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COOPER: And wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we want to wish you a very happy New Year 2018. An incredible moment here in New York to witness -- I got to say, I've been doing this for 15 years, and it still, that moment at the start of midnight, the confetti and the sing. It's really --

ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: Beautiful. I got to tell you, has "New York, New York" ever sounded so good as when it is booming over Times Square, just at the stroke of midnight in the New Year? And you've got the mayor standing there dancing with the first lady of New York, slow dancing -- just a beautiful, beautiful sight.


COHEN: And never is there a better anthem for a city than "New York, New York".

COOPER: And I mean it's hard to describe for people who haven't been here, you know, and people have to wait for hours to see it but at that stroke of midnight and the 10 minutes after, the five minutes after it's just -- it's an incredible, incredible sight.

COHEN: I've got to tell you something -- is this place clearing out or what? And let me also say this. I would not want to be a bathroom on Eighth Avenue in the 40s, any bathroom, because they're going to see a lot of traffic. And the plumbing in this area, I don't even want to know from.

COOPER: You know what? That's not a really good New Year's message.

COHEN: Well, I'm talking about the minutiae. No, you're right. You're right. But I also -- I mean I was looking at these people. And I said to Anderson at about 12:05, I go was it worth it? Was it worth it?

COOPER: And I said yes.

COHEN: Yes. COOPER: I think most of them will tell you yes.

COHEN: Really.


COHEN: Isn't that amazing. I talked to a lot of people who have been here, and they all say it was tough and worse than they expected but it was worth it.

COHEN: Right. I've got to tell you something. I love -- I love just to go back to it. I know we were just talking about it. But I really want to talk about "New York, New York" a little more.


COHEN: Because it's such a great song. What if they lowered Liza down?

COOPER: Well, I'd like also the Jay-Z, you know.

COHEN: Oh yes -- "Empire State of Mind".

COOPER: Yes, yes. "Empire State of Mind".

COHEN: That's amazing.

COOPER: Yes, yes. I love that song. We did a shot.

COHEN: We did. Not only did we do a shot of tequila, it was a very generous shot of tequila. And Anderson slammed the whole thing. And I think this is kind of a little bit of a symptom of being on tour with me for three years.


COHEN: Because he is a bit of teetotaler.

COOPER: I am a bit of a teetotaler.

COHEN: He doesn't really drink.

COOPER: I don't drink.

COHEN: But I feel responsible.

COOPER: Kevin -- Kevin poured the shot.

COHEN: Kevin poured us three shots.

COOPER: And Andy snuck in the tequila.

COHEN: I snuck tequila in. It is now my gift to the crew.

COOPER: And you had extra glasses too.

COHEN: I brought -- I stole glasses from the hotel. Yes.


COHEN: Bill them to CNN.

COOPER: But I will say it was nice and chilled in this arctic thing.

COHEN: I know, the arctic thing. I mean I'm telling you. It froze my pizza walking into the area. And it did chill the tequila very quickly. I did think that. I was like oh, wow. That's kind of delightful.

COOPER: it makes you want to stay in the one of those Iceland hotels.

COHEN: Yes. You know, Tequila actually, by the way, is much easier to slam down when it's chilled.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: It actually makes me want a bit of another shot.

COOPER: Do you?


[00:10:00] Can we have another little shot? Is there any more? Can we have another shot?

COOPER: And just a reminder for anyone watching at home, please don't drink and drive.

COHEN: Do not drink and drive. We're not driving tonight, to make that clear.


COHEN: Yes. So Times Square is really clearing out --

COOPER: It clears out very, very quickly.

COHEN: You can see that. People are really leaving. But I also have to say some people are kind of sticking around because they've been in these pens slammed up against people for so long. And I would imagine they're now friends.

COHEN: They're finally able to like --

COOPER: They're making plans.

COHEN: Move their arms and things.

Oh, you're going to do another one? Might as well. Cheers.

If Don Lemon can do it we can do it. Cheers everybody.

COOPER: Who is Don Lemon and who is Brooke Baldwin in this? COHEN: What?

COOPER: Who's -- between us, who is Don Lemon and who's Brooke Baldwin?

COHEN: I don't know, sweetie.

COOPER: Yes, all right.

COHEN: Cheers. Happy New Year, everybody --

COOPER: Yes. Happy New Year, everybody.

COHEN: -- 2018.

To a beautiful, peaceful, peaceful year.

Nicely chilled, though. Actually gorgeous.

COOPER: Gorgeous.


COOPER: It is gorgeous.


COHEN: Yes. That's true.

Should we go down to Richard Quest in the crowd?

COOPER: Yes -- Richard, how you doing?


RICHARD QUEST, CNN HOST: All right. Happy New Year. You're right, Andy. That "New York, New York" brings tears to my eyes every time.

All right. So -- all right, question -- was it worth the wait?

CROWD: Yes, it was.

QUEST: They are waiting until the last drop of any form of emotion from Times Square tonight is rung out of the place. People are leaving quite quickly. I think you're right.

The cold weather has taken its toll. But it was as warm as ever in terms of the mood at midnight.

COOPER: It definitely was. You could feel it from all around. Richard, how many years have you done this here in Times Square? How many years have you participated?

QUEST: In the 90s I did it every year for ten years. And I've done it for the last -- about 20 years I've been doing it.


COOPER: That's amazing. That's awesome.

COHEN: That's great.

QUEST: And I still enjoy it.

COOPER: I know.

QUEST: I still look forward to it.

COOPER: Yes. I know.

COHEN: I feel like you like it because it gives you an excuse not to have to go anywhere.

COOPER: Oh, without a doubt. No, no, no. I'm miserable on New Year's Eve normally. Like if I was just not doing anything because it makes me sad. It makes me depressed.

COHEN: It's like, by the way, it's nice that you and I birthdays next to each other, one day apart because --


COHEN: -- we have joint birthday parties.


COHEN: And it also --


COHEN: -- celebrate your birthday.

COOPER: Exactly.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: -- which is nice because normally I wouldn't celebrate it. Number two, I don't know enough people to have a party. So I'll provide like the house and Andy provides the people.


COOPER: So it's a nice combination.

COHEN: Your eyes are especially blue right now?

COOPER: Are they really?

COHEN: Should we go to Bill Weir now?

COOPER: Let's see how the sushi drop went in Key West. Bill -- how did it go?

BILL WEIR, CNN HOST: You know, it was touch and go for a minute -- Anderson. But in the end, what happened?

COHEN: Touch and go?

COOPER: Bill it always is. It always is.

COHEN: Oh, no -- Bill. Touch and go. Sushi made it down.

WEIR: Sort of. This is what you call experimental -- experiential reporting. You know, you truly understand the cultural event you're covering when they invite you to partake. It would be rude not to get in the giant stiletto with Sushi, who I'm told makes all of her own costumes.

COHEN: wow. I did not know that.

COOPER: Very good.

COHEN: Breaking news on CNN.

COOPER: Bill -- I got to tell you, one year, I don't know if you heard this, the shoe got stalled and Sushi ended up crawling along like the roof of the building, as I recall. So I'm glad she made it down safely this year.

COHEN: Bill, I really think you need to get a police escort.

WEIR: I'm actually kind of --

COHEN: -- because those queens are going to be all over you.

COOPER: You need a security escort out of there.


COOPER: I got to tell you. I'm just warning you right now.

WEIR: I've been offered so many beverages and meals and apartments strangely.

COOPER: I'm sure. Yes, yes.

COHEN: That's the least of what you're going to be offered -- Bill. So just enjoy yourself. Thank you for your reportage tonight.

WEIR: Doing the best I could do.

COHEN: Triumphant final lap -- yes, yes.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Sushi, can there be enough.


Hey Bill -- I just got to say, you've done such an amazing job this year, not only on "THE WONDER LIST", but also all your reporting during storms and all over Puerto Rico. [00:14:58] And I just want to say it's been such a pleasure to watch you this year. And I just look forward to all you're doing in the year ahead.

WEIR: That's really nice of you to say. I really appreciate it. It's been a brutal year packed with so much disaster. I met so many people who touched me from Puerto Rico to the keys to Texas. And here's to a happier, healthier, speedier recovery in 2018 for everybody affected.

COOPER: Amen to that. Certainly our thoughts are with all those people in Puerto Rico who cannot watch tonight because they don't have electricity. And they don't have access --

COHEN: Still no electricity.

COOPER: Yes, for a lot of people.

COHEN: Unbelievable.

COOPER: I think the latest figure I saw was more than a million. So our thoughts are certainly with --

COHEN: How many months later -- three, four months later?


So, anyway -- our thoughts are with all the people in Puerto Rico and all the people from Puerto Rico who are now here in the United States. And, yes, we hope the New Year brings happiness and electricity.

COHEN: I certainly hope that I meet Bill Weir in the New Year.

COOPER: I'm sure you --


COOPER: You know, it's funny, we kept having meetings about tonight with Jack Gray, who helped out and your folks -- so many people can watch what happens live --

COHEN: We didn't do our "Goodnight, Moon" thing.

COOPER: Oh, yes, yes, yes.

COHEN: Can we do that?

COOPER: Yes, yes. So, we're going to take a quick break and then we're going have more and we're going see what's up with Randi Kaye because who knows what's up with Randi.

COHEN: I know. Randi Kaye is stoned.

We'll be right back.

COOPER: We'll be right back. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

[00:20:04] COHEN: We are back in Times Square, ushering in 2018.

COOPER: I like that you have taken it over. I like that.

COHEN: Yes, absolutely.

COOPER: Yes, you go.

COHEN: And the revelers are leaving. There is a lot of trash to pick up.

COOPER: Yes. There's no one left in Times Square. I have to tell you.

COHEN: No one left in Times Square.

COOPER: There's like 20 people here

COHEN: And as we bid farewell to 2017 we have a special take on a children's classic -- on the children's classic "Goodnight, Moon".

COOPER: This is "Goodnight, 2017"

COHEN: This is "Goodnight, 2017" by I.P. Freely.


COHEN: I.P. Freely.


COOPER: All right.

COHEN: Ok. Here we go.

Goodnight, George Bush versus his rain poncho. Goodnight, sexually harassing movie honcho.

COOPER: Goodnight injected lips and implanted asses. Goodnight looking at eclipse without eclipse glasses.

COHEN: Goodnight, accidental Oscar to "La La Land not "Moonlight". Goodnight to the cash me outside girl challenging you to a fight.

COOPER: I love that I learned about the cash me outside girl only tonight.

Goodnight Michelle Obama's inauguration side eye. Goodnight this is us making us cry.

COHEN: Goodnight, blessed be the fruit. Goodnight Prince George in that cute little suit.

COOPER: Goodnight apocalyptic weather of wind, rain and fires. Goodnight climate change deniers.

COHEN: Goodnight Scaramucci's 11 days. Goodnight man-bun, unicorn, bumpkin (ph) craze.

COOPER: Goodnight White House staffers calling it quits. Goodnight unopened food delivery cans.

COHEN: Goodnight wondering Blac Chyna -- who? And goodnight ever growing podcast cue.

COOPER: And goodnight 2017. You were loved by many like a swift kick in the bean.

COHEN: Yes you were. That was good. I like that.

Let's go to Randi Kaye, because she is going to reveal the pot painting --

COOPER: Oh, the pot painting. Yes, good lord.

COHEN: Oh, we're going to take a break.

COOPER: Oh, we're going to take a break.


COOPER: You're not that good. You're not that good. You're not ready.

COHEN: I'm ready.

COOPER: You're not ready. You're not ready.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: You're not ready.

COHEN: All right. All right.

COOPER: We'll be right back.


COOPER: We are here at the end of our night here in Times Square with Andy Cohen and Richard Quest, who has done an amazing job. Richard -- thank you for everything.

QUEST: It's just been a blast. Thank you --

COHEN: You're fun.

QUEST: -- gentlemen, for allowing me to be part of it this year.

COHEN: You're fun.

QUEST: Thank you. COOPER: It is high time we check in with her, with Randi Kaye; Randi

in Colorado, where pot is legal. Randi -- how are you doing? You have somebody else driving for you tonight, I'm sure. How are you doing?

RANDI KAYE, CNN SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT: I'm doing ok. I think that time for me to get some fresh air for sure.

COHEN: -- Randi Kaye.

KAYE: Really? I think it must be those cannabis-infused cocktail.

COHEN: Yes. I think it's kicking in. (INAUDIBLE) before you leave.

KAYE: I can hear you. I just wanted to know, can you see these all the way there in New York City from Denver? How about those? Pretty cool earrings, right?

COHEN: Oh, those are great. Wow -- those are great.

KAYE: See, those are little marijuana leaves. I borrowed those from a friend. Anyway, I want to have the big reveal as we promised. AC2 coming up in just a moment.


KAYE: But speaking of the earrings, I pointed out this kind woman who painted my picture earlier. And she added the earrings since we saw you last and the blond hair. And you added everything. So what do you think? Do you like it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Straight up with the glitter, I mean it's very important. It's New Year's Eve. It's part of the whole ambience.

KAYE: Absolutely. Absolutely.


KAYE: So you've been here watching these two folks paint Anderson and Andy. Let's do the big reveal. I love -- how much of this have you smoked while you painted Anderson?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Probably about three-quarters of it. And we had one before too.

KAYE: Yes? So show us the big reveal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Before we show you, I want to point out, this painting is not that -- it's very abstract.

KAYE: He's already making excuses. Come on. Show it to us. Oh, oh, boy. Oh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We've got the nice silver hair.

COHEN: Oh my God, that is horrible. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anderson -- if you want --

COHEN: And he has lipstick.

KAYE: He is all lips. What the heck happened?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's all right.

COHEN: Oh my gosh.

KAYE: I love it. Actually, I think --

COOPER: Thank you. I like it thought. I like it very much.

KAYE: That color. The hair is like -- I think he used a special paint called silver fox gray or silver fox silver.

COHEN: I didn't connect the --


KAYE: That's what it's called. All right. So let's show you the big reveal of Andy.

COOPER: Let's see Andy.

KAYE: I think actually this might be more appropriate right there on Andy. Look at Andy. Let's talk to the artist behind this fabulous photo.


KAYE: This fabulous painting.

COHEN: It's like a horror movie.

COOPER: I know and those age spots like an old marionette.

KAYE: Let's get another -- let's get a close-up of Andy. Talk us through what you were thinking there?


COHEN: Oh my god, my eyes are even more crossed than they are normally.


KAYE: You guys -- you really liked.

COOPER: -- like Dead Leo Lerman.


KAYE: Claim this.

COHEN: -- who I love, by the way.

COOPER: That's how you see us.

KAYE: And your lips are like two colors -- Andy. I don't get it.


KAYE: Oh, it's party Andy. Well, you need to add that right there.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: 21-year-old Any.


KAYE: Yes. It's a 21-year-old Andy?

COHEN: She can choose Sateva (ph), please, 10 milligram.

COOPER: Randi, you've been such a great trooper. Thank you so much. Get home safe. Have somebody drive you home.

KAYE: Thank you. Happy New Year -- guys.

COHEN: Yes, it's going to be a little slowed down.


COHEN: Yes, the dose is kicking in. Yes, yes.

COOPER: Let's quickly check in with Brooke Baldwin.

COHEN: We're handing it off.

COOPER: We're handing it off. This is actually -- I'm told the second coldest -- is that right?

QUEST: 1917 was the coldest. We've beaten the 1962 one under 9 or 10 degrees. But of course those who had warm electric things whatever.

COHEN: We're not that warm.

[00:29:57] I do want to thank the war warming store in Philadelphia. It's a family-owned business -- I paid for it so it's not a promotional thing. But they're very nice people.

COHEN: Well, hopefully you can submit your expenses to Jeff Zucker today because you need to get paid back.

COHEN: This has been so fun. Thank you for having me. Happy New Year. You'll do better.



COOPER: Happy New Year Andy. And Richard, thank you for everything --

COHEN: Happy New Year Richard. Brooke and Don, I cannot wait to see what happens with them. Talking to drag --

COOPER: Talking about the Michigan.


COHEN: My god.

COOPER: Brooke and Don, they're going to take over our coverage after the break. It's still other parts of the United States obviously. They'll be rolling in the New Year's 18 times in New Orleans and elsewhere to (INAUDIBLE), to Nashville, thank you very much for joining us. We really do wish you the best --

COHEN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: -- happy, safe and --

COHEN: Good great 2018.

COOPER: -- and prosperous New Year.


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: So, they thought the show is over. The show is not -- ...

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: No, the show just started.

LEMON: Thank you very much.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year by the way to everyone in the East Coast.

LEMON: Happy New Year. You guys ready, let's -- you got people at home (ph), you got to kind of walk this way like --

BALDWIN: So we're about to do a second line with our friend Mahogany Brass Band. So, before we --


LEMON: Already? How you doing?


BALDWIN: Kenan, explain to people who've never been in New Orleans, what the heck a second line is.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Second line is a party that we have here in New Orleans. Usually the first line is like maybe like the different country clubs that we have here in New Orleans. Maybe it can be the funeral where is the family and the body does first and the second line is the band and the rest of the friends and family.

BALDWIN: So the funeral it can be a weeding.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It can be whatever you want.

BALDWIN: Anyone can join in?


BALDWIN: All right.

LEMON: Are you celebrating life at a funeral, you're celebrating fun always.

BALDWIN: Love it.

LEMON: Let's do it, let's show them how to do it, you all ready?


BALDWIN: He's on them.


LEMON: This is New Orleans, baby.



LEMON: Are you having a good time?


LEMON: Where are you from?

BALDWIN: New York.

LEMON: New York.


LEMON: If you're at home, get off the coast and so dancing. Maybe you're wife's at home --


LEMON: We got New Orleans fun that's right here.


LEMON: Happy New Year.

BALDWIN: Thank you for all that you do, thank you.

LEMON: So we're going to go inside, who do you want to talk to?

BALDWIN: Let's talk to them. Let's talk to Kenan. (MUSIC)

BALDWIN: Amazing.

LEMON: I get it, we're talking to them, who do you want to go to? Very short then?

BALDWIN: I think we should go to Vegas (ph), let's go to Vegas.

LEMON: Yes, you're talking in.

BALDWIN: One of my favorite people at CNN, Gary Tuchman, and his amazing daughter Lindsay. Hey you guys happy almost new year.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Diana Brooke happy almost new year, we're still in 2017 -- yes, we're still in 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, its 2018 there. I'm with my daughter Lindsay from New York, where every year we're in a fun place in New Years, and between us is our new friend --

MARIE OSMOND, SINGER: I just have to say Don you're scaring with that umbrella, it must be the Donny name.

G. TUCHMAN: So Donny as in good Marie. Donny and Marie right across the street the Flamingo hotel, they have a show. This their 10th year --

OSMOND: We just signed our 10th year, we were supposed to be here six weeks. And they just keep asking us and said, 10 years with my brother and I said just so what, you know aluminum is the 10 year anniversary thing. And I told Donny working with him for 10 years I feel foiled.


G. TUCHMAN: Tell us about the show, you guys did start your 10th year.

OSMOND: You know what, we have people coming from all over the world and we came the show up every year. Right now, I think this is my favorite show that we're doing, probably because it's our 10th and we have new dancers and new choreography just voted best choreograph show.

And -- but it's a funs show and we love the people, it's -- we're very personal. We have the longest meet and greets on the planet.

L. TUCHMAN: People like that.

OSMOND: They do, I mean, you know, whether you knew us as, you know, young kids in our teens from Paper Roses, or Meet In Montana or, you know, Broadway, or whatever --

G. TUCHMAN: A Little Bit Country-A Little Bit of Rock 'N Roll.

L. TUCHMAN: You got it, you can even sing it if you want. G.TUCHMAN: I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock 'n roll. OK.

OSMOND: Is this the coolest relationship right here.

G. TUCHMAN: Yes, father doing --

L. TUCHMAN: That why I'm going to ask, you know, you work with family and we're working with family, do you have any tips for us?

OSMOND: Yes, how is it?

L.TUCHMAN: It's going well so far.

OSMOND: Do you work with your father?

L. TUCHMAN: It is pretty easy. I think we have very similar personalities, so that have -- but you're saying you're not as much similar?

OSMOND: Oh, you know, Donny and I after -- I mean this is 5 decades now of performing. I think, you know, there really aren't any other brothers and sisters.


OSMOND: That have worked together like we have been in television and film and all these different recordings, but yes, we get all -- we're very different but it kind of works because I look at certain areas of the show and he's very focused on other areas of the show. And we get on stage and we just kind of, after all these years we just kind of -- after all these years we can kind of read each others minds or something.

G. TUCHMAN: One thing I say about Maria is that she's a very brave woman because --

OSMOND: Working with Donny?

G. TUCHMAN: Well working with Donny and also to something else OK. Lindsay and I just a little while ago, the tallest structure, the tallest tower in the United States is here, 1149 ft tall the stratosphere hotel tower and Lindsay and I has called to sky jump.

L. TUCHMAN: Yes, so we --

G. TUCHMAN: And Marie did this also, but Lindsay and I jumped off the top of the sky jump, a hundred stories --

OSMOND: I'm so impressed that you did it.

G.TUCHMAN: Thank you Marie. (INAUDIBLE) that you're impressive. I want to show our viewers what Lindsay and I just did, take a look.

OSMOND: Now, Lindsay, I would expect it from.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Put your feet in first, this will be your wraps.

[00:40:08] G. TUCHMAN: All right I'll see you in there. So the sky ump is one of the most amazing rides, not only Vegas, but the whole world. And we are in the 108th floor and we're going to be jumping all the way to the 2nd floor.


G. TUCHMAN: You ready for it?

L. TUCHMAN: I think so.

G. TUCHMAN: Am I a bad dad for doing this?

L. TUCHMAN: No you're a good dad.

G. TUCHMAN: OK, good luck, you need to go first.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There she goes three, two, one, go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you ready Gary?

G. TUCHMAN: I'm ready.


L. TUCHMAN: I think my dad will be scared at first.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then land on your feet.

G. TUCHMAN: Do not tell mom we did this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Congratulations, you just survived sky jumping.

L. TUCHMAN: What do you say?


L. TUCHMAN: And he did tell mom, he did it tell mom.

G. TUCHMAN: Yes, the mom does know. So, were you scared when you did it?

OSMOND: You know just in that initial fee, but once you jump, it's not as terrifying as you think right?

L. TUCHMAN: That's what we were saying.

G.TUCHMAN: That's how we feel too. Maria Osmond, you are a charming, a beautiful woman, thank you for joining us.

OSMOND: Take care, and come to Vegas. Vegas is there's something for everybody here, as you can see. And it's --

L.TUCHMAN: The party is just beginning.

G. TUCHMAN: It's just beginning on this -- the Flamingo Hotel, Donny and Marie --

OSMOND: And 2018 is going to be the best year ever, you watch.

G. Tuchman: And we concur, Don and Brooke, we throw back to you, happy New Year from all of us here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

L. TUCHMAN: Happiest place in the world right now.

LEMON: All right, so I think Gary tossed back to us.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year to you guys, love you guys right back. Thank you so much.

LEMON: Absolutely. What a crazy -- can you believe it's been one year since we were sitting here/

BALDWIN: You was like a confessional a year ago, you were like I'm ready for a relationship, 2016 was the worst and?

LEMON: Well it happened.

BALDWIN: You know have special one.

LEMON: Actually he was here last year in the bar.

BALDWIN: I know he was.

LEMON: I know. It's your one year anniversary of meeting him and hanging out.

BALDWIN: It is my one year, and then I was like who's this guy?

LEMON: There's this handsome guy.

BALDWIN: We love him and he's right over there.

LEMON: And he's right over there, hey baby, where he is? There he is, hi. He's going to come over soon.

BALDWIN: It's been quite a year, how are you feeling?

LEMON: It's been quite a year, so let's talk about you.


LEMON: Miss Sadie, Sadie, almost married lady.

BALDWIN: I know, I know.

LEMON: I got to save the day to my e-mail this week.

BALDWIN: Yes, it's a very 2017, yes I promise you'll be the proper invite in the mail. LEMON: Congratulations my dear.

BALDWIN: Thank you honey.

LEMON: Brook is engaged this year and we love him.

BALDWIN: My first date was here, two years ago --

LEMON: I know, I met him.

BALDWIN: -- and I was like, hey, you want to go New Orleans? He was like, yes.

LEMON: I had a gift for you, but in the chaos that somehow I got lost in the crowd, so you'll get it later.

BALDWIN: I'm so glad you care it so much about that gift.

LEMON: Can we toast a real quick to your engagement and to my one year anniversary with my relationship?

BALDWIN: Here's to you my darling.

LEMON: I love you. I love you.

BALDWIN: I love you too.

LEMON: I love working with you, we always have so much fun.

BALDWIN: I know. I love you right back, (INAUDIBLE).

LEMON: So -- oh, here we go. This is for Brooke, this is for Brooke - hey, everyone say congratulations Brooke Baldwin. Congratulations my dear. So can we --

BALDWIN: Double kiss. Thank you so much.

LEMON: So, we've had a fantastic year. It's been a little bit nuts, right?

BALDWIN: A little bit.

LEMON: So much is going on, but we're back here. So, are you guys ready to ring in 2018? Are you going to do it New Orleans style? Is New Orleans the best?

BALDWIN: New Orleans is the best.

LEMON: Happy New Year. So, you know what else is fun for New Year?

BALDWIN: Say it again.

LEMON: You know what else is fun for New Year?

BALDWIN: Oh it's the best.

LEMON: Nashville.

BALDWIN: Nashville is where you three get my New Year, I love Broadway, I love all the happy talks, just spilling out of those bars. Sara Sidner.

LEMON: Hey Sara.

BALDWIN: -- has been rocking out with (INAUDIBLE), Sara Sinder, happy almost New Year to Nashville.

SARA SIDNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I wanted to Don my last fun intended. Hi Don and Brooke, it is a crazy scene here. There are more than 100,000 people who had showing up at Bicentennial Park here in Nashville. And this man, Keith Urban, has been taking down the house in here, playing with groups Larkin Poe, a duo that is amazing. You've go tot hear their music. Choose the first (ph) that really have some serious rock and roll soul.

And he keeps switching things up. I mean he's playing all kinds of music John Mellencamp, he's playing reggae music, but he's also playing some of his hits. The crowd loves him and I want to give you a look at this crowd, it's insane.

[00:45:04] Look at these people as far as you can see. And by the way, there they are, waiting for New Years Eve to fall back (ph).

There are fans from all over. I got to tell you though, it is so cold here. You guys in New Orleans are lucky to be there. It is like nine degrees that supposed to drop to a wind-chill of two. We've got everything, we've got so many layers on. I don't even know what to do but Happy New Year to you guys and you got to comeback to us and look at some of this music, it's amazing.



LEMON: And we are back at The Spotted Cat in New Orleans, in the Marigny on Frenchman Street.

BALDWIN: In the Marigny on Frenchman Street.

LEMON: Wait, wait, wait, you did a wardrobe change. What is that?

[00:55:05] BALDWIN: I did. This is my T-shirt; his is my passion project this year.

LEMON: Let's see.

BALDWIN: I don't really have a New Year's resolution, but its American woman. It's my theories that's coming out January 3rd. That's to covering a presidential election and being at the women's march. I just feel like I want to dedicate a big chapter of my career to women.

We're going to be listening to all women as you say in this country. And so, Issa Ray, Ava DuVerynay, Betty White, Pat Benatar, all these women talk to me this year. So January 3rd, please check it out, it means the world.

LEMON: Good for you.

BALDWIN: Thank you.

LEMON: And good for the native movement.

BALDWIN: Oh, my gosh. This year has been incredible.

LEMON: And bet women's empowerment this year. This is a year of a women.

BALDWIN: This is incredible, it is, well.

LEMON: Well, 2017, depending on where you are (ph).

BALDWIN: It's going to continue on.

LEMON: It's going to --


BALDWIN: And I promise you that. You, sure, you can.

LEMON: So, we're all -- we're talking about happiness and all of that stuff and what we're going to do in 2017. Come on.

BALDWIN: Oh, they're being shine.

LEMON: Come on James and Tim. Come in here, come on. And so, we want to talk about one of the agenda today. They don't want to come in.

BALDWIN: So, we'll get to meet on. We'll get to meet on. But, do you have -- I mean, we love being in New Orleans every single year.

LEMON: Every year I love it.

BALDWIN: We love this city so much. But, can we talk them in terms about resolution. We have little deep personal moment on this far every year. What are you thinking going on in the 2018?

LEMON: I don't really have -- I don't do resolutions. I mean, I said last year that I would be open to a relationship or that sort of thing. And so that's happened. And so, I sort of set goals in my life.

BALDWIN: How's that working out for you?

LEMON: It's awesome. I found love.

BALDWIN: You did, you did fall in love.


BALDWIN: Hey everyone it's the Jack Band -- the Shotgun Jazz Band.


LEMON: How is that?

BALDWIN: I'm sorry everyone. Everyone is going blink and volumes down.

LEMON: We're going to see all the people who are here and who are ready to ring in New Years --

BALDWIN: A couple minutes away.

LEMON: -- on CNN. Go on guys, Happy New Year. And we got, what, we got three minutes.

BALDWIN: So, how fun we got second line. How amazing with the second line?

LEMON: I think it was fun. I think it was fun. I like -- I come in New Orleans and I do that all the time.


LEMON: So we will I actually join --

BALDWIN: Well, what do you know -- not everyone get to do that.

LEMON: People will make you join theater processions here.

BALDWIN: It's a beautiful thing. It's a celebration. Here's the special thoughts.

LEMON: They'll make you join parties ...

BALDWIN: There's especial magic in New Orleans. We're so grateful to be here, we're so grateful to The Spotted Cat. Frenchman Street is amazing.

LEMON: It's -- don't you love it? Someone has antlers on over there. Did you know the stuff?

BALDWIN: Oh my gosh, antlers. This crowd is ready to ring it in.

LEMON: Really?

BALDWIN: Where are you guys -- where are you guys from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Raleigh, North Carolina.

BALDWIN: Raleigh, North Carolina. I might be (INAUDIBLE) myself. How about you?


BALDWIN: You live here. Do you believe in resolution? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I -- only if I can follow them when I usually don't.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year. Just about -- we are -- do you have that -- wow.

LEMON: Where are you guys from?




BALDWIN: Love it.




BALDWIN: Look at this crowd. Look into this crowd.

LEMON: I know.

BALDWIN: It's amazing.

LEMON: And what I thought like five degrees outside like it is in Time Square, right, and (INAUDIBLE) the world. It's cold here, but everybody is inside there enjoying themselves. So --

BALDWIN: I know.

LEMON: So, there we go. Hey, you know what?


LEMON: It's so funny. It was like - so honestly, every year people think I'm like really wasted on T.V. I'm actually not, tell the truth.

BALDWIN: I mean --

LEMON: I'm having a good time.

BALDWIN: I mean you had a shot of tequila. It's not water. And there may have been a little bit here in there, but no. I would say drunk Don Lemon is buzz Don Lemon. It's was taking him --

LEMON: Yes, it's a total internet height.

BALDWIN: I think just way, tell, we always go out to our stand bar and so fort (ph) in the morning and we can change that.

LEMON: Who's over there? BALDWIN: We got Shotgun Jazz Band, yes.

LEMON: Oh, we've got 15 seconds.

BALDWIN: Oh, really?

LEMON: 15 seconds, yes. All right.

BALDWIN: How much we've got time?

LEMON: Forty-five seconds, forty-five seconds. Forty-five seconds to New Year's in New Orleans and The Spotted Cat where Brooke -- this is bad English. Where Brooke and I is. where we be. That's what you say Louisiana. This is what where we be at The Spotted Cat down in New Orleans.

BALDWIN: This is what we mean. This is where we host to be for a long time.


BALDWIN: I love this.

LEMON: Thirty seconds to settle time zone New --

BALDWIN: New Year.

LEMON: New Year, New Year, New Year, New Year, New Year.

BALDWIN: Everyone got their champagne --

LEMON: 15 seconds, here we go. Give us a ten --

BALDWIN: Hope you've got your champagne and --

LEMON: Ten --

BALDWIN: Raise your glasses.

[01:00:02] LEMON: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one Happy New Year. Happy New Year everyone.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year. Love you.

LEMON: I love you too.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year.

LEMON: Confetti, I got confetti in my drink.


BALDWIN: Thank you guys. Thank you for having us.

LEMON: Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Are you going to have a great 2018? BALDWIN: Say it again?

LEMON: Are you going to have a great 2018?

BALDWIN: Yes, yes. Hope is alive.

LEMON: What?

BALDWIN: I'm happy. We've had a fun night.

LEMON: We've had a fun night.

BALDWIN: I'm just going to roll on in the 2018 like this.

LEMON: I'm rolling onto the beach tomorrow morning.

BALDWIN: Yes, you are. I don't want to talk about it.

LEMON: By noon, I will be on the beach.

BALDWIN: Yes. What time is your flight?

LEMON: 6:00 a.m. That was the dumbest thing I've ever done.

BALDWIN: I mean, what were you thinking?

LEMON: To have a 6:00 a.m. flight, I knew -- because we're going be up all night.

BALDWIN: We are going to be up all night. So--

LEMON: We're going to have a tradition. Should we tell them the tradition? So, we really, like -- we sort of pretend like we're drinking here. We're having a good time. We drink a little bit.

BALDWIN: We've been doing this now together for years.

LEMON: But then we go wild after. This is our fourth year --

BALDWIN: We do. That's our (ph) view in New Orleans, New Year's Eve.

LEMON: We go out and paint the town red.

BALDWIN: It's hilarious because everyone's drunk and we're sober walking into --

LEMON: Sober.

BALDWIN: -- walking into the bar.

LEMON: I know, and everyone's smashed. And they are all like, "Don and Brooke are here, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot." And that's what happened.

BALDWIN: Not that we've ever had shots bought for us in New Orleans. Never. LEMON: Never.

BALDWIN: We would never do that, ever.

LEMON: Never, ever. Ever.

BALDWIN: We'll be on the French corner.

LEMON: Let's go tell the band is, what's the name of that?

BALDWIN: The Shotgun Jazz Band.

LEMON: Shotgun Jazz Band.

BALDWIN: This is the most awesome venue. If you have never been in New Orleans and you come to Frenchmen St., there's DBA, there's Snug Harbor, but the Spotted Cat has CNN love --

LEMON: Look at their selfies.

BALDWIN: -- and we appreciate it.

LEMON: We are discussing selfies.

BALDWIN: Oh, selfie. Oh, love it.

LEMON: Say again, Mr. Producer, I can barely hear you. One left minute in show. Oh, why do we have to leave?

BALDWIN: I don't want it to end.

LEMON: Don't you guys want -- we want like --

BALDWIN: I don't want to it to end.

LEMON: -- two or three more hours.

BALDWIN: I know. The night is young. The night is young.

LEMON: Look at those guys over there, we're going to kill them. Hey, turnaround to those two guys right there. See those two guys?

BALDWIN: Those guys.

LEMON: There they are.


LEMON: Wave. That's my boo in a velvet jacket. That's Brooke's boo in the camouflage jacket. Wait, babe -- wait, oh, aren't they handsome? They don't want to be on TV. Got you.

BALDWIN: They so hate us right now. They hate us. They've been hiding in the corner.

LEMON: Come on, guys. Come on. Come on. BALDWIN: Oh, here they come.

LEMON: Here they come. Hurry up.

BALDWIN: Here they come.

LEMON: Come on, get over here.

BALDWIN: Happy New Year's, boys.

LEMON: Happy New Year. Wait, you're on the wrong side.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm on the right side.


LEMON: I love you, baby.


LEMON: Happy New Year.

BALDWIN: I love you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year. Love you.

BALDWIN: This is amazing.

LEMON: You're the best. I'm so happy for you guys.

BALDWIN: I'm feeling the love. Yes., we'll see you guys.

LEMON: We can't wait for the wedding.

BALDWIN: Wedding vows.

LEMON: I know.

BALDWIN: Gone to the chapel --

LEMON: Chapel and you're gone again. You look very handsome. Happy New Year, we have to go.

BALDWIN: Oh, we have to go.

LEMON: Hey, we hope you have a very fantastic 2018. We hope you find love, happiness --

BALDWIN: Happiness.

LEMON: --good health.

BALDWIN: Wonderful health.

LEMON: Wealth, everything.

BALDWIN: And just fun. Have fun.

LEMON: Happy 2018.

BALDWIN: Enjoy it.

LEMON: I love you guys.

BALDWIN: Bye, guys. Happy New Year.

LEMON: Bye bye.