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March 5, 1996
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LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- CNN has obtained transcripts of two of the last three days of O.J. Simpson's testimony in a deposition given in the civil suit against him filed by the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson was deposed for 10 days, but the 10th day's transcripts have been sealed because they deal with Simpson's finances. John Kelly, attorney for murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson's father Lou Brown, and Michael Brewer, the attorney representing murder victim Ron Goldman's mother, conducted the questioning on days eight and nine. The attorney representing Fred Goldman, Daniel Petrocelli, asked the questions on previous days.

In the transcripts from days eight and nine, Simpson says he was read his rights at his home the day following the murders of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman and again at police headquarters. He was aware at the time that police had found blood on his property. He said he didn't know what time the murders occurred, but that he knew it was after 9 p.m. because that's when he talked to his daughter Sydney.

Simpson was asked many questions about the cut on his left middle finger. At several points, Simpson's attorney Robert Baker advised him not to answer a question, and there was some sarcasm by Baker. At the start of the sessions, Baker said, "Bob Baker for O.J. Simpson, held hostage, day eight."

Simpson was again questioned about his activities around 10:15 p.m. on June 12, 1994, the night of the killings. He said he went upstairs at his house at about that time. "I was kind of spacing," he said. "I had a book in my lap and my TV was on, so I was just sort of spacing."

He said he usually waits for the limousine driver to call him to jump up and get ready. Simpson said he has only missed one flight in his life. He also said when limo driver Allan Park had not rung by 10:35 or 10:40 p.m., he just started doing what he had to do to get ready.

Simpson was asked about having his blood drawn on June 13 at police headquarters. He said he never looks when he has blood drawn. "I'm a little squeamish about blood," he said. "But, hey, I played football, so you see it..."


Simpson was asked by Michael Brewer over and over about how he broke the glass and cut his hand on the glass in his Chicago hotel room. He also asked Simpson how many times he went to the bathroom on the trip to Chicago and inquired if Simpson washes his hands after using the bathroom. Simpson replied, "sometimes" and that he never saw any wounds on his hands during his trips to the bathroom.

Regarding his reaction upon learning of Nicole's death, whether he "cried or screamed" after a conversation with his daughter, Arnelle, he said, "I know I was pissed and I was like feeling -- I don't know what I was feeling. It was just so hard to digest. And I may have cried. I don't know. I know I did on the plane a little bit because I was trying not to let -- for the people not to see, but I don't know ..."

He was also asked about part of his statement to police where he said, "I... went, kinda went bonkers a little bit," after learning of his ex-wife's death. He said, "Yeah, I went bonkers for a little bit. I don't know if that's when I broke the glass ... I just know I went bonkers; a glass got broke ..." He said he did not believe he broke the glass intentionally, and that he knew "it was during the time that I was cleaning up the glass that I cut myself."

Several times as Simpson would try to answer questions and say things "might" have happened his attorney, Robert Baker said things such as, "Well, he just asked if you have a specific recollection. If you don't, just tell him."

Simpson said that Juditha and Louis Brown knew how much he loved their daughter Nicole. "Yeah. I think anybody that's ever spent time with Nicole and I knew we loved each other, yes." Simpson also said he had a "strong relationship" with Nicole.

During one exchange Simpson was asked if he could go into a closet and locate a jacket he said he wore the evening of the murders. He said, "Maybe. Depending if I can get it back. You guys keep all my things ... yes. I said I can't get nothing back from you guys."

Baker then said, "He wouldn't do it unless you get a court order, I can assure you." Brewer then responded, "Well, let's assume that in a perfect world we got a court order, and Mr. Baker was in a good mood that day and actually allowed us to go in and get the jacket." Baker then responded, "Well, I wouldn't even allow you on the property, so I am not going to allow you to go in the closet."

Simpson was also asked about where he left his socks the night of the murders. He said that he would have left them in his shoes or in the hamper because he is very neat.

Baker would not allow Simpson to answer several questions posed by Brewer about Simpson's public offer of $500,000 for the arrest of those involved in the murder.

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