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Leftist Elected President Of Mexico; How Will Mexico's New President Change The Relationship Between Mexico and the U.S.?; Republicans Express Supreme Court Concerns; The Future Of ICE; Canada Hits $13B Of U.S. Goods With Tariffs; Bolton: U.S. Has A Denuclearization Plan; "Washington Post:" North Korea Plans To Hide Nukes. Aired 5-5:30a ET

Aired July 2, 2018 - 05:00   ET



DAVE BRIGGS, CNN ANCHOR: Susan Collins wants the president's respect for a woman's right to choose.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN ANCHOR: And Lebron goes Hollywood. The NBA superstar signs a four-year deal with the Lakers.

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to EARLY START. I'm Christine Romans.

BRIGGS: I'm Dave Briggs. It's AMLO versus Lebron on Twitter fighting it out for the top stage. It's July 2nd, 5 a.m. in the east, 2 a.m. in L.A. Congrats to Lakers fans.

We start with AMLO. We have breaking news out of Mexico. Political upheaval, south the border, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, winning the Mexican presidency in a landslide. The former Mexico City mayor triumphed against opponents from two party that have ruled Mexico for nearly a century.

ROMANS: All of the candidates oppose President Trump's immigration and trade policies and his anti-Mexican rhetoric. CNN's Leyla Santiago joins us live from Mexico City.

And this is a candidate who at one time, second time, third times a charm, a leftist who has promised that he will uphold the rights of Mexicans working in the United States.

LEYLA SANTIAGO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Right. This was his third presidential bid for AMLO and last night, they really filled the (inaudible), the square here in Mexico City. There were parties as soon as the other candidates were calling to concede.

This really is quite a transformation for Mexico. A new leadership not just for the president, but also on many of the other seats, the Congress, the mayors, the governors. Yes, the new president or the soon-to-be officially announced new president of Mexico has been very strong in saying that he plans to take on two very big domestic issues, which are corruption as well as violence. Right now, Mexico is at an all-time high when it comes to homicide and he has also talked a lot about corruption, which are also the two big issues when we talk to voters in the month leading up to this that they also brought up.

But then there is also the global affairs, the international things, things like trade that are big issues to voters. He's sort of his tone during the campaign. He came out strong, speaking out against NAFTA in the weeks before the elections saying, OK, I agree with this, but I'm going to protect Mexico's interest first.

And that will really be a point of contention in the relationship with Mexico and the United States. Last night, AMLO said, and this is a quote, he will try to find a relationship of friendship and cooperation for development when it comes to the United States.

President Trump also tweeted congratulating him for becoming the new president of Mexico and also saying that he was sort of looking forward to working with him. So, we'll really have to see how things came out especially when it comes to that free trade agreement, NAFTA, that is already made for a rocky relationship with Mexico and President Trump.

We'll see how President Trump does with AMLO and moving forward in that relationship with the northern neighbor for Mexico.

ROMANS: The vice president of the United States was in Central America just last week telling these countries don't send your people through Mexico to the United States. Will AMLO let them continue to come to the United States? That will be a big test of this new relationship between these two presidents. Leyla, thank you so much.

BRIGGS: All right. One week from today, President Trump will name his choice to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Two key Republican senators raising warning flags on a critical topic, Roe v Wade.

Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham both suggesting that any nominee should respect precedent including a landmark case guaranteeing a woman's right to an abortion. Here's Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: One of the concepts that really means a lot in America is (inaudible) that means you don't overturn precedent unless there is a good reason. And I would tell my pro-life friends you can be pro-life and conservative, but you can also believe in (inaudible). Roe v Wade in many different ways have been affirmed over the years.


ROMANS: Senator Collins met with the president to discuss his prospects for the court. She says she encouraged him to broaden his list beyond the 25 candidates announced by the White House. Now remember the president said during the campaign, he would pick only anti-abortion jurist for the high court.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you want to see the court overturn Roe versus Wade?

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We put another two or perhaps three justices on that's really what's going to be had. That's will happen and that will happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro-life justice on the court. I will say this, it will go back to the states and the states will then make a determination.


BRIGGS: All right. Joining us here to talk about all of this, CNN political analyst, Julian Zelizer, historian and professor at Princeton University. Good to see you, sir.


BRIGGS: We have been here before. Roe v Wade will decide the future of the Supreme Court and will divide this country. Here's what Susan Collins aid about overturning precedent on the Supreme Court.


[05:05:07] SEN. SUSAN COLLINS (R), MAINE: I would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility to Roe v Wade because that would be to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law.


BRIGGS: One issue will define this battle. How significant is that statement from Susan Collins?

ZELIZER: I don't see as significant as others. I think this is a standard statement to make. I think many of the candidates won't be openly hostile to it and that gives a lot of room to pick someone who is to the right that will meet her criteria. She said Gorsuch is OK. She said Roberts is OK. So, I think a lot of the right would sit well with that.

BRIGGS: But she did say there are people on this list I would not support. I actually found that more significant than what she said there because look, someone like Mike Lee, for example, has been openly hostile on the record towards Roe v Wade. How about that suggestion that she can't support everyone on this list?

ZELIZER: No. It might pick away some of the picks on that list, but I think there's more than enough room for him to pick someone who the right is comfortable with, who will chip away at the right rather than overturning it. That's what we see over and over. And since Robert Bork (ph) in 1987, most candidates are explicitly hostile. That's just not what they say in their hearings.

ROMANS: Yes. We'll know soon who that pick is going to be. Let's talk about this abolish ICE movement. It's moving the sort of more into the Democratic mainstream. It's something we've heard from the far, far left.

This idea of abolishing ICE. ICE, by the way, is an agency of the United States government that is just enforcing the laws of Congress as interpreted by the president of the United States. Is this a winning strategy for Democrats?

ZELIZER: No, I think it might be good policy, but it's bad politics. I think the Democrats are shifting tension away from President Trump and his policies towards some form of government reorganization and at the same time, it opens them up to this charge that they are radical. They are too far to the left. So, I think it was a big political miscalculation to change the terms of the debate this way.

ROMANS: It wasn't the only thing they were talking about those rallies this weekend, but it was remarkable. Those rallies, at Lafayette Park, a few other places as well this weekend. It wasn't the sole abolish ICE, but you saw it on signs in all of these places. Do these images -- do this help? Have they found their message?

ZELIZER: I don't think. I think the message was the president is separating children from their parents and this is what hard line immigration is about. That is an argument that really matters, and those signs are powerful. I think abolish ICE won't help them politically.

BRIGGS: Yes, it's interesting when you have the top of the party, Senator Gillibrand, who probably will run for president. Elizabeth Warren here -- you know, you're going to be forced on the record how you feel about this and here is Warren.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D), MASSACHUSETTS: The president deeply immoral actions have made it obvious, we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and (inaudible).


BRIGGS: Taking this one step further, President Trump said, calls like this will actually help the GOP, is he right?

ZELIZER: Yes, they could. Most of the GOP supports President Trump. They weren't even upset with his policies a week ago. So, I think this will actually help rally Republicans. It will help solidify his coalition and it might backfire exactly in terms of what Democrats want to do.

ROMANS: Is there another message for Democrats? I mean, the separating kids at the border is something that is -- it's so meaningful to them. The far-left moving into the abolish ICE part of that argument. Do they have another argument?

ZELIZER: Yes, I think keep the focus on President Trump and hardline anti-immigration policies. Most of the public doesn't support it even though the Republicans do. Stay focused on that. Don't lose the focus because if you do, I think it will muddy the waters for the midterm voters.

BRIGGS: Still searching for an economic message, though, on the left. Julian Zelizer, we'll see you in about 20 minutes. Thank you.

ROMANS: All right. President Trump may abandon basic rules of the World Trade Organization just as a key ally makes good on their trade threat. A White House official told CNN, the administration drafted a bill allowing the president to introduce tariffs as he sees fit ignoring the collective rules of the WTO.

The source says this doesn't mean the U.S. is abandoning the WTO, but if introduced, it would likely escalate the retaliatory trade moves already hitting the U.S. Last week, new E.U. tariffs forced Harley- Davidson to shift some production overseas.

Yesterday, Canada slapped tariffs on $13 billion in U.S. good including a 25 percent tariff on 40 U.S. steel products, 10 percent on items like maple syrup, coffee beans, strawberry jams.

Tariffs from Canada and the E.U. are in response to U.S. tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, but they are also raising cost for U.S. businesses. In fact, 20,000 companies have asked the Commerce Department for an exemption.

[05:10:09] U.S. companies pay the tariff when they import steel or aluminum. That's why Trump's possible next trade move, tariffs on car imports could General Motors. GM imports some car parts. It warns tariffs could lead to a smaller GM forcing it to cut jobs or raise prices by thousands of dollars.

BRIGGS: All right. Coming up, the U.S. and North Korea with the first face-to-face talks since the Singapore summit, but a new report suggest Pyongyang is not being very forthcoming. Will Ripley live in Beijing next.



JOHN BOLTON, U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: We have developed a program how to dismantle all of their WMD and ballistic missile programs in a year. If they have the strategic decision already made to do that and they are cooperate, we can move very quickly.


BRIGGS: Big if, if the North Koreans decide to cooperate. National Security Adviser John Bolton revealing the U.S. has a denuclearization plan, but it has not been put into action yet. [05:15:09] And Bolton would not address the "Washington Post" report that U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded North Korea has no intention of fully dismantling its nuclear stockpile.

Let's turn to Will Ripley live in Beijing this morning. Will, that agreement with North Korea promises to work toward denuclearization. Are we seeing any signs of that?

WILL RIPLEY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Not at this point. Other than that, probably worded statement that Kim Jong-un and President Trump signed in Singapore on June 12th.

We know that there were talks at the demilitarized zone over the weekend between the United States and North Korea probably laying the groundwork for the negotiations expected to take place in the near future in Pyongyang between Secretary of Mike Pompeo and his North Korean counterparts.

There is nothing in writing right now that says North Korea has to disarm, stop manufacturing missiles or even enriching plutonium and uranium. The materials they used to make warheads and there is U.S. intelligence being leaked out showing that in all these areas, North Korea continues to make rapid progress.

Satellite images show they have expanded a missile production facility. The "New York Times" is reporting there maybe a nuclear reactor under construction that will dramatically increase North Korea's ability to enrich plutonium and uranium.

There's even reports that nuclear facilities that have been undisclosed, the secret underground operations are continuing inside North Korea. U.S. intelligence also believes the North Koreans maybe preparing to deceive the United States not revealing how many warheads they actually possessed.

Hiding away some of their warheads in secret safe houses and not telling the United States that they exist indicating that the North Koreans want to have a backup plan, always have something in their back pocket, nuclear arsenal if negotiations with the U.S. don't go as planned -- Dave.

BRIGGS: All right. The "Wall Street Journal" says that Mr. Trump doesn't call Kim Jong-un on it. He will conclude he can keep getting away with it. Great reporting, Will Ripley. Thank you.

ROMANS: All right. It's 16 minutes past the hour. One of France's most notorious gangsters has escaped from prison again. Redoine Faid broke out Sunday with the help of two or three heavily armed men, who hijacked a helicopter. He was picked up, flown to a location near Paris, whisked away in an unidentified vehicle. He was serving 25 years for his role in a failed 2010 robbery that resulted in the death of a French police officer.

BRIGGS: A tour boat explosion in the Bahamas leaves an American dead. Ten others were injured when an engine exploded Saturday. The Coast Guard says four Americans were airlifted to a hospital in Florida. Others were treated at a hospital in the Bahamas.

Straight ahead, it didn't take long, Lebron James heading west to join the Lakers. Andy Scholes has the details in the "Bleacher Report" next.



ROMANS: Another day of dangerous heat in the Eastern U.S. Meteorologist Ivan Cabrera has the latest.

IVAN CABRERA, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Hey, Christine, Dave. Good morning. The heat is going to continue and it's not going to end anytime soon. In fact, we're going to have to wait until the end of the week, although, doing a little bit better today. If we can call 100 to 110, well, it is better than that yesterday.

But still looking at the heat advisories that continue all the way from the Carolinas into New England, and there you can see the pink, those are heat warnings. That's where things are real serious and where we're expecting the feels-like temperature to be 110.

The actual temperature in the shade under a tree in the mid and upper 90s. By the way, I recommend then a lot of water too because it is going to be brutal out there. There are the heat indices today, triple digit heat in the nation's capital.

This continues until the end of the week and by then we'll finally see temperatures getting back closer to average. Look at that, 86 is going to feel fantastic by Wednesday and into Thursday.

In fact, I'll show you the extended seven-day forecast, if that's not cool enough for you, look at this, latter part of the weekend, early next week, how about highs around 80 with overnight temperatures in the 60s. Just think about that while we bake in the 110-degree temperature later this afternoon -- guys.

ROMANS: Awful.

BRIGGS: Should be lovely. Thank you, Ivan. King James taking his talents to Hollywood.

ROMANS: Andy Scholes has more in this morning's "Bleacher Report." Hey, Andy.

ANDY SCHOLES, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, guys. You know, it looks like the final act of Lebron's career is going to be in Los Angeles. He signed a four-year deal with the Lakers last night, much longer than anyone expected.

The decision 3.0 much different than the previous two. Lebron's agency sending out this one-paragraph release saying Lebron will be signing with the Lakers. There's no press conference scheduled, no big fan rally and Lebron is reportedly going to be leaving the country soon to go on vacation. Lebron did post on Instagram this picture thanking Northeast Ohio, saying this will always be home. When Lebron left in 2010, Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert wrote a scathing letter criticizing Lebron, but this time much different.

Gilbert saying in part, "Lebron, you came home and delivered the ultimate goal. Nothing but appreciation and gratitude for everything you put into every moment you've been in a Cavaliers' uniform. We look forward to the retirement of the famous 23 Cavs jersey one day down the line."

Now, this is the cover of "The Cleveland Plain Dealer," one saying "gone again," the other "promise kept." He did what he said he would when he came back. Cleveland handling this much better this time around.

All right, this World Cup just keeps getting better and better. Host nation, Russia taking Spain to penalty kicks, and their goalie coming through with an all-time great save to win it.

This, the biggest upset in World Cup history in the knockout round if you go by the rankings, and when Russia won, the entire country just erupting into celebration. Fans were taking to the streets to celebrate.

Here's the video from Russia's locker room as they were celebrating in there, as well. They are on to the quarterfinals for the first time in 48 years. Got two more games on the schedule today.

Starting with Brazil, Superstar Neymar taking on Mexico. Kickoff for that one, guys, 10:00 Eastern. I know we keep saying it, but man, this World Cup has been fantastic. Even the Croatia/Denmark game. The emotion of penalty kicks, I don't know if there's anything that beats it.

ROMANS: I can't stand the tensions for those shootouts and there were two yesterday. That goalie of Denmark, I mean --

BRIGGS: The World Cup has done it. It's awoken your sports spirit.

ROMANS: It takes a lot to get me excited --

BRIGGS: Scholes, before you go, Lebron goes to the Lakers, how good are they in the west, third best, fourth best, fifth best?

SCHOLES: I mean, Vegas odds have them second best to win the championship. I don't agree with that because I mean, they still have a lot of work to do --

BRIGGS: Houston is a better team.

SCHOLES: I think so right now. We'll see if Kawhi Leonard ends up on the Lakers before this off-season is said and done. Right now, middle of the pack western conference team at best.

BRIGGS: They missed the playoffs five straight years. It looks like they'll take their time on Kauai. Not give away the whole team, but it should be in --

SCHOLES: Looking that way, yes.

BRIGGS: All right. Andy Scholes, thank you, my friend.

ROMANS: With growing strife between the U.S. and Mexico, a sweeping change of power across the border. A populist elected president, he's promising change and is calling out President Trump's immigration policies.