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How do you think a government shutdown would affect you?

November 17, 1995
Last updated: 6:45 p.m. EST

It would be the height of irresponsibility for Congress to recess for Thanksgiving without putting an end to this mess. Stalemate is not acceptable.
The government shutdown affects more than the 800,000 furloughed federal workers. All of the military is affected because end-of-the-month paychecks won't be there. That is going to hurt millions of Americans in our armed forces.
Why do CNN newscasters almost always slant news in favor of the Republicans?
The real horror are the senior citizens who think they can help run up a the national debt and give the burden of paying it back to their children and grandchildren and not pay their share.
Watching Dole and Gingrich together, on the same platform is like watching Abbott and Costello do their famous routine " Who's on first? What's on second? and I Don't Know's on third."
It is Mr. Clinton who is acting irresponsibly. It is he who is not acting in good faith. He is unwilling to accept anything the GOP proposes.
WE got the worse President since god knows what.
Bob Dole is making a big mistake by not joining the Florida debate, hosted by Larry King. His decision makes it look less like he's concerned about the budget but just afraid to confront the issues.
I see that 55 democrats voted on the last bill. If the President doesn't represent the GOP supporters and he doesnt support the opposing democrats supporters, who does he support?
The government is FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE! Over the past couple decades, this philosophy has deteriorated into what seems to be the exact opposite!!??
If current politicians cannot positively work and serve our wonderful country, then the Peoples of America need to vote out ALL and replace them with new faces!
It would appear that, whether I expected it or not, I am still "serving the public" while furloughed, as the money I have put aside towards my retirement is being used -whether through my choice or not- to fund other public needs. Somehow, that does NOT give me a warm feeling.
White house and Congress: Quit acting like a 3 year old in a candy store with my money!
Both my wife and I are federal workers affected by the Government shutdown. We urge the President to resist the Republicans selfish and destructive agenda. Let us get back to work.
If what I do for the taxpayers isn't important, Congress and the President should agree to get rid of the job. But don't blame me for your not agreeing on whether I should be here or not
WHY WOULD THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY SPEND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$$$ LAST WEEK WITH COMMERCIALS opposing a bill Clinton he said he would negotiate if he planned to really negotiate???????
Only in Washington would a paid vacation be called a furlough. I thought you guys were trying to bring the budget under control. How does paying employees for work not done fit into your budget plans?
Pres. Clinton is playing political "chicken" with a centrally and critically important issue: balancing the budget. The Republicans are providing the gutsy leadership needed to help overcome this problem.
You are causing a lot of turmoil with this widely publicized CNN/Usa Today Poll. Where was it conducted---in the waiting line of the Welfare Office @NYC?
the blame is with the liberal mainstream press supporting a corrupt president and political system
You know that alot of this rhetoric is only to get air time from the media. Maybe instead of contributing to the problem, the media should only REPORT the Essentials!!
The fact that you can overlook the President's misleading behavior and dishonesty does not supprise me. If you can do this and still feel good about yourself and sleep at night I pity you. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought journalists were taught to report the facts not hide them.
Today's article on the gov't shutdown says that "its costing $150m in lost work as 800,000 Federal workers are not working". If you do the math, that comes to $23.44/hour per worker. That's the problem!. Gov't costs too much.hang in there and don't let up on the pressure.
I may be naive but all this hype about a Federal shutdown is hogwash to me. I am the average Joe on the street and I can't say that I have been affected at all by this latest political manuver. Besides, lets look at what is really affected. The park service, some non essectial IRS services and some folks can't get their passports. Well I'm sorry but I can't see any devistating effect from all of this. In Regarding the federal shutdown. I don't people realize how significant the impact will be if it is not resolved. I have a particular interest because Iam a federal contractor...our company provides services to the federalgovernment. For some reason, we have been told to STOP WORK. This hasnever happened before, and I do not understand why it is happeningthis time. In fact, it appears that some contractors are being shut down while others doing the same type of work are being told to continue. This inconsistency seems unfair to me. Perhaps there is an issue here about how some contractors are being singled out for shut down.
I find it admirable that Washington intends to retroactively pay Civil Servants once they return to work; however, I was dismayed that your coverage implied that this arrangement makes amends for a government shutdown. I am a federal support contractor at NASA Langley Research Center, and if the ratios of contractors to civil service employees here is similarly reflected across the country, then there are far more contractors out of work than the 800,000 or so federal employees. In the case of a federal contractor, the contracting company may not have the money to pay out of work employees, and the government makes no provisions for this group. Federal contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder, driving down profit margins for the competing companies. These lower profit margins translate into fewer benefits, such as paid furloughs, for contractor employees. A little more research on your part may show that a large group of workers, also providing government service, will not be paid for time lost during the government shutdown. In some cases, this lack of pay will force young talent, professionals that are just starting out, to seek employment elsewhere rather than allow their families to suffer hardship.
Newt is puffing up his chest and playing "King of the Hill" What he doesn't seem to realize is that this is not a game for the rest of us. This is OUR COUNTRY and those are OUR TAX DOLLARS that he and the rest of his gang are playing with. Please tell Newt the same things that my parents told me, when as a child I played games at inappropriate times.... "Knock it off!" If Newt, Dole and those other jokers on Capitol Hill are the dynamic leaders that they purport to be, then why can't they work with the president to formulate creative solutions? That they are resorting to guerrilla tactics with the debt ceiling proves that they lack imagination, willingness and a sense of responsibility towards the future reputation of America.
As most Americans, the media created "shutdown" will not affect me at all. It is preposteous and irresponsible to think that after 24 hours anybody has been affected. I am employed in the banking industry and have been through a recession (lsot my job with two kids and a wife) and the current boom. You in the media should attempt to be more responsible and report the facts about the budget and the detriment of continuing deficits rather than supporting your political views through "editorial or subjective" reporting. Let the political system work without distorting the "facts" as you may call them.
Contrary to your polling, we are not as selfish and as ignorant as your news reports indicate. Even in liberal Massachusetts, we want BOTH a balancedbudget and medicare reform. We are concerned about future generations andunderstand that a smaller, more responsible central government is in theirbest interest. Why CNN insists on going down with the Clinton sinking ship is the real mystery. As for our family, we are getting a small satellite dish for Christmas. Bon voyage!
CNN NEWS Gentlemen: Let's get it straight. There are NO CUTS in the Budget Bill. So when it comes to reporting the facts, don't matter-of-fact refer to the budget CUTS. There are NO CUTS. The GOP Medicare bill increases spending at 3 times the current rate of inflation. That's a +++(plus) or increase. Get your facts straight.
The government shut down will probably help our business. More and more these days, it seems, all the govt does is create regulations, raise taxes and in general get in the way of small business trying to do an honest days work.

I don't see any real impact. This kind of thing has happened before and they always keep the important folks working. I think it's mainly a problem for the government.

I believe that the president is in the right. I come from a very small town in central New York, where most residents are Republicans. This never ceases to amaze me, because why would these people who need Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and Social Security vote against it? Republicans have always supported big business and cared little about the poor. I shocks me that people vote for this party who would not spend money on education, or the environment. "Let the poor pay for their education, let the world rot, as long as I make money!" seems to be their attitude, and yet they still get voted. And we cannot forget that to majority of our national debt has come from the Reagan and Bush administrations.

I hope the Republicans hang in there and don't give in. It is time that we begin to pay our bills. Spending more than we have is neither loving nor fair. Hang in there, Republicans!

The current budget situation is beyond comprehension in a world where similar behavior in business or local government would be grounds for termination or recall. There is no excuse for elected representatives to carry politics to this level of absurdity. Nothing justifies a system so out of phase with reality, so inept that it can produce paralysis in the name of progress. To be proud, to have postured for months that this was somehow unavoidable is not governance, it's gamesmanship at the expense of the American people. Had this been a business negotiation, I would have fired any staff person who acted in this manner.

Concerning the budget impasse. I am a commander in the Army Reserves. Today I was informed that the soldiers in my unit will not be paid for the weekend drill that they performed in November until the budget is passed. This is work already performed. Many of these soldiers are young, and depend on this income to meet monthly bills. It is grossly unfair to make these people go without. Not only does it hurt morale (and retention), but it hurts the defense of this country, because these are soldiers that will leave the service sooner than would be hoped, with a bad taste in their mouths. This immature bickering amongst our elected officials must stop, and a budget must be passed NOW.

This is one way to reduce the size of government ...

In all I thought that this would happen sooner. My biggest concern is for those workers that are living payday to payday. Will this shut down cause them to file for bankruptcy? Yes, the American public needs to wake up and voice their opinions. In a society that is better informed than our parents' was, it is absurd that so few can do so much damage, and we pay them more than they deserve. I say rather than cut and slash programs, let's have the House of Reps and Congress take a 20% cut in pay then freeze four five years at that rate. Then see what happens. I guess that I'm a dreamer. But I do feel sorry for those individuals that will lose because of this shutdown.

I am very happy. Finally the Republicans are stopping the train of runaway spending.

I believe we need to be serious in balancing our federal budget. Even the GOP version is not strict enough. The administration needs to give in on this one.

You know, it's kind of strange. Everything our president said when was campaigning has been sent to him by the Republicans. But, he refuses to sign the majority of the legislation because it would hurt this group or that groups, etc. That just continues to prove that the man that 41% of the voters put in the highest office of the land can't keep any promises. The only thing he knows how to do is spend money. He can't balance his budgets, keeps his promises, or make any changes to fiscal policy in this country. He even admits he raised taxes too much and thinks the budget can be balanced in 7 years. But, when asked to do the right thing, he won't. I think if there is anyone in the federal government that can be considered non-essential it's Bill Clinton and all of his Liberal buddies. Next election lets throw all of the Democrats out. VOTE REPUBLICAN AND GIVE THIS COUNTRY BACK TO OUR KIDS AND STOP STEALING THEIR FUTURE. Sign the plan, Bill.

The greatest "effect" on myself as well as a good many other people will be the growing mistrust of the government in general. They are supposed to be taking care of us and yet in order to win their own battles they actually hurt us by such things as this present foolishness. Strange that they would forget who they are working for in this way. Don't they realize that they are the government of the greatest country on earth? They act like small children fighting over possession of a toy rather than the welfare of an entire country. SHAME ON THEM! CB

Haven't any of these people in Washington ever heard of compromise? The Republicans want 7 years, Clinton wants 9. How does 8 sound? Let's get on with it. This is ridiculous! Send 800,000 workers home and then pay them anyway? Those of us who are "essential" wouldn't mind the paid holiday too. If you're going to pay them anyway, let them stay at work and get something done. We're here and won't get paid until they do, so what's the difference? Seems kinda stupid to me.

It is unfortunate that our interests and democratic well being are decided upon by which political party has more clout. In this instance, I have to side with the president in taking a firm stand. Those people who will suffer the most as a result of increased premiums in Medicare are, in majority, on fixed incomes and are at a point in their lives where their retirement incomes are in jeopardy. This entire scenario is a good eye-opener for those of us that have enough time left to begin aggressive investment programs to insure we have enough to live on when we retire. Being a gov't employee, I fear a furlough as I live from paycheck to paycheck, but, if this is what it takes to get a point across, I am prepared to make that sacrifice.

Yesterday, the president of the United States lied to me. He lied to me and to the citizens of this country.

In seems that Mr. Clinton has taken upon himself to know what is best for everyone over and above the recommendations of Congress. Mr. Clinton seems to think he is god. I submit to you that being a government worker furloughed is not a pleasant experience. You know that the stroke of a pen by one individual could change your life.


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