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June 1, 1996
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White House can't find notes from travel office probe


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The White House cannot find notes being sought by the House Government Reform Committee that were taken by a former White House lawyer during Travel Office-related interviews, White House associate counsel Mark Fabiani confirmed Saturday.

Fabiani said the White House told the committee at least a week ago that the notes were missing. He downplayed the loss, saying the General Accounting Office staff also took notes during the interviews. "How many different versions of this do they need?" he asked. The investigation focused on the 1993 firings of seven White House travel office employees.

But House Republicans believe the notes may reveal discrepancies between statements made by presidential aides in the interviews and newly disclosed documents.

Third FBI armored vehicle arrives near Freemen ranch


BRUSETT, Montana (CNN) -- The FBI moved a third armored vehicle to its staging area near the Freeman ranch Saturday. Two identical vehicles and an unmarked helicopter had arrived there a day earlier.

The FBI said Friday it had brought the vehicles in because the Freemen have terminated all efforts at negotiation, but there was no sign Saturday that the FBI was preparing to use its new vehicles, which it said were defensive in nature.

The Freemen have been holed up on their 960-acre Montana ranch since March 25. A number of the members are wanted on charges of threatening a federal judge and perpetrating millions of dollars in check and money order fraud.

Sick passenger prompts plane to land in remote village

unloading passengers

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A transcontinental Virgin Airlines flight en route to Los Angeles from London made an emergency landing in a remote Canadian village Friday night when one of its passengers suffered an apparent heart attack. The intent was simply to drop off the passenger for treatment at a local hospital.

But as it landed, one wing of the Boeing 747 hit a refueling pipe, damaging the craft. The plane's 393 passengers had to get off while it was repaired. Iqaluit, a remote town on the northeastern edge of Canada, has only 4,000 residents, many of them Inuit.

The passenger who triggered the detour remained in Iqaluit in stable condition Saturday.

FAA temporarily bans expired oxygen generators as commercial cargo


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration "agrees with the thrust" of National Transportation Safety Board recommendations made following the ValuJet crash last month.

The NTSB asked the FAA to permanently ban transportation of outdated oxygen generators as cargo on commercial airliners. The FAA temporarily has suspended such transportation.

Investigators suspect generators in the cargo hold of ValuJet Flight 592 may have started a fire and subsequently caused the jet to crash May 11, killing all 110 people aboard.

FAA Administrator David Hinson said the agency would evaluate the recommendations "in the context of the various actions" already instituted before making a final decision.

Doctors remove wrong kidney from patient

wrong kidney

BOSTON (CNN) -- Doctors at Quincy Hospital removed a healthy kidney from a cancer patient, leaving her with one diseased organ.

Hospital officials said the doctors involved in the May 20 surgery had been put on probation, and the incident was under investigation by the hospital and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The 76-year-old woman was listed in good condition at the hospital Friday.


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