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CNN Transcripts for November 9, 2013

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• Typhoon Devastates Parts of Philippines; Doctor Found Guilty of Murdering Wife; Navy Captain Indicted for Taking Bribes; Satellite Soon to Plummet to Earth; President's Recent Poll Numbers Low; Johnny Cash Biography Published
• Typhoon Death Toll Could Hit 1,200; Verdict in MacNeill Murder Trial; FDA Targets Trans Fats; Trans Fat Ban could Change Pastries; Elections Offer Political Lessons for 2016; Martin To Tell His Side Of The Story; Incognito Flies To Los Angeles; Louisville Star Returns After Injury; Michael Jordan's Mansion Up For Auction; Anthony Bourdain Visits Detroit; Kerry Doubts Oswald Acted Alone; Investors React To October Jobs Report; Twitter Shares Soar On IPO; Tom Cruise Defends Actions As Father; NFL Star Tony Dorset Has CTE Signs
• Typhoon Victims Search For Loved Ones; Tracking The Typhoon; Space Junk Expected To Fall To Earth; Macneill Found Guilty Of Murder; Jonathan Martin Left The Miami Dolphins Accusing Richie Incognito Of Harassment; Kidnap Victim Tells Her Horror Story; Woods Talks Losing In Big Tournaments; Dead Teen's Family Wants Answers
• At Least 1,200 People Believed Dead; 11 Bikers Indicted for Alleged Gang Assault; Utah Doctor Convicted of Wife's Murder; Storm Chasers Capture Typhoon's Wrath; FDA Banning Trans Fats; U.S./Iran Nuclear Talks; Fouad Ajami Says Iran Deal Horrible Idea
• Philippines Hit By Huge Typhoon; Martin MacNeill Found Guilty
• Typhoon Devastates Parts of Philippines; Doctor Convicted of Murdering Wife; Testosterone Replacement as Anti-Aging Treatment Assessed
• Philippines Hit by Typhoon; Vietnam Braces for Typhoon Impact; President Obama Apologizes
• Estimated 1,200 Killed in Typhoon; Doctor Guilty of Murdering His Wife; Inside NFL Locker Room Culture; Talks to Slow Iran's Nuclear Program; Chasing Massive Storm; Big Stores to Open on Thanksgiving Day; Pentagon Developing High Tech Suits; Satellite Expected to Crash to Earth
• Monster Storm Ravages the Philippines; U.S. Navy Bribery Scandal; Silk Road Resurfaces