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CNN Transcripts for February 1, 2014

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• New Evidence May Emerge in New Jersey Bridge Scandal; Interview with New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone; New York Increases Security ahead of Super Bowl; Cold Weather Affects Parts of U.S.; California Undergoing Water Shortages; Amanda Knox Found Guilty by Italian Court; Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Voting Analyzed; Jay Leno Stepping Down from "Tonight Show"
• New York and New Jersey Prepare for Super Bowl; Governor Christie Facing New Charges in Bridge Closing Scandal; Former Boy Scouts Charged for Knocking Over Ancient Rock Formation; Stock Market Dips in January; Russia Prepares for Winter Olympics in Sochi; Iran Turns Former American Embassy into Museum
• Police Will Watch Super Bowl From Above; Fans Warned of Counterfeit Merchandise
• Authorities Prepare For Super Bowl; Chris Christie Facing New Allegations; Amanda Knox Convicted Of Meredith Kercher's Murder Again In Italy; Exclusive Interview With Antoinette Tuff
• Security High in NYC and Sochi; U.S. Puts Final Touches on Sochi, NFL Hall of Famer Helps Troops; NYPD to End "Stop and Frisk"; Best Gear for Cold-Weather Super Bowl; Former TSA Screener Telling All
• Governor Christie Faces New Allegations; Keeping The Super Bowl Safe; Ex-Scout Leaders Charged For Toppling Rock; Gunfire Wounds Eight In Bangkok Protests; How To Keep The Super Bowl Safe; Justin Beiber's Plane Searched; Meat Loaf Defends Justin Bieber: Knox: I Won't Go "Willingly" Back To Italy; U.S. Seeks Death Penalty In Boston Bombings; Omaha Gets Free Publicity From Manning's Shouts
• Authorities Prepare For Super Bowl; Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley In Intensive Care Tonight; Florida Chemist Accused Of Tampering With Police Evidence; Interview With Joe Montanta; Who is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; Alleged Evidence Against Christie in Bridgegate; Achievements of 14-Year-Old Kicker With No Arms
• Governor Chris Christie Faces New Allegations; Keeping the Super Bowl Safe; Amanda Knox Vows to Fight Conviction; Ex-Scouts Leader Charges for Toppling Rock; Florida Evidence Tampering Investigation; Final Preps for Super Bowl Sunday; Super Commercial Preview at the Super Bowl; CNN Viewers Training for Triathlon; Firefighters Stayed Put as Man Died; U.S. Women Ski Jumpers Make It to Olympics
• Final Preps For Super Bowl Sunday; "Super Bowl Boulevard" Takes Over Times Square; Dow Pressured By Emerging Market Woes; Scarlett Johansson In Political Controversy; Film Traces Two Friends' Road To Excellence; Armless Kicker's NFL Dream; Governor Christie Faces New Allegations