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Goldman says hopes lifted by Simpson questioning

January 24, 1996
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Fred Goldman faced the man he accuses of brutally murdering his son for a second day Tuesday during a deposition at a Los Angeles law office, and left telling reporters that all of his "expectations and hopes are being met" during the questioning of O.J. Simpson.

Simpson is giving a videotaped deposition as part of the wrongful death suit filed against him by Ron Goldman's family, Goldman's estranged mother and the estate of Nicole Brown Simpson. The civil trial is set to begin in April in Santa Monica.


Simpson, who showed up 20 minutes late, was expected to face questions Tuesday surrounding events of June 12, 1994 -- the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were killed.

Simpson was acquitted of the murders in October of last year, but the families filed a wrongful death civil case. Simpson may stand to lose millions if a jury finds him guilty.

The amount the families are seeking has not been made public.


Goldman, outside of his attorney's office where the deposition was under way, told reporters several times "all of our hopes and expectations are being met" during the questioning.

Without going into specifics, Goldman said Simpson appeared less animated than he did Monday, that Simpson seemed to avoid eye contact with Goldman Tuesday, and that Simpson has not shown emotion.


"This is a lot different than a prepared video by someone who hasn't put him under oath," Goldman said, referring to a video Simpson has made outlining his version of events. The video is being marketed through mail order at $30 a copy. "It's dramatically different. I didn't say he's telling the truth, and I didn't say he's lying, but he is under oath."

The parties in the civil suit hope Simpson will contradict statements he has made, including one to the police that the jury in his criminal case never heard. The content of the statement was not immediately clear.

Simpson faces four to six more days of grilling and a transcript of the proceedings is expected to be released, although it was not clear when.

Michael Brewer, who represents Ron Goldman's mother, Sharon Rufo, in the case, said lawyers focused Tuesday on Simpson's activities the on night Ms. Simpson and Ron Goldman were slashed to death outside Ms. Simpson's condominium.

Lawyers also were expected to ask about Simpson's relationship with his ex-wife, Brewer said.

Videotape producers fight subpoena

Simpson's videotape was the focus of a motion Tuesday heard in Santa Monica by the judge in the civil suit, Judge Alan Haber.


Producers of the videotape are fighting a subpoena to turn over the tape and any outtakes to Fred Goldman's attorneys for use in their case. Haber was to rule in the matter Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. PT.

The producers say they have a quarter of a million dollars invested in the project and are afraid that investment will be jeopardized if they turn over the tape before it is available to the public in mid-February. They also said there are no outtakes.

The producers are asking for a protective order to prevent the tapes from being released to the media in the event they must be turned over to Goldman's attorneys.

Kim Goldman barred from courtroom


Judge Haber also Tuesday ruled that Kim Goldman, Ron's sister, cannot sit in on the deposition in her father's place because she is not a party to the suit. She had sought to sit in for her father when he goes out of town for a few days.

For the past two days Kim Goldman has accompanied her father to the deposition site, but has not entered the room where it is taking place.

Live Simpson interview set for Wednesday

In his first sit-down interview since the trial, Simpson is scheduled to submit to live questioning for an hour on Black Entertainment Television from Los Angeles, Wednesday 7 p.m. PST, 10 p.m. EST. The cable network calls it a "no holds barred" interview, but Simpson trial attorney Johnnie Cochran told CNN it will focus on Simpson's life after the trial.

BET president Jefferi Lee told CNN Tuesday that his reporter was free to ask Simpson any question he wished, but Simpson was also free to refuse to answer any question posed to him.

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