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CNN Transcripts for September 7, 2013

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• White House Continues to Seek Congressional Support for Syrian Strike; Protestors Organize March against U.S. Strike on Syria; Boy Overcomes Gunshot Wounds and Foster Care; Man Confesses to Killing Someone While Driving Drunk; New Movie Examines Slavery; Convicted American Spy Interviewed
• New Videos Released of Gas Attacks in Syria; Former U.N. Weapons Inspector Assesses Evidence Sarin Gas Used in Syria
• Obama Presses Congress On Syria Strike; Protesters Rally Outside White House; Anti-War Protest Planned Today; New Vision For Old Glasses; "I Killed A Man"; Getting Congress On Board; Rumsfeld: Obama Lacks Clarity On Syria; Assad Raised To Build A Dynasty
• Obama Presses Congress on Syria Strike; Anti-War Protests Planned Around the U.S.; Protesters Rally Outside the White House; Russia Stands with Syria; Dead Georgia Teen's Parents Speak Out; Obama Works to Build Syria Support; Videos on Syria Revealed
• Videos Shown To Senate As Proof Of Sarin Gas Use In Syria; How International Law Plays Into Possible Strike On Syria; International Olympic Committee Rules Out Madrid for 2020 Games; Two Olympic Gold Medalists Give Back
• Videos of Syrians Affected With Sarin Surfaced; Tokyo Picked As Host City To 2020 Summer Olympics
• Shocking Videos Emerge From Syria; Petraeus Endorses Syria Strike; Shocking Videos From Syria; Protests Against Syria Intervention; Will Lawmakers Side with Obama After Syria Videos Seen?
• Syria In Crisis; Graphic Video Shows Alleged Sarin Attack On Syrians
• Obama Presses Congress on Syria Strike; Anti-War Protest Planned Today; Battling for Congress' Approval; Montana Rape Case Moves to Higher Court; Dennis Rodman Leaves North Korea; Police: Man Secretly Exposed 300 Plus to HIV; Infant Motrin Recall; Bleacher Railing Collapses; 2020 Olympics Host City Revealed Today; USA Soccer Loses in World Cup Qualifier; Unicycle Football League; Wild Weather This Weekend; Secret Hospital Treats Wounded Syrians