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April 18, 2015

April 17, 2015

April 16, 2015

April 15, 2015

April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

April 12, 2015

April 11, 2015
• Tornadoes Devastate Parts of Midwest; Dash Cam Video Released of Arrest that Led to Police Shooting in South Carolina; President Obama Talks with Cuban President Raul Castro; Woman Nearly Hit Walking on Freeway; Police Caught on Camera Beating Suspect; Family Gets into Brawl with Police in Wal-Mart Parking Lot; Illegal Pesticide Possibly Used in Virgin Islands Makes Family of Tourists Ill; Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Presidential Candidacy; Masters Golf Tournament Underway; CNN Hero Builds School for Children in Nepal. Aired 10-11a ET
• Walter Scott Laid to Rest; Obama, Raul Castro Shake Hands from Panama; Second Arrest in Military Base Bomb Plot; Tornado Aftermath and Cleanup; Hillary Clinton to Announce Candidacy Tomorrow. 11-11:59a ET
• New Video of Officers Beating Man in California; Army Recruit, Girlfriend Arrested for Military Base Plot; Summit of the Americas in Panama; Reporting from the Scott Funeral; Rachel Nichols Previews Her Special from Augusta. Aired 12-1p ET
• Obama to Hold News Conference Soon; Obama and Castro Meet One- on-One; Law Enforcement in the Spotlight; Police Use of Force Cases in the Spotlight; Eight Jailed in 10 Days in U.S. For Trying to Support ISIS; Obama Meets One-on-One with Cuba's Raul Castro. Aired 5-6p ET
• President Obama And Raul Castro Meet At Summit In Panama; The Capitol On Lockdown; South Carolina's SLED Meets With Unidentified Passenger In Walter Scott's Car, Brutal Police Beating Caught On Camera; Tornadoes Ravage Midwest; Hillary Clinton To Make It Official Tomorrow; Aired 3-4p ET
• Live Coverage Barack Obama's News Conference At Summit of the Americas In Panama; Cuban President Raul Castro Apologizes To Barack Obama; Aired 6-7 ET
• Obama to Hold News Conference Soon; Tsarnaev Found Guilty of 30 Counts; Jordan Spieth Breaks Masters Record; Clinton to Announce Presidential Bid Sunday; Obama & Castro Hold One-on-One Meeting; Mourners Pay Respect to Man Shot by Cop; Second Arrest in ISIS- Inspired Bomb Plot. Aired 4-5p
• Obama Speaks After Historic Cuba Meeting; Obama: Hillary Clinton Would Make A Terrific President; American fugitive in Cuba wants to go home; Obama: GOP "crossed all boundaries" on Iran; Carter: Bunker busting bomb against Iran ready; Officer charged with murder; The death of Walter Scott; Deadly tornado outbreak; Race for 2016. Aired 7-7:30p ET
• Funeral Today for Walter Scott; Obama Shakes Hands with President Raul Castro;. Man Accused of Suicide Bomb Plot at Army Base; Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Candidacy; Obama Shakes Hands with Raul Castro; Police Videos and Transparency; Augusta Masters Update; New Dash Cam Video Shows How Incident Began. Aired 1-2p ET

April 10, 2015

April 09, 2015

April 08, 2015

April 07, 2015

April 06, 2015
• Rough Day for Stocks; Lubitz Investigation Continues; Rebels' Strongholds Pounded; Manhunt for Kenyan Terror Mastermind Intensifies; NCAA Championship Tonight. Aired 9:30-10a ET
• White House Kicks Off Annual Easter Egg Roll; The Millennial Project; Rain Relief on the Way. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Tsarnaev Trial; Author Offers Apology; Kenya Massacre. Aired 2- 2:30p ET
• Defense Rests in Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial; Closing Arguments in Boston Bombing Case; Family Poisoned. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• Market Braces for Rough Open; Hillary Clinton Adds to Campaign Press Team; White House Trying to Sell Nuclear Deal; Closing Argument in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial; Columbia Journalism School's Scathing Report on "Rolling Stone"; What is the Obama Doctrine? Aired 9-9:30a ET
• White House Takes Iran Deal Pitch to Congress; Interview with Representative Jerrold Nadler; Stocks Turn Positive After Opening Slump; Closing Argument in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial; Major Failures Found in Discredited "Rolling Stone" Article. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• American from California Among the Latest Victims in Yemen; ISIS Now Banished From Key Iraqi City of Tikrit; Hillary Clinton on the Verge of 2016 Announcement; Civil Liberties Advocates Praised NSA Leaker Edward Snowden; Box Office Gold for "Fast and Furious 7". Aired 3:30-4p ET
• Kenya Warned of an Attack?; Obama Faces Tough Sell to Congress on Iran Deal; Rahm Emanuel in Hotly Contested Mayoral Race; World War I Graffiti Found Deep in Tunnels. Aired 2:30-3p ET

April 05, 2015
• Two Teens Arrested On Terrorism Intent Charges; Pope Francis Calls For End To Violence And Oppression Around The World; Kenyan Authorities Works To Identify Last Week's Al-Sbabab Attack On Campus; Badgers Vs. Blue Devils For National Championship; Families, Witnesses Reflect On The Tragedy; American Killed In Yemen Fighting; Columbia Report On Botched "Rolling Stone" Story; Feds: Pesticide Suspected In Family's Illness. Aired 2-3p ET
• Teens Arrested in U.K. on Terror Suspicions; Kentucky's Harrison Apologizes for Racial Slur; Netanyahu Criticizes Proposed Iran Deal; American Killed in Yemen; Celebrating Passover and Easter Sunday. Aired 4-5p ET
• Two Teenagers Arrested in U.K. on Terrorism Charges; Police Identified One Suspect in Kenya Attack; U.S. Citizen Killed by Mortar Strike in Yemen; Kentucky Fails to Complete Undefeated Season; Rolling Stone Magazine Rleases Report on Alleged Gang Rape Story; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Appeared on Sunday Talk Shows to Blast the Proposed Nuclear Deal with Iran; Pope Francis Calls for an End to Violence and Oppression across the World; Remembering Paul Walker
• Columbia Report on Botched "Rolling Stone" Story; Obama: There is no Formula to Follow on Iran; Boston Bombing Trial: Tsarnaev Closing Arguments Start Monday; Defense Tries to Save Tsarnaev from Death Penalty; Pope Francis's Easter Sunday Message Calls for Nonviolence; Are Budget Airlines Less Safe?; Pope Told to Lay Off the Pasta? Aired 6-7p ET
• Two Teenagers Arrested in U.K. on Terrorism Charges; Police Identified One Suspect in Kenya Attack; U.S. Citizen Killed by Mortar Strike in Yemen; Kentucky Fails to Complete Undefeated Season; Rolling Stone Magazine Rleases Report on Alleged Gang Rape Story; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Appeared on Sunday Talk Shows to Blast the Proposed Nuclear Deal with Iran; Pope Francis Calls for an End to Violence and Oppression across the World; Remembering Paul Walker. Aired 5:00-4p ET

April 04, 2015
• U.N. Security Council Meets to Call for Pause in Saudi-Led Bombing Campaign in Yemen; Woman Survives Terrorism Attack at University in Yemen; U.S. Woman Arrested Before Attempting to Join ISIS; White House Calling Members of Congress to Support U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Framework; NYPD Detective Caught on Tape Yelling at Uber Driver Apologizes; Man Claims to Survive for 66 Days Lost at Sea; NCAA Basketball Tournament Enters Final Four. Aired 10-11a ET
• Violence Erupts in Post-ISIS Tikrit; ISIS Wants Truce?; Trust Between U.S. & Iran Tested; Private Security Now Guarding Flight 9525 Site; "Furious 7" Speeds to $150 Million Debut. Aired 4-5p.
• Kenyan Police Parade Bodies of Gunmen; UN: Foreign Fighters Increased By 71 Percent; Pesticide Suspected in Family's Illness; Menendez Vows To Fight Corruption Charges; "NY Times" Calls on Menendez to Resign; Interview With Warren Buffett. Aired 5-6p ET
• Two Women Survive Kenya Massacre; U.S. Women Arrested Trying to Support Terrorism; Family Leaves Vacation in Coma; Investigators Analyzing 40 Mobile Phones Found; U.N. Estimates At Least 519 Dead In Yemen Battle; Three Months Of Nuclear Negotiations Ahead; Ferguson's Ugly, Racist E-mails Released; NCAA Was "Concerned" Over Indiana Law. Aired 11a-12p ET
• Two Women Survive Kenya Massacre; Saudi Arabia Leading Air Campaign In Yemen; U.N. Security Council Discusses Fighting In Yemen; Investigators Have Left Germanwings Crash Site; Trapped Family Pulled From Burning RV; "Furious 7" On Pace To $150 Million Opening; Indiana, Arkansas Revise "Religious Freedom" Laws; Former Governor Huckabee Weighs In On Indiana Law; Tsarnaev Defense Planting Seeds Of Doubt?; Final Four Action Tips Off Today. Aired 12-1p ET
• Kenya Observing Three Days Of Mourning; U.N. Meeting On Yemen; Prosecutors Focusing On Co-Pilot's Health For Motive; New Yik Yak App Lets You Talk Anonymously; Castaway Rescued After Two Months; Final Four Action Tips Off Today. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Picking Up The Pieces After Terrorist Seige On A Kenyan College Campus; U.N. Security Council Holding Emergency Meeting; Investigators Leave Germanwings Crash Site; Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law Continues To Stir Up Controversy. Aired 3-4p
• Racially Torn City Goes to Polls Tuesday; Family's Horrifying Vacation Illness; Team Obama Making Big Pitch to Congress on Iran Nuclear Deal; Congress May Try to Block Iran Nuclear Deal with Sanctions Bill; Good Samaritans Rescue Family; Final Four Action Tips Off Today; Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married? Aired 1-2p ET

April 03, 2015

April 02, 2015

April 01, 2015

March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

March 29, 2015

March 28, 2015
• Co-pilot that Crashed Germanwings Flight Possibly Suffered from Mental Stress; Possible Causes of Germanwings Crash Examined; Potential Effects of Cameras in Cockpit of Flights Assessed; Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion; Amanda Knox Found Not Guilty of Murder by Italian Court; CNN Hero Provides Bike Rides for Underprivileged Children. Aired 10:00-11a ET
• Possible Causes of Germanwings Plane Crash Examined; Searchers Look for Remains of Crashed Germanwings Plane; Potential Effects of Remote Control for Commercial Airline Flights Assessed; Negotiations over Iranian Nuclear Deal Nearing Deadline; Congressman Gowdy States Hillary Clinton Wiped Personal Server; Amanda Knox Found Not Guilty of Murder by Italian Court; Man Assaulted on Subway After Being Asked Opinion of Michael Brown Case. Aired 2-3p ET
• Sources: Co-Pilot Passed Recent Medical Exam; Arab Leaders Meet As Yemen Violence Grows; Friend: Co-Pilot Flew A Glider Over Crash Site; Teams Continue Slow Body Recovering in Alps; Medical Problem in Cockpit Just One Theory of Germanwings Crash; Controversy over Indiana Religious Freedom Law. Aired 5-6p ET
• Germanwings' Co-Pilot Believed To Have Hidden A Psychiatric Condition; Saudi Arabia Continues Air Strikes In Yemen. Aired 8-830p ET
• Should Cameras Be Streaming from Cockpit?; Religious Freedom Law Criticized As Anti-Gay; Germanwings Co-Pilot's Illness; Iran's Amanda Knox Cleared of Charges. Aired 4-5p ET
• Sources: Co-Pilot Passed Flight Physical; Saudi-Led Coalition Troops Could be in Yemen Soon; Interview with Congressman Ed Royce of California; Army to Decide on Bergdahl Case; Germwanwings Co-pilot Suffers from Mental Illness. Aired 7-8p ET
• Crash of Germanwings Flight 9525; Co-Pilot Hid Illness from Airline; Nuclear Talks with Iran Hit Snag; Amanda Knox Cleared in Death of Roommate; German Airlines Adopt Two-Person Cockpit Rule; Is Iran U.S. Ally Or Enemy? Aired 11a-12p ET
• Prosecutor: Co-Pilot Declared Unfit To Work; "The New York Times": Lubitz Sought Treatment for Vision Problems; Recovering Victims A Grim, Grueling Task; Safety Experts Call For Cameras In Cockpits. Aired 12-1p ET
• Deliberate Crash in the Alps; Indiana Religious Freedom Law Criticized as Discriminatory; Inside the Cockpit; Fierce Battle for Yemen Underway; Recovery Crew Faces Rugged Terrain in the Alps; Nuclear Talks Reaching Critical Point; Michael Brown Question Leads to Beating. Aired 1:00-2p ET

March 27, 2015

March 26, 2015

March 25, 2015

March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

March 22, 2015
• Last U.S. Troops Pull Out of Yemen; Road Rage in Texas; Sen. Ted Cruz Expected to Officially Declare Run for 2016 Presidency; Tunisia's President Says Third Attacker on the Run; Ancient Catholic Ritual as Pope Visits Naples; What Happened to Jackie? Aired 4-5p ET
• U.N. Envoy says Yemen "On Edge of Civil War"; Sen. Ted Cruz Announcing White House Bid Monday; Is Yik Yak App Fueling Cyberbullying?; Former FBI Informant Harassed Online; Millionaire Murder Suspect in Court; Pope Francis Performs a Miracle?; Did Jesus Have a Secret Brother? Aired 6-7p ET
• U.S. Pulls Our Last Forces from Yemen; Possible ISIS Threat against U.S. Troops; ISIS Crisis in Iraq; Senator McCain Tells President Obama to "Get Over It"; Senator Ted Cruz to Announce Presidential Run; Road Rage Shooting Spree; Bar Gives Account Of Bloody UVA Arrest; Investigation Of Bloody Arrest To Take Weeks; You Get Screened, Airport Workers Don't. Aired 2-3p ET
• U.N. Holds Emergency Meeting on Yemen; Medical Students Traveling to Syria Include One American; Possible ISIS Threat Against U.S. Troops; Manhunt for Suspect in Road Rage; Petraeus on Iraq; Fallout from Netanyahu Re-Election; New Witness on Bloody UVA Arrest; Videos Key to Case Against Hernandez. Aired 3-4p ET
• Senator Ted Cruz Announcing Run for President; U.N. Security Council in Emergency Meeting; Possible ISIS Threat Against U.S. Troops; Wealthy GOP Donor Helping Peshmerga; Is Petraeus Plea Deal a Double Standard?; Murder Suspect's Source of Wealth; Starbucks Initiative Continues But No More Writing on Cups; Retro Tech in Retrospect; Does California Have a Year of Water Left? Aired 5:00-6p ET

March 21, 2015
• U.S. Pull Special Forces out of Yemen; New Orleans Airport Personnel Attacked; Terrorists Attack Tunisian Museum; U.S. Government Warns of Terrorists at Tourist Destinations in Caribbean; Seven Children Perish by Fire in Bedrooms in Brooklyn; Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Tourism in Tunisia Assessed; Potential Political Fallout from Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server Scandal Examined; CNN Hero Provides Access to Eye Care for Children. Aired 10-11:00a ET
• U.S. Pulls Special Forces out of Yemen; New Orleans Airport Personnel Attacked; U.S.-Iran Negotiations on Nuclear Deal Continue; FBI Asking Local Police Departments Nationwide to Reopen Cold Case Murder Files to Investigate Possible Connection to Robert Durst; Seven Children Perish by Fire in Bedrooms in Brooklyn; Penn State Frat Posts Provocative Pictures of Unconscious Women on Facebook Page; President Discusses Mandatory Voting in America; Fourth Grade Students Visit New Hampshire State Legislature to Watch Their Own Proposed Bill be Voted Down. Aired 2-3p ET
• TSA Agent Attacked by Man with Machete; Yemen Developments; Kerry in Talks with Iran; What Happened to Robert Durst's Wife?; DOJ: Michael Brown's Hands Not Up. Aired 4-5p ET
• TSA Hero Recounts Machete Attack; White House Vows To Reassess Relationship with Israel; Coffee Giant Defends #racetogether Campaign; "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Based On A Lie; Suspect in New Orleans Airport TSA Attack Dies. Aired 5-6p ET
• Machete-Wielding Airport Attacker Dies; Obama Taking Netanyahu "At His Word"; ISIS Claims Attacks in Tunisia, Yemen; Trial of Boston Bomber Starts Monday; More Charges for Robert Durst. Aired 7-8p ET
• U.S. Evacuating Special Forces from Yemen; Machete Wielding Man Storms Airport Security; Brooklyn Fire Kills Seven Children; Bloodied Student Arrest Stirs Outcry; White House Sharpening Tone Toward Netanyahu; Attorney: Durst Has Serious Medical Problems; Dayton Prevents NCAA Tournament History. Aired 11a-12p ET
• Airport Machete Attack In New Orleans; U.S. Urges Americans To Evacuate Yemen; Nuclear Negotiations Between U.S. And Iran Take Five; Tunisian Authorities Arrest More Than 20 Suspected Mlitants; Aired 3- 4p ET
• Sources: U.S. Evacuating Special Ops Forces From Yemen; Machete-Wielding Man Shot Inside Airport; "Hot Plate" Starts Brooklyn Fire: Kills Seven Children; Robert Durst Bail Hearing Set For Monday; FBI Looks At Cold Cases For Link To Durst
• U.S. Pulls Out Remaining Troops in Yemen; Machete Wielding Man Storms Airport; ISIS Focuses on Soft Targets Like Bardo Museum; GOP Holding AG Nominee Hostage?; Brooklyn Fire Kills 7 Children; White House Sharpening Tone Toward Netanyahu; Frats Behaving Badly; Drone Use Expanding. Aired 1-2p ET

March 20, 2015
• Stock Market Update; FBI Looks at Cold Cases; Feds Probe Rep. Schock. CNN Poll: Americans Say They're Increasingly Fearful of ISIS at Home. New Signs of a Warmer Friendship Between North Korea and Russia? Aired 9:30-10:00a ET
• Ferguson Interim Police Chief Takes Charge; Black UVA Student Bloody Arrest Stokes Anger, Student Rallies; FBI Investigating Aaron Schock; ISIS Claims Yemen Mosque Attacks. Aired 10:30-11a ET
• Dozens Killed in Yemen Mosque Blasts; Heartbreak as Tunisia Marks Independence Day; Black Mississippi Man Found Hanging from Tree; Total Solar Eclipse Cast Shadow on Millions; Kerry Pauses Iran Nuke Talk Until Next Week; Obama to Netanyahu: I'll "Reassess" Ties. Aired 9-9:30a ET
• Yemen Bombings; Libya Camps; UVA Student Forum; Smart Speaks Out; Cold Case Ties. Aired 2-2:30p ET
• Suge Knight Collapses in Courtroom; Boston Bombing Trial Continues; The ISIS Threat. Aired 3-3:30p ET
• FBI Investigates Possible Durst Cold Case Ties; 9/11 Victim Identified 14 Years Later; As U.S./Israeli Relationship "Reassessed" Obama Addresses Iran Directly; Working to Replace Jackson with a Woman on $20 Bills. Aired 2:30-3p ET
• Suicide Bombers Attack Yemen Mosques; Heartbreak as Tunis Marks Independence Day; Significant Security Breach at TSA; Interview with Representative Bennie Thompson; Obama Delivers Message to Iranian People. Aired 10-10:30a ET
• Congressman Aaron Schock Faces Intense Legal Scrutiny; Biker Leads LA Police on High-Speed Chase. Aired 3:30-4p ET

March 19, 2015

March 18, 2015

March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015

March 15, 2015

March 14, 2015
• Storm Devastates Vanuatu Island Chain; Russia's Recent Military Expansion Profiled; Secret Service Agents Under Investigation for Driving Incident; Protests Continue in Ferguson, Missouri; Prince Charles and Camilla to Visit U.S.; Current State of Race Relations in U.S. Examined; CNN Hero Fixes Cars for Those in Need
• Storm Devastates Vanuatu Island Chain; GOP Senators' Letter to Iranian Leader Draws Controversy; Secret Service Agents under Investigation for Driving Incident; Protests Continue in Ferguson, Missouri; Company Promotes Artificial Intelligence as Means for Making Medical Diagnoses; Trial of Boston Bomber Continues; "The Gospel of Judas" Examined; Baby Saved from Wreck
• CDC: Patients Flying on Non-Commercial Planes; Report: Al Qaeda Paid With CIA Dollars; President Reconsidering Afghan Drawdown; Investigators: Several Leads in Police Shooting; 5-5:30p ET; Several Leads in Ferguson Police Shooting; Prince Charles Opens Up on Camilla; Ferguson Mayor Says Will Not Step Down Following DOJ Report; O.U. Fraternity Hires High-Profile Attorney
• Americans Possibly Exposed to Ebola Headed to U.S.; Police and Protesters Meet Face to Face; ISIS "Aggressively" Recruiting from Minnesota
• Massive Storm Kills at Least Six; Iraqi Forces Retake Most of a Key City; New Questions about White House Incident; New Questions About White House Incident; Frat's National Office Investigating Video; Serena Williams Makes An Emotional Return
• State of Emergency In South Pacific After Tropical Cyclone Pam Strikes Vanuatu; Missouri Authorities Working Round The Clock To Find Person Who Shot Two Ferguson Police Officers; Three Men Accused Of Plot To Join ISIS Have Pleaded Not Guilty To Terrorism Charges; Prince Charles Opens Up About Love Life And Marriage To Camilla
• New Leads In Manhunt For Cop Shooter; Massive Storm Kills At Least Six; Can Police Control The Streets?; SAE Wants Due Process; Polls Suggest Netanyahu Trailing Opponent
• Several Leads in Police Shooting in Ferguson; Rescue of Baby Caught on Video; Four Patients to be Monitored in Nebraska; Monster Storm Slams Island Paradise; Ex-Soldiers Volunteer for Battle; Did GOP Senators Break Law with Iran Letter?
• Deadly Cyclone Batters Nation of Vanuatu; New Leads in Manhunt for Cop Shooter; Coalition Battles ISIS for Ramadi and Tikrit; New Question about White House Incident; New Russian Threat to the U.S.; Can Police and Citizens Heal Ferguson; Baby Lily Survives Hanging Upside Down in Utah River; New Problems Revealed at L.A. Veterans Hospital; Prince Charles and Wife Camilla Visit America

March 13, 2015

March 12, 2015

March 11, 2015

March 10, 2015

March 09, 2015

March 08, 2015

March 07, 2015
• Russia Announces Two Suspects Arrested in Boris Nemtsov Murder; March in Selma Commemorates Civil Rights March Across Edmund Pettus Bridge; Malaysian Government to Release Report on Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; State Department Investigating E-Mails Submitted by Hillary Clinton for Public Release; Christian Woman Wears Hijab for Lent; CNN Hero Provides Books to Children
• Thousands Gather for 50th Anniversary of Selma, Alabama, Civil Rights March; President Obama to Speak at 50th Anniversary of Selma, Alabama, Civil Rights March; House Where Dr. Martin Luther King Planned Selma March Profiled; Daughter of Former Selma Mayor Interviewed; Russia Announces Arrest of Two Suspects in Boris Nemtsov Murder
• Live Coverage And Analysis Of The 50th Anniversary Of March On Selma
• Marking 50 Years Since "Bloody Sunday"; DOJ Report On Ferguson Shows Patterns Of Racism; First Family Walks Across Edmund Pettus Bridge; Iraqi Forces Make Gains Near Tikrit
• Will Former Secretary of State Respond?; Private Account Stirs New Criticism; President Obama Crosses Iconic Bridge; John Lewis Led Selma March in 1965; Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance to ISIS: New Poll on Race Relations in U.S.; Hillary Clinton's 1st Appearance Follow Private Email Account Discovery
• Boko Haram Allegedly Pledges Loyalty to ISIS; Clinton Private Email Account Stirs New Criticism; 50th Anniversary Of "Bloody Sunday" In Selma; One-Year Anniversary Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight
• Hillary Clinton Speaks At University of Miami; Boko Haram Allegedly Joining Forces With ISIS; Two Additional Arrests Made In Boris Nemtsov Murder Case; Protesters Took To The Streets Last Night After Police Officer Shot And Killed Unarmed Teen; Tomorrow Marks One Year Anniversary Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight
• Two Arrested in Russian Opposition Leader's Death; Sen. Menendez Denies Allegations of Corruption; Security Concern Near White House Delays Obama; Interview with Rep. John Lewis; Witnesses To Bloody Sunday Share Their Stories; Thousands Return To Edmund Pettus Bridge
• First Family Will Take Part In Anniversary; Ambassador Andrew Young Reflects On Selma Anniversary; Alabama Governor Remembers Events Of 1965; Two Ferguson Officers Resign Over Racist Emails
• Remembering the Selma Marches 50 Years Later

March 06, 2015

March 05, 2015

March 04, 2015

March 03, 2015

March 02, 2015

March 01, 2015

February 28, 2015
• Russian Critic of Vladimir Putin Killed in Moscow; American Reverend Kidnapped in Nigeria; Congress Passes Seven-Day Funding for Homeland Security Department; Israeli Prime Minister to Speak to U.S. Congress; American Blogger Killed in Bangladesh; Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber's Trial to Take Place in Boston; Principal Speaks Out against Cyber Bullying; CNN Hero Invents Cup for Movement-Impaired
• ISIS Frees Captives; Boris Nemtsov Murdered; Standoff in DHS Budget; Boycotting the Netanyahu Speech; Interview with U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois
• U.S., Europe Also Consider Hamas Terror Group; Police Hunt Putin Opponent's Killer; Rand Paul Wins 2015 CPAC Straw Poll; Video Shows Nemtsov Murder Near Kremlin; Film Creators Talk "Finding Jesus"; Harrowing House-By-House Shooting Rampage in Missouri; Tributes to Leonard Nimoy from Earth, Space
• Manhunt on for Killer of Putin Critic; Students May be Headed to Join ISIS; Tyrone, Missouri, Reeling After Shooting Deaths; Scott Walker's Poll Numbers Surge; New Revelations By Ex-Police Chief; Stolen Race Car Found, Minus Truck, Trailer
• Boris Nemtsov Murdered Close To Kremlin; ISIS Commander Reportedly Ordered To Free Dozens Of Syrian Christians; Netanyahu To Arrive In U.S. Tomorrow Night; Avijit Roy Hacked To Death In His Native Bangladesh
• Venezuela Detains U.S. Pilot; Boris Nemtsov Killed Yards from Kremlin; Netanyahu to Speak Before Congress
• Manhunt On For Killer Of Putin Critic; Investigators May Have Possible Motive; Remembering Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy; Four Teens May Have Links To ISIS; "Slenderman" Stabbing Interrogation Video Released; Abdullah: ISIS No "Relationship To Our Faith"
• Fatal Shooting of Russian Opposition Leader; CPAC Is Unofficial Start of GOP Primary; Interview with Lloyd Blankfein; Egyptian Court: Hamas A Terrorist Organization; Frayed Edges Showing In U.S.-Israeli Relationship; Border Drones: High Price For Eye-In-The-Sky
• Outspoken Vladimir Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Gunned Down; Homeland Security Money to Run for Another Seven Days; Race to Find Teens Before They Join ISIS; Police Shot Unarmed Man in the Back; Egyptian Court Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization; D.C. versus Capitol Hill in Pot Showdown

February 27, 2015

February 26, 2015

February 25, 2015

February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

February 22, 2015

February 21, 2015
• Defense Secretary Visits Afghanistan; U.S. Military Announces Possible Iraqi Forces Led Offensive Against ISIS In Mosul, Iraq; U.S. Troop Drawdown From Afghanistan May be Delayed; Suspect in Law Vegas Shooting Arrested; Officer Shot in Minneapolis in Possible Ambush; White House Wraps Up Summit on Violent Extremism; Bill O'Reilly Criticized for Reporting on Falkland Islands War; Young Girls Speak about Stabbing Classmate
• White House Concludes International Summit on Violent Extremism; U.S. Military Announces Possible Future Offensive against ISIS Led by Iraqi Forces; Possible Political Effects of Rudy Giuliani's Controversial Comments on President Obama Assessed; Suspected Las Vegas Gunman Knew Victim of Shooting; Dash Cam and Cell Phone Cameras Effect on Policing Examined; App Helps Blind Use Volunteers to See
• American-Made Weapons Ending Up In Hands Of ISIS Fighters In Iraq; ISIS Has New Target In Its Sights; Giuliani Refuses To Back Down From Comments About Obama's Level Of Patriotism
• Video Shows U.S. Weapons in ISIS Hands; Pentagon: Mosul Mission Set For Spring; Bill O'Reilly Fires Back at Mother Jones Magazine; Right Wing Extremists, Homegrown Jihadists Biggest Domestic Threat; Government Debt Collectors Are Breed Apart; Some Republicans Say Giuliani's Remarks on Obama Went Too Far
• ISIS Has American-Made Arsenal; "Army Wives" Actress Works to Combat ADHD; Drivers Beware: Insurance Repair Scam
• Iraqi Officials: Mosul Mission Set for Spring; Giuliani Suggests Obama Doesn't Love America; Three Western Teens Run Off to Syria; Pentagon: Mosul Mission Set for Spring; Oscar Freebies
• ISIS Seizes American-Made Weapons in Iraq; Manhunt Underway after Police Ambush; Road Rage Suspect Bragged to Friends about Shooting; Fire Rips through Luxury Dubai Skyscraper; Right Wing Extremists May Be Biggest Threat; Government: 24 Sovereign Citizen Attacks In U.S. Since 2010; Rudy Giuliani Receives Death Threats; Bobbi Kristina Brown's Breathing Tube Removed; Report: FDA Knew Device Could Transmit Infection; NASCAR Suspends Kurt Busch
• ISIS Seizes American-Made Weapons in Iraq; Taking Back Mosul; Fallout from Rudy Giuliani's Remarks about President Obama; Shooting Victim Knew the Suspect; Auto Insurance Scheme; Government Warns of Right-Wing Extremists; Milky Way May Have Hundreds of Planets
• Twenty Four Violent Attacks Since 2010; Giuliani Receives Death Threats After Remarks; Republicans Wage War Over High School History Class; Three British Girls May Join ISIS In Syria; From Private School To The Killing Fields; Bill O'Reilly Fires Back At "Mother Jones" Magazine; New Questions Arise Over Woman's Death

February 20, 2015

February 19, 2015

February 18, 2015
• ISIS Lures Women Recruits; The Aaron Hernandez Trial; Mike Huckabee Looks Into 2016 Race; Joe Biden Makes Headlines; Ukrainian Cease-fire Elusive on the Ground
• 60 Nations Target Extremists, Social Media; Interview with Rep. Scott Perry; Measles Cases Rise across U.S.; Goods Stuck in West Coast Standoff
• ISIS Repelled in Iraq Battle; U.S. Terror Kill List; Obama to Speak on Fight Against Extremism; A Look at the ISIS End Game
• 60 Nations Target Extremists Social Media; Kurdish Fighters Stop ISIS Assault in Iraq; 2004 Photo of ISIS Leader Surfaces; ISIS Fewer Than 200 Miles from Italy; Danish Gunman Tried to Get Inside Cafe; Cop Under Fire for Turning Off Camera
• Kurds Repel ISIS Attack Near Erbil; Mike Huckabee Leads GOP, Hillary Clinton Leads Democrats in CNN Poll; Defense Begins in "American Sniper" Trial; Ukrainian Troops Pull Back from Debaltseve.
• ISIS Accused of Organ Harvesting; Photo of Reclusive ISIS Leader; Road Rage Murder; Routh Trial
• Families of Beheaded Egyptian Christians Speaking Out; Will New Methods of Federal Law Enforcement Lead to Spying on Young Muslim Men; During Cease-Fire Ukrainian Troops Pack Up, Retreat; Interview with Mars One Finalist
• ISIS Pushed Back in Iraq; Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy; Road Rage Case
• Kurdish Fighters Stop ISIS Assault in Iraq; Fighting Against ISIS Propaganda Machine; Copenhagen Gunman Pretended to be Drunk; "American Sniper" Trial
• Mythical Creature Driving 12-Year-Old Girls to Kill; Time Capsule Opened in Baltimore

February 17, 2015
• White House Summit Draws 60 Nations; Jurors Hear Videotaped Confession of Kyle Killer; Teen Killed in Shootout, Parents Found Dead
• Train Derailment in West Virginia; Prosecution Expected to Rest Cast in American Sniper Trial; Winter Blast Hits 1 Million People in U.S.; Egypt Pounds ISIS as Terror Group Grows
• Obama Immigration Plans Halted by Judge; International Leaders Meet at White House for Terrorism Conference; Copenhagen Gunman Swore Allegiance to ISIS on Facebook; More Winter Storms Pummel South, East, and Northeast; Interview with Boston Mayor; West Virginia Train Derailment Examined
• Videotaped Confession; Danish Jews Fearful; Interview with Representative Lee Zeldin; Texas Judge Halts Obama's Immigration Order
• American Sniper Trial; Battle Against ISIS; Paying Ransoms
• ISIS Wants an Apocalypse; Vigil for Grandmother Killed after a Near Fender Bender; Paris Attackers had Allegiance to ISIS; Hidden Camera on Anti-Semitism on Paris Streets; Ukraine Cease-Fire Crumbles.
• Gunman Backed ISIS Before Deadly Shootings; Egypt Asks U.N. Security Council for Help; ISIS, An Apocalyptic Cult?; Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails then Explodes; Snow and Ice Crippling the East Coast
• War Against ISIS; Denmark Gunman Swore ISIS Allegiance; Fiery Derailment Displaces West Virginia Residents; Wintry Mix Slams Southern States
• Report: Paris Terrorist Sent Text To Store Gunman; Terror Group Seeing "Warp Speed" Gains; Jury Sees Video Of Hernandez Dismantling Phone; Oil Spilled Into River Threatening Drinking Water
• Eddie Ray Routh's Lawyers Poised Him With Insanity Defense; Israeli Prime Minister's Upcoming Visit To Congress Raises Tensions Between White House and Congressional Leaders; Boston At A Loss For What To Do With Snow Piling Up On City Streets And Sidewalks

February 16, 2015
• War with ISIS; Two Charged with Hiding Danish Gunman; Netanyahu Urges European Jews to Come Home; Southern Freeze: Wintry Mess Expected; ISIS Gaining Ground in Anbar
• ISIS Threat Continues to Grow; Record Snow in Boston; Record Business for Plow Drivers; Congress on Vacation as DHS In Jeopardy of Losing Funding; SNL Celebrates 40 Years
• Terror Group Spreads across the Region; Bitter Cold Impacting Millions; CNN Quiz Show: President's Edition to Air Tonight
• Egypt Strikes ISIS in Libya Again; Copenhagen Gunman May Have Had Help; Subzero Wind Chill Now Threatens Boston, Northeast; Artist Who Survived Copenhagen Gunman Speaks
• Biggest Cyberattack in History at Banks; Israeli Prime Ministers Tells Jews to Come Home to Israel; Week 2 of "American Sniper" Trial; SNL Celebrates 40 Years
• Egypt Attacks ISIS; Danish Shooting; Swedish Artist on Hit List; Violence in Ukraine
• New Violence in Ukraine Despite Truce; Egyptian War Planes Pound ISIS Targets; Netanyahu Tells Jews to "Come Home" to Israel; Jewish Cemetery Desecrated with Graffiti in France; East Coast Bracing for Major Winter Storms; Hicks Indicted for Murder in Chapel Hill, N.C.
• Terror in Denmark; Egypt Attacks ISIS; American Sniper Trial
• War Against ISIS; Two Charged with Hiding Danish Gunman; More Snow and Bitter Cold to Northeast; Hackers Steal Up to $1 Billion From Banks
• Israeli Prime Minister Has Message For Jews In Europe; Deep Freeze Descends On Several States; A Billion-Dollar Theft Ring Uncovered After Investigators Find Hacked ATM

February 15, 2015

February 14, 2015
• ISIS Fighters Threaten Iraq Airbase Housing U.S. Military Personnel; Severe Storms Threaten Northeast; NBA Prepares for All Star Game in New York; Judge Finds U.S. Marshals Not Guilty of Excessive Force in Shooting Incident; "Fifty Shades of Grey" Opens in Theaters; New Dance in Memphis Examined; Shooting Takes Place at Denmark Free Speech Forum
• Shooting Takes Place at Denmark Free Speech Forum; ISIS Fighters Threaten Iraqi Airbase Housing U.S. Military Personnel; U.S. Strategy to Combat ISIS Examined; Violence Continues in Ukraine Ahead of Planned Ceasefire; Progressive Neurological Disease Affecting Children Examined; Severe Storms Threaten Northeast
• Ukraine Ceasefire Now In Effect: Will It Hold?; Official: Terrorists Networking More Than Ever; Ukraine Ceasefire Took Effect at Midnight; Another Snow Storm Headed for New England; Panetta Concerned Congress Could Block Obama's AUMF; Did U.S. Do Enough to Save Hostages?
• Two Gunmen Storm Free Speech Event In Denmark, Killing One and Wounding Three; Ceasefire Set To Take Effect In Ukraine; Interview With Rep. Ed Royce of California; Obama Officially Requests Use Of Military Force Against ISIS
• Police Attacked in Copenhagen; Anbar in Critical Danger; Blizzard Warning for New England Coast; Reports: Police Attacked In Copenhagen; Shelling In Ukraine Ahead Of Ceasefire; Hernandez Jurors To See Key Video; Three Police Officers Shot At Freedom Of Speech Panel
• Three Police Officers Shot At Freedom Of Speech Panel; ISIS Making Gains Just Outside Baghdad; Blizzard Warnings From Maine To Long Island; Up to 50 Million Being Impacted By Winter Storm; ISIS Attacks Base Housing U.S. Troops
• Millions Brace For Fourth Major Snowstorm; Heavily Armed Gunmen Are On The Loose; Cartoonist Lars Vilks May Have Been Target; Author Argues West Should Not Arm Ukraine; Fight Now Near U.S. Troops In Iraq; Fight Against ISIS: White House Won't Confirm Ayatollah's Letter; Obama Calls Ukraine's President Poroshenko
• Major Winter Storm to Hammer New England Tonight; Gunman Still on the Loose In Denmark; Interview with Former President Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia; Police: Second Shooting in Center of Copenhagen
• Two Terror Attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark

February 13, 2015
• Williams Again Under Scrutiny; Blizzard Watches for the Weekend; American Sniper Trial Continues Today; NYC Gearing Up for NBA All Star Weekend; ISIS on the Move
• Militants Fire on Base with U.S. Troops; FBI Starts Investigating Into North Carolina Shooting
• Fighting Rages Ahead of Sunday Ceasefire; Obama's Cyber Summit; "50 Shades of Grey" Expected to Dominate Box Office
• FBI Investigating If Chapel Hill Murders Was Hate Crime; Boston Braces for Another Blizzard; Battle Rages With ISIS Near Al Asad Air Base in Iraq; Brian Williams Investigation Expands to SEAL Team 6 Statements
• FBI Look Into If Three Muslims Killed Was A Hate Crime; Clock Ticks for Homeland Security Bill; Video of Dramatic Police Chase in American Sniper Trial; ISIS Battle Rages in Iraq Near U.S. Troops.
• ISIS Fires on Air Base; FBI Opens Probe; Hernandez Trial
• Aaron Hernandez Trial Continues; Obama Talks Internet, Cyber Security; ISIS Getting Closer to U.S. Military Base in Iraq; Video Key Evidence in American Sniper Murder Trial
• Battle Against ISIS; North Carolina Murders; Hostage Negotiations
• Militants Fire on Base with U.S. Troops; FBI Starts Investigation into North Carolina Shooting; Obama Teams Up with BuzzFeed to Push Healthcare; Judge Rules Against Hernandez Defense
• Democratic Four-Term Governor Faces Mounting Calls To Resign; More of Brian Williams' Reporting Placed Under Microscope; Obama Continues To Advocate "Nontraditional Methods" To Push Domestic Agenda; Another Winter Storm Set To Hit Boston

February 12, 2015

February 11, 2015
• Rescuing Mueller; Peace Talks for Ukraine; Netanyahu Sparks Political Fight; Houthis Rebels Seize U.S. Embassy Vehicles in Yemen; Jon Stewart to Leave "Daily Show"
• Obama Asks Congress for War Powers; Interview with Representative Adam Schiff; U.S. Efforts to Rescue American Hostage; NBC Suspends Brian Williams for Six Months; New Details on Obama's War Powers Request
• Peace Talks to Begin Soon; Muslim Students Shot and Killed; Stewart Announces "Daily Show" Departure; Kayla Mueller May Have been Paired with ISIS Fighter
• Democrats May Obstruct Obama War Request; U.S. Closing Yemen Embassy; TransAsia Suspends Pilots; Parking Dispute Behind NC Shooting?; CA School District Supports Ending Personal-Beliefs Exemption for Vaccinated Children; Stewart's "Daily Show" Departure; Leaders Seek Peace in Ukraine
• Obama Sends ISIS Plan to Congress; NBC Suspends Brian Williams for 6 Months; Foreign Fighters Joining ISIS at Rapid Rate; Hernandez's Girlfriend Granted Immunity.
• Rebels in Yemen Seized U.S. Vehicle and Weapons; Obama Sends Power Request to Congress; NBC Suspends Brian Williams; Interview with Representative Earl Blumenauer
• Interview With Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark; President Obama Requests Authority for War On ISIS
• Brian Williams Suspension Rattles NBC Network; Muslim Students Killed in Chapel Hill Is Hate Crime; Eddie Ray Routh Trial Under Way; Who to Fill Shoes of Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show"?
• Permission to Fight ISIS; Kayla Mueller's Death; UNC Students Killed
• President Obama Discusses Request for ISIS War Powers

February 10, 2015

February 09, 2015

February 08, 2015
• ISIS Claims American Hostage Killed By Jordanian Airstrike; Northeast Braces For More Brutal Winter Weather; Deadly California Crash Involving Bruce Jenner; Obama Criticized For "Crusades" Remark; NBC's Brian Williams Temporarily Steps Aside; Smith Considered Among The Greatest Coaches
• More Snowstorms Hitting the Northeast; NBC's Brian Williams Steps Aside; Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Accident; U.S. Cautiously Supports Ukraine's Peace Talks; Convicted Murderer May Get New Trial Thanks To Wildly Popular Podcast; Three More Babies In Chicago With Confirmed Cases Of Measles
• Leaders Of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine Agree To Meet Wednesday To Discuss New Peace Agreement; Brian Williams Steps Down From Nightly News Anchor Chair - For Now; Serial Podcast May Have Helped Convicted Murderer Win New Appeal; Another Major Snowstorm Barrels Through New England; Aaron Hernandez Jury Tours Home And Victim's House; Employee Screening At Atlanta's Airport Under New Scrutiny
• Coalition Pounds New Positions; Jordan Joins Coalition Airstrikes; Senators: Arm the Kurds Now; DHS Secretary Warns of 30,000 Furloughs; Crisis in Ukraine; No Paparazzi in Jenner Crash; The Money Behind the Anti-Vaccine Movement
• Constant Thudding of Blasts Near Ukraine Town; U.S. Considers Arming Ukraine Forces; ISIS Claims Kayla Mueller Died in Airstrike; Legendary Coach Dean Smith Dies; Brian Williams to Skip Letterman Appearance; Former Hostage's Mom Speaking Out; Should U.S. Send Arms to Ukraine?

February 07, 2015
• Violence Continues in Ukraine; Vice President Biden Publicly Tells Russian President Putin Russian Forces Must Leave Ukraine; European Leaders Meeting with Russian President Putin; U.S. to Possibly Provide Military Aid to Ukrainian Forces; ISIS Claims Jordanian Airstrike Kills American Aid Worker Hostage; Two Philadelphia Police Officers are Indicted for Brutality; Poll Shows President Obama Most Polarizing President in Recent History
• Violence Continues in Ukraine; European Leaders' Meeting with Russian President Putin Does Not Produce Ceasefire in Ukraine; ISIS Claims Jordanian Airstrike Kills American Aid Worker Hostage; UAE and Jordan Step Up Airstrikes on ISIS Targets; Two Philadelphia Police Officers are Indicted for Brutality; Brian Williams' Claims on Experiences Related to War Iraq and Hurricane Katrina Questioned; Social Media Use by Terrorist Organizations Assessed; Possible Effects of Nootropics Profiled
• Williams Has Apologized for Telling False Story; Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Crash; Kayla Mueller's Parents to ISIS: Contact Us; Realistic Options for Stopping ISIS; Biden's Message to Russia's Putin; Russian's Putin More Popular Than Ever; Putin's Real Plan in Ukraine
• Six Bosnian Immigrants Arrested; NBC's Brian Williams Stepping Down; Outrage Over Obama "Crusades" Comment; Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Measles
• New Airstrikes Hit ISIS Stronghold of Mosul; Parents of American ISIS Hostage Make Plea; Biden Address Ukraine Crisis; Investigators Focus on Brown's Boyfriend; One Hundred Ten Measles Cases In 16 States; Mandatory Vaccines Prevent Measles Spread; Plane Crashes Caught On Camera
• Mosul Could Trigger U.S. Ground Troops Recommendation; Parents Of American ISIS Hostage Make Plea; U.S. Charges Six With Aiding Terrorists Overseas; Jordan: Claims ISIS Killed U.S. Hostage A "PR Stunt"; Police Officers Charged With Beating, Cover-up; NBC Investigating Brian Williams' Iraq Claim; Legal Liability For Those Who Don't Vaccinate?
• ISIS Claims American Hostage Was Killed By Jordanian Airstrike; ISIS Possibly Seeking To Rebuild Its Stock Of Western Captives; U.S.- Led Coalition Forces Unleash More Than Two Dozen Airstrikes On ISIS Strongholds; More Artillery Fire Exchanged Today Between Separatists And Ukrainian Forces; NBC Anchor Brian Williams Now Being Investigated By His Own Network
• NBC's Brian Williams To Be Off Air for Several Days; Bruce Jenner Involved in Deadly Crash; FBI: Kids as Young as 13 Recruited by ISIS; Shocking Video of Transasia Flight; Security for Employees in Airports; Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Accident
• New Airstrikes Hit ISIS Stronghold Mosul; U.S. Investigating Claim of Hostage Death; Jordan Strikes ISIS to Avenge Pilot's Murder; Vice President Biden Speaks about Ukraine; Coalition Pounds ISIS Targets in Syria, Iraq; Investigators Focus on Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend; 80 Million Customers' Personal Information Exposed
• When Will Brian Williams Return to Nightly News; Bruce Jenner Involved in Deadly Car Crash; ISIS Hostage Parents Make Plea; Investigators Turn to Bobbi Kristina Brown's Boyfriend

February 06, 2015
• Obama Requests Permission to Use Force; Advocacy Group No More Scrutinized; The Money Behind the Anti-Vax Movement
• Queen Rania Attends Rally in Honor of Pilot; France Cracks Down after Terror Attacks; Jenner Reports Fuels Transgender Discussion; "Saved by the Bell" Cast Reunites
• Jordan Continues Air Campaign Against ISIS; France and Germany Seek Russian Cease-Fire in Ukraine; Aaron Hernandez Jurors Take Field Trip; Officials: Problems with Both Engines in TransAsia Plane; Researching Your Charities
• .S. Allies Talk Ukraine Peace in Moscow; What Will Russia Demand for Peace?; Jordan Promises More Airstrikes; Unemployment Rises in January; Ukraine Officer Crowdfunding for Supplies
• Jordanian Airstrikes Round 2 Completed; Politics Threaten Homeland Security Funds; Seatbelt Safety on Aircraft Following Crash; Star Jones Talks Heart Disease
• ISIS Claims Hostage Killed; Jury Visits Hernandez's Home
• Jury Visits Hernandez Home for 45 Minutes; ISIS Claims Jordanian Airstrike Killed American Hostage; Obama Asks Congress for Funding to Hit ISIS; ISIS Hostage Killed as Susan Rice Outlines American Strategy; Merkel, Hollande Meet with Putin over Ukraine.
• Violence in Ukraine; ISIS Claims Jordan Airstrike Killed U.S. Hostage
• European Leaders Coming to Moscow for Peace Talks; Violence Becomes Desperate in Ukraine; Jordanians Widely Support War on ISIS
• ISIS Claims Kayla Mueller Died In Coalition Airstrikes; Members on Jury Of Hernandez Murder Trial Brought To His Home And Alleged Crime Scene; NBC Nightly News Anchor Discusses Mounting Scandal With Colleagues

February 05, 2015

February 04, 2015

February 03, 2015

February 02, 2015

February 01, 2015

January 31, 2015
• JetBlue Airplane and Private Aircraft Nearly Collide Midair; Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Discusses Releasing Guantanamo Bay Detainees; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks about "Deflate- Gate" Investigation; Two Cases of Measles Reported in Arizona; Mitt Romney Announces He Will not Run for President in 2016; Florida Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon has Sentenced Reduced
• Whitney Houston's Daughter Hospitalized and Breathing after Being Found Unresponsive in Bathtub; Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Discusses Ongoing Fight against ISIS; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks about State of NFL; Mitt Romney Announces He Will not Run for President in 2016; Vanderbilt University Students Convicted of Sexual Assault
• ISIS: Second Japanese Hostage Beheaded; Japan's PM On ISIS Beheading Hostage; Japanese Officials Outraged at Goto's Beheading; ISIS Video Appears to Show Hostage Beheading; Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive in Bathtub; U.S. Officials Call for On-the-Ground Investigation of Hostage Beheading; New Book Shows Similarity of Obama to LBJ
• JetBlue Plane Narrowly Avoids Disaster in the Sky; Toddler with Leukemia at Risk for Measles; Measles Cases Confirmed in at least 14 States; Troops in Iraq Still an Option; Roger Goodell's State of the League; Mitt Romney Will Not Run A Third Time; Romney Led Bush, Others In Latest Polls; GOP Field Still Crowded With Contenders; More Snow For Blizzard Weary New England
• Hagel: Troops In Iraq Still An Option; JetBlue Plane Narrowly Avoids Disaster In The Sky; NHTSA Announces New Recall Over Airbag Defect; Former NFL Patriots Star Charged With Murder; Goodell: "It's Been A Tough Year"; Whitney Houston's Daughter Found Unresponsive
• Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Beheaded By ISIS
• ISIS: Second Japanese Hostage Beheaded; Whitney Houston's Daughter Found Unresponsive in Tub; ISIS Admits Defeat in Kobani; Security at the Super Bowl; Measles Cases on the Rise; Whitney Houston's Daughter Found Facedown in Bathtub
• Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive In Bathtub; Measles Outbreak Jhas Spread To At Least 14 states; Murder Case Against Aaron Hernandez Begins; Kenji Goto Beheaded By ISIS
• Whitney Houston's Daughter Found Unresponsive; Coalition Launches 27 Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS; Measles Outbreak?; Airbag Defects Prompt Millions of Vehicles Recalled; Former NFL Patriots Facing Murder Charges; Tough Year for NFL Leading Up to Super Bowl
• ISIS Beheads Kenji Goto; Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unresponsive in Bathtub

January 30, 2015
• Rap Mogul Accused of Hit and Run; Fates of ISIS Hostages Unknown; Two Americans Shot at Saudi Arabia Gas Station; Dartmouth Pres. Bans Hard Alcohol; Roger Goodell to Give State of the League Address
• Mitt Romney Announces He's Not Running for President; Interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham on the 2016 Election
• Super Bowl PSA Inspired by Real-Life 911 Call; Goodell to Deliver State of the NFL Address; Rap Mogul Accused in Deadly Hit and Run; Is Alcohol Really to Blame for Campus Rapes?; Mitt Romney Won't Run for President in 2016
• Mitt Romney to Run for a Third Time?; Gitmo Prisoner Freed Contacts Taliban; More Snow Expected for New England; Aaron Hernandez Trial Gets Under Way
• More Snow for New England; Aaron Hernandez Trial Continues; Security at the Super Bowl; NFL Deals with Year of Scandals; Ray Lewis Talks Football.
• Measles Outbreak; Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial; Mitt Romney Not Running for President
• Goodell Press Conference Continues; Discussion of the Press Conference
• Goodell Under Fire over Handling of Discipline; Romney Says No Run for White House; More Snow Predicted for New England; Crews Look for Mexico City Gas Explosion Victims.
• 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates;; Deadline Over for ISIS Hostages; ISIS Fighting Peshmerga; Aaron Hernandez' Case Decided in Court
• Rap Mogul Suge Knight Arrested; Portland, Maine Scrambling to Remove More Than Two Feet of Snow; NFL Commissioner Holds Press Conference Before Sunday's Super Bowl

January 29, 2015

January 28, 2015
• Wall Street Opens; Massachusetts Roads Reopen; New Info on White House Drone Exhausted AirAsia Divers Pause Search; First Lady's Head Scarf Controversy
• U.N.: Climate Change is Real and Happening Now; Storm Slams Northeast Economy; Convictions Tossed for Friendship Nine Activists; Deflate-Gate Dominates Super Bowl Media Day
• Jordan Agrees to Swap Terrorist for ISIS Hostage; Hezbollah Attack Kills Two Israeli Soldiers; Decision Coming on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
• Blizzard Destroys Sea Wall in Massachusetts; Hillary Clinton to Testify in Benghazi Hearing; No Traditional Dress for Michele Obama in Saudi Arabia; Baby Forced into Quarantine to Avoid Measles.
• Storm Breaches Seawall, Floods Streets; Connecticut Buried By As Much As 30 Inches; Meteorologists Apologize for Wrong Forecast; Purported ISIS Video Pledges Hostage Release
• Is Jordan Swap A "Deal With the Devil"?; Israel and Hezbollah; Convictions Overturned; Hernandez Murder Trial
• ISIS Deadline; Attack in Israel
• ISIS Threatening to Kill Japanese and Jordanian Hostages; New England Dealing with Consequences of Record Snowfall; Flood in Marshfield "Voices of Auschwitz"
• Pentagon: Battle for Mosul Inevitable; Jordan Says No to ISIS Swap Unless Jordanian Pilot; UVA Sorority Sisters Told Not to Attend Parties; Marshfield Hit Hard by Blizzard; More Bad Weather Expected for New England; Video of Machete Attack
• Possible Computer Glitch on AirAsia Flight 8501; Photos from Boko Haram Show Children Wielding AK-47s; Auschwitz Anniversary

January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

January 25, 2015
• New York Braces for a Big Snowstorm; Saudi Arabia As U.S. Ally
• 50 Million in the Path of Historic Storm; Japan Says ISIS Image Appears to be Real; Rocket Attack Caught on Tape; Flap Over Obama Missing Auschwitz Anniversary; Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush Hold Private Meeting; Physics May Explain Away Deflate-gate; Pulling People and Keeping the Money; High Tech Swingers in Silicon Valley; Quest Explores Davos
• Massive Winter Storm; Progress Made on Nuclear Sticking Point; Yemen Unrest Creates Opening for Al Qaeda; Relations Grow Cold Between President Obama and Israeli Leader?; NFL: Patriots Used Under-Inflated Footballs; Obama Plan Would Tax College Saving Plans; New Film "Black Or White" Tackles Race
• Massive Storm May Break Snowfall Records; Rapid Changes Pose New Dangers in Mideast Region; Will Regional Instability Strengthen Iran?; Prices for Super Bowl Ads At All-Time High; "Cronies" Opens at Sundance Film Festival; IRS' Stop and Seize
• 57 Million in the Path of Historic Storm; Obama's Alaska Move Triggers Fight; North Dakota Oil Boomtown on the Brink?; Drugs in Silicon Valley; Deflategate Body Language; Historic Blizzard to Hit Northeast
• Massive Storm About to Pound Northeast; New Demand for Prisoner Exchange; Obama Talks Terrorism While in India; Latest Attempt to Raise Fuselage Fails; Pope Francis Tells Catholics Don't be Like Rabbits; President Obama Travels to India; Boehner Invites Netanyahu to Address Congress; Next Generation Photography; Middle East Unrest Good for Iran?

January 24, 2015
• King of Saudi Arabia Has Died; President to Cut Trip to India Short to Visit Saudi Arabia; U.S. Embassy Remains Open in Yemen; ISIS Continues to Hold Two Japanese Prisoners for Ransom; Europe Continues Crackdown on Suspected Terrorists; NFL Investigating Deflated Game Balls in AFC Championship Game; Architect Builds Floating School in Nigeria; Popularity of "American Sniper" Film May Affect Trial of Man Accused of Murdering Chris Kyle
• King of Saudi Arabia Dead At 90 Years Old; U.S. Embassy Remains Open in Yemen; ISIS Claims To Have Executed One of Two Japanese Prisoners; New Technology Features 3D Cameras; Measles Outbreak Linked to Disneyland; Former Chicago Cubs Player Ernie Banks has Died; Murder Trial of Former NFL Player Aaron Hernandez Continues; Film "Black or White" Profiled
• Pats Coach: We Did Nothing Wrong; ISIS Claims One Killed, Demands Prisoner Release; NORAD Scrambles to Escort Two Passenger Jets; A Generation of Kings Growing Older; How Can a Team Cheat with Deflated Balls; The Coach, Quarterback in Deflategate Scandal; Is Deflating Balls as Bad as Steroids; Expert Panel's Verdict on Deflategate
• Obama to Head to Saudi Arabia Tuesday; Video Claims Japanese ISIS Hostage Killed; Spain Arrests Four in Possible Terror Cell; 40 Million in Path of Severe Winter Storm; GOP Presidential Hopefuls Speak In Iowa; Vaccine Debate Rages As Outbreak Spreads; Did Patriots Deliberately Alter Footballs?
• U.S. Back To The Front Lines In Iraq; Obama Heading To Saudi Arabia Tuesday; Chaos Prompts U.S. Embassy Staff Exodus In Yemen; New Film Tackles Race; Prisoner Exchange Demanded; Police Department Seize Assets, Keep The Cash
• Belichick Addressing Deflategate; Two Commercial Planes Escorted by Norad F-16s; Obama Visits Saudi Arabia Next Week
• Pats Coach: We Did Nothing Wrong; Message Appears to Show Dead ISIS Hostage; Terrifying New Violence in Ukraine; Obama Adds Stop in Saudi Arabia; "American Sniper" Questioned; First Republican Gathering in Iowa; Cubs' Ernie Banks Remembered
• ISIS Beheads Japanese Hostage?; New Terror Arrests in Spain; Interview with Joe Wilson; GOP Presidential Hopefuls Gather in Iowa; Did Patriots Deliberately Let the Air Out?; Sundance Film Festival Kicks Off in Utah
• ISIS Unveils Brand-New Demand; Spain Arrests Four in Terror Probe; Patriots Coach Speaking on Deflate-Gate; Two Planes Land Amid Security Threat

January 23, 2015
• New England Patriots Investigation; Drug Drone Crashes; Republicans Talk Tough on President's SOTU Agenda
• Patriots Football Scandal Continues; Sundance Film Festival Kicks Off in Utah; One of Top Prosecutors in Argentina Found Dead
• King Abdullah Dead; Yemen's Government Falls to Houthi Rebels; No Word on Fate of Japanese Held by ISIS; Colorado Teen Who Sought to Join ISIS to be Sentenced Today; TSA Seizes Record Guns in Airports; Yemen in Chaos; What Will the NFL Do About Deflategate?
• Yemen's President Resigns; King of Saudi Arabia Dies; Two Japanese Men Held by ISIS; New Information on Flight 8501; Measles Outbreak Linked to Disneyland
• Yemen's Government Falls to Rebel Group; America's Top Arab Ally Has a New Leader; Measles Cases Linked to Disneyland Spreading; New Details About AirAsia Flight Timeline
• What Will NFL Do about Deflate-gate?; New Information on AirAsia Flight 8501; Romney Top Aides Hold Meeting Following Meeting with Jeb Bus; Rubio Hires Financial Director for Presidential Campaign; Measles Warning to Stay Away from Disneyland
• Hostage's Mother Speaks; U.S. Allies in Flux; Measles in U.S. Sole Survivor Crash
• Judge to Sentence Teen Joining ISIS; More Females Joining Jihad; NFL Confirms Footballs Deflated; Are Chris Kyle's Stories Tall Tales?
• Patriots Cheating Investigation Continues; Paris Terrorist Buried
• Data from Indonesian Ministry of Transportation Shows Steep Climb of AirAsia Flight 8501; More Than 50 Cases of Measles Linked to Disneyland

January 22, 2015

January 21, 2015
• Reaction to the President's State of the Union; AirAsia 8501 Climbed Too Fast & Stalled; ESPN: Patriots Deflated Balls in AFC Championship Game
• U.S. and Cuba Begin Historic Talks Today; Analysis of State of the Union Address; Fake Baby Steals Scene in "American Sniper"
• Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Civilians With Knife; Al Qaeda Strengthening in as Yemeni Government Collapses; NFL Determines Patriots Deflated Balls; Boehner Invited Israeli PM to Speak to Congress
• NFL Accuses Patriots of Cheating; Obama on Offense in SOTU; Why Someone Becomes an Islamic Fundamentalist
• Obama Takes Middle Class Pitch on the Road; Rising GOP Star, Combat Vet Rebuts Obama; Tel Aviv Stabbing Spree; Russia Denies Troops Entered Ukraine
• Congress Pushes for Sanctions against Iran; Palestinian Went on Stabbing Spree in Jerusalem; State Coup in Yemen; Former USS Cole Commander on Development of Situation in Yemen; Analysis of Presidential Speech
• Paris Terrorist Attacks; Boehner Invites Netanyahu; Under- Inflated Footballs; Tentative Deal with Rebels
• Tentative Deal with Rebels Reach in Yemen; New Video of Ferguson Store Looting; Parents Try to Prevent "Dark Knight" Trial from Becoming Spectacle; High-Level Delegation Meeting in Cuba; U.S. Audiences Love "American Sniper"
• New England Patriots Caught Cheating?; Terror Hunt
• AirAsia 8501 Allegedly Climbed and Stalled; Rebels In Yemen Withdraw Their Fighters; New Footage Released Of Looting In Ferguson; 36 Measles Cases Linked To Disneyland;

January 20, 2015
• New ISIS Video Shows Two Japanese Hostages; "American Sniper" Controversy; Pope Francis Promotes Responsible Paternity; Jury Selection Begins for Aurora Shooter
• High Poll Numbers for Obama; Sen. Joni Ernst Delivers GOP Response Tonight; Gov. Jindal Stands Firm on No-Go Zones
• ISIS Demands Ransom for Hostages From Japan; Shots Fired at U.S. Embassy Vehicle in Yemen; Yemeni Chaos, No Government Control; Previewing the President's "State of the Union" Address
• French Police Arrest 5 Men for Planning Terrorism; Michael Moore Says Snipers are Cowards; Bobby Jindal's Controversial Muslim Comments; Yemeni Nationals Charged for Conspiring to Kill Americans
• Hunt for Suspected Terrorist Underway in Europe; ISIS Demanding Ransom for Two Japanese Hostages; State Coup Underway in Yemen; Muslim Immigrant who Saved Hostages Granted French Citizenship; Obama Not Getting Credit for Improving Economy
• Shots Fired at U.S. Embassy Vehicle; Poll: Obama Lifted by Economy Ahead of Speech; ISIS Holds Two Japanese Hostage; Belgian Terror Cell Linked to ISIS; Tracking Hayat Boumeddiene
• Belgium Searches for Ringleader; Yemen Government; American Sniper Debate; Mysterious Death of a Prosecutor
• New Video Shows Terror Plot in Progress; Muslim Man Understands Terrorist Lure; New Information on AirAsia 8501; Russian Spy Ship Arrives in Havana
• Terror Web; Paris Suing FOX News?; AirAsia Investigation
• James Holmes Appears in Centennial, Colorado, Courtroom; President Obama to Deliver State of the Union Address Tonight; New Season of "Inside Man" Starts Thursday

January 19, 2015
• Saudi Arabia Builds a Wall To Keep Out Extremists; Muslim "No- Go Zones" Debunked; Shots Near Vice President's Home Americans Buying SUVs as Gas Prices Fall; Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
• 24 Boko Haram Hostages Freed; Obama to Propose Tax Increases on Wealthy; Michael Moore Calls Snipers "Cowards"
• Widening Web of Terror Cells; U.S Closely Watching Violence in Yemen; Five Terror Suspects Arrested in Belgium; DNA Links Two People to Kosher Store Gunman; French Intel Failed on Brothers; European Leaders Meeting in Brussels
• Obama Says U.S. Has Advantage over Islamic Extremism; FAA Investigating 2 Close Calls; Poll: Obama's Job Approval Rating Rises; Poll: 59 Percent Approve of Presidential Run for Mitt Romney
• Investigation into Terror Attacks on "Charlie Hebdo" Reveals Intelligence Failures; Growing Unrest in Yemen; FAA Safety Inspector Arrested for Flying With Gun
• U.S. Closely Watching Violence in Yemen; New French Intel Failed on Brothers; More Terror Arrests; Is Muslim Life Better in U.S. Than Europe?; Assimilation Important in the Fight Against Extremism; New Reports: China Hacked Pentagon for Data on F-35
• Terrorism Manhunt; Shared Intelligence; Yemen Violence; North Korea Hack
• Bobby Jindal's Controversial Comments on Islam; 24 Hostages Freed from Boko Haram in Nigeria; Jihad Jane Became Terrorist for "Love"; Israel, Lebanon Contestants Spar at Pageant
• Crisis in Yemen; Sniper Controversy; Honoring Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
• Peaceful Protests from Broadway Heading Towards Foley Square; Clint Eastwood's Latest Directorial Effort Broke Box Office Records; Report Says New England Patriots Cheated in Yesterday's AFC Championship Game; Former North Korean Prisoner Admits Bending the Truth in His Memoir

January 18, 2015

January 17, 2015
• Belgium Uncovers Terrorists Cells; Brussels to Increase Security against Possible Terrorist Threats; Terrorist Havens in Yemen Examined; Yemeni President's Chief of Staff Kidnapped; President and British Prime Minister Speak about Threat of Terrorism; Cover of Latest "Charlie Hebdo" Magazine Causes Riots in Jordan; Youth of Paris Terrorist Examined; Mitt Romney Reportedly Considering 2016 Presidential Run
• Brussels to Increase Security against Possible Terrorist Threats; Yemeni President's Chief of Staff Kidnapped; Cover of Latest "Charlie Hebdo" Magazine Causes Riots in Algiers and Jordan; German Magazine Reprints "Charlie Hebdo" Cover; Operation of Terrorism Sleeper Cells Analyzed; Man Arrested for Terrorist Plot Targeting U.S. Capital Profiled; Mitt Romney Reportedly Considering 2016 Presidential Run
• Terror Crackdown Moves Beyond Europe; "Charlie Hebdo" Magazine Enrages Some; AQAP Claims Responsibility For "Charlie Hebdo" Slaughter
• Greece Investigating Ties to Belgian Terror Plot; Soaring Demand for Charlie Hebdo Magazine; Human Rights in Saudi Arabia; European Counterterror Officials Try to Determine Extent of Sleeper Cell Threat; Is Key to Stopping Terror Plots in Europe to Bring Muslims into Mainstream Society; Duke University Says Threats Forced Reverse on Call to Prayer Decision; Mitt Romney Considers Presidential Run in 2016; Obama's SOTU on Tuesday; Was Movie "Selma" Snubbed?
• Europe Scrambles to Handle Terror Threats; Troops Ramp Up Security in Belgium; Romney Considers Third Run for President; Dead Al Qaeda Cleric Linked To Two Dozen Terror Plots; Storm Forces Early End To Pope's Mass; Boko Haram's Youngest Victims; Israel Faces Possible War Crimes Probe
• Al-Qaeda Gaining Strength in Yemen; Europe On Alert for Terror Attacks; Capitol Bomb Plot Suspect Held Without Bond; Britain, U.S. Team Up to Fight Terror; NASCAR Driver: Ex-Girlfriend is Assassin; American Dollars Could Soon Flow Into Cuba
• Yemeni President's Chief of Staff Kidnapped; U.S. Intelligence Led to Belgian Raid; Belgium on High Security; President Obama's State of the Union Address; Closer Look at Amedy Coulibaly; Recovery of Flight 8501; Cartoonist in Hiding; Romney for President Again?
• Europe on Alert for Terror Attacks; Janitor, Cabbie is Haiti's Miracle Worker
• Terror Threat Remains High in Europe; Expect More Security Measures When You Travel; Senator Mark Kirk on U.S.-Iran Relationships; American Cartoonist in Hiding; Preventing Further Attacks in Europe

January 16, 2015

January 15, 2015

January 14, 2015

January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

January 11, 2015

January 10, 2015
• Terrorists Killed in Two French Police Raids; One Remaining Paris Terrorist Suspect Still At Large; Paris Terrorist Suspect Reportedly Former Roommate with Underwear Bomber; Search Continues for Downed AirAsia Plane's Black Box
• Turkey Indicates Wanted Terrorist Suspect Not in France; Interview with Flemming Rose; Growing Role of Women in Islamic Terrorist Activity Examined; General David Petraeus May Face Charges of Providing Classified Documents to Former Mistress
• Terror Sleeper Cells Activated in France; Global Hunt For Dead Terrorist's Girlfriend; World Leaders To Attend Paris Unity Rally; Count Terror Cells Await Activation in U.S.; Grading France Terror Attack Response, Able to Prevent More; Immigrant Lack of Integration Problem in France; AirAsia 8501 Tail Found, Black Boxes Next
• Terror In Paris
• News Coverage Of Terror Attack Against "Charlie Hedbo"
• Continuing Coverage Of Terror Attacks In France
• Coverage Of French Terror Attacks; Audio from Inside Kosher Market Attack In France; AirAsia Crash Update
• Hunt For Female Suspect In French Terror Attack; Three Terrorists Killed; Massive Unity Rally Planned For Sunday; The Art Of Negotiating With Terrorists
• A Closer Look At The Terror Suspects; Source: Female Terror Suspect Not In France; Airasia Tail Section Brought To Surface
• France Gearing Up for Sunday's Unity March; Tracking Down Female Terror Suspect; Interview with Senator Bob Casey; Massive Unity Rally Planned for Sunday; Freedom of Speech vs. Terrorism
• New Audio from Inside Kosher Market Attack; World Leaders to Join Paris Rally; France on High Alert as Investigations Continue; Rising Female Jihadists; Morton Storm Inside Al Qaeda's Anwar al- Awlaki

January 09, 2015

January 08, 2015

January 07, 2015

January 06, 2015

January 05, 2015

January 04, 2015
• Thousands Attending Funeral for Slain NYPD Officer; ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Died at 49; AirAsia Searchers Find Four More Bodies
• Live Coverage Of Officer Wenjian Liu's Funeral
• New Developments in Saerch for Flight 8501; Officer Wenjian Liu Laid to Rest Today; Thirty-Four Bodies Recovered: Nine Have Been Identified; Seven-Year-Old Survives Kentucky Plane Crash; North Korea Lashes Out Over Sanctions; White House: Obama Seeking GOP Cooperation
• More AirAsia Bodies Found in Java Sea; Remembering NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu; Search for More Wreckage and Victims' Bodies; North Korea Blasts U.S. for Sanctions; Obama Returns from Vacation; Search Crew Finds Planes in Lake Michigan
• Thousands Of Officers Gather in NYC To Pay Respects To Officer Wenjian Liu; Searchers Continue To Find More Wreckage Plus Remains Of Four People From AirAsia Crash; Tornado Warning Issues For Parts Of Eastern Georgia; Seven-Year-Old Girl Sole Survivor Of Friday Night Plane Crash
• Thousands Pay Tribute to Slain NYPD Officer; Bad Weather Plagues AirAsia Recovery Efforts; 7-Year-Old Survives Plane Crash, Walks to Get Help; New York Honors Fallen Police Officer; Tragedy Exposed Division between NYPD and Mayor; Weather Hampers Wreckage Search; Remember the Dead; Roger Ebert's Rocky Road
• Searching For More Debris From AirAsia Flight 8501; Fellow Officers Pay Respects To Wenjian Liu; Seven-Year-Old Sole Survivor From Friday Night Plane Crash; U.S. Embassy In Indonesia Issues Security Alert For Americans In Surabaya
• Thousands Pay Tribute to Slain NYPD Officer; Crash of AirAsia Flight 8501; Seven-Year-Old Survives Crash that Killed Her Family; Anti-Police Environment in the U.S.?; Foundation Pledges to Pay Slain Officer's Mortgage; Roger Ebert's Rocky Road in "Life Itself"

January 03, 2015
• Search Continues for Remains of AirAsia Plane Crash; Funeral to be Held for Slain New York Police Officer; Seven-Year-Old Lone Survivor of Plane Crash; Some Republican House Members Suffering Scandals; White House Implements First Round of Economic Sanctions on North Korea; Flu Reaching Epidemic Levels in U.S.; NFL Playoffs Begin; Street Artist in Portugal Uses Explosives for Murals
• Search Continues for Remains of AirAsia Plane Crash; Funeral to be Held for Slain New York Police Officer; Technology For Monitoring In-Flight Plane Malfunctions Discussed; Some Republican House Members Suffering Scandals; White House Implements First Round of Economic Sanctions on North Korea; Company Offers Screening for Diseases for Prospective Parents
• New Developments In Search For AirAsia Flight 8501; Officers Pay Their Respects To Wenjian Liu; Seven-Year-Old Sole Survivor From Friday Plane Crash; CDC Officially Declares Flu Epidemic; U.S. Embassy In Indonesia Issues Security Alert
• Significant Developments In AirAsia Plane Disaster; Fellow Officers Pay Respects For Fallen Cop President Obama Signs Executive Order On Sanctions Against North Korea; War Against ISIS Takes Its Toll On Iraqi Citizens
• Tornado Reported Near Jackson, Mississippi; Four Large Objects Found in AirAsia Search; Family Dies in Plane Crash, Girl Survives; NYPD Officers Pack Funeral Home for Wake; Sharp Divide Between Mayor, NYPD; What's Ahead for Politics in 2015; Tsarnaev Trial Starts Monday; Andrew Cuomo Speaks Following Father's Death
• Crash of AirAsia Flight 8501; Seven-Year-Old Girl Survives Plane Crash; Fifteen Foot Waves Slow Plane Recovery; Indonesia: Four Large Objects Found In Java Sea; NYPD Commissioner: Show Respect At Funeral; First Storm Of 2015: Hail, Snow And Tornados Possible; United States Slaps New Sanctions On North Korea
• New Search Area Is The Size Of Delaware; How Do Pingers In The "Black Boxes" Work?; Thousands Mourn Slain NYPD Officer; About 23 Days Left On Pinger Batteries; Boston Bombing Trial Starts Monday; United States Sanctions North Korea Over Sony Hack
• Four Large Objects Found in Plane Search; Mourners Arriving for Wake of Officer Liu; 7-year-old Girl Survives Plane Crash; Dangers of Diving in a Crash Zone; CDC Says Flu at Epidemic Levels; Potential Threats to U.S. Interests in Indonesia; Search for Flight 8501; What Caused Flight 8501 Crash

January 02, 2015

January 01, 2015

December 31, 2014

December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

December 28, 2014

December 27, 2014
• Funeral Held for Slain New York City Police Officer Rafael Ramos; Vice President Biden Speaks at Officer's Funeral; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Speaks at Officer's Funeral; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Speaks at Officer's Funeral; New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton Speaks at Officer's Funeral
• Funeral Held for Slain New York City Police Officer; Interview with Congressman Charles Rangel; President's Plan to Close Guantanamo Bay Examined; Company Harnesses Energy from Walking to Power Low Voltage Devices; Video Game Technology for Capturing Human Movement Profiled; Homeless Man's Generosity Caught on Camera; North Korea Personally Insults President Obama Over Release of "The Interview"; Nature of Modern Cyber-Attacks Assessed
• Thousands Honor Slain NYPD Officer; Memorial For Fallen Officers Grows; Remembering Officer Rafael Ramos; Top 10 Media Stories of 2014; North Korea Fumes over "The Interview" Release; Will Obama "Go It Alone" in 2015; New Michigan Law Testing Welfare Recipients for Drugs
• Funeral For Slain New York City Police Officer Today; A Look Back At The Top Media And Sports News In 2014
• Funeral For Slain New York City Cop Today; Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, And Katy Perry Top Music Charts In 2014; North Korean Government Furious With President Obama After "The Interview" Is Released; Michael Sam Told Oprah Winfrey Some Gay NFL Players Have Privately Reached Out To Him; A Life Journey Of Don Lemon
• Funeral for Slain NYPD Officer Ramos; Thousands Bid Farewell To Slain Officer
• Funeral For Officer Killed In Ambush; Tracing Sony Hack Forensic Trail
• Funeral Today for Officer Killed in Ambush; Remembering Officer Rafael Ramos; Social Media Tributes to Fallen NYPD Officers; Jordan Warns of Consequences if Pilot Harmed; Doubts on Sony Hack Done by North Korea; Britain Battles Obesity; Top 10 Health Stories of 2014
• Thousands Honor Slain NYPD Officer; North Korea Angry at Obama; Michael Sam's Impact on Pro Sports; Top Tech Picks for 2015

December 26, 2014
• LeBron Returns to Miami; Looking Back on the Year in Politics; How Did Retailers Fare this Holiday Season?
• Sony's "The Interview" Drawing Crowds; Interview with Mayor Theodore Hoskins; Black Teenager Shot by White Cop in Missouri
• Wake to Be Held for NYPD Officer; Seven Arrested for Threats Against NYPD; Jordan Promises Consequences if Pilot Not Returned; Moviegoers Head out to See "The Interview"
• Wake to Be Held for NYPD Officer; Seven Arrested for Threats Against NYPD; Sony's 'The Interview' Drawing Crowds; Jordanian Pilot Being Held by ISIS
• Putin Cancels Holiday Break for Government; Christine Romans' Family Roots
• Audiences Show Up for "The Interview"; A Decade After a Devastating Tsunami; Highlights and Lowlights of 2014 Sports
• Are Americans Really Safer Now?; 2014's Heroes and Villains; 2014 Business Winners and Losers
• Critical Day for Shoppers and Retailers; Hackers Take Down Gaming Networks; Jordan Warns ISIS of Grave Consequences; Legal: Top 10 Stories of the Year
• Police Preparing for Slain Officers Funeral; Taking Precautions to Prevent More Violence; Plunging Oil Prices; Hotel for Hackers in China; Russians See Rising Prices
• NYPD Funerals; NYPD Arrests; Interview Pulled in $1 Million; Obama's Wins and Losses
• Remembering Slain NYPD Officers; Movie Controversy; Tech Hits and Misses
• Jordanian Coalition Pilot Prisoner of ISIS; Top 10 Moments in Entertainment for 2014; Top 10 Trending Hash Tags for 2014
• Top Tech Hits and Misses for 2014; It Has Been Ten Years Since Indian Ocean Tsunami; Dow Continues to Hover Just Above 18,000 ; "The Interview" Finally Released in Theaters and Online
• Repeated Mistakes By CDC Labs; How To Get Out Of Holiday Debt

December 25, 2014

December 24, 2014

December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

December 21, 2014

December 20, 2014
• Sony Criticized for Pulling Controversial Film in Face of Threats; North Korea Claims It Is Being Falsely Accused by United States for Hacking into Sony Pictures; President Gives Yearend Press Conference; President Announces Normalizing of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba; Chicago Street Artist Profiled
• First Family Starting Vacation in Hawaii; President Gives Yearend Press Conference; North Korea Claims It Is Being Falsely Accused by United States for Hacking into Sony Pictures; Former Hacker Discusses Cyber Attack Attempts on U.S. Government; President Announces Normalizing of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba; Winter Storms Threatening U.S. East and Midwest; Singer with Tourette's Syndrome Uploads Songs to YouTube; Process for Making of Bubble Wrap Examined; Former Killer Whale Catcher Turned Conservationist Discusses Career Change
• FBI Gets Offer To Help Investigate Suspected Cyber Attack From North Korea
• Two NYPD Officers Shot, Killed in Patrol Car; North Korea Blasts U.S. For Tying Hack to Pyongyang; North Korea Warns U.S. of "Serious Consequences"; Sony Responds to Obama's "Sony Made Mistake" Comment; Movie Theaters Refuse "The Interview"; 2 NYPD Officers Shot
• Two NYPD Officers Shot And Killed In Patrol Car; RNC Chairman Addresses Movie Theater Owners; Obama Says Sony Should Have Consulted Him
• Relations with Cuba; North Korea Framed for Sony Hack by US; DA Claims Ferguson Witnesses Lied to Grand Jury; Sony Insists It Didn't Back Down Over Movie; Obama Highlights 2014 Victories; Obama Not Acting Like Lame Duck; Obama Take Final Questions Of 2014; Immigrant Detention Center Is Largest Ever; Face to Face With Misty Copeland
• North Korea: "Framed" For Sony Hack By U.S.; White House Weighs Response To Sony Cyberattack; Raul Castrol Hails Thaw In U.S. Relations; What's Driving The Drop In Oil Prices?; Sony CEO: We Tried To Get The Movie Out; Former Employees Sue Sony
• Guantanamo Facility Still Open; North Korea Blasting U.S. On Hacking Accusation; New Immigration Facility; Misty Copeland At The Met
• Two NYPD Officers Ambushed, Killed in Brooklyn; News Conference On NYPD Police Officer Killings
• Raul Castro Hails Thaw in U.S. Relations; North Korea Denies Being Behind Sony Hack; Will Sony Find Partners to Help Release Movie?; Sony CEO Defends Decision to Pull Out Movie; Fallout from the Sony Hack; Largest Immigrant Detention Center Opens in U.S.; The Science Behind Feeling Young; Interview with Misty Copeland
• Two New York Police Shot and Killed; Press Conference by New York Mayor and Police Commissioner

December 19, 2014

December 18, 2014

December 17, 2014

December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

December 14, 2014
• Two Inmates Captured, One Still at Large; Ferguson Documents Reveal Some Grand Jury Witnesses Lied; NYPD Protesters Attack Two Officers; California Braces for More Storms; Senate Averts Government Shutdown; Response to Torture Report; Fallout from Sony Hackers; Former Detainee Talks About Torture; Drone Danger A "Serious Concern" For FAA; Children Talk About Race In America
• Drones vs. Interrogations; Possible Hostage Situation in Sydney; Sony Reeling after Epic Computer Hack; NSA Expects "Traumatic" Cyber Attacks; Qatar's Complicated Relations with Terror; Hired Guns; Director's Take on "Dinosaur 13"
• U.S. Marshals Join Manhunt For Escaped Prisoner in Alabama; Dick Cheney Staunchly Defends CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Program; Protesters Call For End To Police Killings; North Carolina Family Says Son Was Lynched; Steenkamp's Mom Discusses Pistorius Verdict
• Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill; Hackers Issue New Threats At Sony Pictures; Manhunt Underway For Accused Murderer In Alabama; Remembering The Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre; Special Investigation Of "Hired Guns"
• CIA's Interrogation Program; More Evidence from the Ferguson, Missouri Grand Jury Released Today; Captain Ron Johnson Featured in Documentary Series; Private Armed Security Guards Lack Training and Oversight
• American Speaks Out from North Korea; 2 NYPD Officers Attacked During Protests; New Ferguson Documents Show Some Witnesses Lied; The Inequality Gap in America; Sony Reeling from Damaging Hack

December 13, 2014
• March in Washington D.C. Against Police Killings Organized; Mothers of Unarmed Black Men Killed by Police Interviewed; Senate Delays Vote on House Government Spending Bill; Street Artist Profiled; Tornado Hits Los Angeles; Federal Investigation Called for in North Carolina Teen's Death as Possible Lynching
• Protests Continue; Senate Debates Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown; FBI Investigates Sony Pictures Hack; Senator Feinstein Says Debate Over Releasing Torture Report Goes On; Angelina Jolie's YouTube Video Goes Viral
• NYC Protesters Demand Nationwide Change; Families Seek Justice For Slain Relatives; Senate Passes Short Term Spending Bill; ISIS Guidebook Claims Sex Slaves, Child Rape Are OK; Disturbing Findings in CIA Torture Report; Hayden Defends Rectal Rehydration; CIA Torture Report Full of Redactions; Defenders of CIA Torture Report Said Intelligence Committee, White House, and Congress Knew
• "Justice for All" March; Homes Buried by Mud and Rock; Senate Spending Showdown; Four Mothers Share Pain of Losing Sons; "Week Of Outrage" Protests Continue Across U.S.; Crude Oil Prices Down 40 percent This Year; Fall Out In the Field From CIA Torture Report; Report: U.S. Prison Camp A Breeding Ground For ISIS
• "Justice For All March" Underway Now In D.C.; Tornado Hits South Los Angeles; FBI Investigating Massive Sony Hack; Search For Survivors Of Indonesia Landslide; Cosby's Accusers Share Their Stories
• Thousands Participate In Protesting Police Brutality and Racial Profiling; Senate Debates Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill; Storms Pummel California; FBI Investigating Sony Pictures Hack
• No Government Shutdown; More Protests in Major Cities; Aaron Hernandez's Legal Team Scored Victories
• Thousands March to U.S. Capitol Building; Protesters Marching to NYPD Headquarters; Senate in Session Over Trillion Dollar Bill; Severe Weather Rips Through California; Key Evidence Thrown Out of Aaron Hernandez Case; U.S. Navy Creates "Silent Nemo"; Justice for All March Under Way in D.C.
• Marchers Across the Nation Demand Change; Senate Passes Short- Term Spending Bill; CIA Paid $80M to 2 Men for Torture Methods; Driver of GM Car Cleared of Felony; The Torture Report's Political Impact; Senate to Vote on Budget Deal

December 12, 2014

December 11, 2014

December 10, 2014

December 09, 2014

December 08, 2014

December 07, 2014

December 06, 2014
• American Hostage in Yemen Killed While U.S. Special Forces Attempt Rescue; Rolling Stones Apologizes for Possible Unreliable Source on University of Virginia Sexual Assault Story; Protests Continue over Police Non-Indictment Eric Garner's Death; Some Calling for Body Cameras for Police; New Synthetic Hallucinogenic Drug Hitting Streets of U.S.; CNN to Hold Annual CNN Heroes Tribute
• American Hostage in Yemen Killed While U.S. Special Forces Attempt Rescue; "Rolling Stone" Apologizes for Possible Unreliable Source on University of Virginia Sexual Assault Story; Protests Continue over Police Non-Indictment Eric Garner's Death; Woman in United Arab Emirates Arrested for Murder of School Teacher; New Research Links Sleep Deprivation to Diseases Including Cancer; Janice Dickinson's Ghostwriter Confirms She Wanted to Include Sexual Assault Story Involving Bill Cosby in Memoirs; San Quentin Prisoners Learn Computer Coding
• Cops Versus Citizens: Who Decides What's Fair? Chokehold Video Versus NYPD Officer's Testimony; Video Shows Garner Sprawled on Ground; No CPR Treatment in Chokehold Death; Mistrust Growing Between Americans, Police; Obama Taken to Walter Reed Medical Center
• Luke Somers and South African Hostage Killed by AQAP; Chokehold Protesters Pour into U.S. Streets; Typhoon Makes Landfall in the Philippines; "Rolling Stone" Apologizes For UVA Rape Story; Winston Denies Sexual Assault Claim
• Al Qaeda Kills U.S. Hostage During Yemen Raid; New York Mayor Orders Police Retraining; Synthetic Drugs Are Killing Kids; Calls For Feds To Probe Garner Case; Life In the Rubble Of Kobani, Syria
• Pentagon Plans To Leave Extra 1,000 Troops in Afghanistan; "Rolling Stone" Retracts UVA Rape Allegation Story; Protests In New York Continues
• Obama's Quick Hospital Trip; American Photojournalist Killed in Yemen; Garner Protests Continues
• Al Qaeda Kills Hostages during Yemen Raid; Obama Condemns Hostages' Barbaric Murder; Chokehold Protests Erupt Across U.S.; NYPD Launches Pilot Body Camera Program; Rolling Stone Apologizes for UVA Rape Story; FSU's Jameis Winston Plays After Conduct Hearing; Janice Dickinson Talks About Cosby's Co-Stars; Best Year for Jobs Since 1999; Holiday Shopping Transformed; Starbucks' Coffee Factory

December 05, 2014

December 04, 2014

December 03, 2014

December 02, 2014

December 01, 2014

November 30, 2014

November 29, 2014
• Ray Rice's NFL Suspension Overruled by Judge; March to Governor's Mansion Planned in Ferguson, Missouri; Cleveland Police Shoot an Unarmed 12-Year-Old Boy; No Forthcoming Nominee to Replace Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary; Drones Possibly Interfering with Commercial Flight Paths; CNN to Select Hero of the Year
• Ray Rice's NFL Suspension Overruled by Judge; March to Governor's Mansion Planned in Ferguson, Missouri; Cleveland Police Shoot an Unarmed 12-Year-Old Boy; Expert Gives Travel Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday; University of Virginia's Record on Sexual Assault Criticized; New York City Macy's Christmas Window Display Profiled; Homeless Man Eats Thanksgiving Dinner with Family
• Ray Rice's Suspension Lifted; Pope Francis Has Three-Day Trip To Turkey Planned; Missouri's Lieutenant Governor Calls For Brown's Stepfather To Be Arrested And Charged With Inciting A Riot
• Police Search for Motive in Austin Rampage; Poll: Most Americans Say Things Are Going Well; Intra-Party Feud Developing for Democrats?; Potential Candidates Lining Up for 2016; Ray Rice Cleared to Play in the NFL; Protest March for Michael Brown Set to Begin; White House Rushing to Find New Defense Chief
• Following the Trail of Evidence; Conflicting Accounts Given to Grand Jury; Ferguson Crime Scene Protocol Questioned; Ferguson Crime Scene Protocol Questioned; Questions Arise on Brown Autopsy Assistant; Child Predators Don't Have to Be Strangers
• Ray Rice Can Play In NFL Again; A Judge Drops Charges Against Egypt's Former Leader, Hosni Mubarak; 13-Year-Old Boy Found Alive In Georgia After Being Missing For Four Years; Ferguson Incident Affects America's Image Around The World; Populism, Elitism and Backstage Demands; New Job Posting: Defense Secretary; Will Any NFL Team Sign Ray Rice?; St. Louis Paper: Officer Wilson Resigns
• Ray Rice Wins NFL Appeal, Can Pay Again; 16 Arrested Overnight in Ferguson; Community Meets on Gun Violence After Boy's Death; Pope Francis on 3-Day Visit to Turkey; Growing Concerns Over Rapes Reported at UVA; Conflicted Emotions Over Ferguson; Ray Rice Wins Appeal Can Return To The NFL; Top Movies This Holiday Season; Soaring Plane Ticket Prices; NFL Team Donates Money, Time To Charities
• Protest March Planned For Ferguson Today; Ray Rice Wins Appeal Can Make NFL Return; Rescued Boys: "We Thought We Would Die"; Ferguson Federal Case Still Open; Questions About Brown Autopsy Assistant; Growing Concerns Over Rapes Reported At UVA
• Weeklong March Underway in Ferguson; Netanyahu's Nationality Bill; 12-Year-Old Gunned Down in Cleveland; UAV Accidents on the Rise
• Ray Rice Wins NFL Suspension Appeal; Protest March Planned for Ferguson; Community Meets on Gun Violence After Boy's Death; Pope Francis in Turkey; Austin Police Department Shooting; Interview with Yamma Brown; Who Will Replace Chuck Hagel?; Black Friday Sales Extended; Darren Wilson in Hiding over Shooting; Confiscated Criminal Goods Auctioned Online
• Ray Rice's NFL Suspension Overruled by Judge; March to Governor's Mansion Planned in Ferguson, Missouri; Cleveland Police Shoot an Unarmed 12-Year-Old Boy; Expert Gives Travel Tips for Thanksgiving Holiday; University of Virginia's Record on Sexual Assault Criticized; New York City Macy's Christmas Window Display Profiled; Homeless Man Eats Thanksgiving Dinner with Family
• Ray Rice Wins NFL Suspension Appeal; Protest March Planned for Ferguson; Community Meets on Gun Violence After Boy's Death; Pope Francis in Turkey; Austin Police Department Shooting; Interview with Yamma Brown; Who Will Replace Chuck Hagel?; Black Friday Sales Extended; Darren Wilson in Hiding over Shooting; Confiscated Criminal Goods Auctioned Online

November 28, 2014

November 27, 2014

November 26, 2014

November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

November 23, 2014

November 22, 2014
• U.S. and Iran Approaching Deal on Iranian Nuclear Program; Historic Buffalo Snow Storm Lightens; Ferguson, Missouri, Awaits Grand Jury Decision on Police Shooting Case; Baby Born in Middle of Buffalo Snowstorm; New Report Released Profiling Sandy Hook Elementary Shooter; Republicans React Against President's Executive Action on Immigration; Interview with Senator David Vitter; CNN Preparing Annual CNN Heroes Event
• Ferguson Awaits Grand Jury Decision on Police Shooting Case; Buffalo Threatened with Possible Floods after Historic Snowstorm; Some American Military Personnel to Remain in Afghanistan; New Report Released Profiling Sandy Hook Elementary Shooter; Congress Holds Hearings on Company Making Faulty Airbags; Paralyzed American Soldier Stands with Help of Robotic Exoskeleton; Investment Via Peer-to-Peer Lending Examined
• Grand Jury In Ferguson Will Not Reconvene Until Monday; Legal Talk
• No Grand Jury Decision on Ferguson Case; Unprecedented Snow in New York; Webcams Can Be Easily Accessed
• Grand Jury to Reconvene Monday at Earliest; Grand Jury Considering Four Possible Crimes; UVA President Suspends All Fraternities; Obama Says Immigration Plan is "Middle Ground"; Is Obama's Immigration Plan Amnesty or Not; Should Obama Say More About Ferguson?
• Ferguson Bracing for Grand Jury Decision; Flooding Fears in Buffalo; Anger in Ferguson over State of Emergency; Anger In Ferguson Over State Of Emergency; "The New York Times": Obama Extends Afghanistan Military Role; Three Protesters In Ferguson Arrested
• Sources: No Grand Jury Decision Reached On Friday; Melting Snow Could Create Major Flooding; GOP-Led Report No Wrongdoing In Benghazi; America The Target Of A Cyber Attack?
• No Grand Jury Decision Yet; U.S. Military Role Extended in Afghanistan; GOP-Led Report on Benghazi Released; Bill Cosby Rape Allegations; Melting Snow Could Create Major Flooding; Executive Grilled Over Airbag Incidents; Obama Tackles Immigration Head On; Mother Rescues Daughter from ISIS

November 21, 2014

November 20, 2014

November 19, 2014

November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

November 16, 2014

November 15, 2014
• Joint Chiefs Chairman Visits Iraq; President Visits Australia for G-20; New Police Dispatch Audio Concerning Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, Released; Rape Allegations against Comedian Bill Cosby Surface; President Plans to Issue Executive Order Reforming Immigration System; CNN Hero Helps Children Grieve for Dead Loved Ones; with Navy SEAL Publicly Claims to have Killed Usama bin Laden; Popular Dutch DJ Profiled
• New Police Dispatch Audio Concerning Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, Released; Rape Allegations against Comedian Bill Cosby Surface; Joint Chiefs Chairman Visits Iraq; Shortcomings at U.S. Facilities with Nuclear Bombs Unearthed; President Visits Australia for G-20; President Plans to Issue Executive Order Reforming Immigration System; Senator Rob Portman May Run for President in 2016; Documentary Examines Rising College Tuition Rates; New Product Dries out Cellphones Submerged in Water
• New Ebola Patient Arrives in the U.S.; Bill Cosby's Rape Allegations; More Troops in Iraq?; Mexican Mayor in Trouble for Missing 43 Students
• Ebola Patient Arrives in Nebraska; Tape Sheds Light on Ferguson Shooting Scene; Rape Allegations Won't Go Away For Bill Cosby; Will The Immigration Waiting Game End Soon? Suspected Cop Killer Charged with Terrorism; Why Teenager Fights for ISIS; How ISIS Successfully Recruits, Grows Its Ranks; Ferguson Fears Riot Following Grand Jury Results; Serious Allegations Against Bill Cosby
• Dispatcher: "Black Male in a White T-Shirt"; Ebola Patient Arrives in Nebraska; On NPR, Cosby Silent on Rape Allegations
• New Video of Ferguson Officer after Shooting; Top General Mikes Surprise Trip to Iraq; Bill Cosby Refuses Comment on Rape Allegations; GOP Promises to Fight President's Immigration Reform; Interview with Rep. Henry Cuellar; Dispatch Audio Released In Ferguson Shooting; Fears And Tension In Ferguson; Boston Bombing Survivor's Amazing Strength; Winter-Like Weather Hits U.S.
• Sexual Assault Allegations Follow Bill Cosby; Dispatch Audio Released In Ferguson Shooting; General Dempsey In Baghdad To Assess War On ISIS; Obama Blasts Putin At G20 Summit; Putin Brings Warship To G20 Summit; Ex-Navy SEAL Recounts Facing Off With Bin Laden; Hagel: U.S. Nuclear Program Needs Overhaul
• Bill Cosby Faces Sexual Assault Allegations; Conversation Between Police And Dispatch In Michael Brown Shooting Surfaces; Ebola Patient To Land In Nebraska Shortly; New Video Appears To Show Russian Tanks, Artillery, Air Defense Systems and Troops Moving Across Ukrainian Border; Michael Bloomberg's Comments On College Attendees; Kim Kardashian Shows Her Rear End
• New Video of Ferguson Officer After Shooting; Top General Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq; Following the ISIS Funding; Bill Cosby Rape Allegations; Obama Blasts Putin at G-20 Summit; Planes Tracking Cell Phone Calls?; NBA Commissioner Pushes Sports Betting; New Momentum in Ebola Research; Black Friday No Longer Just One Day

November 14, 2014

November 13, 2014

November 12, 2014

November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014
• Two Americans Released from North Korea; Millennials Have High Debt, Low Savings; When Did GM Top Execs Know of Ignition Problem?; Record Number of Haitian, Cuban Migrants Attempt to Reach U.S.
• A New Phase in War on ISIS; Iran's Supreme Leader Tweets Plan to Wipe Out Israel; No Arrests for Low-Level Pot Users in NYC; Fort Hood Shooting Hero Tells His Story
• 200 Million in Path of Polar Plunge; Obama Pivots to Foreign Policy in Asia; Protests Intensifying over 43 Missing Students; GPS Tracker May Lead to Other Kidnap Cases; ISIS Leader's Fate Unclear After Airstrikes; Prominent Pastor, Wife Killed in Jet Crash
• New VA Secretary Says He's Hamstrung by Federal Government; Ferguson Preparing for Decision From Grand Jury; Kenneth Bae Thanks Those Who Fought for His Release; U.S.- China Relationships Most Consequential in the World; President Obama Touting his Support for Free Internet; Virgin Galatics Continuing its Creation of Space Tourism
• Hillary Vs. Jeb?; ISIS Leader Killed?; Ferguson Protests
• U.S. Troops in Anbar; Head Of ISIS Wounded; Riots over Missing Students; Utah Abduction Stopped; Yarnell Fire Video; NYC Pot Arrest Changes
• New Rule for Weed in New York City; Money Making in States That Legalize Marijuana; Reagan Secret Recordings Released; Man Using 401K to Buy Ticket to Space
• NYC Announces New Pot Policy; Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Have Similar Problems; Secret Tapings of Ronald Reagan Released; Behind the Secret Mission to North Korea; VA Secretary Robert McDonald on VA Overhaul

November 09, 2014

November 08, 2014
• U.S. to Send More Military Advisers to Iraq; President Nominates New Attorney General; Two Americans Held Captive in North Korea Released by Pyongyang; Interview With Sen. Patty Murray of Washington State; Drones Increasingly Used for Civilian Purposes; Robot Exoskeleton Used in Manufacturing Examined; Falling of Berlin Wall Remembered
• Two Americans Freed From North Korea; Airstrikes Target ISIS Leaders; Obama to Send 1,500 More U.S. Troops to Fight ISIS; Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill Says He Killed Osama Bin Laden; North Korea Releases 2 American Captives; Midterm Elections Bad for Obama; Did Voters Repudiate Obama's Agenda in Election?; Interviews With Rep. Adam Schiff of California
• U.S. to Send More Military Advisers to Iraq; Two Americans Held Captive in North Korea Released by Pyongyang; North Korean Motives for American Hostage Release Analyzed
• Two U.S. Citizens Released from North Korea; President Obama Nominates Loretta Lynch for Attorney General
• North Korea Releases Two American Detainees; Jeffrey Fowle Talks About Being Released From North Korea; Loretta Lynch Nominated As Attorney General
• Americans Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller Released From North Korean Prison; Loretta Lynch Nominated To Be Next U.S. Attorney General
• Two Americans Freed From North Korea; Loretta Lynch for U.S. Attorney General
• Kenneth Bae And Matthew Todd Miller Released From North Korean Prison; Coalition Air Strikes Target Suspected Group Of ISIS Leaders Inside IraqTwo American Detainees Released from North Korea; Nominee Loretta Lynch Would Make History as Attorney General
• Two American Detainees Released from North Korea; Air strikes Target ISIS Leaders
• North Korea Releases Two American Detainees; Obama Orders Up to 1500 Troops to Iraq; SEAL Under Fire for Going Public

November 07, 2014

November 06, 2014

November 05, 2014

November 04, 2014

November 03, 2014

November 02, 2014

November 01, 2014
• U.S. Marine Released from Mexican Prison; Interview with Bill Richardson; Virgin Atlantic Spaceship Crashes in Mojave Desert; Republican Chances of Taking U.S. Senate in Midterm Elections Assessed; Interview with Newt Gingrich; CNN Hero Helps Sick Children Learn Martial Arts
• U.S. Marine Released from Mexican Prison; Virgin Atlantic Spaceship Crashes in Mojave Desert; Interview With Rep. Ed Royce Of California; Republican Chances of Taking U.S. Senate in Midterm Elections Assessed; Volcanic Lava Threatens Homes in Hawaii; Nurse in Maine Released from Ebola Quarantine
• Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crashes In California's Mojave Desert; Nurse Kaci Hickox Freed From Quarantine; Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, Is Freed From Mexican Prison
• Branson Vows to Solve SpaceShipTwo Failure; Senate Control at Stake Tuesday; Hagel's Criticism of Syria Policy; U.S., Israeli Relations Get Ugly; Israeli Defense Minister Denied Meetings in Washington; Will Assassinating ISIS Leader End Terror Group; More Information on Test Pilot Killed in Crash; Lava Flow Moves Closer to Hawaiian Homes
• Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Freed from Mexican Jail; NTSB Investigating Space Plane Accident; GOP Takes Aim at Obama as Election Nears; Lava Flow Threatens Hawaiian Town; Marine Reservist Freed By Mexico Is Back Home; Maine Nurse Freed From Quarantine; Cops On Alert For Potential Ax Attacks
• NTSB Investigating Space Plane Accident; U.S. Marine Reservist Released By Mexico; Chilly Halloween For Many Trick-Or-Treaters; Candidates Make Final Weekend Push; Senator Paul Blasts GOP "Brand"; Future Of Space Exploration After Mishap; Balance Of Power At Stake In Elections; Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashes During Test Flight; Picking The Pain And Fear Out Of Cancer; A Lot At Stake In Upcoming Midterm Elections; Richard Branson Holds Live Press Conference On Crash
• Mexico Frees U.S. Marine Reservist; Branson Vows to Solve SpaceShipTwo Failure; Reality of ISIS; Lava Flow Slowed But Still a Threat
• Virgin CEO Promises Full Investigation on Spaceship Crash; Marine Freed from Mexican Jail; Midterm Elections Days Away; Law Flow Threatening Hawaii Homes; Catcall Video Sparks Controversy
• Pilots Identified in Virgin Spaceflight Accident; Races to Watch on Tuesday; U.S. Marine Reservist Freed from Mexican Prison; Early Voting Flexing Midterm Election; Deadline for Iran Nuclear This Month; Three Americans Found Dead in Mexico

October 31, 2014

October 30, 2014

October 29, 2014

October 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014
• Nurse From West Africa Forced to Quarantine in New Jersey; Illinois To Implement Mandatory 21-Day Quarantine For Those Returning From Ebola-Affected Countries; Teacher Confronted School Shooter; Shooter Posted Threatening Messages; Three States Impose Ebola Quarantines
• Nurse Returned from West Africa Forced to Quarantine in New Jersey; Illinois to Also Implement Mandatory 21-day Ebola Quarantine; U.S. Ambassador to United Nations Samantha Power has Visited West Africa; Nearly Eight Million Vehicles are Affected by Defective Takata Airbags
• More States Start to Quarantine; Obama Pushes Back on Quarantines; School Shooter Hinted At Violence; Quarantined Nurse To Meet With Attorney; Marysville Rocked With Grief By Shooting
• Quarantined Nurse Complains about Treatment; Murphy: Quarantine Only Way to Break Chain of Ebola; Legion of Female Fighters Become U.S. Allies; Sacrificing Syria to Win Kobani; Seattle Shooting Grips Community; Renee Zellweger's Face
• Obama Pushes New York, New Jersey to Reverse Quarantine Policies; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Updates on Ebola Status; Nurse Back from West Africa in Forced Quarantine; UK Troops Ended Combat Operations in Afghanistan; Nightmare in Seattle School
• Will Quarantines Keep Doctors from West Africa?; Interview with U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff of California; Lone Wolf Attacks the Future of Terrorism?; Will ISIS New Recruiting Work in America; Where is the Ebola Czar?; Images from Ferguson Evoke Civil Rights Era

October 25, 2014
• Previously Infected Nurse Declared Ebola Free; Possible U.S. Travel Ban on Countries Suffering from Ebola Outbreak Discussed; Interview With Congressman Diana DeGette; Teen Gunman Opens Fire In High School Cafeteria in Washington State; Three Teenage Girls From Denver Stopped From Joining ISIS; ISIS Social Media Recruiting Techniques Examined; CNN Hero Helps Autistic Children Attend Sporting Events
• N.J., New York Impose Ebola Quarantines; Two 14-Year-Old Girls in Critical Condition with Head Injuries; ISIS Loses Ground in Both Iraq and Syria; SWAT Exercises Prior to Marysville Shooting; Debate Over Containing Ebola Polarizing U.S.; Did U.S. Government Drop Ball on Ebola; Are School Shootings the New Normal?
• Freshman Jaylen Fryberg Opens Fire in Marysville High School Cafeteria; Dr. Craig Spencer Being Treated for Ebola in New York; So- Called Lone Wolf Terrorists Biggest Threat to Homeland Security; Virginia Authorities Confirmed Human Remains Found Last Weekend Were Those of Missing University of Virginia Student Hannah Graham
• Tragedy Strikes Washington School; Ebola-Infected Doctor at NYC Hospital; New York City Hatchet Attack an Act of Terror; New Jersey Health Worker Tests Negative For Ebola; Remains Of Missing UVA Student Identified; Report Claims UNC Student Athletes Took Fake Classes
• Hospital Gives Update ON Shooting Victims; Doctor With Ebola Isolated At NYC Hospital; The Race To Find An Ebola Vaccine; Brown Autopsy Leaked To The Press; Investigation: UNC "Paper Classes" Never Met
• Mandatory Quarantine in NY and NJ; Washington Shooting; Attacks Spark Fears Over ISIS' Influence; New Attacks Raise Fears of Lone Wolf Extremists; Report: UNC Athletes Took Fake Classes; Health Officials Track Doctor's Steps
• Tragedy in Marysville; Ebola Detectives at Work; Is ISIS Triggering Lone Wolf Attacks?; School Shooter Kills a Student and Himself; Doctor with Virus in NYC Hospital; Ebola Cases and Death Rate Up; Girls Lured by ISIS; Goodell to Testify at Rice Appeal
• Tragedy in Marysville; New Jersey and New York Orders Mandatory Quarantines; ISIS Accused of Launching Chlorine Attack; The Future of Digital Music; Airbag Recall Affects Nearly Eight Million Cars; Architect Overcomes Loss of Vision

October 24, 2014

October 23, 2014

October 22, 2014

October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

October 19, 2014

October 18, 2014
• President Appoint Ebola Czar; American Doctors Being Trained to Treat Ebola in African Nations; Nurse in U.S. Diagnosed with Ebola Currently in Stable Condition; New Evidence Emerges in Case of Police Shooting of Teenager in Ferguson, Missouri; Possible Political Implications of Ebola Cases in U.S. Examined; Hurricanes Threaten Bermuda and Hawaii; CNN Hero Uses Horse Riding to Reach Out to Troubled Children
• No Reported Cases of Ebola in Ohio Despite Possible Exposures; Survivalist Wanted for Killing a Police Officer Possibly Sighted; Hurricanes Threaten Bermuda and Hawaii; South Dakota Senate Race Surprisingly Close
• Cruise Ship Returning to Texas Over Ebola Fears; Dallas Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patient Speaks Out; Frontier Airlines Contacting 800 Passengers; Why Is Ebola Czar Not A Doctor; Michael Brown's Blood Found in Wilson Patrol Car; News Conference on Missing UVA Student, Hannah Graham
• Cruise Ship Heads to Texas over Ebola Fears; Are U.S. Hospitals Prepared for Ebola?; Powerful Hurricanes Pose Threat; GOP Criticizes Choice for Ebola Czar; NYT: Wilson's Version Of Shooting; CENTCOM: Not Aware Of ISIS Training On Warplanes; Ebola Survivor Tells Story; Race Is On To Find Ebola Vaccine
• First Ebola Nurse Said To Be Doing Well, Eating; Cruise Ship Heads To Texas Over Ebola Fears; Big November Election Issue: Ebola; Obama Appoints Ebola Czar; Politics Of Ebola: Will "Czar" Fix Problem?; "Doctors Without Borders" Battles Ebola; Training U.S. Health Workers For Ebola
• Forensic Tests Show Michael Brown's Blood Inside Ferguson Officer's Patrol Car; Ebola Fears Are Far-Reaching; Violence Continues Between ISIS Militants And Kurdish Fighters In Syria; Ebola Concerns Over Contact Between Animals And Humans May Be Justified
• Lab Worker in Cruise Ship; Controlling Ebola
• Human Remains Found in Search for UVA Student; Monitoring Period Almost Over for 48 People in Dallas; TSA Officer Self- Monitoring for Ebola; Ferguson Shooting Update; Human Remains Found in UVA Student Case; Cleaning Crew for Ebola Patient's Apartment
• New Development: Human Remains Found in Search for UVA Student
• Possible Sighting of Suspected Cop Killer; Obama Angry at Ebola Response; Dallas Ebola-Treating Doctor Speaks Out; Hurricane Ana to Narrowly Miss Hawaii; Are U.S. Hospitals Prepared for Ebola?; Airstrikes Help Push ISIS Fighters Back; New Evidence Inside Ferguson Police Car; Finding Space for Ebola Patients

October 17, 2014

October 16, 2014

October 15, 2014

October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

October 12, 2014

October 11, 2014
• ISIS Continues Advance into Iraq; JFK Airport Begins Enhanced Screening for Passengers Possibly Infected with Ebola; North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un Remains Removed from Public; Protests against Police Violence Continue in St. Louis; Nevada Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage; CNN Hero Helps Disabled with Physical Fitness
• ISIS Continues Advance into Iraq; JFK Airport Begins Enhanced Screening for Passengers Possibly Infected with Ebola; Protests against Police Violence Continue in St. Louis
• Iraqis Send U.S. Troops to Anbar; Ebola Patient Being Treated in Spain; U.S. Airports To Screen For Ebola; U.S. Airports Start Ebola Screenings; Ferguson and the Civil Rights Movement; Obama Presidency: Success or Failure?
• ISIS Fighters Advancing On Two Fronts; Ebola Airport Screenings Begin At JFK; Up To 10,000 ISIS Fighters Headed To Baghdad Area; "Weekend Of Resistance" In St. Louis; Kim Jong Un's Absence Fuels Speculation
• Anbar Requests U.S. Ground Troops; Ebola Airport Screenings Begin Today At JFK; "Weekend Of Resistance" In St. Louis; Hagan Strikes Back Over Briefing Criticism; Turkey Not Sending Troops To Fight ISIS; Traffic Stop Outrage: Officer Sued Before; Hacked Snapchat Images Could Be Child Porn
• ISIS Fighters Step Up Their Assaults On Kobani; New Health Screening Protocols Underway At Five U.S. Airports; Supply Of ZMapp Has Run Out; U.S. Ambassador To Iraq Gets Urgent Request From Officials In Anbar Province For Immediate Intervention; Alleged al- Qaeda Member Complains About Treatment At Hands Of Delta Force
• Iraqis: Send U.S. Troops to Anbar; New York Hospital Prepping for Ebola
• Police and America: Mending the Relationship
• ISIS Forces Advancing on Two Fronts; Ebola Airport Screenings Begin at JFK; Thousands Expected in Weekend of Resistance; Protesters Fill Streets in St. Louis; Fighting the Ebola Epidemic; Candidate Faces Sexual Harassment Claims

October 10, 2014

October 09, 2014

October 08, 2014

October 07, 2014

October 06, 2014

October 05, 2014

October 04, 2014
• ISIS Executes British Hostage; America Held Hostage by ISIS; Ebola Case in U.S. Examined; Harvard Students Emailed Death Threat; Interview with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee; Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests Continue; Documentary Examines Anti-Gay Violence in Russia
• ISIS Executes British Hostage; America Held Hostage by ISIS; Ebola Case in U.S. Examined; Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests Continue; Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Continues
• U.S. Ebola Patient's Condition Worsens; Newark Flight Quarantined Lifted; Protecting U.S. Troops From Ebola; Answering Ebola Questions; Parents Send Message to ISIS, Don't Kill Son; Interview with Passenger on Plane with Sick Man
• Possible Ebola Case in Newark Airport; Lone American in Syria Fighting ISIS; North Koreans in Seoul
• Ebola Patient's Condition Worsens; Burchett: Sick Passenger Said He Was From Liberia; Ebola: How to Stop Lethal Virus
• ISIS Threatens American Medic; Ten People At "Higher Risk" For Ebola; CDC Briefing On U.S. Ebola Patient; U.S. Troops Heading To Center Of Ebola Outbreak; ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker Alan Henning; Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.9 Percent
• Ebola Crisis Response; ISIS Threatens American Aid Worker; North Korean Leaders Visit South Korea; ISIS Targets Key Border Town; People Arrest More Hong Kong Protesters; White House Reacts To Ebola Crisis; Manziel Wants To Help Winston; New Search For Malaysia Flight 370
• United Airlines Passengers In New Jersey Quarantined At Gate; CDC Responding To Vomiting Male On United Air Flight; Thomas Duncan's Condition Worsens; Peter Kassig Appears In ISIS Video; Fighting Ebola Becoming National Security Priority; Unemployment At 5.9 Percent For September
• White House Reacts to Latest Beheading; North Korean Leaders Visit South Korea; New Ultimatum for Protesters in Hong Kong; Answering Ebola Questions; What is Enterovirus D-68?

October 03, 2014

October 02, 2014

October 01, 2014

September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

September 28, 2014

September 27, 2014
• Kurds Battle ISIS near Syrian-Turkish Border; British Parliament Authorizes Air Strikes in Iraq against ISIS; University of Virginia Student Still Missing; Pennsylvania Police Continue Search for Alleged Cop Killer; Congressional Responsibility for Authorizing Military Action in Iraq and Syria Debated; CNN Hero Helps Poor Moms With Everyday Necessities for Their Children
• British Parliament Authorizes Air Strikes in Iraq against ISIS; University of Virginia Student Still Missing; Pennsylvania Police Continue Search for Alleged Cop Killer; Website Dating Trend Matches Older Wealthy Men with Younger Women
• FBI Investigating Oklahoma Beheading; Suspect Jailed in Graham Disappearance; Alleged Cop Killer Eludes Police; U.S. Doing Bashar a Favor in Hitting ISIS; 800 Flights Cancelled in Chicago after Bizarre Event; Officer Wishes She Had Killed Alton Nolan; George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Marry in Venice
• More Airstrikes and More Nations against ISIS; FBI Investigating Oklahoma Beheading; Survivalist Evades Manhunt; No Sign of Missing University of Virginia Student; Finding Holder's Replacement; Dating Site To Find A Rich Partner; Paralyzed Man Lives Life To The Fullest
• Airstrikes Enough To Destroy ISIS?; Fighting ISIS: After The Airstrikes; Impact Of ISIS On U.S. Midterm Elections; Thousands Of Tips, But No Sign Of Missing Student; Reporter: UVA Suspect Called A "Prowler"; Dunn Murder Retrial Under Way
• New U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS Underway; FBI Investigates Beheading Suspect; Police Continue To Search For Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham; President Obama Urges Rapid Global Response To Ebola Outbreak In West Africa; George Clooney Ties The Knot
• George Clooney Weds; Fight Against ISIS Stronger; Chelsea Clinton Delivers A Baby Girl Named Charlotte
• FBI Gets Involved in Beheading Case; Suspect Jailed in Graham Disappearance; Alleged Cop Killer Eludes Police
• FBI Investigates Beheading in Oklahoma; Police Trace Suspected Cop-Killer Thru Phone Call; U.K. Started Offensive against ISIS in Iraq; Coalition Targets ISIS Oil Fields; Aboard USS George H.W. Bush; How Safe are Vital FAA Facilities?; Ebola Poses Global Security Issue; Anti-ISIS Coalition Expanding; Live Under ISIS in Syria; George Clooney to Marry in Italy

September 26, 2014

September 25, 2014

September 24, 2014

September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

September 21, 2014

September 20, 2014
• Man Arrested After Jumping Fence at White House; Manhunt Underway for Alleged Cop Killer in Pennsylvania; White House Strategy to Combat ISIS Debated; Search Continues for Missing University of Virginia Student; NFL Domestic Abuse Scandal Continues; NFL Donates To National Domestic Abuse Hotline; CNN Hero Teaches Martial Arts to Children with Cancer
• Man Arrested After Jumping Fence at White House; Manhunt Underway for Alleged Cop Killer in Pennsylvania; Search Continues for Missing University of Virginia Student; Former Governor Convicted for Corruption Running for Congress; NFL Domestic Abuse Scandal Continues
• Search For Pennsylvania's Suspected Cop Killer Expands; Second White House Breach In As Many Days; Battle Against ISIS Near Turkey- Syria Rages On; Man Kidnapped With Sotloff Says He Was Never Questioned By U.S. Officials; Goodell Press Conference Analyzed; New ISIS Video Released
• Suspected Cop Killer Hunt in the Poconos; Goodell's Presser; Lockdown in Sierra Leone due to Ebola; White House Security Breach, Two in a Row; Questions on Joan Rivers' Death
• Two White House Security Incidents; U.S. Investigating ISIS Militant in Video; Hunt For Suspected Cop Killer Intensifies; Handling NFL Domestic Violence Cases; 90 Percent of Fans Still Watch NFL; Film Tonight On Whitey Bulger
• Statement from Family of Alan Henning; U.S. Investigating ISIS Militant in Video; 2 White House Security Incidents; Hunt for Alleged Cop Killer Intensifies; ISIS At The Forefront; Alan Henning's Family Pleads for His Life; POI Identified in College Girl's Disappearance
• Manhunt Continues For Accused Cop Killer In Pennsylvania; Search Continues For Missing UVA Student, White House Brached Twice In One Week; Police May Not Appreciate Apple's New Operating System; Congress Retires For The Month Of October
• New Clues in Missing UVA Student Vase; Allege Cop Killer Eludes Police; U.S. Marine Held in Mexico Highly Despondent; The Biggest IPO Ever on Wall Street; What It Takes to Defeat ISIS; Spanking in the South; California Fire Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
• Manhunt for Suspected Cop Killer; Man Jumps Fence, Enters White House; Roger Goodell Speaks Out; Growing Concerns about Al Qaeda Affiliate; New Clues in Missing UVA Student Case; U.S. Readies Help for Syrian Rebels; Cabin Smoke Forces Emergency Landing; NFL Sponsors Pressure Goodell; New Hope for U.S. Space Travel

September 19, 2014

September 18, 2014

September 17, 2014

September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

September 14, 2014

September 13, 2014
• Gunman or Gunmen at Large in Pennsylvania; Vikings Player Adrian Petersons Charged with Child Abuse; George Zimmerman Accused of Threatening Someone; Ray Rice Attends His High School's Football Game
• Kerry Wins Arab Support for ISIS Fight; U.S. Struggles to Build Anti-ISIS Coalition; The Anti-War President's War Speech; Goodell Takes Heat for Rice Video; Vikings Adrian Peterson Indicted; New Witnesses in Michael Brown Case; Zimmerman Accused of Death Threat; Hillary Clinton in Iowa; Obama Turned Away from Prestigious Golf Courses
• Secretary of State Kerry in Middle East to Build Coalition against ISIS; U.S. Strategy against ISIS Debated; Gunman or Gunmen at Large in Pennsylvania; Fight Breaks Out During Party Attended by Members of Palin Family; Vikings Player Adrian Petersons Charged with Child Abuse; Levels of Domestic Violence in U.S. Discussed
• President Obama Claims United States Will Degrade And Destroy ISIL; NFL Takes Huge PR Hit Amidst Multiple Scandals
• Kurds Look Forward for U.S. Military Help Fighting ISIS; Vikings' Adrian Peterson Deactivated from Team; Pope Francis Warns of Perils of War; ISIS Recruiting Westerners; Is ISIS Dangerous for United States? Solar Storm May Disable Infrastructure on Earth
• ISIS Beheads British Aid Worker; Cameron to Hold Meeting Tomorrow; Reaction in Iraq to Additional U.S. Troops, Air Strikes; Rep. Adam Schiff Talks Haines Beheading, ISIS;
• David Haines Executed In Just-Released ISIS Video; ISIS Challenges British Prime Minister In Newest Video; Obama Vows That U.S. Will Work With The U.K. In "Broad Coalition" To Punish Haines' Killers; Newest ISIS Video Contains Threat To Another British Citizen
• John Kerry Selling Idea Of U.S. Military Action Against ISIS To Arab Leaders; British Citizen David Haines Apparently Executed In Newest ISIS Video
• New Video From ISIS Shows Beheading Of Third Man
• Manhunt Under Way after Troopers Shot; NFL Star Adrian Peterson Out on Bail; NFL Commissioner: "Ray Rice Misled Me"; Kerry in Egypt for Talks on ISIS; Palins at Party where Fight Broke Out; CNN Takes Part in Triathlon for Charity; American Journey in the National Archives
• One Killed, One Injured in Attack on Police; Ray Rice's Fall from Grace; Interview with Stanley McChrystal; Obama's Plan to Defeat ISIS; Interview with Yamma Brown; Getting Ready for Triathlon
• Kerry on Mission to Nail Down Support in Battle Against ISIS; Adrian Peterson Charged with Felony Child Abuse; Pressing Questions for the NFL; Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Steak Fry; James Foley's Mother Blasting U.S. Government; Pope Francis Says War is Madness

September 12, 2014

September 11, 2014

September 10, 2014

September 09, 2014

September 08, 2014

September 07, 2014
• Joan Rivers' Funeral Service Held In Jewish Temple; Air Strikes Launched Near Haditha Dam In Iraq; Atlanta Hawks' Controlling Owner Announces Voluntary Sell Of The Team; U.S. Coast Guard Calls Off Recovery Efforts For Crashed Plane Off Jamaica; American Detained In North Korea Will Soon Learn Fate In North Korean Court; California Faces One Of Worst Droughts In History
• Joan Rivers' Funeral Service Held in Jewish Temple; Air Strikes Launched Near Haditha Dam n Iraq; Atlanta Hawks' Controlling Owner Announces Voluntary Sale of the Team; Virus Sickens Hundreds in 10 States; Obama's Immigration Reform Delay A Gamble?
• Obama to Address Nation Wednesday on ISIS; Bruce Levenson to Sell Stakes in Atlanta Hawks; Joan Rivers' Funeral Service Today; Deadly Fighting Threatens Ukraine Ceasefire; Serena Williams Battling for Title; Japan Raves for Tennis
• Funeral Service Held for Joan Rivers; President Obama to Reveal Strategy to Defeat ISIS This Week; Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson to Voluntarily Sell Team; California Facing One of the Worst Droughts on Record; Parents in the Denver Area on High Alert
• Obama to Detail ISIS Plan This Week; Will Ukraine Ceasefire Hold?; Joan Rivers Gets Celebrity Send-Off; U.S. & Iran: Similar Goals Against ISIS; NBA Owner Reveals Offensive E-mail; UK's First Suicide Bomber in Syria; ISIS Threat Inside the U.S.; Volcano Lava Threatens Hawaii
• Obama to Reveal ISIS Strategy; U.S. Strikes ISIS Near Iraqi Dam; Inside the Mind of ISIS; Attack Threatens Ukraine Cease-fire; Joan Rivers Gets Celebrity Sendoff

September 06, 2014
• President Announces Strategy to Combat ISIS; Ceasefire between Ukraine and Rebels Holding; Plane Crashes into Caribbean; President Announces Delay in Immigration Order Until After Midterm Elections; Security of Cloud Computing Examined; Joan Rivers Remembered; CNN Hero Grows Fruits and Vegetables for Inner City Residents
• President Announces Delay in Issuing Immigration Executive Order Until After Midterm Elections; Survivor of Iraq Army Massacre by ISIS Tells Story; Mitch McConnell Battles Challenger in Close Senate Race
• Americans Possibly Aiding The ISIS Media Machine; Historic Drought Cripples California; Joan Rivers Memorial Service
• Ceasefire Holding Despite Sporadic Gunfire; 2 Historic Upsets at the U.S. Open; The Dark Web
• President Obama Punts On Immigration Reform - For Now; U.S. Military Launches Fresh Air Strikes In Iraq; Media Blackout Plays Into ISIS' Hands; ISIS Targets, Recruits Women
• Obama Delays Immigration Reform; Former Hostage Names His Captor; Belgium Shooting Suspect May Be Tied to ISIS
• Obama Delays on Immigration; Search for Unresponsive Plane's Wreckage; Feds Hunting American Tied to ISIS; ISIS Oil Empire; Interview with Senator Bob Casey; The Strategy For Fighting ISIS; Clinic Investigated In Joan Rivers' Death; Rivers Joked About Her Own Death; Desperately Dry California
• Storms Bring Cool Front To U.S.; Search For Unresponsive Plane's Wreckage; Obama Delays Action On Immigration; Feds Investigate Ferguson Police; Dad Indicted In Son's Hot-Car Death
• Obama Delays Action on Immigration; How Did Joan Rivers Die?; Interview with Kurt Volker; Manhunt Under Way for AK-47 Bandit; Francis, the Social Media Pope; CNN Fit Nation Challenge; Kayaking the Most Endangered River

September 05, 2014

September 04, 2014

September 03, 2014

September 02, 2014

September 01, 2014

August 31, 2014

August 30, 2014
• London Raises U.K. Terror Alert; Russian President Putin Touts Russia's Nuclear Power; President Obama Traveling to NATO Summit; Joan Rivers Hospitalized; President's Comment on Having No Strategy for ISIS in Syria Criticized; Apple Announces Possible New Products; CNN Hero Saves Family Pets from House Fires
• UK Raises Terror Alert; U.S. Seeking Coalition; Joan Rivers in "Serious" Condition; Girl Kills Instructor in Uzi Accident; Obama: No Strategy Yet on ISIS in Syria; College Football Season Kicks Off
• Severe Weather to Affect Parts of Gulf Coast; College Football Season Kicks Off; Woman Addicted to Heroin Recounts Struggle to Recover; Man with Multiple Sclerosis Documents Progress of Disease
• ISIS Militants Recruiting Women; Michael Sam Cut By The Rams; Joan Rivers In "Serious" Condition
• Britain Fears ISIS Will Strike at Home, Ukraine Warns Full- Scale Invasion By Russia; Ukraine, ISIS Crises Worsening; Should America Pay Ransom for Hostages?; Should U.S. Pay Ransom for Hostages; Bergdahl: Ransom or Prisoner-of-War Trade; Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill; Openly Gay NFL Player Cut from Team; Obama Bashed for Tan-Colored Suit
• U.K. Raises Terror Threat Level Over ISIS; Tony Stewart Breaks His Silence; Joan Rivers' Condition "Remains Serious"; Obama: "No Strategy" On ISIS In Syria; NFL's Tough New Domestic Violence Penalties
• Strong Words In The Fight Against ISIS; New iPhone To Be Released September 9th; North Korea Draws World's Attention With Nuclear Threats; Senegal Has First Confirmed Case Of Ebola; New Process To Choose Which Teams Play In College Football Championship
• Special Report: Deadly Fix
• Warning of "Point of No Return" in Ukraine; U.S. Conducts 5 Airstrikes Near Mosul Dam; Michael Sam Cut By NFL's St. Louis Rams; Joan Rivers in Serious Condition; ISIS Now Considered Significant Threat Now; Debate on Gun Control; Joan Rivers In "Serious" Condition
• "Dramatic Situation" in Ukraine; Obama Weighs Options on ISIS Threat; The Next Generation of ISIS Terrorists; An Inside Look At North Korea; Heroin Use Exploding In America; Keeping Kids With Cancer Connected
• Joan Rivers Remains Hospitalized; Ezell Ford, Another Michael Brown?; How Will U.S. Respond to ISIS Threat?; Fighting Sexism in the Senate; Ukraine Crisis Worsening?; Teens Need More Sleep; 92-year-old Told She Can't Vote; Hitting the Track with Danica Patrick

August 29, 2014

August 28, 2014

August 27, 2014

August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

August 24, 2014

August 23, 2014
• White House Speaks Out Against ISIS Atrocities; U.S. Air Strikes Increase Against ISIS; Grand Jury Considering Michael Brown Case; Police Use of Tasers Versus Deadly Force Examined; Photographer of Ferguson Protests Interviewed
• Air Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Iraq; Belgian Man Rescues Son From Joining Terrorist Group; Family of Journalist Murdered by ISIS Interviewed
• At Least $10,000 Raised In Support Of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson; Police Training Examined; White House Calls American Journalist James Foley's Beheading A Terror Attack On Every American; Taking Out ISIS; The President's Working Vacation
• Obama Wants Review of Police Weaponry; Wilson Supporters: We Will Not Hide Anymore; Tropical Depression in the Caribbean; Outcry Over Fears Prosecutor is Biased; Man Saves Son from ISIS, Helps Other; Should Americans Be Concerned About ISIS; Obama to Review Federal Program Giving Military Equipment to Police; Days Away from Emmy Awards
• Obama Wants Review of Police Weaponry; U.S. Attempts to Eradicate ISIS in Iraq; Unrest in Ferguson; Jury Makeup in The Brown Case
• More Bloody ISIS Attacks in Iraq; Supporters of Officer Wilson Stands Up; Ice Bucket Challenge Fail
• Tropical Depression Could Form in Caribbean; Michael Brown Shooting; Journalists Become Targets in War; Learning From Cincinnati's Riots In 2001; Perry Seeks Momentum Despite Indictment; "The Bullet Bucket Challenge"
• Video Emerges Of Officer's Rant; Rally To Support Officer Wilson; U.S. Weighing Options To Fight ISIS; How Accurate Are Eyewitness Accounts?
• The Hunt for Foley's Executioner; Pushing Peace Through Pizza; Rallying for Eric Garner; Unfolding Stories Explode on Twitter; Man Behind the Lens in Ferguson; High Stakes for Emmy Nominees; Little Leaguers Making History

August 22, 2014

August 21, 2014

August 20, 2014

August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

August 17, 2014

August 16, 2014
• Riots Erupt Again in Missouri over Police Shooting; U.S. Air Strikes Target ISIS Militants near Mosul Dam; Rick Perry Indicted for Abuse of Power; President Criticized for Vacationing; Robin Williams' Suicide Possible Linked to Parkinson's Disease; CNN Hero Reunites Soldiers with Dogs
• Riots Erupt Again in Missouri over Police Shooting; Police Relations with Communities and Perceptions of Young Black Men Discussed; U.S. Air Strikes Target ISIS Militants near Mosul Dam; Rick Perry Indicted for Abuse of Power
• Governor Rick Perry Press Conference On Indictment; Ferguson, Missouri Seesaws Between Peaceful Protests and Surging Tension
• New Ferguson Curfew: 12 Midnight to 12 AM CDT; Looters Hit Ferguson Businesses; Governor Perry Responds to Indictment; State of Emergency Declared in Ferguson; DOJ Asked Ferguson P.D. to Not Release Video; Interview with Carissa McGraw of Ferguson; Cincinnati Police Chief Describes 2001 Unrest; U.S. Airstrikes to Help Kurds Retake Mosul Dam
• Gov. Nixon of Missouri Addresses Ferguson Situation; New Ferguson Curfew Midnight to 5AM Central Time
• Curfew In Place For Ferguson, Missouri; Texas Governor Rick Perry Indicted On Two Felony Charges; U.S. Forces Bombed Islam Militants In Northern Iraq Today
• Ferguson Curfew Begins Tonight; Effects of Social Media on Perception
• Ferguson on Edge after Night of Looting; New U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq; Rick Perry Indicted on Two Felonies; Perry Lawyer: Indictments "Political Abuse"; Push for Police to Wear Body Cameras; Interview with Missouri State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed
• Ferguson on Edge After Night of Looting; Protesters Face off With Police in Missouri; U.S. Airstrikes Aim at ISIS Near Dam; Governor Rick Perry to Deliver Statement; Protest Vigil Today for Michael Brown
• Robbery Video Released Over DOJ Objections; Controversy Surrounds Ferguson Police; New U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq; Europeans Agree to Arm Iraqi Kurds; Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted; Push for Police to Wear Body Cameras; FBI Joins Investigation into Teen's Death

August 15, 2014

August 14, 2014

August 13, 2014

August 12, 2014

August 11, 2014

August 10, 2014

August 09, 2014
• U.S. Provides Military Aid to Kurdish Forces Fighting ISIS Militants in Iraq; Violence Continues Between Hamas and Israel after Ceasefire Ends; President Obama Speaks about U.S. Air Strikes and Humanitarian Efforts in Iraq
• U.S. Air Strikes Ongoing in Iraq; ISIS Continues To Terrorize Iraq; Judge Rules in Favor Of College Athletes
• U.S. Jets And Drones Fight ISIS, Artillery Units And Convoys Advance On Kurdish Regional Capital of Erbil; Cease-Fire Between Israel And Hamas Expires
• Iraqis Seek Refuge in Church; Interview with Ali Khedery; Iraq War Veterans Speaking Out; Cease-fire Over, Rockets Fly; Developing Young African Leaders; Adding Something to Workout Regime; Relentless Gun Violence in Chicago
• United States Launches Strikes Against ISIS
• U.S. Action in Iraq; President Obama's Next Move on Iraq; Inside CDC's War Room; A Mother's Choice; Fascination with Charles Manson
• Iraqis: U.S. Bombs Killed 16 ISIS Fighters; ISIS Progress Very Rapid in Recent Weeks; Brutal ISIS Militants Known for Beheadings; Reluctant Obama Authorizes Airstrikes; U.S. Drops Food and Water to Stranded Iraqis; Fascination with Charles Manson
• Obama will Pursue Broader Strategy in Iraq; Cease-Fire Ends with More Attacks; CDC has Issued Its Highest Alert for Ebola; U.S. Strikes Target ISIS Positions
• Obama: U.S. Strikes Destroyed ISIS Weapons; Cease-Fire Over, More Fighting Erupts; Ebola an "International Health Crisis"; Court: OK to Pay College Athletes; Man Listed as "Dark Negro" in Police Report

August 08, 2014

August 07, 2014

August 06, 2014

August 05, 2014

August 04, 2014

August 03, 2014

August 02, 2014

August 01, 2014

July 31, 2014

July 30, 2014

July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

July 27, 2014

July 26, 2014
• Canadian Flight Stopped after Bomb Threat; Israel and Hamas Agree to Temporary Ceasefire; U.S. Libya Embassy Moved from Tripoli; Family Remembers Loved Ones Killed in Plane Crash in Ukraine; Rebels in Ukraine Express Loss of Patience with Plane Crash Investigation; Debate Continues in Congress over Solutions to Immigration Crisis; CNN Hero Works to Preserve African Lions
• U.S. Moves Libyan Embassy from Tripoli; Russian President Under Pressure of Threatened Sanctions; Families Displaced by Violence in Gaza; Terrorist Threat to Commercial Air Flights Examined
• Cease-Fire Between Israel and Gaza Appears to be Over; Americans in Libya Advised to Leave; Flight 5017 Went Down Thursday Killing More Than 100 People; Villagers Witnessed Malaysia Flight 17 Crashed
• Reuters: Israel Agrees To Extend Cease-Fire; U.S. Evacuates Embassy In Tripoli; Malaysia Wants Access To MH17 Site; Second Black Box Found In Mali; Obstacles To Peace In Gaza; Reuters: Israel Agrees To 4-Hour Truce Extension
• U.S. Evacuates Embassy in Tripoli; Israel, Hamas Agree to 12- Hour Ceasefire; U.S. Citizens Join Israeli Military; Searching For Missing Remains; U.S. Evacuates Embassy In Tripoli
• Israel Agrees to Extend Ceasefire; Homes, Buildings Destroyed in Gaza; U.S. Evacuates Embassy in Tripoli; Hundreds Flee Fighting in Eastern Ukraine; Can a Ceasefire be Reached?; Interview with David Gold; Americans Fighting, Dying for Israel
• Cease-fire in Middle East Collapses; Ukrainian Journalist Held by Rebels Released; U.S. Embassy Staff Evacuated from Libya; Government Troops Headed Towards Donetsk; Israel-Hamas Conflict Explained; Air Algerie Plane Hit Severe Weather
• Israel Approves New 24-Hour Cease-Fire; Ukraine's New Military Offensive; Vladimir Putin's Next Move; Missing Impossible? Ending Mideast Violence
• Troops Move, Violence Flares in Ukraine; Israel Approves New 24-Hour Cease-Fire; Challenge of Identifying Flight 17 Victims; How Safe Does Iron Dome Keep Israel?

July 25, 2014

July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014

July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

July 20, 2014

July 19, 2014
• Russia Separatists Control Crash Site of Downed Malaysian Airliner; Individuals Bumped from Downed Malaysian Flight 17 Interviewed; Putin Pressured to Open Airliner Crash Site to Investigation; Israel Continues Ground Invasion of Gaza
• Russian Separatists Control Crash Site of Downed Malaysian Airliner; Putin Pressured to Open Airliner Crash Site to Investigation
• Limited Access to Crash Site; More Rockets Fired From Gaza; Interview with Sarah Bajc; Malaysia Airlines: 2 Tragedies in Four Months
• Crash Scene is in Volatile Rebel Held Area; Relative Remembers Couple Aboard Flight 17; Will MH17 Shift Russia's Relationship with World; Obama's Handling of MH17 Tragedy, Russia/Ukraine Crisis; MH17 Has Congress Reconsidering Russian Sanctions
• Update On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash; Russian State Reporter Resigns Partially Over MH-17 Coverage
• Shot Down Malaysia 17; Interview With Senator Dan Coats of Indiana; The Politics of Putin on Ukraine; Looking at the Lives of MH- 17 Victims
• Shot Down: Malaysia Flight 17; Crisis in the Middle East; Ukraine Accuses Rebels Of Removing Bodies; Flight 17 Debris Covers Several Miles
• Germany to Russia: Allow Access to Site; Grief First, Then the Lawsuits; Bodies Being Removed From MH17 Crash Site; U.S. Russian Relations May Get Colder; Russia Bans Entry of Some Americans; A Nation in Mourning
• MH-17 Crash Investigation; Putin Under Pressure; World Impact of Flight 17 Accident; Israeli Military Targets Hamas Tunnels; Telling the Victims' Stories; MH-17 Leaves Wide Debris Field; Flight MH-17's Twists of Fate

July 18, 2014

July 17, 2014

July 16, 2014

July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

July 13, 2014

July 12, 2014
• Immigration Crisis Continues; Congress Signaling Rejection of Immigration Funding; Man Accused of Allowing Toddler Son to Die in Car; Israel May be Preparing for Ground Invasion of Gaza Strip; Technological Advances Increases Criminal Tracking Capacity of Law Enforcement; Pot Retailers Open in Washington State; LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers; Germany and Argentina Set to Play for World Cup Championship; CNN Hero Mobilizes Soccer Fans for Charity
• Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Midway Island; New CNN Show Profiles Wanted Criminals; Crisis with Central American Children Crossing U.S. Southern Border Continues; Rocket Launches and Airstrikes between Hamas and Israel Continue; Technological Advances Increases Criminal Tracking Capacity of Law Enforcement
• United Nations Tells Israel And Palestinians To Stop Shooting; Federal Officials Say They Will Begin Deportations Of Undocumented This Week; Multiple Parents Arrested After Leaving Children In Hot Cars
• LeBron James Comes Home to Cleveland; Tracy Morgan Suing Wal- Mart; Children in Limbo as Border Crisis Rages; Police: Escort Killed Google Executive; Silicon Valley Becoming Sex Valley?; Cleveland Cheers While Miami Mourns; Should Government Step In On Hot Car Deaths?
• Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Tiny Island; Children In Limbo As Border Crisis Rages; Lebron Back To Cavs, Season Tickets Gone; Texas Judge Wants More Shelters; Tale Of Two Border Towns; Iraq: Militants Take Nuclear Material; Prostitute May Be Implicated In Second Death; Online Life Of Dad Accused In Hot Car Death
• Mass Deportations to Begin; Exchanging Fires in Gaza; Hank Aaron's Career
• One Thousand One Hundred Fifty People Reported Killed Injured In Gaza; Palestinians: Power, Water Knocked Out; Long Trip to U.S. Begins With River-Crossing; Cities Divided Over New Immigrants; Slums Await Illegal Immigrants Sent Home; Are Children "Refugees" or "Illegal Immigrants"; Congress Fights Over Immigration Crisis
• Crisis Spurs Talk of Immigration Overhaul; Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Tiny Island; Silicon Valley Becoming Sex Valley?; Police Suspects Escort Killed Google Exec; Is White House Immigration Strategy in Disarray; The Other Side of Gun Violence; Children in Limbo as Border Crisis Rages; Hasgtag with a Cause; Hunting for Criminals; Oklahoma Tops California in Earthquakes; Curbside Birth Captured on Special Cam

July 11, 2014

July 10, 2014

July 09, 2014
• Immigration Crisis at the Border; Interview with Rep. Henry Cuellar; Tight Security at the Rio Grande River; Jobs Grow in States with Higher Minimum Wage; Hot Car Death: Dad's Social Media Life
• What's Next for Children Detained at the Border; Interview with Senator Ron Johnson; Israeli Ground Offensive Possible in Gaza; Sarah Palin Urges Impeachment for Obama; Germany Annihilates Brazil at World Cup
• Obama Talks Immigration Today in Texas; VA Whistleblowers Worry about Retaliation; Joan Rivers Storms Off CNN Interview; Rollin' Coalers Blowing Plenty of Smoke
• Hernandez in Court Seeking Medical Records; George Clooney Slams "The Daily Mail"; The Music of "The Sixties"; Zookeeper Attacked by Croc.
• Interview With California Congressman Jeff Denham; President Obama Heads to Texas; Violence in Israel
• President Obama's about to Meet Rick Perry on Immigration Reform; Wayne Slater Analyzing Different Parties Expectation on Immigration Reform; Continued Investigation on Justin Ross Perris; Possible Air Strikes against head of ISIS; People from Gaza Talking about Recent Israeli Attacks
• Immigration Crisis at the Border; Interview with Rep. Henry Cuellar; Tight Security at the Rio Grande River; Jobs Grow in States with Higher Minimum Wage; Hot Car Death: Dad's Social Media Life
• Obama Talks Immigration Today In Texas; No Plans To Visit Border; Texas Dem: Hope It's Not Obama's "Katrina" Moment; Hearing Today From Marine Jailed In Mexico
• Israel Prepares Possible Ground Assault; Obama Heads To Texas But Not To Border Crisis; Hearing Under Way For Marine Jailed In Mexico; Pilot Buys Pizza For Stranded Passengers

July 08, 2014

July 07, 2014
• Florida Teen Beaten By Israeli Police; CNN Obtains Search Warrants In Hot Car Death; TSA Wants Devices Checked On U.S. Bound Flights; Donald Sterling: Move Case To Federal Court
• Obama under Fire on Immigration Crisis; Family of Woman Beaten by Officer Will Sue; Dow Reaches 17,000; Synthetic Drug Cash May Aid Terrorists; Hollywood Skin Guru Accused in Plot to Kill
• Investigation of Justin Ross Perris; American Teenager Beaten up in Jerusalem Stays under House Arrest; Donald Sterling Fighting His Estranged Wife Shelly's Decision to Sell L.A. Clippers; Children of Perpetrators and Victims Living Together in Iraq Orphanage
• Aaron Hernandez Back in Court; New York Newspaper Uses "N" Word in Obama Headline; Miami Gardens Police Told to Stop, Frisk Black Men; Golfer Shoots Greatest Round on Sad Day
• New Airport Security Measures; Tensions Rise in Israel; New Details in Toddler Death
• Video Purportedly Shows Terrorist Leader; Washington Post: "Ordinary Internet Users" Caught Up in NSA Spying Program; Georgia Todd Hot Car Case; New Security Check at the Airport; Florida Teen Beaten by Israeli Police
• Video Shows Pistorius Re-enacting Shooting; Report: Baby Photos, Resumes In NSA Haul; Obama Facing Criticism From Both Sides Of Aisle; Pope To Victims: "I Beg Your Forgiveness"; Swimmer Talks About Shark Attack
• Pope Francis Meets with Abuse Victims; Administration under Fire for Immigration Crisis; Court to Respond to Aaron Hernandez's Requests; Using Google Glass to Hack; Oscar Pistorius on Trial

July 06, 2014

July 05, 2014
• Hurricane Arthur Downgraded to Post-Tropical Storm; Some Evidence Displayed Against Man Accused of Leaving Toddler Son in Car All Day to Die; Central American Children Continue to Stream Across U.S. Southern Border; Joan Rivers Makes Controversial Statements about Obamas; Videotape Shows Patrolman Beating Woman; Teenager's Online Posting of Hunted Animals She has Killed Causes Outrage; Protestors Demonstrate Against Recent Central American Immigrants; Brazilian Soccer Star Injured in World Cup Game
• Hurricane Arthur Downgraded to Post-Tropical Storm; Some Evidence Displayed Against Man Accused of Leaving Toddler Son in Car All Day to Die; Central American Children Continue to Stream Across U.S. Southern Border; Protestors Demonstrate Against Recent Central American Immigrants; Joan Rivers Interview Becomes Heated; Videotape Shows Patrolman Beating Woman; Doctors Warn Against Cheap or Do-It- Yourself Plastic Surgery; Campaign Promotes Self-Confidence for Girls
• Report: ISIS Leader Makes Public Appearance; Teen Beaten in Jerusalem is American; Obama Vows to Take Action on Issues Where Congress "Refuses to Act; Joan River's Outrageous Comments; Joan Rivers Walks Out on Interview; Mississippi Republican Primary Bitter Politics; Tim Howard Next American Hero?
• No Bond for Dad in Hot Car Death; Immigration Protests Erupting; Will Military Advisers Join the Fight?; Casey Anthony Trial Riveted America; Attorney Mason: Casey Anthony "Was Afraid"; Brazilian Star Neymar Out Of World Cup; Joan Rivers: "Diary Of A Mad Diva"; Viral Video Redefines "Like A Girl" Stereotype
• ISIS Leader Allegedly Surfaces In New Video; New Immigrants Transferred To California; Arthur Weakens To A Post-Tropical Cyclone; Four Children Die In Philadelphia Fire; Facebook Tampers With Users' Moods; New Footage Of Sunken Cruise Ship; Autopsy: Palestinian Teen Burned Alive; California Police Officer Caught On Camera Punching A Woman On The Side Of A Highway; Police: Dad Was "Sexting" As Son Died In Car
• Protesters Gather To Keep Undocumented Familes Out; Italian Authorities Release Dramatic New Underwater Footage Of Costa Concordia; Veterans Charity Group Raising Millions Of Dollars That Is Not Going To Vets; New Rules Allow Colorado Residents To Apply For Recreational Marijuana License
• ISIS Leader Allegedly Surfaces in New Video; Arthur Weakens to a Post-Tropical Cyclone; New Immigrants Transferred to California; No Bond for Father in Hot Car Death; Fake Pot From U.S. Fund Terrorism; Ending the School to Prison Pipeline; America's Most Spectacular Places
• Obama on Immigration; Arthur Gets Downgraded; More Evidence on Harris; Palestinian Prosecutor: Teen Burned Alive; Do Beliefs Influence Justices' Decisions?; Facebook Test Rankles Users
• Tariq Khdeir Freed from Israeli Jail; Preliminary Hearing for Justin Ron Harris; Hot Car Case: What's Next?; Casey Anthony: Her Life Now

July 04, 2014

July 03, 2014

July 02, 2014

July 01, 2014
• Georgia Authorities Release More Information on Infant Death; Severe Weather Slamming Much of the Country; Five Russian Fighter Jets Arrive in Iraq; President Obama Planning to Nominate a New Veterans Affairs Secretary Tomorrow; Flash Flooding in Memphis, TN; New Commercials from Verizon and Pantene Getting Big Buzz Online
• Obama to Bypass Congress; Hobby Lobby Ruling; Tim Howard Volunteering to Help Children; Mysterious Disappearance of Family in Texas
• Is Hobby Lobby Ruling Just the First Win?; Immigrant Children Seek Better Life in U.S.; Israel Strikes at Hamas after Teens Killed; Mayor Rob Ford Returns after Rehab
• Hurricane for July 4th Weekend?; U.S. on Alert for Al Qaeda Attack; Israel Firing at Hamas over Death of Kidnapped Teens; GM Recalls More Vehicles; Win or Go Home: U.S. Vs. Belgium at World Cup; Obama: "Pass a Bill, Solve a Problem"
• Tropical Storm Arthur; World Cup Soccer; Israel Mourns Murdered Teens; Desperate Families Give Up Children
• U.S. Prepares for World Cup Match; Serena Williams Drops Out of Wimbledon Due to Illness; Tension in Israel
• Son of Immigrants Conflicted about World Cup: Conviction Overturned for Insufficient Evidence Against Cannibal Cop; Putin Calls for Peace in Ukraine; Fabien Cousteau Wrapping up Mission 31; Amanda Knox's Former Boyfriend Speaking Out; Colorado Recreational Marijuana on Verge of Transformation?
• Israel Strikes At Hamas After Teens Killed; Hurricane For July 4th Weekend?; Gas Prices To Hit Six-Year High; Win Or Go Home: U.S. Versus Belgium At World Cup; GM Recalls Another 8.4 Million Vehicles
• Team USA Versus Belgium: Win Or Go Home; World Cup Fever Hits Hollywood; "Nightmare Nanny" Breaks Silence; Lawmakers Change Rules On Free Trips; Baby Injured By Police Grenade Leaves Hospital; Plane Has Landing Gear Trouble

June 30, 2014

June 29, 2014

June 28, 2014
• Iraqi Army Launches Strike against Terrorist Group ISIS; Father Suspected of Intentionally Leaving Toddler Son in Car All Day to Die; Benghazi Terrorist Suspect Arrives in U.S.; President Urges Central American Parents to Not Send Children Alone to Immigrate to U.S.; Author Discusses Technology and Social Media Addiction; World Cup Continues in Brazil; CNN Hero Encourages Girls to Write Creatively
• Iraqi Army Launches Strike against Terrorist Group ISIS; Father Suspected of Intentionally Leaving Toddler Son in Car All Day to Die; Benghazi Terrorist Suspect Arrives in U.S.; Young Man Confesses to Police Plans to Bomb School; Interview with Rick Springfield
• Father Of Child Who Died In Hot Car Phones Into Son's Funeral; Benghazi Terror Suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala Officially Charged In Washington D.C.; Iraqi Security Force Pushes Back ISIS As It Tries To March Toward Baghdad; Australian Government Released New Info In Flight 370 Search; Case Of Central Park Five Could Be Coming To A Close
• Benghazi Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty; Obama Battles Second Term Stumbles; Obama Says Washington Is Preoccupied With "Phony Scandals"; Does Criticism Come with Job as President; Do Obama Scandals Give Republicans an Advantage in Elections; Is Obama Presidency Already Over in Terms of Major Legislation? Does 1960s Hold for Obama, Future Presidents?
• Toddler Left in Hot Car; Missing 12-Year-Old Found in Parents' Basement; Interview with Joan Lunden; Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
• Suspected Benghazi Mastermind Now in U.S.; Political Controversy over Terror Suspect; Toddler Dies inside Hot Carl; World Cup Hits Frenzy Mode in Brazil; Armed U.S. Drones Flying Over Baghdad; Backlash Over Mauled Girl Story; Google Unveils Android Auto And TV
• Suspected Benghazi Mastermind Now In U.S.; Controversy Grows Over Benghazi Prosecution; Iraqi Official: Troops Push ISIS Out Of Tikrit; Funeral For Boy Left In Hot Car; Dad Can't Attend; Immigration Rallies Underway Across U.S.; Search For Missing Jet Could Take Another Year; Iraqi Official: Troops Push ISIS Out Of Tikrit; Authorities Searched Harris's Home, Car, Cell
• Suspected Benghazi Mastermind Arrived in the U.S.; Dad Admits Search Child Deaths Inside Vehicles; Immigration Rallies Across the U.S.; Funeral for Boy Left in Hot Car; NYC to Pay $40 Million to Central Pak 5; Iraq Under Attack; Iraqi Crisis Making Strange Bedfellows; Stepping Up Lemonade and Hope; Detroit Boy Found in Father's Basement; World Cup Fans in Brazil Also Looking for Love; 4-D Movie Experience Coming to Theaters

June 27, 2014

June 26, 2014

June 25, 2014

June 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

June 22, 2014

June 21, 2014
• Terrorist Group Threatens Baghdad; Iraqi Prime Minister Criticized for Excluding Sunnis from Government; President Discusses U.S. Policy in Iraq; Tens of Thousands of Unaccompanied Children Crossing Southern U.S. Border; U.S. Government Granting $250 Million to Central American Countries to Help Stop Immigration of Children
• Terrorist Group Threatens Baghdad; President Discusses U.S. Policy in Iraq; Tens of Thousands of Unaccompanied Children Crossing Southern U.S. Border; U.S. Government Granting $250 Million to Central American Countries to Help Stop Immigration of Children; USA Faces Portugal in World Cup Match; Child Dies after Father Leaves Toddler Son All Day in his Car
• U.S. Sends Advisers to Iraq; Qatar's Role in Crisis
• Iraq Struggles Under Weight of Fighting; Rape Victim Outraged Over Hillary Clinton's Handling of 1975 Case; U.S. Interrogation Team Questioning Benghazi Suspect Aboard Navy Ship; IRS Claims Political Targeting Scandal E-mails Lost; Brett Favre Rallies for Thad Cochran; Rand Paul Says Stop Giving Tax Money to Other Countries; Clint Hill Talks Kennedy Shooting
• CDC Says General Public Is Not At Risk; Iraqi TV: 15 Militants Killed In Falluja; A Secret Look At ISIS From Iraqi Refugee; U.S. Military Advisers To Arrive In Iraq; Biden, Central American Leaders Meet On Immigration; Soccer Star Arrested On Domestic Violence; New Details On Benghazi Capture
• Torrential Rain, Massive Mudslide Forces Evacuations At Minneapolis Area Hospital; Olympic Gold Medalist Hope Solo Arrested; ISIS Continues Killing Spree Across Iraq; U.S. Predicts Up To 80,000 Children From Central America Will Cross Mexican Border Without Parents
• President Obama Speaking out on the Crisis of Iraq; Thousands Rally in Support of Iraqi PM; President Obama Sits Down for an Interview; Families Reuniting after Years. New Plan to Curb Illegal Immigration; U.S. Military Advisers Will Arrive In Iraq Soon; Dad Pleads Not Guilty In Son's Hot Car Death; Mudslide Threatens Minneapolis Hospital; CDC Says General Public Is Not At Risk
• Southern Iraqi Town Falls to ISIS; Parts of Minnesota Under Flood Waters; Militants Take Fight to Social Media; Using Intelligence to Stop ISIS; U.S. to Face Portugal in World Cup; U.S. Military Advisers to Arrive in Iraq Soon; Bowe Bergdahl Recovery Continues; Training for Fit Nation Challenge; Missing IRS E-mails Spark Angry Hearing, Interview with Will Packer

June 20, 2014

June 19, 2014

June 18, 2014

June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

June 15, 2014

June 14, 2014
• Islamist Militants Threaten Baghdad; President Urges Iraqi Prime Minister Reach Out to Iraq's Sunni Population; Increased Numbers of Immigrant Children Crossing Texas Border; O.J. Simpson Trial Remembered; CNN Hero Helps Teen Mothers go to College>
Islamist Militants Threaten Baghdad; President Rules Out U.S. Troops in Iraq; Increased Numbers of Immigrant Children Crossing Texas Border
• U.S. Military to Evacuate Americans in Iraq; More Young People Illegally Crossing the U.S.; Bowe Bergdahl Back in the U.S.
• Iraq's New Crisis; Radical Terror Group Vows March to Baghdad; Group Storming Iraq Too Extreme for al-Qaeda; Terrorist Aim to Create New Islamic State; ISIS Nears Baghdad; Crisis in Iraq Affects U.S., World
• U.S. Makes a Move in the Iraq Crisis; ISIS Seized Control of Iraq's Second Largest City; Bowe Bergdahl Arrived from Germany Yesterday; Cristiano Ronaldo is the Second Highest Paid Athlete in the World; Videos of Brutal Tactics Employed by ISIS Released
• Iraq Unraveling; At Least 60,000 Unaccompanied Children Expected to Illegally Cross the U.S. Border This Year; Interview with John Sununu
• U.S. Makes a Move in Iraq Crisis; ISIS Seized Control of Iraq's Second Largest City, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Arrived in the U.S.
• Militants Threaten to March on Baghdad; Ukraine: 49 Dead as Rebels Down Plane; Violent Militants Move toward Baghdad; Bergdahl's Second Day Home
• Militants Threaten To March On Baghdad; Iraqi Colonel Speaks Out On Defecting; U.S. Contractors Evacuated From Iraq; Child Migrants Overwhelm U.S. Officials; Hagel Orders Carrier To Persian Gulf; U.S. Faces Ghana In World Cup Opener

June 13, 2014

June 12, 2014

June 11, 2014

June 10, 2014

June 09, 2014

June 08, 2014
• Kerry's First Public Comments on Taliban Swap; Pope Prays with Israeli, Palestinian Leaders; No Triple Crown for California Chrome; No Triple Crown For California Chrome; Tracy Morgan Still In Critical Condition; California Bill: Must Say "Yes" Before Sex; Help Getting Back Into The Workforce
• John Kerry Speaks Out On Bowe Bergdahl Controversy; California Chrome Falls Short Of Taking Triple Crown; Officials Say They Are Caught Illegally Crossing Texas Border; Exclusive Interview With Lavar Burton; Outrage In Arizona Over Detention Center For Undocumented Children
• At least 16 Dead in Pakistan Airport Attack; Kerry Defends Bergdahl Swap; Bergdahl recovering at U.S. Hospital in Germany; Belmont Blues for California Chrome; Investigation on Tracy Morgan Accident; HillSong NYC Makes Waves
• John Kerry on Bergdahl's Release; Bowe Bergdahl's Parents Fear for Their Lives; Pope Francis Hosted a Prayer with Israeli & Palestinian Leaders; California Chrome Bid for Triple Crown Fails; Comedian Tracy Morgan Remains in Critical Condition; Hillsong Church, Not An Ordinary Church
• A Deadly Militant Attack at the International Airport at Karachi, Pakistan; Exclusive Interview with John Kerry; New Details About Bowe Bergdahl's Life with the Taliban; California Chrome Limped to Fourth Place at the Belmont Stakes; Comedian Tracy Morgan Remains in Critical Condition; Rishikesh, a Holy City in India
• Kerry Defends Bergdahl Swap; Most Important Week in Hillary Clinton's Career?; Militants Enter Airport in Pakistan, Kill Military Members; O.J. Simpson Case 20 Years Later; Stopping Crimes of Tomorrow Today; World Cup to Kick Off in Brazil

June 07, 2014
• Thousands Gather at Maya Angelou's Memorial Service; President Bill Clinton Speaks at Maya Angelou's Memorial Service; Girls Attack Friend Due to Fictional Character; Actor Tracy Morgan Hospitalized after Car Crash; Hometown of Bowe Bergdahl Delaying Celebration of his Release; Hillary Clinton's Possible Presidential Bid Examined
• Thousands Gather at Maya Angelou's Memorial Service; Oprah Winfrey Speaks at Maya Angelou's Memorial Service; Actor Tracy Morgan Hospitalized After Car Crash; Program Helps Women Reenter Workforce After Having Children
• Comedy Star Tracy Morgan In Critical Condition; Some Accuse Bergdahl Of Being A Deserter; Obama Defends Bergdahl Swap; Is American Dream Reachable Nowadays?; LAPD Implements New System To Track Law Violators
• Comedian Tracy Morgan in Critical Condition; Awaiting Bowe Bergdahl's Arrival Stateside; California Chrome Looking for the Triple Crown; Maya Angelou Remembered
• Tracy Morgan Critically Hurt in Limo Crash; Hailey Residents Heartbroken at Bergdahl Backlash; Family Suing GM Over Daughter's Death; Stabbed 12-Year-Old Girl is Out of the Hospital; Update on Bowe Bergdahl; California Chrome Tries for Triple Crown; Tribute for Maya Angelou; World War II Veterans Attends D-Day Anniversary
• CNN Hero Helps Holocaust Survivors; Tracy Morgan Critically Hurt in Crash; Family, Friends Remember Maya Angelou; Bergdahl's Hometown Delays Celebration; Obama Defends Sergeant Bergdahl Rescue
• Tracy Morgan Critically Hurt In Crash; Deciding Who Gets Hired; Obama Defends Sgt. Bergdahl Rescue; California Chrome Goes For Triple Crown; Two Girls Charged With Attempted Homicide; Hillary Clinton Touts Her "Hard Choices"
• Tracy Morgan Critically Hurt in Crash; Remembering Maya Angelou; Obama Defends Sgt. Bergdahl Rescue; California Chrome Goes for Triple Crown; Interview with Susan Rice; The American Dream Out of Reach?; Crossing the Next Finish Line; First Robot to Learn Emotions
• Comedian Tracy Morgan Hospitalized In Critical Condition; Still No Timetable For Bowe Bergdahl's Release; Immigrant Kids Arrived Alone in Arizona; Susan Rice Back in the Spotlight; California Chrome's Triple Crown Chances

June 06, 2014

June 05, 2014

June 04, 2014

June 03, 2014

June 02, 2014

June 01, 2014

May 31, 2014
• Donald Sterling Sues NBA for $1 Billion; Deal Reached to Sell L.A. Clippers for $2 Billion; Veterans Affairs Secretary Resigns; American Marine Still Being Held in Mexican Jail; Digital Password Protection Methods Examined; Casey Kasem's Family Battle over Custody; CNN Hero Helps Those with Heart Disease
• Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban in Prisoner Exchange
• Five Guantanamo Detainees Released Today; Family's Fate Shrouded in Mystery; Toddler Seriously Burned After SWAT Raid; Taliban Frees Captive U.S. Soldier; Marine Says He Was Beaten in Mexican Jail
• Taliban Frees Captive U.S. Soldier; Flight 370 Search Goes Back to Square One
• Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban
• Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Released by His Captors; President Obama Remarks Regarding Released Soldier
• Suicide Bomber Identified as American; Are the LA Clippers Worth $2 Billion?; Shinseki Exit Won't Ease Pressure on Obama; First Lady Fights for Healthy School Lunches; Marine Fights to Get Out of Mexican Jail; Living in Age of Guns; Oldest Person in America Turns 115; Healthy School Lunch Rules Delayed
• Donald Sterling Sues NBA For $1 Billion; Suicide Bomber Identified As American; Why Do Some Privileged Young Men Kill?; California Killings One Week Later; U.S. Army Sergeant Released By Taliban
• Bowe Berghdal Freed by Taliban; Malaysian Airlines Search Back to Square One
• U.S. Army Sergeant Released by Taliban; Five Detainees to be Released from Guantanamo Bay; Qatar Government Played Role in Talks

May 30, 2014

May 29, 2014

May 28, 2014

May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014

May 24, 2014

May 23, 2014

May 22, 2014

May 21, 2014

May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014

May 18, 2014
• AT&T Sets Sights on DirecTV; Californians Can Return Home; "The New York Times" Dealing with Fallout From a High Profile Dismissal; Clashes Breaking Out Near Slovyansk; How Much Privacy Do Any of Us Really Have?; Investigators Suspect Arson Involved in Some California Fires; Battle of Sonya's Adoption Finally Over
• NYT Dealing with Fallout of Firing Abramson; Hillary Clinton's Run; Nigeria Not Capable of Rescuing Girls; Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Lupus; UN Debates Killer Robots
• Another Patient with MERS; Fire Crews Gain Ground In Battle; AT&T and DirecTV Merger Underway; Devin Walker Graduates; Nigeria Stepping up Efforts to Find Kidnapped Schoolgirls; SNL Spoofs Beyonce, Solange, Jay-Z; Measles Virus Treated Woman's Cancer; Will "California Chrome" Race At Belmont?
• AT&T Acquires DirecTV; Republicans Attack Hillary Clinton; Wildfires Down for the Count in California; Could Karl Rove's Clinton Remarks Backfire?; Does Anyone in D.C. Ever Get Fired?; SNL Spoofs Jay-Z, Solange Elevator Drama
• Will We See More MERS Cases This Week?; Will Nasal Strips End Triple Crown Bid?; Will Sudan Reconsider Death for Christian Woman?; Will Eric Shinseki Keep His Job?; How Will Pope Be Received in Middle East?; Pope Francis to Travel to the Middle East; Gunmen Storm Libya's Parliament; One Way Ticket to Mars?; Top Pop Five of the Week
• Syria's Situation; Hillary Clinton's Run; Homeless NCAA Player Extended Help; AT&T-DirecTV Reach Deal to Merge; "New York Times" Publisher Speaks Out; The Political Frontrunner's Burden; Air Assault on California Wildfires; Woman's Cancer Cured by Measles Virus

May 17, 2014
• Dozens of Homes and Businesses Destroyed; First Case of MERS Transmitted In The U.S.; War of Words Over Inmarsat's Raw Data; Battling Fire Tornadoes; Man Solves Zodiac Killer Mystery; Cracking Zodiac Killer's Cryptic Message; The Worst Apologies Ever
• White House To Tap Julian Castro To Be New HUD Secretary; Southern California Crews Battle Raging Fires; Face-to-Face Interview with Olympian Lolo Jones
• Fires Racing in Southern California; Donald Sterling Fights Ban and Fire; Nigerian President Attends Paris Summit; How To Tell If A Wildfire Is Arson; Firenadoes Pose Serious Danger; 12-Year-Olds Pick Tobacco Legally; Russian U.S. Space Partnership At Risk
• California Wildfires Ongoing; Veteran Affairs Exposed; Arsonists Profiled; 10 Years of Same Sex Marriage
• Weather Helps California Firefighters; First Case of MERS Transmitted in the U.S.; "New York Times" Fires Back Over Firing
• Arson Charge Filed in Southern California Wildfire; France Holds Summit on Boko Haram Threat; Government Blamed for Mine Disaster; NBA Playoff Preview; Nearly 20,000 Acres Scorched In Southern California Wildfires; Police In Georgia Investigating Double Murder; Cornell William Brooks Selected As NAACP's New President And CEO; Apple And Google Call A Ceasefire
• Fires Raging In Southern California; Weather Helps Firefighters; Michelle Obama Speaks On Segregation; Tensions Between U.S. And Indian Leader; Why Hasn't Flight 370 Data Been Released?; Sterling Won't Pay And Night Sue NBA; Coal Mind Recovery Over 301 Dead; Inside A Mine Rescue
• Firefighters Starting To Gain Upper Hand Against Wildfires In San Diego; Donald Sterling Fighting The NBA; Michelle Obama Delivers High School Address In Topeka, Kansas; Supreme Court Puts Halt To Same-Sex Marriages in Arkansas; Russia Threatens To "Ground" American Astronauts And Satellites; NCAA Grants Boise State Permission To Provide Immediate Assistance To Football Player; Another Patient Diagnosed With MERS Virus
• Another Patient Diagnosed With MERS Virus; Firefighters Starting To Gain Upper Hand Against Wildfires In San Diego; Ship Of Christopher Columbus' May Have Finally Been Found; Columbia University Accused of Failing to Protect Sex Assault Victims; Girl Begs to be With Adoptive Family
• Fires Raging on Southern California; Michelle Obama Speaks on Segregation; Evidence Shows Delays at VA Caused Deaths; Donald Sterling Fights Back against NBA; Children Pick Tobacco Legally; Pregnant Christian Faces Death Sentence

May 16, 2014

May 15, 2014

May 14, 2014

May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014

May 11, 2014

May 10, 2014
• Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Virginia; New L.A. Clippers Ownership May Include Donald Sterling's Wife; Veterans Affairs Controversy Widens; U.S. Advisors Sent to Nigeria to Help Find Kidnapped Girls; Republicans Form Select Committee on Benghazi Attack; Hillary Clinton's Possible Presidential Run Examined; Former Harem Member Tells of Her Experience; CNN Hero Teaches Girls to Ice Skate
• Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Virginia; New L.A. Clippers Ownership May Include Donald Sterling's Wife; U.S. Advisors Sent to Nigeria to Help Find Kidnapped Girls
• Hot Air Balloon Hits Power L in Virginia; L.A. Clippers Get a New CEO; VA Health Care System Under Fire; Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Silence; NFL Draft Under Way
• Openly Gay NFL Hopeful Picked in Draft; Report: Flight 370 Search May Be in Wrong Ocean
• Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire; New Recording Tied to Clippers Owner; Drone, Jetliner Nearly Collide in Florida; Gay NFL Prospect Not Drafted Yet; Impact of Climate Change Worldwide
• Frightening Hot Air Balloon Accident at Balloon Festival in Virginia; Family Members Protest Placing Remains of 911 Victims in the Museum; Whistleblower's Evidence in Growing VA Scandal; Nigerians Talking about Their Government Not Taking Any Action against Boko Haram
• Any Moment: Authorities Will Hold News Conference On Balloon Accident; Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Silence; Clinton Looking Like A Candidate; Alleged New Sterling Audio Leaked; Lawyer: Shelly Sterling Wants To Retain 50 Percent Ownership Of Team
• Third Balloon Crash Victim Found; Nigerian Girl Who Escaped Terrorists Speaks Out; First Openly Gay Football Player Drafted; Exclusive interview with Michel Knight; Bill Maher Talks Free Speech, Privacy; Benham Brother's Show Cancelled for Homosexual Remarks; V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki Under Fire
• Monica Lewinsky tell-all in "Vanity Fair"; The "Flip It Forward" show was cancelled in HGTV; Should Remarks Have Cost Benhams HGTV Show?
• Memorial Controversy; Underwater Search Vehicle Damaged; MA370 Search May Be in Wrong Place; New Sterling Recording: "I'm Jealous"; Bill Maher Talks Free Speech, Privacy; Benham Brother's Show Cancelled for Homosexual Remarks; V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki Under Fire
• Two Confirmed Dead in Balloon Accident; Nigeria's President Vows Girls Will be Rescued; Interview with Arsalan Iftikhar; New Recording Tied to Clippers Owner; New Allegations of VA Cover-Up; Murders in Home Owned by Tennis Star; Taking the Tough Mudder Challenge; Gay NFL Prospect Not Drafted Yet

May 09, 2014

May 08, 2014

May 07, 2014

May 06, 2014

May 05, 2014

May 04, 2014

May 03, 2014
• V. Stiviano Gives Interview about Donald Sterling; NBA Owners to Vote on Donald Sterling Forced Selling of Clippers; Tip Leads Police To Stop Possible School Shooting; Joel McHale to Host White House Correspondent Dinner; Search For Missing Malaysian Plane Continues; Kentucky Derby About to Commence; CNN Hero Physically Trains Disabled Individuals
• Tensions Continue Between Ukraine and Russia; V. Stiviano Gives Interview about Donald Sterling; NBA Owners to Vote on Donald Sterling Forced Selling of Clippers; Search for Missing Malaysian Plane Continues; Kentucky Derby About to Commence; MERS Virus Case Reported in U.S.
• Online Campaign to Help Kidnapped Nigerian Girls; Update on Phoenix V.A. Hospital Story; California Chrome Favorite at Kentucky Derby; No Shortage of Possible L.A. Clippers Buyers; Stiviano Explains Relationship with Sterling to ABC's Barbara Walters; OSCE Team Freed After Week Long Captivity; President, Celebs and Reporters Rub Shoulders; Searchers Not Giving Up On Bay of Bengal
• More Unrest in Ukraine; V. Stiviano's Revelations; Clamor for Kidnapped Nigerian School Girls
• More Clashes Between Ukrainian Troops and Pro-Russian Separatists; Bluefin Finished Its 18th Mission; The Other Woman in Clipper Scandal Speaks Out; White House Correspondents Dinner Happening Tonight
• Violence Breaks Out Across Ukraine; V. Stiviano Speaks Out; First Case of Deadly MERS Virus Hits U.S.; Malaysia Airlines Closes Hotel Support Centers; Bad Behavior in Sports; Sterling's Legal Options to Battle NBA; Storms Caused Tornadoes and Flooding; Remembering Kent State
• "The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports"; Stiviano: Sterling Is Not A Racist; Ukraine Military Clashes With Separatists; Shocking Revelations In Flight 370 Report; Sterling's Legal Options To Battle NBA; Sources: VA Tried To Cover Up Long Wait Times; 278 Nigerian Girls Abducted By Militants
• White House Correspondent's Dinner Tonight; Media Manager Fired Over Sterling Comments; More Than 200 Girls Kidnapped In Nigeria; Kidnapped OSCE Military Monitors Set Free
• Fierce Battles in Ukraine; Obama's Foreign Relations Woes; Stiviano Speaks Out; Interview with Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell; Mystery of Flight 370; Could Scandal Impact Clippers Performance?; Beef Recall Leads to Claims of Deception; White House Correspondents' Dinner

May 02, 2014

May 01, 2014

April 30, 2014

April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

April 27, 2014

April 26, 2014
• Search for Malaysian Plane Continues; President Visits Malaysia; Russia Violates Ukrainian Airspace; Republicans Speak at NRA Rally; Georgia Passes Controversial Gun Law; California Suffers Outbreak of Measles; CNN Hero Provides Psychological Aid to Children
• U.S. Citizen Detained in North Korea; Fisherman Speaks about Rescuing Students from Sinking South Korean Ferry; Chicago School Teacher Talks about Public Education Amidst Gang Violence; Interview with Liz Dozier; Catholic Church Prepares to Canonize Two Popes
• TMZ: L.A Clippers' Owner Donald Sterling Recorded Making Racist Remarks; Tornadoes Possible in Large Storm System; Flight 370 Disappeared Seven Weeks Ago; L.A. Clippers Owner Accused of Racist Remarks; Nevada Cattle Rancher Releases String of Insensitive, Racial Remarks; Ukraine Situation Continue to Unravel
• Nine Million at Risk in Severe Storm Outbreak; Obama Visits Malaysia on Asian Tour; Ukraine PM: Russia Violated Airspace; Rancher under Fire for Slavery Comments; What's Next in the Search for Flight 370; Connecticut Teen Killed On Prom Day; Search For Flight 370 May Move North; Dying While Waiting; Catholic Church Canonizes Two Popes
• Severe Storm Outbreak Threatens Nine Million; Obama Visits Malaysia Amid Search For Plane; Connecticut Teen Killed On Prom Day; What's Next In Search For MH370?; NRA Challenged By Bloomberg Campaign; Bush, Clinton Dynasties And The Presidency
• Updates In Search For Flight 370; Obama Visits Malaysia on Asian Tour; Risk Of Severe Weather in Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas Corridor; Magic Johnson Responds To L.A. Clippers Owner's Comments; Clippers Owner Accused of Racist Comments; Interview with Charles Barkley
• L.A. Clippers Owner Allegedly Makes Racist Remarks Against Black People
• Obama Visits Malaysia During Asian Tour; NRA Holds Annual Convention; Georgia Governor Signs Wide-Ranging Gun Bill Into Law; Catholic Church To Canonize Two Prior Popes; Federal Prosecutors Close To Announcing Criminal Charges Against Rep. Michael Grimm; Veteran Dies While Waiting For Medical Care From VA
• Obama on Asian Tour; Why Did Ferry Sink?; Buffett Speaks Out about Minimum Wage; Obama in Malaysia; Search for Flight 370; Measles Making a Comeback; Catholic Church to Canonize New Popes; Baby Bear Left at Doorstep
• President Obama Visits Malaysia; Search for Flight 370; NRA Takes on the Anti-Gun Lobby; Two Catholic Pope to Become Saints
• Clippers Owner Accused of Racist Comments; U.S., President is on 4-Nation Swing Through Asia; Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; The Making of a Catholic Saint; South Korea Ferry Disaster

April 25, 2014

April 24, 2014

April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014
• Biden in Ukraine; Congressional Delegation visits Ukraine; Interview with Rep. Ed Royce; Chaos & Confusion Aboard a Sinking Ferry; Activity Detected at North Korea Nuclear Site; Yemen: 65 Militants Killed since Saturday; Obama Leaves Soon for Asia Tour
• Critical Eye on San Jose Airport Security; Surviving in a Wheelwell; Biden Visits Ukraine, Talks Energy Security; Cyclone Limits Search for Flight 370
• Teen Stowaway Survives Death-Defying Ride; Cyclone Limits Search For Flight 370; Ferry Disaster: 121 Bodies Found, 181 Missing; Ferry Captain Could Face Life In Prison; Biden To Ukraine: U.S. Supports You; New: No Affirmative Action In College Admissions
• Supreme Court Rules on Affirmative Action; Two More Ferry Crew Members Arrested; Activity Detected at North Korean Nuclear Site; Avalanche Threatens Everest Climbing Season; Netflix Set to Raise Prices for New Subscribers
• Divers Reach Sunken Ferry's Cafeteria; Flight 370 Search; Teen Stowaway with Child Services; Surviving Subzero Temps and No Oxygen; Body of Ukrainian Official Found
• What Next for Flight 370 Search?; Ferry Disaster Search
• More Bodies Brought Ashore From Sunken Ferry; Criminal and Civil Troubles for Some of Ship's Crew; Supreme Court Allows Affirmative Action Ban by Voters; U.S. Adds Military Exercises in Eastern Europe; Waiting Period for Attorneys to Contact Families Expires in Flight 370 Case; Netflix to Raise Prices
• South Korea Ferry Captain Not First to Abandon Passengers; Does a Captain Have to Go Down with His Ship; Mt. Everest Sherpa Community Threatens Strike; DNA Tests to Ensure Master Bomb Maker Killed in Yemen.

April 21, 2014

April 20, 2014

April 19, 2014
• Rescue Efforts Continue for Sunken South Korean Ferry; Search Continues for Missing Malaysian Plane; Russian Separatists Still Active in Ukraine; Ocean Explorer to Live in Lab Under the Sea; CNN Hero Feeds Poor Children Pasta
• Drone Strike Hits Al Qaeda Suspects; 33 Dead in Ferry Sinking, Captain Faces Charges; Sea Floor Scan Set to Conclude in a Week; Captain Charged In Ferry Disaster; High Tech Help For Flight 370 Search; Bourdain Living Large In Las Vegas
• Rescue Efforts Continue for Sunken South Korean Ferry; Search Continues for Missing Malaysian Plane; Russian Separatists Still Active in Ukraine; Outbreak of Ebola Hits Guinea
• Latest on Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; More Bodies Found On Sunken South Korean Ferry; Drone Attack In Yemen Kills 10 Suspected Al-Qaeda Militants
• Still Searching for Ferry Survivors; Russia to Follow Geneva Pact on Ukraine Pull Out; Crucial Phase for Search of Flight 370
• Sea Floor Scan Set To Conclude In A Week; Drone Strike Hits Al Qaeda Suspects; Flight 370: Next Step In The Search; Ferry Survivors And Families Cope With Guilt
• South Korean Ferry Disaster; Underwater Search for Flight 370 at "Critical Juncture"; U.S. Plans Military Exercises in Eastern Europe, Sends Troops To Poland and Estonia
• U.S. Troops to Train Near Ukraine; Search for Flight 370; Search Still for Survivors of Korean Ferry; American Plane in Iran
• Thirty Six Dead, 266 Missing in Ferry Sinking; Ukraine Deal Meets Defiance on the Ground; Bluefin-21 Completes Sixth Ocean Scan; Is Russia Trying to Control Ukraine Pro-Russian Forces; South Korea Sunken Ferry Takes Toll on Families; If MH-370 Found, Most Advanced Underwater Search Vehicle Joins Hunt; Bluefin Finds No Evidence Yet of MH-370
• Drone Strike Hits al Qaeda Suspects; Search for Survivors in Sunken Korean Ferry; What's Next in Search for Flight 370; Drone Strikes in Yemen; What Happened to Flight 370

April 18, 2014

April 17, 2014

April 16, 2014

April 15, 2014

April 14, 2014

April 13, 2014

April 12, 2014
• Search Continues for Missing Malaysian Airplane; Court Rules Trainers Cannot Be in SeaWorld Shows with Killer Whales; New Virus Hits Social Media Sites; Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on "Late Show"; CNN Hero Rescues Pets
• New update in the search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
• Listening for Pings in MH-370 Search; Australian P.M. Says Confident Pings Are from MH-370; Bottom of Indian Ocean Is a Mystery; MH-370 Family Believes Son Still Alive; Frustrated Families Meet Again with Airline; Malaysia: We Don't Have the Expertise to Open Black Boxes, Download Data; New Violence Erupts in Ukraine
• Australian PM "Confident" in Signals; Underwater Drone to Scan for Debris; Searching on the Ocean Floor; Deadly Crash in California; Colbert to Replace Letterman on CBS; Four Days Since Pings Were Detected; 14 Ships, 10 Aircraft Involved in the Search
• Hope Still Floats for MH 370; Ebola Virus in West Africa
• New Update in the Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; Rising Tensions and Violence Today in Eastern Ukraine
• Australian Prime Minister: "Confident" In Signals; Trying To Track Down Black Boxes; Witnesses: FedEx Truck Afire Before Hitting Bus; Oscar Pistorius Trial; Bubba Burns Up Augusta
• New Update in the Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; Rising Tensions and Violence Today in Eastern Ukraine; Contradictory Statements of Malaysian Police; Side Scan Sonar Devices Used in Search for Flight 370; Passengers' Families Frustration with Malaysian Government; Bluefin Underwater Scanners
• Malaysian Inconsistency Fuels Distrust; What Happens If MH-370 Search Comes Up Empty; Ukraine Crisis Escalates; Four Pings Detected; AUVs for Underwater Search
• Latest Information on the Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
• Search for Malaysia Flight 370; How to Find a Plane on Ocean Floor?; Deadly Bus Crash in California; David Letterman Resigning; Security Changes Anger Flight Crew; Parts Unknown Starts in India; Bubba in Augusta
• Search for Flight 370; Ukraine Police Exchange Gunfire with Pro-Russian Activists Today

April 11, 2014

April 10, 2014

April 09, 2014

April 08, 2014

April 07, 2014

April 06, 2014

April 05, 2014

April 04, 2014

April 03, 2014

April 02, 2014

April 01, 2014

March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014

March 29, 2014
• Search Continues for Malaysian Plane; New Satellite Images May Be of Debris from Malaysian Plane; Russian President Contacts President Obama; City in Washington Recovering from Mudslide; Los Angeles Hit by Earthquake
• Ships Retrieve Objects in Search Area; Benefits, Challenges of New Search Area; Challenges Involved in Salvage Operation; Rain Hampers Washington Landslide Rescue; Ships Retrieve New Objects In Search; Families In Anguish Waiting For News
• Search Continues for Malaysian Plane; New Satellite Images May Be of Debris from Malaysian Plane; Russian President Contacts President Obama; City in Washington Recovering from Mudslide
• Debris Found in MH-370 Search Area; Search for Debris Produces No Solid Clues; 17 Deaths Confirmed in Massive Slide
• First Look At Objects Found in Ocean; Search Planes Return to Skies Soon; Grieving Families Get Mixed Massages; Interpol, Malaysia Publicly Fight Over Interpol Passport Database; Objects Retrieved from Debris in Indian Ocean; Kerry to Meet Russia's Lavrov on Ukraine; A Look at MH370's Final Hours; Answering Viewers Questions on MH370; Another Earthquake in Los Angeles Area
• First Look At Objects Found In Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Search Area
• Ships Retrieve Objects In Search Area; Australia Asserts Control Over Search; Navy Technology; Navy Technology Will Help Find, Identify Debris; Kerry, Lavrov To Meet On Ukraine Crisis; How Is Data Recovered From The "Black Boxes?"; Missing Flight 370: The Legal Case
• Sunday Search Begins in Indian Ocean; Chinese Navy Finds Floating Objects; Grieving Families Get Mixed Messages; Quakes Rattle Southern California
• Mystery of Flight 370; Multiple Quakes Rattle Southern California; More Ships and Planes Deployed in Perth; Kerry to Meet with Russians ROVs to be Deployed for MH-370 Search
• Updates In Search For Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; Multiple Earthquake Aftershocks Felt In Southern California; Washington State Landslide Kills 17, 90 Still Missing
• Search for Flight 370; First Look at Objects Found by Ship; Families of Flight 370 Passengers Grieving; Silence Marks Moment of Killer Landslide
• Search for Missing Flight 370; Back Injury Pushes U.S. Figure Skater; What Does Carter Think of Putin Will Do Next?; Updates In Search For Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight; Search Continues For Survivors Of Killer Landslide In Washington State

March 28, 2014

March 27, 2014

March 26, 2014

March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

March 23, 2014

March 22, 2014
• Search Continues for Missing Boeing 777; China Releases Images of Possible Airplane Debris in Indian Ocean; Russia Masses Troops Along Ukrainian Border
• Extending International Search for Malaysian Airline Plane; Purported Transcript of Final Communication of Flight 370 with Ground Control; Continuous Crisis around Crimea; Press Conference of Malaysian Acting Transportation Minister
• Searching for Signs of Flight 370; Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object; Floating Object Spotted By Chinese Satellite Is 74 Feet Long, 43 Feet Wide; Russian Troops Wait On Ukrainian Border; Are Plane Cockpits Safe Enough?; Flight 370: Front Page News Around The World
• Search Continues for Missing Boeing 777; China Releases Images of Possible Airplane Debris in Indian Ocean; Russia Masses Troops Along Ukrainian Border
• Mystery of Flight 370; Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object
• MH370 Search Crews in South Indian Ocean; Russian Forces Take Over Crimean Air Base; Ukraine Loses Military Base in Crimea; Mystery of Flight 370; New Leads in Hunt for Flight 370
• Families Lash Out At Malaysian Authorities; Search to Resume Within the Hour; How One Small Sound Could End The Search; Chinese Spot Debris in South Indian Ocean, Search Continues; Technology Could Help Track Missing Planes; Did Emergency Occur Before MH370 Disappeared?
• Mystery of Flight 370; Flight 370 Search Back Under Way; Russian Troops Took Over Bases in Crimea; AUVs to be Deployed
• Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object; Battery Life Dropping For Locator Beacon; Searching For Signs Of Flight 370; Families Could Bring Legal Claims To Court; Russian Troops Wait On Ukrainian Border
• Search For Malaysian Air 370 Resumes In Southern Indian Ocean; White House Warns Russia It Will Be Held Responsible For Ukrainian troops Hurt In Crimea; Is Satellite Image Part of MH-370?; Simulator Runs Through Fire Scenario; Search for Flight 370 Shows Technology's Limits
• Searching for Signs of Flight 370; Ukraine Pro-Russia Forces Storm Crimean Base;

March 21, 2014

March 20, 2014

March 19, 2014

March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014
• Preliminary Results Of Crimea Vote Soon; Investigation Focusing On Flight 370 Pilots; Red Hot Louisville Looks To Repeat
• New Developments Emerge In The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
• Some Striking New Developments on Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; Crimean Officials Counting Referendum Votes; Did Someone on Board Divert Missing Plane?
• New Clues in Flight 370 Investigation; U.S. Investigates Crew; Tracking Flight 370; Families Furious with Malaysian Officials; Crimea Votes on Joining Russia; Flight 370 and Legal Ramifications; Flight 370 Joins the Unknowns
• New Developments on Missing Flight 370; Pilot's Flight Simulator Investigated; Families Angry in China; Veteran Pilot Not Convinced Malaysian Airliner Crashed; Focus Turns to Pilots, Crew and Passengers; Crimea Becomes Russia; Father Fears the Worst for His Son
• Striking New Developments on Missing Malaysian Flight 370; 25 Nations Part of Search; Crimea Now Under Russia's Federation
• New Developments On Missing Malaysia Airline Flight; Crimea Now Under Russian Federation
• Authorities Examine Pilot's Flight Simulator; New Details Emerging about Missing Plane; Delta Plane Loses Part of Wing in Flight; Father Fears Worst for His Son
• Missing Plane Mystery; Vast Search for Missing Jet; Focus Shifts on Pilots and Crew; Families Waiting in Agony; U.S. Rejects Results of Crimean Vote; What Happens Next to Crimea?; Missing Plane Trending Online; Looking at Past Flight Mysteries
• Investigators Examine Pilot's Flight Simulation; Search for Plane Spans Water and Land; Crimeans Vote to Join Russia; U.S. Will Not Recognize Crimea Vote Results

March 15, 2014
• Malaysian Airline Plane Still Missing; Pilot Co-Pilot of Missing Malaysian Plane Homes Searched; Interview with Loved One of Former Plane Crash Victim
• Striking New Developments Malaysian Airline Flight 370
• Passengers' Families Wait, Hope; Malaysia: Plane's Turn Appears Deliberate; Key U.N. Vote Ahead of Crimea's Vote; Search Area for Flight 370 Expanded; Malaysia: Plane Disappearance Appears "Deliberate"; Crimea Independence Vote Set For Tomorrow
• New Information Emerges About Missing Malaysian Plane
• More Leads on Malaysian Airlines 370
• Plane Investigators Work Out New Timeline; Inside the Search for Flight 370; Transponder Was Switched Off Before Final Cockpit Transmission of "Alright, Goodnight"; Was Flight 777 Taken By Groups Hostile to China; Last Communication from Flight 370 Came After Tracking System Turned Off; Flight Disappearances Not That Rare; Day Before Crimea Ultimatum, Russian Troops Gather on Border
• U.S. Official: Increasing Focus on Those in Cockpit; Mystery of Flight 370
• Mystery Of Flight 370; Source: Police Searched Pilots' Homes; What Happened To Flight 370?; Group Blames GM For 303 Defect Deaths
• Uncovering New Clues to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370; Police Searched Pilots' Home; Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Crimea; Tracking Flight 370; Meet Wheelchair Pool Champ Mark Jones
• Striking New Developments Emerge In The Mystery of Malaysia Airline Flight 370
• New Developments, Theories On Missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370
• Malaysian Officials Denies Cover-up in Investigation; U.S. Officials Says Malaysian Air's Left-Hand Turn Deliberate; U.S. Official: Increasing Focus on Those in Cockpit; Mystery of Flight 370

March 14, 2014

March 13, 2014

March 12, 2014

March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014

March 09, 2014

March 08, 2014
• Search for the Perfect Clock; Mystery Surrounding Passenger List; Standoff in Crimea gets more Tense; $1.2M Bond for Mom Who Drove Kids into Ocean; Questions About Identity Of Two Passengers; Search For Missing Malaysian Airliner; Ukraine Team Protests Paralympic Games; Harvard Going Dancing, Win Ivy League; Supreme High Court Considers Deadly Force In Chases; Winter Storms A Blessing For Farmers; Stocks Ended Mixed After Jobs Report
• Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Vanishes; Mystery Surrounding Passenger List; Frantic Families Gather In Beijing; Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean Charged; Lawmakers Want Review Of U.S. Intelligence; Did Two Passengers Have Stolen Passports?; Stunning Testimony In "Blade Runner" Trial
• Malaysian Airlines Possible Crash; More Unrest in the Crimea
• Officials: Two Passengers Had Stolen Passports; Kerry Issues New Warning to Lavrov; $1.2 Million Bond For Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean; America's Death Penalty Under Scrutiny; "NY Times" Columnist Weighs in on Critics of Obama in Crimea Crisis; CPAC Straw Poll Results Have Big Influence on Voters; Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll
• Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappeared About 26 Hours Ago; John Kerry Talks Tough With Russia's Foreign Minister; President Obama Called Several European Leaders Today To Discuss Ukrainian Crisis; Ebony Wilkerson Charged With Three Attempts Of Third-Degree Murder; What Do Putin's Action Mean?
• Freescale Semiconductor Employees on Missing Malaysian Flight; Malaysian Flight Pilot Recently Interviewed by CNN; Dead Michigan Woman Found due to Foreclosure; Hadiya Pendleton's Parent Start Foundation
• 239 Missing as Jet Vanishes Off Vietnam; $1M+ Bond Set for Mother Accused of Attempted Murder; CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Unveiled; Dead Woman Found Dead after Six Years; Home of the Future; Search for the Perfect Clock
• Search for Missing Airliner; Oil Slicks Spotted in South China Sea; Obama Names Key Calls Today on Ukraine; Interview with Garry Kasparov; Blade Runner Trial
• Frantic Families Gather in Beijing; Did Two Passengers Have Stolen Passports?; German Chancellor Key to Solving Ukraine Crisis?; Sexual Assaults in the Military; Printing Food in 3D
• 239 People On Board Missing Airliner; Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll; Kerry Issues New Warming to Lavrov

March 07, 2014

March 06, 2014

March 05, 2014

March 04, 2014

March 03, 2014

March 02, 2014

March 01, 2014
• Russian Parliament Votes Authorization for Russia President to Send Troops into Crimea; Russia Recalls Ambassador to U.S.; California Experiencing Severe Storms
• Russian Parliament Votes Authorization for Russia President to Send Troops into Crimea; Interview with Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine; L.A. Prepares for Oscars; U.N. Security Council Meets on Situation in Ukraine.
• President Obama Spoke by Phone with Russian President Putin; Ukrainian Ambassador: 15,000 Russian Troops in Crimea; President Obama: Russia Should Withdraw Forces Back to Bases in Crimea; Interview with Rep. Adam Schiff; How Will U.S. Respond to Ukraine Crisis; Obama, Putin Speak by Phone about Ukraine; Yesterday Obama Warned Russia to Stay Out of Ukraine; What Was Learned 6 Years Ago When Russia Invaded Georgia
• Ukraine Crisis Continues; Russian Troops in Crimea; UN Security Council Emergency Session
• Russia Okays Military Force in Ukraine; Russian Ambassador to U.S. Could Be Recalled; Obama Weighing Options for U.S. In Ukraine; U.N. Security Council to Meet on Ukraine; Russia Okays Military Force in Ukraine; Jason Collins: Nothing Is Different
• Ukraine Crisis
• Russia Approves Sending Troops In Ukraine; U.N. Security Council To Meet On Ukraine
• Russia Approves Sending Troops to Ukraine
• Russia Approves Use Of Military Force In Ukraine
• Russia Approves Sending Troops to Ukraine; U.N. Security Council Calls Emergency Meeting; 1945 Yalta Meeting Set Stage For Ukraine; Obama Recognizes Young Staffer; 28 Killed in Knife Attacks in China; One Killed in 104-Vehicle Pileup in Denver; Rain, Mudslides Pound California; Can Russia Back Its Claim on Crimea?

February 28, 2014
• Markets Edging Lower at Open; Ukraine's Ousted President Lashes Out; Clinton Papers Released; Obama and Biden Move; A Jesus Film for a New Generation
• Kerry Kennedy Acquitted of DWI; Secret Clinton Papers Released Today; Matthew McConaughey Up Close; Federal Deficit at Lowest Level since 2008; Churches Buy Out Theaters for "Son of God"
• Ukraine's Ousted President Blames U.S.; California Residents Told To Evacuate Now; Dangerous Cold Blasts Midwest, Northeast; Cause Of Radiation Leak At New Mexico Federal Radioactive Waste Site Still Unknown; Supreme Court Secretly Filmed In Session; Helping "Young Men Of Color" Succeed
• Ukraine's Ousted President Lashes Out; Russian Warship Docked 90 Miles from U.S.; Dangerous Cold Blasts Midwest, Northeast; 911 Tapes of New Jersey Bridge Scandal Released; American Economy Losing Steam; A Sneak Peek at the Oscars
• Crisis in Ukraine; Kerry Kennedy Acquitted; Oscar Preview
• Gunmen Surround Crimean TV Station; Memos Reveal Clinton White House Secrets; "Politico" Profiles Biden; Ex-NFL Star Surrenders on New Rape Charges; CNN Heroes -- Community Crusader; Medical Examiner's Report on Philip Seymour Hoffman; Openly Gay Jason Collins Says No Change in Locker Room
• Papers Shine Light On Clinton White House; Armed Men At Ukraine Airports Trigger Tensions Between Russia And United States; Kerry Kennedy Acquitted In DWI Trial; Southern California Braces For Mudslides; Two Men, Two Dogs Saves In Swift Water Rescue
• Seth Rogen Blasts Senators For Skipping His Testimony On Alzheimer's Disease; Man Pronounced Dead Wakes Up In Body Bag; Brooke's First Mardi Gras Adventure; Inside "El Chapo's" Safe Houses

February 27, 2014

February 26, 2014

February 25, 2014
• Governor Brewer to Decide on Bill Fate; McCain Urges Arizona Governor to Veto Bill; 2013 Best Year for Home Prices; California Kids Battle Polio-type Illness; Planned Military Cuts Stir Uneasiness; Security Increased at U.S. Embassy in Kiev; Arizona Business Leaders Urge Veto of Controversial Bill; Bill Clinton Hits Campaign Trail
• Ford to Switch Sync Service; Opening Bell on Wall Street; Ukraine Delays Forming New Government; Acetaminophen Study; Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Honored; Victims Suing over Indiana Deck Collapse; Capturing the World's Most Wanted Drug Lord; Seth Meyers Makes "Late Night" Debut
• Arizona Governor Has Until End Of The Week To Decide On Religious Freedom Bill; Consumer Confidence Falls From 5-Month High; Nugent Says He's Done With Name Calling; Duke Energy To Get Coal Ash Petitions Today; Samsung Unveils Galaxy S5 Smartphone
• Arizona Governor to Decide on the Religious Freedom Bill; Facebook Top Car Picks; Breakfast Wars Heat Up; Seth Meyers Debuts on "Late Night"; Pilot Survives Mid Air Bird Collisions
• Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal; Arizona Religion Bill; Castle Owner Shot; Disney Raises Prices
• Arizona Controversy; U.S. Sending Marines to Ukraine
• GM Expands U.S. Recall Of 1.4 Million Cars Including Saturn, Chevy, Pontiac Models; Bill Clinton Back On The Campaign Trail; Consumer Reports Likes Tesla Models; Home Prices Rose 11.3 Percent In 2013; Greene: "Wolf Of Wall Street" Cost Me My Job; Judy Garland's Children To Reunite At Oscars; A Star Whose Hits Touched All Ages
• Boehner Criticizes Obama; Nugent on ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT; Kerry Kennedy DUI Trial; Women With BRCA1 Advised to Remove Ovaries; CA Doctors Stumped by Polio-Like Illness; Crowe Wants Pope to See "Noah"; Leopard on Loose in India

February 24, 2014
• Drug Lord Caught; Supreme Court Cases; 2016 Hopefuls; Health Emergencies after Carbon Monoxide Leaks; Winter Returns
• Report: Army Shrinking to Pre-WWII Levels; Awed Ukraine Civilians Tour Lavish Palace; Holder Calls For Data Breach Disclosure Law; Bird Smashes Through Cockpit Window; Elderly Man Hit After Road Rage Incident; U.S. Seeks To Extradite Mexican Drug Lord; Arizona Governor Has Until End Of The Week To Sign Religious Freedom Bill
• Taliban Suspend Talks over Captive Soldier; In Uganda, Being Gay is Now a Crime; Netflix, Comcast Team Up to Boost Speed; Olympic Medalist Rescues Stray Dogs; Obama Hosts Governors at White House
• Army Shrinking to Pre-World War II Levels; Ukraine's Ousted President Faces Arrest; Netflix Deals with Comcast to Improve Streaming; Sochi Winter Olympics Comes to an End; Jason Collins Takes the Court; Arizona Bill Goes after LGBT Community; NFL Bans Slurs on the Field
• Detroit Police Chief Death Threat; Harold Ramis Dies; Iconic Tagline Replaced; Ukraine President Vanishes
• Republican Senate Candidate Under Fire; Harold Ramis Dies
• Military Troop-Levels to Be Cut; Band Mangles National Anthem; Oil Spill in Mississippi River; Devotional Book Saves Bus Driver From Bullets; Susan Rice Appears on Sunday Show; McFaul on Ukraine and U.S.-Russian Relations; Dr. Drew's Daughter Speaks About Her Eating Disorders
• Jeopardy! "Villain" Returns To The Show; Baldwin Wrote Seething Op-Ed In "New York" Magazine; New Signs Jeb Bush May Be Considering A Run For The Republican Nomination; Boy Escapes Restraints After Home Invasion

February 23, 2014
• Jason Collins Signed To Brooklyn Nets For 10-Day Deal; "El Chapo" In Police Custody; Ukraine Faces Uncertain Future; 2014 Olympics Closing Ceremony; What is the Polar Vortex?; Nebraska Ruling Jeopardizes Keystone Pipeline; Daytona 500 In Rain Delay; Gay Player In Spotlight At NFL Showcase; The Science Behind Turbulence; Touring Cool Places In Atlanta; Lobbying A Family Business In Washington
• Gas Leak At Legal Sea Foods In Huntington, New York Kills One, Sickens 19; "El Chapo" Captured At Mexican Resort; Ukraine's President Victor Yanukovych Voted Out Of Office; Supreme Court To Take Up Gun Rights Case On Monday; Tornado Warning Threatens Daytona Speedway; Jason Collins To Sign Short-Term Contract With Brooklyn Nets
• Tornado Warning at Daytona; Brooklyn Nets Signs Jason Collins; Ukraine's Search for New Leader; Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at NY Restaurant; World's Oldest Known Holocaust Survivor Dies At 110 Years Old; Yulia Tymoshenko's Hair: A Purposeful Statement; 3-D Printer Fashion - The Next Possible Trend
• NBA Player Jason Collins To Make History Tonight; DeBlasio Off To A Rough Start; Legal Sea Foods In New York Has Carbon Monoxide Leak; Obama Hosts Governors at the White House; What's in a Natural Ingredient?; Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Closes; Russia's Future with Ukraine; America's Olympic Highs and Lows
• Will Arizona Governor Sign Anti-Gay Bill?; Will Violent Protests in Ukraine & Venezuela End?; Jason Collins Joins Brooklyn Nets; This Week's Must-See TV; Oscar Film Focuses on Forgiveness; Honoring War Heroes

February 22, 2014
• Ukrainian Parliament Votes Ukrainian President Out of Office; Arizona Congress Proposes Controversial Gay Discrimination Bill; Winter Olympics Continue; Federal Government Denies Help to Drought Stricken Areas of California; Photographer Helps Woman with Sick Infant; Leader of LGBT Conservative Group Leaves Republican Party in Protest; Travel Spots in Atlanta Profiled
• Ukraine Protesters Topple Lenin Statutes; Ukraine's President Leaves Capital; Arizona Bill: Freedom or Discrimination?; Ted Nugent's Rant Rattles GOP Leaders; Noose Placed On James Meredith Statue; Sam Could Become NFL's First Openly Gay Player; USA Hockey Team Facing Finland For Bronze; Olympic Skier Adopts Five Dogs From Sochi; How California's Drought Affects You; Colorado Marijuana Sales Are Booming
• Openly Gay NFL Prospect Speaks to Media; Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Speaks to Crowd of Protestors; Arizona Congress Proposes Controversial Gay Discrimination Bill; Colorado Tax Revenue from Legal Pot Sales Used for Education
• American Dead Found in Train Tunnel; Racism at Ole Miss; Turmoil in Ukraine; El Chapo Captured; Facebook Gets WhatsApp for $19 Billion; Inside the Mind of A Psychopath; How to Build an Olympian
• Top Drug Lord Captured in Mexico; Alleged Ring Leader Faces 20 Years in Prison; NYPD Fails to Translate Murdered Mom's Warning; California Drought Cold Impact Grocery Bill; Ted Nugent Makes Apology; Arrest Expected for Students Putting Noose on Civil Rights Icon Statue; United Flight 1676 Plummeted After Hitting Turbulence
• One Of World's Biggest Drug Kingpins Back In Police Custody; Michael Sam Speaks Out; Former Prime Minister Of Ukraine Freed, Mom Shames Daughter Via Social Media
• Color-Blind Or Color Biased?; Ukraine's President Flees Capital; Juror: Dunn Trial Wasn't About Race
• Arizona Bill: Freedom Or Discrimination?; FBI Investigates Ole Miss Noose Incident; Ukraine's Parliament Votes President Out; Michael Sam Meets NFL Scouts Today; Francis And Benedict Embrace At Vatican; People Shot In Streets In Ukraine; Baby In Roadside Rescue Stable; USA Hockey Loses To Finland For Bronze; "El Chapo" Guzman Busted In Joint Operation; Juror Speak Out On "Loud Music" Verdict; American Student Found Dead In Italy
• Mexican Drug Lord Captures by Police; Arizona Law, Freedom or Discrimination; Ukraine's Former Prime Minister Out of Jail; College Players Show Off Skills to NFL; Public Enemy Number One Under Arrest; U.S. Falls Behind Russia in Medal Count; Ukrainian Parliaments Votes Yanukovych Out as President
• One Of World's Biggest Drug Kingpins Back In Police Custody; Michael Sam Speaks Out; Yulia Tymoshenkoa, Former Ukraininan Prime Minister, Freed; U.N. Releases Disturbing Report Comparing Alleged Atrocities From North Korea; Changing The "Locker Room" Mentality; No Letup In Violent Unrest In Venezuela

February 21, 2014
• Nugent's Anti-Obama Slam Tests GOP; Under Armour Extends Speedskating Deal; Dunn Trial Juror Speaks; Peace Deal in Ukraine; Nugent's Anti-Obama Slam
• Juror 8: "I think He's Guilty of Murder"; NFL's Growing Image Problem; Unconscious Baby Saved in Highway Rescue; Christie Passes on Dinner with Obama; Deciding which Flights are Delayed and Why; Michelle Obama on "The Tonight Show"
• Key Bombmaker Tied to U.S. Flight Threat; American Skater Feels Ripped Off by Judges; Colorado to Make $184 Million From Pot Tax; Mortgage Bailout Profitable for Taxpayers
• American Ashley Wagner Suggests Russian Skaters' Scores Were Inflated Unfairly; Al Qaeda Linked To Shoe Bomb Threat; 20-Car Pileup Shuts Down Illinois Highway; Severe Storm Threat For Northeast; Colorado To Make $184M From Pot Tax; Critics: Is the Water Safe?; Arizona Bill Could Allow Businesses To Legally Deny Service To Gay Customers
• Noose at Ole Miss; Baby Stops Breathing on Jammed Road; Canada Beats U.S. in Hockey; Christie and the GOP
• Christie Leads GOP Govs To Fundraising Record; Report: WCBS Video Shows NYC Mayor's Caravan Speeding, Ignoring Stop Signs; Ukraine Rivals Sign Peace Deal, But Rioters Remain On Bloodied Streets; First Lady On Daughters: They Want Nothing To Do With Us, They Really Want Normalcy; Nugent: "I Apologize" For Obama Remarks; San Francisco Giants Fan Beater Released; Feds Immediately Arrest Him Again
• Arizona Passes Controversial Law; Michele Bachmann: U.S. Not Ready for Female President
• "Loud Music" Murder Trial Juror Speaks; Michelle Obama on "Tonight Show"; CNN Hero Feeds Children; Miami Photog Snaps Pic of Baby CPR

February 20, 2014

February 19, 2014

February 18, 2014
• U.S. Diplomacy Stumbles in Syrian Crisis; Propane Prices; McConnell and Paul Team Up; McConnell, Paul Team up in Kentucky; Fallon Takes Over "Tonight Show"
• What Does your Music Say About You?; New San Diego Mayor Gives Boost to GOP; ADHD Drugs Don't Always Help Grades; Obama to Call for Fuel Efficiency for Trucks; Ashley Wagner Skates Towards Redemption
• Salt Suppliers Struggling To Keep Up With Demand As Snow Piles Up; Snow, Then Rain Today In NYC; Five Injured In Violent Plane Turbulence; Schools Struggle To Make Up Snow Days; "Loud Music" Shooter Says He's The Victim; Pandora Knows More About You; U.N. Report Details Horrible Abuses In North Korea
• Driver Dozes Off; U.S. Trying To Secure Bergdahl's Release; Lack Of Spying Details A Mistake; Clapper Defends NSA Spying; Interview with Rep. Peter King; Nugent Stumps For GOP; Ted Nugent's Remarks; Obama Wants $1B for Climate Change
• ISIS Defector Vows to Take Down Group; Ambassador: Assad Failed His Own People; Malala Brings Education Campaign to Syrian Refugees; Venezuelan Opposition Leader Arrested; Report: Iran Blamed for Hacking Attack; Interview with Wendy Sherman
• Incognito Apologizes to Martin; U.S. Negotiates with Taliban; Venezuela Arrests Opposition Leader; Another Snowstorm; Babies Born Using IVF; Chicago Student Found Dead
• Violence in Ukraine; Extreme Turbulence; Protests in Venezuela
• Protests in Kiev; Oppo Leader Arrested Amid Venezuela Protests; DNI Clapper Tries to Shift Blame to Bush Admin for NSA Spying; More Winter Weather for Northeast; Hollywood Turns to the Bible
• Snow then Rain Happening Across the U.S.; Violent Turbulence Causes Flight's Rough Landing; Historic Day Helps U.S. in Sochi Medal Count; Woman Claims to be a Serial Killer; Maker of Candy Crush Files for IPO
• Fallon's "Tonight Show" Reign Begins; Dunn Jailhouse Call: "I'm The F--Ing Victim"; Iran Nuke Talks Begin In Syria; Obama Hosting Clooney, "Monuments Men" Tonight

February 17, 2014
• George Zimmerman Speaks To CNN; Prosecutors To Seek new Trial For Dunn; Backlash Over "Stand Your Ground" Law; Kickstarter Urges Users To Change Passwords After Cyber Attack Compromises Personal Data
• Vermont Lawmakers: Halt Propane Exports; Co-Pilot Hijacks Airliner, Seeks Asylum; Travel Insider: Fort Lauderdale; McCain: U.S.- Syrian Policy "Abysmal Failure"; Rare Glimpse of Islamist Group's Brutal Tactics; Obama Talks with Barkley
• Obama Talks Gay Rights; Hijacked Plane Was Headed from Ethiopia to Rome; McCain Says U.S. Syria Policy Abysmal Failure; Refugee Boy Crossed Desert Alone; ISIS Rebels Leave Behind Trail of Terror; No Military in Syria; Romney's Clinton Comments
• Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell Together at Events; Pandora Turning Music Choices into Profit; New Report Accuses North Koreans of Crimes Against Humanity; Top-Ranked First Ladies; Evolution of Online Dating
• Woman Claims She's A Serial Killer; Barkley Interviews Obama; Colorado Avalanche; Dunn Found Guilty of Attempted Murder
• Woman Confesses to Serial Killings; Will Florida Man Face Murder Retrial?
• Snake-Handling Pastor Killed by Snake; ADHD Drugs Don't Work Long-Term; Eisenhower Tree Removed After Ice Damage; Kerry's Harsh Words for Syria, Russia; Ellen Page, Gay, But Brave?
• Co-Pilot Hijacks Airliner; Michael Dunn Guilty on Second-Degree Murder, Not on First; George Zimmerman Speaks Out; Obama Talks Healthcare, Hoops with Barkley
• Bode Miller Defends Reporter after Interview; Banks Cleared to Accept Pot Businesses; Banks Cleaned to Accept Pot Business; Avalanche Kills Two Skiers in Colorado; Jimmy Fallon Debuts as "Tonight Show" Host
• Mixed Reactions For "Loud Music" Verdict; Pandora ID's Dems And Repubs By Music; Bode Miller Breaks Down After Medal Win; U.S. Olympian Adopts Stray Sochi Puppies; George Zimmerman: I Will Never Be "Free"; Fallon's "Tonight Show" Debuts Tonight

February 16, 2014

February 15, 2014
• Jury Deliberating in Michael Dunn Trial; Snow Storms Continue to Hit Parts of U.S.; California Suffering Severe Drought; Kansas Legislation Seen As Discriminatory Against Gay Couples; U.S. Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey Game; Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay; Jimmy Fallon Takes Over "Tonight Show"
• Jury Continues Deliberating in Michael Dunn Murder Trial; Snow Storms Continue to Hit Parts of U.S.; U.S. Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey Game
• "Loud Music" Jury Asks about Self-Defense; Northeast Braces for Another Winter Storm; U.S.A. Beats Russia 3-2 in Hockey Shootout Win; Russia Ok's New Anti-Gay Adoption Ban; Obama Shifting Focus to Foreign Policy; "Juno" Actress Ellen Page Says She's Gay; Syria's War From The Front Lines; Winter Weather Is Driving People Crazy; Beer Saves Town From Drought; Oscar Pistorius Case One Year Later
• Northeast Braces For Yet Another Winter Storm; Hockey Team USA Beats Russia; Gay Couples in Virginia Welcome Federal Court Ruling That Strikes Down Ban On Same-Sex Marriage; No Decision From Jury In Michael Dunn Trial Yet; John Oliver: Star Athlete
• Michael Dunn Trial; Team USA At Sochi
• "Loud Music" Murder Trial Has Reached A Verdict on Four of the Five Counts; Jury Deadlocked On Murder Charge Against Michael Dunn
• Spoiler Alert: USA Versus Russia In Hockey; "Loud Music" Jury Asks About Self Defense; 500 Plus Flights Already Canceled Today; USA Beats Russia 3-2 In Hockey Shootout Win; Barkley Goes One On One With Obama; Experts: Wild Weather Patterns Connected; Report: Bullying On Miami Dolphins Team; "Loud Music" Jury Asks About Self-Defense; Law Firms Fights Only For Men
• Michael Dunn Found Guilty on Four Charges
• Dunn Found Guilty on Four Counts
• Dunn Convicted On Attempted Murder, Hung Jury On Murder Charge In "Loud Music" Trial
• Awaiting Verdict on Loud Music Trial; Travelers Frustrated by Cancellations; Highlights from Sochi; New Tough Talk from White House on Syria; NFL Player Harassed Teammate; Window Cleaning at World's Tallest Building

February 14, 2014
• Major Accident on Pennsylvania Turnpike; Momentary Respite from Storm for Northeast; Judge Denies Jury's Request to See Dummy of Jordan Davis; Johnny Weir Mum on Gay Rights at Sochi?; New Photos, Comments in "Blade Runner" Case
• Snowstorm Delays Valentine's Day Deliveries; Massive Crash Shuts Pennsylvania Turnpike; Jury Resumes Talks in "Loud Music" Trial; Obama Speaks at House DEMs Conference
• 49 States Awaken to Snow Today; Power Outages in 16 States and D.C.; Suits Costing Team USA Medals?; General Motors Recall Some Old Cars; Son-In-Law Charged in Deadly Package Bomb; Consumers, Lawmakers Blast Comcast Deal
• New Storm Targets Midwest, East Coast; Report: NSA Memo Says Snowden Stole Colleague's Password To Access Info; Son-in-Law Charged In Deadly Package Bomb; CEO: U.S. Poor Would Be Wealthy In India; About 30 Vehicles Involved In Two Crashes; Student May Have Spread Measles; GM Recalls 780,000 Cars For Faulty Ignition; Virginia Same- Sex Marriage Ban Overturned; Justice Department Investigates Death Of Texas Man; Massive Crash Shuts Pennsylvania Turnpike
• Did Edward Snowden Have Help?; Legal Marijuana; Arrest Made in Package Bomb Case
• Facebook's 50 Gender Options; Scientists Grow Human Lungs; U.S. Speed Skaters Blame Suit Design Flaw; PetSmart Teams Up to Offer Canine Companions to Vets; Winter Storms Ruin Valentine Florists; Pope Meets Couples; 94-Year-Old With Dating Advice
• Banks Allowed to Take Money from Marijuana Businesses; Air Travel Disaster on Valentine's Day; Al Roker's Apology to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio; Richard Parker Charged for his Parents-in-Law Death; New Investigation of Bullying in NFL; Michael Dunn's Case: Jury's Still Deliberating
• "Fastest Suits In The World" Slowing U.S. Down?; Algorithm Of Love: Dating Profile Tips; Obama Talks Strategy With Dems; GM Issues Recall For Deadly Ignition Problem

February 13, 2014

February 12, 2014

February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

February 09, 2014

February 08, 2014
• Winter Olympics Commence in Sochi, Russia; American Wins Gold Medal in Snow Boarding; Russian Cyber-Security an Issue for Olympics; Man Accused of Murder in Movie Theater not Granted Bail; Trial Continues for Man Accused of Killing Teen over Loud Music; Rand Paul Criticizes Democratic Support for Bill Clinton; Interview with Author Cokie Roberts; Woody Allen Writes Op-Ed Denying Child Molestation Accusations
• Winter Olympics Commence in Sochi, Russia; Woody Allen Writes Op-Ed Denying Child Molestation Accusations; Business Hit by Bad Weather; California Suffering Drought; Attorney General to Announce New Federal Policy on Gay Marriage
• Eric Holder To Make Major Announcement On Same-Sex Marriages; Sage Kotsenburg Wins First Olympic Gold For Team USA; Heroin Use Becomes Epidemic On Long Island; Carmen Carrera - Rising Star In The Fashion World; Man Accused Of Killing Teen Over "Loud Music"; Snow Slams Northern California
• Heroin: A Century of Seduction
• Kenneth Bae Has Been Held By North Korean Government Since November 3, 2012; Twenty Three Americans Held Captive Abroad; Witness Testify in Michael Dunn Case; Kotsenburg Wins Gold; Russian Tweets Controversial Racial Photo of Obama
• Torch Lighter Sent Racist Obama Tweet; Man Accused of Killing Teen over "Loud Music"; Woody Allen: "I did not Molest Dylan"; Paul Revives Monica Lewinsky Affair Talk; U.S. Snowboarder Earns First Gold Of Games; Hijacker Tries To Take Plane To Sochi; Team USA Hires Extra Security In Sochi; Wallenda Attempts Georgia Dome Feat
• Suspected Militants Killed In Dagestan; U.S. Clinches First Olympic Gold Medal; Olympic Sponsors Back Equality For All; Woody Allen: "I Did Not Molest Dylan"; DNA Evidence Overturns Convictions; Olympics A Pinnacle For Putin; Ring Glitch Not Shown In Russia; Friends Testify In "Loud Music Trial"; Three Suspects Plead Not Guilty In Hoffman Case; MLK Children Fight Over His Bible And Nobel Prize
• Update In Michael Dunn Murder Trial; Attorney General Eric Holder To Make Announcement On Same-Sex Marriage; President Obama Asks Americans To Pay For Kenneth Bae During National Prayer Breakfast; Castaway's Rough Road To Recovery; Woody Allen: "I Did Not Molest Dylan"; Bombshell Runaway Model Was Born A Boy; Legendary Runnyman Jay Leno Signs Off
• Man Kills Florida Teen over Loud Music; U.S. Snowboarder Snags First Winter Gold; Woody Allen Speaks Out about Abuse Allegations; Snipers Attack California Power Plant; Life-Saving Drug Used for Heroin Overdose; Heroin Use Skyrocketing in U.S.; Wallenda's Newest Hire Wire Attempt

February 07, 2014
• Jobs Report Reaction; Credit Card Signatures; Jay Leno Farewell; 113K New Jobs in January, Below Forecasts; Freestyle Skier Heidi Kloser Injured
• Inside the Hack; Boehner Casts Doubt on Immigration Reform; Leno Says Goodbye to "Tonight Show"
• Jobless Rate Drops; Russians Spying on Olympic Visitors?; Lesbian Kisses in Sochi Games?; Interview with Joe Biden
• Passenger Wanted Plan Diverted to Sochi; Attempted Hijacking Ends in Turkey; Jobless Rate at Its Lowest Level in Five Years; VP Biden Interviewed
• Biden Discusses Path to Citizenship; Biden Considers 2016 Presidential Run; Biden Compares LaGuardia to Third-World Country; Rand Paul Criticizing Clinton over Lewinsky Affair; U.S. Accuses Russia of Posting Nuland Call Online; Jay Leno Ends "Tonight Show" Run.
• Jobs Numbers Released; Threat Made Against Toronto Mayor; Attempted Hijacking
• White House Lockdown After Fence-Jumper; Missing Baby Found in Wisconsin; Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony; Amazon's 100 Books Everyone Should Read; Justin Bieber Night on the Town in Atlanta; Cannabis College in Tampa
• Hijacker Attempts to Take Over Commercial Airliner; Man Shot, Killed Inside Movie Theater
• Court To View Theater Shooting Video; Fewer Jobs Created In January Than Expected; Interview with Labor Secretary Perez; Senate Blocks Long Term Unemployment Aid; Biden: NYC's LaGuardia Like A "Third World Country"; Olympics Opening Ceremony Begins Next Hour; A Father's Plea To Facebook
• Weak January For Jobs, Only 113,000 Created; Baby Kayden Found Alive Taken From Room Where Parents Were Sleeping; Obama Signs Farm Bill That Cuts Subsidies In Favor of Crop Insurance, Slashes Food Stamps; Snipers Hit Power Hub, Raising Terrorism Fears; Facebook Honors Dad's Emotional Plea To See His Late Son's "Look Back" Video; Blackfish Film Still Stirs SeaWorld Backlash

February 06, 2014
• National Prayer Breakfast; Loud Music Trial; Twitter Stocks Drop Despite Strong Sales; "Affluenza" Teen won't Do Time
• Russia Saying No to Chobani Yogurt; President Obama Addresses National Prayer Breakfast
• Experts: Beware of Hackers at Olympics; Court to Show Movie Theater Shooting Video; Jay Leno Ends "Tonight Show" Run
• U.S. Warns Airlines of Toothpaste Bombs; 750K Without Power in Pennsylvania; CDC: All West Virginia Water Okay to Drink; Bieber's Flight Troubles; Billionaire: "The One Percent Work Harder"
• Boehner Says Immigration Delay Obama's Fault; Warning About Toothpaste Explosives; Sochi Protected By Ring Of Steel; USOC Says Safety Is Primary Concern; Massive Security Force Around Games; Discussing Sochi Security; Interview with Mike McCaul; GOP in 2016
• Concerns Over Olympic Security; Interview with Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger; Terrorist May Conceal Bombs in Toothpaste, Cosmetics; Political Impact of Bridgegate Obvious to Christie.
• Toothpaste Bombs; 1989 Cold Case; Jay Leno Ends 22-year Run; Castaway in Hospital; Movie Theater Shooting
• Olympic Terror Threat; Leno's Final Show
• Leno's Last Tonight Show Tonight; Loud Music Murder Trial Begins; Senate Dems Distance Themselves From Obama for Elections; Alaska Rape Rate Highest in Nation
• Boehner: Trust In Obama At Issue; Senate Again Fails To Advance Unemployment Bill; MLK Children Fight Over His Bible, Nobel Prize; Who To Watch: U.S. Olympic Athletes; Phone Apps Redefine Dating Game

February 05, 2014
• Apologies and Answers; Olympic City Not Ready; Obama: Wage Gap "Fundamental Threat" to U.S.
• Seventh Storm for Midwest and New England; CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products; Four Arrested in Hoffman Drug Probe; Bombing Suspect Killed in Police Shootout; White House Fires Back at Obamacare Jobs Report
• White House Pushes back on Drone Report; Four Arrested in Hoffman Drug Probe; How Can U.S. Fight Heroin Abuse?; Olympic City not Ready; Chili Peppers: Halftime Show was Mimed
• New Storm Hammers 120 Million Americans; Brutal Winter Takes an Economic Toll; CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco Products; Navy Investigating Creating ON Nuclear Exams; White House Fires Back At Obamacare Jobs Report; Bombing Suspect Killed In Police Shootout; Several Athletes Hurt On Slopestyle Course
• Obama Huddles with Senate Democrats; Creating an AIDS-Free Generation; Another Storm Ravages the Northeast; CVS to Halt Tobacco Sales
• John Kerry Talks Middle East Peace; Obamacare to Cost Millions of Jobs; Is Sochi Ready for Olympics; Fisherman Lost at Sea Returns
• Boston Hit with Snow; Americans Dealing with Storm; Four Arrested in Hoffman Investigation; Seinfeld on Diversity in Comedy; Sochi Still Building
• CVS to Stop Selling Cigarettes; George Zimmerman in Boxing Ring; Olympic Preparations Continue
• Report -- Convicted Criminals May Be Foster Parents in MA; IRS Head Testifies Before Congress; Tapper Interviews John Kerry; Clay Aiken Running for Congress; Shaun White Drops One Event in Olympics; Report -- Bieber and Entourage Smoked Pot, Verbally Abusive to Flight Crew
• Clay Aiken Running For Congress; Fans: "Biggest Loser" Winner Is Too Thin; Parents Of Teen Found Dead At School

February 04, 2014
• Market Tumbles; Escaped Murderer Captured; Some GOP Donors Eye Mitt and Christie Fears; New Terror Threat for Olympians
• Facebook Celebrates 10 Years; "American Promise"; Christie: I Knew Nothing about Bridge Closure; Puppy Bowl Steals the Show
• What's Behind the Markets Tumbling; Philip Seymour Hoffman's Final Hours; Microsoft Names New CEO; Interview with Natalie Tennant; Woody Allen's Attorney Blaming Mia Farrow
• Investigation into Water Contamination; Senate Looks into Massive Data Breach; Dow Rebounds After Heavy Losses; Christie Taking New Questions; Possible Job Loss Due to Obamacare; Christie on Scandal; Clinton Leads Christie; Obama Approval Rating
• Karzai Allegedly Holding Secret Talks with Taliban; Gene Sperling Talks Getting Schools Online, Obamacare; Did Kerry Admit U.S. Policy Failure in Syria?; Interview with Gene Sperling
• Obamacare Affects Labor Market; Cancer Predictions; Heart Risks; Hoffman's Drugs; Tennessee Plane Crash; Credit Fraud Solution
• Winter Costs; Philip Seymour Hoffman's Final Hours
• Target CFO On Hill Over Data Breach; Wall Street Seeks Bounce From Big Selloff; Paralyzing Snowstorm To Hit Northeast; Woody Allen Denies Molestation, Blames Ex-Wife; Cracking The "Manning Code"; Poll: Obama Approval Edges Higher; Facebook Celebrates 10 Years
• Pimps Arrested During Super Bowl Game; Republican Lawmaker Calls Out Obama's Marijuana Policy Very Publicly; Facebook Celebrates Tenth Year Anniversary
• Woody Allen's Lawyer: Accuser Brainwashed; Vanity Fair Praised For Diverse Cover; Mother Loses Both Sons to Guns 19 Days Apart; $1 Trillion Farm Bill Expected To Pass; Clinton Surges In New CNN/ORC Poll; City Sues "Meetme" App Over Children's Safety

February 03, 2014
• No Sign of a Rebound; House Arrest for Black Widows; Olympic Hotels Not Ready; Christie Slams Claims of Bridge "Evidence"; Autopsy Today for Philip Seymour Hoffman; 40,000 plus Flights Canceled in January
• N.E. Snow Storm Cancels Over 1,000 Flights; Christie Slams Claims of Bridge "Evidence"; Armless Teen Football Star Goes to Super Bowl; "Time Machine" and "Cowboy Kid" Win Doritos
• Report: 49,000 Plus Flights Canceled In January; Manhunt On For Escaped Convicted Killer; Autopsy Today For Philip Seymour Hoffman; Christie Aides Face Subpoena Deadline Today; Seahawks Rout Broncos To Win Super Bowl; Joe Namath Blasted For Wearing Fur Coat; Jerry Seinfeld Back At New York Diner; Abortion Rate Lowest Since 1973; When Will Wall Street Bounce Back?; House Arrest For Olympics "Black Widows"
• Credit Cards of Hotel Guests Hacked; Autopsy today for Philip Seymour Hoffman; Bruno Mars Kicks off Sunday Half-Time Show; Dylan Farrow: Woody Allen Sexually Assaulted Me; Who Won the Super Bowl Ad Wars?
• Market Losses; Russian House Arrests; Hoffman Remembered; Christie Battles Bridgegate Accuser; Update Today On Sandy Relief Funds; Christie Fires Back At Accuser; Snowstorm Strands Super Bowl Attendees; This Year's Market Plunge
• Romney Gaining Momentum for 2016 Election; Obama to Visit Saudi Arabia, Will Discuss Iran, Syria; Olympics Security at All-Time High.
• Hoffman's Death; Escaped Murderer; Dylan Farrow's Alleged Abuse; Snow in Northeast
• Dow Drops; Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies; Jury Selection Begins in Florida Teen Shooting Case
• Alabama Jeweler Loses on Super Bowl Safety; Winter Storm Hits Northeast, Stranding Super Bowl Travelers; Giuliani Defends Christie Against Latest Charges; Philip Seymour Hoffman's Legacy; Recovering Heroin Addict Discusses Her Addiction; Many Hoffman Film Projects Now in Limbo
• The Business Of Being Bruno Mars; Super Bowl Moments: Hits And Misses; Hotels Unfinished As Athletes Arrive In Sochi; Christie E-mail Attacks Accuser; Coaches From "Tykes" TV Show Suspended

February 02, 2014

February 01, 2014
• New Evidence May Emerge in New Jersey Bridge Scandal; Interview with New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone; New York Increases Security ahead of Super Bowl; Cold Weather Affects Parts of U.S.; California Undergoing Water Shortages; Amanda Knox Found Guilty by Italian Court; Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Voting Analyzed; Jay Leno Stepping Down from "Tonight Show"
• New York and New Jersey Prepare for Super Bowl; Governor Christie Facing New Charges in Bridge Closing Scandal; Former Boy Scouts Charged for Knocking Over Ancient Rock Formation; Stock Market Dips in January; Russia Prepares for Winter Olympics in Sochi; Iran Turns Former American Embassy into Museum
• Police Will Watch Super Bowl From Above; Fans Warned of Counterfeit Merchandise
• Authorities Prepare For Super Bowl; Chris Christie Facing New Allegations; Amanda Knox Convicted Of Meredith Kercher's Murder Again In Italy; Exclusive Interview With Antoinette Tuff
• Security High in NYC and Sochi; U.S. Puts Final Touches on Sochi, NFL Hall of Famer Helps Troops; NYPD to End "Stop and Frisk"; Best Gear for Cold-Weather Super Bowl; Former TSA Screener Telling All
• Governor Christie Faces New Allegations; Keeping The Super Bowl Safe; Ex-Scout Leaders Charged For Toppling Rock; Gunfire Wounds Eight In Bangkok Protests; How To Keep The Super Bowl Safe; Justin Beiber's Plane Searched; Meat Loaf Defends Justin Bieber: Knox: I Won't Go "Willingly" Back To Italy; U.S. Seeks Death Penalty In Boston Bombings; Omaha Gets Free Publicity From Manning's Shouts
• Authorities Prepare For Super Bowl; Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley In Intensive Care Tonight; Florida Chemist Accused Of Tampering With Police Evidence; Interview With Joe Montanta; Who is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; Alleged Evidence Against Christie in Bridgegate; Achievements of 14-Year-Old Kicker With No Arms
• Governor Chris Christie Faces New Allegations; Keeping the Super Bowl Safe; Amanda Knox Vows to Fight Conviction; Ex-Scouts Leader Charges for Toppling Rock; Florida Evidence Tampering Investigation; Final Preps for Super Bowl Sunday; Super Commercial Preview at the Super Bowl; CNN Viewers Training for Triathlon; Firefighters Stayed Put as Man Died; U.S. Women Ski Jumpers Make It to Olympics
• Final Preps For Super Bowl Sunday; "Super Bowl Boulevard" Takes Over Times Square; Dow Pressured By Emerging Market Woes; Scarlett Johansson In Political Controversy; Film Traces Two Friends' Road To Excellence; Armless Kicker's NFL Dream; Governor Christie Faces New Allegations

January 31, 2014
• Obama Meets with CEOs; Amanda Knox Convicted Again; Interview with Dennis Rodman; Georgia Governor Accepts Blame for Storm Response
• Dow Drops Sharply; Feds Seek Death Penalty; Second Cruise Ship Illness; Interview with Sam Polk; Gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday
• Obama's Meeting with the Top Business Leaders; Salt Lake Students See Their Lunches Thrown Away by School Officials; Outbreak of Overdose Deaths in Pennsylvania; Isaac Lufkin, an Armless Football Player Brings Wins to his Team
• House Leaders Outline Immigration Plan; Obama Encouraged About Immigration; Rodman Opens Up from Rehab; Rodman Interview; Security Scare at Hotels
• Letters Containing Powder Sent to Hotels, Former Mayor; Rocky Week on Wall Street; Tour of Former U.S. Embassy in Iran.
• White Powder Found at Three Hotels near Super Bowl; Interview with East Rutherford, NJ, Mayor; Amanda Knox Convicted of Murder -- Again; Rodman: I Drink Because I'm Bored
• Keystone Pipeline Report Released; Amanda Knox Found Guilty in Italian Court; Dennis Rodman Speaks Out
• Marijuana and the NFL; Arnie Spanier on Super Bowl; Obama on Marijuana; Merchandise Counterfeiters Cash in on NFL and Super Bowl; Fighting Sex Trafficking at Super Bowl
• Knox In Disbelief At Murder Conviction; Family Of Slain Roommate Reacts To Verdict; Obama: I Believe Sochi Is Safe; Dow Makes Dramatic Slide At Open; Georgia Governor Accepts Blame For Storm Response; $4.5 Million For A 30-Second Super Bowl Ad
• Six Suspicious Letters Found Near Super Bowl; Super Bowl Ad Spotlights Growing Trend; Body Parts In Bags Believed To Be White Man

January 30, 2014
• 10,000 Stranded School Kids Return Home; Atlanta Mayor Defends Storm Preps; Atlanta Baby Born while Stuck in Traffic; Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry; Bush: 2016 Decision to Come Later This Year; Conflicting Reports on Death of Asiana Passenger>
• Atlanta Paralyzed by Snow; Southern Hospitality on Display in Storm; Sochi Bombing Suspects Arrested; GDP Grew Last Quarter of 2013; Atlanta Ice Melts, Blame Game Heats Up; Bieber Charged with Assault in Toronto
• Wisconsin Asks For Help; Super Bowl Ticket Prices; Broker: Super Bowl Ticket Prices Down 20 Percent; Target: Hackers Stole Security Credentials; Beatle-Mania from the Inside; Bombing Suspects Detained Ahead of Olympics
• Bombing Suspects Detained Ahead Of Olympics; Justin Bieber Charged With Assault; Italian Court To Decide Amanda Knox's Fate Again; Governor Deal Apologizes In Fox News Interview; One-Man Rescue Mission Helps Dozens; CDC: Cruise Sets Record For Ill Passengers; Peyton Manning: The Best Of All Time?
• Snowstorm Blame Game Intensifies; Obama Takes His Message to Wisconsin; GOP Governor Meets Obama But Democrat Doesn't; State of the Union Speech; Jeb Bush Talks About Mom and 2016; Presidential Race; Extra Security
• GA Officials Update Storm Response
• Continuation of Georgia Governor's News Conference; Car Recovery; Death Penalty Allowed
• Snow Fallout in Atlanta; Feds Seeking Death Penalty for Boston Bombing Suspect
• Atlanta, the Snowstorm and the Super Bowl; Super Bowl Is Sunday; Woman Gives Birth to Baby at Home With Help of 911 During Snowstorm; CNN's Jake Tapper Interviews Obama; Pope Francis on Cover of "Rolling Stone"; Amanda Knox Found Guilty -- Again
• Report Of Shooting At Eastern Florida State College; Georgia Governor Apologizes For Storm Response; Peyton Manning Throws What?; What Grimm's Threat Says About "Thug" Debate; Beatles' Craze On "Ed Sullivan" 50 Years Ago

January 29, 2014

January 28, 2014
• Stock Market Update; Boehner Slams Obama's Minimum Wage Plan; American Dream; How Can Obama Measure the Middle Class?; 83-Year-Old Nun Faces Life in Prison; Queen Latifah to Sing at the Super Bowl
• Hillary Clinton: I Haven't Driven Since 1996; Obama Lays Out Go-It-Alone Approach; Tom Perkins Apologizes; The Art of the Speech
• President Obama's State of the Union Address; President Obama to Push for Fight Income Equality; 140 Million Now under Winter Advisories; Pete Seeger Dies; Officer Indicted in Ex-Football Player's Death; Officer Indicted in Ex-FAMU Player's Death; Obama Lays Out Go- It-Alone Approach
• Heavy Security Planned At The Super Bowls; Cold, Ice, Snow Target Deep South; Middle Class Still Struggling Five Years Later; Report: NSA Spying Through Angry Birds; Folk Icon Peter Seeger Dead At 94; Sochi Most Corrupt Games Ever?
• Obama to Raise Federal Minimum Wage; State of the Union Speech Tonight; Trailblazers Among Mrs. Obama's Guests; Snow, Ice Move into Deep South; Flights Cancelled; Sen. Reid on State of the Union; State of the Union Speech
• Stepped-Up Security for the Super Bowl; Obama Says He'll Sidestep Congress; Hillary Clinton Hasn't Driven in 1996; Obama's Last SOTU Focused on Immigration Reform; SOTU Filled with Pomp, Pageantry.
• Winter Storm; Super Bowl Security; UNC Academic Failure; Son Hunted by Demons
• Another Winter Blast; Super Bowl Security; Football Team Wants to Join Union
• Prince Sues Fans; College Athletes Seek to Unionize; to Live-Stream State of the Union; Super Bowl Media Day; Apple Drops; Pete Seeger Dies
• Mom: My Son In Haunted By Demons; Report: Shots Fired At Honolulu High School; Obama Raises Federal Minimum Wage To $10.10/Hour For New Federal Contracts; Google Glass Gets Designer Frames; A Look Back At The Beatles

January 27, 2014
• Markets Open After Bad Week; Obama's Speech; Sick Cruise Ship; U.S. Health Officials Inspect Sick Cruise Ship; Leno Opens Up about Conan Switch-Up; Creigh Deeds: "System Failed My Son"
• Investor: Attacking 1 Percent is Like Nazi's Targeting Jews; Rand Paul: "Women are Winning" the War on Women; Broncos, Seahawks Arrive for Super Bowl; Former Teacher's Final Self-Assignment
• Athletes Arrive At Olympics Amid Terror Fears; Police Try To Link Mall Killer, Victims; Snowden: U.S. Officials Want To Kill Me; Jay-Z And Beyonce Kick Off 50th Grammy Awards; Obama's Challenge At State Of The Union; Bitter Cold Closes Schools For Millions; New Home Sales Drop 7 Percent In December
• Benghazi Is Hillary's Biggest Regret; Hillary Still Not Thinking About 2016; Rand Paul Responds To Question On Lewinsky; Work Together Or I'll Act Alone; Small Blast At Manhattan Office Building; What's Happening On Capitol Hill; Rep. Trey Radel Resigning; Mall Reopens in Columbia, Maryland
• Sickness on Cruise Ship; Texas Congressman Controversy; Bitter Winter Blast; New Terror Threat; Housing Market Roars Back; Grammys Host Weddings
• Athletes Arrive at Olympics Amid Terror Fears; FAA Orders Safety Checks on Boeing Aircrafts; Eyeing Markets After Worst Week; The Grammys Highlights; Florida Congressman Radel Resigning; Billionaire Says Attacking Rich Like Targeting Jews; Temps Up to 30 Degrees Below Normal
• U.S. Congressman Resurfaces; Alleged Maryland Mall Shooter's Journal Found; Texas Woman Missing
• Editorial Writer Says Attacks on One-Percenters Like German Nazi Attacks on Jews; UNC May Admit More to Fake-Class Controversy; Hillary Clinton Admits Benghazi Is Biggest Regret as SecState; McCartney, Starr Reunite at Grammys; Another Cruise Ship Outbreak; 2014 May Be Best Year to Ask for Raise; Rosie Guesting on "The View"
• Olympic Torch Going Through Dagestan; Not All On Board With Iranian Nuclear Deal; Obama Hopes State of Union Will Help Him Get Back on Track; Weather is Big Super Bowl Concern.
• Grammys Host Mass Wedding Ceremony; Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Win Top Honors; Race, Rap, Genre Collide At Grammys; Love Breakup In France's Highest Office; Rand Paul: Bill Clinton A "Predator"; Report: "Marlboro Man" Dead From Smoking Illness

January 26, 2014
• Life Support Removed from Brain-Dead Pregnancy Woman; Gunman in Mall Shooting Identified; Temperatures Drop Across Country; Corruption Trial Starts Tomorrow for Ray Nagin; Will President Rely More on Executive Privilege in 2014?; Republicans Start of 2014 Fumbling; The Business of Bruno Mars; Big Stars Snubbed by Grammys; Report Calls NSA Program Illegal; Russian Ambassador: Games Will Be Safe; Super Bowl Monday? Weather Could Make It So
• Maryland Mall Shooter Identified; Energy Costs; Beatles Honored; French President And Partner Separate; Wawrinka Upsets Nadal In Australian Open; Dodger Stadium Freezes Over For Hockey; Big Apple Overshadows Super Bowl Town; 300 Plus Sick On Royal Caribbean Cruise; Rape Suspects Walk Free In Florida; The Beatles' Long And Winding Road
• Beatles Made U.S. Debut 50 Years Ago; Police Release Mall Shooter's Photo; 300-plus Sickened on Royal Caribbean Cruise; Gearing Up for the Grammy's; Political "Extortion"; Skydiving Super Bowl
• A deadly shooting occurred in Howard County, Maryland; Hours ago brain dead and pregnant mother, Marlise Munoz, was removed from machines keeping her alive; Royal Caribbean Passengers Still in Quarantine; Music Stars Gearing Up For Grammys; Predicting Grammy Winners Via Online Trends; Uptick In Lawyer Suicides Alarms Bar Associations Across The Country; Debate Over Richard Sherman's Post- Game Rant Continues; FitNation Contestants For 2014 Revealed
• Photo Released of Columbia Mall Shooter; Woman Forcibly Kept on Life Support, Who Foots the Bill?; Sickness Strikes Cruise Ship; President Obama will Deliver State of the Union Address; The Forgotten Super Bowl City; The Beatles Honored at Grammys
• Updates On Deadly Mall Shooting; Marlise Munoz Taken Off Respirator and Ventilator; Elementary School Teacher Arrested After Potluck Party; Grammy Awards Tonight; Travel Insider, Denver; Customer Rescues Hard-Luck Waitress; The Beatles Long and Winding Road; Miracle Baby Goes Home; Justin Bieber Arrested

January 25, 2014

January 24, 2014
• January Bitter Cold; Russia Extends Snowden's Asylum; JPMorgan CEO Gets Raise Despite Fines; Huckabee Slams Dems for "War on Women"; What's Next for Bieber?
• Dow Headed Lower at Open; Planet Hillary; Pope John Paul's Private Papers; Stock Markets Slide at Open; Bear Scares Couple in California; X Games Athlete Honors Late Brother with Win
• NASCAR Driver Shows off Ft. Lauderdale; Terror Concerns at Winter Olympics; Ex-College Player Suing NCAA for Pay; Bieber Charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest
• RNC Moving 2016 Convention To June; Warning For U.S. Olympic Athletes; Corporate Earnings Spook Investors; Dow Losses; McDonnells Plead Not Guilty; U.S.-Iran Diplomacy; Cairo Bombings
• Bieber's Breathalyzer Results Released; Interview With Mackenzie Phillips; Cheerleader Suing NFL Team
• Court Hearing for Brain-Dead Texas Woman; Iran Says It Will Honor Nuke Deal; Student Shot at South Carolina State University; "Planet Hillary" - Those in Her Political Orbit; Surf Competition Mavericks; FDA Reboots Food Labels; South Sudan Cease-fire
• Feds: Former Governor, Wife Accepted Illegal Gifts From Businessman; Three Dead In Indiana Whiteout, Pileup; Icy Weather Causes More Than 100 Crashes; Five Dead, 30 Missing In Elderly Home Fire
• RNC Moving 2016 Convention to June; Magazine Cover Generates Buzz on Hillary Run; Extra Security for U.S. Olympians
• Hunt For A Killer: Third Body Found In Mystery; Pope Intends To Visit U.S. Next Year; Bieber's Meltdown: What To Tell The Kids?; Athletes Warned: Go Easy On USA Clothing; Full Interview With Richard Sherman Tonight; Barkley On Celebrity Culture And Role Models; Republicans To Hold Early Convention; 56th Grammy Awards Kick Off Sunday
• Full Interview With Richard Sherman Tonight; Barkley On Celebrity Culture And Role Models; Republicans To Hold Early Convention; 56th Grammy Awards Kick Off Sunday

January 23, 2014
• Bieber Arrested for Street Racing and DUI; Watchdog Says NSA Program Illegal, Should End; Is Olympic-Sochi Safe?; Widow: "My Whole World Was Shattered"; Target Slashes 475 Jobs
• Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman Case; Obama Talks Economy; Police: Bieber Smelled of "Alcohol"; White House Downplays Obama's Pot Comments; Dow Slides Lower at Open
• Glenn Beck Talks about Mistakes at Fox; The Business of Being Bruno Mars; NFL's Snow Plan: Change Day of Super Bowl
• Legal Implications From Bieber's Arrest; U.S.: Iranians Spinning Nuke Deal Story; Olympics: Is Sochi Safe?; Fire Rages On After Plant Explosion; Call For New Safety Rules In Car Seats; Widow In Movie Shooting Speaks Out
• Olympics Protected By Ring of Steel; Iran Says No Agreement to Dismantle Nukes; Bieber's Bond Set for $2,500; NSA Spying Program; Interview with Peter King
• Virginia Close to Allowing Same-Sex Marriage; De Blasio Pushes for Free Preschool in NYC; Obama's Foreign Policy Troubles; Mike Huckabee Makes Controversial Comments
• Bieber Busted; Lufthansa Heist Arrest; FaceBook's Sandberg Now a Billionaire
• Justin Bieber Arrested; Can Edward Snowden Come Home?; Olympic Threats
• Are Olympics Worth Risk of Terror Attack?; Huckabee Says Dems Don't Trust Women to Control Libido; Super Bowl to Possibly Change Day; More Reaction to Sherman's Rant; Bill Cosby May Return to TV
• Lava Lake In Hawaii Volcano Explodes; Man Impersonates Missing Texas Boy; Christie e-Election Campaign Subpoenaed; Official: Holder Open To Snowden Resolution; Man Behind "Wolf Of Wall Street" Music; Texting While Driving: Can Teens Be Stopped?

January 22, 2014
• Winter Storm Pounds 80 Million Americans; Northeast Faces Heaviest Snow of Season; New Olympic Threats; Deadly Plane Crash; CNN Crew Gets Roughed Up; New Video Shows Toronto Mayor Inebriated
• Flights Cancellations; Former Governor Accused of Corruption; NFL Player Sorry for Rant; Crash Tests; Small Cars Cruised in Crash Tests; Buffett's Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge; Family Knew Levinson Worked for the CIA
• Congressman: Snowden Worked with Russians; Republican Calls for Christie to Step Down from RGA; NCAA's $800 Billion a Year Business
• Terror Threat Grows In Olympics Run Up; Olympian To Family: Don't Go To Russia, Stay Home; New Video Shows Toronto Mayor Inebriated; Record Snowfalls In Parts of NYC, Philadelphia; Shooting Suspect Being Held Without Bond; Heating Fuel Shortage In Over 12 States; "March For Life" In Washington Today
• Report Of Shots Fired At University Of Oklahoma; Millions Dig Out From Huge Snowstorm; 3,000 Flights Canceled Tuesday; Russia Responding To Olympic Threats; Skater Tells Parents To Skip Olympics; $140,000 In Gifts, Clothes And Bling; GOP Abortion Stance; Former Virginia Governor Indicted
• Fireworks Fly at Syria Peace Talks; Snows Slows Down Busiest Plane Corridor in U.S.; New Interview with NSA Leaker Edward Snowden; Family of Bob Levinson Speaking Out
• Boy Dies in Fire; Record Snowfall in Northeast; Terrorists May be Inside; Movie Theater Widow Speaks
• President Obama on Marijuana; Alleged Terror Plot Foiled in Israel; Winter Blast
• Family Seeks Justice 70 Years After Execution; Second Chemical Leaked Into West Virginia River; Some Colleges Help Pay Student Loans; U.S. Olympic Committee Receives Terror Threat; CNN Reporter Roughed Up By Chinese Police; Former Virginia Governor Indicted Over Gifts; RNC Chair: Christie Safe As Top GOP Governor
• Mother Loses Two Suns to Gunfire, 19 Days Apart; 8-Year-Old Hero Dies Trying to Save Grandfather From Fire; Seahawks' Sherman Holds Press Conference; "Candy Crush" Trademarks Word "Candy" in Europe

January 21, 2014
• Americans at Olympics; Heating Fuel Shortage; Interview with Rep. Michael Grimm; Woman Confronts Former Teacher, Alleged Molester; New Questions about Politician's Background
• Scandals Taint Christie's Inauguration; Search For "Black Widows" Near Olympics; Two New Arrests In Credit Card Fraud Case; Temps To Drop 10-20 Degrees Below Normal For Almost Half of The U.S.; D.C. Government Offices Closed Ahead Of Storm; Propane And Heating Oil Shortages Reported Throughout The Midwest; Two Dead, Four Critically Hurt In Plant Collapse; Family Pleas For U.S. Hostage Release; Poll: 67 Percent Unhappy With Wealth Distribution; 500 Plus Being Treated After Chemical Leak
• How Safe are Americans at Olympics; Christie Inaugural Speech to Focus on Unity; Seahawks Player's Rant Nothing New
• Search for Black Widow Near Olympics; Piles of Snow Expected on East Coast; Travel Woes Amidst Snow Warnings; Scandals Taint Christie's Inauguration; Identity Theft a Concern after Target Hack; Family of U.S. Hostage Begs for Release; Prince Harry Back from South Pole Adventure
• Christie Takes Oath for Second Term
• Christie Takes Oath for Second Term; Perdue University Shooting; Storm Targets East Coast
• Woman Confronts Sexual Abuser; Christie Swearing In Following Re-Election.
• Christie Takes Oath for Second Term, Gives Inaugural Address; Detailing Some of the Problems Facing Chrstie's Administration
• Chris Christie Sworn In; Purdue Says One Person in Custody After Shooting; Russia's Olympic Black Widow Alert; New York Braces for Bitter Cold and Snow; Massive Target East Coast
• Will a Bush, Clinton Dominate Presidential Election; Alleged Purdue University Shooter in Custody; President Obama Talks National Security to "New Yorker"; Dead Man Makes Terror Threats for Sochi Olympics; Texas's Wendy Davis Faces Life Story Scandal
• Shooting at Purdue; Snow and Extreme Cold Expected; Female Bombers in Russia; Japan's Dolphin Slaughter
• Winter Storm; Olympic Threats; Chris Christie Inaugurated
• New Polls Show Christie Drop; Obama To Meet Pope Francis; Russians Hunt "Black Widow" Terrorists; Antarctic-Stranded Scientists Finally Reach Australia; "Super Bowl Indicator" for Stock Market
• Christie Takes Oath Amid Scandal; 85 Richest People Equals Poorest 3.5 Billion; The Real "Wolf Of Wall Street" Speaks Out; One Dead, One In Custody After Purdue Shooting; Study: 40 Plus Percent Of Minority Men Arrested By 23; Student: I Was Suspended For Doing Porn Film

January 20, 2014
• Kim Guadagno Denies Accusations; Interview with Valerie Huttle; Firm Traces Target Malware to Russian Teen; New Jersey Mayor: Christie Withheld Sandy Aid; Amazon Plans to Ship Even before you Buy
• Lieutenant Governor: Mayor's Sandy Claims "False", "Illogical"; New Black Female Comic Makes SNL Debut; Christie's Lt. Gov Denies Sandy Claims
• Will Americans Be Safe In Sochi?; Lt. Governor: Mayor's Sandy Claims "False," "Illogical"; U.S. Asks U.N. To Withdraw Invitation To Iran To Attend Syrian Peace Talks; Report: Six Other Retailers Hit My Malware
• Christie Lt. Gov. to Deny Sandy Claims; Is Sochi Games Safe?; President Obama Opens Up on Issues; Richard Sherman Blows Up After Big Win; Kenneth Bae Urges U.S. to Secure His Release
• Christie Denies Sandy Funds Threat; Christie's Team Fires Back; Interview with Frank Pallone; Obama Speaks To "The New Yorker"; President Obama and First Lady Honor Martin Luther King Day; Can Russia Secure the Olympics?; Olympic Evacuations; Olympic Security
• U.S. on Standby; Christie's Aide Threat; Amazon's New Service; Trash Talk in Seattle
• More Controversy for Chris Christie; Olympic Terrorism Threat; Interview With Kurt Russell
• Kentucky Children's Reopens Without Explanation; Rare Audio of MLK; Jamaican Bobsled Team Can't Afford to Go to Sochi; Sherman Explains Postgame Rant; North Korea Releases Kenneth Bae Confession Vid; More Cold Headed to Northeast; Probe to Land on Comet
• Hoboken Mayor: Christie Aide Made Threat; Court: Killer Inmate Has Right To Sex Change; Jamaican Bobsledders Need Cash For Sochi; Obama: Pot No Worse Than Alcohol
• Hoboken Mayor Accuses Christie Of Withholding Sandy Funds; Obama Gives Unusually Candid Interviews On Race In "New Yorker" Interview; Video Of Kenneth Bae Released; Documentary Film Freedom Summer Included In Sundance Festival

January 19, 2014

January 18, 2014
• California Experiencing Drought; School Shooter Not Yet in Police Custody; President Gives Speech on NSA Reforms; Interview with Congressman Adam Schiff; Governor Chris Christie Attend Fundraiser; Benghazi and New Jersey Bridge Scandals Examined; Cruise Ship Hit with Virus; "Wall Street Journal" Reporters Disappears; Black Female Comedienne Joins Cast of "Saturday Night Live"
• President Gives Speech on NSA Reforms; Governor Chris Christie Attend Fundraiser; Cruise Ship Hit with Virus; Detroit Auto Show Unveils New Car Models; Tesla Motors Issues Recall; CEO of Tesla Motors Interviewed
• Shooting in Colorado School; Christie Fundraising in Florida; NSA Program Proposed Changes
• Christie Raising Cash, Ignoring Critics; DC's Hottest Ticket: First Lady's Party; Biker Beating Victim to Sue NYC; Father Forbidden from Daughter's Funeral; Funeral for Chad Oulson; George Takei, Husband Talk about Newest Project
• President Obama Proposes Reforms at NSA; Special Committee Investigating the Bridge Closing Scandal in New Jersey Issues 20 Subpoenas; Former First Lady Barbara Bush's Message for Jeb; Three Dozen Nuclear Missile Launch Officers Caught Cheating on Proficiency Exam; "Wall Street Journal" Reporter David Byrd Missing; Philadelphia School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody
• "Saturday Night Live" Welcomes the First Female Black Member in Six Years; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Stumping for the Reelection of Fellow Republican Governor; Suspect in Philadelphia School Shooting in Police Custody; AFC and NFC Championship Games Tomorrow; Exclusive Interview with John McAfee
• Two Students Shot in Philadelphia School; Christie Headlines Fund-Raisers in Florida; Wildfire Now 30 Percent Contained; Tea Party Group Wants Boehner Booted; Will Bridge Scandal Hurt Christie in Florida; Obama Moves to Rein in the NSA; AFC And NFC Champs Crowned This Weekend; 49ers And Seahawks Fight For NFC Title; Report: Bill Belichick Wants Pats About Pot; The Return Of Broncos Coach; No Relief In Fire Forecast; Target Breach May Be Tied To Russian Mob; Michelle Obama To Celebrate 50 Tonight; Actress To Receive Honor Of A Lifetime
• Moreno To Receive SAG Lifetime Award; Warrant For School Shooting Suspect; Christie Raising Cash For GOP In Florida; FBI Searching For Missing WSJ Reporter; NSA Data Mining Expires March 28; Clinton, Christie Fighting Scandals; No Driver Needed: Driverless Cars Coming!; Science Behind California Drought; Man Claims Self Defense In Movie Shooting
• Obama Moves to Rein in the NSA; Search for School Shooting Suspect; Christie Headlines Fundraisers in Obama; Polls Show Voters Still Trust Gov. Christie; Obama Puts New Restrains on NSA; Dozens on Cruise Sickened with Stomach Bug; Killing Rhino to Save Them; Is Pope Francis Open to Exorcism?; Interview with John Lithgow and Alfred Molina; First Lady Michelle Obama Turns 50; Man Faces Trial for Flagging Speed Trap

January 17, 2014
• Dow Tries to Claw Back; Apple in China; NSA Reforms; Christie Heads to Florida; Family Sues over Execution; Family to Sue after Execution Takes 25 Minutes; "Duck Dynasty" Ratings Take a Dive; Mutts get Respect at Iconic Dog Show
• Target Breach Tied to Russian Mob; Obama to Unveil NSA Privacy Reforms; Three Arrested for California Wildfire; New Clues in Search of Missing Reporter; Police Believe Hernandez Drove Getaway Car; Prince Harry Takes on New Mission
• Obama to Unveil NSA Reforms; "Rich Hill" Explores the Lives of Three Boys in Missouri; Google Tests "Smart" Contact Lenses
• Reports: Target Breach Tied To Russian Mob; Security Veterans; Thousands Evacuate Wildfire Near Los Angeles; West Virginia Residents Question Water Quality; First Lady: "I'm Fifty And Fabulous"; Is California Ready For The Big One?
• Obama Orders NSA Changes; U.S. Not Spying On Ordinary People; Interview with Sen. Sanders; California Wildfire
• Obama's NSA Proposals; Barbara Bush: Jeb Should Not Run for President; Michelle Obama Turns 50; "Last Days of Vietnam" a Hit at Sundance
• NSA Surveillance Changes; Ohio Execution Raises Controversy; California Drought
• Target Hacked Linked to Malware; Carol Costello On Life After 50; New Reality Show Follows Small Kids Playing Texas Football; Gun Control Stats and Studies Conflict; Family of Northridge Earthquake Baby Reflects on Anniversary
• Obama Announces Surveillance Reports; California In A Drought Emergency; Colby Fire Burns 1,700 Acres, Destroys Five Homes; Investigation Into Dead Georgia Teen's Missing Organs Yields Few Answers; Texas Reporter Wrote About "Dallas Buyers Club"
• Target Breach Linked To Russian Mob?; "Whitey" Bulger Speaks In New CNN Films Documentary; Judge: Dad Accused Of Killing Daughter Is Forbidden From Attending Her Funeral

January 16, 2014
• Chilling Audio Could be Newtown Shooter; Special Committee Officially Starts Bridge Scandal Investigation; Does Christie's Persona Hurt Presidential Hopes?; Best Buy Slammed By Dismal Holiday Sales; Oscar Nominee Winners & Losers
• CDC Warns Pregnant Women; Obama's Hurdles; Pentagon Investigates Disturbing Photos; Amy Adams Talks about Oscar Nod
• NTSB Releases Its 2014 Most Wanted List; Films Fight for Success after Sundance; Obama Summit on Soaring College Costs; Christie Speaks on Hurricane Sandy Recovery
• "American Hustle" "Gravity" Lead Oscar Nods; Oscar Snubs For "The Butler" "Saving Mr. Banks"; Chilling Audio Could Be Newtown Shooter; Obama's Controversial Former Pastor Back In Spotlight, Slams White House; Apple To Refund $32.5M For Kids' Purchases; Families Struggle Without Tap Water In West Virginia
• Dangerous Smog Chokes Beijing; Clinton, Benghazi and 2016; Out- of-Control Fire Near L.A.; Bridge Probe Panel Hires Special Counsel; 10 or 20 Subpoenas Expected Today; Three in Custody in L.A. Area Wildfire; Benghazi Report; Iran Sanctions; Interview with Dan Coats
• Controversies Facing Hillary Clinton; 1,200 Acres, Some Homes Burn Near L.A.; Best Buy, JCPenney Rethinking Long-Term Strategy; John Kerry Statement on Syria; Nuclear Arsenal Scandal Rocks Pentagon
• California Wildfire; Best Actor Nomination; Christie Probe; State of the Union Seating; Interview with Sens. Udall & Murkowski
• Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Seize Much of Fallujah, Ramadi; Military Widow Describes Her Marriage; Harvey Weinstein Wants to Use a Movie to "Destroy" NRA; Chris Christie Tries to Move On
• New Execution Cocktail; Oscar Nominations; Violence in Iraq
• Tiger Kills Seven People In India; Supermarket Shooting Leaves Three Dead; The End Of Shopping As We Know It?; Professor To Company Behind Spill: "To Hell With You"

January 15, 2014
• Christie Vows to Restore Trust; Christie Speech; Answers from Target; Senators to Target's CEO: We Want Answers; Cash Pours in for Wendy Davis; Bieber's Hollywood Mansion Raided
• 15 People Cooperating in Benghazi Investigation Have Been Killed; West Virginia Water Disaster Enters Seventh Day; Which is to Blame: Gun Laws or "Text Rage"?; Season 5 of "Duck Dynasty" to Premiere; Dumping on the Dress
• Police Suspect May Have Warned Schoolmates; New Video Shows Crews Were Alerted To Teen; Has Snowden Forced NSA Changes?; Leahy: Programs Don't Justify Privacy Intrusion; Family Files Suit In North Carolina Police Shooting; Obama: I'm Not Waiting For Congress
• Senator Skips Obama Speech; Christie's Bully Rating Improves; Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday; Christie's Scandal Subpoena Vote Thursday; Jobless Benefit Extension On Hold; Proof of Life: Video of Sergeant Bo Bergdahl; Captive U.S. Soldier; Live Coverage of Obama's Speech
• Obama Talks Job Creation, Businesses in N.C.; Newt Gingrich Talks Obama, Christie, Elections; Appeals Court Tosses FCC Rules for Internet Providers; Michelle Obama Turning 50
• Middle School Shooting; Acetaminophen Warning; Senate Benghazi Report; Security for Super Bowl; Florida Pill Addicts
• Supermodel Defends ATV Baby Photo; "Captain Sully" Speaks On Fifth Anniversary Of "Miracle On The Hudson River"; Apple To Refund $32.5M For Kids' In-App Purchases; Dad Finds His Two Kids Dead In Florida Home, Allegedly Killed By His Ex-Wife; Obama Talks Economy In North Carolina; Fallon And Springsteen Tweak Christie; Poll: Christie Still Strong In New Jersey
• Miracle on Hudson Remembered; Lawmaker Proposes Execution by Firing Squad
• Seinfeld Cast Spotted; 50 and Fabulous; "Duck Dynasty" Returns Tonight; Teen Survives Asiana Crashed, Killed by Fire Truck; Roswell School Shooting Press Conference
• New Video Shows Death of Teen; New Mexico School Shooting Injures Two; Interview with West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey; Retired Police Shoots Man over Texting; Texas Court to Decide Pregnant Life Support Case

January 14, 2014
• Christie's State of the State; West Virginia Demands Answers; Official: Charges in IRS Scandal "Unlikely"; Farrows Diss Woody Allen Tribute; Alex Rodriguez Sues MLB and Players Union
• Violence Rages in Iraq; Freedom Industries under Federal Investigation; Beyonce: "Gender Equality is a Myth"; Hula Hoop Camera Captures Cheerleaders
• Christie, Bridgegate and "Brand Management"; Why Did A Retired Officer Snap Over A Text?; Family Of Pregnant Woman On Life Support To Take Legal Action Against Hospital This Week; Hillary Clinton's Rough Road In Iowa; American Journalist Kicked Out Of Russia; Critics Slam Government Headed By Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki
• Christie to Give State of the State; Suspect in Custody After School Shooting; Texting Dispute Ends in Fatal Shooting, Suspect in Court; Toxic Water Concerns; Budget in Congress
• Middle School Shooting; Chris Christie Speech; Third Person in Cockpit; 7-Eleven Hostage Standoff; West Virginia Water
• Homeless Man's Mom On Fullerton Acquittal: Officers "Got Away With Murdering My Son"; Deputies Search Justin Bieber's Home; Study: Childless Marriages Are Happier; Why Peyton Manning Shouted "Omaha!"
• Chris Christie's State of the State Address; President Obama Meets With Miami Heat
• Christie Addresses "Bridgegate" Before NJ Legislature; Another Suspended in Southwest Airlines Wrong-Airport Landing; Shooting at New Mexico Middle School; Retiree Who Shot Texting Man Makes First Court Appearance; Bieber's Home Raided for Egg-Throwing Felony; WV State A.G. Says There Will Be Consequences in Chemical Spill if Laws Broken; Hillary Clinton Has Political Work to Do in Iowa
• Chris Christie Schedule To Speak About "Bridgegate"; Shocking Report Claims U.S. Government And Notorious Mexican Drug Cartel Have Been Secretly Working Together; World's Richest 300 People Have Added More Than $500 Billion To Their Fortunes; Interview With Democratic Congressman Rush Holt Of New Jersey
• Father Killed Over Text; Freedom Industries Under Federal Investigation; Christie Scandals Dwarf Annual Speech; Delayed Response to Mall Carjacking?; Madeleine McCann Search Narrows to Three People; Japan Company to Buy Jim Beam

January 13, 2014
• Jobs Shock Lingers; Iran Nuke Deal; Sandy Funds Probe; Interview with Lawrence Messina; West Virginia May Designate Safe Water-Use "Zones"; Gates' Book Rips Obama's War Leadership
• Iran in Focus as Uranium Deadline Nears; Hits and Misses at the Golden Globes; Support for Legal Weed Soaring; Retail Giants Hijacked by Hackers
• Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport; West Virginia May Designate Safe Water Use "Zones"; Rodman Apologizes Again; A-Rod's Attorney's To File Suit Today Fighting His Suspension From Baseball; Supreme Court Declines To Hear Arizona Abortion Appeal, Law Is Struck Down; Feds Probe Christie's Use Of Sandy Aid
• Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport; West Virginia's 300,000 Residents Still Without Safe Water; Feds Probe Christie's Use of Sandy Aid; Americans Warned on Sochi Travel; Golden Globes, Full of Laughs, Surprises; GM Sweeps Top Honors at Detroit Auto Show
• Possibly More Trouble For New Jersey Governor; Plane Lands At Wrong Airport; Tap Water Safe To Drink In Some Areas; Republicans React To Christie Scandal; High Court Rejects Abortion Law Appeal; Battle in High Court; Water Ban Slowly Lifting
• Ariel Sharon Honored in Memorial Service; Push for New U.S. Sanctions Could Derail Iran Nuclear Deal; Robert Gates Defends Memoir; Dennis Rodman Leaves North Korea, Apologies for Tirade; Alex Rodriquez Fighting Game Ban; Baby Panda to Make Debut.
• Wrong Airport Landing; Feds Investigate Christie; First Water Zone Lifted
• Seahawks Blocks NFC Ticket Sales In California; "Lone Survivor" A Box Office Champ; Year Of The Woman: GM To The Golden Globes; Fourth Place Skater Makes U.S. Olympics Team; One Dead, One Missing And Presumed Dead After Falling Into River To Save Phone; Protests Over Pregnant Mom On Ventilator
• More Troubles for Chris Christie; Plane Lands at Wrong Airport
• Christie Faces Federal Probe; Thousands Apply to Travel to Mars; Fashion at the Golden Globes; Hillary Clinton Kept "Enemies" List; Wrong-Landing Plane Attempts Takeoff from Tiny Airport

January 12, 2014
• Report: Majority Of Congress Are Millionaires; Rodman's Teammate Has "No Regrets"; Fan Sues Over Pricey Super Bowl Tickets; Job Growth Much Weaker Than Expected; Car Industry Has Best Year Since 2007; Stars Ready For Golden Globe Awards; Feds Recognize Same-Sex Marriages In Utah
• 300,000 West Virginians Still Without Clean Water; President Obama Expected To Outline NSA Reforms This Week; Anonymous Bidder Pays $350,000 Black Rhino Hunting Permit; Former NBA Player Charles Smith Speaks Out About North Korea Trip; FTC Watching Over Four Dietary Companies For False Advertising; A-Rod Filing Petition In Federal Court
• Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals; Frustration Growing over Toxic Water; Obama to Announce Plan for NSA Reforms; Christie Bridge Scandal Widens; Penn. Police Hunt For Road Rage Killer; Smith: "No Regrets" On N. Korea Trip; Man Sues Over Super Bowl Sticker Shock
• Still No Clean Tap Water After Leak; Former NBA Star Says No Regrets on North Korea Trip; Former Defense Secretary Defends Memoir; Storms, High Winds Slam Parts of South; Christie Faces More Scrutiny; Pot Tours a Hit in Denver; Marijuana-Related Stocks Booming; Violence in Iraq Gets Worse; "Lone Survivor" Opens up about New Movie; Golden Globe Awards Tonight
• Was The War Worth It?; America's Drinking Problem; Political Panel Discusses Obama's Plans To Change NSA's Surveillance Programs; The Politics Of Voting For Baseball Hall Of Famers
• McCain: Send David Petraeus Back To Iraq; How Will Obama Reform The NSA?; When Can Residents Use Their Water Again?; Detroit Auto Show to Unveil Latest Cars; Golden Globe Red Carpet; Top Movies and TV Series of the Week; Apple to Sell in China

January 11, 2014
• Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Dies; Documents Released Regarding Bridge Closing Scandal in New Jersey; Effect of Scandal on Governor Christie's Political Career Debated; Colorado Opens Tours of Cannabis Dispensaries; Bullied Transgender Teen Charged with Battery; NFL Playoffs Continue; NFL Quarterback Andrew Luck Interviewed
• 300,000 Don't have Clean Tap Water; Ariel Sharon Dies at Age 85; Police Hunt for Road Rage Killer; Christie Trying to Get Out from Scandal; Rodman Apologizes For North Korea Rant; Fan-Induced Earthquake At NFL Playoff Game?; Who Will Lindsey Vonn's Olympic Absence Hurt?; Deadly Fighting Intensified In Iraq; Hunters Club Says Money Will Help Rhinos; National Zoo's Panda Cub To Debut Next Week; Which Stars Will Win Golden Globes?
• Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Dies; Documents Released Regarding Bridge Closing Scandal in New Jersey; Colorado Employees May Still be Terminated for Legal Marijuana Use; Alex Rodriguez Suspended for One Season; Consumer Electronics Show Features New Technology
• A-Rod Suspended For 162 Games; Neiman Marcus Faces Hacking Problem; New Jersey Bridge Scandal Growing; Still No Clean Water For West Virginia's Citizens; Dennis Rodman Apologizes For Bizarre Interview; Dallas Safari Club Faces Criticism For Rhino Hunting Bid
• Official: Toxic Tap Water May Last Days; Arbitrator Reduced A- Rod Suspension to 162 Games; Neiman Marcus: We May Have Been Hacked; Documents Do Not Show Christie Had Any Role in Bridge Scandal; Are Rich People, Politicians Out of Touch?; Spying Cars for Government Taxes; Teen with Schizophrenia Killed by Police; Life and Death Debate Over Pregnant Woman on Life Support; Controversy Over Cussing Toddler in Video
• Auction to Kill Rare Black Rhino; Toxic Tap Water for 300,000 Residents
• Neiman Marcus Investigates Breach; Outrage Grows Over Water Contamination; FEMA Sending 75 Water Trucks To State; Ariel Sharon Dies At Age 85; Rodriguez Suspension Reduced To 162 Games; Feds Now Investigating Bridge Backup Caused By Chris Christie's Top Aides; Mom Defends Cursing Toddler; Family Claims Sex Assault Changes Dismissed Because Of Man's Political Connections; New Gadgets That Might Be A "Dud"; Mentally Ill Teen Killed By Police
• A-Rod's Suspension Reduced to 162 Games; West Virginia Tainted Tap Water Crisis; Neiman Marcus Reports Possible Cyber Hack; New Documents Released in Christie Scandal; Hunters Will Bid to Kill a Black Rhino; New Businesses Bank on Weed; Neiman Marcus Investigating Breach; Santana Jams with Homeless Ex-Bandmate; Which Movies Will Win Golden Globes
• Toxic Tap Water May Last Days; A-Rod Fights Suspension; Another Retailer Reports Hacking; Interview with Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson
• A-Rod Suspended For 162 games; Neiman Marcus Faces Hacking Problems; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Revives 80s Law Legalizing Medical Marijuana; West Virginians Still Lack Clean Water After Accident; Christie Bridge Scandal Grows; Is the Christie Brand Damaged by Bridge Scandal?; Placebo Effect May Super-Charge Meds; Hottest Talkers of the Week; Al Qaeda Linked Violence in Iraq?

January 10, 2014
• Jobless Claims Vote Hits Snag in Senate; Schools, Courts Closed after Chemical Spill; Swearing Toddler's Mom Defends Herself
• Job Growth Slows, But Jobless Rate Falls; Target Breach Expands to 70 Million; Thousands Scramble to Find Water in West Virginia; Chris Christie's Bridge Woes Continues; Light Sentence in Sexual Assault Case Criticized; Business Owner: Traffic Jam Hurt Business
• Traffic Jam Hurt Business; December Jobs; Christie's Mea Culpa; Nine Flu Deaths in San Francisco Bay Area; Yelp Website Ordered to Reveal Sources' Identities
• Bridge Document Release Moments Away; Chemical Taints Water In Part Of West Virginia; Hiring Slows To A Crawl; Christie Sued Over Traffic Slowdown; Feds Recognize Utah Same-Sex Marriages; Obama Administration Fired Web Site Contractor; Christie's Popularity Hit By Scandal; Chemical Taints Water; Christie Loses Ally
• Payback Politics in Spotlight; Unanswered Questions Remain on Christie, Bridgegate; Jobs Report Short of Expectations; Jobless Benefits Hit Snag in Senate; Target Data Breach Bigger Than Thought; How Cigarette Advertising Has Changed
• NJ Releases "Bridgegate" Docs; Christie, Aides Named in Class- Action Suit; Dallas Safari Club Auctions Chance to Kill Black Rhino; PA Police Search for Road Rage Killer; Target Revises Hacking Total to 70 Million
• West Virginia Water Contamination; Fallout from New Jersey Bridge Scandal; Sperm Switched for Couple Who Used In Vitro; Winter Olympics Security Concerns
• Christie Scandal; Dying Teacher's Road Trip
• White House Reacts To Dismal Jobs Growth; Bridge Jam Documents To Be Released Today; Legal Concerns Mounting For Christie; 200K Told Not To Drink, Bathe, Wash Clothes; New: Target Breach Expands To 70 Million; American Imprisoned In UAE Returns Home
• Take Pregnant Woman Off Ventilator?; Vin Diesel Meeting With Studio, Actors To Discuss Future Of "Fast And Furious"; Fey, Poehler: Globes' First Ladies Of Comedy; Police Union Backs Cop Who Shot 100- Pound Man

January 09, 2014

January 08, 2014
• Trade Opens Mixed; Too Big to Jail; Avalanche in Colorado; Passengers Stranded; JetBlue Passengers Stranded Until Tomorrow; Statue of Satan Proposed for Oklahoma Capitol; Celebrities Perform for Repressive Regimes; UTEP Sports Gambling Scandal
• Gates Book Rips Obama's War Leadership; Rodman Celebrates Kim Jong-Un's Birthday; Private Payrolls Beat Economist Estimates; NYC Officers Charged with Disability Scam
• The War on Poverty, 50 Years Later; JetBlue Blames New FAA Pilot Rest Rules; Mindy Kaling Not Thin Enough for Cover?; College Athletes Read at Elementary School Level; Finding Humor in Freezing Temperatures
• Egypt's Morsy Doesn't Show Up For Trial; Gates Slams Obama In New Book; Price Of Deep Freeze; Navy Chopper Down And Search Underway; Bae Family Appalled By Rodman; Stars Who Performed For Dictators; Obama And Biden Meet For Lunch; Obama & Biden Meet for Lunch; JP Morgan Fallout; Utah Same-Sex Marriage; Cost of Deep Freeze; FTC Crackdown
• Robert Gates' Memoir A Bombshell; Successes And Failures Examined On 50th Anniversary Of War On Poverty; Stocks See Mixed Rating Amongst Possible Recovery In Labor Market; Interview With Rep. Eliot Engel of New York; White House Presser Coverage
• White House Response; Baseball Hall of Fame
• Gitmo-Freed Terrorist May Have Participated in Benghazi Attack; Rodman Sings "Happy Birthday" to Kim; Other Celebrity Performances for Dictators; New Movie, "Philomena," Tells Story of Woman's Search for Child Taken from Her; Fan Sues NFL Over Super Bowl Ticket Pricing; Gabby Giffords Skydives on Shooting Anniversary; Polar Vortex Recedes
• Chris Christie Under Fire; Former Defense Secretary Criticizes President Obama
• Gates' Book Rips Obama's War Leadership; Sister Of Imprisoned American Speaks Out While Rodman Celebrates In North Korea; High Temps At Or Above Average By Saturday; Petition Urges Southwest To End SeaWorld Deal; Yahoo CEO Lays Out Future For Website
• Girl Arrested Attempting To Stop SeaWorld Float; Fed Minutes: Policymakers Say Benefits Of Fed's Stimulus Outweigh The Costs; Top Christie Aides Tied To Bridge Closure; New Book Takes On Fox News Chief

January 07, 2014
• JP Morgan Settlement; N.J. Dream Act; Benefits Fight; SNL Adds Black Female Cast Member; Dow Jumps Over 100 Points at Open
• JPMorgan to Pay $1.7 Billion in Madoff Settlement; Senate Prepares for Benefits Vote; Steubenville Rapist Freed; JetBlue was Denied Pilot Rest Rules Extension; Consumer Electronics Show Kicks Off Today
• Cold Cripples Much Of U.S.; Senate Moves Ahead On Jobless Debate; Major Shift On Marijuana; Churches Sheltering Homeless From Bitter Cold; Senate Moves Ahead In Jobless Debate; Al Qaeda Worrying U.S. and Iran
• Angry, Emotional Interview of Dennis Rodman; White House Reaction to Rodman Outburst; Senate Votes to Extend Unemployment Benefits; Christie Signs New Jersey's "Dream Act"; Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Pot
• Below Freezing Temps; Flight Delays and Cancellations; Rodman Erupts
• Dangerous Winter Weather; Dennis Rodman Speaks Out
• Passengers Stuck on Amtrak Trains; Cop Shoots, Kills Schizophrenic Teen; Robert Gates Slams Obama Administration in New Book; Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Promote New Movie
• JetBlue Flights Stopped for 17 Hours; Amtrak Passengers Stranded on Trains; Rodman Lashes Out on Interview; Senate to Vote on Jobless Benefits; U.S. Ramps Up Support to Iraqi Government; JP Morgan to pay $1.7 Billion Over Madoff Scam
• All 50 States See Below Freezing Temps; Stuck Passenger: It Was Like Purgatory; Cold Could Be Deadly For The Homeless; Police: Toddler Video Shows "Thug" Cycle; Senate Votes To Debate Jobless Aid; CNN Poll: Majority Think Pot Should Be Legal; "SNL" Hires First Black Comedienne In Six Years
• Why Did JetBlue Stop Flights For 17 Hours?; Five Hundred Plus Passengers Stranded On Train; Brain Dead Girl In "Very Bad" Shape; Fifty Five Percent Of Americans Think Pot Should Be Legal; Close Vote Expected On Jobless Benefits; Ex-Viking Kluwe Slams "Bigot" And "Cowards"

January 06, 2014
• Winter Weather Hits Country; New FAA Rules Slowing Airlines; Brain-dead Girl Released; LaBeouf Blames Plagiarism Woes on Drug; Colorado Plane Crash Kills Co-Pilot
• Cheney Ends Senate Bid, Cites Family Health; New York Post Cover Sparks Outrage; Some GOP Back Unemployment Deal; Supreme Court Blocks Utah Same-Sex Marriage
• "Polar Vortex" Hits U.S. With Bitter Cold; Obama, Congress Face Off On Unemployment; Nightmare 3,000 Plus Flights Canceled; Iraq's Bloody Battle With Al Qaeda; CDC: Twenty Five States Report Widespread Flu
• Bone-Chilling Cold Sweeps U.S.; Utah's Same-Sex Marriage Halted; Obama's 2014 To-Do List; More Than 1,300 Flights Canceled Today; Liz Cheney Drops Senate Bid; Clinton Considering Campaign; No U.S. Troops to Iraq
• Kerry On Iraq; Coldest Temps in 20 Years; Flu Outbreak Spreads Across U.S.; Obama Pushes For Benefits Extension; Senate To Vote On New Fed Boss; Obama Prepares NSA Reform; Rodman In North Korea
• Historic and Life-Threatening Cold; Flights Grounded; Cold Hits the Country; Tabloid Accused of Glorifying a Killing; MMA Fighter Fends Off Attackers
• Record Low Temperatures; Hillary Clinton's Shadow Campaign?; McDonald's Diet
• Polar Vortex Freezes Part of U.S.; Liz Cheney Quits Senate Race; Montana's Schweitzer May Run for Presidency; Supreme Court Halts Utah Gay Marriage; Janet Yellen Set to Become First Female Chair of Fed; Rodman Goes to North Korea; BCS Championship Tonight; Jerry Coleman Dead
• Dangerous Record-Low Temps Hit U.S.; Nightmare across U.S. Airports; Liz Cheney Drops out of Senate Race; Obama, Congress Face Off on Unemployment; The Dos and Don'ts of New Pot Law in Colorado

January 05, 2014
• Artic Blast About To Sweet Across U.S.; Catholic Priest Found Dead In Eureka, California; U.S. Marine Corps Delays Deadline For New Physical Requirements; Coroner's Report Rules Paul Walker's Death An Accident; Rock 'n' Roll Legend Phil Everly Dead; Michael Schumacher Still In Coma; Vitamin E Said To Help Alzheimer's Patients
• Record-Breaking Weather Affecting Two Thirds of America; NFL Playoff Between Green Bay and San Francisco, coldest NFL Game in History; Governor Andrew Cuomo, said to Announce an Executive Order; Jahi McMath will Move to Community Center
• Polar Blast Barrels Across U.S.; NFL Playoffs in Frigid Temps; Bracing for Cold Temperatures; Congress Back to Work; New York Governor to Legalize Medical Marijuana?; GOP Governors Aim to Rescue Their Party; Plane Lands on Bronx Highway; South Won't Escape Bitter Cold; Hawaii Girl Dies after Dental Procedure; Poor Families Struggle to Stay Warm; New Mayor Shovels Out of First Big Snow
• One of the Coldest Games in NFL History; Groups Help Homeless Survive Bitter Cold; Will Congress Be Productive in 2014? New York Could Make Medical Pot Legal; Charlie Crist Running as Democrat; Plane Crashes at Aspen Airport; NSA Developing Super Computer?; NSA super computer Super Bowl of Electronics Happening in Vegas. College football races to Championships; Staying safe and battle in deep freeze
• One of the Coldest Games in NFL History; Groups Help Homeless Survive Bitter Cold; Will Congress Be Productive in 2014? New York Could Make Medical Pot Legal; Charlie Crist Running as Democrat; Plane Crashes at Aspen Airport; NSA Developing Super Computer?; NSA super computer Super Bowl of Electronics Happening in Vegas. College football races to Championships; Staying safe and battle in deep freeze
• Packers Faces 49ers in Cold Weather; Millions Brace for Bitter Cold; Congress Back to Work; Millions Unemployed with No Check; Vote Monday for New Fed Reserve Chair; New York Could Make Medical Pot Legal; NSA Unit Can Watch All Your Online Movies; Playing on a Frozen Field
• Record-Breaking Weather Affecting Two Thirds of America; NFL Playoff Between Green Bay and San Francisco, coldest NFL Game in History; Governor Andrew Cuomo, said to Announce an Executive Order; Jahi McMath will Move to Community Center
• when Will Arctic Blast Go Away?; Will Congress Be Productive in 2014? Super Bowl of Electronics Happening in Vegas; New York Could Make Medical Pot Legal; One Dead in Aspen Plane Crash; Packers-49ers versus the Cold; Sole Survivor's Guilt; Political New Year's Resolutions; College Football Championship Rages On; Season's Long Awaited Shows Come Back; S&P 500 Could Herald 2014 Bull Market

January 04, 2014
• Cold Temperatures Hit Parts of U.S.; Green Bay Playoff Game Possibly Coldest in NFL History; Girl Declared Brain-Dead after Tonsillectomy; Family of NFL Player who Committed Murder-Suicide Suing NFL; Religious Groups File for Exemption Under Obamcare Provisions for Contraception Coverage
• Cold Temperatures Hit Parts of U.S.; Possible NSA Super Computer Examined; Crime Down in Many Major U.S. Cities
• Arctic Blast Freezes Nearly Half of Nation; NSA Denies Spying on Members of Congress; Brain Injury Cases Raise Ethical Issues; Suspect in Priest Killing Jailed Hours Before; Massive Snow Storms, Cold Sweep U.S.; MSNBC Host Apologizes to Mitt Romney's Family; Does P.C. Halt Conversation on Tough Issues?
• Arctic Blast to Hit Half the U.S.; Paul Walker's Official Autopsy Released; Pot Buyers Brave Winter Storm; Enforcing New Pot Laws in Colorado; Wanted Man Who Faked Suicide Found Alive; Warren Weinstein's Family Hopes for His Release; Accused Priest Killer Jailed Hours Before Crime; Was NFL Player Cut for Same-Sex Marriage Views?; Poor Families Struggle to Stay Warm
• Arctic Weather Sweeps Across U.S.; Popular Catholic Priest Murdered in Eureka, California; U.S. Marine Corps Delays Deadline for New Physical Requirements; Final Coroner's Rreport on Paul Walker's Death; Rock'n'Roll Legend Phil Everly Passes Away; Al-Qaeda Rises in Iraq
• Arctic Blast Freezes Nearly Half of Nation; 300 People Skip Customs in JFK Security Mixup; New Year, New You?; Paul Walker's Death Ruled Accident By Coroner; A Look At The Downton Abbey Home; New York's Governor Set To Announce Executive Order Allowing Limited Medical Marijuana Usage
• Boston Struggling with Bitter Cold; New York Digging out from Blizzard; Report: Paul Walker Died soon after Crash; Pot Sales Rake in More than $1 Million; : Packers Giving Fans Free Hot Drinks; Historic Cold Expected For Playoff Game; Fans Go Sledding In Fenway Park; Dr. Gupta: Brain Death Is Irreversible; Death Certificate Issued For Brain Dead Girl; Newspapers Call For Snowden Clemency; Olympic Security Concerns After Bombings
• A Cold Snap Beyond Ordinary; Boston Digging Out from Mounds of Snow; NSA Developing Encryption-Busting Computer; Al Qaeda Linked Groups on Rise in Iraq
• Olympic Security Concerns After Bombings; Monster Storm Turns Deadly; New York Digging Out From Blizzard; Boston Struggling With Bitter Cold; Arctic Blast To Hit Half Of the U.S.; Blast Near U.S. Military Base In Kabul; Barbara Bush Leaves Hospital Today; Death Certificate For Brain Dead Girl; Report: Paul Walker Died Soon After Crash; Kerry Working On Framework For Peace Deal Between Israel and Palestinians; Viewers Share Their Storm Stories; Staying Safe And Warm In Deep Freeze; Accused Priest Killer Jailed Hours Before Crime; Formula One Icon In Coma After Skiing Accident; Agreement On Brain Dead Girl's Transfer
• Artic Blast About To Sweep Across U.S.; Catholic Priest Found Dead In Eureka, California; U.S. Marine Corps Delays Deadline For New Physical Requirements; Coroner's Report Rules Paul Walker's Death An Accident; Rock 'n' Roll Legend Phil Everly Dead; Michael Schumacher Still In Coma; Vitamin E Said To Help Alzheimer's Patients

January 03, 2014
• Coverage of Mayor Updating NYC Response to Snowstorm; Blackout Looms for Packers; From the Frontlines of the Storm
• Storm Pounds 100 Million as It Hits Northeast; Life-Threatening Cold Cripples Midwest; 1/3 of the Nation In Path of Huge Winter Storm
• Storm Pounds Northeast; Stocks Hesitate; Obamacare Ruling; How Ruling could Impact Obamacare; Original Cheerios Goes GMO-Free; Ex- Viking Slams "Bigot" and "Cowards"; Storm Pounds as it Hits Northeast
• Boston Slammed with 15 Inches of Snow; Blizzard Blasts New York, and Massachusetts and Coast; 100 Million People in Storm Zone; Bitter Cold to Last Several Days; Packers Game May Get Record Cold Temps; Sub-Zero Temperatures; Packers Game; Birth Control Mandate; Interview with Green Bay Mayor
• Dangerous Cold, Heavy Snow Hit East Coast; Flights Cancel Due to Weather; Interview with Packers Quarterback Bart Starr; Female Marines Unable to Meet Minimum Fitness Requirements
• Winter Storm Hits the Country; Pot Retailers Enter New Territory; Al Qaeda Militants Threaten Iraq
• Paul Walker Autopsy Report Released; Winter Wallop; Doctor Missing
• Winter Storm Brings Snow and Winds; AT&T and T-Mobile Battle for Customers; Two Users Sue Facebook; Netflix Drops Some Movies, Adds Others; NFL Player Says He Was Fired for Supporting Same-Sex Marriage; California Man Claims Mega Millions; Pope Francis Draws Vatican Visitors; Automakers Post Strongest Sales in Six Year; Clay Aiken Considering Congressional Run
• Blizzard Warnings In Parts Of New York; One in Three Americans Hit By Nor'Easter; 100 Million Feel Wrath Of Winter Storm; Report: 1,752 U.S. Flights Canceled Today; Man Rescued From Icy Lake; Ex- Vikings Punter Slams Coaches, GM
• Wind Chill Could Dip To Negative 30 Degrees; NFL Fans Face Potential Cold Weather Dangers; Mental Patient Captured After Escaping Hospital; Marines Delay 3-Pull Up Requirement For Women; Did SeaWorld Impact Blackfish Poll Results?

January 02, 2014
• First Trading Day of 2014; Massive Nor-Easter; Snowden's Clemency; Barbara Bush in Hospital; Recreational Pot Flies off Colorado Shelves
• Massive Nor'Easter Headed For East Coast; Massive Winter Storm Slams The Midwest; Antarctica Rescue Mission Complete; Newspapers Push For Snowden's Clemency; Well Wishers Urge Barbara Bush Recovery; North Dakota Railway Reopens After Crash; Kerry Arrives In Mideast For Peace Talks; Group Says Snapchat Hack Was Meant To "Raise Public Awareness" Of Security Risk; Banker Declared Dead, Nabbed In $21M Fraud
• Newspapers Push for Snowden's Clemency; Macy's, Martha Stewart Settle Lawsuit; Time Magazine's User Guide to 2014; Alabama QB's Bond with Fellow Student
• Jobless Claims Fall More Than Expected; Millions Brace for Massive Winter Storm; Newspapers Push for Snowden's Clemency; Antarctica Rescue Mission Complete; Snapchat Hacked, User Info Leaked Online
• New York Bracing for Nor-Easter; Blizzard Warnings Posted for Long Island; 22 Crew Members Remain on Frozen Ship; "New York Times" Urges Clemency for Snowden; Colorado Pot Sales; Democrats See Liberal Resurgence; Nor'easter to Hit Boston & New York
• Two Major Storms in U.S. to Collide on East Coast; Storms Affecting Travel; Tracking the Storm Paths; Two Newspapers Support Clemency for Edward Snowden; Priest Murdered in California; More Controversy for "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson.
• Winter Storms; Marijuana in Colorado; Dead Banker Captured
• Winter Weather; Marijuana Tourism?; Suspect Named in Priest's Murder
• Snow Closes Logan International; Can Hackers Be Stopped? LZ Granderson Says Red Lobster's Problems Linked to Income Inequality and Minimum Wage; Antarctic-Stranded Russian Ship Passengers Rescued; Man Steals Brains From Museum; Family Watches Over Internet As Loved One Dies in Hospital; Crack-Smoking Mayor Files for Re-Election Run; Woman Receives Package for Obama Girls' Godmother
• Nearly 100 Million People In Storm's Path; Parents Of Murdered Teen Forgive Killer; Two Major Papers Push Clemency For NSA Leaker; CNN Anchor's Secret Health Battle; Shia Labeouf's Bizarre Apology Campaign

January 01, 2014
• Obama Hopeful for 2014; Supreme Court Halts Obamacare Rule; Zappos Tries Holocracy; MSNBC Host is Sorry for Mocking Romneys; Residential Building Fire near Minneapolis; Ringing in 2014 on an Ice- Locked Ship
• Blackout Looming for Packers Playoff Game; Pot Sales Now Legal in Colorado; Ringing in 2014 in an Ice-locked Ship; Antarctic Rescue Attempt Delayed; Full-time Worker's Emotional Struggle; Why 2014 Could Bring Lower Gas Prices
• Barbara Bush Hospitalized; Justice Sotomayor Blocks Part of Health Care Law; New Year's Day Bowl Games; Pot Sales Now Legal In Colorado; Pope Turns to Hopes, Challenges of 2014
• New New York City Mayor's Swearing In and Speech
• Liberal NYC Mayor De Blasio Sworn In; Obamacare Kicks in Starting Today; Barbara Bush Hospitalized; Kim Jung-Un New Year's Speech Warns U.S.
• Minneapolis Apartment Fire; Snow Forecast; Nixing Buggy Rides; Pot Shops Open; James Avery Dies; Sotomayor Forces Obamacare Defense; Barbara Bush In Hospital
• Minneapolis Fire Update; New Mayor of New York Sworn In; Pot Legal in Colorado
• Life on Minimum Wage; Putin Visits Volgograd Survivors; Kim Jong-un Calls U.S., South Korea "War Maniacs"; Chicago Violence Down; Claire Davis Memorial; Jovan Belcher's Mother Sues Chiefs; Barbara Bush Hospitalized; Russian Ship May Soon Be Rescued; Dubai Sets Fireworks Record; Packers May Be Blacked Out -- In Green Bay; Aaron Rodgers Denies Gay Rumors
• Apartment Building On Fire In Minneapolis; Barbara Bush Hospitalized; Obamacare: Court Backs Church Challenge; Snowstorm Targets Midwest, Northeast; Investigators To Visit Train Crash Site; De Blasio Takes Oath As New York Mayor; "Fast & Furious" Gun Used In Shootout; 13 Injured In Fire At Minneapolis Apartment Building
• Barbara Bush's "Respiratory Related Issue"; CNN Retraces Racing Star's Skiing Accident; WDSU: Brad Pitt Charity Replaces Wood In Houses It Built That Began Rotting; Groom Could Face Charges In Newlywed's Death; What Will The Economy Do In 2014?; Same Sex Wedding At The Rose Parade; Pop Music Predictions For 2014

December 31, 2013
• Colorado Schools Have a Pot Problem; Consumer Confidence Rebounds in December; 21 Days to Forgive
• New York Ramps Up New Year's Eve Security; Arctic Freeze Moves In For New Year's Eve; Residents Evacuated After Fiery Train Crash; Chopper Rescue Planned For Ice Bound Ship; Consumer Confidence Rebounds In December; Final Hours Before Colorado Pot Sales; Boss Of Botched Obamacare Site Retires; Target: Some Gift Cards Not Fully Activated; The NSA's Secret And Elite Spy Unit
• Obamacare Deadline; Robots Replace Guards At Airports; Enrollment Hits 2 Million; Countries Celebrate Start of 2014; Air Quality Unknown Near Oil Fire Site; NSA Track iPhones; Pot Going on Sale
• Obama Took Big Hit Following Obamacare Rollout; Ski Accident Brings Sports Danger to Spotlight; NYC to Ban Horse-drawn Carriages; The World Rings in the New Year.
• Arctic Freeze Moves in for New Year's Eve; Big Jump in Home Prices; Final Hours Before Colorado Pot Sales
• Times Square Gets Ready; New Year's Parties; Holiday Forecast; Colorado Legalizes Pot; Jahi McMath Given Another Week; Pope Pushes Wealthy Catholic
• Stocks Higher; Dangers of Skiing; Ship Still Stuck in Antarctic Ice; Gay Couple to Marry While on Rose Parade Float; MSNBC Apologizes for Host Who Ridiculed Adopted Baby; Man Pretends to Be Homeless, Gives Back to the Charitable; TV Game Show's Most Expensive Prize Ever
• New Year's Celebrations; Countdown to Legal Pot Sales in Colorado; Will Markets Continue Record Run?
• Wealthy Catholic: Pope Pushing "Vinegar"; New Orleans Ready to Ring in 2014; Beyonce Video Under Fire Over NASA Audio; Buzzfeed's "Most Important" 2013 Political Pics; Zappo's Reinvents Corporate Culture; Samsung Selling 110-Inch UHT TV
• Russian Ship Stranded; The Year Behind in Politics; 40,000 New State Rules Take Effect; Tim Tebow Has New Job

December 30, 2013
• Benghazi Report; Enrollment Numbers; Top News Stories of 2013; Redskins Fire Mike Shanahan
• Two Terror Strikes before Russian Olympics; How to Save Money Next Year; An Up-close Look at Antarctica's Thick Ice; New Rules for Vending Machines; Robin Roberts Reveals Longtime Girlfriend
• Helicopter To Airlift Stranded Passengers; More Than 1.1M Sign Up For Obamacare; Two Terror Strikes Before Russian Olympic Games; Cruise Ship Passenger Jumps Overboard; "Black Monday" For The NFL; Formula One Champ In Coma After Skiing Accident; Colorado Pot Sales Begin Wednesday
• Two Terror Strikes Before Russian Games; Sign-Ups Surge Ahead of Obamacare Deadline; Colorado Legalizes Pot in Two Days; Antarctica Ship Still Stranded
• NSA Intercepting Laptops Ordered Online; Obamacare Enrollment Surges; Bombings Hit Russia Ahead of Olympics; Stranded Ship to Get Chopper Rescue; Racing Great in Coma; Black Monday Hits NFL Coaches; Numbers Show Fewer Flight Delays; U.S. Stocks Little Changed; Pot Becoming Legal; Political Battles
• 2014 Political Battles Brewing; NYC to Ban E-Cigarettes; Target Customers' Pin Info Stolen; Is Website Safe?
• Arapahoe School Shooting; Bombings in Russia; Fighting for Jahi; Shark Family Photo; Refusing Flu Vaccine; Missing Doctor Video
• Two Bombings Hit Russia; Ship Remains Stranded in Antarctica
• Recreational Pot Legal in Colorado Starting January 1st; Heartbreaking Moments from 2013; Top 10 Stories of 2013; Obama's Favorite Shows; "GMA's" Robin Roberts Reveals Her Homosexuality; Cave Diving - the Allure and Dangers
• New Videos Show Missing Doctor Singing, Talking To Her Mystery, "Love" and "Baby"; Church Nativity Scene Features Trayvon Martin; FDA Hopes People Will Choose Healthier Snacks; Richard Simmons On 2014 Health Trends; NFL Coaches Axed On "Black Monday"; Volcano Erupts In El Salvador, Thousands Evacuating Homes; FedEx Worker Fired After Package Toss Was Caught On Security Camera

December 29, 2013
• Ice Breaker Gets Closer To Stranded Ship; Suicide Bomber Kills 16 At Russian Train Station; FBI: Alleged Cop Killer And Bank Robber Dead; More Cold Air Blowing Into Northeast; "New York Times" Report Busts Benghazi Myths; Ice Breaker Gets Closer To Stranded Ship; Formula One Legend Injured While Skiing; Ringing In 2014 With Pedal Power; A&E Reinstates "Duck Dynasty" Star; "New York Times" Report Busts Benghazi Myths; Public Sees Poor Economy, Despite Gains; Who Will Take Control In 2014 Midterms?; Washington Says Goodbye To 2013; Minneapolis Metrodome To Be Demolished
• Expedition Team Stuck In Thick Ice; Suicide Bomber Hits Russian Train Station; Over A Million Now Signed Up For Obamacare; "New York Times" Report Shows Stunning New Picture Of Benghazi Attack
• German Driving Legend in Critical Condition; Australian Icebreaker within 11 Nautical Miles of Ship; Dead Suspect in Cop Killing Identified; Colorado's Marijuana Sales Begin Wednesday; New Year's Eve Traditions Around the World; Biggest Scandals Of 2013
• Expedition Team Stuck in Ice; Suicide Bomber Hits Russian Train Station; Over A Million Signed Up for Obamacare; "New York Times" Report on Benghazi Attack; Michael Schumacher in Coma
• Michael Schumacher In A Coma; 16 Killed In Blast At Russian Train Station; Will the Obamacare Signup Surge Continue?; Top 10 Stories of 2013
• Mississippi Shootout Kills One Police Officer, Wounds Another, Manhunt Continues; Huge Blast in Volgograd Station; Michael Schumacher in Coma After Injury; Michael Schumacher in a Coma; Extended Benefits Expired Saturday; Food Banks Prepare for Possible Surge; This Week in Sports

December 28, 2013
• Extended Unemployment Benefits Ending for Americans; Ship Trapped in Ice in Antarctica; NFL Approaches End of Regular Season; Target Customers PIN Numbers Possibly Compromised by Hackers; Anti- Government Protests Take Place in Egypt; Hollywood Prepares for Oscars; New Year's Hangover Tips From Around the World
• Ship Trapped in Ice in Antarctica; Target Customers PIN Numbers Possibly Compromised by Hackers; Anti-Government Protests Take Place in Egypt
• Target's Hacker Admission; Four Americans Held By Libyan Government Released; Al Qaeda Affiliates Pose New Dangers; Protesters, Police Clash Again in Cairo; A&E "Duck Dynasty" Resuming with Entire Cast
• PIN Data Stolen in Target Breach; Antarctica Ship Still Waiting for Rescuers; Final Report Out on Sandy Hook Massacre; 1.3 Million Lose Jobless Benefits Today; Ship Still Stuck in the Ice; Target: Hackers Did Steal PIN Data; 1.3 Million Losing Jobless Benefits Today; A&E Reinstates Reality Star Phil Robertson; Top Ten Money Stories Of 2013; Top Ten Crimes And Trials Of 2013; Syracuse Rallies Past Minnesota In Texas Bowl
• PIN Data Stolen In Target Breach; Antarctica Ship Still Waiting For Rescuers; Four Americans Released In Libya; Judge: NSA Data Collection Is Legal; 1.3 Million Lose Jobless Benefits Today; Federal Judges At Odds Over NSA Phone Data; Top Cases Of 2013: Zimmerman Trial; Al Qaeda Affiliates Pose New Dangers; Big Security Breaches At Two Airports; Big Chill For Northeast, Midwest; Pentagon Has Its First K-9 Combat Veteran
• Rescue Ship Unable to Move Forward; 1.3 Million Lose Jobless Benefits; PIN Data Stolen in Target Breach; Man Charged with Hate Crime; The Highs and Lows of 2013; Washington Says Goodbye to 2013; Prices Going up in 2014; The Business of Being Britney Spears
• Target Customers' PIN Numbers Stolen; Americans Not Feeling Economic Gains; Heavy Ice Preventing Antarctica Rescue
• Target Customers' Pin Numbers Stolen; Analysts: Al Qaeda Getting Stronger; Hate Crime Charges in "Knockout" Attack; Colorado Pot Sales to Begin on January 1; Priest Abuse Cover-Up Conviction Reversed; How Do Icebreakers Get Stuck; Can Congress Change Its Image?; Phil Robertson Returns to Duck Dynasty Flock; Big Bertha Blocked in Seattle
• Expedition Team Stuck In Thin Ice; Target PIN Security Breach Widespread; Libya Sets Four Americans Free; Fears Of Civil War In South Sudan Growing Fast; Knockout Gamer Charged with Hate Crime; New Pope, New Vatican, New Hope?; Pope Francis the Fashionista?; Pot Becomes Legal in Colorado; Whiskey-Making Revs Up in London

December 27, 2013
• The Income Gap; Great Economic Disconnect; Winners & Losers 2013; Aaron Rodgers Ready to Return on Sunday
• The Impact of Media on U.S. Culture; Sports' Winners and Losers of 2013; Al Qaeda operatives Rebounded in 2013; Top 10 International Stories of 2013
• Beirut Bombing Killed 6, Wounded 70 Plus; Struggling with Unemployment; Dow Hits 50th Record Close; Power Outages to Continue Through Weekend; Moments that Got Women Talking
• Target Stolen PIN Data Was Strongly Encrypted; NSA Phone Program Is Legal; Widespread Flu in the U.S.; Nationwide Manhunt for Cop Killer; Egypt Rounds Up Muslim Brotherhood; Political Winners and Losers of 2013
• 2013 Political Winners, Losers; 2013 Political Issues Winners, Losers; Alabama State Senator Wants to Declare Phil Robertson a Hero; 2013 Top-10 Crime and Justice Stories.
• NSA Data Collection is Legal; Unemployment Pay Running Out; Delta Incorrect Pricing; Al Qaeda Poised for More Attacks; 2013 Pop Culture Winners & Losers
• Ship Stranded in Antarctica; Federal Judge Calls NSA Surveillance Legal; Hate Crime Charged Over Knockout Game
• Top Tech 2013; Van Smashes Into Ga. Dept of Revenue to Steal ATM; Piranha Attack Swimmers in Argentina; Salvation Army Worker Finds Donated Wedding Ring; Batman Collection Named by Guinness As World's Largest; Cold Weather Continues; Top International Stories of 2013; Kerry Meets Snoop; New Cowboy QB Donates Game Salary to His High School
• H1N1 Deaths Open Dangerous Flu Season; 1.3 Million To Lose Jobless Benefits Tomorrow; Help On The Way For Stranded Ship; Car Bomb Kills Key U.S. Ally In Beirut; Delta Fliers Snag Super Low Fares; Storms Cause Outages, Massive Wrecks; U.N. Rushes Reinforcements To South Sudan; Licensed Pot Shops To Open In Colorado; Mixed Messages On 2013's Biggest Stories
• 2013 Pop Culture Winners And Losers; Officials Warn Of Drug Resistant Superbugs; Licenses Pot Shops To Open In Colorado; Top Crimes And Trials Of 2013

December 26, 2013
• After-Christmas Sales Starts; UPS Blasted for Christmas Delivery Failure; American Hostage Pleads for U.S. Help; Americans to Congress: You're the Worst; Controversial Parenting Stories of 2013; Target: No Evidence PIN Data Was Hacked
• Political Images; Highway Heroes; Biggest Scandals of 2013
• UPS Apologizes for not Getting All; Negative Online Review Triggers Lawsuits; Highway Heroes Rescue Man from Flames; Cruise Ship Stuck off Antarctica; Dish, DirectTV Raise Rates in 2014; Top Ten Entertainment Stories of 2013
• UPS Trying to Get Back on Track; Obama Thanks Troops for Sacrifice; Congress Sinks Lower in New Poll; Man Saved from Burning Car; American Hostage Video; Civil War Feared; Prospects for Midterms
• Prospects for Midterm Elections; Top-10 Scandals of 2013; Couple Fined by Online Retailer; First Pot Licenses Go Out in Colorado; Cabbie Finds, Returns $300,000 in Cash
• Deep Discounts; Target Talks Hacking; Terrorists Video; Burning Vehicle Rescue; Weather Outlook; Congress Stinks
• Terrorist Video Shows American Pleading; Turmoil in Egypt
• Utah Couple Sues Over Online Review Fine; Post-Christmas Sales Begin; Ship Stranded in Antarctic Ice; LAX Gunman Pleaded Not Guilty; Man Breaches Newark Airport Security in Dress and High Heels; Vegas Cabbie Returns Passenger's Forgotten $300,000; Scandals of 2013
• Target: No Evidence Pin Data Was Hacked; Dow, S&P Open At Record Highs; Retailers Lure Shoppers With Deep Discounts; Thousands Still Without Power; Cruise Ship Stuck Off Antarctica; Captive American Pleads For U.S. Help; Americans Less Than Excited About Midterms; Some States Give Workers A Raise; Violence Intensifies In South Sudan; LAX Shooting Suspect In Court Today; Fury After Shippers Miss Delivery Deadlines
• Outrage Follows UPS Deliveries Delay; Huge Deals For Post- Holiday Shoppers; Auburn Fan's Priceless Reaction; Big Bertha Stopped In Her Tracks; Passenger Stuck In Ship Off Antarctica; NYT: U.S. Sends Iraq Government Missiles, Drones; Top 10 Entertainment Stories of 2013

December 25, 2013
• Snowden Warns of Government Surveillance; Top 10 Weather Stories of 2013; Top Sports Stories for 2014
• Signups Surge Ahead of Obamacare Deadline; Business Trends to Watch in 2014
• President & Mrs. Obama's Christmas Message; Queen Elizabeth Gives Traditional Christmas Greeting; NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Delivered an Alternative Christmas Message from Moscow; Fifty U.S. Marines Spend Christmas on Standby; UPS Apologizes for Late Deliveries
• Pope Keeps Christmas Message Simple, to the Point; Cold Weather and Power Losses; Top-10 2013 Weather Stories; Meet Barry Black, U.S. Senate Chaplain
• Pope Francis' Christmas Message; UPS Delays
• Top Tech of 2014; Taliban Strikes U.S. Embassy in Kabul; U.S. Marines Ready to Enter South Sudan; Vets Help Vets at Dixon Center; Top Weather Stories of 2013
• Taliban Attacks; Edward Snowden's Christmas Message; Hundreds of Gay Couples Marry in Utah; U.S. Marines on Standby Near South Sudan
• "Black Friday" for App Downloads; Most Inspirational Moments of 2013; Pope Francis Delivers First Christmas Message; U.S. Embassy Attacked by Taliban; Signup Surges for Obamacare
• President Barack Obama's Christmas Message; Queen Elizabeth Delivers Traditional Christmas Greeting to British People; UPS Apologizes
• Christmas Celebrated Around The World; Officials: 2M Visitors Monday; U.S. Embassy Attacked By Taliban; 50 U.S. Marines Deployed To Uganda; Pussy Riot Remains Defiant After Release; Pope: Shun Pride And Selfishness; Mall Visitors See Familiar Santa; Remembering The Meaning Of Christmas
• Pop Culture In 2014: What's Next?; Soldier Reunites With Family This Christmas; Top Ten Money Stories Of 2013
• Pope Francis Urges Peace in Syria; Does Chris Christie Have a "Bully" Problem?

December 24, 2013
• Markets Close Early for Christmas Holiday; Last-Minute Shoppers Hunt for Deals; Obama Signs Up for ObamaCare; Tracking Santa's Sleigh; 49ers Close Out Candlestick with Wild Win
• NSA Leaker Snowden: Mission Accomplished; Pope's First Christmas on the Job; Washington Says Goodbye to 2013
• Urgent, Dangerous Space Walk Underway; Target Shopping Sales Down; Obamacare Deadline Extended; NSA Leaker Snowden: Mission Accomplished; Pope's First Christmas on the Job
• Edward Snowden Mission Accomplished; Emergency Spacewalk Underway; Almost 2 Million Visit Before Enrollment Deadline; Dow Higher Ahead Of Holiday; Last-Minute Shopping; Shoppers Hunt for Last-Minute Deals; How Hackers Get Your Info; Texas Man Wants Pregnant Wife Taken Off Life Support
• Traffic Spoke on; Top Political Moments of 2013; NY Mayor-Elect Reveals Family Secret; Smaller Airplane Seat Spacing Causes Tension; Economy Making a Scrooge Christmas.
• Big Sales, Extended Hours Await Shoppers; Pope's First Christmas as Catholic Leader; NASA Conducts Christmas Eve Spacewalk
• Lifestyle Choices May Influences Genes; De Blasio's Daughter Talks About Substance Abuse, Depression; Utah Judge Allows Same-Sex Marriages; Massachusetts Military Couple Surprises Their Kids With Homecoming; Top Sports Stories of 2013
• Obamacare Web Site Setting Records; Last-Minute Shopping; Edward Snowden Opens Up
• Urgent, Dangerous Spacewalk Under Way; The Average American Will Spend About $740 This Holiday Shopping Season; Russia Frees Foes Ahead Of Olympics; 1.3 Million To Lose Jobless Benefits; $100M Settlement In Meningitis Outbreak; Last Minute Deals As Stores Lure Shoppers; Same Sex Couples Rush To Marry In Utah
• Pregnant Woman Kept On Life Support; Researcher Resigns After Spiking Blood To Falsify The Results Of AIDS Vaccine; Reporter: Snowden Launched Public Debate; Top International Stories Of 2013

December 23, 2013
• Opening Bell Rings on Wall Street; Mystery Stops Seattle Tunnel Project; "Letters to Santa" Celebrates 101 Years; Americans Airlifted from South Sudan; Wildfire Ate through 34 Homes; Poll: American's Don't Like Obamacare
• Americans Airlifted from South Sudan; Retailers Customize Your Shopping; Inspire Barbecue; 30plus years of Snapshots with Santa
• Manchin Worries About Obamacare Costs; P.R. Exec Fired For Crass AIDS Tweet; New Safeguards After Target Hacking; American Rescued From South Sudan; Ice, Snow, Floods, Storms Hit U.S.; Christmas Eve Spacewalk Mission; Rodman: North Korea Trip Was "Awesome"; Americans Airlifted From South Sudan
• Healthcare Deadline Today; New Safeguards After Target Hacking; Freezing Cold, Rain and Snow Coming; Louisiana's Lieutenant Governor Says "Duck Dynasty" Key to Tourism; Beyonce Plays Santa; U.S. Weighs Action in South Sudan; NASA Spacewalk
• Obama Signs Up for Obamacare; Obamacare Deadlines Postponed for 1 Day; Majority of Americans Oppose Health Care Law; Civil Rights Leaders Protest Against Obama's Georgia Court Appointment; Beyonce Plays Santa at Walmart; Top-10 Moments in Sports.
• Obamacare Support Falls; New Safeguards After Target Hacking; Peyton Manning; NFL; Sports; 2013; Business; Lifestyle; Women
• Chase Limits Debit Cards; Obama Signs Up For Coverage; Weather Update; Georgia Says No to A&E; U.S. Marines In Africa
• Target Sued Over Hacking; 'Duck Dynasty' Controversy; Dennis Rodman Returns From North Korea
• Twitter And The Mentality Of Mob Justice; Obama Signs Up For Health Coverage; Spacesuit Trouble Delays NASA's Spacewalk Until Christmas Eve; The Real-Life "Wolf Of Wall Street"; Top Crimes And Trials Of 2013
• Duck Dynasty Fallout Not Fading; Cracker Barrel Resumes Selling Duck Dynasty Merch; Louisiana Lieutenant Gov Says Duck Dynasty Good for Tourism; Two Teachers Save School Bus Kids; Transplant Kid Improving; ILC Dover Makes Spacesuits; Charles Ramsey Signs Book Deal; Apple Gets iPhone Deal in China; CNN Reviews Year in Politics

December 22, 2013
• Three Dead in Kentucky; Obama Responds to South Sudan Violence; Rodman Wraps Up Trip to North Korea; Congress Passes Military Sexual Assault Bill; Deaf Athlete Thrives; Winter Storm Creates Havoc For Travelers In Northeast; New York City Gets 70-Degree Weather Three Days Before Christmas; The Big Business Of College Bowls; Story Behind Elf On The Shelf; Celebrating The Awkward Family Photos That Accompany Holiday Season; Being Targeted At Target
• Holiday Travel Nightmare?; Record High Temps along East Coast; Growing Tension in South Sudan; Obama's Highs and Lows in 2013; NASA Delays Emergency Spacewalk; Santana Reunites With Homeless Bandmate; Finding Evidence Of Noah's Big Flood
• Storm Hits During Busy Travel Weekend; Record High Temps on East Coast; Facebook to Join S&P 500; Americans Evacuated from South Sudan; NASA Delays Next Emergency Spacewalk; Teen Dies a Week after School Shooting; President Obama Briefed on South Sudan; Failed Evacuation Attempt Out of South Sudan; Pope Francis' First Christmas At Vatican; Former Russian Dissident Opens Up About His Time Behind Bars; Spreading Christmas Cheer
• Will U.S. Take Further Action in South Sudan?; Will Weather Hamper Holiday Travel Week?; Schumer Wants Target Data Theft Investigated; Pope Francis' First Christmas Mass; BuzzFeed's Predictions for 2014; Inspiring Barbeque Teaches Life Lessons; Ready for Super Bowl Tuesday?; Capitol Dome to undergo Big Renovation; Real- Life Wolf of Wall Street
• Storm Hits During Busy Travel Weekend; Record High Temps along East Coast; Obama's Approval Ratings Plummet; Turning Around the Obama Presidency; Renovating the Capitol Dome; 2013 Year in Review; Bullying Leads to Suicide

December 21, 2013
• Astronauts Repairing International Space Station; U.S. Aircraft Damaged in South Sudan; Target Credit Card Security Breached; Mike Tyson Stars on Broadway in One-Man Show; Child Who Received Lung Transplant Recovering
• Three U.S. Military Aircraft Come Under Attack In South Sudan; Powerful Winter Storm Poses Danger On U.S. Roads; Can Edward Snowden Be Granted Amnesty?; Emergency Spacewalk Wraps Up; Pope Francis: The People's Pope
• Sudan Rescue Attempt Failed; Wacky Weather Disrupting Holiday Travel; Missing Five Year Old
• Snow and Ice Threaten Holiday Travel; President Obama Briefed in South Sudan Travel; Four Men Arrested in Fatal Mall Carjacking; Five-Year-Old Boy Missing for Three Months; Mother and Her Boyfriend Charged; Thief Turns in Suspected Pedophile; Obama's Sinking Approval Rating, Other Political Winners, Losers; When Celebrities Say Things They Shouldn't; Awkward Family Photos Live Forever on Web; "Wolf of Wall Street's" Partying Was Real
• Astronauts Wrap Up A Five-And-A-Half Hour Space Walk; Southern Illinois Basketball Coach Becomes Famous; Duck Dynasty Star Suspended Indefinitely; For Million Credit and Debit Cards Breached; Wicked Weather Threatens Holiday Travel; "Laziest" Government Worker Going to Prison
• Snow & Ice Threaten Holiday Travel; Four U.S. Service Members Injured in South Sudan; Kerry Sending Envoy to South Sudan; ISS Emergency Spacewalk Under Way; 40 Million Credit and Debit Cards Breached; Dennis Rodman's Back in North Korea; FBI Seizing School's Videos Where Teen Died; Packer Fans Shovel Snow At Lambeau Field; Lindsey Vonn Aggravates Injured Knee; Inspire BBQ Teaches Life Lessons; Obamas On Vacation In Hawaii For 16 Days; E-Cigarettes: Lifesaver Or New Danger?; CNN Documentary Spawns SeaWorld Boycott
• Astronauts Repairing International Space Station; U.S. Aircraft Damaged in South Sudan; Winter Hits Parts of U.S.; "Duck Dynasty" Star Suspended for Controversial Comments; Obamacare Debated; Target Credit Card Security Breached
• Storm Creates Holiday Travel Nightmare; Four U.S. Service Members Injured In South Sudan; Kerry Sending Envoy To South Sudan; Four Arrested In Deadly New Jersey Carjacking; ISS Emergency Spacewalk Under Way; "Duck Dynasty" Star Suspended; "Walking Dead" Creator Sues AMC; Kasem's Kids: We Aren't Allowed To See Our Dad; Many Insurance Companies Dumping Senior Patients; Obama's Approval Ratings Plummet; Will Ferrell Gives Scoop On "Anchorman"
• Show and Ice Threaten Holiday Travel; Four U.S. Service Members Injured in South Sudan; Reality TV Star Suspended; What's Dennis Rodman Up to in North Korea; Interview with Greg Louganis; Pain Doctor Investigated for Patient Deaths; Toymaker Sends Christmas in a Shoe Box

December 20, 2013
• SeaWorld Buys Full-Page Ad; Apollo Theater Roof Collapse; ISS Emergency Spacewalks; NASA has New Snorkels and towels; "Duck" Clan Rallies around TV Patriarch
• Entire High School to be Tested for Tuberculosis; NYC Inches toward Ban on E-Cigarettes; Paul Walker Honored in New Music Video; Conservatives Support "Duck Dynasty"; The Season for Year-End Lists
• Snow, Ice From Midwest To New England; Entire High School To Be Tested For Tuberculosis; Target Contacts Customers After Massive Hack; Obama To Hold News Conference; Olympian Brian Boitano Comes Out As Gay; One On One With Mike Tyson
• Obama Approval Ties All-Time Low; GDP Grows In Third Quarter; Stocks Gain Ground; Travelers Face Ice, Snow And Rain; Boozy Behavior Costs General's Job; Kids Should Work For Lunch; Dennis Rodman Returns to North Korea; President Obama to Give News Conference;Names of Americans Killed Released
• Can Obama Get Presidency Back on Track; New Year Could Bring New Debt Battle; More Issues for Obama During Second Term; Awaiting Obama's End-of-the-Year Press Conference
• Obama News Conference
• President Obama's Press Conference Continues
• President Obama Concludes End-of-Year Press Conference; Analysis of President's Press Conference
• Analyzing President Obama's Press Conference
• U.S. Showing Economic Growth; Winter Storm Tangles Holiday Travel; Tuberculosis Outbreak at a California High School?; Celeb Chef's Former Assistants Not Guilty; As Signups Surge, New Changes to Obamacare; Rising Concern Over Smartphone Thefts

December 19, 2013
• Rodman Arrives in North Korea; Delta Says No Cell Calls on Flights; Delta Says No Cell Calls on Flights; Putin Defends Olympics, Stance on Homosexuality; College Basketball Rant of the Year
• Facebook Launches Auto-Play Video Ads; Diplomat's Arrest Strains U.S.-India Ties; One Direction Faces Plagiarism Claims; Bus Passengers Take Down Gunman; Outrage over Dangling Dog Photo
• Target Hacked; 40 Million Accounts at Risk; Hacking Credit Cards; First Lady Focuses on Obamacare; FCC Moves to End Sports Blackout Rule; A&E Suspends "Duck Dynasty" Star; Panel: Mend, But Don't End, NSA Snooping
• Target Had Up To 40 Million Credit Cards Breached; Aide Says Bill Would Give Iran Up To A Year; Hillary Clinton Says She'll Decide in 2014; Clinton Chided Over Iraq War Vote; Iowa Governor Says Biden Is Dead Meat Here; Russian Values Threatened; Obama Commutes Sentences
• Brian Boitano Comes Out as Gay; Seniors' Insurance Companies Dropping Doctors; President Obama's Brother's Book Details Father's Domestic Abuse; Legal War of Words Over Arrested, Strip-Searched Indian Diplomat
• Duck Dynasty Star Suspended
• Target Hacked, 40 Million Accounts At Risk; Tabloid Hacked Kate Middleton's Phone; Panel Advises Changes To NSA Surveillance; Putin: I Envy Obama Because He Can Spy On Others And Get Away With It; A&E Suspends "Duck Dynasty" Star; Hillary: I Haven't Made Up My Mind On 2016
• Chicken Danger?; Target Hacked; Super Bowl Saturday?
• Part of Apollo Theater in London Collapsed; Data Brokers Mine Your Information, Sell to Marketers
• 'Duck Dynasty' Star Suspended; Legally Deaf NFL Player

December 18, 2013
• Fed Meeting Discusses Taper; Ben Bernake's Tenure as Fed Chairman Comes to Close; Shooting in Reno; Mayor Ford "Sorry" for Corruption Claims; "The Wolf of Wall Street"; Investors Eyeing Fed Decision on Stimulus
• Diplomat's Arrest Strains U.S.-India Ties; Fed to Announce Stimulus Decision Today; Obama to Meet with NSA Review Group; Two Big Storms to Cross U.S. This Week
• The Case To Pull Back On Stimulus: Stronger Economy, Lower Unemployment Numbers; Two Winning Tickets Hit Mega Millions Jackpot; New Attempt To Jail "Affluenza" Teen; Fourteen Homes Destroyed In Late Season Wildfire; Gay Athletes Join U.S. Olympic Delegation; Dennis Rodman Leaves For Thursday For North Korea; Senate Could Approve Budget Today
• Fed Announces Stimulus Decision Next Hour; Jackpot Has Two Winning Tickets; Flames Rip Through Tennessee Plant; U.S. Feud Over Diplomat's Arrest; Sochi Picks Send Message to Russia; Rodman Goes to North Korea; Military Pension Cuts
• Military Benefits Targeted in Bipartisan Budget Deal; Obama Enlists Videos, Moms to Sell Obamacare to the Young; Elizabeth Warren Wants Employment Credit Checks Stopped; Obama Picks Gay U.S. Delegates to Attend Olympics in Russia
• Fed Stimulus Decision; Indian Diplomat Controversy; California Girl on Life Support; NSA Review Panel Recommends Changes
• NSA Review Panel Recommends Changes; Waiting On Winners Of $636 Million Lottery; Obama, First Lady Host Health Care Moms; "Affluenza" Teen Might End Up In Jail After All
• Fed to Reduce Economic Stimulus; President Obama Meets With Moms
• NASA Decides on Space Walk to Repair Space Station; Rodman Headed Back to North Korea; Southern Illinois Coach Rips Own Players; Ira Curry Is Georgia Mega Millions Winner
• Two Wins Mega Millions Jackpot; Budget's Military Cuts Rile Senators; Fed to Announce Stimulus Decision; U.S. Delegation to Sochi Olympics a Major Snub?;

December 17, 2013
• Six U.S. Soldiers Killed In Chopper Crash; Report: Auditor Warned FEC Of Computer Disk; Snowden Offers To Help Brazil Probe NSA; Senate To Hold Key Budget Vote This Hour; Glaxo To Stop Paying Doctors To Promote Drugs; FDA To Antibacterial Soap Makers: Prove Claims That Products Are Safe, Effective
• Obama Meets With Tech Giants; Tech Leaders Air NSA Concerns; Former Microsoft Executive To Oversee Obamacare Web Site; Web Firms Criticized For Tracking Users; Congress May Be Least Productive Ever; $1.1 Million Spent On Bus Stop; Wastebook Released; Mega Millions Lottery
• Obama's Approval Rating Drops; Anti-Bacterial Soap Makers Must Prove "Safer" Claims; Could Multivitamins Be Dangerous; New Details on Carnival Cruise Disaster in Gulf; More Upheaval in North Korea.
• Mega Millions Jackpot; Tech Bosses at White House; Senate Budget Approval; Family Tries to Stop Life Support Removal; Beatles Tracks Released
• Tech CEOs Meet With President Obama; Mega Millions Fever
• Budget Compromise Clears First Senate Hurdle; Student Suspended One Year for Hugging Teacher; Airport Guard Catches Falling Baby; Rare Beatles Songs Released; Mark O'Mara Responds to Florida Ethics Complaint; Deaf Missouri Father Hears Daughter Sing For First Time
• NSA Leaker Snowden To Brazil: I'll Swap You Spying Help For Political Asylum; Obama's "Worst Year In Washington"; Jordan Mansion Doesn't Sell At Auction
• President Obama Meets with Tech Leaders; Snowden Offers to Help Brazil Probe NSA; Chinese Hacked FEC During Shutdown; U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan; Tonight's Mega Millions at $586 Million; Senator Coburn's "Wastebook 2013" Targets Big Federal Spending
• Another Round Of Winter Weather Set to Slam Northeast; Fed Meeting Scheduled Today; Fate Of Bipartisan Budget Deal Hangs In Senate; Protecting Beatles Copyright; No Touchdown, No Problem
• Judge Says NSA Phone Collections Unconstitutional; Mega Millions Jackpot Could Reach $1 Billion; Lost Beatles Recordings Released on iTunes; Tech Giants Meets President at the White House

December 16, 2013
• Investors Eye Possible Stimulus Cutbacks; Snowden Investigation; Next Presidential Election; Ryan, Clinton Viewed Favorably in Iowa Polls; Evacuations under Way at Harvard
• Evacuations Under Way At Harvard
• Evacuations Under Way at Harvard; Arapahoe High School Shooting
• Budget Deal Faces Close Senate Vote; New Details On Snowden's Impact; Amnesty For Snowden Debated; Harvard All Clear After Bomb Hoax; Northern U.S. Braces for More Snow; Storm Disrupts Shoppers and Shippers
• NSA Says Snowden Took 1.7 Million Documents; Boston Bomber Heard Voices, Received No Treatment; N.M. Teacher Told Boy Couldn't Dress as Santa; Playgrounds Built in Memory of Newtown
• Budget Deal; Pope Responds to Limbaugh Criticism; Historic NFL Collapse in Dallas; NSA Phone Surveillance Program
• Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Unconstitutional; Will Senate Pass Budget Deal?
• More Artists Cancel Seaworld Concerts; Surprises Emerge In Iowa Poll; Judge Rules In Favor Of Polygamist Family; Groom Dies In Accident Hours After Wedding; Judge: NSA Phone Surveillance Unconstitutional
• Telemarketer Samantha West, Robot or Real?; Teacher Tells Student Santa Is White; Fox News Anchor Claims Jesus, Santa Are White; China Successfully Lands Rover on Moon; FDA May Ban Antibacterial Soaps; New Audio of Granite Mountain Hotshot Firefighters; Google Purchases Robotics Firm, Boston Dynamics; Mega Millions Grows to Half Billion
• NSA Weights Amnesty for Snowden; Holiday Shopper Killed in Mall Carjacking; School Shooting Victim in a Coma; Budget Proposal Up for a Vote in the Senate; Google Moves into Military robotics; First MLB Player Diagnosed with CTE; Stocks Worst Drop Since August

December 15, 2013

December 14, 2013
• School Shooting Takes Place in Colorado; Winter Storms Hits Parts of U.S.; "Saturday Night Live" Criticized for Lack of Black Female Cast Member; New Information Released on Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial; Gun Legislation Debated; College Quarterback Helps Fan; Congress May Not Pass Unemployment Insurance Extension
• One Shot, Gunman Dead in School Shooting; Police Search School Shooter's Home; Huge Snowstorm Aims for Northeast; Tragedy of Mass Shootings; Republican Infighting Erupts in Public; Can Boehner Hold Control Of GOP?; Newtown Shootings Inspire Group To Build; Trying To Fix Malfunction On Space Station; One Shot, Gunman Dead In School Shooting; Family Of An Accident Victim In The "Affluenza" Case Struggles To Cope; Beyonce Drops Surprise Album
• School Shooting Updates From Centennial, Colorado; Winter Storms Hits Parts of U.S.; House Speaker Speaks Out Against Conservative Groups
• 18-Year-Old Karl Pierson Shoots Two Students And Kills Himself In Arapahoe High School; Snowstorm Covers 1,000-Mile Swath Across Midwest; Teenage Boy Gets No Jail Time For Killing Four People Based On "Affluenza" Defense; Teen Drunk Driver: Too Rich for Jail?; Winter Storm Sweeps through East; Kanye Comment Irks Police; NASA Developing Human-Like Super Robot
• Massive Snowstorms Moves East; Remembering Sandy Hook; House Passed Budget
• Massive Snowstorm Moves East; Police Update on Arapahoe High School Shooting
• 18-Year-Old Karl Pierson Shoots Two Students And Kills Himself In Arapahoe High School; Snowstorm Covers 1,000-Mile Swath Across Midwest; Wichita Midcontinent Airport Employee Arrested After FBI Reveals Plans For Suicide Attack; Massive Snowstorm Barrels East; Feds Move to Make Meat Supply Safer; FCC Voted to Consider Lifting Ban on Calls
• Massive Snowstorm Moves East; School Shooting Lasted Under 80 Seconds; Interview with Hugh Jackman; One Million to Lose Unemployment Benefits; Remembering Newtown; Dealing with Mental Illness; AJ McCarron's Special Bond
• One Shot, Gunman Dead In School Shooting; 15-Year-Old Girl Hurt In School Shooting; Huge Snowstorm Aims For Northeast; Mega Jackpot Soars To $550 Million; Survival Techniques During Mass Shootings; Iran Holds American Rogue Spy?; North Korea Says Leader's "Scum" Uncle Executed; Looking For Answers After Newtown Tragedy; DUI Teen Kills Four People, Gets Probation; Iran: Second Launch Of Monkey Into Space
• School Shooting Stuns Colorado; 1,000 Mile Wide Snowstorm Heads East; Remembering the Sandy Hook Tragedy; Obama's Shake-up of White House Advisers; Airport Worker Attempted Car Bombing; The Odds of Winning Mega Millions Jackpot; Feds Fight Over Allowing Cell Phone In- Flight; Parents of Sandy Hook Victims on a Mission

December 13, 2013
• Man Missing in Iran Worked for CIA; Three Stabbed After NFL Game; Outrage over DUI Killer's Light Sentence; Controversy Surrounds This Year's Heisman
• Kim Jong-un's Uncle Executed; Obama's Image Control; Beyonce's Secret Album; Beyonce-Jay Z Duet in New Online Album; Animal Care in Question at National Zoo
• Kim Jong Un's "Scum" Uncle Executed; Boehner, Pelosi Find Common Ground; Dangerous Laser Attacks on Planes; Tonight's Mega Millions Jackpot is $400 million; Silicon Valley Honors Science Stars
• Report: Man Missing In Iran Worked For CIA; Three Stabbed After Broncos Game; Newlywed Admits Killing Husband; Boehner Slams Critics On Right; Snow Causes 40-Car Pile Up In Michigan; FCC To Weigh Lifting In-Flight Cell Ban; Charges Expected After Baruch College Freshman Dies Following Fray "Ritual"
• Winter Storm to Hit 23 States; Missing American Worked for CIA; North Korea Leader's Uncle Executed; Boehner Blasts Conservative Groups
• Jay Carney Discusses CIA Agent Robert Levinson; Tom Fuentes Worked with Levinson at FBI; Concerns Syrian Opposition Disintegrating, al Qaeda Taking Charge; SNL under Fire for Lack of Diversity.
• AP Levinson Report; Airport Terror Plot; Mega Millions Worth $425M; Lance Armstrong Would Cheat Again; Beyonce Drops Surprise New Album
• School Shooting in Littleton, Colorado
• Reports of School Shooting in Colorado; Uncle of North Korean Leader Executed
• Police Chief Slams Kanye West Remark; Fox News Anchor: Jesus and Santa Are White; FBI Arrests Man In Plot To Bomb Airport

December 12, 2013
• Interpreter For Deaf Slams "Fake" Claims; House To Vote On Budget Deal Today; NASA Works To Fix ISS Cooling Pump; Facebook Shares Jump On News Of S&P 500 Add; Mom, Girl Leave Hospital After Icy Ordeal; Prosecutors: Bride Planned To Kill Husband; FCC Debating In- Flight Cell Phone Calls
• Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Speaking Out; Boehner Calls Out Conservative Groups; Retail Sales, Jobless Claims Rise; House Hearing on U.S. Pastor Jailed in Iran; House Hearing on U.S. Pastor Jailed in Iran; RGIII Takes a Seat on the Bench; GOP Forces Senate to Pull All- Nighter
• Senate Aide Arrested; Rich DUI Killer Spared Jail; Filner Accuser's Story Gets Animated; Golden Globes Unveil 2014 Nominees; RG3 Benched for Season; Doc Rivers Returns to Boston; MLN Rule Changes; President Bush Cheers up Alabama Kicker
• House Votes Today On Budget Deal; Interpreter Says Getting Schizophrenia Help; FCC Considering In-Flight Calls; Texas Mom Speaks Out
• Living with a Child with Mental Illness; Problem with International Space Station's Cooling System; Nancy Pelosi Talks Budget Deal; Senator's Chief of Staff Arrested for Child Pornography.
• House Budget Deal; Interpreter's Defense; Texas Teen Gets Rehab; Former Cop Cleared
• Bride Pleads Guilty in Cliff Death of Her Husband; FCC to Vote on Whether to Seek Public Comment on In-Flight Cell Phone Calls; Teens Host "Ghost Party" in Mansion; College Student Possibly Hazed to Death
• House to Vote on Budget Deal; Space Station Troubles
• Mother Reveals Life With Mentally Ill Teenage Son; Newtown Tragedy Memorial at National Cathedral; "Ghost Parties" -- Crime, Teenagers and Social Media; FCC Moves Closer to Removing Cell Phone Ban; Instagram Reveals New Feature; Trisha Yearwood Cancels SeaWorld Concert
• House to Vote on Budget Deal; MLB to Ban on Home Plate Collisions; Police Investigating Frat Hazing Death

December 11, 2013
• HHS Secretary Unveils Obamacare Site Actions; Asiana Flight Crash Investigation; TIME Magazine's Person of the Year; Rescued Family Struggle to Survive; Emotional Day in Newlywed Murder Trial
• Pope Francis is Time's Person of the Year; Elian Gonzalez Blames U.S. for Cuba's Woes; New GM CEO First Woman to Run U.S. Automaker;
• Searchers Rescue Stranded Nevada Family; Asiana Flight Officer: I Warned The Pilots; Bipartisan Budget Deal Unveiled; Mandela To Lie In State For Three Days; FDA Moves To Curb Antibiotics In Livestock; Prayers For Reverend Billy Graham; New Obamacare Enrollment Numbers; Memorial Sign Language Interpreter A Fake?; Parents Want To Know Why Cop Killed Son; Pope Francis Is "Time's" Person Of The Year
• Opening Bell Rings on Wall Street; President Obama Caught in a Selfie?; Bipartisan Budget Agreement in Washington; Marine Catches Great White Shark; CEO Pay 874 Times Higher than Workers; Nick Saban Texas Rumors Heat Up
• Pilots May Rely Too Much On Plane's Automated Systems; Pace Picks Up For Obamacare Sign-ups; Sebelius Questioned On Obamacare; Lawmakers Scrutinize New Budget Deal; Stocks Dip As Budget Deal Assessed; Milk Prices Could Soar; FDA Targets Antibiotics; Obama Foreign Policy
• Diplomacy Shapes Obama Foreign Policy; Family Survives Subfreezing Temps in Nevada; Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Funeral Service; Newtown Still Heartbroken 1 Year Later.
• Nevada Family Found; Asiana Airlines Crash Hearing; Kenyan Mall Attack; Obama Selfie; Cancer Research Bill
• George H.W. Bush Joins Twitter; Asiana Airlines Crash Hearing; Congress Grills Kathleen Sebelius
• Sebelius Testifies Before Congress; Racial Profiling in Arrest of Three Rochester Teens?; New Photos of Obamas, Bushes, Hillary Clinton on Air Force One; House Votes on Pediatric Cancer Research; Marine Catches Great White Shark; Super-Volcano Under Wyoming Bigger Than Expected
• Pope Francis is Time's Person of the Year; Elian Gonzalez Blames U.S. for Cuba's Woes; New GM CEO First Woman to Run U.S. Automaker
• Will Congress Carry On Cancer Victim's Fight?; Boehner Thunders At Conservative Groups; Has Obama Hit Bottom In Polls?; First Grader Suspended For Kissing Girl; "Time" Picks Pope Francis For "Person of The Year"; New Radar Detects Survivors' Heartbeats; Ex-Teacher Gets 38 Years For Molesting Boy; Rescued Family Warmed Rocks To Survive

December 10, 2013
• Almost 100 World Leaders Honor Mandela; Struggling to Survive on Low Wages; Sarah Palin to Host New TV Series; Another Wet, Snowy and Cold Day; Epic Coma Prank
• Three To Seven Inches Of Snow Likely For Philly, D.C.; Almost 100 World Leaders Honor Mandela; Obama Recalls Mandela's Impact, Legacy; Mandela Memorial Draws Thousands In South Africa; Possible Vote On Iran Nuke Agreement; Couple, Four Children Missing In Brutal Cold; GM Names First Female CEO; Snow Brings More Delays, Traffic Nightmare
• Obama Honors Mandela; World Leaders and Celebrities Attend Memorial; More Snow for Philly, D.C. and New York City; G.M. Names First Female CEO; Bride Accused of Murdering New Husband
• Opening Bell on Wall Street; Race to Save Whales; Couple, Four Children Missing in Brutal Cold; Affleck: Stalker Used Paparazzi to Target Kids
• Kerry Testifies On Iran Nuclear Deal; Obama, South Africans Honor Mandela; Significance Of Handshake Debated; GM Names Female CEO; Govt. Sells Last Shares; More Snow Today
• Snow Practically Shuts Down Federal Government; Severe Winter Weather Across the U.S; Family of Six Missing in Nevada Mountains; John Podesta Joins White House Inner Circle; John Kerry Makes Case for Iran Deal; New Federal Push on Mental Health; Netflix to Debut Documentary on Mitt Romney
• New York Breaks Record; Temps Below Normal; Kerry's Tough Sell; Missing in Nevada; Newlywed on Trial
• Missing Nevada Family Found; State of U.S.-Cuba Relations
• Missing Nevada Family Found; Cops Throw Canine Onto Suspect in Car; Congress Close to Budget Deal; Podesta Joins Obama Administration; NASA Says Rover Found Evidence of Ancient Mars Lake; WestJet Surprises Fliers With Gifts
• Obama Returning To U.S. After Mandela Tribute; Carter: Obama- Castro Handshake "Significant"; 35 Years Of TV History On Videotape; Revealed: The Coldest Place On Earth; Lululemon Chairman Resigns After Gaffes

December 09, 2013
• AMC offers IPO; Snow and Ice Across Nation; Princeton Begins Vaccinations; "Heart" Refuses to Perform at SeaWorld; Winter Weather Impacts NFL Games
• Princeton Begins Meningitis B Vaccinations; Newlywed Murder Trial Begins Today; Remembering Nelson Mandela; More Snow, Ice Today for East Coast; Man Says He Was Trapped on Plane
• Sheets Of Ice Crash Onto Cars In Dallas; Last Photo Shows Mandela, Great Grandson; Saying Goodbye To An Icon; Report: Madoff Blames Others For His Con; American, U.S. Airways Make World's Largest Airline; Student Killed During Traffic Stop; 49 People Charged In Nine-Year Scheme To Defraud Medicaid Of Nearly $500,000
• Flights Canceled Nationwide; Tech Giants Pushing Back against NSA; Hundreds Gather at Mandela's Home; College Football Goes to Finals; Newlywed Murder Trial Begins Today; Teens Charged in Friend's DUI Death
• Snow, Ice Snarl Roads, Runways; Flights Cancelled; Desmond Tutu Leads Mandela Tribute; Obama Leads Delegation To South Africa; Defense Secretary In Pakistan For Talks; Hagel Met With Troops But Not Karzai; Congress Has Long To Do List
• Big Tech Companies Want NSA Restrained; U.S., British Spies Infiltrate the Gaming World; Newtown Asks Media to Stay Away; Merrill Newman Released from North Korea
• Texas Student Shot; Stadium Being Secured; Susan Boyle Announcement
• Newtown: Media Stay Away On Anniversary Date; Rashida Jones Blasts Pop Stars For Too Much "Skin, Licking And Bending Over"; Napping Traveler Wakes Up, Trapped In Plane; Satanists Petition For Statue At Oklahoma Statehouse, Next To Ten Commandments>
Interview With Melissa Etheridge; One Year Since Newtown; Bernie Madoff Speaks Out From Prison
• Tech Giants Say Government Spying Curbs Freedoms; 1,500 Flights Canceled Nationwide Today; Icy Roads Causing Slew of Accidents; Presidents, First Ladies Reunite for Nelson Mandela Memorial; Teens Charged for Letting Friend Drive Drunk; Air Force Band Surprises Museum Tourists

December 08, 2013

December 07, 2013
• Ice Storms Hits Parts of U.S.; College Football Prepares for SEC Championship; South Africa Mourns Nelson Mandela; U.S. Unemployment Rate Decreases to Seven Percent; U.S. Government to Sell Last Shares in Domestic Car Companies; Video of Girl Being Beaten Goes Viral; Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Released from Prison
• Ice Storms Hit Parts of U.S.; U.S. Veteran Released from North Korea; South Africa Mourns Nelson Mandela; Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Released from Prison; Homeless Man Learns Computer Coding.
• North Korea Releases Merrill Newman; Dallas-Forth Worth Area Hard Hit By Winter Storm; Jesse Owens' Medal Up For Auction; Celebrating Nelson Mandela's Life; American Vies for Arab Talent Title
• Treacherous Winter Weather; Merrill Newman Back with His Family; Crowds Gathered at Mandela's Home; Positive November Jobs Report; A Focus on Locomotive Engineers
• Bitter Cold Locks Up Texas, Mid-South; North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. War Veteran; White House Backtracks on Obama's Uncle; World Dignitaries to Attend Mandela Funeral; Posting Weather Reports on Social Media; Jobs Reports Shows Jump in Employment; A Peak at Future Technology
• North Korea Releases Merrill Newman; Dallas-Forth Worth Area Hard Hit By Winter Storm
• Bitter Cold Locks Up Texas, Mid-South; North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. War Veteran; Mandela's Public Memorial Set for Tuesday; NSA Tracking Millions of Cellphones; Spies Eye Phones for Secret Info; Why Teens Today are Called "Generation Stress"; Icy Storm on the Move
• North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. War Veteran; Ice Storm Slams Dallas Area; The Legacy of Nelson Mandela; Economic Indicators Show Big Growth; Huge Ice Storm Slams Several States; SEC Championship Has National Title Implications; GOP Trying To Woo More Women Voters; Poet Maya Angelou Remembers Nelson Mandela For His Remarkable Courage; Experts: Stranded Pilot Whales May Be Dehydrated; Willie Nelson Cancels His SeaWorld Show
• Huge Ice Storm Slams Several States; North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. War Veteran; High Speed Chase And Shootout; Secretary Hagel Visits Afghanistan; Mandela's Complicated Legacy; Unemployment Hits Five-Year Low; Man Charged With Stealing Electricity; CNN Goes In Depth On "Furious" Actor's Death; U.S. Students Falling Behind Global Peers
• North Korea Frees Elderly U.S. War Veteran; Ice Storm Slams Dallas Area; President Obama at the Saban Forum

December 06, 2013
• Stock Market Update; Mandela Personal Hero; Mandela Memorial; Dow Soars at Open; Ice Storm Cripples Nation's Midsection; Ex-Fellow Inmate Remembers Mandela
• Unemployment Rate Drops to 7 Percent; Remembering Nelson Mandela; Ice Storm Rolls from Texas to Tennessee; How Mandela Influenced Obama
• Remembering Nelson Mandela; Catastrophic Storm Conditions
• Hiring Surges In November; Dow Surges 100+ Points On Jobs Report; Lowest Unemployment Rate Since November 2008; How Mandela Influenced Obama
• Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.0 Percent; Crowds Gather to Mourn Mandela; Mandela to Lie in State Next Week; Ice Storm Paralyzes Multiple States; Colin Powell Remembers Mandela
• Ehud Barak Reflects on Nelson Mandela's Legacy, Talks Iran; Ice Storm Turns Deadly; Obama Knows Uncle Involved in Deportation Case
• Dangerous Winter Storm Affecting Millions across the Nation; South Africa Mourns the Death of Nelson Mandela While Celebrating His Legacy; "Sound of Music" Live on NBC
• Remembering Nelson Mandela; Positive Jobs Report; Radiation Poisoning in Mexico
• California Farmers Fight Freeze; Mandela Family Friend Shares Memories; U.S. Men's Soccer Team Drawn Into "Group of Death" for World Cup 2014; Cano Gets 10-Year, $240 Million With Mariners; Kobe Bryant Returns to Lakers After Injury; Willie Nelson Cancels SeaWorld Concert Over Killer Whale Confinement; Ted Cruz Draws Ire After Mandela Eulogy; Plane Fights High Winds to Land
• Mandela: Hero Now, Hated For Years; CNN Gets Behind-The-Scenes Look From A Commuter Train Operator; Willie Nelson Cancels His SeaWorld Show

December 05, 2013
• Reuters: Gunmen Shot Dead U.S. Chemistry Teacher as he Exercised at Benghazi School; Hackers Steal Two Million Passwords; Obama: No iPhone for Security Reasons;
• Dallas Temperature Drop; Lawson Back on Stand; Defibrillator Warning; Stolen Radioactive Material Found; Decision Day on Star Quarterback; GDP Heads Higher
• Protesters Fight For $15 An Hour In Wages; 30 Plus Million In Arctic Storm's Path; Minneapolis Mayor Tweets Storm Rhymes; Reuters: Gunmen Shot Dead U.S. Chemistry Teacher As He Exercised At Benghazi School; Tired Driving As Dangerous As Drunk Driving
• Protesters Fight for Wage Increase; GDP Jumps in Third Quarter; Temperature Plunges with Arctic Storm; FSU Quarterback Sex Assault Investigation Completed; Wiretap: Toronto Mayor May Have Tried to Buy Video; Time Running Out for Stranded Whales
• Economy Grows, Stocks Sink; GDP Grows in Third Quarter; Stocks Tumble Despite Positive Reports; Gap Widening Between Rich and Poor; Fast Food Workers Strike; Obama Speaks on Raise of Minimum Wage; American Killed in Benghazi Identified; Passwords May Be Hacked; President Only Allowed to Use Blackberry; GOP Schools Men about Women; FSU QB Rape Probe
• Interview with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Obamacare Could Cause Tough Elections for Democrats; NSA Tracking Billions of Cell Phones; Researchers Work to Keep Drowsy Drivers from Causing Accidents; Prosecutor Announces Decision on FSU Quarterback
• No Rape Charges; American Killed in Libya; Storm Brings Cold; Stranded Whales
• Two Million Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo Passwords Stolen in Hack; Fast Food Workers Stage Protests in 100 Cities, Looking for Higher Pay; Stocks Drop Amid Strong GDP Growth; Life Sentence for Murder He Didn't Commit
• American Teacher Killed in Libya; GOP and Women; New NSA Spying Revelations
• Republicans Taught How to Talk to Women; Winter Weather Blankets U.S.; Third Quarter Economy Grows 3.6 Percent; "Born To Run" For $197,000; Court Documents Indicate Ford Tried to Buy Back Crack- Smoking Video; "An Unreal Dream" Air Tonight; Pope Francis Launches Commission to Prevent Child Abuse; Universal Pictures Online Tribute to Paul Walker

December 04, 2013
• Newton 911 Calls to be Released; Blame the Driver?; Arctic Invasion to Bring 50-Degree Drop; Truck with Radioactive Material Stolen; Nigella Lawson Testifies Today in Fraud Trial; New Details in Walker Crash
• Black Friday Pushes up Auto Sales; 911 Tapes from Newtown to be Released; Highway Hypnosis; California Students to get Meningitis Antibiotic; Bill Clinton Talks 2016 Race, Joe Biden and Obamacare
• Newtown 911 Calls to be Released Today; Paul Walker's Ride; 20- 30 Whales Stranded in Everglades; New Home Sales Surge in October; Flu Blamed for Three Deaths in North Carolina
• Snow, Ice To Impact Major U.S. Impact; Twenty To Thirty Whales Stranded In Everglades; Passenger Files Claims Against Metro North; Truck With Radioactive Material Stolen In Mexico; Fast Food Strikes Called For 100 Cities
• Newtown 911 Calls Release Today; Gun Control Results; Obama Calls For Higher Minimum Wage; Obama Chides GOP Over Obamacare; Walker Autopsy Results Coming In; Stolen Truck Carrying Deadly Cargo; Radioactive Material Stolen; Bronx Train Accident; Reid Staff Gets Obamacare Pass
• Newtown Police to Release 911 Calls, Clergymen Help Town; Dick Cheney Weighs in on Cheney Daughter Feud; House Committee Investigates Space Aliens; Boehner Talks House Accomplishments
• Newtown 911 Tapes; Walker Autopsy; Winter Storm; Nigella Lawson Admits Cocaine Use
• Train Derailment Investigation Continues; Newtown 911 Tapes Released; Stranded Whales
• Paul Walker Autopsy Released; A Ride in the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT; Passenger Sues Metro-North for Derailment; Dick Cheney Disappointment in Public Row Between Daughters; Winter Storm Moves South; Obama Calls for Raising Minimum Wage; Life of Fast-Food Workers
• Union Rep: Engineer "Nodded Off" Before Crash, Feds Boot Union From Investigation; Future Space Tourists Train For Space Flight; Georgia Police Arrest Electric Car Owner Who Allegedly Stole Five Cents Of Power; Rare Access Inside Fukushima Nuclear Disaster; Obama Defends Health Care Law

December 03, 2013
• Porsche Carrera GT Safety; New Push to Promote Obamacare; Nationwide Strike to Push $15 Living Wage; Interview with Rep. Keith Ellison; Seahawks Crowd Registers Earthquake
• Two Americans Being Held in North Korea; New Video of Walker Crash; Hawaii Man Killed in Shark Attack; Divers Rescue Man Trapped Underwater; Millionaire to California: Boost Minimum Wage
• Train Hit 30 MPH Curve At 82 MPH; Drag Racing Ruled Out In Walker Crash; Police: Alabama Fan Killed Fellow Fan; Best Cyber Monday In History; An 85-Year-Old American Still Held In North Korea
• Metro-North Train Too Fast?; New Video of Walker Crash; Sales Tax Online; Coaches Behaving Badly; Loyal Customer? Your Prices Could Rise; Fighting for the Rights of Chimps
• Brakes Applied Too Late; Speed Blamed For Train Crash; Engineer Says He Was In A Daze; How To Make Yourself Safer On Trains; Cyber Monday Sales Up 20 Percent; Stocks Take A Tumble; Closing Commissaries; Suspected TB Flight
• Reason Found for New York Train Derailment; Bill Clinton Assesses Obamacare, Talks Hillary 2016; Colorado Pot Big Businesses; Robbers Break into Salvation Army Office; Santa Tracking Becomes Too Militarized
• Delta Bumps Passengers; New York Train Crash; Detroit Bankruptcy; First Major Snow; Innocent Man Imprisoned 25 Years; Farrah Fawcett Portrait
• Train Derailment Investigation Continues; Rabbi Teaching Self- Defense
• The "Knockout Game"; Ryan O'Neal Sued Over Warhol Painting; Man Survives Car Wreck, Trapped With Dead Friend for Days; New Video of Actor's Car Crash; UC Santa Barbara Warns of Meningitis Outbreak; Vatican Discredits Pope-in-Disguise Internet Rumor
• Ryan O'Neal: Farrah Fawcett Portrait Is Mine; Victim's Family Reacts To Deadly Accident; Sources: Train Engineer Says He Was "In A Daze" Before Deadly Derailment; Web Hoax After Web Hoax Fools Media; Rowdy Fans Rattle The Earth; Spending On Education Fails To Fix Teen Test Score Woes

December 02, 2013
• Bronx Derailment; Cyber Monday; U.S. Urges North Korea to Release Americans; Biden Aims to Calm China-Japan Tensions; Controversy after Officiating Blunder; Derailed Train Cars Being Uprighted
• White House touts Obamacare Site "Fix"; Retailers Lure Shoppers on Cyber Monday; Drag Racing May Have Led to Walker's Fatal Crash
• Train Details in the Bronx; Paul Walker Dies on Car Crash; Tuberculosis Scare on Flight; Auburn Upsets Alabama in Last Second; White House Touts Obamacare Site "Fix"
• Four Killed In Train Derailment Identified; Tuberculosis Scare On Flight; Police: Speed A Factor In Walker Crash; Gupta: Experts Worry About "Moral Hazard" When People Ignore Their Medical Warnings; Disabled Baby Denied Heart Transplant
• Train Crash In New York City; NTSB Has Data Recorders; Man With T.B. Taken Off Plane In Phoenix; Police Probe Stadium Parking Lot Death; U.S. No Safer than 2011; World AIDS Day
• NTSB to Use On-Board Recorders for Train Crash Investigation; Insurance Alone Won't Make Us Healthier; Holiday Shopping Sluggish This Year; Amazon CEO Talks Drone Deliveries.
• Drag Racing Possible in Actor's Death; New York City Train Crash; Disabled Baby Denied Heart Transplant; Mysterious Death after NFL Game
• Investigation Into Actor's Death Continues; Network Morning Show Changes
• "Furious" Actor Remembered For Good Deeds; Tyrese Gibson Weeps At Co-Star's Memorial; Passengers Say They Were Told Man On Their Flight Had Active Tuberculosis; Man Throws Money To Mall Shoppers; "Ron Burgundy" Co-Anchors Evening Newscast
• New Details On Bronx Train Derailment; Investigation Into Actor Paul Walker's Death

December 01, 2013

November 30, 2013
• Police Helicopter Crashes into Pub in Scotland; Amish Family Flees with Child Undergoing Alternative Medicine Cancer Treatment; Bone Marrow Deficiency Patients Profiled; Individuals Recount Near- Death Experiences
• Helicopter In Scotland Crashes Into Pub; Dow Jones Finishes A Few Points Lower On Friday; Merrill Newman Taken Into North Korean Custody; Arnon Milchan Claims He Was Israeli Secret Agent And Arms Dealer; Convenience Store Worker In Florida Taking Cops To Court; Obamas Unsure Where To Stay After White House
• Helicopter Crash in Glasgow; Obamacare Website New Release December 1; Black Friday Madhouse; CNN All-Start Heroes Night Preview
• Tech Experts Working Non-stop on Website; Helicopter Crashes into Pub, 8 Killed, 14 Hospitalized with Serious Injuries; Detained Vets Apologizes for Korean War Acts; Film "An Unreal Dream" About Michael Morton; Mexico Releases Imprisoned Hit Man, Now Back in United States; Homeless Man Creates Beautiful Music
• Large Share Of Americans Currently Find Barack Obama Untrustworthy; A Helicopter Crashes Into Pub In Glasgow, Killing At Least Eight, Selfie Word Of The Year, According to Oxford Dictionary; Edward Snowden Making New Headlines
• Police Helicopter Crashes into Pub in Scotland; Obamacare Website Prepares for New Launch Date; Man Arrested Over 200 Times; Controversy Over Possible Fat-Shaming Facebook Comments Examined; Amish Family Flees with Child Undergoing Alternative Medicine Cancer Treatment; Homeless Man Plays Piano Expertly; Illinois Town Recovering From Tornado
• Police Helicopter Crashes into Pub in Scotland; Obamacare Website Prepares for New Launch Date; Man Arrested Over 200 Times; Controversy Over Possible Fat-Shaming Facebook Comments Examined; Amish Family Flees with Child Undergoing Alternative Medicine Cancer Treatment; Homeless Man Plays Piano Expertly; Illinois Town Recovering from Tornado
• Helicopter Crashes into Pub; Brutal brawls on Black Friday; Christie, Clinton Surge in New Poll; White House Aims to Get Past Obamacare; Celebrity Chef Scandal; American War Vet in North Korean Prison; Professional Sports and Cheating; The Future of Shopping; Homeless Man with Amazing Talent
• Helicopter Crashes Into Pub, Eight Killed; Plane Crash In Namibia Kills All On Board; Obamacare Site Deadline 11 Hours Away; Pentagon: Restricted Zone Flights Won't Stop; Woman In Self Defense Case Out Of Prison; Montana Appeals Teacher's 30-Day Sentence For Raping Student; $3,500 Fee For Negative Shopping Review; U.S. Offers To Destroy Syria's Most Dangerous Chemical Weapons At Sea; Police: Italian Mafia Fed Man To Pigs; Tough Talk From Mike Tyson
• Helicopter Crashes Into Pub, Eight Killed; U.S. Will Destroy Syria's Most Dangerous Chemical Weapons At Sea; Millions For Charity, Not Much For Kids; Wall Street Sets Record Gains; Home Prices Climb In Third Quarter; NFL Reviewing Tomlin's Sideline Incident; Police: Man Butt Dials While Hiring Hitman; Family Claims Amish Girl Is "Cancer Free" After Halting Chemotherapy; Deadline Today For Obamacare Site To Work; Bargains And Brawls On Black Friday; Politics Of Healthcare

November 29, 2013
• Holiday Shoppers out in Full Force; 1,500 Protests Planned at Walmart's Nationwide; Poll Showed 4 in 10 Saying Economy Getting Worse; Lions Blow Out Packers 40-10; Roberts' Advice for "Hunger Games" Star
• Wild Scene at Walmart; Stocks Set to End Moth on a High; Couple Charged for Negative Review: Soldiering on after Combat is Over; Thanksgiving Football Feast
• Shopping Central at Macy's Herald Square; 1,500 Protests Planned at Wal-Marts Nationwide; China Declares New "Air Defense Zone"; Deadline Tomorrow for Fix
• U.S. Flies Through Disputed Airspace; Polls Show We're Losing Faith in Economy; Markets Wrap Up Record Setting Month; Fight for Bargains on Black Friday; Tomorrow is Deadline for Web Site Fix; Obama Visits Immigration Protesters; White House Christmas Tree; Obamas Sit Down for Joint Interview; Christie Expands Lead Among GOP
• Protests Scheduled at Walmart Stores; Michael O'Hanlon Says Ignore Afghanistan's Rhetoric; How Joe Biden Stands in the Polls; Controversy Continues Over Seminole Name and Tradition.
• Black Friday Brings out Millions; Amish Girl in Hiding; Sisters Held Captive; Bride Loses Groom in Honeymoon Accident
• Black Friday Madness; Amish Girl Missing
• Best Deals Online on Cyber Monday; Wrongly Identified Man in Jail for Four Days; Christie, Clinton Surge in New CNN Poll; Romney's Son Tweets Heroics After Wreck; Coaches Behave Badly; Anderson Cooper Hosts CNN Heroes
• Shoppers Fight For Black Friday Bargains; Wal-Mart Cheers Black Friday, Braces For Protests; Fighting For Black Friday Bargains; Loud Explosions Outside U.S. Air Base; Lindsey Vonn Skis Again After Crash; Poll: Biden Is Second Choice For Dems In 2016; Nigella Lawson's Ex- Husband Testifies
• Celeb Chef's Ex-Husband Testifies He Believes 'Compelling' Drug Claims; Deadline Tomorrow To Fix; Obamas May Stay In D.C. After Presidency Ends

November 28, 2013
• D.C. Won't Extend Pre-Obamacare Plans; Backlash Over "Brown Thursday"; Highlights from this Year's CNN Heroes; Highlights from this Year's "CNN Heroes"; Police Chief Tasered for Charity; Jews Celebrate "Thanksgivukkah"; King James Returns to Cleveland
• Thanksgiving Day Parade All Set; Black Friday Frenzy; Packers Lineman Slams Detroit Lions Team; Illinois Town Marks Thanksgiving After Tornado; Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Tips
• Crowds Camp out for Black Friday Deals; Comet's Fantastic Thanksgiving Show; Keeping the Peace with Family during Holidays; To Heaven and Back
• Retailers Plan Year-Ahead for Black Friday; Lists Black Friday Deals; Mother Advises College Men to Get Sex Partners to Text Consent; Tornado Survivors Thankful for Their Lives; Pizza Hut Manager Offered His Job Back; L.A. Celebrities Work Homeless Shelter; Anderson Cooper Hosts CNN Heroes
• Getting A Jump On Black Friday; Only 26 Shopping Days Until Christmas; Macy's Thanksgiving Balloons Fly; Store Owner Defies Call To Stay Open; New Obamacare Website Delays
• Mall Madness; Ohio Couple Facing Charges for Abandoning Adopted Child
• Walmart Sets Black Friday Strategy; Giving Back at Thanksgiving; Tribute to CNN Heroes; Tension Rising in China-Japan Dispute; John Kerry versus Hillary Clinton; Celebrating Thanksgivukkah
• Controversy Over Redskins; Holiday Shopping; Tornado Survivors Give Thanks; Obamacare Deadline Looms for White House; High Tensions in East China Sea
• Forget Thanksgiving, Let's Shop; The Rise Of "Brown Thursday" Shopping; Whole Foods Workers Protest Thanksgiving Hours; Pizza Hut Manager Offered Job Back After Being Fired For Not Opening On Thanksgiving; Macy's Parade Balloons Are Flying; "The War On Thanksgiving"; Mayor Gets A Second Chance
• Thanksgiving Shoppers' Deal; Comet Ison Grazes Edge of the Sun; Crucial Afghan Deal Eludes U.S.; Giant Balloons Fly at Macy's Parade
• Celebs Cook, Serve Meals On Skid Row; Pizza Hut Manager Offered Job Back After Refusing To Open On Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving Shopping Backlash; Bryan Cranston To Hit Broadway As Lyndon B. Johnson In "All the Way"; Half-Court Shot Winner May Not Get $20K Prize; Police Chief Tasered For Charity; Officer Pulls Man From Burning Truck
• A Thanksgiving Tradition: Pumpkin Pie And Pigskin; Anti- Redskins Ads Before NFL Games; Personal Shopper To The Stars; Happy Thanksgivukkah!; CNN Honors Heroes Changing The World

November 27, 2013
• Pittsburgh Could Get A Foot Of Snow; AAA: 38.9 Million Driving For Thanksgiving; Holiday Storm Slams 15 States; AAA: 3.14 Million Flying For Thanksgiving; White House Deadline On Obamacare Nears; U.S./China Tensions Over Air Defense Zone; Hazmat Spill Now Contained In Ohio; Police: Three Girls Found Imprisoned In Home; Teenage Hitman Sent Back To U.S.; Cartels Lure Teen Killers With Promises Of Money, Power
• Winter Storm Slams 15 States; Weather Causing Delays at the Airport; U.S.-China Tensions; Walmart Readies for Black Friday Frenzy; CNN Poll Shows NFL Fans' Disconnect
• Holiday Travel; Hi Winds Could Ground Balloons; Lara Logan on Leave; Airport Delays Ahead; Kobe Responds to Contract Critics
• Cities Brace for Up to 12 Inches of Snow; Amtrak to Travelers: No Plane? Take a Train; Pope Slams "New Tyranny" of Capitalism; Former FBI Agent Kidnapped in Iran 2007; The GAP Responds to Racism; Winter Storm Snarls Busiest Holiday Travel Day; Pardon That Turkey
• Tracking the Thanksgiving Storm; Web Fix on Schedule; Insurers Fear More Obamacare Trouble; White House Thanksgiving; Turkey Talk; Weather Outlook; Storm Causes Cancellations and Delays
• Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey; Year-Long Delay for Small Business Online Obamacare Enrollment; What to Do if Flight Delayed or Cancelled; Behind-the-Scenes at Atlanta's Airport; Robert Levinson Still Held in Iran. U.S., Japan Criticize Chinese Move in South China Sea.
• Salt Trucks Keeping Highways Clear; Rail System Moving After Delays Tuesday; Strong Winds May Cause Delays; Weather Outlook; Black Friday Shopping Tips; OJ Simpson's Request for a New Trial Denied; Arizona Couple Charged with Holding Three Sisters Captive for Years
• Small Protest Over Whole Foods' Holiday Hours; Storm Affecting Flights Across Country; Airlines Work To Lessen Storm Impact; 24 Hours At Nation's Biggest Airport; CNN/ORC Poll: 59 Percent Are NFL Fans; Bad Weather Fails To Stop Holiday Travel
• Holiday Travel Mess; Drug Cartel Hit Man in U.S.
• Big Storm Threatens Thanksgiving Travel; Police Release Video of Killer's Confession; Judge Denies O.J. Simpson Request for Retrial; Actor Frankie Muniz Suffers Second Mini-Stroke; Mike Tyson Calls "Knockout Game" Stupid; Obama Pardons Turkey for Thanksgiving; Comet ISON Approaches Sun; Nurse Dies Defending Patients from Man with Knife

November 26, 2013
• Deadly Weather on Thanksgiving Week; Air Travel Could Be Rough; How Retailers Trick You on "Black Friday"; More Charged in Steubenville Rape Case
• Deadly Storm; Flight Canceled; Family Guy Fans Fight; Poll: 27 Percent Plan to Shop on "Black Friday"
• Four-Hour Delays Likely at Major Airports; Ex-Marine Risked Life to Save Jumper; Politician Movie in the Works; Deadly Winter Storm Moves Up East Coast; 10 ex-NHL Players File Lawsuit; Miley's Lip-Synching Cat Goes Viral
• Snow And Ice Hitting Mid-Atlantic; Heavy Rains, High Winds For Southeast; Drivers Facing Hazardous Road Conditions; AAA: 38.9 Million To Drive For Thanksgiving; Possible Sinkhole Forces Family To Leave; Obama Heckler Explains His Outburst
• Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Provision Case; Winter Weather Threatens Holiday Travel
• Some Angry Over Obamacare Rollout, Others Happy to Get Insurance; Bad Weather Ruins Travel Plans; Shining New Light on Mental Health; Omega House is Home to Washington Lawmakers.
• Flights Delayed; Buffalo to Get Snow; Weather Outlook; Prepare for Delays and Cancellations; Lara Logan Takes Leave; Gitmo Detainee to CIA; Religious Objections to Obamacare
• Winter Storms Hit Holiday Travel; Animal Safety and Hollywood
• Rain, Snow and Ice Storms Affects Thanksgiving Travel; Marine Vet Catches Woman Leaping from Oakland Coliseum Stands; Report Claims Animal Abuse Monitors Too Chummy With Movie, TV Industry; Pope Calls for Changes to Catholic Church; Obama Speaks at Dreamworks Animation
• Winter Storm Warning In Western PA; AAA: 43 Million Travellers This Holiday; File Complaints Against The TSA On Your Phone; Mayor's Post-Arrest Jailhouse Tirade; Seth Rogen and James Franco Spoof Kanye, Kardashian Video

November 25, 2013
• Thanksgiving Travel Threatened for Millions; President Obama's Declining Numbers; U.S. Allies and Lawmakers Blast Iran Deal; Air Fares Could Soar with Airline Merger; Arrest Made in Random, Violent Attack
• Thanksgiving Travel Threatened; NASDAQ Hits Record; Hunger Games Movie Premieres; Iranians Cheer Nuclear Deal with West
• "Historic" Iran Nuke Deal Questioned; Report: Bon Jovi may Buy NFL Team; Remembering J.D. Tippit
• Thanksgiving Travel Threatened For Millions; U.S. Allies, Lawmakers Blast Iran Deal; Six-month Deal Lifts Come Sanctions; Boeing Warns On Engine For Some Planes; U.S. Allies, Lawmakers Blast Iran Deal; Olympic Skier Bode Miller In Custody Fight
• Storm Could Snarl Holiday Travel; Indictments in Steubenville Rape Case; Iran Deal Moving Forward; Critics Skeptical of Iran Nuclear Deal; Lawmakers Skeptical of Iran Deal; Obama Poll Numbers; Flight Cancellations
• Sever Weather in Midwest; Iran Agrees to Nuclear Deal; Interview with Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes; Israel Unhappy with Iran Deal; Remembering Officer J.D. Tippit
• Deadly Storm Moves East; Steubenville Rape Case; Putin and Pope Meet; Young Stars Win Big
• More Charged in Steubenville Rape Case; President Obama Pushes for Immigration Reform; Interview With Joel Osteen
• Joel Osteen Talks New Book; President Heckled on Immigration; Morning-After Pill Not Effective for Women Over 176 Pounds; NBA Usher and Fan Dance-Off for Crowd; Pope Meets Putin
• Senior Administration Official: Obamacare Web Site Will Work For "Vast Majority" By November 30; Obama's Image Takes Big Hit In New Poll; Wintry Blast Threatens Holiday Travel; Murder Charges In Philly Wall Collapse; Outlaw Country Singer Dies In Bar Shooting; Cop Accused Of Sexual Assault In Traffic Stop; Fewer Flights, Higher Fares For Holidays

November 24, 2013