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The Fourth In America. Aired 12-1a ET

Aired July 5, 2021 - 00:00   ET




VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: It is the Fourth in America continuing live from the West Coast tonight. This is San Diego. We know the skies are about to light up in seconds there. This hour it is California's turn. There is a spectacular show above the historic Rose Bowl in Pasadena. They'll be celebrating America's perseverance. We'll be flying above the stadium to give you a view that only we can.

And in San Francisco, here's a scene from Pier 39 Alcatraz and way off in the distance the Golden Gate Bridge, you see there. I'm Victor Blackwell in Los Angeles along with Ana Cabrera in Las Vegas. And Ana if I know anything about Vegas and I think I do just a little bit. I know that the party has already started.

ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: It's been going all weekend long here, Victor. In fact it is so good to see so many people out and about enjoying themselves. They want the world to know Vegas is back, maybe. Just take a look at the crowds here. We are live from the middle of the famous Las Vegas Strip. And this silly -- city is celebrating the Fourth well into the night tonight.

We will have fireworks in a couple of hours from now. And they're doing something really special this year. The hotels here along the strip, they're going to perform a synchronized firework show. It's all going to go in a coordinated time. They're going to let it all rip. And we will bring that to you live.

Also tonight, the entertainment continues in Colorado. That's my home state. And this is the beautiful and iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater. And look at the crowds there. They just reopened a couple of weeks ago to full capacity. And you can see people are living it up. You see the beautiful red rocks which were they're known for.

That is where Blues Traveler right now is playing. So get ready to rock out, to run around, and huff, and some of their other biggest hits. We are going to go there coming up. And we will also celebrate with Kool & the Gang. They are headlining at the Hollywood Bowl. But first just keep your eye on the screen right now because fireworks are off in San Diego along with a special driving concert in Ventura, California. So let's get this party started with Nelly.

NELLY, AMERICAN RAPPER: Check it out. If you can understand what we're saying, listen.



NELLY: You all make some noise with City Spud one time, (INAUDIBLE).


NELLY: One time, let's go.


NELLY: OK. Check it out. If you really been riding with Nelly since day one.



NELLY: I want to hear you sing it, Kelly Rowland one time.


NELLY: To all my ladies, if you've been riding with Nelly since day one, let me hear you sing. I can't hear you, ladies. Sing it, make some noise.



NELLY: What I need right now, I need everybody out there to put their hands together one time. Everybody put your hands together. Ladies, say.


TRIFE TRIZZIL, DJ: All the ladies. We can't hear you singing out.

NELLY: Sing the song, get louder.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I love you too, California (INAUDIBLE), I want to know on time.

NELLY: I want to thank each and every one of you all for this. Shout out to the homie, Baby Bash. Shout out to my little brother Kendric (ph). Shout out to my DJ Trife Trizzil, my brother City Spud. California put your hands in the air one more time before we get out of here.


NELLY: OK. Kelly I need you to do one more thing for me. (SINGING)


NELLY: California, I want to thank each and every one of you. Again, I want to welcome everybody to be at back outside. I want to thank each and every one of you for holding your boy down, right there. Kelly, I love you for the bottom of my heart. God know that. Heartland this summer, with all that peace, we are we got.

CABRERA: Oh man, I did not want that to end. Victor, oh my god I love that. That just took me back to college, to the club, to dancing with my girlfriends. And I think "Hot In Herre" might have to be the theme song of the night for me and --


CABRERA: -- the 100 degree in Las Vegas. And then 0adding the dancing to that, I am just sweating. But, boy, that was fun.

BLACKWELL: Listen, "Hot In Herre" came up my senior year of college. And I mean for what, the last 20 years I've been singing half that song in my falsetto the, I am getting so hot, part because I feel -- I don't feel like it sounds great in my baritone. I am getting so hot, I want to change, but I love that song.

CABRERA: I didn't know you had a voice on you.

BLACKWELL: I don't know that I do.

CABRERA: And that's the music that just wants, wants --

BLACKWELL: Fantastic performer.

CABRERA: -- you just want to move, right?

BLACKWELL: Yes, yes, yes.

CABRERA: Well, that gives you a little taste now where we're headed as the night continues because we are just warming up the Fourth of July fun in the western U.S. and now to the Rose Bowl with the fireworks going off in Pasadena, California.

Coming up, we've got music from Bebe Rexha and Blues Traveler. Don't go anywhere. We'll keep those fireworks going as we take a quick break.



BLACKWELL: Welcome back to CNN's Fourth in America. I'm Victor Blackwell. And you are watching the fireworks show over the historic Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. This year's theme, Celebrating America's Perseverance. And across the country, the fireworks are returning, the live music is back. Earlier you caught a bit of Bebe Rexha. Here she is with "Me, Myself & I."


BEBE REXHA, AMERICAN SINGER: Yes Philly, come on. Let's go. Check it.


REXHA: All right, your turn. Ready?


REXHA: Why? Want an ice cold wine. Let's go.



REXHA: Come on, Philly, hands up in air, let's go. Are you ready? One, two, three.





REXHA: All right. If you know the words, I want you to sing it. Ready?


BLACKWELL: Hey, Bebe Rexha, "I'm a Mess." I'm a mess too, sometime gross (ph). All right. Pasadena, California fireworks there. The fireworks on the West Coast are just getting started. We've got performances by Blues Traveler, and Kool & The Game coming up.

The Fourth in America continues.



CABRERA: Well, we're back with CNN's Fourth in America. And now I want to take you to a place that I know well. We're going to head to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison Colorado.

And just a fun little tidbit there, have you ever seen a concert there? You know, it is something special. It is a bit of a natural wonder with the amphitheater built in to these natural red sand stones that come out of the ground and create as amazing acoustic, natural wonder. In fact, they say from this stage, a whisper can be heard at the top of that seating area in this amphitheater.

So let's listen in to Blues Traveler.








POPPER: Thank you.

CABRERA: And talk of talented musician there, that is Blues Traveler's first concert since the pandemic. They are rocking Red Rocks tonight and there's still so much more to come here including more fireworks here in Las Vegas. We are standing by live on the strip tonight from the Cosmopolitan.

And we're going to show you a synchronize show where several of the hotels will be lighting off fireworks at the same time tonight. We also have much more music to come as the fourth in America continues with Foreigner and Kool & The Gang when we come back.



BLACKWELL: Welcome back to CNN's Fourth in America. And we are seeing, wow, the fireworks show over the bay in San Francisco. Beautiful. The weather is cooperating. We know that there are crowds out to see this fantastic show.

We're also counting down to fireworks in Las Vegas. We have Kool & The Gang and the -- at the Hollywood Bowl. But first, here's Foreigners starting with Feels Like the First Time.




BLACKWELL: Woo, Foreigner, Hot Blooded. But let me just tell you what you're looking at here. This is a display of what we've been seeing here over Hollywood over downtown L.A. Fireworks have been going nonstop. You can see them across the horizon here for the last hour.

As soon as the sun went down, there's been this sporadic show across Los Angeles. This is not supposed to happen because they're -- these are illegal. But look at the colors that we're seeing. I just wanted to show you what I'm seeing here on top of the building where I am on sunset. Coming up, we've got more great music for you. Kool & The Gang. Sammy Hagar, Brad Paisley. Plus, you know, the Vegas is ready to party with people fill in the strip. The city is open, the casinos are full, the clubs are full. Their firework show their biggest on the fourth ever there on the strip, still to come.