Friday, October 20, 2006
Two Thursdays
I have had two Thursdays. No, I have not been greedy. I have crossed the dateline coming from Asia to the United States. I left Singapore on Thursday morning and landed in Newark/New York at around 1700 the same day – despite the fact the flight lasted more than 18 hours. In all, my Thursday has lasted nearly forty hours!

This flight, the SQ22 is the longest flight in the world. Using an Airbus A340-500 it is a most remarkable flight. Quite like nothing else experienced. The flight just goes on and on and on. As I took off from Singapore all I could think was that I am sitting on a flying fuel tank – the big wing bobbing up and down with the weight of the fuel.

Once airborne watching the airshow display gave a brilliant idea of what was being experienced…up past the Philippines, Japan, through the China Sea, across the Pacific and the international dateline, making landfall at Vancouver, down to Seattle and across the United States into Newark. According to Flying Fish I have flown a total of 9534 miles (miles going into UA Mileage Plus). Magnificent.

Time to watch two movies (neither brilliant), eat two meals, sleep twice, oh, and write this blog. I would have filed it from the aircraft but the Airbus planes don’t have Connexion by Boeing so you’ve had to wait until I am once again on the ground.

But here is a question – am I entitled to claim two Per Diems (daily expenses for food etc) from CNN for the elongated day – after all my Thursday has lasted nearly two days; surely I should be able to get a bit of extra daily cash for this. This is important, because on Monday next, I fly to Auckland from LA when I lose a day – does that mean I lose my per diem for that day when I cross back over the dateline? I think I need your help on this one.

Well I thought it was worth asking…

The colleague I am travelling with only flew out from the US on Sunday (arriving Tuesday) I think she has done a Herculean job, going all that way, having meetings and then heading back, all within 72 hours. It really does show how much we put ourselves through when on the road.

Finally, here is a picture of Sleepy who as many of you know is my travelling bear. I am delighted to say that Singapore Airlines has agreed to enrol him as (hopefully) a gold Krisflyer! Now, of course, since I don’t actually pay for a separate ticket for Sleepy he won’t earn any miles – but at least he won’t feel left out! I will be furious if in the future he gets an upgrade and I don’t! Any other airlines care to enrol this flying bear in their FFP? C’mon!

I am now en route to The Mother Ship, otherwise known as the CNN centre in Atlanta where I am filming on Friday and Saturday. I will write more from the U.S.

Richard Quest, CNN On Board SQ22 across the US.
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