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CNN Transcripts for August 31, 2013

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• White House Considers Military Strike Against Syria; U.N. Weapons Inspectors Conclude Investigation into Chemical Weapons Use in Syria; Interview with Congress Eliot Engel; Interview with Congressman Scott Rigell; Stray Dogs a Problem in Detroit; Interview with Barry Manilow
• President Announces Intent to Obtain Congressional Approval for Military Strike on Syria
• U.S. Proceeds With Caution In Syrian Quagmire; U.S. Surveillance Conducted On Syria Round The Clock Now; Interview With Senator Bob Corker Of Tennessee; Will The U.S. Strike At Syria Prior to G-20 Summit?
• President Obama Tries To Makes The Case On Syria; Analysis Of Syrian Crisis; U.S. On Brink Of Entering Syrian Conflict
• Strike On Syria In Hands Of Congress; Obama Seeks Congressional Approval on Syria; Syria and Obama's Legacy; Pentagon Reacts to Obama Decision on Syria; Syria Anxious Over Possible U.S. Strike
• Panel Weighs In On Syrian Crisis and U.S. Role
• President Obama Weighs Strike in Syria; Labor Day Weekend Weather; Crisis in Syria; Exhumations Begin at Florida School; NFL.COM: Tim Tebow Cut By Patriots; Injured NCAA Star Will Play Today; Texas Tops College Football Fandom; Fresh Idea For Fresh Fruit; Obama To Brief Congressional Leaders; Rescue Teams Searching Collapsed Home; Gun To Be Auctioned For School Fundraiser; Arias' Attorneys Want Jury Sequestered; Questions Surround Kidnap Case
• Analysis Of Syrian Crisis And America's Role; President Obama Speaks on Syria
• White House To Brief Representatives Sunday; President Obama Weighs Strike In Syria; Syria: We Are "Ready" For Any Attack; U.S. Strike Could Aid Syrian Rebels; U.N. Officials Holding Briefing On Syria
• President Obama Sends Letter to Congress; Reid Announces Public Hearings
• President Barack Obama to Delay Military Action Against Syria