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CNN Transcripts for February 15, 2014

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• Jury Deliberating in Michael Dunn Trial; Snow Storms Continue to Hit Parts of U.S.; California Suffering Severe Drought; Kansas Legislation Seen As Discriminatory Against Gay Couples; U.S. Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey Game; Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay; Jimmy Fallon Takes Over "Tonight Show"
• Jury Continues Deliberating in Michael Dunn Murder Trial; Snow Storms Continue to Hit Parts of U.S.; U.S. Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey Game
• "Loud Music" Jury Asks about Self-Defense; Northeast Braces for Another Winter Storm; U.S.A. Beats Russia 3-2 in Hockey Shootout Win; Russia Ok's New Anti-Gay Adoption Ban; Obama Shifting Focus to Foreign Policy; "Juno" Actress Ellen Page Says She's Gay; Syria's War From The Front Lines; Winter Weather Is Driving People Crazy; Beer Saves Town From Drought; Oscar Pistorius Case One Year Later
• Northeast Braces For Yet Another Winter Storm; Hockey Team USA Beats Russia; Gay Couples in Virginia Welcome Federal Court Ruling That Strikes Down Ban On Same-Sex Marriage; No Decision From Jury In Michael Dunn Trial Yet; John Oliver: Star Athlete
• Michael Dunn Trial; Team USA At Sochi
• "Loud Music" Murder Trial Has Reached A Verdict on Four of the Five Counts; Jury Deadlocked On Murder Charge Against Michael Dunn
• Spoiler Alert: USA Versus Russia In Hockey; "Loud Music" Jury Asks About Self Defense; 500 Plus Flights Already Canceled Today; USA Beats Russia 3-2 In Hockey Shootout Win; Barkley Goes One On One With Obama; Experts: Wild Weather Patterns Connected; Report: Bullying On Miami Dolphins Team; "Loud Music" Jury Asks About Self-Defense; Law Firms Fights Only For Men
• Michael Dunn Found Guilty on Four Charges
• Dunn Found Guilty on Four Counts
• Dunn Convicted On Attempted Murder, Hung Jury On Murder Charge In "Loud Music" Trial
• Awaiting Verdict on Loud Music Trial; Travelers Frustrated by Cancellations; Highlights from Sochi; New Tough Talk from White House on Syria; NFL Player Harassed Teammate; Window Cleaning at World's Tallest Building