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Trump Open to Summit; Weinstein in Court; Weinstein Bond at $10 Million;. Aired 9:30-10a

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[09:30:00] POPPY HARLOW, CNN ANCHOR: Korea. He called a statement overnight from North Korea a very nice statement. He said we're talking to them now. That is a development, given the fact that the communication, we've learned, had pretty much stopped between North Korea and the United States in the last few days.

Also, the president said the summit that he cancelled yesterday could still go on, and he seemed to say it could still go on June 12th, because he said, quote, it could even be on the 12th. We'd like to do it.

Back with me, Joe Johns.

He also mentioned Melania and her health, pointed upstairs, said she's doing great. But that's really significant that the president said that the summit he cancelled yesterday could still happen on the date that it was planned?

JOE JOHNS, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON, CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely and a bit surprising because there are certainly logistical issues to be considered. The question, of course, whether an advance team that would be headed out to Singapore to work on the details had been pulled back is now headed forward. The impression we're getting here is that it may be headed forward yet.

So important to say that the president apparently seems optimistic, but behind the scenes, my colleagues have been told they're not so optimistic. The staffers are not so sure that it could be pulled off in such a short time. As you know, Poppy, one of the biggest issues here was development of parameters for the negotiations and the tail sort of leading the horse with the president jumping out and accepting and agreeing to this summit without having all of that worked out.

HARLOW: And, Joe, just really quick question. I couldn't hear what the reporter asked at the end, but you were there when the president said, everyone plays games --

JOHNS: Right.

HARLOW: You know that. Everyone plays games.

JOHNS: Right.

HARLOW: What did the reporter ask?

JOHNS: Yes. The question there was whether it was possible that North Korea, Kim Jong-un, was playing games with the United States in this back and forth, the hostile words, leading the president to cancel the summit.


All right, appreciate the reporting. A lot of developments. Thank you, Joe.

Ahead for us, Harvey Weinstein is in court right now. He just arrived. We're there, next.


[09:36:13] HARLOW: All right, we have breaking news just coming into CNN of shots fired at a middle school in Indiana. This is in Noblesville, Indiana, at Noblesville West Middle School. One person is injured, we've learned. It's not clear, though, if that person was shot. The school is on lockdown. Again, reports of shots fired, one injury. Unclear what caused the injury. The school is on lockdown, of course. We'll get you more as soon as we have it. This is about 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

All right, also breaking news here in New York right now, disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is in court. He is facing a federal judge for the first time. This is after he was arrested and charged with rape and other sex crimes.

Let's go straight to Brynn Gingras, who has all the details and is outside of the court.

What can you tell us?

BRYNN GINGRAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Poppy, we actually had Harvey Weinstein walk right here past us in handcuffs heading into court. From the people we have inside the courtroom right now, we know that the proceedings have not started as of yet. We know his lawyer, Ben Brafman, has walked in. We know he's holding Harvey Weinstein's passport. That's likely part of the package that Weinstein will receive when these court proceedings will continue, meaning he'll likely have to turn that passport in.

We also are expecting to hear from Ben Brafman after these proceedings. Of course, Harvey Weinstein has denied allegations against him from the very beginning and we'll see what Ben Brafman has to say after these proceedings.

But, yes, he is going to be charged with several charges, including rape. And this involves two separate women who filed complaints with the NYPD. And, again, we are expecting more charges in the future. As we know, the grand jury has convened and continues to hear testimony from at least four women in this case, Poppy.

HARLOW: OK, Brynn, thank you very much. As we look at these images of Harvey Weinstein. Again, you know, it was months ago that these allegations first broke against him in "The New York Times," and look what has since happened, charged with rape and other sex crimes. This is a very significant day and moment.

Brynn, thank you for that.

Let's bring in CNN contributor and host of "Entertainment Tonight," Nischelle Turner.

Nischelle, thank you for being here.


HARLOW: Jodi Kantor, one of the reporters that broke this story and changed so much, she writes this morning, one phone call and you're done. I have ears and eyes everywhere. I am Harvey Weinstein. You know what I can do. Not anymore. Those are threats that he made to her as she was doing this reporting and now look at him.

TURNER: I mean now look at -- these images that we're seeing right now here on the screen, Poppy, are astounding. I mean Jodi tweeted that this morning, but then she also followed up with a tweet that said, he used to be the king of Tribeca, now he's turning himself in here.


TURNER: And if you just look at that, I mean there's so much power and money and prestige in Hollywood in handcuffs right there. I mean it's really an astounding picture to watch this morning.

And I think it also speaks to the bigger picture that we -- you and I were talking about a little bit earlier that we are still in the thick of the Me Too movement.


TURNER: This is not past, it's not on the downside, it's not going to end. This is -- we're still in the thick of it. And for so many women who came forward to tell their stories about Harvey Weinstein, this is a day that they can exhale a little bit.

HARLOW: Yes. This is -- the courage that it takes to speak up against someone like that --


HARLOW: Who can hold your career in his hands and destroy your career, the bravery of those women and those reporters led to this moment, led to this today. He has been, Nischelle, you know, defiant through so much of this. Sort of half-ish apology in that one statement we got from him.


[09:40:01] HARLOW: And then we haven't seen him until now. TURNER: Yes. You know, it's really interesting. There was a picture

that surfaced of him on Wednesday at a restaurant in Malibu, California, you know, just kind of leisurely having dinner. And that was one of the first images I'd seen of him in a very long time.

But you talked about that statement. And I call it lukewarm. I don't even know if I would say lukewarm, I think that's being very generous.


TURNER: But what he said, and it just struck me, I went back and looked at it again this morning because he said in there -- of course he denied that any instances of nonconsensual sex. He said everything that happened was consensual relationships. But one of the lines says he believes all relationships were consensual. He believes that.


TURNER: I don't know if that speaks to the -- being deranged or what, but when you have 80 plus women saying no, no, no, no, this was wrong, I didn't wanting it. And especially one of the women in this case, Lucia Evans, who said in 2004 he forced her to have oral sex during a meeting. Think about the brazenness and boldness of that and some of the other allegations that we've heard. Making her perform oral sex on him during a business meeting.

HARLOW: Yes. You know, it --

TURNER: It's still stunning to me.

HARLOW: It is -- it is stunning and you think about Rose McGowan, one of the first to come out with these charges --


HARLOW: Saying today we are one step closer to justice. You know, he is one of, unfortunately, too many -- one is too many, but people that carry out acts like this and abuse of power like this. And today he stands there charged with rape.


HARLOW: Nischelle, the reaction of Hollywood this morning is?

TURNER: Well, like you said, it's a bittersweet celebration, maybe if I can use those words. I mean one of the things Rose McGowan also said this morning was that the accusers have been sentenced to years of prison before anybody believed them. And so you see him --

HARLOW: All right, let -- Nischelle, just hang --

TURNER: Go ahead.

HARLOW: Hang with me for a moment.

TURNER: Sure. HARLOW: I think we lost -- there we go. Let's listen in.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Texted me a couple of minutes ago that he is (INAUDIBLE) in traffic.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We understand that. We have to process the check also. So hopefully when that's done and the person's here, it will happen at the same time and then (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can I -- can I ask that the defendant be kept up here in the interim?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I believe that's going to be the case. It's up to the court officers. That's more of a security issue than anything else (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They told me unless your honor has --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't have an objection.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you very much, sir.

Your honor, one other issue.

I served a 19050 notice. (INAUDIBLE) is correct. They've advised me that Wednesday is the day. In light of the fact that the -- there may be an issue concerning additional information, we were going to file a brief with Judge Burke (ph) on the issue. I assume the issue is resolved. If it's not, once I review the complaint, I will alert Mr. Lucey (ph) and then notify Judge Burke as well, who I understand is supervising (INAUDIBLE).

Thank you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you very much, judge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, this case is being adjourned. (INAUDIBLE) July 30th.



All right, bail is $10,000 bond and $1,000 -- I'm sorry, $10 million -- $10 million bond over (ph) $1 million cash. A bracelet (ph) is going to be put on the defendant. He's already turned over his passport and he's (INAUDIBLE) not to apply for a new one. There's an extradition agreement that's been approved. There's an order of protection (ph). And the defendant is allowed to go to Connecticut and New York only without the court and the D.A.'s permission. The case is adjourned. I'm signing the order of protection.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you, your honor. We also would also ask you to sign the waiver of extradition. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hand it up and I'll sign it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, the case is adjourned.

HARLOW: All right. What you just saw live was the bond set by the judge there, Federal Judge Kevin McGrath (ph), for Harvey Weinstein on this rape charge and sexual crime charge that he has -- that have been brought against him there. His attorney -- his attorney is Benjamin Brafman.

Nischelle Turner is back with me. Our Brynn Gingras is outside of the courthouse.

Nischelle Turner, you were listening to that with me. Could you hear that?

TURNER: It was a little hard to hear.

HARLOW: Right.

TURNER: I know they were talking about an order of protection.

HARLOW: It was, but I can confirm --

TURNER: Go ahead.

HARLOW: Sorry, Nischelle, I can confirm -- they're just confirming, I thought I heard a bond set at $10 million.

[09:45:02] TURNER: I did too.

HARLOW: And that is correct. That is correct.


HARLOW: It was expected to be $2 million, but a $10 million bond for this rape charge.

TURNER: Absolutely.

And that's a big wow because, you're right, I think the expectation was $2 million. The judge, obviously here, is taking this very seriously and set a $10 million bond. I know I wrote that down and I put question mark, question mark, question mark --


TURNER: Because that would be an astronomical number if that was the case. And that indeed is the case.

Another wow here. I mean he also --

HARLOW: Yes. TURNER: They also had a waiver of extradition and order of protection that was signed. So they're going through the steps here. They're going through the motions. And I'm just wondering if he -- I'm sure he will be able to bond out, but, wow, $10 million.



HARLOW: Look, it sends -- it sends a very important message.

TURNER: It does.

HARLOW: And stay with me -- stay with me, Nischelle, because our Brynn Gingras, who's been covering this from the beginning, is outside the courthouse.

That is a very significant move by this judge, Judge McGrath, to set a $10 million bond.

GINGRAS: Yes, that's right, Poppy. We're getting updates in real time really. And what the bond is what we're hearing is $10 million, but he -- or it's $1 million cash. We're also hearing that he has to wear a GPS monitoring system. He had to surrender his passport. He can only travel within New York and Connecticut. We know he has a home in Connecticut. If he wants to travel somewhere else, he has to have consent. So we also know that he's also paid for some of the money toward that GPS monitoring system.

As you guys mentioned, there is one temporary order of protection as well. So this is all part of the package that was negotiated between Ben Brafman and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

This entire thing, I can tell you, Poppy, has been somewhat orchestrated. There are things that change, like that bond, for example, but this has been orchestrated from the beginning for days. I can tell you that from a source. That's why we knew he was going to show up at 7:00 a.m., turn himself in, get arrested and head to court. You see he's in court immediately.

So, yes, we're still learning more details. And the next thing that we expect to happen is we'll meet his attorney out here to hear what he has to say.

HARLOW: Appreciate the reporting, Brynn, and, Nischelle, thank you so much for all of that incredibly important day for so many.

We're going to take a quick break. We'll be right back.


[09:51:40] HARLOW: All right, back to the breaking news. The president says that canceled summit with North Korea could still be on. And it could still be on for June 12th.

Joining me now is Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. Welcome, sir. Appreciate you being here.


HARLOW: You sit on the Foreign Relations Committee. You heard the testimony of the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, just this week. What is your reaction to the president, just moments ago, saying this canceled summit could be back on and maybe for the 12th?

UDALL: Well, I think it's important that the United States do everything it can to get denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. I think there's support in the region for that. And I'd like to see that happen.

This is pretty haphazard process that we've seen, though. I mean, I think the president seems to be functioning more along the lines of a high stakes real estate deal with intimidation and pain and then trying to get an agreement, kind of a win-win situation. And diplomacy is much more difficult. I mean you've got to find a -- it's not a win- lose, like real estate, you've got to find a win-win. So that's --

HARLOW: But if -- but if he gets the meeting, senator, if he gets -- if he gets the summit out of this strategy, are you OK with that?

UDALL: Oh, if he gets the meeting -- oh, well, I -- I -- from the beginning I've said I think we should meet.


UDALL: I think we should be prepared and disciplined and I believe that that's the way we should proceed. But this is very chaotic and usually what has happened when the North Koreans -- now they're being very diplomatic now, but when the thing falls apart, it gets escalated dramatically from the past. We've seen that.

HARLOW: So this morning the president writes on Twitter in part that the Democrats, you guys, are, quote, so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with North Korea. What's your response to that?

UDALL: I'm not -- I'm never rooting against our country and a president reaching an agreement that's in the best interests of the United States of America. And I want to see that happen. I'm not so sure the way this was approached that they had a strategy, they had the discipline, that they were going to pull it together and do this in a diplomatic way where you'd get a win-win and both sides would invest into it.

HARLOW: The -- the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, indicated yesterday in his testimony before you guys that new sanctions are very possible against North Korea. Would you be supportive of that?

UDALL: I think we've had the sanctions in place for a long time. If you want to put new sanctions in place, I think -- I think we've done everything we can on the sanctions front. The real issue is China and whether China is going to participate. I think there's some suggestion that maybe China has eased up, that they felt closed out of the negotiations. And so we're just going to have to see how all of the actors in the area --

HARLOW: Right.

UDALL: One of the suggestions may be that China wants to be a part of this rather than a one to one negotiation. And that's something that you need to sort out through good, solid diplomacy.

HARLOW: And before you go, senator, you wrote on April 12th, on Twitter, that Pompeo -- you voted against his confirmation as secretary of state --

UDALL: That's right.

HARLOW: And you wrote he will, quote, validate and encourage the president's worst most dangerous instincts. Seeing what you've seen thus far, in his role as secretary of state, do you still stand by that or do you think he's done a good job?

UDALL: Yes. No, I stand by that. I'm talking over the long-term, when I put out that tweet, but I was quite frankly shocked about how he wouldn't address the conflicts of interest of the president. You know, is the president acting on behalf of himself and own personal gain or acting on behalf of the country. I ask a very simple question on conflict of interest, when it had to do with ZTE and he got very testy --


[09:55:20] UDALL: And, you know, called it a scurrilous and bizarre question.

HARLOW: He did. He called it a scurrilous assertion. We appreciate your time, Senator Udall. Thank you for being with us.

UDALL: Thank you. Thank you, Poppy. Great to be with you. Take care.

HARLOW: All right. Take care.

Ahead for us, the president is speaking in just moments, this after he just opened the door again to these talks with North Korea, maybe even on that planned date of June 12th. We're on it.