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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding. Aired 6-7a ET

Aired May 18, 2018 - 06:00   ET



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She was on a "Real World" back in the day. Might have been "Real World London." That's going back a ways for me, but she's also an actress. They just came from the Cannes Film Festival.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's a shot of Clifton, this fantastic place where Meghan and her mother is staying.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who is this? Federal?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR, "QUEST MEANS BUSINESS": Is that the -- duchess of York. Doesn't she look wonderful?


CAMEROTA: Fergie in a navy, beautiful ensemble.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Americans, she's sort of forever Fergie in our hearts, the redhead rebel that I remember took over, took the palace, the royal family by storm.

QUEST: Divorced, an embarrassment over the years. She and the duke are very close. There are rumors that they may someday remarry. They share a house here I believe. They do share a house. They are still very close. The fact that she has been invited is a seal of approval.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This hat also looks likes a Phillip Tracy --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was absolutely determined. He doesn't like family rouse probably because he had so many as a small boy. He insisted that she came.

CUOMO: Because he saw discord in the family, he believes in inclusivity, in inviting people --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, he also makes amends. I think William is less forgiving. He has a different personality. Harry is very warm, emotional. He's very, very close to his cousins, Eugenie, Zara.

CUOMO: We'll see if we see them. But at the moment, let's go over to the long walk and see what Anderson is seeing at the moment.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Well, we are watching these arrivals as you are. You were talking about seeing Sarah Ferguson who was not invited to Prince William's wedding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's right. She's been ostracized from the family. There's been a lot of foibles, mistakes on her part. Particularly when she was caught -- or trying to sell access to Prince Andrew, but I think --

COOPER: An undercover reporter videotaped her trying to sell --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Undercover reporter and that was a real low for her. She claimed Prince Andrew didn't know anything about it. But the fact that she's there today is a real big effort from Prince Harry.

Her daughter Eugenie, his cousin, very close. She's getting married in October where the whole family will be in attendance. I think Harry is at a point where, come on, let's let the dust settle here and be inclusive, let's welcome her.

It's kind of a lonely walk. She's coming down there all by herself knowing the rest of the royal family will be behind her. She won't be sitting with the royal family, but I think she's delighted to be included --

COOPER: She still lives with Andrew?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, they've maintained a very good relationship which for their children is lovely. The girls are really smart, wonderful girls, a real asset. The only blood princesses that we have of the younger generation at the moment. They've managed to maintain that good relationship and Andrew stuck up. The queen has tried to extend the olive branch to her as well.

COOPER: There's a reception after the wedding for all the invited guests, all 600. Tonight, there's -- Prince Charles is giving a dinner for 200?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, for the younger members, I think that will be a bit of a knees up.

COOPER: What does that mean?


COOPER: Sounds that kind of racy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's going to be an all-night party.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is John Major, by the way, so a former prime minister. So, political leaders were not invited. Not a political occasion. John Major looked after Diana's money when she died and was the guardian of that money.

COOPER: So, the money was put in trust for --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. He ran that. He's been a great supporter of Harry growing up. We're not expecting many others at all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He's with a stick.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I saw about Fergie last night that Harry is very close to her. Not just the daughters, to her, as well. The princes are quiet, but they're close to the Spencers still and the people they care about. An indication that the queen and Philip is stepping back a bit.

COOPER: Prince Harry was 36 I guess when they got engaged to Meghan Markle, which is the age Princess Diana was when she died --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Harry is 33, Meghan was 36. When you think that Meghan is the age that Diana was when she died --

COOPER: Princess Diana was 19 years old when she married Prince Charles.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Much better equipped to handle it, as well. Serena Williams and James Corden mingling in the crowds.

[06:05:12] COOPER: Idris Alba there as well and Amal Clooney -- Stella McCartney.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's Stella McCartney and interestingly about Amal too. You know that they were introduced by a mutual friend and I think they got even tighter when Meghan moved to London. And of course, they did the girlfriend thing where Amal passed on all of her contacts for glam.

So, there was a big controversy about her hairdresser. The hairdresser claimed to do the wedding and then said it was not true. Then as of two days ago saying he was on his way to Windsor. So, I think Amal's hairdresser is actually doing the royal hairdo for today.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Meghan's girlfriends are really important to her. She didn't choose a maid of honor because she has such a tight group of girlfriends she didn't want to single one out. We'll see her surrounded by bridesmaids gone rogue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But she's fiercely loyal to all of them. I think you'll see Priyanka Chopra, they met at a magazine event about two years ago, and Serena Williams, they met at a charity volleyball game.

COOPER: Yes, the celebrities are taking their seats and the royals will arrive at the chapel. We'll see the bride, the place where she is going to be departing from with her mom. We'll see the bride's dress in a matter of minutes, all ahead. Stay with us.


COOPER: You're looking at Clifton house, where Meghan Markle has spent the night with her mom who just met the queen the other day for the first time. Her mother's going to be driving with her to St. George's Chapel.

There's a lot of action as we count down to the wedding service. Royal family members started arriving about 25 past the hour. Prince Harry will show up about 40 minutes past the hour with his best man, Prince William.

And of course, we know that Meghan Markle will be -- will be walking down the -- through the nave by herself and will be walked the rest of the way by Prince Charles.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Prince Charles will escort her, yes. He's not giving her away. He's going to be escorting her almost to the altar, and she will step out to join Prince Harry herself. A long walk to do alone. I think Meghan is very confident of herself.

She's very much looking forward to this day knowing Harry is waiting at the other end is completely wonderful. I think the moment is between Prince Charles and Harry. He's often maligned for being a cold father and not particularly close to his sons, that's simply not true --

COOPER: That's Serena Williams.

[06:10:11] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Serena Williams in the choir. And so, I think Prince Charles escorting his daughter-in-law down the aisle to his waiting son that's going to be amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The challenge will be the train on this wedding dress because both Kate and Diana had someone helping them with the train, and Meghan will not, so I think that will be an interesting maneuver.

COOPER: George Clooney and Amal Clooney.


COOPER: Remarkable history. St. George's Chapel where you have centuries of history. Former leaders, former kings of England buried, ashes there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George Clooney is sitting in a seat. This is the highest form of chivalry. Each is related to a knight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those plates behind -- Fergie again. Those plates behind symbolize each one of the knights. William was the 1,000th night. Fergie has a seat -- a massive story for royalty. A massive rift --

COOPER: The fact that she was given a good seat?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. That she was invited at all and was given a good sight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As Max said, each of these places in the chapel are particulare. This is the Garter Chapel. A prestigious seat. If she's in there, it's a big heal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Harry would have had to ask about that to the queen. She would have said yes. That's a huge thing unless she's about to walk out. It's huge. If Fergie did what she did now, would the queen be more forgiving? What's happened quickly.

What surprised me was how the family rallied around Thomas Markle. They -- they gave whatever support they could. They ran me and other reporters up to say the media has to give him space. In the past, they would have ostracized him. That's exactly what they did to Fergie.

COOPER: The royal family would have?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. They would have said we don't want him at the wedding. You think?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, absolutely. Fergie wouldn't have been included. Prince Andrew was away, she was photographed inflagrante with an American businessman. It was deeply embarrassing and at the height of tabloid --

COOPER: I love the way you say it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn't know -- can I say it?

COOPER: I think this is basic cable, you can say anything.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was deeply embarrassing. One snafu after another. The royal family stepped back, they did not want to know her. It's been incredibly difficult for Beatrice and Eugenie. They had to step back. The fact that she is in the choir is huge. Those are the only seats that will be able to see anything.

COOPER: So, all those people sitting there will not be able to see?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, they can't. They can hear it.

COOPER: Watching at home you have a better view.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, this is the last silent view of the royal family. When you know the code, you know what they're saying.

COOPER: When you know the code?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you know the code, you know exactly what they're saying.

COOPER: The code of where you're seated?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Exactly. The code of the door -- you come in as an American, you walk in first --

COOPER: Even Meghan Markle, that's one of the things she has had to learn. I know at one point she walked into a room before Prince Harry, and that was a story. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is what I'm trying to say, after the lights come down and the confetti's picked up, she's going to have to navigate all of those things from people who are twice as old as her and expect her to know those things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's interesting what you said about seating. Sitting next to Serena is Abigail Spencer, one of the members of "Suits." She's the only one there while everybody else is in the nave. I think it speaks to more of a personal friendship.

COOPER: She will now be hated by all the other cast members of "Suits."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Meghan invited 25 cast members and executives from "Suits" to be here today.

COOPER: We're one minute away from Meghan Markle leaving the hotel where she is going to get into the vehicle with her mother, Doria Garland. Meghan Markle spent the night in the hotel. It was closed down for her. Prince Harry and Prince William showed up unexpectedly to greet the crowds yesterday, seemingly very relaxed. That is going to be the scene. All eyes around the world watching to get a sense of what Meghan Markle is wearing, how she looks on this -- clearly the most important day of her life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The lesson here -- look how far the camera is.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that's when suddenly -- that's where Kate was staying --

[06:15:09] COOPER: Sarah Burnham, the designer --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From her ring and her shoes --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is how eager the cameraman is working.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The carriage will go in front of the steps, to slip in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We did not see Stella McCartney.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They will only announce the dress as she steps out of the chapel. They're keen that the secret is kept.

COOPER: Literally when people at home see her stepping out, they'll send out the tweet? Fascinating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We'll get endless information -- we'll get a complete sense of it.

COOPER: Max's phone will ring.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The editors say the one thing you can't do is have your phone on. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's the thing that could happen --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Another interesting thing. Asked about Kate and Meghan's relationship. They're very different characters. Kate is very straight-laced. She's not -- how to say this? English girl -- Meghan is this very charismatic, cool, amazing --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She's very warm.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I wanted to know about the relationship. I was told, look, there's two people in the world that know what that position is to be in, and it's Meghan and, and it's Kate. They live next door to each other. They'll be working closely together. She's been a -- they've been characters professionally.

COOPER: Let's talk a little bit just what we are -- once Meghan Markle leaves the hotel where she's been with her mom, explain to viewers the order of events here. The car will drive to --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The car will drive, it's about a nine-mile drive. That the drive, and the car will come past here. We will get our first glimpse on the way to Windsor Castle. This is Prince Michael -- she caused huge controversy at Christmas for wearing --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was horrible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- the broach that had huge racist tendencies associated to it.

COOPER: She actually issued a public apology.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She did, and rightfully see. She wore it to the queen's lunch.

COOPER: She was wearing a broach?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What we would call in America a black sambo broach as big as her chest practically. She got out of the car. It was -- tell it like it is, it was shocking.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Princess Anne's family.

COOPER: Something that she wouldn't realize the implications of --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why would you wear a black sambo -- it's not like a fashion piece. What was that about?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you. It was shut down quite quickly. That was ugly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Phillips and his Autumn, they got married at St. George's Chapel. They had their wedding -- and Zara, married to Mike Tyndall. The other cousins kind of --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Classism in full force.

COOPER: So, some -- some of the royals are referred to as minor royals?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Minor royals. The ones that aren't the working members of the royal family.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're so minor, they're about to be kicked out of the house by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. That's the rumor.

COOPER: What do the minor royals do for a living?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, some of them do engagements on behalf of the queen. Her --

COOPER: Do some of them have jobs?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, they do particularly the younger ones. The old ones not so much.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They do a lot of public work. It doesn't get covered. Princess Anne on the left there --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's Sophie and Edward.

COOPER: This is Beatrice and Eugenie, yes? They -- Beatrice who wore the fascinator to Prince William's wedding.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I should say --

COOPER: Meghan Markle there --


COOPER: Getting into the Royal Rolls Royce.


COOPER: She got in in a way that no cameras could get.


COOPER: This is the first glimpse of the dress.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It looks like a big veil.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It looks like a very big veil.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She's with her mommy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What an amazing drive for these two ladies to take.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What a test of the cameraman, as well. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at the hat --



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The French tiara?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It looks like a smaller --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's not the spencer tiara.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can tell you more now that we've seen it. I was holding off. The tiara is not the spencer tiara. It is one of the queen's tiaras, I can't say which one. There's a lovely story associated to this, and this speaks to the queen's relationship with Meghan.

[06:20:10] This is that Meghan was invited into Buckingham Palace for the wedding, and the queen presented her with a range of tiaras and said, choose one.

COOPER: Because there had been a lot of discussion of would it be a tiara from the queen, would it be from the Spencer family, perhaps even a tiara that Princess Diana wore, which has not been worn since her wedding.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think there are lots of nods to Diana. I think this is something the queen could do for her, a message from the queen. That Meghan Markle is fully embraced into the family.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Doria Ragland is wearing white, as well.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And if the queen offers to loan you a tiara, you don't -- Diana did. Diana turned down the offer. This speaks volumes about how the queen feels about Meghan. She wouldn't choose to wear the Spencer because there are so many ways in her royal life that she'll be compared to somebody else. This is Meghan's day where she stands alone. An individual moment. She should be enough just herself.

I think with the first glimpse of the dress in the car, it's much more conservative than Kate's dress. It had a higher neck, the sleeves and covered shoulders. It didn't feel like it had a lot of embellishment and/or lace.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Isn't that interesting because Kate is much more conservative than Meghan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. And Meghan is much more fashion forward in a different way. I think that she is going to follow tradition, have something classic and simple. She understands a dress having to stand the test of time. I think tonight she will be in a dress much more glamorous and glitzy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have to remember that she's from the theater. She has a strong sense of occasion and place much she's aware of it.

COOPER: We should point out. This is a pool feed of cameras that we're not controlling. We don't get images of the vehicle, but we will get it as soon as it gets on to that -- what's called the long walk. Obviously, we'll start to show it again.


COOPER: We'll take a quick break. Just got a peek at the bride. We'll get a full look. More when we come back.



CAMEROTA: Welcome back, everyone. Moments ago, we got our first glimpse of Meghan Markle, the bride-to-be, as she set off towards Windsor Castle. There she is. That was the fleeting look, but there are more. Luckily the pool cameras are set up along the route so we get many different glimpses. What did you see through the window?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was able to see a very different neckline than Kate's wedding dress. We are looking at a crew neck, something high up on the neck, a sleeve, simple. Not a lot of embellishment which to me says the rumors of the beaded Russo might be wrong.

Could be a Stella McCartney. Clearly, she's going simple on the bodice. She doesn't have the deep v that Kate had. And the tiara is interesting. I'm trying to use my tiara knowledge. I can't make out what this is.

It's clearly not the Spencer, I don't believe, because it's too small. Not the fringe, what the queen wore at her wedding. It could be the Strathmore rose or a whole new piece of jewelry. We're not sure.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It doesn't look like the Cambridge lovers knot either. What Diana lovers were hoping for. The Cambridge is possible -- I think it's ornate and diamonte.

QUEST: The choir, a much more intimate part of the chapel. The seat is opposite each other instead of in front of each other. What you're looking at, not the minor royals because you have Prince Edward, Wessex, his wife there. That's the younger son.


QUEST: That's the part where Prince Charles will greet -- what you're looking at is where Prince Charles would greet Meghan Markle and walk her to the front.

CAMEROTA: And so, tell us what you see when you peeked through the window there was that Rolls Royce.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think she looks innocent. I think there's a softness about the veil that makes her look pure. And I think this is a way of coming into the family where you start afresh, and your life begins now. She likes to wear things that are symbolic. I was moved by that. It's not "here I am," it's gently go as you go.

QUEST: I can't see.

CAMEROTA: Your powers of perception through the window are not as attuned as we think.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Beautiful. We can see that she looks absolutely radiant. She and her mother. Her mother looks to be in cream, so happy. Looks like a cream or ivory dress, not stark white like Kate. You could see how delighted and happy they were. I think we'll have a radiant bride full of joy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The headlines when her mom arrived about the gold nose ring that her mom wears in her nose. I wonder if she stuck it in for the wedding day.

CAMEROTA: We shall see. Everyone standby. The wedding ceremony begins soon. We will see the bride and groom arrive here in Windsor in a moment. Stay with us. We'll be right back.


[06:32:00] ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: Just take a look at these crowds. Thousands and thousands of people lining the street in Windsor, England. So many people eagerly awaiting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day.

I'm Alisyn Camerota. I'm on the grounds of Windsor Castle on the Banks of the Thames.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Anderson Cooper. We expect to see the bride and groom soon. They are making their way separately, of course, to the chapel. Passing many of those well-wishers along the way.

Now a couple of what we're going to -- just to give you a sense of what we're going to see, you already saw Meghan Markle, I got a glimpse of her with her mother, Doria Ragland, in the Rolls Royce as they left the hotel where they stayed last night. What you won't see actually is the mother, Doria, is going to leave the vehicle. Some of the children who are the -- what do you --

CAMEROTA: Attendants. The bridesmaids.

COOPER: The bridesmaids and page boys, sorry. They are actually going to get inside -- in the vehicle with her. So the next time I'm told you'll see her in the Rolls Royce, there'll be children in it. Doria Ragland will not be in. And then -- then the next people arriving at the chapel, most of the royals are already there. The next ones we'll see apparently arriving at the chapel are Prince William and Prince Harry followed by Prince Charles and Camilla, the duchess.

MAX FOSTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Duchess of Cornwall. And the Queen and Prince Philip, and then Doria, and then Meghan, the two page boys in the car. Then there'll be -- COOPER: I was told that Doria goes before the Queen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, the Queen always about last.

COOPER: The Queen will be last.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Or the bride will be last today. But yes, Doria will arrive before the Queen.

FOSTER: I think that's true. I think she's getting -- she's literally right in front of Meghan's car. We'll see. But I think on this occasion --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We'll make a wager.

FOSTER: OK. I can't afford your bets, though.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know who I'm really excited to see, though, walking down that aisle, it's Prince Philip. He's 96. He'll be 97 on June 10th. He had hip surgery last month. And people weren't sure if he'd be able to attend. He is very close to Prince Harry. There's no way he was going to miss this special day and so all the recuperation, the rehabilitation would have been done to make sure that he can walk unaided down that aisle. It may be slow, but he'll be there.

FOSTER: He will.

COOPER: And the Queen, of course, the longest serving monarch in British history.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 66 years this year. The --


CAMEROTA: It will be --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, the 65th anniversary of the coronation. So, yes, she's the longest serving, the oldest serving British monarch.

FOSTER: And so Prince Charles is the longest serving heir.


FOSTER: So it's been interesting seeing him and try to define his role over the years. He's really owned the Prince of Wales title. But, you know, it's been a struggle for him to be accepted. Much more opinionated than the Queen.

COOPER: I'm not sure if this -- and here they are.

FOSTER: There they are. Prince Harry and Prince William.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Looking great. And of course, a lot of people speculated that Harry would not be in uniform because he's no longer serving but --

FOSTER: This is --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And with the beard.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And with the beard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Internet can calm down now.

FOSTER: There's a lot of betting on whether or not he'd wear a beard.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Meghan clearly likes the beard or it would have been gone.

FOSTER: I think you're right.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But I think this just goes to show how proud Harry is of his military connections, of his background.

[06:35:03] Everything he's done with Invictus on behalf of veterans.

COOPER: He served 10 years in the military, two tours in Afghanistan.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's right. Yes. And he rose to the rank of captain. And I think he's very proud to be wearing this uniform.

COOPER: Nick Watt, you know some information about what Prince Harry is wearing.

NICK WATT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Prince Harry was just in December of last year made the captain general of the Royal Marines so that is his most senior military title, as you guys have mentioned. He's actually served. He was in the Blues and Royals, he served in Afghanistan, two terms. But he now has this honorary role that he took over from his 96-year-old grandfather, Prince Philip, back in December.

And, you know, Prince Harry has said that he often feels he is more Captain Wales, he's more a military man than he is a royal. And this is a reflection of that. Him and his brother walking in proudly wearing their uniforms. Back to you.

FOSTER: It's interesting because Harry had to get permission from the Queen to wear that uniform. She gave the permission. He chose it, and there he is. He had a range of uniforms he could have chosen. The cavalry one, what he wore to Prince William's wedding. But he's trying to use different uniforms to different events effectively.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is what they do.


COOPER: Is it against protocol that he's wearing -- that he has a beard?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, normally in the military you couldn't have a beard. Certainly when he was a member of the Blues and Royals a beard is not allowed. But this is an honorary position that he holds today. And there are exceptions to the rule, of course Harry being who he was that exception was made. But I think it would be given he was going to wear this uniform. As Nick said he did take over the role in December. It's a role that Prince Philip has held for many times and I think this is a really nice tribute to Prince Philip.

FOSTER: I agree with you.

WATT: And I said -- and I really believe the beard might be a small thing that or a silly thing that the Internet was debating about. But it really goes to show that I think they really just want to uphold what they want to do. So tradition aside.

FOSTER: Well, you'll notice, as well, if you look closely, Prince William is also wearing the Garter style because he is a Knight of Garter, unlike Harry. So this is his spiritual home. He was the thousandth Garter style.

COOPER: And this is good. The (INAUDIBLE) called the Horseshoe.

FOSTER: Yes, this is -- you can see there, various members of the public there. That is the hot ticket for members of the public because once this wedding is over, Harry and Meghan will walk down the steps and meet those people.

COOPER: And there are some who believe that that may be where they actually have their first kiss.

FOSTER: At the top of the stairs.


FOSTER: And they'll be waved off by the rest of the family in their carriages. I think when you see these guys walking up the steps, spare a thought for Meghan Markle.


COOPER: Many of the people -- many of the public who were in that horseshoe, those people who work for various charities which she and the royal family --

FOSTER: Yes, and you know, if you study them, they are going to be the charities and causes that they continue to support and will define the future of their royal roles. So this is a dean of the chapel. He -- I think it was being described earlier by someone that this is for the royal peculiar. So this church operates outside the church of England system. And the dean reports directly to the Queen. This is her church and this is a very personal church to her, the church she most often attends.

COOPER: Let's just listen in to -- to inside.

CAMEROTA: So this is -- look at this moment. I mean, I just -- can somebody hand me the box of hankies that I forgot? This is so poignant to me, these two brothers who we saw on the national stage be heartbroken, now as handsome young men in this heartwarming moment together. The solidarity of these brothers walking down the aisle for all to see. And William supporting Harry. It's just so poignant to me, Richard Quest.

RICHARD QUEST, HOST, CNN'S QUEST MEANS BUSINESS: And what you're looking at, of course, that's the nave. The walk he's just done is the walk that Meghan Markle will do on her own. And then as they go into the choir, that is where she will be joined by the prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

We're now waiting for the very senior members of the royal family. And the next to arrive should be Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. They are the next, they're due to arrive at about 11:42. And if I'm not mistaken, it's probably 11:42 now.

CAMEROTA: And here they come.

QUEST: This is going to happen like clockwork.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have to say that when William was getting married, Harry decided -- he had to think to save his tensions because he was very, very nervous, slept for half an hour. He decided to walk him slowly down the aisle and then nip into a small room on the left because he didn't want him to have to wait for Kate to come. He thought that would be too stressful. So that's what he did. He cracked jokes, he calmed him.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And when he heard that Kate was coming, whispered in his ear, out they came.

[06:40:05] And I'm just wondering, we didn't see that but I'm wondering whether William did the same for Harry.

CAMEROTA: And this is what I mean. Just seeing these brothers together, obviously we know the heartbreak that they suffered with their mother's death and seeing their support for each other.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Very close. Emotional.

CAMEROTA: Very emotional.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And now to dispense with the stiff upper lip, they hug a lot, Harry said to me. You know, they're very, very demonstrative of their affection for each other which would not have happened a decade or so earlier.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is incredible, this royal wedding. Just to think that we're not going to see a royal wedding like this for another 20 or 30 years until we see George or Charlotte get married. The Queen adores a wedding. She loves a wedding. But this is very poignant because it probably -- it will be her last wedding. And it will be so many -- we won't see another for so long. This pageantry, this pomp, and the wonderful vision of the two brothers. (CROSSTALK)

QUEST: And of course, what we have now is the long walk. This is after the ceremony and the service. The couple will take their procession in the open royal (INAUDIBLE).

CAMEROTA: And tell me what we're seeing in terms of this car.

QUEST: This car, this Rolls Royce -- we're coming up to 11:42 as you see. It is the car that's carrying the royal highnesses, the prince of Wales and the duchess of Cornwall. They will arrive at the Galilee porch as the others have arrived and they will be greeted by the vice dean who will then, of course, escort them in.

This is, in other words, put in lay language, what you're looking at is the father of the groom and his stepmother.

CAMEROTA: Yes. So that's Prince Charles in there and Camilla Parker Bowles. And they are headed, next, as you say. This is carefully orchestrated and choreographed so that these -- you said 11:42. It is 11:41. In one moment they will be arriving.

QUEST: Right. And because at the same time at 11:45, Doria Ragland, the mother of the bride, is due to arrive. So the car -- and we haven't seen it, by the way. The car carrying Meghan and her mother --

CAMEROTA: We saw it leave.

QUEST: We saw it leave but we haven't seen it arrive. And I suspect that's why we don't see any more about it. And that's where it's going to drop off her mother in three minutes after they arrive. 11:52, Her Majesty the Queen will arrive and will be escorted to her seat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And what color will she be wearing? Because she's been wearing all these amazing colors since she turned 90.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That lime and yellow and orange --


QUEST: These are blue.

CAMEROTA: Tangerine. The bookies all say blue.



CAMEROTA: You believe yellow.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She wore yellow for --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But that she wore blue for Diana's wedding. Diana -- she wore blue, the Queen Mother wore blue, Princess Margaret wore blue. It was a real --

CAMEROTA: I think hot pink.



CAMEROTA: Hot pink, yellow, blue --

QUEST: Music that we are enjoying is a selection from the suite from "Fantasia on Greensleeves," Sir Vaughan Ralph Williams and a "Serenade for Strings."


QUEST: Completely in fact. And the music gets really interesting later on, by the way.

CAMEROTA: Yes. Because we understand that Harry and Meghan have been instrumental -- no pun intended -- in picking the music. I mean, they have put their (INAUDIBLE) on the ceremony from start to finish. And the music in particular, they were very interested in --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, especially with Prince Charles. He must have been delighted. Apparently they talked to him about what he felt was appropriate and what they could take from previous marriages. And they've really tried to balance that. And then there's of course the gospel choir. They've got English now and then it will get more American --

QUEST: The timing, the orchestration, the management of this event. So it is literally going to go just timed perfect. Meghan Markle is on her way now to --



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Going back to that glimpse of the tiara, I'm guessing it's a new piece.

CAMEROTA: What makes you think that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It didn't look familiar to me. I could be wrong. But I -- by process of elimination, I don't think it's one that we've seen before.

CAMEROTA: You have a term muted knowledge of tiaras, I feel. I mean, you could tell from one gem through the window what you think it is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some of them are very distinct. The fringe is a lot of vertical bars. The -- you know, the lotus has a peak at the top. And there are lots of different ways to distinguish those (INAUDIBLE) sort of goes into the forehead. It didn't look like any of those to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This one has a geometric design. This amazing geometric design that I have not --


COOPER: Hold your thought, everyone, because the bride is about to go right past Anderson's location. So we will want to know what Anderson can see through the window.

Anderson, give us your perspective.

FOSTER: Isn't it?

COOPER: Yes. We're basically on the long walk. You can just -- just over my left shoulder there. And we're told that the car carrying Meghan Markle is going to be coming by very shortly.

[06:45:02] I can tell you, there are thousands of people --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here comes the police. That means it's coming. The police --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That means it's coming.



COOPER: One of the police -- you see the motorcycle outrider just from where we are right now. But there are people who have been waiting a very long time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The outriders, yes.

COOPER: Starting to wave a lot of the flags. All eyes --

FOSTER: They're going to erupt. You wait. It's going to be like a volcano --


FOSTER: Erupting down the long walk.


COOPER: Let's listen in actually.

CAMEROTA: It's amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The British were about to go crazy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now you see them.

FOSTER: Yes. See, we got a really good view.

COOPER: Oh, yes. Yes, Doria, the mother is not in white. It looks like --

FOSTER: Green.

COOPER: Mint green? I'll trust you on that. Doria Ragland, I'm sorry.

FOSTER: I really love the big spark in Meghan. She looks really excited to see the crowd as opposed to daunted. It can go either way.

COOPER: What's happening right here?

COOPER: And here she is, the vehicle coming on what's known as the long walk. Approaching St. George's Chapel, approaching Windsor Castle. It's an extraordinary site. You should see the just thousands and thousands of people. It's an incredible sight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, this is interesting because there were polls last week saying a vast portion of the country doesn't care, they're not interested. And there are also going to be people that are interested, they think it's a big hullabaloo. But when you look at the crowd there and unifying presence of the royal family, the countries come together, and they're proudly waving their flags. A party atmosphere out there. It's an amazing thing to witness.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it's also for me the story -- this is the story of the crowd. These people, some of them, I met the other day. They've been there for a long time. And there are people who are really, really dedicated to this family. And it's an amazing kind of medieval thing, you know, a strange way to see. This sort of thing which we don't have (INAUDIBLE).

WATT: And so radiant just driving by in the car. And I know earlier we said that Doria was wearing white. I actually think she's wearing mint green. And I'm going to take a guess that I think her hat was actually made by Stephen Jones.

FOSTER: There you have it.

QUEST: By who?

WATT: I'm guessing on that. But (INAUDIBLE) many hats.

FOSTER: I just want to make a sort of symbolic moment here. Just think about the moment as she drives through these gates. She's driving to this palace as a single woman. She's going to come out of that palace as a duchess, countess, and the baroness, technically a princess.


FOSTER: Yes. But there you go. And so that's a huge moment. She leaves the public now. She's now in the royal fold.

COOPER: And her life will never be the same.

CAMEROTA: Never be the same again. FOSTER: And that extraordinary sort of entrance, you know, says it

all, doesn't it? This is I think the grandest, most beautiful of the palaces. Buckingham Palace doesn't even compare. Victoria Arbiter agreed.


FOSTER: Don't you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Buckingham Palace is ultimately a glorified office.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is the central home.

FOSTER: This is where it's at.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But Wednesday, it's loaded with family members. It's loaded with rich royal history. It's an amazing backdrop for this union. And you can see why Harry and Meghan chose it. I was worried at first of how will Windsor cope with the sheer numbers of people that are going to attend. But you can see why --

FOSTER: A little rare glimpse into the private quarters. Right? At the --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The State Department.

FOSTER: Yes. So that is where the public aren't normally allowed. This is where the public are normally allowed, down the chapel, farther down the hill.

COOPER: And Prince Harry inside with Prince William, his best man. Eagerly awaiting the bride.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And he noticed the cameras looking at him, and he stopped talking.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Looking a little nervous perhaps.


COOPER: These two, I mean, I think they're such -- throughout the country, throughout Great Britain, I mean, the people have grown up, I mean, watching these young men grow up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's a tremendous affection for these two men. I really think they embody the best qualities of both parents. Diana gave them the common touch. She introduced them to a world that not as privileged to theirs, to make them understand the position that they hold. She took them to the high street and did theme parks and restaurants. Charles gave them other side, the rich country life they both enjoy.

Conservation, fishing. They're really sort of an even match of both parents. And they share a type because as Matt was saying Kate and Meghan are the only two that know what it's like to be them. These are the only two who know what it's like to have experienced everything they have.

FOSTER: And let's just describe the (INAUDIBLE) here. This is where Meghan will walk in from the nave to the choir. And Harry and William up there on the right near the altar. And you're going to see when this transpires that Charles will pick her up at the beginning of this part of the aisle. Then her walk into the end, and then walk Meghan to the end and hand over effectively to Harry.

She's giving herself away, Anderson, which hasn't really been done, we don't think, in a royal wedding before. And I don't think, actually, Meghan's going out of her way to make a statement. But it's -- it is a statement because it's what she wants and it's the kind of person that she is. And these two guys, imagine the chats, the nerves.

[06:50:05] COOPER: And St. George's Chapel is where Harry was baptized.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. It's where he was Christened. There's a lot of rich family history in here. And of course close family members in recent years that have been interred here, and said the Queen's parents, her grandparents, her great grandparents, the ashes of her sister, Princess Margaret. It's sort of -- of course, it's a large chapel. Some think it's ridiculous it's called a chapel because of how large it seems. But it's actually a very intimate setting and it feels very intimate for this family wedding, will be one shared with the entire planet.

COOPER: Also the bond between these two brothers, that Prince Harry has talked publicly about. And both of them have talked publicly about. Obviously the impact of their mother's death when they were so young. And it really changed Prince Harry tremendously. Perhaps even more than William.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was extraordinary actually last year in particular how open they were on behalf of their mental health campaign. And Harry said it was William that encouraged him to then seek counseling. And the fact that Harry shared those deeply personal stories, we haven't seen royals speak about themselves that intimately before. But of course it's very (INAUDIBLE) struggling themselves with a mental health issue. To see that Prince Harry struggled, that suddenly takes away the taboo. It makes it OK for them to go and seek guidance.

FOSTER: It's interesting seeing them as well in these military uniforms.


FOSTER: Harry has spoken about, you know, both of them are deeply wedded to the military, but William wasn't allowed to the front lines and Harry was because, you know, ultimately he's the spare heir. He's not the direct line --

COOPER: At this point he's sixth in line to the throne.

FOSTER: Yes. Yes. He's after Louis. And he will keep going down the line. But what I will say is what you've got here I would call a coat monarchy going ahead. And I know that's a bold thing to say, but they're slimming down the monarchy with just those two. And there's a deal between them. That Harry will support William in something that he feels is a huge burden, that he's going to do it. So this isn't just the number two to him. This is, you know, the monarchy going forward. It's going to have a huge (INAUDIBLE), and off the back of that, Meghan will, too.

CAMEROTA: We believe this is Prince Charles and the duchess of Cornwall arriving.

FOSTER: And it's interesting that Prince Charles will take Meghan through down that last part of the aisle. And I was asking questions about that last night to his people about the symbolism there and they said very simply it's him welcoming her into the royal family because it's a hallowed place. And the royal family will be sitting there and he's going to take her in. And that's an honor for both of them. I think they both see it that way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it's a really beautiful way as well to show the royal family --

COOPER: That's Meghan Markle's --


COOPER: Her mother.

FOSTER: You're right.

WATT: Beautiful. Mint green.


WATT: Pale green.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's been criticism. Meghan has faced some horrendous vitriol and abuse and people saying that she shouldn't be marrying into the royal family. But I think Charles walking her in, you get no final seal of approval than that, of how much the royal family are keen to welcome her in. I think they love that she's hit the ground running and got to take part in so many engagements already.

FOSTER: So now we know the order, you know, where -- Miss Ragland is in there. We now know that the order will be Charles and Camilla will go in next, then it will be the Queen and Philip, then it will be Meghan and two page boys, and then behind her will be cars with the other page boys and flower girls and their mothers, including the duchess of Cambridge. Tricky job --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And then chaos reigns.

FOSTER: Chaos reigns. I can tell you, there have been a couple of rehearsals, and none of them have worked because of the kids. Have you seen a 2-year-old climb up 20 steps before, Anderson?

COOPER: I have not. I'm looking forward to it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I've met Charles a couple of times through the trust. The fact that he's walking her down the aisle doesn't surprise me at all.

FOSTER: What do you think?

WATT: I think she looks fabulous. Look at that hat. There's such a love for Camilla, I think.

FOSTER: Well, I'm glad you say that, though. Because a lot of people are quite critical and understandably, considering the narrative. But I've spent a lot of time with her, I've spent time with her at Balmoral, I did her first TV interview. And it doesn't come across on TV, but she's got an amazing charisma. And she's the one royal that will come up to the press pack and say hi.


COOPER: And there's the Queen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is she in green or yellow?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Pale green. She's in pale green. Minty green.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Queen must (INAUDIBLE) New Zealand, that has to be seen to be believed. So she's always in a bold color because obviously she's quite little. And that's a way that she thinks she'll be seen by the most amount of people. But she wears it well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's a lot of bright colors today, awful lot of blush pink. Like the duchess of Cornwall, like Serena Williams, like Priyanka Chopra.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: An amazing to see Prince Philip by her side, where he belongs. He's the oldest serving consort in British history. The oldest serving consort in British history. He's been with her, will two steps behind every step of the way. And so lovely that he could make it today.

FOSTER: It's interesting, though. So I've learned that a bit here in Windsor.

[06:55:03] And he runs things behind the scenes. He runs the Windsor a great part. He runs the castle, the estates. And makes a lot of decisions behind the scenes. Clearly he's behind her out in public. And I think that's fascinating. Meghan will have to get her head around that, as well. She's going to have to step back behind Harry sometimes but also Kate.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love that Doria Ragland and the Queen are in the same color green.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The same color. Isn't that --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Clearly you've got the memo.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We all got the memo. This is -- that's very interesting because generally that's what it --

FOSTER: The steps.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You would never think this man has had hip surgery just a month ago. He's 96 years old.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, the show is about to start.

FOSTER: The show is on, guys.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here they come.


COOPER: And this is the arrival of the bride. So many here have been waiting for so long.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Impeccable royal timing, of course.

FOSTER: Absolutely right. To the minute.


COOPER: The coordination of this is extraordinary.


COOPER: And again, those are people who work for many of the charities which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are working for, bridesmaids, page boys arriving.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at the baby.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at those little faces.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're so adorable. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hopefully they haven't had too many lollipops.

COOPER: Prince George will be among them, Princess Charlotte, as well.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And also three grandchildren of the former Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney so that's quite a --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Meghan's godchildren from a friend of hers Benita Litt, so a real mix of people who are really personal.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And five representatives from each side which is nice to see. That shows a great balance, a great fair way of making sure that those people are represented as well. And not just the current royal.

FOSTER: The state trumpeters.

COOPER: Let's listen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, here's -- yes, this is the moment.

COOPER: Let's listen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's Jessica Mulroney in blue.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that's Kate on the left.

COOPER: On the left, yes.


COOPER: Pale pink.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's the same color she wore at Pippa's wedding.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They'll take those children up the steps.

FOSTER: So this is -- these are the mothers corralling --




FOSTER: George and Charlotte holding hands. Charlotte -- actually that's the two flower girls, where is George, just in front.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Somebody needs to be picked up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: George has taken off. He's out of here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The page boys are with the bride.



FOSTER: Two of them.


COOPER: Another glimpse of the bride.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That looked like George. It must be George and the Mulroney boys.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the Mulroney boys. Yes.

COOPER: The Mulroney boys are identical twins.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, 7-year-old John and Brian.

FOSTER: I think there's two kids in there so I think --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So might just be the Mulroney twins. Yes.

FOSTER: I think you're right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who will help her with her train.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: George doesn't wave at anyone. Not a waver.

FOSTER: Yes, the twins. And so we know that the -- just the Mulroney twins are in the car with Meghan. A great honor. A piece of history. Right? And then we're going to see Meghan get out, bottom of the steps, the cloister. And that's the moment we'll get the dress details literally as she steps out of the car.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To make it all the way to the steps with no reveal is the best kept royal --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a great moment for the boys, too.