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Simpson deposition postponed for a week

Attorney calls interview 'insulting' to abused women

January 26, 1996
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O.J. Simpson

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The Simpson deposition in the wrongful death case involving the murders of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman recessed Friday, and next week's proceedings were postponed.

Daniel Petrocelli, the attorney representing Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman's father, told CNN late Friday that Simpson's lawyer, Robert Baker, is unavailable next week. No date has been set for the resumption.

But a source told CNN at least one of the plaintiff's lawyers plans to go to court Monday to seek an order forcing Simpson back to the deposition "immediately" unless an agreement is reached over the weekend.

As Kim Goldman arrived for day five of Simpson's deposition at Petrocelli's law offices, she described the tone of Thursday's question-and-answer session as agitated.

She said that at one point the participants took a break in order to lower the tension level in the room. Though she is not allowed to sit in during questioning, she said the tension was described to her as "high, very high. I don't think he appreciates the hard questioning or the intensity."

Kim Goldman

She described the overall week of the deposition as "very good for us."

When asked why she showed up every day even though she was not allowed to attend the sessions, she said it was because she "won't go down without a fight." "My brother, he gives me strength," she said.

Also Friday, John Kelly, an attorney for the family of Nicole Brown Simpson, called Simpson's television interview this week was an insult to abused women.

John Kelly

Kelly called Wednesday's interview on the Black Entertainment Television network a "self-serving promotional appearance."

"I think there have been too many of his unprovoked personal attacks on the grieving families of the victims," Kelly said. "I just think it's not right, right now, for him to paint himself as a victim, which is basically insulting to the hundreds of thousands of women in abusive situations looking for help."

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