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CNN Transcripts for October 19, 2013

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• Government Partisanship Over Shutdown Analyzed; Convicted Killers Escape Florida Prison; Boy with Autism Missing; Pundits Speculate on Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid; USC to Play Notre Dame in College Football; Controversial Fitness Trainer Poster Debated; Interview with Carol Burnett
• Who is this Little Girl?; Officials Up Reward for Killers to $10,000p; Voters Showing Signs of Backlash; Incumbents Face Tough Re- elections; Snowden: NSA Files Never in Russia; Cardinals Heading to the World Series; Cardinals Heading To The World Series; FSU And Clemson Thinking National Title; Oregon Makes A Statement; Buying Shares Of A Sports Star; Escaped Inmates' Victims Are Furious; Congress Kicks The Can Down The Road; Assange Calls Wikileaks Movie "Toxic"
• Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe In Virginia Gubernatorial Race; Two Prisoners Escaped From Florida Jail; Obama Nominates Jeh Johnson For Head Of Homeland Security;
• Hunt for Two Killers Freed, By Mistake; Government Lumbers Back to Life; Charges in Missouri Rape Case May Be Re-filed; Ted Cruz Criticizes Republican Party; JPMorgan Chase Reaches $13 billion Deal with Justice Department; NASA Trying to Catch Space Rocks; How Far Can We Kick the Can?
• Two Escaped Killers Captured; Can Obamacare Be Fixed?; Cruz Says He Works for Texans, Not Party; Florida Prison Escapees Back Behind Bars; Filner Booked Into Jail, Released; Blog Post Stirs Income Inequality Controversy; Eight-Year-Old Chases Purse Thief; Bum Phillips Dead at 90; Grambling State Forfeits During Student Athlete Protest; Eighth Biker Arrested in Manhattan SUV Attack
• Greek Authorities Trying To Identify Little Girl; Missing Teen's Parents Speak Out; Officials Up Reward For Inmates To $10,000; Health Care Site Down For Repair; Clinton Steps Back On Political Stage; School Attorney: Johnson Not Alone In Gym; Nearly 100 Wildfires Scorch Australia; Second Arrest In LAX Dry Ice Bombs; NBA Legend Bill Russell Arrested; Neighbors Describe Death Scene; Florida Student Bullying Arrests; Questions Over Melissa McCarthy Cover
• Greek Authorities Trying to Identify Little Girl; Hunt for Escaped Florida Inmates; Tourists Return to Memorial; GOP Leaders Hoping to Move On; Asteroid Impact with Earth Slim; Hillary Clinton Steps Back on Political Stage; School Bus Attack Caught on Video; Senator Ted Cruz Blamed for Budget Crisis; Techies Weigh in on Obamacare Glitches; Overshadowed Oddball Stories
• Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe In Virginia Gubernatorial Race; Four-Year-Old Girl found By Police Without Identification; Escaped Killers' Families Speak Out; Neighbors Describe Death Scene; Bugs Plague College Application Site; The Science Behind Hurricanes; Monsters from the Deep
• Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe; Two Prisoners Escape From Florida Jail; JPMorgan Chase Reaches Tentative Deal for $13 billion With Justice Dept.
• Hillary Clinton Endorses Terry McAuliffe; Two Prisoners Escaped From Florida Jail; Jeh Johnson Nominated For Head Of Homeland Security; JPMorgan Chase Reaches Tentative Deal for $13 billion With Justice Dept.; Adrian Peterson's Son Dead>