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New Bombing Strikes Indonesian City Of Surabaya; U.S. To Open Its Israeli Embassy In Jerusalem; Palestinians: U.S. Cannot Be Impartial Peace Broker; Iranian Leaders Try To Salvage Agreement; North Korea Bomb Test Site To Be Dismantled This Month; Trump And Kim Set Positive Tone Ahead Of Summit; Impact Of Iran Deal Withdrawal On Summit; Third Teen Allegedly Raped Set on Fire in India; India Passes Penalty For Rapists Of Kids Under 12; Attackers Parents and Friends Reportedly Questioned; Excitement "Brewing" Over the Big Day; Salah Shines as Season Ends; Lewis Hamilton Earns Second Straight Win; Arsenal Send Wenger Off With A Win. Arsenal gives Arsenal Wenger a Fitting Win For His Last Home Match as an Arsenal Manager. Aired 12-1a ET

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CYRIL VANIER, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Another explosion in Indonesia, a bomb goes off in front of a police station a day after churches were attacked in the same city.

From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the United States about to officially relocate its embassy as Palestinians promised protests.

Plus, a young woman allegedly raped and burned in India. A horrific story that keeps repeating itself across the country. Our reporters are on the ground.

Live from the CNN Center here in Atlanta, I'm Cyril Vanier. And it is great to have you with us.

We start with breaking news out of Indonesia, a new explosion has rocked the city of Surabaya one day after a series of deadly church bombings. At least one police officer was wounded in this latest blast.

A police spokesman says the bomb exploded on a motorbike outside a police station and this here was the aftermath of the Sunday church attacks. An official says a husband and wife use their children to help them carry out those suicide bombings.

They targeted three churches, killing at least seven people. The parents reportedly belonged to a terror group linked to ISIS.

CNN's Indonesia's Aldi Hawari in Surabaya. He joins me know for the very latest. Let's start with this latest attack. What can you tell us?

ALDI HAWARI, CNN INDONESIA CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Correct. (Inaudible) police office has confirmed that another explosion just happened at 8:50 local time now in Surabaya and the casualties of this incident are still under investigation and what I can say to you, earlier, a police officer has already released the CCTV videos that show at least there were four police officers and four people in two motorbikes that were on the scene.

And now the head of Indonesia's police (inaudible) is not yet giving the information or the press release to the media, and we are still waiting about release from the police office about the explosion that happened earlier in the morning.

And now the security in the police station of East Java is tightened. While government also giving a day break to the students for their school. Meanwhile, earlier in the morning, East Java police said that that is all from two terror bombings in Surabaya have (inaudible) 14 people come that while 43 wounded in the three bombings attacked at three churches is Surabaya.

Police have known the identity of the suicide bombers who are a family consist of mother, father, two sons and two daughters, and last night, police officers went to the bombers house and police saw several evidence.

The evidence were including three (inaudible) power, FCL and silver. Police officers in East Java confirmed three perpetrators in another bombing scene that happened in (inaudible).

This scene happened only about around 9 kilometers from Surabaya Central East Java capital and about 10 hours after the terror that conducted in three churches in Surabaya. The three perpetrators come from that while two daughter of the bombers is hospitalized.

And now the total number of victim in the bombings become 17 people and police officers told the residents of the local support men in (inaudible) residents to stay away from the scene area until the police needs to check at the scene to find out more at least until 1 p.m. local time today.

And Indonesian Intelligence Agency official says that the suspected GAD or (inaudible), which is ISIS-inspired group that was behind this assault.

VANIER: Yes, ISIS has been trying to gain a foothold in this country, which has been repeatedly the target of terror attacks whether it has been ISIS or Al Qaeda-linked groups. Aldi Hawari from CNN Indonesia, thank you very much for the update. We appreciate it. Thanks.

Now it is 7 a.m. in Jerusalem currently where in just a few hours now the new U.S. Embassy will open its doors for the first time. Preparations are underway for a celebration that will include Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a recorded message from U.S. President Donald Trump, who made this decision back in December.

Palestinians object to this move and they are planning widespread protests. CNN's Oren Liebermann is live in Jerusalem. First of all, Oren, run us through what is going to happen today. OREN LIEBERMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Cyril, the official opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is scheduled for 4 p.m. local time, which is actually about nine hours away, but the events surrounding the embassy, the official opening of the embassy have already kicked off.

[00:05:07] Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted a reception for the American delegation with many others invited. Today, there our press conferences, more receptions, more ceremonies all throughout the day leading up to the official opening of the embassy as well as more events scheduled for afterwards.

That gives you an idea of how big this event is for Israel, United States, and of course, the State Department. As for who is speaking at the embassy were set up there yesterday, it is pretty much all the names you would expect as you pointed a prerecorded speech from President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu is also speaking. Israel's president, Reuven Rivlin, is speaking with the U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman is speaking as well as a few evangelical pastors, one of whom Pastor John Hagee is giving the closing benediction so certainly touching that evangelical base of Trump there as well.

If you want to sense, Cyril, of how much this is sort of infectious for Israeli society, the primary Jerusalem football club, a club called Beitar Jerusalem has changed its name to Beitar Trump Jerusalem in honor of the opening of the embassy -- Cyril.

VANIER: And of course, this is about much more than the building and the embassy itself. This is a very loud statement, Oren, by the United States on what is one of the most polarizing issues in the world.

LIEBERMANN: Sure. The building itself is almost fairly small, unassuming building tucked into a hill about a mile south of where we are standing right now, but it's the symbolism of making it the embassy, which President Donald Trump did back in December when Trump said it is simply matter -- recognizing a matter fact that world leaders when they come and meet with the Israeli prime minister, they meet in Jerusalem.

This is where the seat of government is. This is where the government conducts its business. So, he tried to recognize what he considered a matter of fact and the matter of the obvious and doing what he said was right and saying it would further piece.

He tried to hedge that to say, look, we are not determining the final borders of Jerusalem, the boundaries of the city or Israeli sovereignty, that is up to final status negotiations.

So, he tried to add some (inaudible) to keep the lines open with the Palestinians. But Cyril, this is the Middle East. (Inaudible) does not ever go over all that well with the Palestinians shortly after December cut off ties with the Trump administration. VANIER: All right. Oren Liebermann, got much more questions for you. You're back next hour. Thank you very much.

I'm joined by Martin Indyk in Washington. He is the former U.S. ambassador to Israel and former special envoy also for Israeli- Palestinian negotiations. So, Ambassador, it's great to have you on the show.

I cannot wait to have your opinion on this and I wonder from your perspective all focus right now is what happens on Monday when there is that official move, but my question to you is what happens in the days after that when the dust settles?

MARTIN INDYK, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, BROOKINGS INSTITUTION: Well, the dust isn't going to settle immediately because the day after is (inaudible) Day for the Palestinians, which is a day in which they demonstrate what they regard as the disaster, the (inaudible) of the founding of Israel 70 years ago.

And there are going to be large-scale demonstrations in Gaza, probably in the West Bank as well, probably in East Jerusalem. There is a high likelihood of violence occurring in Gaza, especially because of the intention there to attack the fence, the border fence with Israel.

VANIER: What about the longer-term? How does this embassy move, move the needle for Israelis and Palestinians?

INDYK: Well, it's backwards to comes to any hope for peace process negotiations that could lead to reconciliation because the Palestinians see this as a zero-sum game in which President Trump has recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, but told the Palestinians that he's taken Jerusalem off the table in the negotiations.

Which has signaled to them that there is nothing left in Jerusalem for them, which is totally acceptable, not only to (inaudible) Palestinians lived in East Jerusalem, but from the Palestinian point of view, there is no Palestinian state worth having if it is capital is not in East Jerusalem.

VANIER: One of the biggest criticisms about this move at the time when Mr. Trump announced it was that the U.S. could not be there after an honest peace broker, which is what you mentioned, but the U.S. had failed at negotiating peace between Israelis and Palestinians for decades anyway. So, was there really anything to lose?

INDYK: Well, you know, if United States decides to give up on the peace process because of past failures and indeed failures going on for the last 20 years under three presidents. But if we were to give up the whole effort then fine, do whatever we wanted on final status issues and then not pretend to play the role of a peace broker.

[00:10:08] But President Trump has declared he wants to be the one to negotiate the ultimate deal then this is not the way to go about it. There was a way to go about it. There was a way to -- if he wanted to insist on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol to make clear at least that he recognizes Palestinian aspirations to have their capital too, and it's Jerusalem.

But he has not done it, he's signaled the opposite, and so he cannot have it both ways. There is a tension between preempting the final status negotiations in this way and being an effective peace broker.

VANIER: Do you think perhaps the U.S. if not given up on the peace process, at least take it off or down his list of priorities?

INDYK: Well, that is not the way that President Trump behaves or talks about it. He's appointed his son-in-law as special envoy --

VANIER: But there doesn't appear currently to be a huge diplomatic effort toward that?

INDYK: They keep on talking about how they have a plan, which they are going to announce soon, but yes, I agree that at the moment, there is not a lot of effort put into it because they do not have an answer to the problem that they've created for themselves.

Which is that by doing this in the way that they've done it, recognizing reality, fair enough, Jerusalem is Israel's capital but not recognizing any Palestinian claim or aspiration there, they forced the Palestinians out of the negotiations.

And the Palestinians are not interested in coming back and in that case, what is the United States supposed to do?

VANIER: Could the answer come from another player in the region, perhaps Saudi Arabia, which has been pressuring the Palestinians to take whatever deal the American president puts on the table?

INDYK: Well, that's a good question because the Saudi's would definitely volunteering to your work with Jared Kushner to help to push the process forward, but it is my understanding that when the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman, came to Washington a few weeks ago.

That he told the Americans that because of what they've done in Jerusalem, because of the negative reaction, because of the fear that Iran and Turkey would take advantage of this plan that the Saudi's had sold out the Palestinians, they were no longer in a position at least for the time being to bring the Palestinians to the table. So, they've not only lost the Palestinians. It appears that they have lost the Saudi's as well.

VANIER: Ambassador Martin Indyk, fantastic having your perspective on this this morning. Thank you very much.

INDYK: Thank you.

VANIER: Iran is preparing for the possibility of sanctions being re- imposed if the nuclear deal falls apart. Now, the Iranian vice president made these remarks in state run media as the country's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, began his tour to save the deal.

Javad Zarif arrived in Beijing on Sunday, you just saw that, it is the first stop in an effort to keep the other parties of the deal on board, despite the U.S. pulling out. President Hassan Rouhani said Iran would remain committed to the accord, as long as its interests are insured. But Iranian hardliners are skeptical. They are calling for an economy protected from global sanctions.

If the deal is salvaged with the help of the Europeans, the U.S. national security advisor says it is possible European firms that do business with Iran will face sanctions. John Bolton spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: So, President Trump said this week, quote, "any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States." Is the United States going to sanction European companies that do business with Iran?

JOHN BOLTON, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: I think the issue here is what the Europeans are going to do. If they are going to see that it's not in their interests to stay in the deal, we are going to have to watch what the Iranians do. They'd love to stay in the deal. Why should not they? They got everything they wanted from the Obama administration. But I think the Europeans will see that it is in their interest ultimately to come along with this.


VANIER: And Bolton also clarified that he supports a regime change in Iran as a private citizen, but that is not making -- he is not making that decision for the Trump administration. Both leaders setting an optimistic tone.

Coming up, a look at the expectations being set for the meeting between the U.S. president and the North Korean leader.

Plus, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano making its fiery presence felt once again. We'll assess the impact of the latest eruption after this.



VANIER: U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton says that if Pyongyang commits to denuclearization, it could become what he calls a normal nation that could interact with the rest of world. President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have a meeting planned in Singapore. That's on June 12th less than a month from now. Bolton says the president's preparation for the summit is extensive.

Meantime, North Korea has set a date for dismantling its nuclear test site. That's scheduled for later this month. For more on that, here's Ivan Watson. He's in Seoul, South Korea. Ivan, what exactly are the North Koreans going to do and how much of a concession is it really? IVAN WATSON, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, they already announced last month, Cyril, that they were going to dismantle their main nuclear testing site, which was last used in September of last year. That is where North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear weapons test.

So, it says that it is going to hold what it describes as a ceremony, according to the North Korean Foreign Ministry, and invite journalists from at least five different countries to witness what it says will be the demolition of tunnels into this mountain in the facility known as (inaudible), which are used to kind of carry the explosives deep into the mountain.

[00:20:07] And that they would kind of withdraw guards and research personnel and basically dismantle and permanently shut down this facility. This has been welcomed by President Trump himself in a tweet lavishing praise on North Korea by the South Korean government as well.

And what is interesting is that the new U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has now met twice with Kim Jong-un himself, he has filled in some of the blanks in interviews he gave to the U.S. domestic Sunday political talk shows about what the U.S. is willing to offer in return for these measures towards denuclearization.

Sanctions relief, security guarantees, and not financial aid as he puts it, which is part of the exchange that we've seen in the past. But suggesting some kind of a flood of private American capital into North Korea. Take a listen to an excerpt from one of those interviews.


MIKE POMPEO, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE: This will be Americans coming in private sector Americans, not the U.S. taxpayer. Private sector Americans coming in to help build out the energy grid. They need enormous amounts of electricity in North Korea to work with them to develop infrastructure.

All the things that the North Korean people need. The capacity for America agriculture to support North Korea so they can eat meat and have healthy lives. Those are the kind of things that if we get what is the president has demanded, the complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of North Korea that the American people will offer in spades.


WATSON: And he is suggesting that this flood of investment would be such that North Korea's economy would one day rival South Korea's which is the world's 11th largest economy -- Cyril.

VANIER: All right. Ivan Watson reporting live from Seoul, South Korea. Thank you very much. We'll speak to you again next hour. Thank you. Let's a closer look at all of this with Larry Sabato. He is the director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, joins us from Charlottesville in Virginia. Larry, Trump and Kim Jong- un have both gone on a charm offensive ahead of their meeting. Do you put much stock in that?

LARRY SABATO, DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR POLITICS, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: It's what they should do ahead of that meeting, although, I do think that particularly on the American side, President Trump has been raising expectations too high. I know many of his followers or at least the ones who attend rallies think that this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Like (inaudible) age going back to the fifth dimension (inaudible), it's not and the beginning of the process really is this face-to-face meeting. Then comes the hard bargain, and the North Koreans have been very unwilling in the past to stick to their agreements. They'd stretch it out years and they realized that the attention of Americans tends to wander rather quickly.

VANIER: And they have misled the international community, starting with the U.S. multiple times in the 90s and early 2000s. However, I take a short one thing you said that that Trump's followers think this is going to be the beginning necessarily of a new era because the president has set the bar too high. He has publicly said multiple times if the deal -- if there is no deal to be had, it's not going his way, he will walk away. That's not setting the bar very high.

SABATO: Well, he has said that, but (inaudible) in the middle of language that suggest that this is the beginning of world peace. His tweets talk about the establishment of a new order of world peace. So, now, I think the expectations are too high and it causes his crowds to start chanting Nobel. It is a little premature for that.

VANIER: Yes. Definitely premature, we are still a month away from the meeting, that hasn't even happened. Look, Mr. Trump has been intransigent on his foreign policy moves and you could argue that he is to a fault, but so far everything he said he'd do in foreign policy, he has done, and he has not settled.

Whether -- you know, whether -- agree or disagree with his foreign policy. So, pulling out the climate agreement, the Iran nuclear deal, moving the Israeli embassy, all of those things he has done, and he has not settled. Do you think that that strengthens his hand when he sits down in front of Kim Jong-un?

SABATO: That part of it will. What I think will also the North Koreans some pause is the fact that he just broke the Iran agreement that was reached by the prior administration. You know, the United States has a long history, Cyril, of new administrations recognizing and respecting the agreements reached by prior administrations even if they do not like them.

I think the Panama Canal treaties, for example, Carter made that agreement and Reagan campaigned against them, but still recognized and checked to them when he became president. So, this is -- this ought to give the North Koreans pause. Will a new administration simply aggregate whatever agreement the Americans and President Trump might reach now with North Korea?

[00:25:10] VANIER: I wonder how does his domestic policy, or I should say his domestic situations, Mr. Trump' s domestic situation, how does that affect him going into the meeting?

SABATO: His ratings relatively low, but the economy is very good. His ratings have been on the rise a bit, not tremendously so, but he is in the low 40s. He was in the mid-30s. So, he goes into the negotiations, I suppose relatively strong, at least compared to his first year, year and a half.

You know, beyond that, I do not think that Trump really focuses on that very much. He is looking for a big boost to come out of this summit. He is also I think hoping that people will not focus day to day on what happens after the summit because the news might not be quite as good.

VANIER: Larry Sabato joining us from the University of Virginia. Always a pleasure to talk to you, thank you.

SABATO: Thank you, Cyril.

VANIER: Coming up, India says it is trying to stop an epidemic of rape.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If under 12 years, you will be given death penalty. If it's a gang rape, you will be given a death penalty.


VANIER: Will it be enough? We'll be live in India just ahead.


VANIER: Welcome back to the NEWSROOM here at CNN. Let's look at your headlines this hour.

There is breaking news out of Indonesia where at least four police officers and six civilians have been wounded by a bomb blast outside a police station in Surabaya. That is the same city where suicide attacks were launched against three Christian churches on Sunday and at least seven people were killed in those attacks.

Palestinian leaders are calling for a day of protest as the U.S. prepares to open its new embassy in Jerusalem.


U.S. President Donald Trump announce the move last year recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Palestinians say that that undermines their claims to the city. Insurgent killed at least nine people during Sunday's assault on a government building in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Dozens of others were wounded, authorities say it started with a car bomb and then the attackers stormed the building beginning four hour gun fight. ISIS is claiming responsibility for this.

And nationalist Shiite Cleric is leading in Iraq's parliamentary election with over half of the votes counted. This is a surprise comeback from Muqtada al-Sadr who is currently edging out his Iranian back rival as Shia (ph) militia leader Hadi Al-Amiri and Iraq's current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. All results are expected later on Monday.

But, now, I want to get to this. A horrific pattern (ph) emerging in India, yet another teenage girl was allegedly raped and then set on fire. Police in Central India are investigating this latest incident. It is the third attack of this kind reported this month. Sexual assault crimes have increased in India in the last few years, just last month, thousands of people across the country protesting sexual violence against women and girls.

Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley is in Sagar, India near where this latest incidents occurred. Sam, what happened exactly?

SAM KILEY, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, it is a police matter so we cannot name the victim. But we spoke into family members and the police and the allegation, I stress an allegation, not proven is that this young women or a girl of 16 was attacked in her own home, was raped. The rape was discovered and as a consequence of that, she was set on fire and actually identified her attacker to her brother before she died, but then obviously suddenly passed away.

She's the third actually inside a week. This incident occurred at the end of last week. There were two other similar attacks, one resulting in a death and the other in a very serious hospitalization of two other girls in a different part of the country.

And of course (INAUDIBLE) after the outraged over the killing of the eight-year old child in Jammu, which sparked a degree of friction between Muslims and Hindus, and the reason for this is that many critics of the government of Prime Minister Modi who is the leader of the BJP saying that he's harnessing of what they call Hindu nationalism has held to drive a sense that those who are other either people who are from lower caste or different religions somehow fair again (ph).

Now, this is an allegation put by human rights groups in particular and one rejected in an exclusive interview with CNN by India's Cabinet Minister for Justice, the Justice and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. And this was his response to that when I put it to him.


RAVI SHANKAR PRASAD, INDIAN LAW AND JUSTICE MINISTER: You had ruined facts. I think this come offense toward (ph) linking Hindu nationalism to the offenses. We need to read Hindu Hanuman and traditions little more. Whoever commits, this is religion neutral. All of you is whoever commits. If anyone even in a political process commits, that's wrong, that's the view.

And what makes me happy is the consensus in the polity of the country that they have to address this rising menace in a more and more effective way. And I wish to deny with all the authority of my command of an insinuation that Hindu Nationalism has anything to do with it.


KILEY: Now, reported rapes in India since the terrible case in 2012 of the gang raped on a bus that involves six men including the bus driver in Delhi. You recall, Cyril, the international and national outrage that that generated. In that year 2012, there are about 25,000 reported rapes, that number in 2016 according to government statistics has gone up to 40,000.

Now, does this reflect some kind of epidemic level of rape? Or does it reflects something that I think human rights groups and lawyers would argue is the case is not so much the epidemic, but the endemic nature of attacks on women, but the growing confidence with the help of NGOs and other social organizations to women who have been attacked to come forward and report those rapes.

In the past, there were a matter of shame. They remained that way for many, many people, but increasingly young women in particular are coming forward.

[00:35:06] And the government's also stress, Cyril, that they have in result in response to what to the minister called a national commotion caused by that eight year old case -- the case of the augural that at the beginning of the year responded with new legislation and new ordinance from the cabinet saying that over the next six months at any rate, anybody accused and convicted of rape of a minor will face the death penalty and anybody raped under 16, the perpetrator in that case would face life -- meaning life imprisonment. Cyril.

VANIER: Yes. So there silver lining in all of this if there is one is that there is actually, you're telling us, a greater number of victim feeling confident and have to come forward and report this. Sam Kiley reporting live from Sagar in India, thank you very much.

Now, Sudan facing international outrage for its country's marital rape laws after a teenager was sentenced to death for killing her husband.

Noura Hussein, that's her name and that's picture, says she killed the man also on the picture that she was forced to marry after he raped her. But in Sudan marital rape is legal. Hussein has less than two weeks to appeal for a lawyer who says Hussein feels confident that her life will be spared.

This is case has sparked international outrage. More than 290,000 people have signed a petition to stop the execution. This is a story that CNN will continue to follow. And we're learning new details about Saturday's deadly stabbing rampage in Paris. A source tells CNN, the man who killed one person and wounded four others was born in Russia's Chechnya region. He was reportedly on an anti-terror watch list.

Police are questioning the attacker's parents and a person said to be his friend. ISIS claims the attack calls it soldier. Police who have shot and killed him were being credited with stopping even more blood shed. Here is how one witness described the killer.


GILLES CHANA, WITNESS: I saw him. I saw the guy with a knife go out from the rest room. He go on the right side of the streets to get to press (INAUDIBLE). We saw him with a knife on the hand. We saw him with the knife on the hand and with blood on the -- with blood on the -- and to see someone with human blood.

And we're stunned with (ph) the police because they came -- I mean, really quickly after a minute and a half, two minutes maximum, two minutes.


VANIER: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo visited the attack site on Sunday and she told reporters, "Paris is still alive."

A new volcanic fissure has opened up on the big island of Hawaii. It's several hundred meters long and it is spewing lava high into the air. Nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated since the volcano first erupted 10 days ago. The eruption's ascending slow moving lava and toxic gas into the area, destroying dozens of home and cars in the process. We'll have more from the CNN weather center later on this.

Coming up also, this week's Royal wedding has famous English town brewing with excitement. We'll explain after the break.


[00:40:12] VANIER: So, we are now five days in counting until Britain's Prince Harry weds American Actress Meghan Markle. The couple will exchange vows this coming Saturday in St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. But, if you've been watching CNN these last few days, you knew that. CNN Producer Anna Stewart is in Windsor and it felt to her to taste the beer brewed specially for the big day.


ANNA STEWART, CNN PRODUCER (voice-over): It's a pale ale fits for Prince and Princess, the Windsor Knot of Royal special (ph) brewed steps away from the castle, with some barley grown to match this farm with West Coast American Hall.

WILL CALVERT, WINDSOR AND ETON BREWERY: And so we like to think that it's Windsor Royal farm barley marrying West Coast U.S. Halls (ph). STEWART: Meghan-Harry.

CALVERT: Meghan-Harry and I have to engulf (ph) it to be a fantastic beer.

STEWART: The beer is near but the idea is not. The brewery actually processed a different beer for the last Royal weddings, also called the Windsor Knot.

CALVERT: And this is the very last brew we produce of it which can still make the pubs in time --

STEWART: Do you think it's going to be ready for today.

CALVERT: Absolutely.

STEWART: This is the last minutes brew, let's have it now.

CALVERT: This is basically going to be in pubs on today. You can see its finished fermenting now, but it smells a bit and it looks like beer. It's pretty good.

STEWART: It's now ready for me.

CALVERT: Lovely (ph), yes.

STEWART: And this brewery is ready. It's brewed around 91,000 types of special Royal wedding beer. And while this isn't quite Royal carriage, some of it (INAUDIBLE) white shire horse.

The horses also make a knot to the castle's groups (ph). Roger here is part American Clydesdale while Mager (ph) is full British shire.

Local police expect around 100,000 people to pour into Windsor for big event. And the pub masters suggest rubbing a pipe before they ran out. They also ensure us, that won't happen.

And the Americans have descended in force. Each news networks taking over different pub. The owner of this establishment says he's hosting Fox News and NBC and isn't picky about which pipe they prefer.

Pubs around the U.K. will absolutely open and safe serving an extra two hours this weekend. The British Beer and Public Associations says the extensions could generate an extra $13.5 million in sales. The Georgians in the shadow of the castle across the River Thames (ph), Tim Fould is the manager.

(on camera): So, how busy are you going to be on Saturday?

TIM FOULD, THE GEORGE INN: Very, very busy. I think we're going to be fully boots and completely full inside and outside before lunch time actually.

STEWART: And he expects they'll be raising their glasses deep into the night.


FOULD: Cheers.

STEWART: Anna Stewart, CNN Windsor.


VANIER: Thanks for watching CNN Newsroom. I'm Cyril Vanier, World Sport is up next and I'm back in 15 minutes for another hour of World News. See you then.


VINCE CELLINI, CNN ANCHOR: Hello and welcome to World Sports at CNN Center. I'm Vince Cellini. We're to get with football Texas to Spain, where Barcelona was essentially competing with history.

They wrapped up the La Liga title two weeks back and the target was now becoming the first Spanish club since 1930 to go through the season unbeaten. It all seemed to be on track

[00:45:16] Barca traveling to mid-level club Levante their next to last contest and despite playing without Lionel Messi, well, they were stunned as the host grabbed a 5-1 lead Emanuel Boateng with the hat trick, the Catalans tried to match and nearly do.

Phillippe Continho's hat-trick helps rally them back but they fall just short 5-4 at the final, and what a moment for Levante who had not beaten Barcelona in the league since 1964 putting a stain in Barca's record in the penultimate contest. That is why they play the game.

To put this in some perspective now, Barca last defeated in La Liga. It came back in April of last year when they dropped a two mill decision to Malaga. They had not lost all season and if you count the wins from last season their unbeaten streak was at 43 games and then it was over.

At the time the Mo Salah signing for Liverpool from Roma was seen as impactful, now it's historic. In its first season, the Egyptian king rewrote the premiere league record books scoring wise that is zooming past big names and on Sunday zooming past Brighton.

Salah strikes again, he found the net to break the ice in a 26 minute. His 30 second of the season, that's the most by any player ever in a 38 game season that is 44 in all competitions. But Salah is so much more, helping Liverpool's third as he plays in Dominic Solanke, the 20 year old with his first goal for the club. But when you think about it all roads this season leads to Mo Salah.

You've heard us talk about this during the campaign. Some of the famous and historic names Salah has overtaken in his 38 games trek. Alan Shearer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez, only two players more, but that was over a 42 match schedule. Shearer leads the way in that regard along with Andy Cole both with 34 goals. And it seems as though it's been one act laid after another for Salah in 2017-2018. After the match, awarded the golden boot as top scorer, a wonderful moment for any player, in addition to that the premiere leagues player of the season and he was also voted the best among his fellow professionals. And he still got a champions league final ahead against Real Madrid and world cup in Russia to come. So, stand by for Mo.

Premiere league champs Manchester City kept on rolling in their match in the last match of an impressive season. Pep Guardiola's record breaking club hit the century mark in dramatic fashion with an all important goal coming four minutes into stoppage time at South Hampton.

The one-nil final means Man City became the first club to amass 100 premiere league points. And it happened, thanks to a goal from young Brazilian Gabriel Jesus. It also set a new top flight record for biggest winning margin by a champion finishing 19 points clear of Rival United, and just for good measure their 32nd victory also saw them break Tottenham's 57 year record for wins in a single top flight season.

Emotions running high on Sunday for Arsene Wenger who's lengthy run as Arsenal manager came to an end, at least it was a winning finale for the Frenchman Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng with the goal to the last goal of the Wenger era. And you could see the fans giving their message by ground and by air.

Wenger in charge of the gunners for 1235 matches and it was great to see both sets of fans give him a standing ovation after the 22 minute mark to celebrate his 22 years in English Football with the club, cheers.

Sunday's Italian Serie A featured a dominant Juventus team looking for to finish the job. Juve was pushed by Napoli but not so much over the last couple of weeks, thus Juve had an opening to secure a record extending 7th straight title.

Juve in fact looking to become the first Italian club to complete the league and cut double four years in a row. They needed just a point and despite laboring to a scoreless draw versus a 10 man Roma team, winning the scudetto, a fifth title for boss Max Allegri who according to some reports may be off to Arsenal. We'll keep an eye on that.

For the record, 2nd place Napoli at Sampdoria on Sunday, two late goals went in for Napoli but it won't be enough to catch Juve, a four point gap which is one match remaining means the old lady topped the table yet again.

Well, Sunday mark game, one of the NBA's eastern conference finals and through out the week experts wondered how Boston would counter Cleveland's LeBron James, who is just roaring through post season. Well, it turns out the Celtics simply outworked, outshot and thoroughly outplayed James and anyone else wearing a Cavs uniform.

Bos (ph) has scored an early flash knockdown at Holmes. Out scoring Cleveland 36-18 in the first quarter and Boston had a lot of heroes including the Veteran Al Horford who at 20 points and early on really set the tone for his game.

[00:50:13] TD Garden was roaring as young Jaylen Brown was great defensively and certainly offensively 23 points to lead all scores as Boston won 108-83. James held to a playoff a little 15 points, a playoff high seven turnovers. Cleveland four of 26 from three point land, they shot 36 percent overall.

And Marcus Morris who-- this we talked about defending LeBron, really did a good job and he stepped up with 21 points and send rebounds a lot of emotional leadership.

So, a huge game one victory, game two is Tuesday in Boston. LeBron's response after this one, listen.


LEBRON JAMES, CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: I didn't go to college, so as not March Madness. You know, you get better throughout the series, you see ways you can better throughout the series. But I've been on one, I've been down on two, I've been down four in post season. But for me, there's no more level of concern, no matter how bad I play tonight, well, semi turnovers (ph). How inefficient I was shooting the ball, just as confident going to a series no matter (INAUDIBLE) if it's a zero-zero series or down on one.


CELLINI: Game two will be very, very telling. We're back in a moment to drive quickly, very quickly. And one man knows how.

Formula 1 has been a Lewis Hamilton party, would that continue Sunday in the Spanish Gran Prix? Very likely.


CELLINI: We are back and headed to Spain now where Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has now recorded back to back wins for the first times since 2018 following victory at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, a 64th Formula 1 victory, and if its possible making this Sunday drive look easy.

The bread who is looking to win his 5th World Championship this season on full position for the third straight year at this venue and he let them start to finish extending his leader top to standings.

Hamilton won by 20 seconds with just five cars finishing on the lead lap. His team mate Valtteri Bottas came in second, a total team effort placed in Mercedes one and two and Hamilton ready to share the glory.


LEWIS HAMILTON, RACING DRIVER: So I think (INAUDIBLE) this incredible team. These guys have done an amazing job and I'm just really proud of everyone. And today the car and myself, I felt astonishing (ph) today which I haven't been feeling for the whole year. So, it's a good feeling.


CELLINI: A really productive day all around for Mercedes because Hamilton's main rival Germany's four time world champion, Sebastin Vettel could only finish fourth, so the gap between first and second is now 17 points.

The Washington Capital's 4-2 win over Tampa Bay on Friday in the Eastern conference finals got them reacquainted with deep playoff hockey. The catch first trip to these finals in 20 years boosted with the goal and an assist by Russian Alex Ovechkin.

[00:55:04] Sunday night was game two and in the third Washington struck like lightning. Ovechkin and company simply caught fire. This after the catch thrilling two one headed to the second. They tied the game at two and it appeared of quick hitters near the end of the period.

Lars Eller has tip for the playoffs. Three-two Cap, just 59 seconds later, both Eller and Ovechkin assisting on Evgeny Kuznetsov's power play goal with seconds remaining in the period. It's 4-2 Caps at that point. But there's more, Kuznetsov to Ovechkin, from Russia with love his tentative the playoffs 5-2 Washington Caps at another 6-2 the final. Washington is halfway home to the Cap and heading on for game three, Tuesday in D.C.

With so many storyline Sunday at the PGA Tours Players Championship, one of them, leader Webb Simpson, on this Mother's day thoughts of his mom, widowed in November after Webb's father, Sam, passed away following an illness.

Also, Webb's possible career boost opening Sunday with a seven shot lead at his very profile event. And a perpetual story within the story, Tiger Woods, always a subplot, the Tiger Woods comeback after a Saturday 65, this is Woods on 12, nice pit shot is set up bury and moved to 1400. He's only four off since his lead at this point.

However, on 17, the Island hole, we know what can happen, indeed the Tiger Woods. He said not fine dry land. Tiger's tee-balls ends up in the waters, doubled will be five, 1100 at that point. Finished 1100 69 on the day he tied for 11.

So, the seventh now and Webb Simpson was ordinary on Sunday, but he could be the first birdie of the day for him came here. He's 20 under, but then bogey the 8th (ph). 16th, Simpson a birdie putt gets him back to 20 under card.

Now on 18, he found the water, the 2012 U.S. open champion taps in for double bogey and the victory 1800 finish, 73 on the day, three shot wins, a four shot win rather over three others, fifth tour win. His first is 2014.

And one more note, Justin Thomas's efforts on Sundays move him to world number one. He replaces Dustin Johnson.

And that is all of our time. For all of us in World Sport, thank you for watching, I'm Vince Cellini. More news on CNN is next.