New Orleans every single New Year's Eve? This is insane.

LEMON: CNN sent us to a bar in New Orleans.

BALDWIN: And wants us to have fun.

LEMON: What are we supposed to do, talk about...

BALDWIN: No. We're having fun. Let's talk to the people.

LEMON: ... foreign policy or -- we're having a great time. So, we're going to go talk to the folks.

BALDWIN: How are you? Where are you from?


BALDWIN: Why did you want to come to New Orleans for New Year's?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The best place to be, New Orleans.

BALDWIN: The best place to be.


BALDWIN: Oh. (Inaudible) is from New Orleans. Any New Orleanian knows how to dress right.

LEMON: We love that. Where are you from, sir?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I live in Baton Rouge.

LEMON: I grew up in Baton Rouge. Where are you from? Where in Baton Rouge?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm from Ohio but I live in Baton Rouge.

LEMON: Oh, very nice. Hey, I like the headgear. What's that? What's her name?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a (inaudible).

LEMON: What is it?

BALDWIN: Wait, is this abstract Happy New Year's art or what is it?

LEMON: What is this all about?

BALDWIN: Champagne for the New Year. Happy New Year.

LEMON: Happy New Year. So, who's going to win tomorrow, Clemson or Alabama?

BALDWIN: Clemson or it's Alabama?

LEMON: Who's going to win tomorrow?

BALDWIN: Alabama?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're going to come back to you in a little bit.

BALDWIN: Sugar Bowl.

UNIDENTIFED MALE: Sugar Bowl is tomorrow. Let's walk through here. All right. Line up (inaudible).

By the way, Andy and Anderson, we can't hear anything.

BALDWIN: I'm going with Alabama.

COOPER: All right. We'll see you guys later. All right. Bye guys.

COHEN: We're going to let you go.

COOPER: We'll go back to Don and Brooke.

COHEN: Some of the most intelligent fans ever to air on CNN I have to say. Wow. They're like can you believe they send us here every year? No. Can you believe they send us here, they both said that same thing. They're drunk. They are drunk. Anderson, can you believe -- no. We're in a bar right now.

COOPER: The amazing thing, they're actually taking over coverage at 12:30.

COHEN: Is that true?

COOPER: Yes. They're going to.

COHEN: Now, that is a reason to tune in. Oh, by the way, you need to time, I always say this to my friend.

COOPER: By the way, my heat has just kicked in big time on my vest.

COHEN: It has?

COOPER: I mean, big time like I'm now, like I feel like...

COHEN: You know what I actually (inaudible), too.

COOPER: Yes. We had the last commercial break and all of a sudden...

COHEN: Really?


COHEN: Oh, OK. Good.


COHEN: OK. Good. I have something to look forward to. Anyway, you do need to time your -- that's the thing about New Year's Eve, you people are like it's New Year's Eve and then at nine o'clock they start doing shots.


COHEN: You cannot do that.

COOPER: I just want to say for anyone who's at home who feels about being at home, you shouldn't because...

COHEN: It's a nice place to be.

COOPER: ... it's a nightmare to go outside.

COHEN: It's a disaster.

COOPER: In New York on New Year's Eve, it's awful. The lines are long in clubs to the bathroom.

COHEN: Everything is triple the price.

COOPER: Uber is like surge-pricing, whatever that--

COHEN: Yes, it's triple.

COOPER: I know. And people then are ending up in the streets late at night trying to hail a cab and breaking their heels.


COOPER: It gets messy. It is messy, yes. It's amateur night. Don't drink and drive. Do not drink and drive. Yes.


COOPER: And , yes, and Dave Chappelle...

COHEN: John Mayer and next we'll take a look that's the coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where Celine Dion is performing.


COHEN: And we are going to drop in on her next on CNN New Year's Eve live.

COOPER: I can't wait.

COHEN: Cannot wait.


COOPER: Well, it's about 11 degrees here in Times Square but it feels like 10 or 9, I'd say. COHEN: I agree actually.

COOPER: Yes. I tell you --

COHEN: All this heat --

COOPER: The heat is--

COHEN: ... is surging.

COOPER: This part of me feels very hot. The rest of me feels very cold so I feel very unbalanced.

COHEN: Sounds like you're on heroin or something.

COOPER: How does that even sound like?

COHEN: I don't know. Isn't it like waves of heat or something like that?

COOPER: Oh, that's what you're referencing. I don't know.

COHEN: I don't know anything about it. Oh, my God.

COOPER: Yes. It's very exciting.

COHEN: Anyway, it's all happening.

COHEN: The other question we've been having, of course, is like...

COHEN: I'm trying to figure out who's lip-synching on rock (inaudible). That's what I've been trying to figure out. And let me just say there may be a few.

COOPER: I'm always fascinated by how much Ryan Seacrest actually has to spend out in the cold. I don't think he is --

COHEN: I know because he's been carrying on about how cold it is and I'm like, "Are you in the GMA studio?"

COOPER: Yes. Oh, I was at Andy's house the other day where we had a meeting to discuss tonight and, yes, we actually discussed tonight, believe it or not. And he got a bottle of champagne from Ryan Seacrest.

COHEN: Yes, I did. Hey, see you on New Year's Eve.

COOPER: Right. And I got one tonight or delivered last night which was very nice.

COHEN: Oh, good. Oh, I thought the punch line was going to be you didn't get one.

COOPER: Well, no. They delivered it, very nice. Yes.

COHEN: Oh, good. COOPER: Yes.

COHEN: He's classy.

COOPER: Oh, very. Yes. Yes. Sure.

COHEN: Yes, very. I want to talk about some...

COOPER: He's got that Seacrest money.

COHEN: Yes. I want to talk about some underreported stories of the year.


COHEN: These were stories that we reported. I don't know if you did on 360.

COOPER: But you reported that.

COHEN: Yes, I reported it. I report news.

COOPER: Yes, I know. I know you do. Yes.

COHEN: Yes, I do.

COOPER: I know. Yes.

COHEN: Yes. I do.



COOPER: All right. So, what are the underreported stories?

COHEN: Did you know that Aretha Franklin sent a fax to the Associated Press to resurrect her feud about, with Dionne Warwick?

COOPER: What? Wait, Aretha Franklin has a feud with Dionne Warwick?

COHEN: Yes, but it was years ago around the time of Whitney Houston's funeral.

COOPER: So, she sent a fax...

COHEN: She faxed the Associated Press, I mean, like she brought up a very old feud. It was my favorite thing in the world. And by the way, one of my personal highlights of the year besides the eclipse, you know I had a tea with Ms. Franklin this year.

COOPER: Oh, that's a right.


COOPER: And in fact, I was with you recently, you got an email from her, didn't you?

COHEN: I got a text.

COOPER: You got a text from her.

COHEN: Yes. She is...

COOPER: How cool is that? Did you get (inaudible).

COHEN: Not very often, but Aretha Franklin, unbelievable.

COOPER: My gosh.

COHEN: But you know I love Diana Ross though.


COHEN: Diana Ross caused a super just cacophony of crazy in my life when she tweeted that she had been at Marshall's and she left her fanny pack on Marshall's at Olympic in LA and she was like thank you to the angel, I lost my fanny pack on Marshall's on LA on Olympic Boulevard.

Now, it begs a question, so many questions. What is in Diana Ross' fanny pack?

COOPER: What's in this fanny pack? Right.

COHEN: And what did she bring to Marshall's and Diana Ross shops at Marshall's?

COOPER: Well, I'm sure. Why not?

COHEN: Very exciting.

COOPER: Yes. I went to school with her kids actually I think. Tracee is amazing.

COHEN: Did you know that Bow Wow, you know, Bow Wow.

COOPER: Sure. I know (inaudible).


COOPER: Well, he's no longer Little Bow Wow.



COHEN: He posted a picture of a private plane on Instagram and said it's a travel day and then someone snapchatted him on a plane. He was on a commercial plane. He got busted.

COOPER: Oh, no, he's -- COHEN: He actually had been -- yes. That was amazing. Also, Alex

Trebek, did you know he revealed in an interview with the Daily Beast that he once accidentally ate hash brownies at a house party?

COOPER: I did not know that. Really?

COHEN: And he had a really bad trip when he moved to California. We need to talk to Randy K about how --

COOPER: These are all true.

COHEN: These are true stories. Yes.

COOPER: All right. I didn't know that.


COOPER: I mean, I'm a big Alex Trebek fan. I'm a Jeopardy fan.

COHEN: Yes. Yes you are. I don't know why you didn't report any of these stories.

COOPER: Yes. Right.

COHEN: It's not like there has been a lot of news.

COOPER: Yes. No. It's been a slow news cycle.

COHEN: No, it's been a really slow news cycle, right?

COOPER: Yes. Yes. I'm surprised I didn't hear about more of that.

COHEN: Boy, man, you turn off the news for one second and everything is changed this year.

COOPER: Got a little, there, on your lip a little spittle or something.

COHEN: Well, thank you--

COOPER: It just popped up.

COHEN: Spittle. Ok.

COOPER: I don't know.

COHEN: Are we dropping in on Celine Dion?

COOPER: We're going to be dropping in on Celine Dion coming up, but we're going to take a quick break first and we'll be right back.

COHEN: OK. OK Good. We're surging the heat now.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The best part of 2017 was our 58th anniversary?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was the best?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My best moment of 2017 is (inaudible) going to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Definitely my best moment of 2017 was adopting my new puppy Thunder, or Thunder Pup.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The worst thing that happened in 2017 was the election of Donald Trump. The best thing was that a lot of other people felt the same way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My favorite thing, I know it sounds so cheesy, but it's my kids.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When Axel Jack showed me the biggest poop that I've ever seen come out of a human being, and he actually made it to the potty and was so proud of himself, and I really loved that moment because as a mom, you want them to be able to make it to the potty.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My favorite part of 2017 was my son Jameson Moon.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to start with my least favorite thing of 2017, it's just absolutely politics full stop in the world, because it's tumultuous, I use that word all the time now. It's been tumultuous, and heaven knows what will be going on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The best moment of this year, my youngest one went to college, which means I've got the house to myself with my wife.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The worst thing that ever happened to me in 2017 was the lie, the betrayal of (inaudible)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My worst moment was on a talk show, starting to cry randomly, I guess maybe because I was on my period and snot blew out of my nose.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My least favorite thing is also the meanness of the world at the moment, I just want us all to get along again, you guys.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I kind of don't want to tell you the worst thing that happened. I don't want to tell you, but let's just say my friend and I ate something that was, didn't sit well, and we ended up having to find a place to relieve ourselves.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My worst, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit was a low point. It's like who cares.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The best thing that happened in 2017 has to be the birth of my daughter. I didn't have one. (END VIDEO CLIP)

COHEN: I love Sarah Silverman.

COOPER: She's great.

COHEN: That was, of course, were some stars who stop by Watch What Happens Live and gave us their best and worst moments.

COOPER: You actually had a couple from the Crown, the king and queen.

COHEN: I know. It was so great. That's so great.


COHEN: I got to tell you something, very cold here, but I was thinking, watching that piece, I mean, there is so much divisiveness in the country right now and in the world and people fighting on Twitter.

And so, it is nice. I was thinking about the eclipse and thinking about New Year's Eve. It's fun to have events where we can all come together, communal events.

COOPER: That's right.

COHEN: And I'm happy to be here with you.

COOPER: I'm very happy.

COHEN: Thank you for having me here. I really appreciate it.

COOPER: Awkward, awkward. I don't like to be touched, yes.

COHEN: I am very touchy.

COOPER: Yes. Celine Dion we're going to be talking to very soon. I'm very excited about that.


COOPER: Let's quickly check in with Sara Sidner who's standing by in Nashville.

How are things there, Sara?

SARA SIDNER, JOURNALIST, CORRESPONDENT FOR CNN: They are good because I have the cowboy hat on. I'm standing in a honky-tonk so I figured I'd switch hats for you guys and go back to old school Nashville.

But, of course, all kinds of music playing here, there's a person on every floor, a band playing (inaudible) on every floor. And I'm joined by a few fantastic people. Quickly tell me your names. First things first.

CAROLINE: Caroline. SAM: Sam.

JOSH: Josh.

LORAINE: Loraine.

JAKE: Jake.

RACHEL: Rachel.

SIDNER: Where are you all from?






SIDNER: All right. Now, I just got to find out, what are you all doing here? Who came up with a plan that like Nashville was the place to be?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We did, we thought we'd be here for New Year's, celebrating my birthday.


SIDNER: Oh, Happy Birthday. Now, what do you all do because you all look so beautiful and youthful and young? Are you all students or?



SIDNER: Okay. You, what do you do? Because you're hiding in the back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm a police officer.

SIDNER: Okay. We'll be watching you.

And you, Sir?


SIDNER: Okay. So I have this molar, can you -- I mean...


SIDNER: You guys are great. Look, we're at Honky Tonk Central and look down this road. A beautiful night, but it is cold. I know you guys were making fun of Nashville that we are somehow not as cold as you are, but it is going to be about a wind chill of a two tonight and get down to 9 degrees. That is freezing for this place. But as long as I have my cowboy hat on and I've got my gloves somewhere. I've lost them already. We're going to have a good time, especially down here at the honky-tonks on Broadway, guys.

Back to you.

COOPER: All right. Hey, Sara, thanks so much.


COOPER: That is really cold in Nashville.

COHEN: It truly is cold, I mean...

COOPER: A as we talked to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman a little bit ago and we should point out we played at the Ryman Auditorium. We had this tour AC2.

COHEN: It's just so amazing.

COOPER: We have the greatest time, such a great theater to be in Nashville, and incredible, Ryman is...

COHEN: By the way, can I just say. We were in the Dallas Airport a few weeks ago, say what you had for breakfast at 9 AM.

COOPER: Panda Express Orange Chicken.

COHEN: Panda Express Orange Chicken.

COOPER: So good.

COHEN: I'm eating Einstein Bros. Bagel and this one is eating, wolfing down, so we had not eaten in -- I don't know how...

COOPER: It was so good.

COHEN: Was actually gross. The whole thing was gross.

COOPER: Have you had Panda Express Orange Chicken?

COHEN: I had a piece --

COOPER: It's terrible for you, I'm sure. I mean it cannot be good for you. But it's delightful.

COHEN: It's not delightful watching you eat it at nine in the morning.

COOPER: I did discover Panda Express is delightful.

COHEN: Yes, discover it you did. We are having a great time in the tour I should say. We're going to be in New York City at the Beacon Theatre for two nights in January.

COOPER: Right, 26 and 27th of January.

COHEN: Yes. Then we're in Boston, Chicago, Toronto.

COOPER: Get your tickets in

COHEN: We've been touring for three years.

COOPER: I know. It's crazy we probably have done 30.

COHEN: More like 40.

COOPER: Really?




COOPER: It's amazing.

COHEN: Time flies.

COOPER: Yes. It's been fun.


COOPER: (inaudible) it's funny because Andy's mom is a pretty tough critic, like Andy will call her up and be like, oh, yes, we're playing the Wang Theater in Boston. And she'd be like, oh, I don't know if you can, you're not going, I don't think you can sell that out.

COHEN: I know, right.

COOPER: She's like. How many seats, 2,500 seats. I don't know. She always tells it like it is, she really does.

COHEN: I know, well, that's what's great about Evelyn.

COOPER: You know what? That's why you need -- that's what your mom is supposed to do.

COHEN: Yes, right, Evelyn and Lou. Yes.

COOPER: Yes. So here at the crowd in Time Square.

COHEN: I feel like they're pepping up. I mean...

COOPER: I think you're projecting. I think you're pepping up.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: So you're projecting onto the million people who are here.

COHEN: Right (inaudible).

COOPER: But I don't know what that says about you.

COHEN: (inaudible). Who gives the (inaudible)?

COOPER: I do feel like when we arrived, they were stunned and huddled together.

COHEN: They really were. They really were.



COOPER: And, but now it definitely seems to be pepping up a little bit.

COHEN: Yes, they do. How many people do you think here? Do we, would you say like a million?

COOPER: They always say like a million. I don't know. I mean, they don't really do official crowd estimates...

COHEN: It does go on for blocks and blocks, blocks and blocks.

COOPER: Yes, yes, because there's all these people who can't even see the ball drop.

COHEN: That's what I don't -- that's, I don't understand either.

COOPER: You don't understand. It's a mystery.


COOPER: Most New Yorkers, I mean, for those of you who are not from here, most New Yorkers, I mean, I grew up in New York, have never been here on New Year's Eve.


COOPER: Like as a lifelong New Yorker, I had never been here until I started volunteering to work here, Celine Dion.

COHEN: Hello to Celine Dion in Vegas.

CELINE DION, CANADIAN SINGER: Hello, Anderson and Andy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Celine. Hey, everybody. How is it going?

DION: Hi, guys. How are you?


COHEN: We're great.

COOPER: We're so excited to be with you. DION: Are you cold?

COHEN: We love you. We are so cold, Celine.

DION: I'm sorry, come in Vegas.

COHEN: We would love to come to Vegas, Celine.

DION: We're going to send you so much love and so much warm tonight.

COHEN: Celine, what will you be doing at midnight?

DION: At midnight?


DION: I'm going to be -- I'm going to be hugging my three children. Yes. Yes, I will.

COHEN: Did you make any New Year's resolutions, Celine?

DION: Like every year, I'm trying to be the best of myself. And I wish I can change the world sometimes. I think it went through a lot of people's heart and mind this year. But you just have to make the best of every year.

My most accomplishment, the best accomplishment of my life is to be a mom and I'm trying to be the best mom possible. I have three magnificent boys. And I'm trying to be a good mother.

And I'm trying to sing as good as I can. Those guys are coming night after night to the coliseum at Caesars Palace. And we're really having a good time, so resolution is to keep going and be healthy and be a great mom. How about you?

COHEN: Well, our resolution is to kind of stay warm a little bit.

COOPER: Yes. I would like to survive tonight in the freezing cold.


COOPER: And learn how to get some more warm clothes --

COHEN: Yes. And I want to come and see you perform in Vegas.

DION: Yes, yes. You know what? The resolution is done. You have the answer already. Come to Las Vegas.

COOPER: We would love to.

COHEN: Celine, Lady Gaga just announced that she is going to be doing a residency in Las Vegas. Do you have any advice for her? Or what would you tell her about performing there?

DION: Yes. Well, first of all, do I have advice for Lady Gaga? No. First of all, this girl knows exactly what she's doing.


DION: She knows what to do. And I will never ever, ever, in my whole life tell somebody professional, super-talented like she is to do what -- how to do things.


DION: I'm going to go and see her show.


DION: When is she starting?

COHEN: I don't know, but I would like to see the two of you do a duet actually.

DION: Oh, don't get me started now. I would love that. I love her so much. I can't wait. Come on, Lady Gaga. We're waiting for you.

COOPER: Well, listen, we want to wish you the best -- all the best to you and your family this year and to everybody who is there tonight. Thank you so much for talking with us. I know we're going to be able to hear you sing a little bit, but we love you and we hope to see you in the New Year.

DION: We love you too. By the way, just for one more second.

COOPER: Sure, of course.

DION: We have 4,000 of your closest friends who have a message for both of you tonight. So, are you ready? Are you ready, guys?


DION: Show them some love everybody.

AUDIENCE: Happy New Year!

DION: We love you guys. We love you. We love you. Thank you so much.

COHEN: That was awesome.