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Photo expert resumes testimony in Simpson trial


Chemist also expected to testify

December 20, 1996
Web posted at: 3:40 p.m. EST

SANTA MONICA, California (CNN) -- A photographic expert who says a photograph of O.J. Simpson wearing designer shoes is a fake resumed testifying Friday in the O.J. Simpson civil trial.

Robert Groden, a Dallas photo technician who has spent years analyzing photos of the John F. Kennedy assassination, riveted the jury Wednesday with his claim that a photo of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes is a fake.

There had been a possibility that Simpson would take the stand Friday, but a ruling in the custody suit involving his children took him to another court, in Fullerton, instead.


Chemist to testify

In the civil trial, Groden testified Wednesday that there were 10 separate signs of forgery involving a photo of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes at a football game.

Bloody prints from that kind of shoe were found near the bodies of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman. Simpson has denied ever wearing Bruno Magli shoes.

The photo that Groden was being cross-examined about was taken by a Buffalo, New York, free-lance photographer and sold to the National Enquirer. Groden testified Wednesday that the negative of that photo was slighter larger than others on the roll of film, and that the color tint was different than other shots.

Chemist Fredric Rieders, founder of National Medical Services laboratory in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and an expert in identifying blood DNA, was expected to be the last witness to testify before the trial goes into two-week holiday recess.

Rieders was expected to tell jurors that EDTA, a chemical used by laboratories to preserve blood samples, was detected on blood samples from a sock and a back gate at Ms. Simpson's condo.

The suggestion is that the blood came from a laboratory tube containing Simpson's own blood and was planted.

Reuters contributed to this report.


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