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American Actress Meghan Markle Marrying Britain's Prince Harry; A Meeting Between Donald Trump Jr. And A Small Group Of People At Trump Tower In New York Detailed; Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, The Santa Fe High School Shooter; First Lady Melania Trump Is Back At The White House After A Five-Day Hospital Stay. Aired 4-5p ET

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[16:00:02] ANA CABRERA, CNN HOST: It is a day to celebrate. Hello, again. I'm Ana Cabrera in New York. You are watching CNN's special coverage of the royal wedding.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With this, I will sit down. We have to get you all married.

PRINCE HARRY, PRINCE OF WALES: I, Harry, take you Meghan.

MEGHAN MARKLE, ACTRESS: I, Meghan, take you Harry.

HARRY: Meghan, I give you this ring.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife.


CABRERA: It has truly been a picture perfect day in Windsor, England, as American actress Meghan Markle joins the British Royal family. The new duke and duchess of Sussex left about an hour and a half ago for their final and second reception of the day. This one is a private smaller party with just friends and family.

You can see there the duchess had a quick outfit change into this stunning Stella McCartney gown. Anyone else getting the James Bond vibes as they get into this car. We will keep tab on this video. Keep it up as we bring in our correspondents because this is the last time you will see the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Let's go first to CNN's Nick Watt in Windsor at the site of this historic union. \

Nick, what do we know about this final celebration today?

NICK WATT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, this is for just 200 close friends and family. Of course, earlier, there was a lunch reception hosted by the queen in the castle just behind me where they ate salmon (INAUDIBLE) and ten-hour slow roasted pork belly and a gigantic lemon cake that took 500 eggs to make. This is where they get to let their hair down after a historic day.

Of course, the wedding took place this morning noon local time. Meghan walking herself down the aisle. Tonight, she is also, apparently, going to give a speech at this reception and that also really goes against tradition of royal weddings and weddings in this country. Meghan is making her mark. She is doing what she wants to do. She is making a statement. She is not going to be (INAUDIBLE) princess who just does what she is told. She is Meghan Markle. She is 36 years old. She has had a career. She is married to the man she loves. And she is going to carry on doing what she loves. Back to you, Ana.

CABRERA: And that's why people love her.

Nick Watt, thank you.

Now to what everyone is celebrating, the wedding itself. It was a ceremony unlike any previous wedding before it, from the bride solo walk to the gospel choir.

Here is Nick Blass with some of the most memorable moments.


NICK BLASS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The gospel solo classic "Stand by Me" from 1961, we assume the song means a lot to the couple and we also assume it has never been sung at a British royal wedding before.

The choir stood at the back of St. George's chapel Windsor and simply sang for Harry and Meghan.

There was a palpable sense of departure here. On one side of the chapel a certain English royal stiffness, perhaps. A reserve. In contrast a warmth and vivid emotion on the other side. Meghan Markle's arrival looks like she may help change things.

We always knew the turnout would be glamorous. The divorced biracial American actress marrying the most popular of English princes. We weren't disappointed. The church filled. Meghan's on-screen husband from "Suits" Patrick Jay Adams, David Beckham footballer and modeler and Mr. Elton John and husband, Serena Williams, tennis player.

The vintage Rolls Royce swept bride and mother to the chapel. And glimpse the dress for the first time. Turned out to be French couture, Givenchy, with the most delicate and lengthy veils sawn with floral symbols from all over the commonwealth. 1930s tiara was borrowed from the queen.

It seems that Meghan has always planned to walk down the first part of the aisle by herself and then followed by her (INAUDIBLE) of bridesmaids and page boys. In the absence of her father, Prince Charles met her halfway.

And, of course, at this wedding, there was love. This was visibly, inescapably a romantic union. [16:05:44] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The late Dr. Martin Luther King once

said and I quote "we must discover the power of love. The redemptive power of love."

BLASS: For a good 13 minutes or so, St. George's chapel reverberated the unfamiliar oratory American and passionate. The response was mixed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He wasn't getting anything out of it.

I, Meghan, take you, Harry.

MARKLE: I, Meghan, take you, Harry.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To be my husband.

MARKLE: To be my husband.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To love and to cherish.

MARKLE: To love and to cherish.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Until death us to part.

MARKLE: Until death us to part.

BLASS: And so, Harry and Meghan were married in a great English mid- evil chapel and kissed without any prompting from the waiting cameramen.

Thomas Markle watched it all on television. My baby, he said, looked beautiful and very happy. What seemed like Californian sunshine, his daughter now has a title. She's the duchess of Sussex, although we will still probably refer to both of them as just Harry and Meghan.

BLASS: Nick Blass, CNN.


CABRERA: It feels so good to be covering such a feel-good story today.

Our next guests have been there in person all day covering the royal wedding with us as royal commentator and journalist James Brookes and author of "Harry, conversations with the prince," Angela Levin.

So Angela, although this was a British royal wedding and there was an abundance of traditional pomp and circumstance, we also saw so many personal touches that showcase who Meghan is and what is important to her. What stood out most to you?

ANGELA LEVIN, AUTHOR, HARRY, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE PRINCE: Two things, really. One was the sermon. And the other was the gospel choir. I have never seen anything like that within a royal marriage. But they did say that they were both working together to do what they felt showed what they were about. What they liked. How they felt. And I found it overwhelmingly moving. And in a way, all the crowds and all the people around them, the way they looked at each other, they were really alone. They were just looking at each other. Full of happiness.

CABRERA: It was so beautiful. You put that emotion jumped through the TV screen. And you mentioned the gospel choir. Meghan, of course, is adding this racial diversity to the royal family, James. How significant is that aspect to the social and cultural fabric of the UK?

JAMES BROOKES, ROYAL COMMENTATOR/JOURNALIST: Well, I think it does reflect the UK as a society today where London, in particular, are being one of the most diverse cities in the world, you would say. And I think Harry and Meghan wanting to be sure that they can make sure that the monarchy reflects that going into the 21st century. They need to make sure that they do modernize and change with the times and otherwise you get those questions of, should we have the monarchy? Is it relevant? And the Windsor don't want that.

So I think Harry and Meghan very aware of that but also trying to capture, like Angela says, the heritage of both of them in the service.

CABRERA: Angela, what does -- go ahead.

LEVIN: Felt the monarchy --. The Queen felt that the monarchy had to represent the nation and for many years it did. They were aloof. They were distant. You know, they had the family that was kept away from the public. And it no longer for 20, 30 years, it no longer really reflects what's going on. People divorce. There's also some half-brothers and stepbrothers and mixed race. And that the royal family will now represent the how we all are, again.

I mean, it's a huge change. I think she can relax and the other royals can relax that the royals are part of society, but they also want to keep the magic. So, they have to stay a little bit apart. But it's brought them into reality, I think.

CABRERA: James, #royalwedding was tweeted more than 3.4 million times today. Why is the world so obsessed with this event?

[16:10:11] BROOKES: Well, I think it comes down to the fact that the pair are so and, obviously, connected, and in love with each other. It's that usual fairy tale story, you could say. And I know that checking social media today throughout the day, a lot of people saying that, particularly, the address by the bishop was riveting. And a lot of people, even if they weren't religious or didn't really care for the monarchy or the royals, if they tuned in just on a whim, were completely blown away. And you could see that reaction from the royals themselves. Though quite a few smiles and giggles in the chapel, I think. And it did make the service a lot more, not informal, but a lot more comfortable, I think, for a younger marriage.

LEVIN: Harry also is, of course, extremely popular throughout the world. Everybody loves Harry. Next to the Queen, he is the next most popular royal. Having spent a year with him, my view is that people can identify with him. He is naughty. He gets into trouble. He is impulsive. He's been damaged by parents who didn't love each other and losing his mother at a tender age of 12. But he is also now stable and he has done well and he wants to be part of the royals and make a difference to society.

People can see there's good and bad in him and they feel that's like me. I make mistakes. I try to be good and there's this terrible, incredible bond between him and generations.

CABRERA: Do you think it matters that he married an American?

BROOKES: I don't think so, no. I think, again, it's all about the whole point of the marriage is because they love each other and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. And I think, actually, in terms of making the marriage work and making the couple work for the royal family, the fact that she is American, I think, personally helps because it means that she can come at things with a different culture. We have seen that when they have been on engagements together in the last few months. We have seen that Meghan almost like a drops of water. She is realty engaged with people, kind of on the ground when they were Brixton for instance. There were people there who said I never came out for a member of the royal family before but I have for Meghan and Harry because I feel they are more relatable. And yes, I think the fact that she's American doesn't really make a difference.

CABRERA: I guess I asked that question in part because we know the last American to wed somebody in the royal family wasn't embraced with Wallace Simpson in the past, Angela.

LEVIN: I can't hear. I can't hear.

BROOKES: Just saying how, obviously, Wallace Simpson being not embraced at her time. How do you feel that past relates to the situation today?

LEVIN: Well, Harry is not the heir to the throne. You know, King Edward VIII had already been made king. He hasn't had the coronation but he had been made king. So that constitutionally was an explosive device.

And at the time, of course, in the '30s, she was divorced and that was really not odd. I mean, now people are used to it. But then it was really not the done thing. Princess Margaret, the queen's sister was not allowed to marry the man she love because he was divorced. So it's a very different culture that we are in now.

I think the thing that is very interesting is that both William and Harry have chosen middle class girls. It used to be absolutely essential that they would choose young aristocrats. They were often blonde, very slim, didn't do much, but they came from wealth and they came from titled families. And they were the ones that had to be married to the princess.

Now that no longer happens. They have both chosen women they love who have accepted the burden of being royal because they love their partners.

CABRERA: James, thank you for translating there with Angela's difficulties. I will end you and give you the last words here, James, about just when you reflect on the last major event with Will and Kate's wedding prior to this, how do you think this one compared?

BROOKES: I think this one was always going to be a more intimate service compared to William and Kate's wedding. It was not, although the media attention might have you believe something else, I think the media attention has certainly been the same, if not bigger to this wedding. But Windsor being a much smaller town. It felt a lot more concentrated and it is also felt a lot more intimate, as well. And I think that's what Harry and Meghan wanted.

Again, they don't have as much responsibility on their shoulders as William has. And that has been reflected in the guest list. They did not have to invite all the dignitaries and heads of states and politicians. And so it made it feel very family orientated and you have the friends, many of whom, obviously we know because they stars in their own right.

But I think today, the overwhelming feeling here in Windsor has been one of happiness. And generally, you chats people in the street, it has an (INAUDIBLE), I think, even just walking down the street tonight. The police, for instance, just chatting to people and see how they have enjoyed the day. People making their way back home now, of course.

But, ultimately I think the day has gone well. The ultimate questions in the next few days and weeks, I think, will be around the costs and we will have requests, no doubt, going to the counsels and what have you to trying to determine that. But I think Harry and Meghan can probably look back on the day today as one of happiness and hopefully they will have the fond memories themselves.

CABRERA: It looked like a magical place to be there.

Thank you, both, for staying up late for joining us as we continue our special coverage.

Angela Levin and James Brookes, good to have you both.

Our royal wedding coverage continues with a look at how the late Princess Diana was honored on her son's big day. Stay right there.


[16:20:55] CABRERA: Before prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot this morning at Windsor castle, they promised to honor a special person on their special day. Harry's late mom, Princess Diana and between the flowers and guests and the readings. There's no question they made good on that promise.

Our correspondent Bianca Nobilo is joining us now from Windsor.

Bianca, tell us about how Diana was part of this special day. BIANCA NOBILO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Ana. Well, Diana has been part

of this entire journey with the couple and that's what they said in their engagement interview when they referred to Meghan's beautiful engagement ring which of course has one stone from Botswana. A special place to both of them in the middle. And that is flanked by two stones from Diana's gemstone collection. So that's the way that they are carrying her with them, they said, in this crazy journey.

But in terms of how she was reflected today, you mentioned the flowers. And everywhere anyone looked around the ceremony from the chapel to Meghan's bouquet to the bouquets of the flower girls and the page boys, Princess Diana's favorite flowers were everywhere. There was a white forget me not, white (INAUDIBLE) and white roses. So it was really obvious that her presence was surrounding the couple on this special day.

And I must say, Ana, that there has been such joyful spirit here on the streets of Windsor all week. And if there's one, one thing which overshadows all of it, it is the fact that people who have come from far and wide all over the world say that it is sadness for them that princess Diana isn't here to share this special day with prince Harry and Meghan.

And, of course, the ceremony itself was quite unconventional and one really anchored in the ideas of the power of love. Not necessarily something which British people would typically be used to. Certainly not for a royal wedding. And Pastor Curry gave this really impassioned address about the power of love in today's society. Something which I think harks back to what a lot of what Princess Diana stood for.

CABRERA: I'm sure it was a little bittersweet, as well, for Prince Harry because his mom couldn't be there. And they were very close, as we know. Talk to us a little bit about that unique bond they shared.

NOBILO: They did. It's often spoken about. In fact, one of the most difficult memories that most people have of Prince Harry is, of course, that tragic scene where he had to walk behind his mother's coffin at such a young age. Something which many people say he never should have had to do. And he since said in interviews that he has done with the British press and others that it's something which is very hard for him to think about for many years because the bond that he had with his mother was just so strong and that loss was so deep. And anyone who lost a parent knows what that feels like. That he had to push it to one side and try not to think about it because he said it would just make him even less happy.

But in recent years, William, Kate and Harry have all been more outspoken about the importance of discussing mental health and the importance of discussing grief when you go through something like that. So Harry shared his own experiences and the pain of his own loss with people to try to help them heal, too, Ana.

CABRERA: All right. Bianca Nobilo, thank you very much for that reporting. A programming note now. Tune in tonight for a look back at prince

Harry and Meghan Markle's road to the altar, the CNN special Report, "a royal match" airs at 7:00 p.m. And that's followed by an encore presentation of the royal wedding itself. Your chance to relive all the big moments or catch up if you miss any of it since it happened so early here in the U.S. We will bring it to you tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on CNN.

Still ahead here live in the NEWSROOM. Breaking news from "New York Times" of another meeting between Donald Trump Junior and foreigners eager to influence the 2016 election. It reportedly took place at Trump tower and this time it's not the Russians. We will talk to a reporter who broke the story today next live in the CNN NEWSROOM.


[16:29:23] CABRERA: Now to a new report detailing a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a small group of people at Trump tower in New York, including an emissary for two Arab princes and an Israeli social media specialist. Their offer, election help for the Trump campaign.

In this meeting reportedly happened just three months before the election. These details just coming out from "New York Times" magazine. The reporters talking to several people with knowledge of the meeting.

Joining us now by phone, Ronen Bergman, a staff writer for "New York Times" magazine. He is one of the reporters who broke this story.

So Ronen, walk us through what you have learned about how this meeting came to be, who was there and what exactly they were offering the Trump campaign.

[16:30:08] RONEN BERGMAN, STAFF WRITER NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE (on the phone): Hi. So, this is a third meeting at the Trump tower from the inner circle of Donald Trump campaign where Donald Trump Jr. and seven who later become senior official at the White House, there were other people who were introduced to the inner circle of Trump along with George Needer (ph) and the Australian-Israeli (INAUDIBLE). Arab prince, and you know, as people know was the owner of (INAUDIBLE), a company of security contractor that pull job for them (ph) administration and they are in other place. And he was a donor to the campaign.

And along with him George Nader who introduced himself as an envoy for the princes of the Emirates, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He says to the people around Trump, he said, my friends in the gulf support your father. They think that your father could be -- that Donald Trump could be a replacement for the vacuum power that he said was left by President Obama. And he said that his friends in the gulf are willing to offer help to Donald Trump.

CABRERA: What kind of help are they offering?


CABRERA: Ronen, what kind of help were they offering?

BERGMAN: So, (INAUDIBLE) was talking about his company -- companies. One of them a company calling side group and it's a slogan that says shaping reality. This is a company that deals with Facebook and social media campaign trying to create, among other (INAUDIBLE) identities in order to influence public opinion.

And at the same time when the meeting took place, this company already forward a huge proposal to the Trump campaign to create a multimillion dollar campaign over the social network to support the campaign.

According to the claim, the statement, (INAUDIBLE), the campaign never materialized but the fact remains that the special investigators and special counsel for the FBI Robert Mueller and his team has interviewed numerous people connected to this proposal, connected to Mr. Nader and Mr. (INAUDIBLE) and both individuals themselves during the last few months in Israel and the in the United States. And I think that this meeting is the first suggestion, first evidence to the possibility that foreign entities and foreign states, all countries had offered the help to the Trump campaign. Something that could be seen as illegal, according to U.S. law.

CABRERA: All right. Ronen Bergman, thank you very much for bringing us your reporting.

That last point, an important one to make. This apparent offer, according to "New York Times" of another country potentially wanting to influence the U.S. election and offering to help wage some kind of social media campaign on behalf of the Trump campaign and meeting at Trump tower involving Don Junior and another member of the current administration Steven Miller.

Again, this is new reporting from "New York Times" still breaking. We are working, of course, to confirm any of this reporting here at CNN as well.

We will take a quick break and be right back.


[16:38:41] ERICA HILL, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Erica Hill live in Santa Fe, Texas, where we are beginning to learn more about the ten victims in Friday's shooting at the high school just behind us.

Jared Black just turned 17 three days ago. In fact, today was supposed to be his birthday party. His family just confirming to CNN that he is among the dead. That party that was supposed to happen today, of course, for him. Instead, his family is in mourning trying to plan a funeral. And he is just the latest that we are learning about.

Another 17-year-old Chris Stone, we have also learned, who was described as the best brother in the world by his sister.

Meantime behind us at the school we are watching scenes like this play out. We have been watching this for the last several hours. Students and adults we have seen being escorted by law enforcement officers in to the school in groups of ten. The school district telling us they are there to retrieve their belongings. The high school, of course, now a crime scene.

In terms of the investigation, authorities believe the 17-year-old gunman did act alone here. Dimitrios Pagourtzis is being held without bail. He is charged with capital murder as well as aggravated assault on a pace officer.

According to court documents he confessed to police and also told them that he spared students he liked so he could quote "have his story told." He allegedly used two guns, a shotgun and a revolver both which were legally owned by his father. The family, we should point out, hasn't yet spoken. Their attorneys saying only that the parents didn't know or expect this and could not have predicted it.

Authorities also found what appeared to be explosives in and around the school on Friday. They later confirm that they were not operational devices.

There are so many questions about who this 17-year-old alleged shooter is.

CNN senior investigative correspondent Drew Griffin has more details now about the suspect.


[16:40:28] DREW GRIFFIN, CNN SENIOR INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has scanned details of his like on Facebook before the page disappeared. But this is what CNN was able to confirm before Facebook removed him from its platform.

Pagourtzis says he started attending Santa Fe high school three years ago. He posted pictures of himself showing what appears to be a normal, not script, high school student.

On April 30th, less than a month ago, he also posted this. A custom black t-shirt that says born to kill.

DUSTIN SEVERIN, STUDENT: He wears a trench coat every day and it's like 90 degrees out here. I talked to him a few times because we used to play football in ninth grade. He is nice but he is real quiet. He keeps to himself. He doesn't talk to very many people. He will be walk around with his trench coat on and headphones in and he doesn't say anything.

GRIFFIN: On the same day he posted his t-shirt, he also posted a photo of this black duster jacket with Nazi, communist, fascist and religious symbols and under the name, Kamikaze. Pagourtzis posted three rap songs on You Tube. That's it. The rest of it, typical teenager.

A photo of him in a church group. Other photos showing an average teenage American. On his Facebook page he showed interest in joining the U.S. Marine Corps starting in 2019, he wrote. The marines have no record of him.

Before high school, Pagourtzis had also attended Santa Fe junior high where he was listed on the sixth grade honor roll. He was mentioned as a standout player on the school JV football team a few years ago but that is it.

Law enforcement tells CNN at this point they have no reason to believe he was on anybody's radar. And so far, there is no explanation for why he would have done this.

The governor of Texas said there simply were no warning signs, not yet at least. The fact is the investigation is far from over. But for now, everyone is left wondering why.

Drew Griffin, CNN, Atlanta.


HILL: When those shots rang out at the school it wasn't clear initially what was happening. People, of course, running for their lives. And some of them ran to a nearby gas station for shelter and for help.

My net guest, Mehran Ali was working at the station and sprang into action to help so many of them as they came in.

So Mehran, all of a sudden, just walk us through what happened yesterday. This is early in the morning. And all of a sudden there are people running into the gas station. What did you think was happening?

MEHRAN ALI, SHELTERED STUDENTS DURING SHOOTING: At first I didn't know what was going on because a girl that came in and she started crying. And then I was taking customers. Then I heard her talking saying that there were shots fired at the school. And then that's when I saw that kids were coming to towards our store, running towards us. And we saw faculty, parents and everybody at that time at our store. It was packed inside and out.

HILL: What were they telling you?

ALI: They told us that there were fires that were done at the school and they were worried. Some of them didn't have their phones. So, we let them use the store phones. Some of them left their wallets, purses, so didn't have no money. So, we gave them whatever they need at the store and told them to stay and not to worry. We tried comforting them as much as we could.

HILL: You mentioned a lot of them didn't have their phones. We have seen people throughout the day being escorted in to get their belongings which they understandably had to leave behind. I would imagine some of those first calls were probably to parents. Were there parents that then came to pick up some of the kids?

ALI: Yes, ma'am. It was mostly all the parents.

HILL: That must have been something pretty emotion to witness, the reunion there.

ALI: Yes. And now our goal is to support community as much as we could and help them to get back on their feet.

HILL: Did you, did you know -- I mean, you are so close to the high school, your store is. Did you know any of the students or the faculty or even the parents who ended up there yesterday?

ALI: Parents, no, ma'am. I really don't know. There was so many people. We didn't know who was there and who wasn't. We had like almost 20 to 30 people just inside the store, yes ma'am.

HILL: What they were saying? You mentioned the first girl who came in was in tears.

ALI: She was crying really loudly and was like the school had been fired at and that's when we realized that people are coming towards our store needing help and we did whatever we could do in our effort to help them with it.

HILL: Did any law enforcement officers come by afterwards? Did they want to talk to you or even let you know what had happened just down the street?

ALI: We had police officers and different type of people coming in and out. And they didn't get a chance to talk much. We didn't want to bother them at that time either. But yes, they kept coming in and out.

[16:45:10] HILL: Were you concerned for your safety at before you knew exactly what had happened?

ALI: Yes, ma'am. Because I saw everyone just running towards and what is going on kind of thing.

HILL: How do you think a lot of these kids were handling the situation? It is a lot for anybody to deal with, especially for anyone in high school.

ALI: A lot of them, friends were supporting with their family. They were there for each other. That's a lot of them, you know, caring for each other and hugging each other.

HILL: When your shift was over yesterday and you had time to go home, what were the thoughts going through your mind?

ALI: I just remembered the person coming and running crying. You know, it was sad.

HILL: How would you describe the community of Santa Fe?

ALI: The community is really nice. Really friendly. Like a family. Everyone knows each other.

HILL: How do you think this will impact the community?

ALI: I think this will make the community more closer to each other. Maybe bond more closer. Be there more closer.

HILL: A lot of parents probably very appreciative you were there for their kids yesterday.

ALI: Yes, ma'am. They came by today at the store. A lot of them thanking the staff about yesterday.

HILL: Yes. Mehran, appreciate you taking some time for us today. Thank you.

ALI: Thank you.

HILL: Ana, just one of the many stories, of course, that are starting to come out as we learned more about what happened in the aftermath and as we are also learning more, of course, about the victims.

CABRERA: Just unbelievable. Here we are, again. Thank you, Erica.

Coming up, first lady Melania Trump is back at the White House after a five-day hospital stay that was shrouded in mystery. We will explain, next.


[16:51:20] CABRERA: After a five-day stay in the hospital first lady Melania Trump is back at the White House now recuperating. She has been at Walter Reed for undergoing a procedure on Monday for what the White House describe as benign kidney condition. But the lengths of her stay raised questions as the condition and the procedure described is generally an outpatient procedure.

I want to bring in CNN's Ryan Nobles at the White House.

Ryan, what are you hearing from the first lady's team?

RYAN NOBLES, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, first of all, they are all very relieved, Ana, that she is now back home at the White House and recovering from this procedure, which the first lady's aides tell us was a relatively minor procedure. Nothing to be all that concerned about. But there are many medical professionals wondering why she was in the hospital for as long as she was, more than five days. She went in on Monday and did not get back to the White House until this morning.

And essentially, the White House are not providing too many details saying that talked about the extent of her condition as much as they are going to and they are now just going to protect her privacy.

This is what Stephanie Grisham, the first lady spokeswoman told us earlier today. She said quote "every patient is different. The medical professionals who have been giving opinions to the media based on one statement are uninformed. Mrs. Trump has a medical team that she is comfortable with her case, which is all that matters. Her recovery and privacy are paramount and I will have no further comment beyond this." They just don't want to tell us any more about the situation, Ana.

And they promise that the first lady is on the road to recovery. That she is not going to have any of the lingering issues as it relates to this procedure.

And her husband, the President of the United States, is happy to have her home. He visited her a number of times at Walter Reed medical center. And he also tweeted that he was happy that she was home this morning. He said quote "great to have our incredible first lady at the White House. Melania is feeling and doing really well. Thank you for your prayers and your best wishes."

So everyone here relieved that the first lady is back here in the White House. And as we said before, Ana, they don't seem ready to give us any more information at to exactly what this medical condition is.

CABRERA: Well, she has always been very private first lady. So I guess we shouldn't be surprised there. Good to hear she is doing much better.

Ryan Nobles, thank you for that update.

Coming up here in the NEWSROOM, the fairy tale scene on the other side of the pond. An American actress and British prince say I do. All the big moments from Harry and Meghan's wedding.


[16:58:10] CABRERA: A rarely targeted tourist destination or many as one of Europe's hidden gems and on tomorrow's brand new "PARTS UNKNOWN," Anthony Bourdain explores how the country is emerging from conflict.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This isn't about revenge. This is about recognition.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If we lose, we know we will be destroyed (INAUDIBLE).

BOURDAIN: Earthquake.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm the generation who literally learned the alphabet with candlelight.

BOURDAIN: Armenia has endured a lot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This isn't some geopolitical conflict on a map. Every family is touched.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every day 100 people leaves Armenia.

BOURDAIN: But it remains a place that millions of Armenians are very, very sentimental about.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I, myself, I will never leave Armenia. I was born in Armenia and I will die in Armenia.

BOURDAIN: And I'm been hearing it for years. When you go to Armenia, when you go to Armenia. Well, finally, I'm here.


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Hello, you are in the CNN NEWSROOM. Lovely to have you with us. I'm Ana Cabrera in New York. And welcome to our special live coverage of the historic royal wedding.

American actress Meghan Markle marrying Britain's Prince Harry. Their new title as husband and wife, the duke and duchess of Sussex.

The wedding was beautiful. Also historic and unique, unlike any royal wedding before it. We will show you the most memorable moments in just a second.

But first, to what is happening in London right now.