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Underreported Stories Of 2019; New Year's Resolutions, New Year's Peeves! Aired 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2019 - 22:00   ET



ALEX PIETRANGELO, ICE HOCKEY DEFENSEMAN: Hey it's Alex Pietrangelo, Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues. Andy and Anderson just want to wish you a safe and happy New Year. Here's to hoping that 2020 is as good as 2019.

ANNOUNCER: From the heart of Times Square its CNN's New Year's Every live, wild, star studded, unpredictable. Welcome to TV's hottest party with performances and appearances by Christina Aguilera, 50 Cent, Lindsay Lohan, Cheri Oteri, Keith Urban, Shaquille O'Neal and more surprises. And now your hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR, ANDERSON COOPER 360: And welcome back Times Square. We're here - look my - my blues.


COOPER: My Blues.


COOPER: They sent this Andy Cohen shirt for you there.

COHEN: This is awesome.


COHEN: Thanks Blues.

COOPER: Yes. I will put--

COHEN: This is awesome. You know, we should be plugging. Lindsay Logan is allegedly going to be joining us live from Doha. Is that true?

COOPER: No, from Oman.

COHEN: Oman.


COHEN: What's Doha?

COOPER: Doha is in Qatar. Doha.

COHEN: All right cheers everybody.

COOPER: Again? We just did it?


COOPER: We're done.

COHEN: We do it again. Shot number three or four. Wow. OK. OK. That was good. I wonder - you know, what Anderson, you spent so much time covering the actual news and I talk about kind of - I don't know what I talk about.

COOPER: I mean, that one - that one didn't - that was tough one.

COHEN: That was tough. I feel like don't lean against this. I'm a little worried about you. It's time to talk about some of the underreported stories of the year. First, we got to start with this one. Faye Dunaway--

COOPER: I mean that was--

COHEN: Faye Dunaway--

COOPER: Oh, Faye - yes.

COHEN: We interviewed her last year right here when she was promoting her new Broadway play.

COOPER: Yes, very excited.

COHEN: You were so excited about that. And then she wound up getting fired from the play.

COOPER: This is her last year to promote the play.

COHEN: And we're so excited about this play.

COOPER: This is her on last--


COHEN: You are going to be on Broadway next year


COHEN: Playing Katharine Hepburn, right?



COHEN: It's incredible.

DUNAWAY: It's a play called "Tea at 5" and it takes me back to my roots, six days after I graduated from BU, I had a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I was on Broadway. COOPER: Oh, okay.

DUNAWAY: And then, then movie started to roll and that career took over, but I kept coming back to Broadway and back to theater. So now I'm back, you know, really investigating it again.



COHEN: Oh, my god. It didn't happen. So I love Faye Dunaway.

COOPER: I love Faye Dunaway. She's awesome.

COHEN: But it didn't go well.

COOPER: It did not.

COHEN: They said she threw a salad on the floor once.

COOPER: She threw stuff at the crews. She would show up apparently late to work and rehearsals.

COHEN: She complained - she yelled at an audience member for wearing a hat that she said was distracting.

COOPER: She complained about the lighting also.

COHEN: And she was upset about someone in the audience wearing a hat. And, you know, I did a little investigating. We're still trying to I.D. the person. We have narrowed it down.

COOPER: The person in the hat?

COHEN: One of these two audience members. Sorry, bad joke. Here's another story. Walmart had to apologize for selling an ugly holiday sweater that appeared to depict Santa doing lines of flow?

COOPER: What? Is that true?

COHEN: Did you see that? Yes.

COOPER: "Let it Snow." Its--

COHEN: Look at the snow. But, look, there's like lines of cocaine on the - in front of--

COOPER: Santa doesn't do that. Santa doesn't do that.

COOPER: Also thieves made off - I read this. This was a big underreported story. You may have covered this on "Watch What Happens Live."

COHEN: Yes, I think we did.

COOPER: Thieves made off with a load of bull penises from a Canadian pot store, apparently.

COHEN: Pet store, not pot store.

COOPER: Sorry. First of all, I just don't understand why is anyone selling bull penises to begin with?

COHEN: Well, Anderson--

COOPER: I don't--

COHEN: --we'll talk after the show. Now, did you report on "360" that Suzanne Somers and her husband--

COOPER: I love Suzanne Somers.

COHEN: You too.


COHEN: Well, she and her husband get special shots to help them have sex twice a day.

COOPER: What? What? No way.

COHEN: Their shots contained PT 141, melanocortin based peptide that generates sexual arousal.

COOPER: This is ridiculous. That's not true.

COHEN: It's true.

COOPER: PT 1 - what? it's a patrol boat.

COHEN: Yes - no.


COHEN: Also, did you see when--

COOPER: Wait, to have sex twice a day?


COOPER: Please, no. That's not true.

COHEN: Did you see that Barbara Corcoran from "Shark Tank" staged a mock funeral for her 70th birthday.

COOPER: Is she dressed as a nun?

COHEN: Yes. It's all crazy. No, she's in the coffin, babe.


COOPER: Oh, she--


COOPER: Did she hire a nun to stand by the coffin?

COHEN: I don't know who he nun is. But she sent me her mini coffin?

COOPER: She laid in the coffin?

COHEN: It's crazy.

COOPER: Wait, and she sent you something?

COHEN: She sent me like a mini version of the coffin.

COOPER: Why is she sending you a coffin?

COHEN: I don't know. I think I made it the tackle--

COOPER: Oh, you said something about it. You were mean to her.

COHEN: No, I was not mean to her.

COOPER: You were having fun with her.


COOPER: Not making fun of her. You were having fun with her.

COHEN: Speaking of having fun with people--


COHEN: There's a petition - oh, my god, you were almost--

COOPER: Are you OK?

COHEN: Oh, it popped.

COOPER: Oh, my god. Are you OK? Is he seeing anybody? Here's a petition on to have the legendary Barbara Walters do the ball drop tonight and of course say one of her signature phrases--

COHEN: Which is--




BARBARA WALTERS, AMERICAN BROADCASTER: And I'm Barbara Walters, and this is 20/20. 20/20. 20/20. From all of us here at 20/20 have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Good night.


COHEN: All right. guess what? Joining us now, it's Barbara Walters. Barbara, any plans for the new year?

WALTERS: Anderson, Andrew, first let me say what an honor it is for you to have me on your new year's eve special. Second, I'm afraid retirement didn't suit me as much as people had hoped. And now that I'm trending on social media with the likes of Korean boy band BTS, climate change activist Greta Thunberg, and body positive songstress Lizzo, I've decided to dust off my power suit and get back in the game.

It's no longer going to be a Chico's kind of day for this gal, because I can finally say with confidence, this is 20/20.

COHEN: So wait a minute. Barbara Walters, are you headed back to "The View"?

WALTERS: Not necessarily, Andrew, although I do miss Joy poking fun at me behind my back, Whoopi's questionable footwear and sassy black quips. Most of all, I miss being thin (ph). You know, and since dignified journalism has become passe, Anderson, and humiliating conflict is all the rage, Andrew, I decided to let the cameras into my once sacred personal and professional life so that viewers can view a day in the life of me now that this is 2020.

Cameras will follow my every move and witness my relatable struggles while one day I'm on Rupert Murdoch's mega yacht enjoying crab Rangoon with that makes Burt Bacharach, bombshell Loni Anderson and royal Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles. Then the next day I'm waiting in my car for my driver to return with my blood thinner description in a place they call the Walgreen.

Watch me put together puzzles with Spartacus himself, Kirk Douglas, Broadway's Angela Lansbury, former presidential hopeful Bob Dole, and funnyman Shecky Greene. We'll discuss, but not here, hot topics such as global warming, the royals, hip surgery, who farted, and the upcoming presidential election since - this is 2020.

When romance is in the cards, watch me swipe left on popular dating applications such as our time, 80-something, loose skin, and where did we park the car? All the while, I will be surrounded by my most cherished close and intimate friends, my lawyer, Barry Mendlestein (ph), my beloved dog Cha-Cha, my fluid hairdresser, Christophe Christine (ph), and my moody daughter Jackie.

Anderson, Andrew, you just heard my pitch for my new reality show starring me as I make my come back, because in case you haven't heard - this is 2020.

COOPER: Wow. Barbara Walters.

COHEN: Barbara Walters, thank you so much. Wow.

WALTERS: You're very welcome. Now, I want to find my purse. There's a lot of people, and I need to leave right now gentlemen.

COHEN: Thank you, Barbara Walters.

WALTERS: Where's my car? where's my car?

COOPER: We'll get the car. Somebody--

COHEN: We're going to get the car, but first there--

COOPER: --Barbara's car.

COHEN: There are new year - here is some new year special--

COOPER: We have another special guest joining us in just a moment.


COHEN: --from my guest. Watch what happens live. Watch this.


BROOKE SHIELDS, AMERICAN ACTRESS: My husband is gone a lot, so my new year's resolution is going to be to have more sex.


SHIELDS: With him.

DYLAN MCDERMOTT, AMERICAN ACTOR: My new year's resolution is to have eyebrows like Brooke Shields.

SHIELDS: I'm going to rub them on you. Rubbing them on you. They rub off.

PATTI LABELLE, AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: My new year's resolution is to love a lot more, if he can. I'm loving so many people so hard every day anyway. So I'm just going to be a better me.

BOY GEORGE, SINGER-SONGWRITER: My resolution is obviously to be a better version of myself and just get bigger hats.

VIVICA A. FOX, AMERICAN ACTRESS: My new year's resolution is not to spend so much money on clothes.

DAN RATHER, AMERICAN JOURNALIST: My new year's resolution is worry less, enjoy more.

SANDRA BERNHARD, AMERICAN ACTRESS: My new year's resolution is I'm finally going to learn how to downhill ski.

KATHLEEN TURNER, AMERICAN FILM ACTRESS: My new year's resolution is to travel more. I want - I've gotten out of the habit of seeing enough of the world, and I want to go back out.

JOHN HICKEY, AMERICAN ACTOR: My new year's resolution is headspace. I want to start meditating.

HODA KOTB, BROADCASTER: My new year's resolution is just to slow everything down in 2020. I'm going to take things easy. I'm going to hang with my kids, and I'm just going to slow it down. I'm not rushing through life anymore. That's my resolution for 2020.

NICK LACHEY, AMERICAN ACTOR: Well, this is a strange place to reveal this particular resolution, but my new year's resolution is to drink less.

CAROLINE RHEA, COMEDIAN: This year, my new year's resolution is to not give up sugar.


COHEN: All right.

COOPER: We are very happy to be joined by the incredible Cheri Oteri.

COHEN: Hey, Cheri.

CHERI OTERI, AMERICAN COMIC: --he just gave me the finger as I passed.

COOPER: She really?

OTERI: She did. She did.

COHEN: That was a tour de force. By the way, what did Barbara Walters think of your impersonation of her back in the day when you were doing it a lot on "SNL"?

COOPER: You actually did it with her--


COOPER: --on "The View" - at the end of "The View".

OTERI: Yes. Well, she asked me when I was on the show, and she said to me, "How do you do me?" And I said, well - I said, what you do - whoever you're interviewing, you give them three compliments and then you go in for the kill.

I said, you know, you're a hip-hop mogul, you're a Grammy winner and Emmy winner, and you're starring in the new movie, black girl, white boy. why the porn? She disarms them and goes in for the kill.

COOPER: It's a good technique.

COHEN: Got to ask. SNL just had a blockbuster episode. Eddie Murphy's return to the show.

OTERI: I know.

COHEN: What did you make of it? What did you think?

OTERI: I loved it, just like everybody did. I loved - I loved Nick Nolte, I loved Buckwheat. I loved Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. I still answer the door. I'll go, who is it?

COOPER: I don't know if you remember. There was an episode where Eddie Murphy was Buckwheat and they did a whole nightline episode of who killed Buckwheat.

OTERI: Yes, yes.

COHEN: I remember that.

COOPER: And it's legendary because like the whole premise of it was like them going around asking, did you have any idea he was going to kill Buckwheat, which everybody always says, oh, I had no idea he was going to do this.

Everybody in it said, "Oh, yes. It's all he talked about. I knew he said. He came in to me. He said, Saul, make me a new suit. I'm going to kill Buckwheat. I'm going to look good on television. I have loved you from - I have never met you before.

OTERI: I've never--

COOPER: I've loved you for the longest time. You are so talented.

OTERI: Thank you. I know it's so cliche, But I watch you every night.

COHEN: One of the real iconic women to come from "SNL." Do you have a favorite sketch?

COOPER: Alexis, Alexis.

OTERI: Are you trying to copy me, Anderson? Don't try and copy me.

COHEN: Do you have a favorite sketch or few sketches of yours?

OTERI: I really enjoy doing Morning Latte because it really made me laugh when we would write it, and I could sit still.

COOPER: Right.

COHEN: You weren't running around like the cheerleader.

OTERI: That was a treat. Are you kidding? But, you guys - I'm so jealous of the Brady Bunch thing.

COHEN: That was cool, right?

OTERI: That was so cool.


OTERI: And when you asked if they thought Alice--

COHEN: Was a lesbian?

OTERI: lesbian? I said - I mean, please, she was more butch than Sam the Butcher. She did--

COHEN: Did you not think Alice was a lesbian?

OTERI: Yes! I'm look Sam was her beard, or it was the opposite. COOPER: Yes.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: I did love how they avoided the entire topic.

COHEN: It's so great to see you. Happy new year.

OTERI: Well, guys, this is so much fun.

COOPER: You're really so sweet to come.

OTERI: I love you guys.

COHEN: Thank you. Everybody - by the way, everybody was saying last year, it's 2020 coming up YOU'VE got to get Barbara Walters. And I e- mailed Cheri, I think, the day after we got off the air. I go, we have to do something this year.

OTERI: I know and we ended up doing--

COHEN: So I'm so glad you came.

COOPER: Yes, it's so sweet of you.

OTERI: Thank you guys.

COHEN: Thank you that was great.

COOPER: Yes. I'm really, truly am such a fan. Yes.

OTERI: Happy new year. Happy new year.

COOPER: Cheri Oteri...

COHEN: We're going to go back to Nashville in just a minute.

COOPER: Alexis are you tapping me?


COHEN: Also Shaquille O'Neal shows off his spin moves as a deejay. We're going to be right back.

OTERI: Shaquille.


COOPER: And welcome back. 10:15 here on the East Coast. We are an hour and 45 minutes away from the start of the new year.


COOPER: Cheri Oteri, I've never met her. I'm so excited she was here.

COHEN: That was so funny. That was so funny. COOPER: She should be everywhere.


COOPER: Yes. In 2020, she should be everywhere.

COHEN: 2020.

COOPER: 2020, yes.


COOPER: Richard Quest is back. He doesn't just love Broadway, you know, he lives it. He is Broadway.

COHEN: Wow, Richard, are you giving us Fiddler?

COOPER: You're giving us Fiddler realness (ph).

COHEN: Fiddler realness.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Fiddler Topol.

COOPER: Are you? Tevi (ph)? Is it Tevi?

QUEST: Tevye. Yes.

COOPER: Tevye.?

QUEST: Tevye.

COHEN: My good these non-Jews trying to talk about--

COOPER: It's Shonda, I now. Its Shonda. It's a mishegoss. It's a shonda.

QUEST: Right. You're ready?

COHEN: Yes. What's happening?

QUEST: Are you ready?

COHEN: Are you going to quiz us?

QUEST: I'm going to quiz. I'm going to quiz. You're ready for this?


COHEN: He's going to quiz us about Broadway.


COOPER: So in the last hour you were Rum Tum Tugger from Cats?

QUEST: Yes. Now I'm Tevye. And here's your first question.


COOPER: By the way, have you ever actually seen Fiddler on the Roof?

QUEST: I acted as Tevye in a primary school.


QUEST: --production of it.

COHEN: primary school.

QUEST: And I will happy to give a rendition for meetings (ph) and weddings.

COHEN: Wow. OK. Lets--

COOPER: I see your Tevye, and I raise you Sholem Aleichem.

COHEN: Sholem Aleichem he played.

COOPER: I played Sholem Aleichem in the tenth grade Dalton School production of the life story of Sholem Aleichem. And I will tell you - can I tell you? Can I tell this story?


COOPER: Opening night, I was one of probably two non-Jewish people in my school, and I was cast as Sholem Aleichem by Elijah Shlomovitz (ph) the acting director.

COHEN: You were a minority in your school.

COOPER: Well - but, I was the diversity in my school, which says a lot. It's gotten a lot better. But the drama coach at Dalton picked me as Sholem Aleichem. Yes. Opening night - I'm opening - I'm doing my spiel as Sholem Aleichem, dressed much similarly to you. And two elderly grandmothers in the front row of somebody else in the cast - because my family members didn't actually attend productions - they would look at the tapes later.

Sitting on the front row, one grandmother turns to the other and goes, you're telling me at Dalton, they couldn't find a Jew to play Sholem Aleichem. And I was like, ma'am, I can hear you.

QUEST: Right. Are you ready?

COOPER: Your words are hurting me.

COHEN: Took a long time to get there.

COOPER: But we got there.

QUEST: Are you ready?


QUEST: Anderson, finish the line - finish the line. If I were a rich man--

COOPER: If I were a rich man, deedle, deedle, deedle, deedle do.

QUEST: Yabba dabba--

COHEN: OK. All right. Yabba dabba?

QUEST: Yabba dabba. So for you on, Andy. Sarah Jessica Parker was a Broadway star as Orphan Annie, of course. What show will she and her husband--

COHEN: Matthew Broderick. And not only are they going to be in Plaza Suite.

COOPER: Directed by.

COHEN: Neil Simon's play, directed by my great friend John Benjamin Hickey. But I've seen them doing a reading of it. It is unbelievable. Literally it's the biggest hit of next year. Get your tickets now.

COOPER: And John Benjamin Hickey who just left The Inheritance, which Andy and I saw together.


COOPER: --which is a great, incredible play on Broadway.

QUEST: Next one. One all. We all know that the three longest running shows on Broadway are Phantom, Chicago, and the Lion King.


QUEST: That's too easy to ask you. So which made the most money?

COHEN: Which made the most money?


COHEN: Wicked, Lion King.

COOPER: By the way, wicked wasn't even part of it.

COHEN: I know. I thought--

COOPER: Wasn't wicked not even part of the three?

QUEST: Not even part of--


QUEST: It was Lion King.

COOPER: Lion King. Yes, thank you.


QUEST: Finally, ready? Which--

COOPER: I get nothing?

QUEST: Wait a minute. Right, Two-one. What year did Phantom debut and who was the first Phantom? You got to get both right to get the points.

COHEN: The first Phantom was Michael Crawford.

QUEST: Yes, but in what year?

COHEN: 8--

COOPER: '85. COHEN: Yes, I'm going to say '83 - four, five, six, seven, eight.


COOPER: Oh, so close.

COHEN: I got it. Richard Quest.

QUEST: It brings back so many memories of Broadway.

COHEN: You receive Andy award.

COOPER: Yes, I love it. Are you - I'm the sad, you're the happy of course.

COHEN: Yes. Thank you, Richard.

QUEST: In our next hour--

COOPER: Yes, who are you embodying?

QUEST: You will just have to wait and see.

COOPER: Oh, my god. That's the mystery of Broadway. I love it.

QUEST: if I was a rich man--

COOPER: Excellent.

COHEN: All right. Let's go to Randi Kaye, who we last saw taking a dip in a rum bath. Where are you now, Randi?


COOPER: Randi, have you dried off?

KAYE: I have dried off from the rum bath. I've dried off from the rum bath, yes. I actually cleaned up, put my other outfit back on, and this is the famous shoe as you all know that sushi wears and stands in when they do the shoe drop here. They don't do the ball drop like they do. So I - we got the shoe lowered down, and I am going in the shoe!

COOPER: Wow. Oh, my god.

KAYE: I'm going to make this shoe mine. Oh, yes.

COOPER: And crowd goes wild.

COHEN: I'm going to make this shoe mine, she said. Wow, Randi, you're dominating.

KAYE: Oh, no, sushi.

COHEN: That's a dom. Oh here comes sushi. She's kicking her out of it.

COOPER: Get out of my shoe.

COHEN: Going to kick her out. Oh, my god.

COOPER: Yes, get out of the shoe.

KAYE: Kicked out of the shoe. Hey.

COHEN: Get out.

COOPER: Yes, that is right, sushi. kick her out.

COHEN: Give sushi a mic.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: --It's for a drag queen.

KAYE: This is my shoe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That ain't your shoe. this is my 22nd year in the shoe, honey. That's my shoe babe.

KAYE: So, OK. So take me up.

COHEN: Nobody steps in sushi's shoe.

KAYE: Oh, I want them to take me up. They can't take me up?


KAYE: I'm going to take the shoe--

COOPER: No, Randi is violating all the rules.

KAYE: Let's make a deal. Let's make a deal.

COHEN: Randi is--

KAYE: I'll give you these balls--

COHEN: Can sushi hear us? Shushi are you there?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I already have to balls honey.

KAYE: What are you-- UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I made this from two 1940s Japanese kimonos.


COOPER: Beautiful.

COHEN: I love it. Sushi giving us a little runway.


KAYE: Oh, Andy says that you're giving up - you're doing a little runway. Anything you want to say to Anderson and Andy tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I started watching you guys earlier on tonight. Like 10 minutes in, Anderson said, hey, girl or hey, queen to Andy, and I was like OK--

KAYE: Oh, boy. Well, here we are, and you are the queen grand dame of key west here. you're going to put on quite a show tonight. We got the fireworks, the whole deal going.


KAYE: So I'm going to take the shoe, OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, take the shoe, honey.

KAYE: All right. the shoe's mine. Just kidding.

COOPER: Randi, will you just tell sushi that we have been covering the - her drop in the shoe for, I think, 15 years, and it is a great tradition, and we love doing it, and we are so happy that she's back this year doing what she does incredibly well.

KAYE: Anderson wants me to tell you that they've been watching you and covering the sushi drop with you for, I don't know, 15 years or so, and he's so happy to see you and loves watching you every year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love you too. Mwah. Delicious. I'll see you in the shoe.

KAYE: Much love from key west. The party goes on.

COOPER: All right. We'll check back in with you. Coming up, we've got a lot more Christina Aguilera, 50 Cent. Shaq also joins us live.

COHEN: This is going to be good. We'll be right back.



COHEN: All right. We're back in Times Square.

COOPER: We're back in Times Square. All those folks who have been here for like since 11:00. COHEN: I know, it confounds me.

COOPER: 12:00 noon.

COHEN: But they're all really happy and I got to tell you something.

COOPER: Although when we got here, they were a little sluggish.

COHEN: Yes, they were sluggish.

COOPER: We got here like 7:00.

COHEN: yes, yes, yes.

COOPER: They seemed a little dazed.

COHEN: Their dikes were full. But it is--

COOPER: Is that really true?

COHEN: I don't know--

COOPER: I've heard stories about it. I don't know if people were--

COHEN: And I have to say the rain is gone.


COHEN: It's kind of - I mean, some might say this is balmy.

COOPER: This is probably the nicest night I've had.

COHEN: It's really nice.

COOPER: Yes, it is nice.

COHEN: Anderson is having a little doubts about the cock story earlier.

COOPER: You don't have to repeat that word.

COHEN: OK. sorry.

COOPER: But, yes, I feel maybe I went too far. I have a friend in Houston who texted me, who said - to wish a happy--

COHEN: You have a privacy screen?

COOPER: --new year - yes. He said--

COHEN: What are you afraid of?

COOPER: He said, tweets about the "c" brought me the broadcast.

COHEN: OK. Well, everybody needs a gimmick, babe. All right. We're going to go back to Nashville. We are told Brooke and Don have a couple of local songwriters who created a cool song. what's up, guys?

DON LEMON, CNN ANHOR: I need a translator for that last conversation.

COOPER: It's a long story, don.

COHEN: Oh, Don, we're going to tell you all about it.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANHOR: Don wants to know if you're hammered.

LEMON: Okay, guys. So we have a challenge for you.

COHEN: We're going to tell you about Don Lemon.

LEMON: --you can play along with this.


LEMON: All right. I can read between the lines. But, listen, these guys have written everything Chuck and Claude. They're songwriters. They're going to write songs for us on the fly. But just tell us - this is Claude.

CLAUDE: I'm Claude.

LEMON: And this is Chuck.

BALDWIN: What's up, chuck?

LEMON: And so what have you guys written and who have you written for?

CLAUDE: Everybody. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mia, Bruno Mars, Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus--

BALDWIN: Party in the USA, Miley Cryus.

CLAUDE: --Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears. Rihanna, Russian roulette.

BALDWIN: Rihanna, Britney spears.

CLAUDE: We love Stevie Nicks. We haven't written for her.


CLAUDE: I wish I wrote for Stevie Nicks.

LEMON: And I'm going to do my solo when we're done with this.

BALDWIN: Yes, there might have been a solo happening and tequila in the commercial break. But in the hues (ph). So you guys are going to write a song, and Andy and Anderson, y'all are going to jump in on this. You're just doing this on the fly? Like, how is this happening?

CLAUDE: We're going to do something on fly. Everyone is jumping on this?

All right. So here's what we're trying to do. We're trying to incorporate Brooke's name, drunk Don Lemon.


CLAUDE: OK. Nashville.

LEMON: It's not real. It's like Dean Martin. I'm just holding it. It's not real.

CLAUDE: You never know. It's lighting up mic--

LEMON: All right, sorry.

CLAUDE: 2020 in this little party song we have called "Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes."

BALDWIN: "Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes."

CLAUDE: It's new year's eve. Good drinks - we should be having good drinks and telling dumb jokes, right?

BALDWIN: I'm in.

CLAUDE: So let me introduce you to the chorus, first. This is the chorus. ready?

All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes to have us a good time, have us a good time, yes. That's the chorus.

BALDWIN: OK. OK. We got this.

LEMON: Have us a good time

CLAUDE: All right. Let's try to get all these words in.


CHUCK: One, two, three.

CLAUDE: We looking drunk Don Lemon about to do it right, yes. Nothing too fancy, Nashville chilling all night - all night--


CLAUDE: (SINGING) we got this playing (inaudible) Jack Daniels in our cup ready? (inaudible) All we need is good drunks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes to have us a good time.

Everybody, come on--

LEMON: All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes--

CLAUDE: For 2020, good drinks and dumb jokes to have us a good time. We got our hands to the ceiling.

LEMON: Hands to the ceiling

CLAUDE: We rocking back and forth, we are getting crazy going on. Anderson, Andy, come on. We got this stereo playing on (inaudible) All we need - everybody come on, come on - Good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes.


All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes. To have us a good time, have us a good time. Good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes. All we need is good drinks and dumb jokes.

BALDWIN: All right.

CLAUDE: To have a good time.

COOPER: Awesome.

CLAUDE: To have a good time.

COHEN: All right. Yes.

COOPER: All right. We'll be back in Nashville in just a second.

COHEN: All right. For all the hits those guys have written.

COOPER: Yes, incredible.

COHEN: That was a clunker.


COHEN: Those guys those guys wrote "Party in the USA," excuse me. They've written everything.

COOPER: Well. They are having a good time on new year's eve.

COHEN: Yes. They all maybe. It's very good theme. Don Lemon's dancing. I was into that. OK. You know what? There were some things that really bugged us last year.

COOPER: You've been annoyed all year long by certain things. COHEN: Well, no, I get annoyed about things. Here are some things that

annoyed us this year. I was done in by the trend of Halloween trees.

COOPER: I didn't even know this was a trend.


COOPER: What does a Halloween tree look like?

COHEN: There.

COOPER: Oh, that's - no, that's - what?

COHEN: By the way, is that a painting of Cher? COOPER: I mean, who - yes, forget about the tree.

COHEN: I love the painting of Cher.

COOPER: Also the skull pillow.

COHEN: Yes. That's kind of cute.

COOPER: Yes, the like for Frank Frazetta image.

COHEN: Now, if you've seen reindeer boobs.


COHEN: These are sweaters with the boob--

COOPER: I mean--

COHEN: Well, those are gentlemen. That's--

COOPER: What I a minute. What?

COHEN: That is a real boob of a lady on the right decorated--

COOPER: That was actually a thing this year?


COOPER: That's not like a Walmart selling thing, though. That's somebody makes those.

COHEN: I don't know where they're found.

COOPER: They just cut a hole. Oh.

COHEN: OK. Well, that's my dog and my son.

COOPER: Oh, I mean - that's adorable.

COHEN: And this getting daddy shamed on Instagram.

COOPER: Wait, why are you being daddy shamed for that?

COHEN: People are like you, can't let your dog by your son?

COOPER: Why can't you put your dog by your son?

COHEN: Because I don't know. The dog has germs or he's going to - the truth is, my pediatrician said, yes, let your dog lick your son. It's great. It will make him immune to everything. It's all good. You live together.

COOPER: That's an adorable picture.

COHEN: Yes. Daddy shaming. Not down for that.

COOPER: Did you get shamed for a lot of stuff?

COHEN: Yes, a fair amount. I stopped paying attention. Now, are you familiar with--

COOPER: This is another one of your pet peeves.

COHEN: Perineum sunning. This is pet peeve.

COOPER: What? What is Perineum?

COHEN: A Perineum, it's like--

COOPER: Oh, I know. Don't - you don't need to tell me. I see the picture. What the heck?

COHEN: It's above your taint basically. And there was a thing that said if you sun your perineum, that it gives you energy and it--

COOPER: I mean do people have so much time on their hands? I don't have any time on my hands.

COHEN: Well, guess what? Famous actor Josh Brolin tried it, and he burned his butt.

COOPER: I love Josh Brolin. Really?

COHEN: --as a result, he said, I've never doing that again.

COOPER: Wait? We've got Josh Brolin's picture?


COOPER: OK. Josh Brolin is a hugger. Did you know that?


COOPER: Yes. I was on Kelly's show, and he was a guest. And he came out, he was like I'm a hugger, I'm a hugger.

COHEN: Well, I like it.

COOPER: I'm a hugger.


COOPER: Yes, it was very - I like Josh Brolin.

COHEN: Straight pride parades.

COOPER: Isn't that every day? I thought that was an everyday thing. I thought that was like going on--

COHEN: Its call life.

COOPER: I thought it was like walking down the street.

COHEN: Going down the subway, yes.

COOPER: Yes, it's like yes.

COHEN: You're funny.

COOPER: All right, good for them.

COHEN: Over the top gender reveal parties. People were getting killed at gender reveal parties.

COOPER: What are gender reveal parties?

COHEN: It's when you - oh, we're going to blow up this house, and if it's--

COOPER: Oh, the blowup.

COHEN: If the smoke is blue, then it's a baby boy.

COOPER: Right, yes. You had like a - what, you had a baby shower?

COHEN: Yes, a baby shower.


COOPER: It just seemed like a lot. Like was it fun?

COHEN: Yes, it was wonderful.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: All of my friends gathered. You were there.

COOPER: No, I was there, I know.

COHEN: Anderson made the bonnet of bows.


COHEN: You remember--

COOPER: It seemed like a lot. Like everyone just sat around--

COHEN: --you didn't have a good time at the baby shower?

COOPER: No, no, I mean, I love your baby. But it was just - I mean, it's a party where people watch you open presents.

COHEN: Yes, that's - yes, I mean - yes. I mean, it was--

COOPER: Yes. I mean, like - yes, I just didn't understand it. I've never been to one before.

COHEN: Yes, no. I know.

COOPER: Yes. COHEN: Well, okay.

COOPER: No, I mean I - like does everyone have it?

COHEN: Yes, people have baby showers.

COOPER: Okay. great.

COHEN: Boy, you got a lot of makeup all over your collar and maybe a little blood right there.

COOPER: Blood?

COHEN: What is happened to you?

COOPER: What are you talking about? Blood?

COHEN: Rode hard in Times Square, my god.

COOPER: I do have a little makeup there. Yes.

COHEN: OK. Are we going to go to break?

COOPER: Rode hard in Times Square?

COHEN: Yes, yes, that's you. Yes.

COOPER: This is not 1976.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: Before we get - I don't even know what that means. Before we head to break, I want to thank the Marriott Marquis which is right over there for the iconic views that you've seen behind us all night. We also have a lot more to come this hour including Shaq.


COHEN: I love Shaq.

COOPER: And I got to play you something that Andy and Shaq talked about live next. We'll be right back.


COOPER: And welcome back to live in Times Square.

COHEN: I mean here's the deal. We got to get real. We just saw BTS.

COOPER: They're performing in back of us.

COHEN: We think they were phoning it in. Is that bad? Oh, I don't know.

COOPER: I think they look very nice.

COHEN: Oh, that is not what you were saying during the break!

COOPER: I've never heard of them before. I'm old.

COOPER: OK. All right. Well, we found if lackluster, but - oh, no. Do not hang me out to dry. Our next guest needs no introduction. I cannot believe you. Hall of Fame professional basketball player and one of the greatest to ever play in the NBA--

COOPER: There is one of them who has just not--

COHEN: Shaquille O'Neal.

COOPER: Shaquille O'Neal?

COHEN: Yes, he's in our Warner Media family. He's also a DJ. And--

COOPER: Also with us is Stephanie Elam. Stephanie, what's going on there?

STEPHANIE ELAM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, hello, AC squared. Thank you for coming out to see us here in Denver, while we hang out with Shaq, before he turns into DJ Diesel. That is coming up momentarily here.


ELAM: See? Do you see that? You guys are partying, but he even remembers the good stuff like that stuff.


ELAM: But, yes, we are out here because there's a massive party in Denver called Decadence. And Shaq is here to DJ, which for one thing have you ever spent new year's in Mountain Time?


O'NEAL: What's the Mountain Time?

ELAM: Where we are - Denver.

O'NEAL: Oh, Mountain Time? I was like Mountain Time. No, I don't have a house in the mountain. No, I mean, last year was in Phoenix. I don't know what time that is, but most of them on Eastern Time or Western Time. That was an elaborate question.

ELAM: OK. All right. So tell me, what kind of music are you going to be playing upstairs?

O'NEAL: Dubstep, trap, hip-hop, white guy classics stuff--

ELAM: What's white guy classics?

O'NEAL: You don't know what white guy classic is?

ELAM: I'm not a white guy. O'NEAL: Take these broken wings--

COHEN: I can't hear--

ELAM: Oh, but, I know those words. I know what.

O'NEAL: --(inaudible) yes, white guy classics. Andy knows exactly what I'm talking about. Ain't that right, Andy?

ELAM: Do you? Does Andy? It's so loud, I don't even know if they can hear.

O'NEAL: Andy, wake up.

ELAM: I don't know if they can hear us right now.

COHEN: Shaq, man, we're having a hard time hearing you. It's so loud here. Yes. we got K-Pop here.

COHEN: You're drinking, Andy, stop it. Stop drinking on the job, Andy.

ELAM: Wait until we get upstairs because we're not going to be able to hear you at all either.

COHEN: I know, I know.

ELAM: Because it is so loud. The music is so loud you feel it in your bones.

COOPER: Shaq, do you recall being on Andy's show, "Watch What Happens Live" because I remember watching you on his show, and he asked you a question.

O'NEAL: No, I--

COOPER: I'm not even going to repeat it, because I couldn't believe he asked you, and you took off your shoe. That's all I'm going to say.

O'NEAL: You know what, repeat the question, it's 2019. Go ahead ask it right now. What did you ask me, Andy?

COOPER: Andy what did you ask him?

COHEN: I said that you have - what size shoe do you wear, Shaq? It's like size 22, right?

O'NEAL: 22, yes.

COHEN: So I said, you wear size 22 shoes. How big are you? Was my question that I asked on the show.

COOPER: Actually, that's not the phrasing, but, yes.

ELAM: Wow.

COOPER: But, he was more loud. O'NEAL: Andy - (OFF THE MIC) - Andy? I do not believe you just asked me that question.

ELAM: So who wants to know the answer to that question? That's the other part that I want to know.

COHEN: I asked him before. Hey, Shaq, let me ask you a question. You're there DJing. What's your song of 2019? What's your favorite song of 2019? Do you have one?

O'NEAL: My favorite song of 2019 would be - there's a lot. "Without Me" by Halsey. I love Halsey, and that's one of my favorite songs.

COHEN: All right.

ELAM: So will you play any Halsey?

O'NEAL: --You never know--

ELAM: Wait. What was that lyric? What was that part you just said there? Gibberish, gibberish, yes, I don't think that's a lyric. I'm pretty sure Halsey would say no.

O'NEAL: Hey, Halsey.

COOPER: Shaq I heard you tell--

ELAM: --not been drinking either, not doing shots?

COOPER: I've heard you telling a Stevie Wonder story that - is it true that you don't think Stevie Wonder is blind? Is that --?

O'NEAL: I never said that. I never said.

ELAM: Oh, my god.

O'NEAL: I said, I lived in a condo where Stevie Wonder lived. I was already in the elevator. He got in the elevator and said, hi, Shaq. That's all I'm going to say. True story. He said, "Hi, Shaq. how are you doing?" Rode up to his floor and got off the elevator, and I've been waiting 25 years to tell that story.

ELAM: I think you've should ask him about it. I think you just ask him how he knew.

COHEN: That's amazing. All right, Shaq. we're going to see you DJ in a little bit. We're going to check in with Bill Weir who is at the deck.

COOPER: Hey, Shaq, thank you so much.

COHEN: Thank you, Shaq.

COOPER: Thank you so much Shaq for joining us, and I hope you have a great, great new year, and Stephanie you too as well. Bill Weir, we're going to join the dead tailgate.

COHEN: Hey, Bill, what's going on where you are in San Francisco?



COHEN: Look at these guys.

WEIR: Welcome to San Francisco.


WEIR: We're getting warmed up. The doors have just opened here at beautiful Chase Center, as you saw earlier in the show, Bill Walton and others are very excited and very altered about night. But, Andy, we've been shopping down at shakedown street. This is a good look. I might get that later.


WEIR: But, Andy, we've been doing a little souvenir shopping, and we got a little something for Benjamin. It's jerry bear onesie, and as long as we're talking about--

COHEN: Oh, I love it.

WEIR: --little deadheads. I've got an announcement I would like to the world. This is my daughter Olivia - her show. And this is my fiancee Kelly.


WEIR: This is our son. There is a little hippie in here who's coming in 2020.

COHEN: Oh, that's great.

WEIR: So we're picking out tie dyes and socks. I love you. I love you. Modern family enjoying a first dad show together. It's very cool. Are you guys excited?


WEIR: How many shows is this? Who has the most shows here? You all look very young. 400? Wow. So if you've got 400 shows, what do you think they should end with tonight? That's always the big debate.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, the end song tonight? Gloria.

WEIR: Gloria. OK. Anybody close to 400 songs? Not even close. 200? That's pretty good. You look fantastic.

All right. So, we're going to get inside. But, we thought we'd get one more sing along coming. So I'm talking second verse of Ripple, you ready? It's a hand-me-down, my thoughts are broken. Perhaps they're better left unsung. I don't know, I don't really care. Let there be songs to fill the air--

One, two, three, four. Ripple in still water.

COHEN: Ripple in still water--

WEIR: When there is no pebble tossed nor wind to blow--

COHEN: San Francisco, man.

COOPER: You saw that show in San Francisco, did you?

COHEN: Absolutely, yes.

WEIR: Let there be songs to fill the air--

COOPER: Bill, you're awesome.

WEIR: Happy new year!

COHEN: That's great you guys. Thank you so much. Hey Bill, congratulations on the new baby.

COOPER: Yes, congratulations.

COHEN: Have fun! Tell - get that guys phone number without the shirt on. That guy.

COOPER: Explain to me the dead thing? For someone who's never been there - for folks watching who're watching, who have never really--

COHEN: You know what, they have such an incredible catalog of music. They are like a great American folk band basically. And they are jam band. And no two concerts are the same. The set list is different for every show.

You can go to five in a row and not hear the same song in any of the shows. It can be very experimental. The audience is very kind and giving and loving and wonderful and open. And it's a communal experience. I did a thing with Jimmy Fallon this year that was very cool.

He was like I always wanted to go to a dead show. But I don't know the catalog. I don't know how to get into the music. So I sent him three songs a week for like two and a half or three months.


COHEN: Labor Day until Halloween. When dead and company played in Madison Square Garden. And he did his homework and he listened to three songs a week. And I said, listen, to live versions of these songs. Listen to the recorded versions and he did. We went to the show together on Halloween and we had a total blast.

COOPER: You guys were dresses like Frida Kahlod, like Day of the Dead.

COHEN: We were - yes. COOPER: A walk - kind of - it was incredible.

COHEN: Yes, here's a lot of alive dead skeleton imagery happening.

COOPER: Yes. We're nearing the 11:00 hour. I hope you're doing well. We're you're watching us. We're going to be talking to Keith Urban coming up. A special surprise guest. for Andy and Christina Aguilera joins us live from her residency in Vegas.


COHEN: We'll be back.


COHEN: OK, we are back in Times Square.

COOPER: Yes, we are. Happy new year.

COHEN: It's awesome here. We are an hour away from 2020.

COOPER: 2020.

COHEN: Joining us now (inaudible) champagne party in Miami is 50 Cent. 50 has two hit series "Power" on Stars and "For Life" on ABC. Look at him swigging from the bottle.

COOPER: Oh, my gosh.

COHEN: Hey, 50 Cent, how you doing man?

50 CENT AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: I'm enjoying myself. We're going to take it to the next level. It's 2020. You know, we're going to do this is the right way, man. We got to do this the right - let's celebrate life. Let's enjoy it.

COOPER: I hear you.

COHEN: Shaq that is - I mean - 50 Cent that some necklace you're wearing. How heavy is that, man?

50 CENT: I'm going to wear it for little while and take it off before it hurts my neck. This is--

COHEN: Are you - 50 Cent--

50 CENT: You are not really supposed to wear on your neck.

COHEN: For Christmas I heard this year you shut down a New Jersey Toys R Us for your son Sire to have a private shopping spree. What was your favorite part of giving that gift to him? And what did he pick out?

50 CENT: That was really exciting for me. Just because of what Toys R Us in my head was - when I was little - you know what. Nowadays, they enjoys - he enjoys Target the same way, because they've got the aisles and super toys and stuff like that. There are so many digital games and digital things they're doing on the phone, on his iPad. I try to use something physical for him to play with. So I just - I looked into it and did it for him. To make it as - possible form of Christmas--

COOPER: That's awesome.

COHEN: How much does it cost to shut down a Toys R Us store?

50 CENT: Like - probably like around $100,000.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: All right. Wow.

50 CENT: You have to pay for the stuff--

COHEN: Now tonight--

50 CENT: --you got to pay for something. You got to pay for the stuff.

COHEN: For new year - what is - for new year's every, how long does that last for you? What time do you think you're going to bed tonight? Or the morning.

50 CENT: If it really goes right, I'll be done around 2:00 o'clock.

COHEN: 2:00 in the afternoon?

50 CENT: It's already starting back here.

50 CENT: Yes, we're in the 3:05 - we're 3:05 right now Miami. It was nice. Everybody is out. Everybody to party.

COHEN: OK. All right. I like that.

50, you declared that 2020 was going to be the year of 50 Cent. What is that entail? How will that manifest itself?

50 CENT: It just means that I'm exercising, extreme discipline and they're see me do things that they haven't seen from the business side of the entertainment.

COHEN: All right. I like it. I was--

50 CENT: How - this year is 2020.

COHEN: You always come on "Watch What Happens Live" and you always - you've got a lot of hot takes. You're always involved in a lot of discussions. I couldn't get over it. You got involved in the Nick Cannon, Eminem feud recently. Why did you jump in there?

50 CENT: It's odd. The choice of - the way Nick postured himself, it was like, he was trying to use like racism. And I said some things to him. It's really my career it wouldn't exist without Eminem participation in hip hop culture--