Monday, October 15, 2007
Off to Asia
So my long Asia trip is underway. I usually do one of these trips a year, and usually around this time of the year.

I left London about ten days ago – and headed via Los Angeles to Tokyo and onto Singapore.

I have been trying out some of your suggestions to keep my shirts neat and tidy. Hmmmmm. Well, you can judge for yourselves on the shows – but just in case you think I didn’t get to grips, I attach a photo.

I tried the various suggestions although, frankly, some of your instructions ranked alongside origami for complexity. Fold this sleeve over that shoulder and then tuck the etc. By the time I had finished I’d put more creases into the shirt than if I had just bundled it into a ball and shoved it in a shoe.

So my conclusion? Rolling the shirts works to a point but if there is anything pressing down on them from the lid of the suitcase, well they come out like a string vest. Not for me.

Now I am trying the “wrap them in tissue of dry cleaning plastic.” Results later in the week from Tokyo.

A quick mention to the men and women I met last week in East Timor (pictured). They are either with the United Nations as part of the integrated Mission there or the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) for which read Australia and New Zealand.

The full scope of our report can be seen in Quest for Peace in November. But I just wanted, through the blog to thank you for your help. Whatever people may think of why you are there, you are along way from home, for many months at a time and that in itself should be remembered.

And to anyone who is thinking of visiting East Timor for a holiday, you probably have a few years before the rest of the tourist world realizes its beaches are wonderful, its water is clear and cool and its people friendly. According to one knowledgeable person – The President himself the Timorese coffee might even have some “special” viagric qualities.

And yes, it is by and large safe. Very safe. Except from some especially nasty mossies who were determined to inflict bites in tricky places.

Richard Quest, CNN, sitting uncomfortably on board the plane.

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