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CNN's Fourth in America Special. Aired 2-3a ET

Aired July 5, 2021 - 02:00   ET



ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: We're about to start here any minute now expected at 11:00 local time, so that's one minute from now. You can hear the energy on the street and the people as you said just out and excited to be able to celebrate tonight with their friends with their family whether it's at a concert or a barbecue or just picking up their feet and here we go. Here we go. Let's lesson as we hear from music from Flo Rida.



CABRERA: Wow. This is just so beautiful, Victor. We're expected the grand --


CABRERA: -- finale any moment now.

BLACKWELL: It is -- it takes a lot to top the lights and the glitz of the strip.

I can hear the cheering --

CABRERA: Oh my gosh, that was cool.

BLACKWELL: -- behind you there.

CABRERA: Yes, to be here live is something else. That'd be big energy, the spirits, the sense of collective, you know, country and unity and patriotism. You talked about how music brings people together. And I think tonight is one of those nights that it just feels like, you know, this is maybe a fresh start for this country --


CABRERA: -- in a lot of different ways, especially coming --


CABRERA: -- out of a pandemic and they've here for that firework show tonight was really, really moving and there's just so much spirit. I loved it.

BLACKWELL: Yes, it was beautiful. I mean, again, I say that it was --- it's difficult to top the lights and all of the glitz and glamour --


BLACKWELL: -- of the buildings and the marquees, but they topped it. I mean, you could still see the smoke there across the strip from seven casinos there. The biggest show they've ever done. Fantastic. Great job, Las Vegas. I mean, that was beautiful. It was beautiful.

CABRERA: That was something and we're not done yet. The party is still going. We've got a bunch of music still ahead. We're going to, you know, hear from the Beach Boy, Blues Traveler still rocking at Red Rock. We'll hear more from Chicago. That's all coming up. As CNN's Fourth in America Special continues. Stay right there.



BLACKWELL: Welcome back to the Fourth in America Special. The Vegas strip is open for business 100 percent capacity there. The restaurants are full, the clubs, the casinos, they're celebrating across the country. We've taken you to every region, every timezone, every genre of music, really every decade and now we're going to take you to the 1960s. We've got the Beach Boys in Fort Lauderdale performing their number one hit from 1966 Good Vibrations.



BLACKWELL: Big crowd there in Fort Lauderdale for the Beach Boys with John Stamos, get there fast and then we'll take it slow.

All right, we have more music ahead from Blues Traveler and Chicago, plus the best of tonight's fireworks from coast to coast and CNN's Fourth in America special continues.



CABRERA: Welcome back. Let's head back to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison Colorado is just outside of Denver because the music is just rocking that place tonight with Blues Traveler. Full house in the amphitheater there. They're performing a very fitting song now in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Here it is their song The Mountains Win Again.



ANA CABRERA, CNN ANCHOR: Much of these, I'm just thinking, you know, the truth is America will not be conquered by the virus. We are so strong. We are resilient and tonight we are letting that shine.

Coming up, we have much more for you. Music from Chicago, plus, the look at the best of all tonight's fireworks from the East Coast to the West Coast. Stay with us, you're watching special CNN live coverage, The Fourth in America.



VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back to CNN's Fourth in America Special, so much good music tonight. All the firework shows and we have more for you now from Chicago. They've got music going across decades. Here's "Hard Habit To Break."



BLACKWELL: Wow, "Hard Habit To Break" from Chicago and a grateful crowd there. So listen, we've got the finale of finales coming up, the best of tonight's fireworks from across the country. Stay with us. CNN's Fourth in America Special continues.



BLACKWELL: This has been a spectacular night. Ana, we saw 18 firework shows across the country.

CABRERA: It was amazing and I didn't know if I can make it up stay up this late because this is well past my bedtime. It was worth every moment.

Before we go, here are the highlights. Plus, we have Billy Ray Cyrus and The New York Youth Symphony performing Neil Diamond's "America." Have a great night. Thank you for joining us.

BLACKWELL: Happy Fourth.