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Defense witness testifies on glove shrinkage


September 18, 1995
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From Correspondent Anne McDermott

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The director of a forensic science laboratory testified Monday that dried blood would have caused minimal shrinkage to a pair of gloves allegedly worn by the killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

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O.J. Simpson's defense team called to the stand Herbert MacDonell, director of the Laboratory of Forensic Science in New York, to testify about the experiment he performed on a pair of extra large Aris light gloves, the style of gloves now in evidence. (349k .aiff sound file or 689k .wav sound file) Simpson tried on those gloves earlier in the trial -- and jurors saw an extremely tight fit.


MacDonell was the first witness called to the stand in the defense's rebuttal case, which began after the prosecution conditionally rested its own. Judge Lance Ito, however, left open the possibilty that prosecutors can reopen their case after the defense's rebuttal.

The prosecution's final witness was FBI agent William Bodziak, who rebutted defense arguments that prints found at the crime scene indicated more than one killer.

Before testimony resumed Monday, Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran told Ito that the defense might call up to seven more witness, including a reputed Mafia informer, to the stand before it rests its case.

The defense says Tony Fiato will testify that Philip Vannatter, one of the detectives who investigated the Simpson case, said that Simpson was an immediate suspect in the killings of Simpson's ex-wife and her friend.

This would contradict Vannatter's testimony during the trial. The detective stated that Simpson was not an immediate suspect, and that he and his colleagues only went onto Simpson's property hours after the killings to check on the safety of anyone there.

"He didn't tell the truth when he testified before," said Simpson attorney Robert Blasier. "He didn't tell the truth and that's real significant."

Vannatter has said that his testimony was in fact, the truth.

It is not clear yet, whether the defense will call FBI agent Frederic Whitehurst to the stand. Whitehurst has been critical of FBI lab procedures on other cases, and both sides spent the weekend questioning him. Ito has not yet decided whether his testimony is relevant to this case -- and if he will be allowed to take the witness stand.

R. Dreyfuss

In a lighter note, Ito joked with the attorneys that he had received a summons for jury duty. He said he would ask for a postponement.

One of the spectators in court Monday was actor Richard Dreyfuss, who is preparing for a new film in which he plays an attorney. The Simpson trial, he suggested, was the place for research.

"It's turned into a grand piece of theater, more than theater," he said. (51k .aiff sound file or 94k .wav sound file)

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