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New Year's Eve With Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired December 31, 2019 - 21:00   ET



ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: So the folks in Philly can swing by.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: No, don't do that Patty.


COOPER: No, no, no.

LABELLE: Avenue. Hey guys.

COHEN: Patty, I got to tell you something.


COHEN: Before we move on, OK, show us, show us. Show us.

LABELLE: No, I was just showing you my stuff, my macaroni and my greens are in here in this beautiful setting that Bill and James helped me do. And it's macaroni, my macaroni, my kale greens, I have other stuff in the kitchen but I just want you guys to know how happy I am that you are in my house today.

COHEN: Oh my God, did you send us?


COOPER: Patti, you sent us some. We have it right here. We're eating.

LABELLE: I sent some food.

COOPER: I know, we got the mac and cheese. We got the kale. I love corn bread more than anything so I'm very excited about this corn bread.

LABELLE: Good. Did you get the black eyed peas?

COHEN: Oh my God, these black eyed peas.

LABELLE: Because that's the best use. You got to have black eyed peas and greens. OK? So now what do you want me to do?

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: Patti, I want to tell you--

LABELLE: You guys make me crazy.

COHEN: Now I want to tell you - I want to tell you that I have a little bit of a bone to pick with you Ms. Patti because even though you fed me last time I saw you, you lied to my face. I asked you if you were the flower on the Massinger and you looked me dead in the eye and you were like, I am not the Massinger.

LABELLE: That was a lie. That's a lie. I was never the flower.

COHEN: No, you were the fox.

LABELLE: I was a flower.

COHEN: That's hilarious.

LABELLE: I had to lie to you because I didn't want you to know big mouth Andy. So anyway--

COHEN: Yes, you're right about that.

COOPER: Andy will tell everybody. You're smart Patti.

LABELLE: I know, he would. So this is tomato stew. This is black eyed peas with smoked turkey. That's green rice from my friend, Roe that's on my food line now. This is brisket and chicken and this is where's my brisket. Where are my background singers?

COHEN: Where are my background singers. I knew you were going to say that.

LABELLE: Oh, wait a minute. No, that's not the brisket.

COOPER: I cannot believe she said that.


COHEN: Where are my background singers?

LABELLE: But where's my background brisket? I don't know. There it is. See the box. That's it.

COOPER: Oh my God. This is so good. I didn't have dinner tonight Patti because I knew we were going to eating with you.

COHEN: Did you? I didn't know. Patti, I do want to plug because Patti is now like the Martha Stewart of divas. She has this massive food lined up and everybody's buying it and the pies are going like crazy.

COOPER: The pies, we had the pies last year, the sweet potato pie.


LABELLE: Yes and I have the new double crust peach cobbler that's out now too. I have everything. Oh you know where three Geminis on the phone--

COOPER: Could you do a Pecan pie because I love--

LABELLE: Pecan pie, I'll do that. Sure, I just made one yesterday.

COHEN: Oh really.

LABELLE: Sure, I'm not lying.

COOPER: You know, Patti, we talked - I told you this last year but I just - I just got to say this again because it was such an amazing experience.


COOPER: I introduced. It was some event, I think it was the Kennedy center for the Obamas and you came out and sang and I was emceeing and you came out and the secret service had said to everybody backstage don't go near the Obamas. The Obamas are sitting over there. Don't go near the Obamas.

Ms. Patti Labelle comes out, she takes her shoes off. First thing she does as she just starts singing, she just walked right over to the Obamas. Right over to their box and just starts singing.

LABELLE: And security was looking at me and - Obama had my bag.

COOPER: The secret service is like - the secret service was like Ms. Patti Labelle is approaching - Ms. Patti Labelle is approaching the package.

LABELLE: I was approaching the President. Why not? He's my friend.

COOPER: Yes, you were.

LABELLE: OK, and I would approach him again if he's President again which he might be. Yes I had fun doing that with Obama.

COOPER: That was a great night. You were such a great - such a good - so great singing.

LABELLE: Oh thank you.

COHEN: Patti, you just sang the theme to Good Times on the ABC live version of the show. I loved your rendition. It was so great.

LABELLE: Oh. Thank you honey. It was fun doing that. I mean it bring it all the good back.

COHEN: It was really great.

LABELLE: You know and that's great.

COHEN: I also read by the way that you told a reporter in - you told a reporter in September that you don't want a boyfriend. You want a husband so what kind of man are you looking for in 2020? LABELLE: That man is going to come into my life. You know I don't know

look, OK? Because I'm too cute to look. All right. What about that?

COHEN: Yes, you are.


COOPER: Patti, that is right.

LABELLE: I don't look.

COHEN: Blondes have more fun.

LABELLE: OK, guess what?

COHEN: Thank you to our Gemini triplets.

LABELLE: Wait, wait. Look at the babies, my grandkids and their desserts. Say hi.

COHEN: Hey everybody.

LABELLE: So this is the dessert side.

COHEN: Happy New Year everybody.

LABELLE: I love you. Happy Good Year. Bye babies.

COHEN: Patti, I love you Patti. Come visit us in the Club house soon.

LABELLE: I love you too honey.

COHEN: I love her so much. I love her so much.

COOPER: Patti Labelle. We were in - we were in a casino in--

COHEN: And there was a big poster.

COOPER: Of Patti Labelle and we DMed it to her.

COHEN: Yes, we did.

COOPER: Andy, by the way has everybody's like text number and I have nobody's number.

COHEN: I just have Patti's. I just DMed her.

COOPER: Yes but you know but like you - you have lots of people's numbers like Ryan Seacrest in that way.


COHEN: OK, this next location is one of the last places that you'd find Gary Tuchman with his daughter Lindsay so that's why we sat them. Garry, where are you guys? GARY TUCHMAN: Andy and Anderson, we are in New York City on the border

of Brooklyn and Queens at a huge spectacle, a musical spectacle of kind of like a mini burning mac.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN: Exactly, the last place id ever expect to be with my dad on New Year's eve and kind of the last place I'd want to be but it's fun for this reason. It's getting ready to be starting pretty soon. There's interactive games, there's art, there's music. There's more than just your average rave New Year's party.

GARY TUCHMAN: That's right we're going to show you some of the techno music later. About 3000 people will be here in this warehouse but this is an Apollo Lunar Module and you could see it's a rocket so--

LINDSAY TUCHMAN: It's a rocket ship.

GARY TUCHMAN: Everyone should be allowed to ride it and then over here, there is this 14 foot Trojan horse that Lindsay and I will be climbing up later and what we'll be allowed.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN: Allegedly, allegedly we're going to be climbing on this thing.

COOPER: I don't know if that's a good idea, Gary and Lindsay.

GARY TUCHMAN: This is something I really want to show you but take a look.

COOPER: Yes, it's like when someone says to you in a club, get on the speaker. Don't get on the speaker. Oh, that's cool.

GARY TUCHMAN: So this is the only women's fire breathing group in the world. Check this out.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN: I don't know how safe this is, dad.

GARY TUCHMAN: There are fire marshals here to make sure it's all safe.

COOPER: Gary, the rave begins at 9:06 AM, not - I think it's 9:06 AM. This is very early for a rave. I mean I--

COHEN: Also the custodian setting up.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN: Well, I think it's about to cut the doors open. We can expect the crowd to be here. Well, there's one thing I do want to point out. I don't know if you guys know but my dad is a big roller blader.

COOPER: Oh, yes, yes, Gary, you're going to roller blade at the rave? Please roller blade at the rave, Gary.

GARY TUCHMAN: We're going to show you. Take a look at this. Right here, you see the roller skates?

So people are rollers skating here also. And we will be participating Lindsay and I - she'll be roller skating. COHEN: Oh, I need Gary on roller skates. It's not New Year's and so

Gary's on roller skates.

COOPER: OK, we're going to check in with you as the rave progresses.

COHEN: Thanks guys.

COOPER: Yes, you know yes, in like five hours, OK?



COHEN: That was a lot. Gary Tuchman. Hey, we're having a rave. Some people are getting there at like 1:00 in the morning. Hey, it's Gary Tuchman. I'm here for the rave. It said 9:00 on my - Anyway, a lot happened with us this year since we last saw each other right here.

COOPER: Last year on this program, it was shortly after you--

COHEN: I announced on this show that I was having a boy.

COOPER: I'm still eating Patti Labelle's cornbread.

COHEN: Good, I shouted my - that my son Ben was born on February 4th.

COOPER: I love that - this was at the hospital.

COHEN: Yes, that was seconds after he was born. My friend Bruce took that and there he is with his little rattle. It's so wild. I mean, I could look at every picture and know what month there's Anderson kind of puffing on his feet.

It was so - Where we are today? I mean. This is incredible.

COOPER: This is us trying to have a meeting about planning the program tonight.


COOPER: About--

COHEN: There he was. There's Ben giving Anderson some side eye.

COOPER: Benjamin has the best side eye for I mean like for anybody but for a ten month old it's incredible.

COHEN: By the way, he was also named cutest baby alive by People Magazine. Thank you very much People Magazine.

COOPER: Did you get a hate mail for that?

COHEN: No, I hope, I didn't. Well, God know. I'm sure I did. You get hate mail for everything but listen people say while he's the cutest baby in the world, I'm like no, he's the cutest baby alive. This is a baby shower that the Real Housewives threw me. Babe, you got

cornbread on your shirt. You know, it was unbelievable. Five of the OG Housewives threw me a baby shower that wound up kind of breaking the internet.

Here's Lisa Rinna encouraging all of the housewives to get up on the table and dance for my - for my shower. Maybe we don't have that video but it was really fun.

COOPER: You probably couldn't get a license. Your party. Oh, here it is.

COHEN: Oh, I mean this is crazy. The Palm restaurant has never seen anything like that. We had the housewives on the table with the steak. It was really crazy. One of the highlights of my year also was I got to go to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup to see my blue.

COOPER: Wait. Are we talking about sports?


COHEN: Yes, it was all believable. It was one of the greatest sites. I got to go to Boston garden and see the Blues win for the first time in franchise history. Are you drinking out of the bottle?

COOPER: You're talking about sports. I can't get through this any other way.

COHEN: Oh my God. We had a great time on tour. Here we are wearing some shirts.

COOPER: Oh, now we're talking about me I can pay attention.

COHEN: Someone gave us - those are - we were in Winnipeg as I mentioned where we met your doppelganger.

COOPER: Yes, he's very sweet.

COHEN: look at that. This guy look just like Anderson. People come up to you all the time and they're like I'm your doppelganger because I have grey hair but this guy really looks like you.

COOPER: So what's funny is, he came up to me in right after a show and he's like people say, we look just alike. I'm like, yes. Yes, of course. Yes, of course. I see that. I'm thinking I don't look anything like this guy because in my mind I'm 16 years old and I have brown hair and I don't have glasses nor do I have a giant waddle and so then I take a picture with him and then I look at the picture, I'm like--

COHEN: Are you saying that guy has a giant waddle?

COOPER: No, I have a waddle, he doesn't but I look at the picture, I'm like, oh my God, we look exactly alike.

COHEN: It's crazy.

COOPER: We look exactly alike. That's what I look like. I was stunned that that's what I look like.

COHEN: By the way remember--

COOPER: Andy's just ignoring me.

COHEN: Well, no, I'm not.

COOPER: He is. He's just ignoring me. This is what Andy does.

COHEN: Remember the FaceApp craze this year?


COHEN: Where you put our faces--

COOPER: This is awful, oh my God.

COHEN: Look, we look like two Bob Barkers.

COOPER: I don't know. I look like Bob Barker.

COHEN: And now owns our images.

COOPER: I look like Bob Barker. God bless him. I don't know what--

COHEN: We both look like Bob Barker.

COOPER: No, you look like a Viagra fueled like retiree--

COHEN: Well, I am a Viagra fueled retired.

COOPER: We actually both look like Viagra fueled retirees and here I am in like in a Sean's outfit.

COHEN: I mean, it's all just to make you look old. Oh wait, this is you as the White Walker?

COOPER: Yes, this is me. I did a story for 60 minutes about Game of Thrones which I love and they made me into White Walker.

COHEN: Wow. See that. You know what, you could have just done the FaceApp thing and then you would have looked like--

COOPER: It took four hours. I love Game of Thrones. I know people didn't like the episode.

COHEN: Look at this. Look at your cleavage.

COOPER: No, I'm just, no.

COHEN: What's happening in this photo? You're doing a Wolf Blitzer beard challenge? What is that?

COOPER: There's no such thing, OK so I was on vacation. This was last Thanksgiving, I think and I wanted to - I've always wanted to grow a beard. You grow a beard. I can't do it. I never have more than like 7 days off.

COHEN: You are drunk.

COOPER: I'm not drunk.

COHEN: I think you are.

COOPER: Maybe a little.

COHEN: Something funny happening with your mouth.

COOPER: Yes, I know, I can't enunciate. Yes. Yes anyway so I - I - I posted this thing saying I'm doing the Blitzer beard challenge and people are like what's a Blitzer beard challenge? I'm like there is no such thing.

COHEN: It was an excuse for you to post that picture.

COOPER: Yes and then I went on air and when I got back from vacation and I didn't shave because everyone, all my producers were like yes, sure, go on air.

COHEN: How did that go?

COOPER: Didn't go well. People didn't like it. Let's take a look. I interviewed Conan O'Brien and he just made fun of me. My one time--


COOPER: I pooped in a shigaloo, have you ever done that, that's what an igloo.

CONAN O'BREIN: Are you OK, Anderson? Is the beard? What's going on? Are you having a breakdown of some kind? What's wrong with you? By the way it looks good. You look like a very tidy wizard.

COOPER: It's not very much. It's only nine days off. So--

O'BREIN: Yes, yes. No, it looks like you dipped - you briefly dipped your chin into a sugar bowl. It looks fantastic though. Everyone's loving it.

COOPER: I call it the Blitzer beard challenge so.

O'BREIN: Yes, yes. No, he won. Guess what, he won.


COHEN: That's good, that's funny.

COOPER: I love Conan O'Brein.

COHEN: I love Conan O'Brein.

COOPER: So good.

COHEN: I want to send my condolences to you of course your mom passed away this year.

COOPER: You're sending me your condolences now.

COHEN: I'm trying to think of a transition, it's like I'm bringing--

COOPER: That's not a transition.

COHEN: I don't know how to bring it up. I mean--

COOPER: I appreciate it. Thank you very much. Yes, yes.


COOPER: I mean--

COHEN: Awkward moments. Anyway--

COOPER: It's not an awkward moment.

COHEN: It is an awkward moment. Anyway, no, but I loved your mom. Your mom was--

COOPER: So let me tell you Andy shows up - you showed that weird sports thing while I was drinking, I didn't pay attention to. It was a hockey game, right?


COOPER: Andy shows up. He comes from the hockey game to see my mom in the last couple of days and he's wearing the Bruins--

COHEN: The Blues jersey.

COOPER: Whatever - the Blues jersey, of course. The St. Louis Blues.


COOPER: Not the Boston Bruins, God forbid.


COOPER: That's my team and anyway he comes and he - Andy was just great with my mom.

COHEN: We had a really nice visit with your mom. I mean, can we tell this?


COHEN: When Anderson's mom was on Watch what happens live with Anderson promoting his book, he was kind of briefing her backstage that I could ask her anything and I'm really shady and I asked all sorts of--

COOPER: I didn't say you're shady. I said you came from a good place but you might ask any questions she didn't have to answer. COHEN: And so she turned to Anderson and said--

COOPER: My mom at age at this point 93, turns to me and says, can I say this?

COHEN: Well, I don't know if you can say that word but just say it.

COOPER: I don't know what the rules are. She goes, I don't know.

COHEN: She says - she turned to Anderson and said, he's not going to ask me who has the biggest bleep of anyone I've ever been with, right?

COOPER: No, it was - she turns to me out of the blue and goes, he's not going to ask me who has the biggest cock in Hollywood, is he?

COHEN: OK. And you said it. OK. And I walk in at that moment and he was like, no mom, and I'm like--

COOPER: I was like who are you? What? I was like how does that enter your 93 year-old mind? That's the first thing you think he's going to ask about?

COHEN: And then I said what can I ask? Can I ask that question?

COOPER: Meanwhile I was like mom, your information is for like 1941. I don't think like people are dying to know about like Bruce Cabot or Errol, you know like oh my God, Bruce Cabot.

COHEN: Meanwhile she did wind up telling me off-camera who it was.

COOPER: She did. Yes.

COHEN: It's a Jewish gentleman.

COOPER: Anyway Andy comes to the house in his Bruins jersey.

COHEN: In my Blues Jersey.

COOPER: Blues jersey.

COHEN: And we're sitting there talking--

COOPER: And Andy is like, it's like he's conducting a show with my mom and he's like hey remember when you were on the show and you said you know, he's not going to ask me who had - and my mom said, I never said that.

Both of us turned to her and we were like--

COHEN: Yes , you did.

COOPER: Sweety, you did.

COHEN: And then I said you know, this was the person that you told me it was and then she said oh my God. He terrorized me. He was relentless. She's amazing. COOPER: She is amazing.

COHEN: She's amazing.


COHEN: A really unique wonderful person and if you haven't, I'm just going to plug, you two wrote an incredible book together and there's a documentary yes on HBO, on HBO GO called 'Nothing Left Unsaid.'


COHEN: And it's really incredible.

COOPER: But I do want to say because I mean, I said this on an Instagram over Christmas but you know and I said this also last year at the end of the show but you know, holidays you know everybody loves holidays and people are happy and all that's - and it's great but for a lot of people holidays are really hard and I'm in touch with a lot of folks who have lost somebody to suicide or were in one way or another, a lot of people have lost a parent this year and reach out to me and say you know, talk about how hard Christmas is.

How hard Hanukkah is. How hard New Year's Eve is and for me New Year's Eve has always been really hard and honestly, it's why I started volunteering to work on New Year's Eve because it made me sad every year because my dad died on January 5th when I was 10 and it just reminds me so much of that moment.

And so there's a lot of folks watching tonight who are home. Maybe they're alone, maybe they're hanging out with a loved one, maybe you know with their - their pet and watching us and I just want people to know that that I'm thinking that I and Andy are both thinking about everybody who - whom you know tonight is difficult.

And so it's not really talked about much. It makes people feel uncomfortable. It's probably awkward right now for my friend Andy.

COHEN: No. No, I think it's important.

COOPER: So anyway--

COHEN: I think it's important. It can be a very lonely night for people.

COOPER: Yes, it really is.

COHEN: And by the way that's why we're here. We're all just hanging out and we'll all get through it together.

COOPER: That is correct.


COOPER: So one of the things that I did an interview this year with Stephen Colbert and we talked about a lot of things-- COHEN: An interview that by the way The Washington Post called the best TV moment of the year.

COOPER: Yes, that was very sweet.


COOPER: They said that.

COHEN: I thought that my interview with Teresa and Joe--

COOPER: That was an extraordinary moment. I don't know if you saw that. If you haven't, you might want to--

COHEN: Anyway you're back to your Colbert interview.

COOPER: Yes, the most important TV moment according to the Washington Post over here but Stephen Colbert is I mean just a wonderful guy. We love like Jimmy Fallon, we love Stephen Colbert. There's lots of people we love.

But Stephen Colbert--

COHEN: What - Jimmy Fallon's nice. Jimmy's the best. We're very excited that I brought--

COOPER: Oh Jimmy went to the dead this year.

COHEN: Yes, we did. Can you make your point about Colbert?

COOPER: So anyway Stephen Colbert, I did a little interview with him. Yes I know, I'm sorry, I've had a few and I don't drink. This is why so we're just going to show a part of it because it got a lot of, I don't know, I think it's an important interview.

COHEN: It really connected with a lot of people.

COOPER: And we're talking about lost and grieved and this is Stephen Colbert and he's very smart.



COOPER: You told an interviewer that you have learned in your words, love the thing that I most wish had not happened. I remember. You went on to say what punishments of God are not gifts. Do you really believe that?

STEPHEN COLBERT: Yes. It's a gift to exist. It's a gift to exist and with existence comes suffering. There's no escaping that and I guess I'm neither a Catholic or a Buddhist when I say those things because I've hurt those from both traditions.

(END VIDEO CLIP) COOPER: But I can't tell you I got I got maybe 15,000 direct messages

on Instagram from people with extraordinarily personal messages and I wasn't able to respond to everybody but for everybody who reached out to me and sort of told me about the losses they have experienced this year and in their lives.

It's - it was a great honor to hear from you and to walk with you and in your pain before that time and I feel that very much tonight and - and all year long so anyway, I just wish you the best on this night.

COHEN: All right, we have so much more to come. Dead in company with John Mayer, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera. Plus we're going to go back to the Brady Bunch house and we're going to play, 'Never have I ever.'

COOPER: We're going to the Brady event?

COHEN: Yes, we are babe. We're going upstairs. I feel good about it and we're going to play never have I ever with special guests to get you more juice.



COOPER: We are back in Times Square with a very special guest. Dulce Sloan is here. She's a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.


COOPER: And is a touring stand up who can be seen performing across the country.

SLOAN: That's me. I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend.

COHEN: Hey awesome.

COOPER: Where are you playing in Chicago?

SLOAN: At Comedy Club. It's inside of Second city.



SLOAN: And then I'm going to the Kind Korean sauna.


SLOAN: Because that's what I do.

COOPER: The King Korean sauna?

SLOAN: It's a King's spa. It's a Korean sauna. You have to go there.

COHEN: So what do they - do they beat it out of you or what?

SLOAN: No, no, no. It's different types of pools, a very nice scrub, they pull the dead skin of the dead skin off of you.

COHEN: Like a hot and cold plunge.

SLOAN: There's a hot cold plunge.

COOPER: I'm playing the Love Shack that night so.

SLOAN: Oh no.

COHEN: Have you ever been to Times square for New Year's eve?

SLOAN: Absolutely not. This seems like a bad idea. But bless them.

COHEN: Why does it seem like a bad idea?

SLOAN: You can't pee. The ability to use the bathrooms stops you from doing a lot of things.

COHEN: Right.

SLOAN: Camping, large concert, being on concrete for twelve hours. They say people wear diapers to this.

COHEN: Have you ever been to a dead show? A grateful dead. I've never been--

SLOAN: No, I'm not 65.

COOPER: He's a big dead head.


COOPER: And we were just at a dead show.

COHEN: OK. Well, we're going back.

SLOAN: Young people go to these shows? That's a blessing. I did not know.

COHEN: Thank you.

SLOAN: I'm unaware.

COHEN: Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

SLOAN: Well, it's to stop flirting with men who don't want to sleep with me.

COHEN: Why do you flirt with a lot of gay guys?

SLOAN: I flirt with a lot of men, period. Because you got to shoot your shot.

COHEN: Yes, you do. I agree.

SLOAN: And I'm an equal opportunity employer. I'm down here trying to find a nice young man who wants to just take naps.

COOPER: Oh, my God. First of all, all I do is take naps.

COHEN: He's a professional.

SLOAN: But you do--

COOPER: But yes, then nothing else is going to happen.

COHEN: When that silver fox goes and burrows in his foxhole, he's down--

COOPER: When I say, I want to take a nap with you, I actually do really just want to take a nap.

SLOAN: But you want to nap with someone - you ain't napping with me, Anderson.

COHEN: By the way, I love your holiday nails.

SLOAN: Thank you so much.

COHEN: These are amazing.

SLOAN: Educate nails at Astoria. Better than a Yelp review man. Educate nails in Astoria, they've got all kinds of Christmas fun here.

COOPER: Astoria is awesome by the way.

SLOAN: You do like it?

COOPER: Yes, I do like Astoria.

COHEN: What do you know about Astoria?

COOPER: I dated someone in Astoria.

SLOAN: It's a nice place to live. A lot of Greek food.

COOPER: There's a whole Brazilian - Greek--

COHEN: Now this is all coming into the picture for me. So now you mentioned your Jewish husband that isn't here yet in a commercial break.

SLOAN: Listen, he could be - honestly, as long as he prays to somebody. I'm really just trying to find a nice young man that I can make some people with and who is not poor. I can't do the poor. I want to go on vacations and I don't want to wait for you two years to save up.

I'm just trying to live a wonderful life. I'm trying to jet set. I need somebody with a passport. You understand? I'm on tv, OK? Nobody broke. Hopefully, can I say circumcised on camera? Circumcised but you know what, I don't know, I'm going to be on a list soon but who knows.

COHEN: You're going to be on an A list?

COOPER: Wait, that's important.

COHEN: Can't Trevor Noah set you up with somebody?

SLOAN: He's busy working, he's a very busy man.

COHEN: Yes, he is.

COOPER: But he's global. He must know a lot of folks.

SLOAN: He does but he be busy. That man's working, he ain't got time to set me up.

COOPER: On a date, do you ask somebody if they have a passport? Because I've done that before too.

SLOAN: I leave it to a second and third date, which we I usually don't see because they don't get past the first date because they want to take me to night - listen, I'm really stuck in a like Applebee's - there's nothing wrong with that but I want to go somewhere where like I can't pronounce. Where like green beans are French, you know?

COOPER: I went on a date with a girl in college and I was testing her--

SLOAN: And then you figured it out.

COOPER: I knew it already. I wasn't figuring it out. I was flailing around. But I sort of was testing her so I took her to Virgil's barbecue.

SLOAN: Where's?

COHEN: Well, there's one in Times Square.

SLOAN: You went to bronky place in New York?


SLOAN: That's a rev - She should have known what time it was.

COOPER: Believe me, that was the first and last date. OK.

COHEN: You're going to lead us in game of never have I ever. I made us fresquilas. So this is tequila and freska. We're going to drink if we've done any of these things. This is the 2019 edition of Never have I ever.

SLOAN: OK, that sounds good.


SLOAN: Never have I ever made a Tik Tok video. COOPER: I've never done it. Do I drink?

COHEN: I've never done it. So you, no, you drink if you've done it.


COHEN: You made a Tik Tok video?

COOPER: For what?

COOPER: The Chinese government has all your information now.

SLOAN: We've already figured out that those electronic things don't read black people. I'm sure about it. OK, never have I ever drank a hard seltzer.


COHEN: Yes, that's the craze.

SLOAN: I don't understand.

COOPER: Wait, I've never drunk that.


SLOAN: OK, never have I ever cried during the Lion King reboot.

COOPER: Haven't seen it.


SLOAN: Never have I ever sung Hot Girl Summer at karaoke.

COOPER: I've never - I've never sung karaoke.

SLOAN: Never done it. OK.

COOPER: I just don't believe in karaoke.

SLOAN: Start with private room so you're not in room full of - private room karaoke is everything.

COOPER: But who wants to? Why?

SLOAN: Because you want to sit with there with your friends and drink. Come out Anderson.

COOPER: No, I'm not that person.

SLOAN: You read the Mueller report?

COOPER: Well, yes.

SLOAN: That's not my job. We got a nice man at work. Watch, Dolomite is my name. COHEN: Watch both of those movies.

SLOAN: Both of them. The original and the one, I didn't--

COHEN: I hear it great.

COOPER: It's on my list.

COHEN: I hear it's really good.

SLOAN: They killed it.

COOPER: I did just watch - by the way have you seen don't F with cats on Netflix? It's a documentary.

SLOAN: No, no, no. I saw the beginning of it and it didn't look nice.

COOPER: No, no, it's a tough beginning. But I'm telling you. It goes to places you can't--

SLOAN: I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. That lady was like in a cat and I heard a vacuum, I'm like--

COHEN: Everybody go see, Dulce Sloan in Chicago this weekend and she'll be at the baths too in Chicago if you want to find her.

SLOAN: Catch me.

COHEN: We have a lot more ahead Dead and Company.

COOPER: You're awesome.

SLOAN: Thank you.

COHEN: Joining us live from San Francisco. We'll be right back.

COOPER: Thank you so much ma'am.



COOPER: And welcome back. We're here in Times Square by the way my assistant Jessica just sent me a note saying, after a shot, blow out your mouth like you're blowing out birthday candles. It helps, promise.

COHEN: I think it's a little too late for that. One of my favorite guests of the night, joining us now from their concert backstage before their concert at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Oh man, it's Dead and Company. Hey guys.


COHEN: Wow, what a New Year sight for sore eyes. Bob Weir, you look like a king flanked by your court there. Wow. I love it. MAYER: We miss you over here.

COHEN: Hey guys, we've been talking - we've been talking to Bill Weir and we talked to Bill Walton, a little bit at Shake down street a little while ago. We're looking at all those gorgeous deadheads having a great time before the show.

Talk to me about - explain deadheads to people who may not understand and what is your relationship with them or your appreciation for them?

MAYER: I feel like that's a - that's a Bob answer.

BOB WEIR, SINGER & MUSICIAN: OK, well there are all kinds of dead heads. OK, there are all kinds of deadheads. You've got - you've got tech guys, you've got CEOs, you've got gas station attendants, you've got you know probably serial murderers and - not a lot of them.

All kinds of - all kinds of folks but they - it's a fun show. Here's the deal. They require - there's a certain kind of person who requires a little adventure in their lives and therefore they require a little adventure in the music they listen to and we're happy to provide that for them.

COHEN: Yes, that's awesome. Hey John Mayer. What's your New Year's resolution this year by the way?

MAYER: Andy Cohen since we're now using our first and last names for each other, I would say that it would just be to keep up the good work. That's it.

WEIR: I'm not making any resolutions.

COHEN: You're not, you're not into New year's resolutions?

COOPER: I hear you I'm with you on that one.

MAYER: I don't think every year that goes by is a year full of mistakes you need to correct. I would love to have a 2020 like I had a 2019. Does that make me in the minority here? We had a great 2019. I'd love to do it again.

COHEN: Yes. Guys, you've done so many great New Year's concerts and there's so much - there's a lot of pictures of them. There was a New Year show you did where a huge joint came out like came out from the stage into the crowd. Do you have anything crazy planned for tonight or what's going to happen in San Francisco?

MAYER: You guys have any idea.

WEIR: No, we don't - we don't much get it - we let the folks - know basically are seeing our family, our business associates and all those folks get together and put that together for us because we just play. We just show up and play.

MAYER: As simple as that. We actually don't - actually when you asked it was the first time I realized there must be something but I don't know what it is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know what it is but I'm not going to tell.

WEIR: I don't want to know, surprise is the best.

COHEN: That's awesome. Do you guys know what song you're going to be playing at midnight? Any idea?

WEIR: It's right there, it's right here.

MAYER: Yes, it's written down.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It says it here and we just go.

COHEN: That's your sad list?

WEIR: There's a hell of it.

MAYER: Andy and I can tell you this, it's one of your favorite songs.

COHEN: Yes. Wow, all right, well, that - that's a list of about a hundred. Bob, you sure of--

MAYER: But it's your most favorite.

COHEN: Oh oh. Bob, you shared a photo of you and Jerry Garcia performing in San Francisco on - in 1977, you shared a photo yesterday. It was so cool. When you're on - when you guys are on stage together, you played with Jerry Garcia for so long. Do you feel his presence when you're on stage?


WEIR: Every night, all the time. With the music he wrote and the stuff that he put in our heads and in our hearts for that matter, in our approach for doing stuff, we all came up with that together. So he lives with us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, he lives with us so - he lives with us so much that I can - he deafened my left ear so I'll always remember him for that.

COOPER: That's awesome.

COHEN: Did you guys ever think, you would see the legalization of marijuana in your lifetime?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, never. I wanted it back in 72.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I didn't think it would happen. I remember back in 1972 we were living in the Haight Ashbury and it was up on the ballot in California in 72 and it didn't even come close.

I think it had 10% or something horrible like that and I figured, it's never going to be legal but I'm sure happy it is now and it's the best. I'm a rather a component. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's - it's great not running from the law.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we're not criminals.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And we were quick, we kept this publicity. It wasn't fun.

COOPER: How many nights are you playing every year? I mean how long are you on the road every year?


WEIR: Well, some of us, if we're not doing this, we're doing other stuff so we're you know, most of us are on the road a lot. You know--

MAYER: I'd say Bob that you're the biggest workhorse.

WEIR: No, you are. Both of you guys are.

MAYER: There's always a tour going.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Boys, boys, sorry.

COHEN: Before we let know, are you guys going to - are you guys going to post some dates for 2020? Are we going to get to see you on the road next year?

WEIR: Hell yes.



WEIR: I mean, that's what we do. Here we come.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We play music and if you have to go to the people to play the music, they're not always going to come to you and we like the road. We're road dogs and we like it that way.

WEIR: Yes, it's what we've ever known.

COOPER: I'm embarrassed to say I have not been to a concert and I would like this year if--

COHEN: I'm going to take you to - I'm going to take you to your first concert.

COOPER: But you need to educate me.

COHEN: I'm going to.


COHEN: I'm going to.

WEIR: Well, you kids have a ball. COHEN: You guys, it's such an--

COOPER: Oh, I have no doubt about that.

COHEN: He's going to have a ball.

COOPER: No doubt.

COHEN: You guys, it's such an honor to see you have a great show, have a great New Year's Eve. I couldn't love you all any more. Thank you for the music.

WEIR: Happy New Year.


MAYER: Happy New Year.


COHEN: Thanks guys.

COOPER: How cool is it? You know what I love about this is the people come on this program is that like there's no, like we don't have a big budget, we don't have like - we're not like you know some of the other shows out there and yet really amazing.

COHEN: And people show up.

COHEN: Thank you so much. Very cool.

COOPER: Very cool.

COHEN: It's an honor talking to those guys.

COOPER: Let's go back to Key West. See what Randi Kaye is up to. Randi, I believe she's at a rum - rum bath. Oh my Lord what is a rum bath entail? Well, you don't look like you're in a bath so what's going on?

RANDY KAYE: No. We are at the Bourbon Street Bar which is the party and you never know what you're going to find here in Key West. Well, look what we found. I think we found the queen of the sea. Check this out. A mermaid in a bathtub here. I don't think I've ever seen a tail so huge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's not the only thing that's huge here honey.

KAYE: Look at this tail. Get a look at here. This is unbelievable and you're in a bath of sparkling rum.

COHEN: Is she seeing anybody?

KAYE: Is she seeing anybody? Andy Cohen wants to know if you're seeing anyone.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He already knows, I'm not seeing anybody.

KAYE: I love this. This is fantastic. But you know, you're obviously not the little mermaid, right? So--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not the biggest you know, let's put it that way.

KAYE: Oh boy, OK. Well, how is the rum? How is it? Is it good?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why don't you come on inside?

COHEN: Oh Randy.


COHEN: Randy's a whack. She's slicking off the bottle. This is a nightmare. Oh my God. Randy Kaye knows how to party.

KAYE: This is how it's done in Key West. How do I get out of this thing?

COOPER: Just kidding. I've asked that question a million times.

COHEN: OK, well one weird craze this year in America, the po- Oh, I mean, that was crazy. The Popeye's Chicken sandwich.

COOPER: What was in that bath? What was that in the bathtub?



COHEN: People lost their minds over the Popeye's chicken sandwich. Don and Brooke are seeing what all the fuss is about in Nashville. Hey guys.


COOPER: Don and Brooke, I just got to tell you I don't know what we just witnessed so--

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: I don't have to worry about what's trending--

COHEN: What's up guys?

LEMON: -it's going to drunk Randy Kaye.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN HOST: She showed up - Randy Kaye, this one is for you honey.

LEMON: So guys just give us some time with this last shot OK? Because we got some great stuff for you. All right, so check this out. We're going to be - one of the things here is hot chicken.

BALDWIN: Hot like--

LEMON: Hot chicken. BALDWIN: - really, really spicy.

LEMON: It started decades ago, this woman was upset with her philandering husband so she made this chicken hot to get back with him - to get back at him. Turns out he liked it, started a restaurant.

BALDWIN: It started a thing here in Nashville. Hemo (ph), where are you my man?

LEMON: Come here.

BALDWIN: This is Bryan - in his famous - famous hot chicken and I think Don--

LEMON: We're going to do a taste test on the air.

BALDWIN: I'm a little afraid.

LEMON: Andy and Anderson are never going to do a shot with you. Don't be embarrassed Anderson.

COOPER: We love it.

LEMON: I'm an embarrassing co-worker, you don't have to be embarrassed.

BALDWIN: All right, so what's up? Happy New Year.

LEMON: So melt away the old and jump into the New Year right here with Hattie B's in Nashville, Tennessee.

BALDWIN: Our taste buds are about to be melting away. I'm getting when you throw us out.

LEMON: Well, we'll see, you know, Hattie B's, we do great Nashville hot chicken. You don't have to go hot but tonight we're going to see just how hot you can get.

BALDWIN: Don has focus on the tequila.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No we have a bar.

LEMON: We have a bar going on here.

BALDWIN: Focus on the chicken. And so you have three levels of hotness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So we've got six levels of heat at Hattie B's but we thought we'd challenged you guys with the most hot three. We've got hot, damn hot and shut the cluck up so--

BALDWIN: Shut that cluck up.

LEMON: Shut the cluck up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's right. BALDWIN: Which you said our tongue will be singing for 20 minutes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It will. Now look you can walk your way up or you can just go right for glory.

LEMON: But you said you made her's milder than mine because I'm like a southerner and I'm over confident.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm confident what you can do. I believe in you.

BALDWIN: We're very competitive in case you didn't notice.

LEMON: I'm just going to do the chicken, I don't need the carbs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: White bread and pickles traditional but you can skip it. So that's our hot. Nothing for you. You've got this.

LEMON: That's not bad. That's right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We got a little banana pudding on standby. We got a little milk just in case we need a bailout. He's going right into the damn hot.

COHEN: Oh my Gosh Brooke, he's flying right by you here.

LEMON: It's nothing, right?


BALDWIN: He's getting the milk, he's getting the milk.

LEMON: That's hot AF.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's gone for glory. Hattie B's shut the cluck up.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can he do it? I really believe in him. I think he's got this.

LEMON: Holy - holy.


LEMON: Oh my God.

BALDWIN: Tequila's happening now.

LEMON: Andy and Anderson, can we do a shot.

BALDWIN: Thank you Nashville.

LEMON: It's good to have you guys. Andy, have you back another year. Anderson, we've been doing this for what like, 30 years.

BALDWIN: Happy almost New Year to you guys. It's such a pleasure to do this every year.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: That was - All right.

COOPER: I hate spicy food. That's worse than tequila.

COHEN: Oh my God, your lips are all wet now. I have never seen him like this.

COOPER: Have you seen that hot wings show?

COHEN: Yes, I was on it.

COOPER: Oh, you were on it.


COOPER: I saw the one with Kevin Hart so funny.

COHEN: That's so funny.

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: Yes, they're really super hot.


COHEN: Here are our shot glasses.

COOPER: Shania Twain is going to join us perform one of her biggest hits. She's lovely. I love her.

COHEN: That don't impress me so you're Brad Pitt. That don't impress, whatever - I can't sing it. OK, I can't wait for this song. We'll be right back.




COHEN: All right, we're having fun, fun, fun. We're going to go back and--

COOPER: And it's no longer raining.

COHEN: It is no longer raining and you're still drunk. We're going to go back to the Brady Bunch house with Susan and Mike. They are heading upstairs. Oh look, you're wearing the Moslem sweaters I gave you and watch what happens live.

MIKE LOOKINLAND, ACTOR: What do you think?

SUSAN OLSEN, ACTOR: We like to dress alike. COHEN: Wow, you looks so cute. Oh wow you never - looks like with all

these walls and everything. You're going into the girls room.

COOPER: Oh my Gosh.

COHEN: Oh my God. Oh there are kitty dolls. Susan.

OLSEN: Tiny ones.

COHEN: That's so sweet and then you and those boys - the girls and the boys shared that bathroom. I mean six kids in that--

OLSEN: Oh yes, the bathroom that never had a toilet but now it does.

LOOKINLAND: It does. Now here's what makes it the real deal. Here's what makes it the real deal. Let's get - let's do it together. Tada. We have a toilet.

COHEN: Yay. Oh my God.

OLSEN: We waited 50 years for that.

COHEN: I mean, can you imagine, I was stopped up those ladies - they didn't have a toilet. They were so stopped up. That explains a lot.

COOPER: Mike and Susan, how many shows were there?

COHEN: How many episodes did you guys make?

OLSEN: A 100 and something.

COOPER: Wow, it ran for how many years?

LOOKINLAND: 117 episodes.

COHEN: 117 episodes.

COOPER: Five years.

COHEN: And they made like no residuals The actors got fairly staff.

OLSEN: That's right.

LOOKINLAND: All though they--

COHEN: So all the repeats.

LOOKINLAND: It's fun to come back. It's great fun to come back and - and do this stuff. It's - it's so much fun to come back and do this. We're often asked what's your favorite reunion show and hands down it was this, it was this.

OLSEN: Absolutely.

LOOKINLAND: Hey if you look around, you can see insanely perfectly matched this whole place is. OLSEN: I did the wallpaper.

LOOKINLAND: You guys there's something that does not match this room OK, and I'll show you.

OLSEN: Yes. What's this stuff?

LOOKINLAND: Andy sitting on your set, thought to myself I have something at home that is going to go great on your shelf and we're going to send you this. There's some goodies inside. This is for you.

COHEN: I love it. Thank you.

OLSEN: And for Anderson.

LOOKINLAND: And for Anderson, for Anderson, I don't know if you're aware of this crazy book. Susan Olsen is co-author of this book and it's about show, Variety show.

OLSEN: Which was voted fourth worst television show in television history by TV guide.


COHEN: It's a fake jam--

OLSEN: On January 2nd, it's Fake jam day.

COOPER: it's fake jam.

LOOKINLAND: Ove got one more thing for you, Andy. Andy, I have one more thing for you.


LOOKINLAND: Andy's a fan.


LOOKINLAND: I've got one more thing for you. This means Happy New Year brother.

COHEN: Oh. Look at that gorgeous tie-die. Thanks Mike. Wow, I didn't know where that was going. Happy New Year guys. Thank you so much for joining us.

LOOKINLAND: Happy New Year to everybody in New York city and everywhere in between.

OLSEN: Yes, we love you all.

COOPER: Thank you.

COHEN: Thanks guys.

COOPER: We got a lot more in store for you tonight. COHEN: I love a Brady.

COOPER: I love a Brady.

COHEN: I thought he was going to take his clothes off. I was like we're going to see--

COOPER: So Shaquille O'Neal is going to join us, showing off his DJ skills. 50 cent or is it 50 cents.

COHEN: 50 cent, you're not going to say pity.

COOPER: Well, I'm asking.

COHEN: Well, no, just it's 50 cents.

COOPER: Yes, it's 50 cents. 50 cents is going to be here.

COHEN: No 50 cents.

COOPER: 50 cent, yes sir, that's what I said.

COHEN: Not 50 cents.

COOPER: I know.


COOPER: This getting in terminal.

COHEN: Take us to break.

COOPER: But first we're going to take you to pay a tribute to some really incredible people who might not be household names but that's one of the great things about CNN Heroes. Their work means the world to so many people. They're our CNN Heroes. The year may be coming to a close. There's time to help them. Still get a great start to 2020.

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