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CNN 2021 New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen; CNN Rings in The New Year with Special Guests. Aired 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2020 - 22:00   ET



GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: So, Lindsay (ph) and I are skiing (inaudible). And the reason we decided to come here, and ski is because this is a really great thing to do (inaudible) take appropriate safety measures, get outdoors. You have to (inaudible) on this New Year's Eve.

So here we are, talking to skiers with our James Bond ski pole.

Can I ask you a question, what made you decide to come out here?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: What made us decide?


UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Oh, gosh. Just to get out and get some fresh air, be with friends and family.

TUCHMAN: OK. You don't have your mask on.



UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Yes, that's the important part.

TUCHMAN: That's the important thing.


TUCHMAN: All right. We'll talk --

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: I don't have it on right now. (Inaudible) when I get down into the --

TUCHMAN: (Inaudible) when you get down there. What we want to point out to you is that they have very strict measures here. You're supposed to have your mask on.


TUCHMAN: Sorry, I'm not the guardian angel, I'm sorry about that.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: And honestly, it's the best part. TUCHMAN: But you can see these guys, they're snowboarding. What made you decide to come on New Year's Eve?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Why would you not?

TUCHMAN: Are you having as much fun as you would in a normal year?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Hey, the conditions kind of suck but hey, it is what it is.

TUCHMAN: (Inaudible) questions --

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: So, the conditions are the problem but what about COVID, has that been a problem this year, is that making it a good activity to be outdoors?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Absolutely, 110 percent. I've camped and dirt biked, and snow boarded and skied more than I have in years.

TUCHMAN: Get the mask on, OK.


TUCHMAN: All right. Well, you could --

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Well, that's the thing. (Inaudible) year.

TUCHMAN: Are you (inaudible) going down the hill here?

So, let's -- Joe and Lindsay, why don't you take off because you're a faster skier than me. And head down the mountain.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: All right. I don't want it to be on a blooper or anything.

TUCHMAN: And we're -- you're doing this a great way --


TUCHMAN: And we figure this is a great way to enjoy the beginning of 2021. No indoor dining, no apres ski indoors. But the skiing we think is fantastic and they're being very tight here. When you go on the ski lift, you have to have your mask on.

Andy and Anderson, we want to wish you.

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, CNN 2021 NEW YEARS EVE: Gary and Lindsey, we wish you --

TUCHMAN: A very Happy New Year.


COOPER: We want to wish you a Happy New Year as well. Have a good rest of the night on the ski slopes. That's fun.

COHEN: That looks so fun. Roll the open. Control room.


LIL JON: Hey, it's your boy, Lil Jon. Anderson, Andy. I know y'all be taking shots when you host New Year's Eve. You better make me proud and keep that tradition alive to ring in the new year with a lot of energy.

2021. Happy New Year to both of y'all and all the viewers. Everybody stay safe. Cheers, yes.

CNN ANNOUNCER: Welcome to CNN's New Year's Eve live.

Tonight, we celebrate the end to the worst year ever and the start of a new one. With appearances by Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Colbert, John Mayer, Cameron Diaz, Pitbull, Dulce Sloan, Leslie Jordan and many other surprises.

Now your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

COOPER: Welcome to Time Square, the last two hours of 2020. It is almost gone.

Helping us close out the year in this hour, one of my favorite people. 2020 and Instagram have made him an even bigger star than he already was. Actor Leslie Jordan is going to be joining us, Andy's parents are also going to dropping by as well.

By joining us right now, the one and only host of "A Late Show" on CBS, Stephen Colbert. Stephen, thank you so much for being with us.

COHEN: Hey, there he is.

STEPHEN COLBERT, HOST OF "A LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT": Hey, wait a second. So lovely to be with you guys. I always loved having you on my show, I'm so happy to be on your show tonight.

But you just said, "one of my favorite people," and I thought you are going to introduce me. And I feel --

COOPER: I thought we were too.

COHEN: I did too.

COLBERT: -- I feel hurt, Anderson.

COOPER: I know. Yes, I know.

COHEN: That was bad.

COOPER: To be honest, Stephen, I thought I was introducing you, but it turns out I wasn't --

COHEN: Oh, you don't know that?

COOPER: I'm just -- COHEN: Are you not in control of your words?

COOPER: Listen, I've had like four shots already, Stephen, and I don't drink.


COOPER: So, at this point, I'm just reading the teleprompter.

COHEN: Well, on that note --

COLBERT: All evidence to the contrary --

COHEN: -- Anderson and I were on your show. We were on your show last week, we were talking about doing shots. We said will you join at the top of an hour for a shot.

Here you are. Will you join us, Stephen Colbert, for a shot.

COLBERT: I am a man of my word.

COHEN: Amazing.

COLBERT: And I want to show you --

COOPER: What do you have?

COLBERT: Can you read what that says?

COHEN: Oh, it's a Jimmy Kimmel.


COHEN: Well, I have to tell you. My friend, Jimmy Fallon, is watching right now and he's going to be perturbed that you're not drinking out of a "Tonight Show" glass.

COLBERT: Jimmy doesn't give away ''Tonight Show" shot glasses when you're on his show. He should do it. This is -- the only reason I'm using this is that I don't do shots, this is the only shot glass I own.

COOPER: All right. Cheers to the --

COOPER: All right.

COLBERT: What are you drinking -- what are you guys drinking?

COHEN: -- to the end of this crappy year.

COOPER: We have --

COHEN: Tequila, Casamigos.

COOPER: What are you drinking?

COLBERT: I have Mount Gaye.


COHEN: All right.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: Here we go.

COOPER: Do you have something you're drinking to?

COLBERT: To things I will remember to forget.


COLBERT: That's delightful.




COLBERT: That's lovely. And how many of these have you done now, Anderson?

COHEN: How are you celebrating -- that's about five, I think. Four or five.

COOPER: I don't know. Because we did --

COHEN: We did a special one with --

COOPER: -- with Desus & Mero.

COHEN: Desus & Mero. Yes. Hey, Stephen, how are you celebrating the night tonight? What's happening in your home?

COLBERT: Evie and I are here by ourselves. Our children are elsewhere enjoying each other's company and enjoying, I think, that we're not there. And we're just sitting here keeping the dog from chewing on the rattan furniture. That's it.

COHEN: Ah --

COLBERT: And watching, obviously, like all of America, I'm watching Andy Anderson on CNN.

COOPER: By the way, Stephen --

COLBERT: You're the Guy Lombardo of the 21st Century.

COOPER: By the way, my dog has taken to chewing blankets and then humping pillows. I don't know where that augers --

COHEN: Taking over his master -- COOPER: -- what that augers for the New Year.

COHEN: Doing what his master does. Stephen, I loved how you shared a montage of your guests --

COOPER: That makes no sense. (Inaudible).

COHEN: -- setting their late show remote interview calls. How has the experience been of doing your show remotely, are you enjoying it, are you annoyed by it? What's your vibe going into month nine here, or ten?

COLBERT: I don't think anybody who have a job that they actually can still do right now have the right to be annoyed by any aspect of their job --


COLBERT: -- but I really do miss my audience. I really took this gig because I love performing in front of a live audience. And now it just feels like I'm just shouting jokes into an Altoid tin and throwing it off an overpass every night going I hope somebody finds these.

It's a whole -- it's all theory. It's like reading sheet music and never getting to play the music.


COOPER: Going on your show --

COLBERT: Is that (inaudible).

COOPER: -- reminded me just how old I am. Because I could not log into your zoom call like it took me forever. And I realized I've become my parents.

COHEN: That's what happens, sweetie, when you get old.

COLBERT: I was -- I tried to set up my shot a long time with your producer. He said I had too much headroom. Am I doing OK, am I framed well here?

COHEN: You're doing beautifully.

COOPER: No, I think it's --

COHEN: I had a headroom issue when I was checking into your show. That's ironic. I think they're doing a little payback.

How will your show look or how do you look forward or how do you view your show coming up this year with Trump leaving office. Does it give you less material, what's your vibe about it?

COLBERT: I don't know who you are talking about, I'm not familiar with the man's work. I just go on. The casino guys?

COOPER: It's a new year.

COHEN: Yes, the casino guy.

COLBERT: No, I don't want to see me talking about the casino guy much -- no.

COHEN: Do you have any resolutions --

COLBERT: I'm looking forward to not knowing what --

COHEN: -- for this year?

COLBERT: I'm looking forward to not knowing what's going to happen.

COHEN: Right.

COLBERT: One thing about the last four years, in some ways as crazy as things were, it was predictable, the response you would get from the administration if you asked them a question. I mean you guys, not me. I don't actually ever get to talk to those people.

But after a while it got a little bit -- it got a little rote. It got a little boring. They didn't change the game up enough.


COLBERT: I'm looking for someone who will surprise me by hopefully doing something that's in the interests of whatever the policy is they're trying to enact rather than personal gain.

COOPER: Well, Stephen, as you know Andy was constantly in communication with the White House and requesting things from them in his work which has really taken on great importance particularly this year.

COHEN: Sure.

COOPER: So, it's going to be a big adjustment for Andy, I think.

COLBERT: Sure. The real housewives of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

COHEN: Absolutely. Lots to unpack there. Do you have any resolutions for next year, Stephen?

COLBERT: Six pack. Six-pack abs. Do you have any recommendations for how to achieve that? Because I know both you guys, you guys are just like mahogany hard, right? You guys are totally cut and ripped, right?

COOPER: You know we're gay, so we have to --

COLBERT: Crunches, is it --

COOPER: -- keep up appearances. We can't give up. We can't give up, you know.

COHEN: There's a different standard -- COLBERT: All my New Year resolutions are incredibly pedestrian. I just want to get in better shape. What's your regimen, guys?


COLBERT: What do I need to do? Is it proteins --

COOPER: Intermittent --

COLBERT: Is it intermittent fasting --

COOPER: It's intermittent fasting, I'm doing intermittent fasting. I'm doing the peloton bike.


I do a workout. It's really fascinating, both for you and the viewers I'm sure.

COHEN: After this --

COLBERT: How much of your diet is just doing shots, Anderson? Where does that fit --

COHEN: No, that's --

COLBERT: -- into the nutritional regimen?

COHEN: That's me. No, that's me. That's me.


COHEN: By the way, is there anything about 2020 that you particularly enjoyed about 2020, Stephen?

COOPER: Do you want to do another shot? You seem to be licking the glass.

COLBERT: Well, it's quite tasty but I didn't bring the bottle up here.

Anything that I enjoyed -- yes, I really got -- if there's anyone who's watching this who watched my show this year, you know that I got to spend a lot of time with my family.

Evie -- first of all, my boys were my stagehands and my daughter did my makeup and then Evie was my side kick for most of the year. Like down in Charleston when we were doing the show in South Carolina before I came back to do the show from basically a storage room in my studio right now, I'm not in the theatre -- I got to spend a ton of time with my family. And now Evie's a big part of the show.

Like I got to find a way for her to be a part of the show when we can have an audience again. Because I think they like her more than me.

COHEN: Evie is very likeable, by the way.

COLBERT: Well, she's a nicer person. She's a much nicer person than I am.

COHEN: Yes. Well, Stephen Colbert --

COLBERT: You're a little bit like that nice -- sorry.

COHEN: -- we put you on the spot and we asked you to do a shot with us at the top of hour.

And we thank you for -- you're a man of your word, we love you -- are you wiping your face with a towel as we say good-bye? Yes.


COLBERT: Yes. Yes, I am.

COHEN: Look at that hair.


COHEN: Look at that gorgeous quarantine hair.

COOPER: Actually, before we go. Stephen, do you have any words for -- look, on a serious note -- never mind, I can't ask you now on a serious note with that hair.

COLBERT: No, serious. All serious again.

COOPER: But there are a lot of people watching tonight and Andy always gets annoyed when I bring this up. But there's a lot of people watching tonight --

COHEN: I don't get annoyed.

COOPER: -- who have had a really tough year. I always hated New Year's Eve. I only started doing this because I wanted to work on New Year's Eve and not face the kind of inherent sadness of New Year's Eve.

And there's a lot of people who are watching this tonight alone and worried about the year -- who survived the year but worried about the year to come or they lost people this year, do you have -- what do you say to people on the new year in your own life?

COLBERT: Oh. I'm not sure if there's anything I can say right now to whole groups of people that I don't know other than the fact that you're really not alone.

One of the things that we've learned this year is that we need each other so much. And that there is a need to collectively engage with each other and to take care with each other.

If there's one thing that COVID has taught us is that we can't get through crisis alone. And that this latest crisis, this latest mountain that we're all climbing, we have to do together or else there's no way over the top.

So that overt public need has just reminded us that we're never really alone in a democracy, but in this society and I hope -- hopefully that is something that we'll take to the other side of this moment we're in right now, is to pay attention to the people who don't have somebody else to care for them or don't have somebody else to be with them.

Because you might be that person in a moment is what we've just learned in the past nine months.

COOPER: When I was 10, I was watching New Year's Eve with my brother, my dad was in the hospital. We were on the floor, sleeping in the same room because we wanted to be in the same room because my dad was in the hospital. And he died five days later.

And I remember watching that in January 1978 with just fear and terror. And there was something about it that really forever infected the way I thought about New Year's from then on.

And I think about people every year when I do the show who are watching in their homes and particularly this year who -- they've lost a family member or someone they love is in the hospital and God knows we know the hospitals right now are full, the ICUs are full all around the country.

And I just think it's important on a night like this when people are celebrating for those of us who have experienced loss or for those who are currently watching this with fear in their hearts or sadness in their hearts, I just think it's always important to recognize them and to know that -- I think you're so right, that they are not alone.

And we are not alone in this, we have to be together. So, I thank you for those words and for being with us.

COHEN: Thanks, Stephen.

COLBERT: I think on the other side of this experience that we're all -- this thing we're experiencing right now is that when you ask somebody how are you, it's no longer going to be perfunctory.

COOPER: I hope.

COLBERT: I think we're far more likely to wait and get that real answer back.


COOPER: Stephen Colbert, it's always wonderful. I appreciate it. Thank you.

COHEN: Thank you, Stephen.

COOPER: My best to your family.

COLBERT: Thank you, Andy Anderson.

COOPER: All right.

COLBERT: One of my favorite people, Anderson Cooper. COOPER: Aw, that's so nice. Well, I know you are one of my favorite people. I just didn't know --

COLBERT: Aha. How does it feel --

COOPER: -- I was introducing somebody else on the teleprompter.

COLBERT: -- feels pretty good, doesn't it? Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

COHEN: Oh, that's funny. I just got it, that's really funny. That's funny.


COHEN: Thanks, Stephen. You're one of my faves -- I didn't write that copy.

COLBERT: Give my best to a very muffled Gary Tuchman.

COHEN: OK. Our next guest has been the superstar of quarantine, Leslie Jordan will beam into Times Square. Plus, we talk about our kids favorite things for the year.

We'll go up 100 stories over the New York skyline. And a whole lot more.

We'll be right back. Anderson's drunk.



COOPER: My next guest along with Stephen Colbert is one of my favorite people. He became even more famous during quarantine.

Joining us now beaming into us here in Times Square, Leslie Jordan. Leslie Jordan, welcome. And there you are.

COHEN: Oh, my God. It's like gay "Star Trek."

LESLIE JORDAN, COMEDIAN: Oh, look, look, look.

COHEN: It's gay "Star Trek," Leslie Jordan.

JORDAN: I want to break into, "We Three Queens of Orient Are."

COHEN: You look so -- we love your tuxedo.


COHEN: We were commenting on it in the commercial break. Looks great.

JORDAN: Well, you know this tuxedo. I was doing a series a million years ago -- I'm talking 20 or 30 years ago with Lily Tomlin --


JORDAN: -- it was called "Twelve Miles of Bad Road." And we played the richest people in Texas. It was Lily Tomlin and a bunch of people and we thought it was going to run forever. HBO hated it, wouldn't even air it at all. But I did get this beautiful jacket. So, who cares? There you go.

COOPER: Well, the fact that you can wear a jacket from 20 years ago and still fit in it --

COHEN: That's true.

COOPER: -- that's a good thing.

COHEN: That's true. You know, Leslie's --

JORDAN: Isn't that so -- (inaudible) and I can't button it (ph).

COHEN: So, few people had a good year this year. And with everything going on, you were one of those people who actually came out of this year on top.

You started this year with 80,000 followers on Instagram, you now have 5 million people following you. And I'm one of them Anderson is, and you post these videos every day that just make us smile and laugh.

What do you attribute to your Instagram becoming so popular during quarantine?

JORDAN: I have no earthly idea. I was at mama's in Tennessee and I knew that the stay-at-home orders were going to come. Two or three days before, I said to my mother, I said they're going to make us stay-at-home.

She said no, they're not, Leslie. I said yes, they are. The orders came and I thought I'm staying. I'm going to stay here in Tennessee with my mama.

But I got really bored. It's my mother and I have identical twin sisters. It's just like a dog and pony show -- that's when we get together.

But I decided that I was going to stay there, and I got really bored really quickly. And for 80 days I posted two videos a day, now I'm scrambling for content, you know what I mean? I don't know how I did it back then.

Because I want to -- people say to me you know what, Leslie, we pay writers $250,000 to come up some of that content that you gave away so freely.

COOPER: Well, Leslie, you and --

JORDAN: I'd be rich but --

COOPER: The only person I know who makes as much content as you is Andy Cohen. Andy like walks -- goes out for a coffee and posts three videos that are all very funny from it. It's exhausting.

COHEN: Is it exhausting?

COOPER: It must be exhausting.

COHEN: Leslie --

JORDAN: It's a gift we have.

COOPER: It's a gift.

COHEN: It's not exhausting. Leslie, since becoming an Instagram phenomenon, who is the wildest celebrity who has slid into your DMs? I have to ask.

JORDAN: I don't know about wildest but early on I noticed that Michelle Pfeiffer was following me religiously. And I thought, my gosh, that a movie -- Michelle Pfeiffer. And then she asked me in -- the DMs, I didn't even know how that all worked, that's direct messages.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

JORDAN: Anyway, she says would you go Instagram live with me? And I thought well, of course I would. And we're just like the best friends, we go back and forth all the time.

I thought who would have thought, would have thought that this little boy from the suburbs of Tennessee would just be just calling up movie stars and how are you, how are you, yes, oh huff, puff?

COHEN: Now I hear that you've developed some ways of passing the time while you're hunkering down. You've you been painting your toenails; is that right?

JORDAN: Yes. Are you judging me?


JORDAN: I just thought -- I always wanted to see if I can paint my own toenails. And I've gotten really, really good at it and it's just like coloring in a book. You just stay within the lines and I'm a good toenail painter --

COHEN: You started --

JORDAN: That was one of the ways that I combat boredom.

COHEN: You started exercising, I hear.

JORDAN: Yes. There's a company called Mirror.

COHEN: Oh, I've seen those.

JORDAN: And they sent me -- and I didn't know what it was. Literally, they knocked on my door and they said here, Mr. Jordan, this is a present. And it looked like a great big something, like a full-length mirror.


And then you'd go on your cell phone and all of a sudden, the trainer appears and puts you through your paces. And I haven't missed a single day.

COOPER: Is that right?

JORDAN: Maybe because my trainer's real cute.

COOPER: I've been wanting to get one of those things. I saw it on Instagram. You like them? I should try that.

JORDAN: I like it. It's amazing. You have hundreds of classes you can choose from. If you want to do a stretch for 15 minutes, there's a hundred classes of that.


JORDAN: And you go down and you look at a picture of the trainer (inaudible) think they're cute. You pick the ones --

COHEN: Full release. Full release.



COHEN: You also -- you learned how to use your iPhone?

JORDAN: I did. I didn't know exactly what everything meant, and people would send me messages and some of them would be green in a bubble, some of them would be blue.


COOPER: I don't know what that means.

JORDAN: And then I said what is this green? My friend said that's because they have an android and I judged you. I judged you if you had an android and you didn't have an iPhone. I would ah, uh-huh. And I don't do that anymore.

That's my New Year's Eve resolution. Listen, there are people -- there are green people, there are blue people; who am I to judge?

COHEN: There are green people and there are blue people. And there is Leslie Jordan, the one and only.

COOPER: Leslie, thank you so much.

COHEN: Leslie, it is so fun to hang out with you. I love you and the teleportation machine, and I will be following you on Instagram forever more.

COOPER: Yes, we love you, Leslie. Thank you so much.

COHEN: One of the great things to come out of 2020.

JORDAN: Well, thank you. I love you both so much and thank you for having me. I'll come on every year.

COOPER: All right. You're welcome.

COHEN: It's a deal. Thank you. We're going --

COOPER: Leslie, take care. Happy New Year.

COHEN: We're going to come back with a lot more from me and drunk Zaddy (ph). Plus, Pitbull joins us live.

We'll be right back.


COOPER: And welcome back. We are live in Times Square. And hour, under an hour-and-a-half until the New Year, until 2021.

COHEN: Hot diggity dog.

COOPER: Hot diggity dog. We are in a very different Times Square than normal. The crowds are not here, normally there are hundreds of thousands of people here, they've been here all day.

There are a lot of first responders, doctors and nurses, medical professionals, first responders who are there with their families in these pens as honored guests, as they should be.

And we're all waiting for the ball to drop for the New Year.

Yes, I know.

COHEN: You're a little drunk. You know what, we were just about annoying things that annoy us.

COOPER: Yes. Yes.

COHEN: Things that annoy us in our lives right now. I'm very annoyed by this book that I read (inaudible).

COOPER: You have a whole thing about children's books.

COHEN: Well, I do children's books review on my Instagram. And there are some that make no -- I had a '70s "Sesame Street," alphabet book that was -- it said "H" is for "hole." I was like how am I explaining this to my son?

COOPER: There are some kids' books that I read that I feel like is this like an acid trip?

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: This is just strange --

COHEN: And then do you have "Potty Time for Elmo"?

COOPER: I haven't gotten that.

COHEN: Oh, my God. They're like Elmo can use the potty, Elmo can use the potty.

COOPER: My agent, Carol (ph), who's a great friend got Wyatt Clappy, this monkey who's adorable and Wyatt loved -- this is Wyatt's favorite thing at this point.

COHEN: But say what Clappy says.

COOPER: Clappy is obsessed with the size of the child's hands. So Clappy is like, "Clap those little hands, clap those tiny hands, shake those tiny hands, clap those little hands". Like it's very aggressive.

COHEN: It is.

COOPER: Yes, it's --

COHEN: Wyatt loves it.

COHEN: Who you calling tiny?

COOPER: Everything's like small.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: That's right. But Wyatt loves it. Yes, Clappy's the -- there's an elephant that goes along who's much kinder, gentler.

COHEN: Oh (inaudible).

COOPER: Wyatt loves the bossy one.

COHEN: Oh, he does?

COOPER: Yes. He really loves the bossy Clapper.

COHEN: Oh, bossy bottom. All right. We're going to go to Richard Quest --


COHEN: -- on the ground in Times Square with a special guest.

Hey, Richard, are you there?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR: I am here. I'm here down on the street with the first responders. And I'm also with Pitbull.

COHEN: Whoo.

COOPER: Whoo. PITBULL: What's going on, buddy? Happy New Year's.

QUEST: Happy New Year to you.

PITBULL: Same here.

QUEST: Right. Now you have performed in Times Square before.

PITBULL: I actually performed here ten years ago.

QUEST: Ten years ago?

PITBULL: So it's a ten-year anniversary and in a most historical year to give hope, inspiration and motivation to the whole world out there.

QUEST: Your song "I believe that we will win."

PITBULL: Yes, sir.

QUEST: It's an anthem.

PITBULL: Well, it is an anthem for everybody that's on the front line, everybody that's out there that --

QUEST: All these people.

PITBULL: They're the ones that sacrifice, fight for us and really put their life on the line for us.

So I just want to make sure we're out here, like I said before, to keep them strong, motivation, inspired and give the whole world hope.

From the Big Apple, from the Miami Boys -- so from the Pineapple to the Big Apple, baby. (Inaudible).

QUEST: Now as a businessman --

PITBULL: Me too.

QUEST: -- business correspondent, the money that you are making or that's being made from this --


QUEST: -- is being donated.

PITBULL: Absolutely, 100 percent.

QUEST: Where's it going?

PITBULL: Well, it's going to any -- well, we've been part of a lot of charities, to be honest with you. One is Feeding America with Tony Robins (inaudible) and then the other one is basically -- we were part of a group called GIN (ph) which we helped a lot of the -- small businesses all across the United States of America in all of the communities that needed it the most. QUEST: Why have you made small businesses part of your thing?

PITBULL: Because small business is the heart and it's the blood and what pumps the economy in the United States of America.

QUEST: And are you -- I walk down the street, I live in New York. I walk down the street, I see the store closed, the restaurants closed --


QUEST: -- and I worry what's going to happen.

PITBULL: Well, that's going to show our resilience, that's going to show our strength, that's going to show our fight. And at the end of the day, being from the United States of America, that's what makes us American. Bottom line.

QUEST: Pitbull, show me the moves for that dance?

PITBULL: The muda (ph) dance?


PITBULL: You got to say, "I believe."

QUEST: I believe.

PITBULL: That we will win. I believe that we will win.

QUEST: I believe that we will win.

PITBULL: I believe that we will win.

QUEST: I believe that we will win.

QUEST & PITBULL: I believe that we will win.

QUEST: Thank you, sir.


COOPER: Something I never thought I would see. Richard Quest, Pitbull.

Guys, thank you so much.

COHEN: We didn't know that we needed that.

COOPER: And we did.

COHEN: But we did.

COOPER: CNN's Anna Cabrera is 100 stories up at the edge of Hudson Yards here in New York. Anna, Happy New Year.

ANNA CABRERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Anderson, hi, Andy. We have such a cool thing to show you tonight. This is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

We are 100 stories up, more than 1,000 feet high into the sky and, as you imagine, the views from here are spectacular.

Let me show you what it looks like from this high in the sky as we look out over the Big Apple. New York City for you tonight.

And you can see quite a few of our iconic buildings in this shot. In fact, straight ahead, you can see that blue and white lights, that is the Empire State Building.

Just to the left of there as we slide over you can see the Chrysler Building, that's the building that has sort of like the Christmas tree light sort of thing going on.

And then if you continue to your left and you look down a ways, that's Times Square that big light in the middle. I can almost see you, I think, from way up here.

And this part is extra cool. If you come all the way to the edge -- after all, we are at Edge at Hudson Yards, look straight down. That's what it looks like to look at the New York City streets 100 stories up in the air.

Not quite the hustle and bustle that you're used to seeing New York City. Of course, with the pandemic everything has changed this year, we've all had to make adjustments.

For a lot of us, that means getting creative with how we exercise. And as I know a lot of you are making those New Year's resolutions you might be how can you getting moving especially with the coronavirus still around.

Well, we have an idea for you tonight. Why not have a dance party in the sky to bring in the New York. This group is Forward Space.

They're ready to rock. I'm going to let them take it away.

(Forward Space - Dance to Music)

CABRERAS: How could you not just move and groove? All right, Anderson, again -- Andy too, this is the group. They are Forward Space.

We're going to get dancing. It's the dance party in the sky tonight. I don't know about you but I'm thinking I might mix up the exercise routine in the New Year.

Back to you.

COOPER: All right, Anna. Thanks very much. I haven't been to the edge up there, have you?

COHEN: No, let's go.

COOPER: I'd like to go.

COHEN: It's 2021.

COOPER: I'd like to.

COHEN: You and I.

COOPER: I'm afraid of heights but I would like to.

COHEN: Let's grab a pashmina and go. Coming up next. What are Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin up to now --

COOPER: Talking about pashmina --

COHEN: Yes. Plus the DAILY SHOW's Dulce Sloan --

COOPER: Oh, my gosh.

COHEN: We love her. We're throwing away the worst parts of 2020 --

COOPER: Oh, so many.

COHEN: -- in a literal dumpster fire.


COOPER: And welcome back. We are live in New York's Time Square. One hour, eighteen minutes until the New Year. Ring it in with us live.

Let's check back in with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin. At Don's house.

COOPER: Guys, what's up? What's going on?


DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: (Inaudible) pashmina, what did you call --

BALDWIN: I believe they said something (inaudible) pashmina --


BALDWIN: We're going to check in with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.

LEMON: No, we're beyond pashmina.


LEMON: How about an as-cot?

BALDWIN: All right. Wow. I got this.

COHEN: Oh, no, you didn't, Don.

LEMON: Oh, yes, I did (inaudible) -- I mean, Andy.

BALDWIN: OK. So this year (inaudible) have been tough for a gazillion reasons. For small businesses --

LEMON: Sorry.

BALDWIN: -- for restaurants --

LEMON: Right, right.

BALDWIN: And so obviously, it's a night of fun. And imbibing for some of us --

LEMON: Right.

BALDWIN: Because for 361 days I haven't had a drop to drink -- good for you. Snaps (ph).

LEMON: All right. But you know maybe --

BALDWIN: Maybe. So just shout out to you, if I may. Small business, woman-owned business, number six clogs in New York. You all, thank you so much, Karen, you're my clog hero.

And also Michael Hamilton, you are my restaurant hero --

LEMON: He's right in our kitchen.

BALDWIN: -- Michael Hamilton here, right in our kitchen is a chef. He has three restaurants, he has a flower shop in the East Village, he has Little Ways in Soho and, of course, Rosies Rays (ph) in Amagansett tonight for us.

And Michael, I love you. Your food is extraordinary, your cocktails are amazing.

I know it's been a tough year for you. Can you talk about that a little bit?

MICHAEL HAMILTON, CHEF: Thank you very much. It's been a tricky one for everyone, I believe. But yes, the city got hard and people have to pivot massively to make things work. And then indoor and outdoor dining fluctuated. And this is where I am now.

So it's been a tricky one but looking forward to 2021. Really am.

BALDWIN: Looking forward --

LEMON: Well, I got to tell you this is great --


LEMON: -- but all I see is this bottle of 1942 over your right shoulder. And I'm like oh, man --

HAMILTON: It's empty.

BALDWIN: (Inaudible) first drink.

LEMON: OK. What am I going to make?

BALDWIN: OK. So Michael -- so Chef Michael, we've decided it's the cocktails, Chef Michael has decided this for us but we're calling it the --

LEMON: Brooke Lemon tea -- tine --

BALDWIN: -- the Brooke Lemontine.

LEMON: Quickly. Yes, because we don't want to take all of Andy and Anderson's time. So what do we have, what do we do?

BALDWIN: All right. So talk to me, Michael. What's in this?

HAMILTON: OK. SSo we've got a beautiful cold-pressed juice, clementine juice, from a fella who started a business actually the peak of COVID called Tom's Juice (ph). It's cold-pressed clementine juice, Tito's vodka, a little cointreau that's been (inaudible) overnight and then topped off with a beautiful (inaudible) rose.

BALDWIN: In here. In here, Boo.


BALDWIN: All right. So we've got the clementine juice from Tom's juice.


LEMON: All right.

BALDWIN: We've got pre-mix vodka. We've got a little bit of Cointreau.

LEMON: Juice first?


BALDWIN: Juice -- hit me, honey.


BALDWIN: More, more.

LEMON: More?


LEMON: All right.

BALDWIN: Way more.

LEMON: Oh, my God.

BALDWIN: The whole thing. Go all the way. And then, hold on.

LEMON: Shake it. And we will finish this up, we will finish this up without you. But Andy and Anderson, we're going to make one.


I'm going to bring it to the office, I'm going to leave it on your desk --

BALDWIN: Well, it's already got vodka.

LEMON: Oh, we need more vodka.

COOPER: All right. Excellent.

COHEN: We need way more vodka.

BALDWIN: Is this what's happening tonight?

LEMON: We're going to bring it on your desk.

COHEN: I love Don's silk robe.

LEMON: Isn't it fabulous?

COHEN: Yes, it is.

LEMON: It's actually silk pajamas.

COHEN: Yes, I'm on my way.

LEMON: With fabulous little leather slippers.

COOPER: I'm on my way.


BALDWIN: (Inaudible).

COOPER: Guys, we'll check in with you shortly -- we'll check back with you guys shortly.

Joining us now is stand up comedian, correspondent, on THE DAILY SHOW -- DAILY SHOW.

COHEN: Dulce Sloan. Yes. Oh, my God. Hey, Dulce, great to see you.

COOPER: Hey, how's it going?

DULCE SLOAN, COMEDIAN: (Inaudible), hi.

COHEN: Now, Dulce, last year you told your New Year's resolution was to find a man. Any luck in that department --

SLOAN: Absolutely not.

COHEN: -- how's it going meeting people during -- absolutely not.

SLOAN: Well, I can say I've been on more -- when the lockdown ended in New York, I had gone on more socially -- I got more dates after the lockdown than I did the whole three years I lived in New York. So.


SLOAN: (Inaudible) everything sucked (ph).

COOPER: We all know --

SLOAN: That's why I'm wearing this dress. (Inaudible) find a (inaudible) man this evening.

COOPER: Did you find any silver linins in this year? We all know it was a horrible one.

SLOAN: I was finally able to -- why I'm paying so much money in New York rent (inaudible) be in my apartment.

COOPER: Got it.

SLOAN: So that probably made it worth it.

COHEN: Any resolutions for 2021?

SLOAN: I guess it's the same one, find a man. Resolutions? Yes, don't make a resolution because then you can't (inaudible) yourself.

COHEN: Listen, we've got a big dumpster fire in front of us. And we want to take turns naming the little things that we hate most about this horrible year.

So we're going to kind of go from one of us to the next. So let's start with you, Dulce.

SLOAN: Let's see. I didn't understand the puzzle craze. I'm over puzzles, I'm done with puzzles and when you're done with it, I don't know what to do with it. So puzzles, go away, I'm done, I'm done. I don't want anymore.

COOPER: All right. Puzzles go in the dumpster.

COHEN: OK. I'm putting the puzzles in there. I'm going to say for mine celebrity hand-washing videos.


COHEN: I never need to see another celebrity washing their hands or teaching me how to do that.

COOPER: I'm going to put in the dumpster people telling me that I need to watch "Schitt's Creek" -- "Schitt's Creek." I know it's a great show, I love everybody in it, they're great actors and everything and I'm going to watch it. I just -- I know, it's on my list.

I just don't have the time. But please stop telling me I need to watch.

COHEN: OK, sweetie. COOPER: I'm upset about it.

COHEN: That moment that Andersen thought he said shit. Dulce, what's your next one?

SLOAN: People just hounding people --

COOPER: I did. I worried there for a second.

SLOAN: -- about (inaudible) you need to watch. I think that's what I'm over with. It's you got to watch Tiger King, you got to watch this (inaudible) shit, you got to --

COOPER: Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

SLOAN: No, no. C'mon, Tiki, get out of here.


COHEN: I'm going to --

SLOAN: So (inaudible) friends, I would be (inaudible) -- but yes, people pressuring me --

COHEN: I'm going to put --

COOPER: Yes, I agree.

COHEN: I'm going to put fleets on Twitter in here.

COOPER: What's a fleet on Twitter?

COHEN: It's like a story from Instagram or a snapchat thing on Twitter.

COOPER: Oh, I didn't know.

COHEN: It's stupid.

SLOAN: It's called a Twitter what?

COHEN: It's a fleet. You don't need to know about this.

COOPER: Yes. I don't need to know about this. I'm going to do away with -- I don't want to hear anymore about Rudy Giuliani's dripping hair dye.


COOPER: I just feel like we saw it, we know what it was, we can move on.



SLOAN: Because I didn't know what a Twitter fleet was.

COHEN: Dulce, you got another one?

SLOAN: Oh, what's the other thing that I can't stand right now? Oh, people telling me -- people telling me what I should be doing in quarantine. Like you should be working out, you should be learning Chinese, you should be learning how to do a split.

Like all of the things that make me feel like (inaudible) super- productive. Like (inaudible).

COOPER: You've had people telling you should learn how to do the splits?

SLOAN: Yes. One of my friends was like girl, you got all this time, you can figure out how to do a split. Here's the videos from YouTube. And I'm like (inaudible).

COOPER: I'd kind of like to --

COHEN: I would like to learn how to do a split. OK, here's my last one and it's Zoom happy hours. No more.

SLOAN: Oh, yes.

COOPER: My last name is I'm tired of people criticizing HBO Max. And I know it's a part of the company I work for but like --

COHEN: I think it's good.

COOPER: -- there's good stuff. "Murder at Middle Beach," "Murder at White House Farm."

COHEN: Yes. OK, sweetie.


COHEN: Thank you, Dulce. Coming up next. We're going to take a look back at something embarrassing that he did with me.

COOPER: Oh, (inaudible).

COHEN: Plus we're going to ring in the New Year with two A-list celebrities, my parents. We'll be right back.



HODA KOTB: My New Year's resolution is to end the year, every year from this day forward, with a sunset with my kids. That is going to be our ball drop.

When the sun goes down, that is going to signify the end of the year. And I'm going to try to make that a family tradition starting from this year and moving forward. Happy New Year, guys. SAM SMITH: My New Year's resolution is to try and stop eating as much meat. I eat too much meat and I need to help save the (inaudible). So I'm going to cut down.

LENNY KRAVITZ: Happy New Year, y'all. My New Year's resolution is to continue letting love rule, to live in the moment and to be of service.

MICHAEL J. FOX: My New Year's resolution is to wear a mask whether I need to or not. I wear two (ph).

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: I never make New Year's resolution because I already feel bad about things that I never finish or never get right. Why would I add one more thing to the pile?


No, no, no. Just be kinder and more loving and look for the good in other people more every day this coming year.


COHEN: All right. Love you, Kathie Lee. You know what, I went through something with my parents that we all went through with our families this year and our friends. Setting up zoom calls.

Here is a moment that I had setting up my parents on Zoom for our remote Passover seder. Things got a little hairy.



VOICE OVER: To use Zoom install the latest version of a standard browser such as Chrome.

EVELYN COHEN, ANDY COHEN'S MOTHER: I don't know what the hell they're talking about.

COHEN: Drag that Google Chrome logo into your applications folder.

EVELYN COHEN: Into my download?

COHEN: No, into your applications folder. Go to the email that I sent with Safari.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: (Inaudible) the link, do not click it.

EVELYN COHEN: Nobody has anything to do anyway.

COHEN: Sorry, everybody.

ALL: (Cheers)

COHEN: Can you hear us, mom?

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Oh, no. She can't hear you.

COHEN: Click the bottom left. We can't hear you.

COOPER: That's amazing.

COHEN: Joining us now from St. Louis, it's my parents. We'll see if they did any better.

COOPER: Hey, can you hear us.

COHEN: Hey. Oh, my God. Look at how great you look. Wow.


COHEN: Oh, my God. You're all dressed up.

EVELYN COHEN: Yes, we're all dressed up, nowhere to go.

COHEN: I got to tell you, you two have been together for 61 years and I know that you have never spent as much time as you did together in 2020.

Is it fair to say that you're annoyed with each other at this point?

LOU COHEN: At times.

EVELYN COHEN: Yes, you could say that.


COHEN: Mom, early in the pandemic you were defrosting and serving questionable food for dad.

Dad, she served you expired Chile from 2015 one night when I checked in with you. How did that taste?

LOU COHEN: Well, I'm still here. But it was a little dry but it needed a little spicing up. But it really wasn't bad. It seemed it was several years old.

EVELYN COHEN: Enough of that.

COOPER: What's most annoyed you about each other during all this?

COHEN: Yes. What has most annoyed you about each other during all of this? Dad, what's most annoyed you about mom during this?

LOU COHEN: Well, I have to choose my words very carefully because she likes to finish my sentences.

COHEN: Mom, what's annoyed you about dad?

EVELYN COHEN: Well, first let me say that I'm very thankful that I have a place to live and food to eat and I'm not kidding. Because so many people don't. But that being said, he is driving me crazy because I am cooking, I am

buying the food, I am planning the menus. And he sits here and reads all day. I think the man has read a hundred books in the last ten months. And it's very irritating.

COHEN: And his reading annoys you. That's irritating to you. Tell me something that you both appreciate about each other. Dad, I need -- I want to be positive. Did you appreciate something about mom, dad?

LOU COHEN: I appreciate all the work she does and for the most part she's in a pretty good mood and we do have a good relationship. And, most importantly, we do communicate even though she doesn't like some of the things I say.

EVELYN COHEN: Yes, and he --

COHEN: Mom, what do you appreciate about dad?

EVELYN COHEN: That he puts up with me.


EVELYN COHEN: Other than that -- you know, after 61 years.

COHEN: That's it. That he puts up with you.


COHEN: That's it. Since you spent so much time watching CNN this year, who's your CNN all star?

LOU COHEN: Well, besides your company-host, I like Chris Cuomo and I don't know if she's still on, Anna Navarro.

EVELYN COHEN: No, she's not.

LOU COHEN: And Van Jones.

COHEN: Mom, do you have one? Well, yeah. But he took them.

COHEN: Oh, dad took them. OK.

EVELYN COHEN: I like David Axelrod.


EVELYN COHEN: I like all of the people on your panel.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: What was the best show that you binged, that you binge watched?