Federal shutdown
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Washington braces for the real budget battle

The federal government is offering full services again, the result of the ultimate compromise agreement. But the short-term agreement reached Sunday ending the budget stalemate is only a short-term solution funding the federal government until December 15.
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showdown shutdown

Clinton: Latest proposal "dead on arrival"
Day four and no end in sight
Democrats taunt Newt
Clinton denies Gingrich snub
Transcript of Clinton budget briefing
GOP statements on the budget
Transcripts: Clinton, Gore, Rivlin
Avert shutdown, Clinton urges GOP
Transcript: Clinton radio address
Transcript: GOP radio address
Dole's statement
Panetta charges blackmail on budget

Shutdown touches many lives across U.S.
Canyon visitors caught in Congress' great divide
Federal workers in the middle
Most shielded from shutdown
What will shutdown shut down?
How bad will it be?
Federal union threatens suit
Who would the train wreck hurt?
Default could raise interest rates

background Fallout

Highlights of the GOP balanced-budget plan
11th-hour meeting on budget held
Glossary of budget terms
Budget stalemate nears
Government shutdown looms
Budget talks fall through
Congress OKs new debt limit
Previous federal shutdowns
Flowchart: Countdown to shutdown

Poll: Shutdown affect candidates' ratings
CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll
Voters speak their mind
How do you think a "government shutdown" would affect you?

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