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Simpson denies events in ex-wife's diary

March 3, 1996
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From Correspondent Jim Hill

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- In his sixth day of giving a sworn deposition, O.J. Simpson denied that he had a profanity-riddled argument with Nicole Brown Simpson just nine days before she was killed.

According to deposition transcript obtained on Friday and reported by The Associated Press, and confirmed by CNN on Saturday, Simpson was asked about entries that his ex-wife made in her diary.

On June 3, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson wrote in her diary that the ex-football star was angry and that she had hung up on him earlier.

In the following excerpt from the transcript, Simpson is questioned by Daniel Petrocelli, lawyer for the family of Ron Goldman, who was murdered along with Simpson's ex-wife.

Simpson Petrocelli

PETROCELLI: "Did you say to her, when you came to see her on June 3 at 8:30 p.m. to pick up the kids, 'You hung up on me last night?' Did you say that to her?"


PETROCELLI: "'You're gonna pay for this, (expletive)?'"


PETROCELLI: "'You're holding money from the IRS?'"


PETROCELLI: "'You're going to jail, you (expletives)?'"


PETROCELLI: "'You think you can do any freaking thing' or something like that 'you want?'"


PETROCELLI: "'You've got it coming?'"


PETROCELLI: "'I've already talked to my lawyers about this, (expletive)?'"


PETROCELLI: "Did you say any of those things to her?"


Simpson was acquitted of the June 12, 1994, murders last October and is being sued by the families of the victims for wrongful death. The deposition is part of that civil suit set for trial September 9.

During Simpson's criminal trial, prosecutors showed pictures of a battered Nicole, and witnesses testified that they saw her abused at the hands of Simpson. In the deposition, Simpson denies that he ever hit Nicole.

"No, I never punched her or anything like that," he said.

"You never kicked her either, is that correct?" Petrocelli asked.

"That's correct," Simpson answered.

In an earlier deposition, Nicole's friend Faye Resnick testified that Nicole told her of being kicked and that kicking was Simpson's favorite way of abusing her.

In the criminal trial, prosecutors also tried to show that Simpson was obsessed with Nicole. But in deposition transcripts, Simpson denies being obsessed, but says, "I'm a controlling person, period."

"With Nicole?" Petrocelli asks.



Also during the criminal trial, Detective Mark Fuhrman said he found a bloody glove in Simpson's yard and identified as the brand Aris Light, the kind Nicole Brown Simpson once purchased for her husband.

In the deposition, Simpson said he gave some clothes away six months before the killings to "some guy named Fuhrman, believe it or not," referring to the recipient of the clothes, a doorman in New York City.

Petrocelli asked, "You are not saying that you gave away a pair of Aris Light gloves to Mr. Fuhrman, are you?"

"Don't answer that," interrupted Simpson's lawyer, Robert Baker. "That's a great question, though."

CNN has confirmed that a worker with the first name of Fuhrman is employed at an apartment building where Simpson often stayed in New York.


On CNN's "Larry King Live" Saturday, Simpson criminal attorney Alan Dershowitz criticized those who think Simpson is hurting himself in the deposition and in recent public comments.

"Is he saying anything different to the media than he's saying at the deposition? If he's saying nothing different, it isn't going to help the prosecution one iota," Dershowitz said.

Detective Fuhrman is scheduled to be questioned by Simpson's lawyers in the next deposition, set for March 10.

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