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No settlement, Goldman family says


Simpson, lawyer use expletive during deposition

February 27, 1996
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) --- The attorney for the family of Ronald Goldman has denied reports that his clients are considering a settlement in their wrongful death case against O.J. Simpson.


Daniel Petrocelli said Monday that contrary to reports published in several New York newspapers, the Goldman family is not interested in settling the lawsuit. He said the Goldmans have pursued the civil case because it is the only legal recourse available to secure justice in the death of Ron Goldman. (162K AIFF sound or 162K WAV sound)

However, Michael Brewer, the attorney for Sharon Rufo, Ron Goldman's mother, said his client is open to discussions regarding a possible settlement, although there has not yet been any talk of a settlement.

Brewer, who questioned Simpson as he continued to give his deposition in the lawsuit Monday, also told reporters that Simpson and his attorney had directed some "pejorative" comments toward him during the questioning. He said Simpson called him an "ass----" when Brewer pressed him about his state of mind when he cut his hand in Chicago. (187K AIFF sound or 187K WAV sound)


Brewer said the bulk of his questions to Simpson involve trying to clear up discrepancies between statements Simpson made to police after the murders of Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and his depositions. Monday marked the eighth day of deposition for Simpson.

Goldman family

Simpson was to be deposed again on Tuesday. Attorneys said they expect to conclude questioning him on Wednesday. On Friday, they plan to began questioning retired Los Angeles Police Department detective Philip Vannatter.

Mark Fuhrman, another LAPD detective, is to come later. The attorney for O.J. Simpson will confront him again.

Sources told CNN that attorney F.Lee Bailey, who handled the explosive cross-examination of Fuhrman during Simpson's murder trial, which ended in acquittal, plans to depose Fuhrman March 10 in northern Idaho.



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