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Excerpts from O.J. Simpson's Monday testimony

Petrocelli again accuses Simpson of murder Simpson quizzed about conversation with detective
Simpson denies calling Paula Barbieri Petrocelli says Simpson rehearsed alibi
"No explanation" for how blood got in his Bronco Simpson denies hand was cut
Simpson refutes limousine driver's testimony Related stories and sites

November 25, 1996
Web posted at: 10:40 p.m. EST

SANTA MONICA, California (CNN) -- O.J. Simpson testified for a second day in his civil wrongful death trial Monday. Plaintiffs' attorney Daniel Petrocelli continued his examination.

Petrocelli again accuses Simpson of murder

Petrocelli: "You confronted Nicole and you killed her, correct?"

"No, Mr. Petrocelli, that's totally absolutely incorrect," Simpson said.

"And Ron Goldman came upon you unexpectedly when you were with Nicole and you didn't expect him. He got into a fight with you, trying to stop you."

"I didn't know Ron Goldman," Simpson responded.

"You cut him and you slashed him until he died... and you left him to die with his eyes open looking right at you, true or untrue?" Petrocelli demanded.

"Untrue," Simpson said.

Simpson quizzed about conversation with detective

Simpson had a conversation with detective Tom Lange via cellular phone during the slow-speed Bronco chase, five days after the killings. Petrocelli read a comment made by Simpson during that conversation: "Just tell them I'm all sorry."

"And I also said I didn't do it," Simpson interjected.

"Do you recall Detective Tom Lange trying to convince you to put the gun down and come home?" Petrocelli asked.

"I believe that was the substance," Simpson replied.

Petrocelli continued reading Simpson's remarks to Lange. "Hey, you been a good guy too, man. Thanks ...You've been honest to me."

Lange also said, "nobody's going to get hurt" to which Simpson responded, "I'm the only one that deserves it."

Simpson said he didn't recall making that remark.

Petrocelli then asked, "at no time did you ask detective Lange, 'Why are you framing me? Why have you planted all this evidence against me?'"

"I didn't have any idea what the evidence was," Simpson responded.

"At no time did you say, 'Why aren't you out looking for the real killers?'"

The judge sustained an objection to that question.

Petrocelli: "The reason you didn't do so, Mr. Simpson, is because you knew you committed those murders and that is why you were going to kill yourself; because you knew you were going to spend the rest of your life in jail, correct?"

Simpson: "That's incorrect."

Simpson denies calling Paula Barbieri

Simpson's ex-girlfriend, Paula Barbieri, testified in her deposition that she left Simpson a message on the day of the murders, that she was breaking off their relationship. Telephone records of Simpson's phone line indicate he called his message center hours before the murders.

Simpson told Petrocelli, "I never picked up a message from Paula that night ... I know I never picked up any messages from Paula."

Petrocelli: "You told Dr. Lenore Walker that you picked up a message from Paula, didn't you?" Petrocelli asked. Walker, a domestic violence expert, interviewed Simpson for his defense team.

"No," responded Simpson.

Petrocelli: "Before you went to McDonald's with Mr. (Kato) Kaelin you tried calling Paula Barbieri repeatedly from your home telephone, true?" Petrocelli asked.

Simpson: "I may have." Telephone records from his home do indicate calls to Barbieri's home were placed three times in 15 minutes that evening.

Petrocelli pointed out that the only call to Barbieri from the cellular phone was made at 10:03 p.m., meaning Simpson was in his Bronco at that time.

"That's incorrect," Simpson said.

"So you lied to the police?" Petrocelli asked.


"You have a different story now?"

"I think it's more accurate."

Petrocelli asked Simpson if his story changed after he met with "teams of lawyers."

"So your story now is that you didn't make this call from the Bronco?" asked Petrocelli.

Simpson: "Correct."

"Your story now is that in fact your cell phone wasn't even in the Bronco?"

"That's correct."

"You told police the last thing you did, sir, was you went out and got your cell phone ... now you are saying the police statement is wrong," said Petrocelli.

Petrocelli said Simpson was now denying the statement because if the cellular phone was in the Bronco at 10:03 p.m., "you're not in your home and it destroys your alibi. What's your story now, by the way?"

Petrocelli did not let up his attack. "The truth of the matter is you were desperate to get in touch with Paula because she had left you, true?" Petrocelli asked.

"False," Simpson said.

"And you tried all day to get in touch with her, call after call after call?" the attorney asked.

"That's not entirely true," Simpson said.

Petrocelli says alibi rehearsed

Petrocelli asked Simpson to describe in detail his activities around the time of the murders. "I grabbed a three wood ... and swung it a bit," Simpson answered. "I was playing with a new set of clubs ... and didn't like the sand wedge."

Simpson went on to describe his practice in great detail, down to the golf balls -- "Max Flight 100-HT."

After completing his long explanation, Petrocelli asked, "Now Mr. Simpson, if I asked you to repeat that, you could do it word for word, couldn't you?"

"Maybe not word for word," Simpson replied.

Petrocelli accused Simpson of rehearsing and memorizing the account, saying he had "quite extraordinary recall."

"I don't think I rehearsed it, but I've told it before," Simpson said.

"...Did you, on June 13, tell the police that you chipped golf balls?" he asked


"Did you tell police anything about three woods or four woods or any of that stuff?"


"No explanation" for blood

"You didn't bleed in the Bronco, did you?" Petrocelli asked.

"I would have no knowledge of that," Simpson replied.

"You didn't bleed on the knob where you turn on the headlights?"


"When you went into the Bronco you didn't see blood anywhere?"


"Did you leave a bloody shoe print on the carpet?"

"I didn't see it."

"Do you think it's a possibility?"

"I didn't see any blood."

"You know blood was found there the next morning?"

"I've been told that."

"You have no explanation for how blood matching your blood or DNA matching your DNA was found in your Bronco?"

"That's correct"

"You have no explanation for how the blood of Nicole was found on the carpet of the driver's side?"


"You have no explanation for how the blood of Ron Goldman was found in your car?"


"You have no explanation for this jury?"


Petrocelli noted that Simpson turned and spoke directly to the jurors for those final questions.

Denies hand was cut, then says son could have cut him

Petrocelli also grilled Simpson about a cut on his middle finger. "The cut on your middle finger is one that still bears a scar," Petrocelli pointed out.

"Yes," responded Simpson.

"Right there, right across the knuckle," continued Petrocelli. "How did that mark get on your finger between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on June 12?"

"I didn't see any cut," Simpson replied.

"...It was a fingernail mark wasn't it, sir?"

"I seriously doubt that."

"It was somebody's fingernails ripping into your skin, wasn't it?"

"Unless it was Justin's, I really don't know."

"Are you saying it was your son's fingernail?"

"I'm not saying it was Justin's. I was saying he was the only one I was in any heavy physical ... wrestling."

"You are not saying to the jury, are you, that Justin gouged you and caused that injury?"

"Not at all. But he's the only person I was in any physical contact wrestling with between (June) the 13th and the 15th."

Simpson refutes limo driver's testimony

Limousine driver Alan Park, who took Simpson to the airport the night of the murders, has testified that Simpson did not answer his phone until nearly 11 p.m. and then said he had overslept.

"You told (Alan Park) you had overslept and just gotten out of the shower?" Petrocelli asked.

"Absolutely not," replied Simpson.


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