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North Korea agrees to send athletes to Winter Olympics after talks with South. Aired 2-3a ET

Aired January 9, 2018 - 02:00   ET


JOHN VAUSE: This is CNN Newsroom live from Los Angeles, thanks for staying with us everybody, I'm John Vause.

KRISTIE LU STOUT: And I'm Kristie Lu Stout here in Seoul, South Korea the first face-to-face talks between North and South Korea in more than two years are already producing results. North Korea says it will send a delegation of athletes and diplomats to the Winter Olympics, exactly one month away in Pyeongchang South Korea. The delegation from Seoul is meanwhile pushing to resume reunions for families separated during the Korean War and they are proposing military talks to prevent accidental clashes with the North. Enlisted right as seen as (ph) Paula Hancocks who is live near the truce village; that's where these talks are taking place and Paula are these talks benefited (ph) for both North and South Korea?

PAULA HANCOCKS: Well certainly from the South Korean's point of view, Kristie, the basics that they wanted from the meeting was to have the North agree to come to the Olympics, they have that now, that was the absolute minimum that they were looking for. And they're now pushing for more; they're asking to have Red Cross talks so they can discuss the separated families who were split up after the Korean War in the 1950's. Many of those are looking to have a reunion and also there's military talks, as you say, so from South Korea's point of view this is going well. I mean they started at 10 AM in the morning and it was only a few hours later that they had that agreement.

And of course from the North Korean's point of view, the fact that they came to the table without having to giving anything up; without any, without any conditions whatsoever meant that it was a win-win situation for them as well. Now the very fact that both leaders believed to have been listening or at least watching what was going on, we know there was audio and video for President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and he was able to intervene if need be. The same with the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, he had audio in real time what was happening in that meeting and then had a hotline and was able to intervene if he felt the need, as well.

So the very fact that the two men who really make the decisions have allowed this to happen and have agreed that the North Koreans should come, means that is the will on both sides, Kristie.

LU STOUT: Yes these two leaders are closely monitoring these talks that are still ongoing. It appears that progress is being made, North Korea is going to go to the Winter Games; progress on reunions; progress on military talks between the Koreans. Lots also been said about the atmosphere there for these talks being very positive, very warm. What does this mean for the relationship between North and South? Is this the beginning of a thaw?

HANCOCKS: Well it could well be, there was one interesting quote we had actually from the pool reporter; apparently there were there six pool reporters from the North Korean side, there were photo journalists and print reporters and one of them, a KCNA, which of course we quote almost on a daily basis, the state-run media, KCNA reporter saying, I've covered many talks, the atmosphere of today's talks is exceptionally good. So there was also tracks (ph) and banter between the North and South Korean reporters that were there. So certainly there is a feeling that both sides want something to happen at this point, but there is also caution. There is in some circles cynicism that this will actually mean anything more than just the North Koreans coming to the Olympics.

The fact that the North Koreans came to these talks; having gained the concession really of the North and South Korea - - the South Korean and U.S. military drills being postponed until after the Olympics. From the North Korean point of view, that would have been a concession, but certainly from the South Koreans point of view, they simply didn't want that tension during the Olympics.

So the question is, what happens after the Olympics when the athletes go home, then what happens? When these military drills resume once again, do the tensions resume or does North and South Korea actually continue this dialogue? Because at this point from all the reports we're having from inside the room, certainly it seems as though both sides are very positive and both sides want this to work.

LU STOUT: Yes and as we see both sides trying to make this work and both sides coming together more closely; North and South, what does it mean for the United States? There's been a lot of discussion and speculation about North Korea and its intentions wanting to drive a wedge between South Korea and the United States, but the alliance is strong and it will endure won't it?

HANCOCKS: Of course, I mean the alliance is far stronger than two men - - than the two presidents, it's lasted many, many different administrations on both sides of the water. So certainly there has been some speculation is North Korea trying to drive a wedge between the United States and South Korea. If you remember, I mean this time last year, there was some North Korean officials who were openly saying they were looking for a new relationship with the Trump Administration. Now clearly that didn't work, the relations between the U.S. and North Korea last year were dreadful and there was very high tensions; there were unprecedented numbers of nuclear tests, of missile launches over the past two years. So really what we've seen is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un deciding and saying on New Years day that he was almost going to side line the United States when it comes to negotiations and focus on South Korea knowing that the South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said that he would welcome dialog.

He would welcome engagement with North Korea. So it's an interesting shift, of course many are speculating on why exactly Kim Jong-un has made that shift. But he has, he's now focusing on the South Korean's moving away from the U.S.

UNIDENTIFIED: All right Paula Handcock reporting live from near the DMZ, Paula we thank you. Let's get digital analysis. Joining me now here in Seoul is Jasper Kim, he's the founder of the Asia Pacific Global Research Group. And Jasper as you've been following already there's already progress, movement from these talks on reunions, on military talks, on getting North Korea to the Winter Games.

But let's zero in on South Korea. From the perspective of South Korean leaders what is the primary objective of today's talks?

JASPER KIM, FOUNDER ASIA PACIFIC GLOBAL RESEARCH GROUP: Well I think South Korea wants to basically make sure the relationship is improved. Because as Paula mentioned very accurately is that in the last few months the last couple of years. This relationship between the two Korea's has really deteriorated to a level that is very, very concerning geopolitically and strategically from a defense perceptive as well.

So I think within that context of speaking and forming a better relationship then I think South Korea also wants some information. What does North Korea want? What does it not want? How does it see the U.S., how does it see South Korea? And probably most importantly how does North Korea see it's self a year from, five years from now, a decade from now?

No body knows that but these talks will unveil some of these secrets.

UNIDENTITIED: South Korea is going into these talks because they want better relations with the North, they want information. What about North Korea? Because I also note that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is closely listening into these talks still underway. What is he listening out for?

KIM: Well I think Kim Jong-un is probably looking for a lot of things. First is South Korea, what exactly is there intent, what do they want? Question number two from North Korea would be how strong is this strong relationship between South Korea and U.S., and the United States?

Obviously these two countries as a whole, its relationship is strong. But within that context are two people. The two Presidents and how they see this relationship and how they see North Korea can fluctuate and especially with the wild card if you will, with Donald Trump. This type of persona within the White House is very, very different from what Kim Jong-un is used to.

And what his working assumptions are in terms of building his nuclear arsenal and leveraging that for points at the negotiation table.

UNIDENTIFIED: And Donald Trump, judging from his recent comments and tweets about these talks, about North Korea what do you think his reaction is going to be when he wakes up later this day, finds out that North Korea is going to the Winter Games?

KIM: Well I think probably three things will pop into his mind. First is that they claim credit for basically for basically his strategy working to get North Korea to the bargaining table. Donald Trump is touted himself as an expert negotiator. And he probably will package this as a strategic force that he enabled.

And second is basically to find out what should the U.S. want and what should it get out of any type of agreement going forward. Any type of talk going forward, remember it's once bitten twice shy. The U.S. was in this six party talks many years ago. And it wasn't very fruitful from the perspective of many people.

So instead of engaging in this sort of process of negotiation how can you get actual results? I think Donald Trump is very results oriented. And he's looking for results to convert into a win. And that's what his mind set is I think.

UNIDENTIFIED: So Donald Trump may again claim credit for these talks taking place. How much credence is behind that? I mean can we argue that yes it was because of his tough talk that brought us to this very moment.

KIM: Well I think that's an interesting question. I think the short answer is probably yes. It's to a certain extent. Donald Trump has been undercut by many perspectives in terms of his economic platform, taxes. But when it comes to leading with North Korea I think these two leaders if you will, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea they see tactics that mirror one another.

And what they see is that an escalation brings more escalation and they ultimately their both smart enough or experienced enough to know what that will end in. And that's something that no one wants. Mutual nuclear destruction, at least in this case it will be unilateral destruction of the North Korean regime.

So now it becomes a strategy of basically unwinding everything. Unwinding the position from escalation to de-escalation, de-escalation and that's exactly I think what we're seeing here with these talks.

LU STOUT: Wow so we are at that point of de-escalation after a very, very heightened year of tension, 2017. Jasper Kim, we'll leave it at that thank you so much for joining us and of course we are awaiting Donald Trump's first tweet, he usually sends them out about four to five hours from now. We'll see if he reacts to events this day happening at the DMZ, John Vause back to you.

JOHN VAUSE: As sure as day follows night we can probably expect a tweet, Kristie thank you. For the latest now in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election sources tell CNN the president's legal team is bracing for a request from the Special Counsel to interview Mr. Trump. His lawyers are trying to limit the scope of that interview. Just a few hours ago the president was in Atlanta for the National Football Championship Game where Alabama' Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs. Earlier on Monday the president was in Nashville, Tennessee speaking to a group of farmers.

There he announced plans for better internet access in rural communities; he also talked up his tax plan. (BEGIN VIDEO)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Oh are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege. The other choice wasn't going to work out too well for the farmers' aide (ph) or the miners or anybody else.


VAUSE: Joining us now CNN's Political Commentator, Democratic Strategist, Dave Jacobson and Republican Consultant John Thomas. It's good to be back out of bed.

DAVE JACOBSON: Welcome back, good for you.

VAUSE: Almost back to the level (ph) Ok.

JACOBSON: Happy New Year.

VAUSE: Yes, that was like three weeks ago. OK so while the president was in Atlanta, a city which he called what was it, run down and crime-ridden just a few weeks ago or few months ago? His lawyers are getting ready for this request from Robert Mueller for an interview; it's all about the Russian investigation. Over the weekend the president was specifically asked if he would agree to that request, here's what he said.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. President if Robert Mueller asks you to come and speak with his committee personally, are you committed to doing that, to please (ph)

TRUMP: Just so you understand, just so you understand, there's been no collusion; there's been no crime and in theory everybody tells me I'm not under investigation; maybe Hillary is, I don't know, but I'm not.


VAUSE: Apart from the fact that the president was not asked about if there was any collusion, just if he would talk to the Special Prosecutor or if there was a crime. It would seem that after declaring his innocence so loudly and proudly for so many months, he has no other choice but to turn up and face his interview from Mueller I guess because politically the optics are just awful.

JACOBSON: The Russian investigation has truly become a real tangible cancer that is eating at The White House and I think he's got no choice but to appear. Look the reality is if this guy has nothing to hide then he should be totally candid and transparent and upfront and provide any documentation or interview - - and frankly he should testify before Congress if he's got nothing to hide. I think the challenge is, Donald Trump is a political Neanderthal and the question is what type of Donald Trump are we going to get? Are we going to get fire and fury or are we going to get the guy who has these massive fabrications; these guys who just spews out these untruths because that's going to further exasperate the potential obstruction of justice case if he's lying to the Special Counsel.

VAUSE: So John how paralysis could this be for the president, especially if he is under oath and I guess that is one of the issues which the lawyers are now trying to work out; will it be under oath, will it be public, will it be written, will be whatever? So paralysis, how dangerous could this be?

JOHN THOMAS: It's a dangerous position for him to be in. First of all he doesn't have a choice, he has to take the interview because optically it would be so damaging that he perhaps couldn't recover...

VAUSE: And he can't plead the Fifth either, I cannot answer that question on the ground that I could incriminate myself.

THOMAS: Yes he can't so I think that the risk he has here is that as he stated, he - - Trump from libellees (ph) there was no collusion, he's not under investigation and in fact in a way he might be relieved if Mueller's getting to the end of the road, kind of wrapping this investigation up, but the challenge with these Special Investigations is the scope. Is it - - he's thinking about Russia collusion, he doesn't know if Mueller or one of his agents is going to ask about a real estate deal from 20 years ago and nail him on tax evasion.

VAUSE: Shouldn't be a problem, he's very smart.

THOMAS: Well...

VAUSE: There's a difference.

THOMAS:...but that's the risk of these special investigations as you're seeing they're getting Paul Manafort for tax evasion. So I think that's what he and his lawyers are trying to limit as much as they can.

VAUSE: There would be a lot to ask the president, in particular what he knows about that meeting in what was it June 2016 at Trump Tower with the Kremlin-linked lawyer and a bunch of other Russians as well as members of the Trump Campaign. Donald Trump, Jr. was one of the main players in all of that. Michael Wolff also with that new tell- all book about the administration which has had all the headlines lately, hear this detail about the motivation for Donald Trump, Jr. being at that meeting, listen to this.


MICHAEL WOLFF: He went through the steps, why did Don Jr. do this? Don Jr....

AMANPOUR: You're talking about meeting with the Russians and all of that?

WOLFF: Yes and Don Jr. did this to impress is father because he wanted to oust Corey Lewandowski and take over the campaign. And Steve said so he had to - he had to show his father he had the stuff. So this was definitely about Don Jr. VAUSE: And Jessica from "CNN" has not confirmed these details but

Dave what are you saying adds to what Steve Bannon has already said that there is no way that Don Jr. would have taken up the Russians up the next fight of stairs to the 26th floor and introduced them to his father and that Donald Trump actually knew about this meeting.

JACOBSON: I have no doubt about it. And that's something that Bob Mueller has to get to the bottom of. But I think that the dynamic with Corey Lewandowski and Trump Jr. I think really illustrates the challenge that with the dynamic that Donald Trump has built. Both with in the White House and previously within the champion this dysfunction and this infighting has its downsides.

Right like you can make the argument that competing ideas ultimately will generate conscious and get the best solution possible. Or on the flip side you have people that are completely at war with one another trying to undermine each other at every step. And I think that's precociously what this illustrates.

VAUSE: Speaking of being at war it seems that Steve Bannon is defiantly trying to make peace. But their having none of it, who about three days for Bannon's bravado to turn to boot licking, he apologized over the weekend profusely, basically he said I didn't call Don Jr. treasonous. It was Bob Manafort at (Global Cafe).

JACOBSON: That's remarkable John because Steve Bannon is a guy who does not - we think Trump doesn't apologize Bannon doubles down. He does not back down. So for him to make that apology shows that he felt that his back was up against a wall, the ceiling was crumbling in upon him and this was all he could do, but it's not working.

VAUSE: Well with that in mind a White House spokes person was asked is there a way Bannon could come back into the fold? The answer, I don't believe there's anyway back for Mr. Bannon at this point. It's very obvious Mr. Bannon worked with Mr. Wolf in this particular book. I just don't think there's anyway back. So is he banished forever?

JACOBSON: He's done. There's no second act in this story. I think Bannon who's the hot head normally stupidly went on the record when he was trying to take down a different - the Evonka faction of the White House. He lost that battle and now he regrets the comments.

And he - Bannon was starting to believe his own press. That he - that the Trump base loved him. Well he was wrong. They loved him because he was a supporter of the President. Not because they loved him.

VAUSE: I feel like your right in the sense if the President was a rational person and thinker. But like let's look back to the 2016 campaign. I don't have any, the quotes that I could pull off the top of my head, but if you remember the horrifying stuff that Rick, former Texas Governor Rick Perry said about Donald Trump on the Champaign trail.

Right at the inception of Donald Trumps Champaign and now fast forward to he's Energy Secretary.


VAUSE: So I mean that's a political campaign have it - what did Hillary Clinton say about Barack Obama and vise versa. That happens all the time. This is different.

UNIDENTIFIED: And this could be different as well because Democrats are now looking towards President Winfrey and possibly even Vice President (Angst) in 2020. A lot of excitement that the one time queen of daytime television could make this run in 2020. But Dave argue this about an opinion piece, if you had to go to the "New York Times".

It's a magically thinking feeling the idea of Oprah in 2020 is a worrisome sign about the state of the Democratic party. Then Ms. Winfrey could probably beat those considered lightly front runners, Joe Biden, Bernie Candice, Kristen Gillibrand is a testament how demoralized and devoid of fresh political talent that you post Obama party has become.

I mean look this only talk right now but you know are they looking at you know putting a sort of a TV star with no experience, with no executive experience, no governing ability, nothing no track record in public life, actually is a nominee. What sort of party would do that kind of thing?

JACOBSON: Look who doesn't love Oprah right? Everybody loves Oprah, but I think you're on to something. Or I think that piece is on to something like there's a vacuum. There is no Democratic leadership. We have the DNC Chair but there's no - there's no President Obama leading the charge.

And I think you've got all these different factions. You've got the Elizabeth Warren and the Bernie Sanders faction. You've got the more moderate factions. You got local mayor like (Rasetti). But there is no sort of - there is no front runner in the Presidential race for 2020. And frankly I think that's a good thing.

Like we need to battle it out as a party, we're winning races. We sell to New Jersey and Virginia and Alabama. So clearly we're moving in the right direction. But I think at the end of the day we don't need a coronation like we had in 2016. I think that's precisely the wrong move. I think we need a 180 from that. And I think having multiple people running is going to be good for us.

UNIDENTIFIED: John quickly.

VAUSE: I mean let's see if Oprah Winfrey who is universally likeable will have fun battling against Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Rosanne Barr, and you name it other billionaires. I say bring it. It would be - we thought 2016 was the best cycle ever, 2020 could be the best cycle ever.

Oh my God what is Donald Trump going to say - think about this he'd be (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED: What would be the big name, what's a big name? VAUSE: I don't even want to go there.

UNIDENTIFIED: We'll leave it there. OK, Dave and John good to see you.


VAUSE: Thanks so much.

UNIDENTIFED: And we will have more on Oprah in 2020 in a moment after that rousing Golden Globe speech. What are the chances that Oprah Winfrey could actually really make a bid for the Oval Office? Back in a moment.


VAUSE: Well it started with that impassioned speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday, then came the buzz, could Oprah really run for president? Two of her closest friends tells CNN she's actively considering it. Here's part of the speech which sparked the speculation.


OPRAH WINFREY: For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men, but their time is up.


VAUSE: CNN's political commentator Angela Rye joins us now for more thank you for coming in, it's good to see you.

ANGELA RYE: Thank you for having me.

VAUSE: OK so I guess one of the big criticisms that I've read today about Oprah running for the presidency is that she's just a liberal version; a nicer, softer, cuddlier, but a liberal version of Donald Trump. A celebrity with no experience and while she is much beloved; she's a famous name, she has no governing experience and what the country needs moving forward are experienced politicians who live (ph) their game rather than super stars who have name recognition. How do you see it?

RYE: I think that that's really complicated, I don't know that it's experience playing political games that's needed. I think there is a necessary need, a major need for us to reinstill faith in the process to strengthen the Democracy; to bring goodness back into that Office and I think that if she were to run, she would do that. I think that it would be beautiful to see someone that truly has transcended party differences. I think that Oprah has appealed to folks in the Green Party; Libertarians; Republicans and Democrats alike. Folks who are Independent and right now I feel like - - I was excited about it and I am kind of a trained strategist, but I was just like, you know what that - - where is my Oprah 2020 shirt? It didn't sound like a bad idea to me. VAUSE: Sure.

RYE: Particularly given where we are right now and I don't think she's a liberal version of Donald Trump, I think she is the only version of herself that she could be. I don't think that she - - like we're talking about oil and water and everything I mean they are two polar opposites, sure they are two people with a lot of name recognition; huge numbers of Twitter followers but that's about it. She's not someone who has run anything on the backs of bigotry, racism and hatred, she's just not.

VAUSE: Back in 2008, you may remember one of - - John McCain who had the Republican nomination at that point ran his most effective campaign ads against Barack Obama, it was called Celebrity, it equated Obama with a kind of a Paris Hilton type...

RYE: I remember looking at it like, this is corny.

VAUSE: Yes, so apparently it did some - he took some hits on it and it was an effective criticism against Barack Obama at that time. Because at that time, celebrity was seen as being something kind of bad. But now it seems it's almost like a prerequisite to run for president. You've got to be like in Oprah or a Donald Trump?

RYE: Well, I think that that's what it looked like from the last campaign cycle. I wouldn't even say it's just celebrity, it's like a reality TV star who thinks that's still a reality TV show right now and can tweet things like, my, you know, nuclear buttons are bigger than yours. Like, I wish that was a joke. It's not April fools day, it's far too early for that, it really happened. so it sounds like that certainly was a prerequisite for him and I'm just hoping that the American people will have enough of this and realize that just because you have name recognition does not make you qualified to be lead. I still don't think that that's Oprah's testimony or her story.

VAUSE: OK, you mentioned about the fact (ph) that she does bring people together from both sides of politics. Well, the president s daughter, Ivanka, she tweeted, "Just saw Oprah's empowering & inspiring speech at last night's Golden Globes. Let's all come together, women & men, & say times up!" So then she went to say (inaudible) angle of things, clearly ignoring the politics. But yes, everyone does love Oprah, everyone loves a new car. But one reason why she is so loved is because she is because she is apolitical, isn't it? And the more she throws her hat into that ring, doesn't she become political and doesn't she then incur rigor (inaudible)? The minute she runs, 40 percent of the country will not like her.

RYE: But she's not apolitical. I think that's a misnomer. I mean, Oprah was very involved in Barack Obama's 2008, 2012 campaign, she was involved in 2016. Even last night, that was you know, political. I know a lot have folks have said she was attacking Trump, but I don't think that's what she was doing at all, I think that she was appealing to our higher and better selves, saying, we shouldn't stand for attacks on the press, we should stand for men in power using their positions to be predators on women or people who are in lesser positions. So I don't see her as being apolitical at all. Even in the platforms she's used with OWN, her network now as well as her talk show, she always touched policy-based issues and perhaps because she didn't delve into the, you know what the Republican side versus Democratic side, but she's never been apolitical. I would not describe her that way.

VAUSE: I guess it's just that she never got into the nasty, grubby, kind of politics of it all...

RYE: And I don't think she would. I think that she would always rise above it and if there was ever a time for us to have it, I think it would be now.

VAUSE: Yes. Angela, good to see you.

RYE: Good to see you too, thank you.

VAUSE: Thanks so much. Well, the sexual harassment scandal has dominated the Golden Globes on Sunday, but what about the (inaudible). The nominations are about to be announced and we're live in London, just ahead.


[02:33:52] JOHN VAUSE, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Welcome back everybody. You're watching CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles. I'm John Vause with the headlines this hour. North Korea says it will send a delegation of athletes and cheerleaders to next month's winter Olympic Games in South Korea. Representatives from Seoul and Pyongyang met earlier in Panmunjom "peace village". The south also pushed to review reunions and set for families separated decades ago by the Korean War.

Well, the U.S. President Donald Trump preparing for an interview request from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller that's going to CNN sources who had the legal team and also trying to limit the scope of that interview. Mueller is leading the Russian election meddling investigation. And President Trump touted the new tax bill and his plan to rule America and he speaks to farmers in Tennessee on Monday. This was essentially a victory lap with some of his usual talking points, big tax cuts, cutting regulations and respecting the American flag. We are just minutes away now from the announcement of the BAFTA nominations will take you there live once it all starts. Lady Bird, Dunkirk, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, all among the favorites for a nomination. And a new host for the BAFTAs will also be revealed with Stephen Fry stepping down after 12 years. Joining me now from London is Richard Fitzwilliams, he's the former editor of the International Who's Who and he's also a film critic. Richard, good to see you. OK. As we wait eagerly for these nominations to be announced in the next couple of minutes. One thing which is interesting is that the Chief Executive of BAFTA has said that anyone receiving an award can actually speak out on sexual harassment that she will support their right to do that. Are you expecting anything like what we saw on Sunday night at the Golden Globes to happen at BAFTA's?

RICHARD FITZWILLIAMS, FORMER EDITOR, INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO: Well, at the moment we have no way of knowing precisely what form the ceremony will take. I mean the success of the protests at the Golden Globes. The fact that it was a ceremony that had (INAUDIBLE) Oprah Winfrey's brilliant speech, Seth Meyers handling it as he did. The fact that it was so dignified and also the fact that it appeared to be one that had a message that really did come across. This may very well mean that there is a ceremony that has sympathetic links to it. But at the moment of course we simply don't know whether there will be any specific protests. It's important to remember that the Globes #TimesUp was actually decided only a few days before the actual ceremony. The BAFTA's do have a problem with diversity and they are taking steps to counter those especially in the British film categories of which there are two. And also I think something would be very appropriate because this is something a gain at the stress with the Globes, it isn't just an industry it's a worldwide phenomenon of abuse and harassment.

VAUSE: Interesting step though by the BAFTA's when you consider what happened last year wasn't it when that e-mail went out and saying basically trying to minimize controversial speeches. Basically saying keep your speech what was it to an amusing antidote and don't sort of stray too far out of your lane.

FITZWILLIAMS: Well, the thing is a speech is so deeply personal. It was interesting to see at the Globes, Guillermo del Toro absolutely refused to have his speech drowned out and he said what he thought. And I think we'll get more of that. And the more of that there is the most spontaneous it is, the more audience will tune in and the more a message will get across.

VAUSE: Well, the situation now where the BAFTA is still following the way of the Golden Globes and especially the Academy Awards to have this very big deal on that which is announcing which were any of that tunnel 20 seconds away if they are on time.

[02:35:05] It seems that they are becoming a much more high profile award ceremony than they have been year -- many years ago.

FITZWILLIAMS: Yes, the many years ago it was promoting the British product that was so significant. Now they're angling to inference the Oscars. And I think it'll be interesting particularly to see in the choice for best picture, will the chilling indictment of racism get out and the coming of age comedy drama lady bird, will they be included among the best pictures or would in fact we have --


VAUSE: OK. Just (INAUDIBLE) let's listen in to the nominations.


JANE LUSH, CHAIRMAN, BAFTA: I want to begin if I may by addressing the troubling revelations of the grave, unacceptable practices that have recently been revealed within our industry. On Sunday night the Golden Globe's Seth Meyers skewed it as only he can brilliantly, hilariously and honestly. Others including Oprah Winfrey used it as a clarion call for change. Something we at BAFTA wished to wholeheartedly endorse. We too are determined to ensure that the brave revelations and make no mistake, they were very brave become a watershed moment to become a catalyst for real lasting change across the workplace in film games and television.

To 70 years now BAFTA has been identifying the very best films and performances showcasing them to the world and celebrating the skill and creativity of the talented women and men in front of and behind the camera who bring such an array of incredible stories to life. It's why we at BAFTA feel so strongly about working together to reset the tone. And across industry initiative with amongst others the British Film Institute women in film and television and directors U.K. We are pulling our knowledge and resources to develop a unified set of principles and guidelines aimed at stamping out pernicious work practices that thrive in outdated power structures. BAFTA unequivocally promotes a professional environment.

Sorry it was a (INAUDIBLE) professional environment that protects all the work in it from bullying or harassment. We'll be publishing these guidelines very shortly. It's not only me too but it's we too. So now to the 2018 nominations our six and a half thousand BAFTA members who watched them hundred -- over hundreds if not thousands of hours of film. And as a result of their deliberations, we can announce the nominations for our awards. So it's all rather thrilling. Nine categories will be revealed here with the fullest handed out as you leave and all categories will also be published on our website. Before we start, here's a reminder of the E.E. Rising Star Award nominees, we announced last week. And after the nominations I'll be revealing a new host for 2018 taking over from the wonderful Stephen Fry but now to announce the nominations please welcome two hugely talented people to teach you right about the Breakthrough Brits in 2015 and soon to be seen in Black Panther and Natalie Dormer who you'll know from Game of Thrones and Hunger Games and soon to have her first featurizing credit with In Darkness in which she all see stars. Letitia and Natalie, please (INAUDIBLE)

LETITIA WRIGHT, GUYANESE ACTRESS: Good morning. I know how much it means to have rt and recognition of BAFTA behind you. So it's a real privilege to be here announcing this year's nominations, Natalie. The nominations for supporting actress are Allison Janney for I, Tonya, Kristin Scott Thomas for Darkest Hours, Laurie Metcalf for Lady Bird, Lesley Manville for Phantom Thread and Octavia Spencer The Shape of Water.

NATALIE DORMER, ENGLISH ACTRESS: The nominations for supporting actor are Christopher Plummer for All the Money in the World, Hugh Grant of Paddington 2, Sam Rockwell for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Willem Defoe for the Florida Project and Woody Harrelson for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

WRIGHT: The nominations for adapted screenplay are James Ivory for Call Me by Your Name, Armando Iannucci, Ian Martin, David Schneider for Death of Stalin. Matt Greenhalgh for Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, Aaron Sorkin for Molly's Game, Paul King and Simon Farnaby for Paddington 2.

[02:40:11] DORMER: The nominations for original screenplay are Jordan Peele for Get Out, Steven Rogers for I, Tonya, Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird, Guillermo del Toro and Vanessa Taylor for The Shape of Water. Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

WRIGHT: The nominations for directors are Denis Villeneuve for Blade Runner 2049. I heard some cheering then. Luca Guadagnino for Call Me by Your Name, Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk, Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water, Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

DORMER: The nominations for leading actress are Annette Bening for Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, Frances McDormand for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Margot Robbie for I, Tonya, Sally Hawkins for The Shape of Water and Saoirse Ronan for Lady Bird.

WRIGHT: The nominations for leading actors are Daniel Day-Lewis for Phantom Thread, Daniel Kaluuya for Get Out, Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour, Jamie Bell for Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, Timothee Chalamet for Call Me by Your Name.

DORMER: The nominations for outstanding British film are Darkest Hour, The Death of Stalin, God's Own Country, Lady Macbeth, Paddington 2 and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

WRIGHT: The nominations for best film are Call Me by Your Name, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

DORMER: And finally these are the films with the most nominations. Take a closer look at across the nominations and find out how these amazing films were made at BAFTA Guru. Thank you.

LUSH: Thank you, Letitia and Natalie. The winners will all be revealed at London's Royal Albert Hall on Sunday the 18th of February and the ceremony broadcast on BBC One. Now it's time for me to introduce the new host for our awards. I'm thrilled and honored to welcome the hugely talented, exception in charismatic and recent recipient of the BAFTA fellowship, Joanna Lumley.

JOANNA LUMLEY, ENGLISH ACTRESS: Honestly how exciting it is? It's just so unbelievably thrilling. I was told at the BAFTA films as with just Stephen Fry there forevermore, so who would I turn than Stephen Fry. Thrilling. Thank you. It's so -- it's funny because I've been -- I've been voting for BAFTA for so long and knowing that six and a half thousand of other people voting for BAFTA. And yet every year when you hear the list of nominations coming out, some part of your heart would be, I do hope and some have to go, yes and have to go, oh no they left that out. And so it's always --

VAUSE: We'll leave Joanna Lumley the new host of BAFTA taking over Stephen Fry after 12 years. We just heard the nominations. Let's go back now Richard Fitzwilliams. Just wrapping up Richard Fitzwilliams because we're sort of coming up against the clock here. The big take away from that I guess The Shape of Water, the most numbered nominations but, you know, anything standout, Call Me by Your Name also doing quite well. FITZWILLIAMS: Well, firstly I would emphasize the numbers of

nominations sometimes have absolutely no bearing on the number of awards. Secondly, this is Dunkirk's real chance if it is to score big at the Oscar for the best picture which originally was intended. I mean I think that Ridley Scott, All the Money in the World has failed. And also we haven't seen what I thought we might see and that is that the post the Spielberg movie about the Pentagon Papers. Very much an American story perhaps in the viewer -- the voters. Very good to see nominations and very close vote here I think that pending for the Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool. So Jamie Bell , it's a very moving and I'm delighted that that has recognition. But also for Sally Hawkins for Shape of Water, I'd say a very good chance for best actress.

[02:45:02] There's no doubt of all Best Actor. Those embodiment of the Bull Dogs Roar in May 1940. When Bert needed to post Gary Oldman, who's never won a best actor factor.

VAUSE: You got right.

FITZWILLIAMS: Absolutely, he's run for nearby (INAUDIBLE) directing and for writing but never best actor. I think he's the favorite.

VAUSE: Good point to leave it that. We appreciate that good insight, Richard, thanks for being with us. And thank you. You're watching CNN NEWSROOM Live from Los Angeles. I'm John Vause. "WORLD SPORT" is up next, you're watching CNN.


KATE RILEY, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Welcome to WORLD SPORT. I'm Kate Riley at CNN Center. With a month to go until the Winter Olympics, it's being confirmed that North Korea will be sending a high ranking delegation and cheering teams to games in Pyeongchang. Until after that, the North Koreans will walk with South Korea, the host in the opening ceremony as well.

This all comes after historic talks earlier which saw negotiators from both North and South Korea arriving at the demilitarized zone earlier on Tuesday, to sit down for first time since December 2015.

A South Korean negotiator Chun Hae-sung, said earlier, quote, North Korea expressed its stance that it will send its high-level delegation athletes representing the people's Olympic committee. In previous editions of WORLD SPORT, we told you how the International Olympic Committee announced on Monday that it had extended the deadline for North Korean athletes to register the participation at next month's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

So far, the figure skating pair, Ryom Tae-ok and Kim Ju-sik have qualified for PyeongChang, though their participation has yet to be confirmed. Well, earlier, CNN's Don Riddell spoke with the veteran Olympics reporter Christine Brennan, about the impact these skaters could make if they take to the ice in Pyeongchang.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) CHRISTINE BRENNAN: CNN SPORTS CONTRIBUTOR: The hope, of course, is that everything comes off without a hitch. And as you know every Olympic Games we go in with some issues, and it almost always seems to happen that everything is OK. Maybe not perfect, but everything works out okay and the worst fears are never realized.

Going the last terrorism, knock on wood that the games was in Atlanta in '96 when a homemade bomb killed a woman spectator in Olympic Park. And then, before that, of course, the tragedy of Munich in 1972.

So, here we are on the doorstep on the games unlike any other. Because, of course, they will be held in South Korea, 50 mile from the DMZ, 50 miles from the North Korean Border.

We know what's going on with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. We know the tweets, We know, -- this story is well documented. And here come sports in an event that is supposed to be a peaceful gathering of the world. Young athletes competing on a stage and platform that they'll never have otherwise. And that's what we hope it will be.

My sense is at things will work out. The fact that there are conversations now between North and South Korea, the fact that sports can once again potentially bring these two warring nations together or two nations that have been at basically at war with guns pointed to each other for what? 70 years.

So, that's where we are and the athletes, I've been covering the Olympic figure skating trials in the United States. These athletes done, they're not even talking about it. It is 100 percent sports for them and let's hope it stays that way.

[02:50:04] DON RIDDELL, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Absolutely, but there is potentially one event which could transcend this games and then some. And that is the participation of these North Korean figure skaters, this pair. Can you imagine how big a deal it's going to be if they do actually manage to get to these games and compete in South Korea?

BRENNAN: Oh, it's going to be extraordinary, and I planning to be there to cover every second of it. We know the political conversation in Washington. And Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting that if they let North Koreans participate, then the U.S. should boycott, U.S. should not show up.

But that's the exact opposite, in my humble opinion of what should happen having covered the Olympics since '84. You want the Koreans there to stabilize the situation. And if the North Korean figure skaters, the pair skaters. And pairs is early in the competition too. Early, right after the team event, they'll have the pair. So, it'll be within the first four or five days of the games.

And if the pairs figure skaters are on sight, if the North Koreans actually have a team of a male and female figure skater, there, I think it stabilizes the games in a way that we've frequently all been talking about it, and looking for over the last few months as the run- up to PyeongChang has continued. So, it would be terrific, it would be fantastic there. They're not medal contenders, but they'll be the most watched figure skates at the games. And anyone who want the gold medal will have to take second place in terms of attention to the potential visit in the potential competition and appearance of the North Korean pair of figure skaters.


RILEY: Well, thanks to Don and Christine back. Coming up on WORLD SPORT, they've waited since last summer for him. And now, Barcelona seem to have their man. But, for an eye-watering price.


RILEY: Welcome back to WORLD SPORT. We head to Spain now where Barcelona has been waiting since the summer to get Philippe Coutinho on their team. It said, they even ask the English premier league side Liverpool to bring a time for a deal, they were denied all three times as well.

Although he won't be able to play straightway, a medical at the (INAUDIBLE) shows he has a thigh injury. The La Liga side paid $192 million for his services, making him the second most expensive player in the world. They paid for it from the money they got from Neymar. Last, in the summer, he remains the world's most expensive player. And every on both sides of the deal seems to be content with it.


PHILIPPE COUTINHO, WINGER FOR LA LIGA CLUB BARCELONA (through translator): I'm very happy to be here. It is my dream coming true as I said. I hope to meet all the expectations on the football pitch. Thank you.

ERNESTO VALENCIA, MANAGER, FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA (through translator): Well, I think he will bring us a lot. Of course, he's a player that has a very good relationship with the goals but also knows how to give good assists. In terms of the construction of the team, I think that he will bring a lot of innovative options, interior, exterior, it's up to me to know capitalize on that and get the best out of him.

It's a huge player, of course, that is arriving and I hope to help him adapt to the team. And I hope, of course, that he, of course, can help us. I wish him all the luck, and if things go well this could be a beautiful relationship.


[02:55:22] RILEY: Well, the romantics among us will we be wondering what on earth were about to show you in our next item. But, video assistant referee was introduced to English football on Monday.

In the F.A. Cup, when Brighton hosted Crystal Palace, these are two bitter rivals. And the game ended with some late drama. The kind of drama of which you'd want the referee to have an extra pair of eyes. Brighton won it with a goal from Glen Murray, a former Palace player. Three minutes from time, but the palace players called for a handball. It's being reported that VAR wasn't officially used and that was controversial.

But, since these replays appear to show that there wasn't a handball, perhaps the referee got away with it. Either way, plenty for the fans to discuss afterward.

Well, the fourth round for the draw for the F.A. Cup has taken place. One of the highest rank team is off to play against the lowest Manchester United are second in the EPL. They will be (INAUDIBLE) against (INAUDIBLE). Elsewhere Man City will play either Cardiff or Mansfield.

All right, in Elsewhere in England and on Tuesday, Manchester City will continue their quest to win the quadruple this season when they play the semi-final first leg in the Carabao Cup against Bristol City. The championship side is fully confidence bring (INAUDIBLE) Man United in the previous round to Ashton Gate, City sports fair (INAUDIBLE). Is sort to fill a strong side for this transfer?

All right, to tennis now where Andy Murray is the latest casualty. News that he won't be playing in the open came. With the news that he's just undergone hip surgery and will be out until the summer. The former world number one hasn't played since Wimbledon, and he's been agonizing whether or not to go for surgery. Hip operation is a something of a nuclear option for tennis players. They are notoriously difficult to come back from successfully. Murray, says the surgery was successful though and he's optimistic on making return in time for the (INAUDIBLE) of season.

Well, the biggest American football game after the super bowl was played on Monday night just meters away from the CNN Center in Atlanta. The Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bull Dogs to crown themselves new college football champions. In dramatic style, U.S. President Donald Trump, was in attendance to watch the game as two of the sport's biggest names went head to head.

What a game, it was. But the final going into overtime, it was Alabama's backup quarterback who threw an incredible touchdown pass to seal the win. The Titan, the only time Georgia trailed was after the final play of it the game. This is Alabama expect a title in nine years, come from behind to win the championship in overtime, 26-23 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. What a night it's certainly been in Atlanta. That is it from us here at World SPORT, I'm Kate Riley. Thank you so much for watching from that thing on me. Stay with CNN, the news is next.