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New Year's Eve Live; Christina Aguilera's New Show, "The Xperience"; Special Performance With Shania Twain; DJ Diesel Performance in Denver. Aired 11p-12a ET

Aired December 31, 2019 - 23:00   ET



ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: You've got a lot of hot takes. You're always involved in a lot of discussions. I couldn't get over - you got involved in the Nick Cannon-Eminem feud recently. Why did you jump in there?

50 CENT, AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: Now, it's odd that the choice of the way Nick postured himself in his life was like it was - he was trying to use the, like, racism. And I say something to him, (inaudible) really my career that wouldn't exist Eminem participation and hip-hop culture and being a part of it. So that never flies easy with me. So I just jumped in and I chimed in on it. Not that he can't handle it on his own.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Yes. I want to ask you about - I want to ask you about "Power." It's airing I think its final five episodes starting January 5th. What was it like to wrap up this series that you built? I mean, this has really become such a huge thing.

50 CENT: It's exciting. And we're calling it a wrap-up, but it doesn't. "Power" never ends. The - they'll start to see the spinoff shows come on right after. Some of it already in production. Everything is going. So they'll get a chance to check me out. But the five episodes that answer who shot ghost start January 5th.


A. COHEN: Awesome.

COOPER: Hey, 50 Cent, it's the top of the hour to 11 o'clock. We do a shot at the top of every hour, ringing up the new years. You mind if we do a shot with you here?

50 CENT: Yes, let's do it.

COOPER: All right.

50 CENT: All right.

COOPER: We're pouring tequila. What are you drinking?

A. COHEN: He's just drinking his champagne.

COOPER: Champagne. Of course, your champagne.

50 CENT: (inaudible) champagne.

COOPER: All right.

A. COHEN: All right.

COOPER: All right. Happy New Year.

A. COHEN: --New Year. Cheers, everybody.

COOPER: Cheers, everybody home.

50 CENT: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Thank you. 50, thank you so much. Have a great new year.

A. COHEN: Thanks, 50. Come by the clubhouse soon.

COOPER: I didn't want to explode in front of 50 Cent. I'm trying to seem cool in front of him.

A. COHEN: I was too. I called him Shaq (ph) at the beginning of the interview.

All right. This is it people. The final countdown less than one hour to go until 2020. Oh, my God. Just enough time to bring out all the special guests we have before the ball drops.

Christina Aguilera is going to join us. And Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are joining us as well.

COOPER: Is Nicole Kidman joining us?

A. COHEN: Apparently.

COOPER: Third year in a row. I love her.

A. COHEN: And we have a treat from half way across the world. Lindsey Lohan will be here.

COOPER: I don't believe it's going to happen. I do not believe it's going to happen.

A. COHEN: Where is she (inaudible)?


A. COHEN: All right.

COOPER: Good lord.

A. COHEN: We are live tonight in 12 hotspots across America. We have so much to get to. But first - well, we already did our shot. So we don't need to do that. OK? We already did the shots. You're having a fight with a balloon right there. They can't see the

balloon. There is a balloon where that he's swinging it. This aggressive balloon.

All right. So far tonight, in this Broadway debut, Richard Quest has been dressed as a cat. Tevye from "Fiddler on the Roof." And now it appears he has Hamilton inside the Olive Garden?




A. COHEN: Didn't have it all.

QUEST: God--



A. COHEN: Oh, my God.

QUEST: Where are you from?


QUEST: Michigan.

And you'll never guess - you'll never guess who we have over there.


QUEST: Look over there.

COOPER: Lin-Manuel Miranda?

A. COHEN: Lindsey Lohan?

QUEST: I didn't know you two - I didn't know you two were on a date.

COOPER: Yes. I can't - I love the artichoke dip. I love the artichoke dip at Olive Garden.

A. COHEN: Very loud. Very loud.

QUEST: So it's Hamilton which of course is the sensation.


QUEST: In fact, that are on Broadway and in the west end and elsewhere. Perfect one for New Year's Eve.

And where are you from, sir?


QUEST: Michigan. You are all from Michigan?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm from Tennessee, baby.

QUEST: You're from Tennessee?


QUEST: We've got some very drunk people.


QUEST: Hang on. Hang on.


QUEST: Who's making those noises?

COOPER: All of them are.

QUEST: So what would you - exactly the sort of place where Alexander Hamilton--


QUEST: --might well have been--

COOPER: Exactly.

QUEST: --to say, "Raise a glass to freedom."


A. COHEN: In the Olive Garden. Thank you very much.


A. COHEN: Thank you.

COOPER: Alexander Hamilton would absolutely be at the Olive Garden--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --saying, "Raise a glass to freedom."

A. COHEN: You know, if you--

COOPER: Thank you, Richard, for reminding us on that.

A. COHEN: Thank you, Richard.

COOPER: I appreciate it.

A. COHEN: If you're at home wondering who exactly is at the Olive Garden in Times Square on New Year's Eve. COOPER: Who isn't?

A. COHEN: Who isn't?

COOPER: Who isn't at the Olive Garden?

A. COHEN: Now we know.

COOPER: Have you had the artichoke dip?

A. COHEN: Yes. It's gorgeous.

COOPER: The bread sticks. Yes. It's incredible. It's gorgeous. Gorgeous.

A. COHEN: You're gorgeous.


COOPER: I want to check in again with the man whose name has become synonymous with the rave scene. And of course, we're talking about Gary Tuchman and his daughter, Lindsay.

A. COHEN: Oh, it looks like the rave is kind of picking up a little bit.

COOPER: So just for everybody home who - maybe if you haven't to be rave, 11:05 is still early--

A. COHEN: Still early.

COOPER: --for a rave.

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: I mean, maybe you want to show up around 1:00 a.m.--

A. COHEN: Or 2--

COOPER: Or 2. It gets going until maybe 5--

A. COHEN: Time your dose later.

COOPER: Dose of medicine?

A. COHEN: Yes.


A. COHEN: How is it, Gary?

COOPER: How is it going? Are there horses behind you?


GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: There are, Andy, and is picking up right now. We're at the Elements Time & Space Festival, a spectacle, in New York. And yes, these are horses on stilts behind us. This is performance of music. And what else, Lindsay? Tell them.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN, GARY TUCHMAN'S DAUGHTER: So I know I vented it earlier. I want to take a look down at what's happening right now. Look down here.

G. TUCHMAN: Yes. There is - there is roller skating. I am--


L. TUCHMAN: --but he brought his own. He brought his own.

COOPER: Nice. Pumping it up a notch.

A. COHEN: Wow!


G. TUCHMAN: --some of those performances that are happening here. This is like a mini Burning Man that's going to take place in Nevada.

A. COHEN: Oh, yes.


G. TUCHMAN: Bouncing in bubbles.


G. TUCHMAN: Right? It's pretty amazing.

COOPER: There's somebody in that bubble--


A. COHEN: Oh, my God.

L. TUCHMAN: Yes. There's a lot going on.

G. TUCHMAN: It's pretty amazing.

A. COHEN: Is she seeing any of that--

L. TUCHMAN: It's a balloon. It's a balloon. And--

A. COHEN: Wow!

L. TUCHMAN: And we can't figure out how she's breathing. Exactly.

COOPER: Oh, yes.

G. TUCHMAN: And now we're going to show you when I skate over there--


A. COHEN: Right.

G. TUCHMAN: --it's amazing.

L. TUCHMAN: All right. I got to be very careful.

G. TUCHMAN: Let's get right into the camera. Wait until you see this--

L. TUCHMAN: Oh, my God.

G. TUCHMAN: --unless she's following me.

L. TUCHMAN: This is hard. This is really hard.

G. TUCHMAN: This is - hey, you know what? This is a silent disco.

COOPER: I'm in.

G. TUCHMAN: Everyone has headphones on. They listen to music you can't hear.

A. COHEN: Oh, it's a silent disco. I love a--


COOPER: It's a silent disco?

G. TUCHMAN: They are dancing to music--


A. COHEN: Put the headphones on and you all dance to the same music--

G. TUCHMAN: --and look at who are there. Look who has shown up--

A. COHEN: --but there's no music playing--

G. TUCHMAN: --in our rave.

L. TUCHMAN: (inaudible)

G. TUCHMAN: It looks like it's Anderson Cooper--

A. COHEN: Cool. I love that.

G. TUCHMAN: who's shown up.

A. COHEN: I love that.

G. TUCHMAN: Oh, my gosh. There's a lot of Anderson Cooper.

A. COHEN: This guy in the--

G. TUCHMAN: We did not ask them to do this, Anderson and Andy. They did this on their own. They told us they're going to have mass. We didn't know they're going to having a silent disco. This gives you an idea-- COOPER: No, it's cool. I just--


G. TUCHMAN: --of the good time that is being had by all this way--

L. TUCHMAN: Yes. I think people are enjoying themselves.

G. TUCHMAN: --that is just starting--

COOPER: Wait a minute.

G. TUCHMAN: --getting busy as we see it.

COOPER: So wait - Gary, Lindsay, wait a minute. So there's no music playing loud on speakers? It's all just on headphones?


G. TUCHMAN: But we're doing it at 5 in the morning here in New York City. A rave with Anderson Cooper masks.

L. TUCHMAN: Oh, yes.

A. COHEN: Yes.

L. TUCHMAN: It's a good time. And we're having a blast.


COOPER: All right. All right. Guys--

A. COHEN: Thanks, guys.

G. TUCHMAN: Back to you.

COOPER: All right.

A. COHEN: It looks very fun.

COOPER: It does look fun, yes. Although - have you ever been to a rave without music?

A. COHEN: No, they're listening - it's the sound of disco--

COOPER: No. I know. But are they listening to all different music?

A. COHEN: No, all the same.

COOPER: OK. Hey, let's go to two - I think these folks are just back from a rave. We are joined by Andy's parents. Evelyn and Lou--

A. COHEN: Oh, my God.

COOPER: --are joining us from their home.

A. COHEN: Oh, here they are.


A. COHEN: Hey, mom and dad.


COOPER: Hey, guys. How is the rave?


E. COHEN: The rave was great.

L. COHEN: Right.

COOPER: Yes. Are you still - are you still rolling? You're still good?

E. COHEN: Still good.

A. COHEN: Hey. Mom and dad, where - have you been watching the show? What do you think? How are we doing? OK?

E. COHEN: No, because we've been out. We just ran home because we had to watch a movie and eat dinner.

L. COHEN: And then watch you.

A. COHEN: What movie did you see? They were not watching us. You went to a movie?

COOPER: Wait. What did you see?

E. COHEN: Well, what else do you do?

A. COHEN: What movie did you see?

COOPER: I mean, your son is on a major broadcast that's a global broadcast, ringing in 2020.

A. COHEN: You saw ""Bombshell?" How was it, mom?

E. COHEN: It was good.

L. COHEN: We liked it.

E. COHEN: Yes.

A. COHEN: You liked it.


A. COHEN: Wow!

COOPER: What time did it will - like - so - OK.

I mean, there's a lot of date that opened a while ago. Evelyn and Lou, you could have seen it earlier and maybe watched Andy at least.

E. COHEN: That's what we should have done. And then I forgot to tape the beginning of the show. So I'm in bad--

L. COHEN: But I will tape it from now.

A. COHEN: I'll tell you what happened.

COOPER: Yes. No. I'm sure we can get a DVD for you.


A. COHEN: Mom, I think the highlight - it's been good.

COOPER: It's been good.

A. COHEN: The highlight of the year for me was bringing Ben home for Thanksgiving.

E. COHEN: Yes. That was it. That was my highlight too.

L. COHEN: Me too.

A. COHEN: Was it?

COOPER: That's nice.

L. COHEN: Yes.

E. COHEN: Yes.

A. COHEN: Good.

E. COHEN: That was fun.

COOPER: My highlight was having - was it breakfast or lunch? I guess lunch with you in St. Louis at the hotel before our show.

A. COHEN: Oh, yes. We did. Yes.

COOPER: That was my highlight.

A. COHEN: We did that. Yes.

E. COHEN: That was--

A. COHEN: Love you guys.


COOPER: --didn't register with you all.

A. COHEN: Oh, no, it didn't.

COOPER: Apparently not.

A. COHEN: All right. Love you guys.

COOPER: For me, that was very important.

E. COHEN: Well, Anderson--

A. COHEN: Love you.


E. COHEN: --if that was your highlight--


L. COHEN: Well, that's - that's--

E. COHEN: That's been--


A. COHEN: She said if that was your highlight, it's a bad news. Yes.


A. COHEN: All right. Bye, guys.

COOPER: You look great, by the way. Happy New Year.

A. COHEN: You look good.

E. COHEN: Great. Happy New Year to both of you.

L. COHEN: --both of you.

A. COHEN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: All right. Thank you for watching us for a little bit. We appreciate it.

A. COHEN: Yes, I know. They were out on a movie and dinner.

COOPER: Yes. No. I mean, they got - they got a busy schedule.

A. COHEN: Yes. I mean--

COOPER: They can't be sitting around--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --watching their son--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --in a global broadcast.

A. COHEN: All right. We have so much more to come before the New Year. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are coming up. Also, Christina Aguilera is joining us live from Las Vegas. The stars keep coming. We will be back.


A. COHEN: All right. Welcome back to Times Square. We've got about 45 minutes until the ball drops. Anderson went to take a quick pee break. I was so excited because I thought I was going to do this interview alone.

COOPER: But I'm here.

A. COHEN: But he's back. All right. We're going to go live to Las Vegas where Christina Aguilera is headlining at the Zappos Theater. Her new show is called "The Xperience."

Hey, Xtina. Oh, my God. Look at you. You look great.

COOPER: Hey, Happy New Year.


A. COHEN: How are you?

AGUILERA: You have to come and see the show. I'm doing amazing. How are you?

A. COHEN: I am dying to see the show. Christina, can you tell us what you think you will be performing at midnight? Like, what song does Xtina do at midnight? You have such a great catalog.


AGUILERA: Oh, yes. It will be a fun one for sure. I'm going to count down on the stage, which I'm really excited about. I love the whole live experience. So we're just going to - everything - every night is a little different. We're going to play everything by ear. But come midnight, we'll probably be around the "Beautiful," "Fighter" mode and maybe into some "Let There Be Love." I don't know. We don't know yet. So this is--


COOPER: Wow, I like that.

AGUILERA: --part of the fun.


COOPER: I'm all for love in 2020. Talk about the show a little bit, about "The Xperience." What is it like?

AGUILERA: It's amazing here because we don't have to travel with the show. It doesn't have to be trucked up, and we - you dart out of here after every show. So I get - I got to really create my own experience in this venue. And so we have a five sensory - multi-sensory faceted show where you can smell, you can taste, you can touch. There's things coming from the ceiling. There's smells in the air to represent fire and all the elements that we have in the show.

There's magic in every corner. So, really you have to come out and really enjoy it. So - for yourself, in person.

COOPER: I love it.

A. COHEN: Oh, my God. Hey, Christina, do you have any New Year's resolutions, by the way, heading into the New Year?

AGUILERA: I have goals this year. So - yes, I've got my feet wet this year heading back out, not only with Vegas but I toured with my X Tour all around the world getting to see my fans from Dublin to London to Mexico revamping. It's 20 years celebrating "Genie In A Bottle," from then to "Mi Reflejo," my Latin album.

And so this is a culmination that's brought me to a point where I'm super-energized and super-inspired for what's to come next year. So I've got goals this year. There's going to be a lot happening to reconnect with fans and also just - just keep on looking forward to the next 20. So I'm excited.

A. COHEN: Not that you asked, but one of my resolutions this year is that you and Britney get together and do a song together.


COOPER: That's one of your resolutions?

A. COHEN: Yes.

AGUILERA: Oh, it's your - it's like - it'll be like your goal on your, like, deathbed one day. It's--


A. COHEN: I know - it will be. I bring it up to you every time I see you.

COOPER: What do you--


AGUILERA: Hey, and I would say, I'm down. I'm game.

A. COHEN: Good. OK. Good.

COOPER: Do you have a favorite song or musical artist of 2019 right now? What's on your playlist? What are you listening to?

AGUILERA: I had - I had a lot of fun jamming out to "Liz O" this year. She came with so much great positive energy this year. Obviously Billie Eilish had a cool thing going on. But Rosalia takes it for me all the way. I love (inaudible) Rosalia this year. She came with something so interesting and unique. And she's taken the world by storm. So I'm real - real intrigued and very happy to see a talent like that come into the play. COOPER: Andy and I are huge fans not only of you but of course of

Madonna as well. You've been touring on the X Tour. I heard you covered Madonna's like a prayer in Mexico.

A. COHEN: Yes, it was great. I saw the video.

AGUILERA: Yes, I did. I - word came around. Yes, we actually are including it in our Vegas performance as well. So that will be a part of the show tonight.

COOPER: Oh, cool.

AGUILERA: We were having so much fun with that because it comes in a whole section where we just -it's such a moment of celebration and being thankful for the last 20 years, going on to the next 20. We bring back songs like "Genie In A Bottle," "What A Girl Wants," "Come On Over," and then we get into - like a prayer and just having that amazing - just that's such a classic song. So we have a fun celebratory moment, me and my dancers with that on stage.

A. COHEN: I am very down for celebratory moment with dancers on stage. Christina, 2020 also marks, by the way, the 10-year anniversary of one of my favorite films. "Burlesque." I mean, do you still remember--


A. COHEN: Do you remember the choreography for "Wagon Wheel Watusi?"


AGUILERA: That was - it's amazing. It's sort of this like weird, awkward moment every time I look back. But it was part of the fun of like - I was auditioning for Cher. I mean, that was an amazing--

A. COHEN: Amazing.

AGUILERA: --epic moment in my life. So, yes, it was lots of fun. And we bring some of that also into the show. So, come on down and see it sometime. It's great fun.

A. COHEN: Awesome.


A. COHEN: Thank you so much, Christina. It's so fun seeing you always. You can catch Christina's show, "The Xperience" in Vegas.

COOPER: I want to see it. I want to go.

A. COHEN: Me too. Great to see you, Christina.

COOPER: Thank you so much.

A. COHEN: Happy 2020.

AGUILERA: Please don't go to Back Street this time. You got to see me. (LAUGHTER)

A. COHEN: Oh, she--

COOPER: Definitely.


AGUILERA: Thank you.


COOPER: 100 percent.

A. COHEN: She's throwing me shades as I saw "Back Street Boys" last time I was there--


COOPER: As she should. As she should.

A. COHEN: Yes. OK. Bye. I love it (inaudible) and amazing.

COOPER: It is 11:20. 40 minutes until 2020. Very exciting.

A. COHEN: 2020.

COOPER: 2020.

A. COHEN: Talking to our next guest has become a tradition for us.

COOPER: We love them both. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are joining us from Nashville, where Keith is going to be performing his annual concert at midnight there.


A. COHEN: Hey, guys.

COOPER: --both of you. Thank you so much for coming. We appreciate it.



URBAN: Deja vu.


COOPER: How is your life going?

KIDMAN: Very good.


A. COHEN: You guys look like a million dollar bill. I got to tell you. And Keith, you're going to be performing with Stevie Nicks in a little

while. Talk to me about that. This is mega. I cannot wait to see this.

URBAN: Yes, it's awesome. We flew in from Australia yesterday. And I came straight down to rehearsal last night. Stevie came down. We jammed a couple of songs. It was a bucket list for me, for sure.

KIDMAN: It's going to be amazing. We love her.

COOPER: Yes. I mean, she - oh, my God. We all love her. I like - does she have things tied to the microphone?

KIDMAN: We all love her.


COOPER: I mean, incredible.

A. COHEN: What did you two do for the holidays?

URBAN: She will. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.

KIDMAN: We just spent time with our family and - but right now, we're incredibly concerned about the Australian bush fires.


KIDMAN: So we just want to say we're sending our love to Australia right now.


KIDMAN: And so we're really, really worried about it right now. But we were there for Christmas with our family, sharing the love.


A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: Not only - I mean, the fires in Australia and the reefs in Australia - I mean, there's a lot of - a lot of stuff that we really need to focus on, not only obviously in Australia but just globally. But I mean, I worry about the oceans around Australia, the reefs which are so iconic and incredible. I mean, it's such an extraordinary place. I really am glad you brought that up. It's--

KIDMAN: It's a beautiful country.



URBAN: But 2020--

COOPER: We're about to enter new - yes.

URBAN: --is about to befall us, right? Off we go.

COOPER: Off we go.

A. COHEN: Do you two have New Year's resolutions? Do you make resolutions every year or--?

URBAN: Not of (ph) a new year's resolutions as such. Being more in the moment I think. For me, just to be more present and be more mindful of just the brevity of all of this - this life. We never know how much of it we have. So, just to be more present is my goal this year.

KIDMAN: Yes, I don't really make resolutions, but I try to just be - yes - be here right now and be constantly aware and giving back. And right now, trying to say to everybody, hi, and we send our love. And we're so blessed and passing that on.

COOPER: Hey, Keith, we were just talking to Christina Aguilera--

KIDMAN: And it's all right to know that we're also--

COOPER: Sorry, go ahead. Go ahead.


URBAN: --on the line. Go ahead. You--


COOPER: Yes. No, I'm sorry. Go ahead, Nicole.

KIDMAN: Sorry. I'm not experienced at this.

COOPER: It's all right.

Keith, you're doing 12 shows I think in Vegas coming up this year in 2020. What should people expect about that?


COOPER: And I heard that you may have reached out to - is it to Bette Midler for advice?

URBAN: Oh, no. But first of all, yes. We are doing shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace through this year, about 14 dates. We may add more. We did two earlier this year and had such a great time there. So I'm excited to get back and play in Vegas. But no, we were at a dinner party where Bette was at, and she was telling me that the air in Vegas is super-dry and you've got to keep hydrated. So, thank you, Bette. I'll make sure to do that.

KIDMAN: I already knew that.


A. COHEN: Yes, of course.


A. COHEN: Nicole, "Big Little Lies" was--

KIDMAN: Right.

A. COHEN: --one of the most talked about shows that was - one of most talked about shows of the year. And you were nominated for a Golden Globe for your role as Celeste. Congratulations.

KIDMAN: Thank you.

A. COHEN: What was it like having Meryl Streep join the cast this year. And do you think that we'll see a season three or do you think we are done?

COOPER: Please don't tell me we're done.

KIDMAN: I mean, having Meryl join it was so - having - I'll answer the first question. Meryl Streep was - she brought so much to the show, to the second season. We were so lucky to get her. I'm working with her again right now on a musical version of a Broadway musical called the "Prom." So we're actually--


COOPER: Oh, cool.

KIDMAN: --in the middle of doing that right now. So to be - yes. Yes, which is really fun, so which is really fun, watching her sing and dance. I mean, that woman can do it all.

A. COHEN: Wow!

KIDMAN: And season 3, we so hope - reason I talk about it, and Laura Dern and Shailene and Zoe, all of us love working together. So a lot of it is just finding the right story. And whether this story will sort of drive the idea of whether it will come. But I've done another series, limited series called "The Undoing," which is coming out this year. So - I mean--

COOPER: Oh, cool.

KIDMAN: --this year, coming, 2020. So I'm excited about that.

COOPER: So much of what you do, and particularly the "Big Little Lies", "Big Little Lies," it's one of those shows that when it's ended, after I've been through watched it or - and watched it, I miss having you and all the other characters in my life. I feel - maybe this says more about how pathetic my life is. But like, I miss having you all in my life. You're such - your characters are so real. And so--

KIDMAN: We'll be your girlfriends. We're happy to be there for you.

A. COHEN: Yes. Absolutely. Listen, have a great 2020. Thank you so much for indulging us and

joining us and fighting through the delay. And have a great concert tonight--


A. COHEN: --Keith, and we will look out for everything you do, and we'll all go see "Bombshell" in theaters now as well. Thank you so much. Have a great time in Nashville.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

A. COHEN: Happy New Year.


KIDMAN: Thank you.

URBAN: Thank you guys. Happy New Year to both of you.

KIDMAN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Thank you.

A. COHEN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: All right. Take care.

A. COHEN: Wow! Looking like a million-dollar bill.

COOPER: I mean - I--

A. COHEN: Wow!

COOPER: The three years in a row they have been, they have no - there's no need for them to come on the show.

A. COHEN: I know.

COOPER: They they're so nice.

A. COHEN: That's a great looking couple.


A. COHEN: That's a great looking couple.

COOPER: They're just great couple Yes. We love having them.

A. COHEN: Yes. Anyway--


A. COHEN: All right. Still to come, we're going to go live to watch Shaq DJ, a party--

COOPER: We are only 33 minutes away--

A. COHEN: I know.

COOPER: --from 2020.

A. COHEN: 2020. We're going to read you what--

COOPER: And we're doing a shot at midnight.

A. COHEN: Of course, we are.

COOPER: But we're not doing tequila anymore. What is it? Jager?

A. COHEN: We're going to do a jager shot at midnight. Oh, my God.

COOPER: What's jager?

A. COHEN: I'll tell you during the break.

We are also going to read you what has become an annual tradition, a parody of good night moon. Here's from a jager--

COOPER: It looks like cough--

A. COHEN: You know what?

COOPER: It looks like cough medicine.

A. COHEN: It kind of tastes like it, but it will really mess you up, my brother. If you were messed up - by the way, somehow this alcohol isn't working on me. It's somehow--

COOPER: Really?




ALIANA LOHAN, AMERICAN MODEL: Hi, everyone. Happy New Year. I'm wishing you all love, light, courage and peace on this day and all years to come. I'm so excited for you all to hear my new music. My sister Lindsay is managing me, and it's going to be really great. And I just can't wait for you all to hear. God bless.


COOPER: That was Ali Lohan. Welcome back. The big moment is just minutes away. We are 29 minutes away from 2020. Joining us right now all the way from Oman, where the sun is already up, and I assume it's already 2020, the one and only Lindsay Lohan joins us now.

A. COHEN: Hey.

COOPER: Lindsay, Happy New Year. LINDSAY LOHAN, AMERICAN ACTRESS: And you guys thought I wouldn't--


A. COHEN: Wow!

L. LOHAN: --didn't you?

COOPER: I'm glad.

A. COHEN: I mean, we wondered. We didn't know.

COOPER: With an Internet connection from Oman, who knows?

A. COHEN: I mean, yes, sounds a little Lindsay Lohan, the Internet connection, Oman. You tell me.

L. LOHAN: I enjoy (ph) like that. I really--


COOPER: I heard Oman is really cool.

A. COHEN: Hey, what did you do on New Year's Eve, last night?

L. LOHAN: I actually I was calculating the time difference so that I can be with you guys, and now I could see you all. So I actually had a very calm New Year's Eve, which is really nice, really beautiful.

A. COHEN: Wow!

COOPER: That's cool.

A. COHEN: By the way, what are you doing in Oman? Do you live in Oman? Where are you living these days?

L. LOHAN: Andy, you know I don't live in Oman. It's vacation.



COOPER: I've heard - we have friends who've gone there for vacation, and it's apparently a great place.

L. LOHAN: It's beautiful. It's really beautiful. And it's - a lot of families and I'm here with a good friend of mine. My sister is in Dubai, recording. So everything is really good and happy.

COOPER: So, do you have any - I know this is always a dumb question. I never know how to answer it. But do you have any resolutions going into 2020?

L. LOHAN: Yes, I do. I'm managing my sister. So I want to really focus on me and everything that I have to do in my life, and come back to America and start filming again, which I'm doing something soon in this new year, and just taking back the life that I've worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you guys.

A. COHEN: So I Googled you tonight before the show just to see what the latest Lindsay Lohan news and it - all the people are writing that you've been commenting on Liam Hemsworth's Instagrams, and they want you two to get together. Just so you know, people are rooting - people are trying to manifest that to happen.

L. LOHAN: I think that comes from me being in Australia doing another season of "The Mask Singer," which we're doing. And then also because he surfs a lot, and I work with the WOW Foundation, or Waves of Wellness (inaudible). So that's a very important thing for us. And so I'm working with them a lot and bringing people - seeing people's energy together, and he surfs, and then people took that the wrong way. We always have thoughts that have been alike. You know that.

A. COHEN: You released a song this year called "Xanax," but it has - you kind of used it on your Instagram, but it hasn't come out. I'm ready for this recording.

L. LOHAN: Andy - Andy, you're getting it after the new year--

A. COHEN: Bring it out.

L. LOHAN: --right away--


A. COHEN: OK, good. OK. Good. Lindsay, thank you so much. I mean, all the way from Oman, she did it.

COOPER: That's so cool.

A. COHEN: And she looks like a million dollar bill. Thank you, Lindsay Lohan. Great to see you.


L. LOHAN: Thank you. I'm a little bit--


COOPER: Well - yes.

A. COHEN: Where's--


L. LOHAN: You guys are having a lot of fun, by the way. I'm kind of jealous. I miss you both. I miss New York. I miss my mom, my dad, my brothers. I miss my family, and I miss you guys too. Last year, I was there, my sister--


A. COHEN: New York is better when you're here.


A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: Listen, it's all about new beginnings this year and New Year's Eve, and we really appreciate you joining us. And I wish you a--

L. LOHAN: And staying together and being one.

COOPER: --healthy and happy New Year. Yes, exactly.

A. COHEN: Yes.

L. LOHAN: Thank you. God bless you. Thank you.

COOPER: So we wish you the best. We're rooting for you. OK?

A. COHEN: Thanks, Lindsay.

COOPER: You take care.

All right. We are going to be hearing - for me, New Year's Eve is all about - it's like the 20 minutes, the 10, 15 minutes before midnight and then the 10, 15 minutes afterwards. It's my favorite time.


A. COHEN: --peak.

COOPER: I love it. Like, they play "Imagine," "New York, New York," the--

A. COHEN: The ball drop.

COOPER: The ball drop.

A. COHEN: Right.

COOPER: I mean, again, it's so good. "What a wonderful world!"

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: "Empire State of Mind."

A. COHEN: Anderson gets really misty.

COOPER: I do. I get a little misty at that time. Yes. Yes. I do. Yes.

So it's 11:35. We've got - or 11:36. It's coming up.

A. COHEN: It is coming up.

COOPER: Primetime.

A. COHEN: I mean - we'll be back.


COOPER: That was the last commercial break of 2019. No more commercial breaks. We are live all the way through. From this moment on, just Andy and me and the big moment. So, what better time to spin our version--

A. COHEN: Excuse me? What?

COOPER: I stumbled.

A. COHEN: What better ta-ta-ta (ph) time?

COOPER: I know.

A. COHEN: OK. It's time to spin our classic children's tale. Good night 2019.


A. COHEN: Anderson, let's do this together.

COOPER: Good night, college admissions scandal, Aunt Becky in custody. Good night, arguing "Rocketman" was way better than "Bohemian Rhapsody."

A. COHEN: Good night, not to one fire fest dock, but two. Good night, learning what someone would do for bottled water. How about you?


COOPER: Good night, Taylor Swift telling us we need to calm down. Good night, J-Lo back in her green Versace gown.

A. COHEN: Good night, Baby Archie, seventh in line to the throne. Good night, watching Gaga and Bradley Cooper Oscar duet and wondering did they bone really?

COOPER: Good night, Russian bots. Good night, Instagram thots.

A. COHEN: Good night to Meghan and Joy battling on "The View." Good night, "Baby Shark," do-do-do-do-doo-do-do (ph).

COOPER: Good night, crowded Democratic stage. Good night, FaceApp showing my face in old age.

A. COHEN: Good night, friends begging you to watch "Fleabag." OK, I get it. Good night, Sean Spicer on "Dancing with the Stars." Now let's try to forget it.

COOPER: Good night, Beyonce, our "Homecoming" queen. And good night 2019.

A. COHEN: Got me a little misty. All right. Let's go to - meanwhile, we explained to Anderson who (inaudible) during the--


COOPER: Yes. Nine to - I appreciate that.


A. COHEN: Yes. Let's go to Las Vegas to the Zappos Theater--

COOPER: 19 minutes.

A. COHEN: --at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for a special performance with Shania Twain.



SHANIA TWAIN, CANADIAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: Anderson and Andy, Shania here. Happy New Year. I love you guys. Please come see me in person at Zappos, Planet Hollywood during my residency. So we can bring in the New Year together and cheers in person. Have a wonderful time tonight. This next song is for you. I love you. Happy New Year.



COOPER: Shania Twain--

A. COHEN: Wow!


A. COHEN: I love that.

COOPER: We are back in Times Square. We're 15 minutes, 15, 30 seconds away for 2020. Very excited. Wherever you are joining us, I hope you are having a good time. I hope you're going to ring in the New Year with us. And I hope it is a healthy and happy new year for everybody who is watching right now, no matter where you are.

Let's quickly check in with Don and Brooke who are in Nashville, who are also going to be ringing in the new year in Nashville live on CNN over, of course, at 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

How you guys doing?

A. COHEN: Hey, guys.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: OK. OK. OK. Anderson - Anderson, be honest. Are you a little tipsy?


COOPER: I'm a little - a little.

A. COHEN: He's been down. BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: He's been dying to know if you guys are


COOPER: I'll freely admit--


BALDWIN: --a little - a touch.

LEMON: Is Anderson a little litty-lit?

BALDWIN: Little litty-lit?

LEMON: That's all right. He don't get lit any easy.


LEMON: --if you never going to get lit.

BALDWIN: Listen, we're letting our hair down. Letting our hair down.


BALDWIN: How are you guys?

LEMON: So, look, you guys know we're always in New Orleans. So these guys booked their trip to New Orleans--

BALDWIN: Yes. You too. Come on over.

LEMON: --then cancelled and came to Nashville for us.

BALDWIN: That is serious dedication.

What are your names?


LEMON: Nate (ph). And--?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm Christine (ph).

LEMON: What happened when you found out we weren't going to New Orleans?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We changed our flights. We changed our hotel. It's on her bucket list. We wanted to come and hang out with you guys.

BALDWIN: That is - bucket list? Check.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For you guys. We love you guys.


LEMON: We love you guys too.

These guys got - you proposed--

BALDWIN: Guys - you guys - these guys--

LEMON: Last year--

BALDWIN: --got engaged--


BALDWIN: --last year. And they're here with us this year in Nashville.


LEMON: You guys follow us too?




LEMON: See, Anderson and Andy, we have a - we have our own little groupies.

Can we call you guys groupies?


LEMON: Yes, I felt like that. They follow us.

So, listen, I have a - 2020 is going to be a very big year for me. And Anderson, you kind of guessed it maybe earlier I have a big announcement and it's somewhere on my body.

BALDWIN: Wait. What?

A. COHEN: Tattoo? Piercing?



COOPER: You got a tattoo. You got a tattoo.

LEMON: You don't know. You don't know. I can't tell you.


A. COHEN: Did he reveal? Is it a tattoo? Is it a tattoo of me and Chrissy (ph)?


LEMON: I can't tell you. Could be a little Andy. Who knows. So--


LEMON: But listen--


COOPER: --Chrissy (ph) tattoo on you?


COOPER: All right. Well, so are you going to reveal it at--


LEMON: So, listen, we have a - I had a surprise. I'm going to reveal it right after the midnight hour.

COOPER: Are you going to reveal at the stroke of midnight in Nashville?

A. COHEN: All right. OK. That's good. That's good tease.

COOPER: That's a tease.


A. COHEN: --no time to tease.

BALDWIN: That's a tease. That's a tease.

A. COHEN: Yes.

LEMON: Can I show you guys something though? Brooke?

BALDWIN: Talk about the surprise from earlier.

LEMON: I had a little surprise for Brooke. When I saw her earlier, we had a surprise for you guys that involved sharp objects.

BALDWIN: He was not kidding.

LEMON: Here it is. Watch this.



LEMON: Max (ph) is the owner, as I told you. He's going to give you a strategy. Should we make this a competition?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to kick your--

LEMON: All right. Let's go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So basically it's really about foot placement. And you really want to use your (inaudible) almost crouch when you throw it.

LEMON: Clear.




LEMON: So, that was a--


BALDWIN: That was no joke.

LEMON: That is trending here in Nashville. That is a new thing.

COOPER: That looks scary.

LEMON: Ax throwing.

BALDWIN: Ax throwing is a thing.


BALDWIN: Actually, ax throwing--


COOPER: I've heard people doing that in Brooklyn too. Someone who's doing that the other day.

BALDWIN: You guys know what I'm talking about.

COOPER: All right, guys. We're going to check in with you--

LEMON: Next year, the three of us will go hunting.

COOPER: We're going to check in with you very quickly. All right. We're going to check in with you after the New Year here, and you're going to be ringing in the New Year at 1:00 a.m. East Coast time midnight in Nashville. Let's also check in with Denver, which still has a few hours of party time left. Check in with Shaquille O'Neal, a.k.a. DJ Diesel, who is spinning there right now in Denver.

A. COHEN: Wow! There he is.


COOPER: I'm sure there's--

A. COHEN: No, it's packed. Look.

COOPER: I'm sure it's packed.

A. COHEN: Yes, look at that.

COOPER: Yes, I know. Does he deejay a lot? I didn't know. A. COHEN: Well, I had no idea Shaq is a DJ.

COOPER: He is a man of many talents.

A. COHEN: He clearly is.

COOPER: He's so funny. He's--


COOPER: --funny guy. He's a great guy.

A. COHEN: Yes.


A. COHEN: That's his deejay, yes?

COOPER: Nice. I wish I knew how to deejay. I don't--

A. COHEN: You got to learn music first.

COOPER: I got to learn about some music.

A. COHEN: Yes, you do.

LEMON: That wouldn't probably help.

We are back in Times Square. The man of a thousand costume changes, Richard Quest is also with us. At the start of the program, he was Rum Tum Tugger.

A. COHEN: Oh, he's the phantom. He looks very handsome as the phantom.


QUEST: "The Phantom of the Opera." With me is--

A. COHEN: He's so loud.


QUEST: --who plays (inaudible) in the latest production.

How are you tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm amazing. How are you?

QUEST: Good. How am I doing as a phantom?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're pretty good.

QUEST: All right. Phantom is the longest running musical--


QUEST: --on Broadway. Correct?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, true. Totally true.

QUEST: What's it like?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's mind blowing. Like I can't even tell you. It's a dream. It's awesome.

QUEST: It's awesome?


QUEST: Well, thank you for coming on tonight.


QUEST: Kimmy (ph), how am I doing as a phantom?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Ben needs to worry. Yes.

QUEST: Thank you. Thank you very much.


QUEST: Right. New Year's Eve. Come over here. New Year's Eve. Where do you come from?


QUEST: California. Are you ready to seeing 2020?



How are you doing?


QUEST: Are you ready?


QUEST: They've been here a very long time tonight. Would you ever wait out here 10 hours--


QUEST: --for New Year's Eve?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wouldn't. They're very brave. I could never do it.

QUEST: Thank you for coming out tonight. Thank you. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thanks for having me.

QUEST: They are brave.

Let's see who else we've got on here. Come along. Hi.


QUEST: Oh, look at this. Where are you from tonight?


QUEST: West Virginia. You are dancing away.


QUEST: And what time did you get here?


QUEST: All right. The question everybody wants to know, how do you go to the toilet?


QUEST: Don't?


QUEST: You don't.

Anderson and Andy, they've been here for hours. They haven't been to the loo, but they are - I know it's hard to take me seriously when I'm wearing a phantom costume.


QUEST: I understand.


A. COHEN: I think it really suits you.

COOPER: Richard, by the way - Richard, let me just ask you. When you got in - when you were considering journalism--


COOPER: --did you ever think you would be in Times Square dressed--

QUEST: As the phantom?

COOPER: --at 8 p.m. Rum Tum Tugger, then as Tevye, and then as the "Phantom of the Opera?" Did you ever--

A. COHEN: And Hamilton. QUEST: But I mean--

COOPER: And Hamilton in a - Hamilton in an Olive Garden?

QUEST: No, that was the highlight. But I can never remember what the next line is. "The Phantom of the Opera"--


QUEST: Again. The Phantom of the Opera is--

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: --is here, inside my mind.

COOPER: All right.

A. COHEN: Wow!

COOPER: I just want to tell our viewers, Richard, quickly what is about to happen.

QUEST: Yes, please go ahead.

A. COHEN: Thank you, Richard.

QUEST: At 11:55, they start playing "Imagine".

A. COHEN: Yes.

QUEST: And so there's a whole tradition of the songs that are played. And we like to actually remain quiet. I know it's counterintuitive, but we like to remain quiet and let you kind of experience the moment here starting around 11:55. So that's in about three minutes.

A. COHEN: Do you want to do a jager shot now--


QUEST: Yes, if you like to do our midnight shot. So if you're at home and you've been taking shots along with us, we're going to do a shot together.

A. COHEN: Wow! This is - this is dangerous.

COOPER: Again, if you're driving, please do not do this.

A. COHEN: What are we doing after the show? I have a--

COOPER: What is a jager shot?

A. COHEN: I have a party to go to.

COOPER: I have no party--


A. COHEN: Are you going to meet me after I go to this party? COOPER: I'm probably going to be asleep. But you should text me. How long you're--


A. COHEN: --for a burger at that place.

COOPER: How long are you going to be there? How long are you at your party?

A. COHEN: An hour. You're having a hard time speaking.

COOPER: I'm having a hard time enunciating--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --because you're plying me with alcohol.

A. COHEN: Oh, my God.

COOPER: So what is jager? Why is this different than tequila? How is this - oh. Oh, no, no, no.

A. COHEN: This is the stuff. Yes, yes, yes, yes.


A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: That's like cough--

A. COHEN: Come on, buddy.

COOPER: That's like NyQuil and not in a good way.

A. COHEN: In all seriousness--


A. COHEN: --I'm so grateful for our friendship. I think you're the best, and I've loved the year we had together, and I look forward to 2020, and all that is in our future.

COOPER: I feel the exact same way.


And cheers to you guys. Thank you for watching us tonight.


A. COHEN: We're not wrapping it up.


A. COHEN: We're just doing a little-- COOPER: And also, to all those who have had a tough year or are feeling lonely tonight, I wish you the best and health and happiness for the New Year. And we are all together tonight, and I hope you've enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy.

A. COHEN: Wait. I never knew the word "year" had so many syllables. OK. Cheers.

COOPER: Oh, my God. What is this? OK.


A. COHEN: It's like a - it's kind of licoricey.


A. COHEN: Wow! OK. That was a jager shot. That's for you, Jimmy Fallon.


A. COHEN: He probably gave me that bottle of jager.

COOPER: What is that?

A. COHEN: Yes. It's--

COOPER: Who would drink this?

A. COHEN: A lot - college students and Jimmy.


A. COHEN: Yes. That was - that was - yes. Serious.

Yes, yes, yes. So who sings "Imagine?" Do they play the recording of John Lennon's "Imagine?"

Meanwhile, you have it on your face? Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

COOPER: What is that?

A. COHEN: You wanted to do different shots every hour. Who sings "Imagine?" Anderson?

Who sings "Imagine"?

COOPER: John Lennon.

A. COHEN: Is that the version that they play?

COOPER: I think so.

A. COHEN: Yes. OK.

COOPER: Traditionally it's "Imagine," and then they do the Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" or--


COOPER: --Jay-Z, which I love.

A. COHEN: And "New York New York." This is my favorite time.

COOPER: "New York New York."

A. COHEN: Yes. Yes.

COOPER: "What a Wonderful World" it could be.

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: This is my favorite. And I've done this for like 15 years. And I started doing it because I generally don't like New Year's Eve. It makes me kind of sad. And so I started working, and I've loved coming here. And it's the music that they play. I think this is the - this is the most - I know you're mocking me.


A. COHEN: No, I'm not. I like it.

COOPER: This is the most magical moment--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --in New York--

A. COHEN: Yes.

COOPER: --in Times Square. This is the - this next 15 minutes, this is why people come here.

A. COHEN: And that's - and by the way, that's why we're going to keep our japers shut.


A. COHEN: And we're going to enjoy it with all of you at home.


A. COHEN: You can feel the excitement in the crowd. I have to say--

COOPER: Yes. So--

A. COHEN: --these people have been here a long time.

COOPER: You can see on stage--

A. COHEN: --they're hushed. They're excited.

COOPER: The Mayor, his wife, family are - they are about to press the ball, which will start the ball dropping. So let's watch.

A. COHEN: Here we go. Here comes "Imagine."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (singing): Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you try. No help below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today.

Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man.

Imagine all the people sharing all the world. You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.



CHORUS: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.