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Dole: 'President has abdicated his responsibility'

November 12, 1995
Web posted at: 3:35 p.m. EST

Statement of Sen. Bob Dole on Sunday campaign events Faxed to CNN on November 11

Throughout my campaign for the presidency, I have maintained that this contest isn't about Bob Dole or Bill Clinton -- it's about America and the leadership we need going into the next decade. In recent weeks, President Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated that he has abdicated the responsibility of his office to lead this nation. That dereliction of duty has peaked in recent days as he has played politics with the budget and so today Speaker Gingrich and I requested a meeting with the president to try to resolve the budget crisis.

Sadly, our request today was met with more partisan brinkmanship. I still hope that by tomorrow the president will come to see that America's interests must take precedence over his personal political interests. I hope he will put politics aside and finally shoulder some of the obligations of his office. As always, I stand ready to work with the president if he decides to begin good faith discussions on the budget. To me, that is more important than politics.

In light of these facts, I will remain here in Washington and not attend the events I had planned in Florida. My wife, Elizabeth, will attend and the events will go on. I hope all will appreciate that my first obligation must be to the historic conservative cause we are fighting for here in Washington.

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