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CNN Transcripts for October 26, 2013

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• Germany Sending Officials to U.S. Regarding Spy Program; Hearings Continue Concerning Obamacare Website; Doctor Accused of Killing Wife for Mistress; Ohio State to Play Penn State; Woman Rescues Injured Pit Bull
• Germany Sending International Team to DC; Anti-NSA Rally in Washington Today; Barney's Accused or Racial Profiling; Senator Cruz Gives Big Speech in Iowa; Sarah Palin Returns to Spotlight; Freeze Warnings for 12 States; MacNeill Trial: Mistress Takes Stand; College Football And World Series In The Headlines; Eleventh Ranked UCLA At Second Ranked Oregon Tonight; San Francisco Versus Jacksonville In London Sunday; Grambling Football Players End Boycott; Cheerleading Team Benched; Apple Rolls Out Thinner, Faster iPad; Zakaria Talks To Author Malcolm Gladwell; Family, Students Mourn Teacher's Death; Saudi Women To Defy Driving Ban; Markets Rise On Weak Jobs Report; Gas Prices At Lowest Level Since January
• Germany Sending Intel Team To D.C.; Anti-NSA Rally In Washington Today; Barney's Accused Of Racial Profiling; Pirates Kidnap Two U.S. Citizens; Jonbenet Grand Jury Docs Released; Daughter Sobs In Macneill Murder Trial; Health Care Fix Promised For November; Kennedy Cousin Gets New Trial; Ceelo Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charge; United Fined For Passenger Delays; What Starbucks Costs Around The World
• FDA Regulates Pet Food; Party Problem For Maryland's Attorney General; German Intelligence Prepares For Trip To U.S.; Three Children Die In New York Apartment Fire; Thirteen-Year-Old Aims To Stop Bullying; A Look At Available Evidence In Martha Moxley Case; Possible Turning Point In Debate Over Captivity Killer Whales; Who Pays What For Starbucks 'Round The World
• Anti-NSA Rally Targets Washington; Clamor to Delay Obamacare's Individual Mandate; Women Drivers Protest in Saudi Arabia
• Mom of Alleged Teacher Killer Issues Statement; Der Spiegel: U.S. Spying for a Decade; Retail Racial Profiling Lawsuits; Cop Buys Shoplifter Groceries; Syrian Snipers Targeting Most Vulnerable; Many Cameras Vulnerable to Hacking; Freezing Temps Before Halloween
• Anti-NSA Rally in Washington; Family, Students Mourn Teacher's Death; Bullied to Death; Barney's Accused of Racial Profiling; Portugal Reopens Madeleine McCann Case; MLB Concerned about Concussions; Tainted Treats Kill Hundreds of Pets; DUI Confessor Sentenced to Six-year Plus Sentence
• Three Children Dead After New York Apartment Fire; Rally Against NSA Spying Scandal Planned; 25 Saudi Women Protest Law By Getting Behind The Wheel; Rob Brown Files Lawsuit Against Macy's And NYPD; GOP Members Calling For Kathleen Sebelius' Resignation