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Simpson to create video about murders


December 21, 1995
Web posted at: 9 p.m. EST

From Correspondent Greg Lamotte and Linda Joyce

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- In front of his Rockingham estate, O.J. Simpson declared his innocence before a television production camera as part of a reported commercial video that he will peddle to the public. He is detailing in the two-hour video his version of what happened the night that his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman were killed in June 1994.

Book cover

For two days, the production team could be seen coming and going from Simpson's estate. One of Simpson's attorneys, Robert Blasier was on hand. So was Simpson's biographer, Larry Schiller, who co-authored the book Simpson wrote in jail during his trial, "I Want to Tell You."

But the focus was on Simpson, who stood in front his home passionately telling his side of the story. Simpson took issue with prosecutor Marcia Clark, claiming that she misstated limo driver Alan Park's testimony about seeing the Bronco. "He (Park) also, more importantly, stated that he didn't notice this Bronco when he pulled out of the Rockingham gate at a time when I think everybody agreed that Bronco was there," Simpson said. "Marcia Clark was consistent with her misrepresentation of (Park's) testimony." (442K QuickTime movie) (94K AIFF sound or 94K WAV sound)


Simpson wondered aloud why investigators didn't find his fingerprints on the Bronco, and he scoffed at the amount of DNA recovered from the vehicle. "You realize there was only 7/10ths of one drop on that console. I could have sneezed in my hand and rubbed it around on the console and produced more DNA than that," Simpson said.

He chided prosecutors for suggesting that a bag found in the back of his Bronco was meant for a body. He explained that the bag came with the Bronco and was not intended to hold a body.

He took some pot shots at the media as well. "Members of the media were so quick to jump on any negative, anything that may have made me look more guilty." (111K AIFF sound or 111K WAV sound)

Reportedly, the video will sell for $29.95 and the deal will be worth millions for Simpson. But whatever he makes will be known to the families of the victims. A judge has ordered that Simpson will have to turn over his financial records as part of the wrongful death suit filed against him by the Brown and Goldman families.

Since Simpson's acquittal of the murders on October 3, he has been searching for a format in which to tell his side. To date, Simpson has not submitted to a no holds barred question and answer session with any news organization.


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